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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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good night from washington, d.c. and go to my facebook page and like it. there is a lot of activity on the facebook page. and also gretawire. article from "the washington post. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. let's get right to our lead guest tonight. donald trump who joins you us now by phone from palm beach. we want to get your reaction to these comments from hillary clinton and president obama. >> when other candidates talk about building walls around america, i want to ask them how high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out? slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize muslim americans and their enormous contributions to our country
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and our way of life. such attempts are contrary to our character, to our values, and to our history as a nation built around the ideas of religious freedom. >> sole, donald, how do you respond to those comments, specifically president obama right there clearly pointing towards you? >> we need protection in our country. our country is not protected, eric, at all. people are flowing in to our country. they are crossing the border. they are coming in many different ways. one of the big ways happens to be on the southern border and it's really gotten worse and it can be now worse than ever. we have wonderful security but they are not allowed to be security. the border patrol people are really wanting to do their jobs. they can't do their jobs. everybody wants the wall. every time i mention it at big, big rallies, everybody stands up and give me cheering ovations. it's amazing to watch. standing ovations all the time. and, frankly, mexico will pay for the wall. the reason is we have such a trade imbalance it's unbelievable. you look at the trade deficit we have with mexico,
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that is so much greater than the cost of this wall and i'm talking about on a yearly basis that mexico will pay for the wall. >> so, let me ask you, hillary clinton֖w8say how tall this wall have to be to stop the internet from coming in. what was she alluding to? i'm trying to figure that out. your wall means keeping the illegals from crossing the border. where is she going with this. >> she is trying to be cute. mentioning something that is a very different subject. frankly, that's something that should probably also be discussed. she is mentioning something a totally different subject. we need it. we have drugs pouring into our country. it's poisoning the blood of our youth. we have people coming in and the people coming in you see what's happening. you look at the crime statistics. and we need the wall. we also need to let our border patrol do their job. they want to do the job. they are not allow to do do the job. >> donald, hillary clinton, you have donate to do hillary clinton in the past and she has been trashing you fairly heavily lately. a, do you regret donating to her prior campaigns, number
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one, and number two, do you want her to>s give the money back or donate the money somewhere? >> well, they call me a world class businessman. i built a great, great company. i foiled my papers and everybody is amazed how big, how strong, how little debt, the cash flow, the quality of the assets, iconic assets and this is what our country needs. as a businessman that deals all over the world, you give. i mean, this is very standard. you help people from republicans to democrats. and i think it's very well accepted even within the republican party. that's why i'm leading by so much. >> do you regret donating to her campaign though. >> i don't regret anything. that's the way it is. when i was a businessman you give to everybody. you are friends with everybody. you get along with everybody. that's the way it is. when you are running for office or when you are not in the world of business, where you don't have to go all over the world and you don't need recommendations and other things, i mean,f it's different. but when you are a businessman, many businessmen they give to everybody. they keep everybody happy. everybody loves them.
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maybe it's a good system and maybe it's not a good system. but that's the system in which i was under. and i thrived. >> all right. someone who may not love you -- someone who may not love you is ted cruz, the senator had this to say and he says you are running scared. take a listen. >> sadly, what donald has done, when he gets scared, listen, particularly on foreign policy, donald is out9? of his depth. he doesn't know. he doesn't understand these issues. one of the@'byd reasons he was o scared this week is this past week donald called publicly for effectively withdrawing america from nato. now, that is a catastrophically foolish proposition. >> now, donald, i heard you say something about nato, the nato allies need to pony up more money or troops. let's clear this stuff up. where are you on nato? >> just so you understand today on the "new york times" on the front page, i had an amazing story and yesterday on nato, and people are giving me tremendous credit, republicans and everybody is
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giving me tremendous credit. ted is a very concerned puppy, because is he losing big. i have got hundreds of delegates more than him. i have millions of votes more than.z him. the system is a strange system. and some people would say it's not a very honest system. but the system is the system and that's the way it works. and he reacts very badly under pressure. i have watched this guy. i have watched him choke under pressure. and that's what is he doing right now. he will bring up a thing, nato. he only wished he thought of it the question to me was asked about nato. nato was formed many years ago, many decades ago. it's obsolete. it's got to be either rejiggered or changed. it's got to be changed. it doesn't take into account terrorism. and woe are spending spore a big majority of the cost. so why is the united states putting up a lot of the money, a very disproportional amount of the money, eric? we are putting up all of this money for something that benefits many other nations. they should also have to pony up. and that's the problem whether it's nato or the
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united nations or so many other things that we do. we're like the!h dummies that get led down the line. we don't know what we're doing. we have no leadership. we have no business people. we have no business lines. and a guy like ted cruz, he doesn't have a clue. he doesn't have a clue. >> let me try to focus one of the other things you gave 100 minute presentation, i believe that's what it was on foreign policy. and you talked a little bit about china. we all know where you stand on china. we're concerned about the trade imbalance with china, i understand that china is expanding into south china sea. they are building islands and basically declaring their ownership of the area. sovereign to china. how would president trump stop that spread of china into the south china sea without alienating one of our biggest trading partners? >> first of all, you don't want to give all your cards. you are running for office. you may be in a position i'm leading by a lot, you may be in a position where you want to be negotiating with them. you don't like giving your cards. but i will tell you this.
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we have tremendous power over china because they are ripping us like nobody has ever ripped us monetarily before. us because we have leaders that don't know what they're doing. we don't use our best business minds. we use political hacks to negotiate deals. and we have rebuilt china with the money they have sucked out of our country, including the jobs and the manufacturing that they have taken out of our country. over china economically. >> how do we have it? the trade imbalance is because we are buying their stuff and sending cash over. so how do we fix the trade imbalance? >> very simple. if we stop doing such easy business. they send their stuff over no, tax. when we want to do business, when our companies want to do business with china, it's almost impossible for them to do business. number one many of them are force to do pay taxes not supposed to do it way that wrt9 their
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product into china. even though the product is just as good or better. i have friends that are in the manufacturing business they can't even deal with china and, yet, china rips us left and right. i'm just saying we haven# tremendous power. they have taken tremendous amounts of dollars out of they have manipulate their currency, they devalue their currency. they make it very hard for our companies to compete. we have tremendous power economically over china. what they did in the south china sea is absolutely horrendous. it's a total lack. >> had you do you tell them to stop the spread? how do you say, hey. >> you are not going to start world war iii over it. but i will tell you this. we had tremendous power economically over china except we don't have the people that understand how to play that game. we don't use our people. we don't use our -- we don't use our best and our smartest.
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we have tremendous power over china. and, frankly, would very tremendous power over many people economically, we just don't know how to use that power and we haven't used it we just don't have the talent in the top positions. >> donald, you mentioned using some of that economic power over japan and south korea saying, look, we have put troops there. we have protected you, now it's time to pay back through either cash or some other methods? what are your thoughts there. >> we are not re. >> to north korea? >> we are not reimbursed. over $19 trillion. going up to 21 trillion because of the horrible budget deal that was recently made. the omnibus budget. so we're going to be $21 trillion very soon. and we are not reimbursed properly for what we do. i mean, we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between north and south korea. every time the north raises its head with their young dictator, every time we send our ships, we send our planes, now, south korea, and i do business with them. they are wonderful people.
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we have good relationships, but they know themselves what they are getting. >> don't woe get -- when we have a true breaking news in these foreign countries, allies on their land we can keep an eye on maybe unfriendly company that they're adjacent to. >> we get nothing out of it in my. we get very, very little out of it. what they should do is at least reimburse us or reimburse us in a proper amount. this isn't 30 or 40 years ago where we were a rich nation. we are a debtor nation right now. we owe china $1.7 trillion. we owe japan $1.5 trillion. the millions. we can't do business that way anymore. we need strength and we have to make8% ourself solid again financially. we are a country that is on the brink. and we are sitting on top of a big, beautiful bubble. and if it pops, it's going to be a very ugly situation. >> i have to get this been thinking about it for
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months now. donald, one word, is it better to be loved or respected than both. you want to be respected. i think that's what's happened. that's why i'm by far the number one frontrunner. >> okay. >> we have cruz left but by far the number one. i think the word respect is maybe the best of all in terms of leadership. >> donald, i have to say by the way, congratulations on your grand baby. we really appreciate your >> thank you very much. thank you, eric. >> next on the rundown, john kerry says the g.o.p. race is an embarrassment to our country. how is talk like that helping us win the war on terror? that debate in just a minute. i've been claritin clear for 14 days. when your allergy symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day.
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race. >> everywhere i go, every leader i meet, they ask about what is happening in america. they cannot believe it. i think it is fair to say that they are shocked. they don't know where it's taking the united states of america. it upsets people's sense of equilibrium about our steadiness and our reliability. and to some degree, i must say to you, some of the questions the way they are posed to me it's clear to me what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> joining us now with news contributor pete snyder and with me in studio david, a former foreign policy advisor to the obama presidential campaign. pete, i'm going to start with you. elm pair wasment? embarrassment? is that what he just said? he said some of the questions on the g.o.p. side are embarrassment to the country? unbelievable. this is coming from a guy, john kerry, whose main response to the paris
5:16 pm
attacks was to fly james taylor over to saharan made the french people. this isrz serenade the french people. this is an salute sloot joke. give back a billion dollars to the iranians so they can fund more terrorist programs. he even later on after they railroaded that deal through said that it's all -- many of those dollars are going to go to terrorist activity. it's preposterous. >> do you know what's embarrassing to me? look, i understand presidents have to do travel and whatnot. president obama is sitting at a baseball game as they are literally mopping up the blood on the terminal of the brussels airport and in the subway station and then the very next day doing the tango in argentina. that would be more embarrassing, i think, than what's going on on the g.o.p. side. >> president obama was on historic trip to cuba and argentina. those events were planned long before that was part of the clint i can. >> you can't change, stop, say look by the way nine
5:17 pm
americans missing at the time. turned out some of them ended up perishing. i'm not going to do the wave with you raoul. i'm sorry. let's bypass this baseball game. >> the president made a very strong statement about it he said we need to react very strongly and the u.s. is reacting very strongly. the president can't interrupt his diplomatic trip because something happens abroad there is a bombing somewhere every kay. a bombing a couple days in iraq. >> americans were missing david. americans were missing. >> of course, americans missing because of attacks all the time as well. this president has to continue his foreign policy across the world 9o can't be a singular foreperson policy focused on one thing. the brussels attacks were very, very serious. the president is responding to them with a law enforcement angle and with a strategy to attack isis where its headquartered in rocca and in. >> let me bring pete in here. maybe i'm being unreasonable and shouldn't be so hard on the president. john kerry is the one the
5:18 pm
president was involved and said the g.o.p. is embarrassing. >> eric, you are not wrong at all. this president only cares about his own interests, right? he wants to be the one to make this@v historic trip to cuba. he is wearing his $500 sunglasses and blowing off the rest of the world as he does the wave with dictators. this is absolutely wrong he has never cared for the optics of the presidency. he has never understood the optics of the presidency. the rest of the world is burning under his watch. >> david, we have the most powerful nation on the pnidof9 wonderful government favorably created more wealth and prosperity than any other country in the history of the woferltd what's embarrassing on america. >> nothing is embarrassing. so exasperated. that's why you see in his statement exasperation. as you travel around the world you meet people as i do all the time are you
5:19 pm
embarrassed by the g.o.p. in the g.o.p. has the house and the senate. >> i am perplexed by the fact that the g.o.p. cannot bring forth a nominee who can explain a strategy for foreign policy. donald trump's foreign policy makes any sense at all. >> give me a break. >> two of the things he wants to dolçñ to fight isis would actually help isis and one of them is something we are already doing. he wants to turn off the internet for isis. isis is trying to turn off dx-ñ internet to prevent the people in the areas that it controls from getting access to information. he wants to do things like. >> i have got to leave it there, guys. i ran out of time. i apologize david. thank you pete and david. thank you very much. coming up a suicide bomber targets christians in pakistan. which presidential candidate has the real plan to protect them from attacks around the world? stay tuned.
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in the unresolved problem seeing want tonight, christians under attack. yesterday a suicide bomber in lahore, pakistan, targeted crowdø celebrating easter sunday in a park. more than 70 people slaughtered, many of them children, hundreds more were injured. meanwhile in brussels, tensions were reaching a boiling point following last week's deadly terror attacks there. [chanting] >> the tensions in belgium turned to confrontation with police. far right protesters branded fascists by opponents throwing missiles and flares. >> pushing the protesters back to avoid potential clashes. you can see them moving forward now. a march against fear have been planned and then cancelled over security fears. brussels struggling to return to normality. >> joining us from washington juan williams my
5:24 pm
fellow co-host of the five and contributor katie paf pakistan,er sunday in a park, christians, they said off chute of the taliban, targeting christians on easter. >> yeah. and this is an off chute of the taliban that has pledged its allegiance to isis. you have an administration and i would include hillary clinton in that since she administration, that refuses to name the enemy and refuses to acknowledge how far isis has really sprung its network. we see it in pakistan and libya and now see it all over europe. of course, we have the fbi director saying that there are isis cells in the united states and that they have opened 1,000 leads within the fbi to investigate. so, you have to come to terms with we have an enemy. the white house did a huge disservice not only to the united states but also the global community and down playing isis as a jay vee team. and now we have a very serious problem on our hands. and republicans on the republican side of the aisle
5:25 pm
have offered plans to take isis out whereas hillaryko clinton hasn't necessarily distanced herself enough. >> allow me to read what hillary clinton's plan to take isis out is, juan. can you respond to this. she says, quote, we must remain vigilant and engage in diplomacy. a lot of people dead and we have been pretty vigilant and we have under her watch engaged in diplomacy. >> well, i don't know what the question is, but i think that what you have to understand. >> is it working, juan? >> of course it's working. it's working very well. we must imagine we have not had a 9/11 since 9/11. this administration. >> we had a san bernardino, we have had a chattanooga: we have had fort hood. we have had many.w terrorist attacks. >> i don't care who is the president. i don't care what steps you take, you cannot stop crazy people from acting out. but the point is that when you ask americans who do they trust, among all the candidates, who do they trust most to deal with terror, to deal with national security, eric, the answer is hillary clinton.
5:26 pm
it's not close. and what are people talking about? they are talking about her experience both as a senator and as a secretary of state and her time in the white house as a first lady traveling the world. >> in the aftermath of brussels and what's going on right now on easter. president obama said we need to consider not let brussels effect the fact that we need to take more muslim refugees. point that it's very dangerous to continue this line of justification, essentially, of saying that these are just crazy people with guns in america who are taking out people in these instances like san bernardino. these are jihadist inside the united states killing and murdering people as a result of what they think they should be doing as a result of their faith. and the obama administration has done everyone a disservice and isis has been allow to do grow because they refuse to name the enemy. to say these are÷c just crazy
5:27 pm
people is not anything close to what the real situation is. >> final thought, juan, go ahead. >> katy, i must say, look, what we have got here is there was no direct link. >> yes, there was, juan. >> everybody tried to create a direct link between san bernardino and isis. it turned out this guy got the money from a credit union. he may have been. >> he was radicalized online. >> radicalized by his wife or whatever, these two were basically acting alone. what we have got here is you are right the fbi is looking at threats everywhere because the threat is everywhere. it's a cancer online. people are unstable, people radicalized by religion. one or the other find an opportunity. it's hard to stop. you can't blame anybody. >> that was the final thought. i have got leave it right there juan and kate katie, thank you very much. neck and neck with donald trump and ted cruz in california. will a victory in the golden state come too late? that's moments away.
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5:32 pm
essentially cracked the iphone link to do one of the san bernardino california terrorists without apple's help. the department of justice says recent assistance from a third party enabled the agency to unlock syed farook's phone. apple had been challenging a court order to assist the fbi. arguing it would undermine the security of all i phones. that's a look at news this hour. i'm kelly wright, now back to "the o'reilly factor."qo ♪ >> in the election 2016 segment tonight, who will score california this single biggest delegate prize in the republican race? their primary is in june but the fates of the three remaining g.o.p. candidates could come down to its final results and according to a new "l.a. times" poll donald trump has 36% support among g.o.p. voters, but ted cruz is just one point behind at 35%. john kasich comes in at 14%. currently cruz must win 85% of all remaining delegates
5:33 pm
to secure the republican nomination. cruz must do well in a slate of primaries next month but it also makes california's 172 delegates critical if he hopes to secure the nomination. joining us now to analyze from austin, texas karl rove. karl, i have to ask you the question, if donald trump delegates and states but doesn't have the majority, will you get behind the guy? >> the rules for 106 years of the republican party has said that the nominee of the republican party is chosen by a majority of the delegates of the convention. that's the rule that's enforced today. it's the rule that donald trump is going to have to live with at this convention and we have had six nominees went on to be president who will were not the leaders on the first ballots of the convention and we may for the first time since 1940 see that happen again this year. >> you mentioned the rules now there is talk of the rules committee changing the rules at the convention.
5:34 pm
>> the rule at the convention that they are talking about change something to be formally placed in nomination, have somebody get up on the floor and make a speech. they required at the last convention 8 states to be in support of you. they may lessen that threshold to allow somebody to make a formal nominating speech. but last time around, it -- got, everybody got voted upon. it was just that if you didn't have that many, in this case ron paul didn't get a formal speech, his name in nomination. i'm agnostic on that. it really was a rule that came about as a result of television. we had to limit the amount of nominating speeches that would be made in that limited amount of time that the networks gave us on tuesday night. >> talking about changing the rules on which delegates are bound and unbound going in so the delegate who is right now bound to donald trump may become unbound to them so that a third or fourth person who is not even running right now could be nominated.
5:35 pm
>> well, look, whez the republican national committee ultimately has a private group has the right to do that to set rules regarding binding and not binding. >> that's my point though. that's my point. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> they own the rules. infrastructure owns the rules. but would you be against then changing the rule at the convention? >> well, let me finish if you don't mind. they have that right, but they have traditionally left it in the hands of the states through state law or party rules to set those standards. i think that's probably a legitimate way of handling the question. let the people inside the individual states by either inside those states decide it and i don't think there -- i have not heard any of serious effort to have one national standard applied by changing the rules. there is no enthusiasm about changing substantive rules that i have heard of that will apply to this convention there may be some cosmetic changes like can nominating speech by having
5:36 pm
a smaller number of states be in favor of you but that may or may not happen. >> carl, there have been meeting with the rnc meetings talking about how county rules actually be changed so that the establishment can get someone that they rather have. >> eric with all due respect i don't know what news reports you were reading. i wasn't in that meeting. >> carl. >> let me finish, let me finish. >> it was in politico several times. >> i read those articles. articles said meetings to understand what the rules currently are and to be briefed on the rules. and they said they would brief anybody on the rules. you could get such a you could get su)r(hr# you wanto get briefed on the rules. before your pay know a takes over, i would be careful about. >> i'm just reading the reports. i'm just reading the reports. >> read me that article that said this was a meeting of the republican national committee with outside groups to talk about changing the rules. that is not what the stories i read said. >> very good. very good.
5:37 pm
carl, did you ever think we would be in a day where the establishment, the d.c. establishment g.o.p. was going to have to back ted cruz? >> well, i'm not certain that -- what do you mean by have to back ted cruz? there are other candidates out. >> there otherwise end up with a donald trump nominee. >> you have people supporting john kasich and people ultimately at the convention will make this decision. we will see how it all handles out. i know you are enthusiastic for trump. >> no, no. i'm enthusiastic for the people's choice. that's what it is.b$ whoever has the most votes. >> i'm for the guy who gets the from majority of the votes. 37% voted for trump and 63% of the voters thus far have not voted for your candidate donald trump. >> always good to talk to you my friend. >> thank you. >> fbi's probe into hillary clinton's email scandal reportedly entering a new phase. it's giving her campaign plenty of reason to worry right back with details.
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5:42 pm
are apparently still struggling to find an answer. >> i think on the republican side he has been vexing to them in being able to control the debate. >> right. do you think he could do that in a general election against you? >> our job will be to make sure that doesn't happen. >> do you think he might be more shrewd than you might give him credit for or used to give him credit for? >> this is what is dangerous in politics is when we focus on the process and not on the substance. you can call it shoe shrewd. you can call it brilliant. >> i don't care what you call how brilliant it is it is really bad. the race is going to come in relief. two candidates and voters are going to get serious and it won't be a game anymore. >> joining us now from madison, wisconsin, ed henry. so, he ed. i watched that last night. podesta's comment was amazing. he paused, he thought about it he didn't really have anywhere to go with it.
5:43 pm
is the hillary camp concerned about a- trump strategy? >> i think you are right, eric, this shows it's going to be hard for hillary clinton. there is this assumption that once she wraps up the democratic nomination, she is going to roll to a general election victory. a, donald trump is completely unpredictableçc as the clinton senior brass acknowledges and con firmsd in both of those clips. and, b, hillary clinton is in a position where a good chunk of the american electorate, particularly those independent voters that decide general elections do not like her and do not trust her. that is an extremely difficult position to be in and so i think the ultimate question if this becomes a clinton/trump race is does donald trump give her fodder? does he walk into problems? comments about women, other issues that give hillary clinton ammunition because if it's just a straight learn dumb on whether you like -- straight referendum on whether you like her she has problems. >> campaign manager just
5:44 pm
basically searching for a trump strategy. on a scale of 1 to 10, he had, how concerned are they coming up against donald trump? >> look, they insist to me on a scale of 1 to 10 it might be a two or a three. at least in private they insist that given his long history, positions and flip-flops and also comments, particularly about women, you are hearing a lot about that and i know donald trump is pushing back and saying that things are being taken out of context and they are going to fight that out, but the clinton camp in private, atátáubelieves that they can beat donald trump and that he will hand them all kinds of weapons. for example, i'm here in wisconsin because hillary clinton is giving a big speech on the supreme court. and they think that that kind of issue and the balance on the court and donald trump, you know, statements that have some -- to some been seen as sort of outlandish, outrageous, being unstable on foreign policy, for example, you heard her giving all these
5:45 pm
speeches last week about how she would be at calm and cool chief. they think it will be an easier race. they could be wrong. they think it will be easier race because donald trump is handing weapons. they are not saying they will beat him because of vast strengths. they are count on trump miscues. >> how concerned with they about the fbi increasing the investigation under her aids and herself? how important is that? >> >> i think it's actually similar to their concern on trump. they insist in private they are not worried about the fbi investigation but, like trump, it's a great unknown. he has been unpredictable throughout this campaign. where this fbi investigation is going has been completely unpredictable. so whether you have this "l.a. times" report suggesting that maybe the investigation is wrapping up and maybe would you haves from some -- interviews from some of her clays aids are going to startç, happening. the clinton camp insists that they are looking forward to that meeting
5:46 pm
because hillary clinton wants to clear the air and get this behind her. but, again, this is an unknown. and as she is edging closer to wrapping up the nomination, the last thing she wants is either an indictment, obviously or short of that, a report from the fbi that suggests that, look, there is not enough for indictment here but there was gross negligence there was misconduct. there were problems. a report like that from a nonpartisan body. >> any- other mortal with 150 fbi agents looking into them is a political walking dead person. but not this -- i guess 2016 all bets are off. hed., thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton's barrage by sexist comments in the campaign. will that back fire? >> powerful interviews on hannity, tonight? >> we are very close. momentum is with us. >> ted cruz talks on his nomination strategy and then tomorrow. >> i know about deal making. that's what i do. >> >> donald trump on what it
5:47 pm
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ask your doctor about crestor.
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in the "factor" follow-up segment tonight, hillary clinton and sexism. according to the left she's been bombarded by it on the campaign trail. >> is hillary clinton ready for the kind of attacks that she would face against donald trump in a general election? >> as a woman, as a female leading candidate, the sexism to which she has been subject is pretty astonishing for our lack of remark upon it. so to answer the question briefly, yes. >> she hasn't faced anything like donald trump. >> look, there's no question about that but the nation hasn't faced anything like donald trump. >> but will constantly playing the gender card be an effective strategy with voters in the general election? joining us from washington with
5:51 pm
reaction, fox news analyst kirsten, first of all, in the sound bite, what the heck was tyson -- eric tyson saying, i had no idea what he said. to answer quickly. oh, you wouldn't believe how much sexism she's experiencing. how is she experiencing sexism? >> he how old have given us some examples. i wrote about it a lot in 2008. she did experience a lot of sexism in 2008. i haven't seen a lot that was as overt as what we saw in '08. i'm not sure what he's talking about. i'm sure there are some incidents. there hasn't been a pattern of sexism i've noticed. >> give us an example. i'm trying to figure it out. she does really well with women voters. what am i missing? who's being sexist toward her? >> i don't know. >> right, right. >> yeah, i mean, i think that -- i guess they, you know, some people have complained that when donald trump went after her about her husband's behavior,
5:52 pm
somehow it was sexist because it was expecting her to be responsible of her husband's behavior. i don't see that as sexism. i think some of the stuff we saw in '08 particularly from obama supporters erer erer erers was sexist, very gender specific. i haven't seen a pattern of that. i'm not saying it never happens but it doesn't seem to be like a pattern. >> barbra streisand says hillary clinton is battling, outright sexism, still trying to find it. >> yeah, i mean, look, i think she's beentreated pretty well t around. the types of things, for example, the clinton campaign now saying they don't like bernie sanders' tone, for example. it's hard to imagine if that was said about her that that would be acceptable. you know, i think they are trying to look for ways to, i guess, you know, energize their base. right? the female base. and so it makes sense that they would try to say that she's being treated with sexist
5:53 pm
treatment but should be able to have a laundry list -- >> very quickly, should show be playing the gender card given the history with her husband? >> i think the -- it's not a we question of whether she's going to win the women's vote. she's going to win the women's vote. it's a question of how much and whether or not they're energized. yes, it is something that will energize some women if they feel she's being treated unfairly because she's a woman. needs to give a specific kpav example. >> i need it leave it right there. kristen, thanks so much. takes to watters like moths to a flame. we'll take a look at the watters interviews next. you don't want to miss it. i take pictures of sunrises.
5:54 pm
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in the "back of the book" segment tonight, "watters' world." flamboyant folks flock to him. there's been no shortage of provocative characters coming his way recently. ♪ >> what do you like to do at megadeath concerts? >> megadeath shows, i like to, you know, just run around in a circle. ♪ >> what's the metal vibe all about? >> nobody gets left behind. if you fall down, they pick you up right there. >> whoa. yeah. >> you didn't catch me, man. >> i know. i'm only one person. >> what are you calling me fat? ♪ >> americans are super boastful and america. >> what do you think you owe
5:57 pm
america? >> just my taxes. >> you pay a lot of taxes? al sharpton. >> who's that? >> do you vote? >> yes, and i'm also an organ donor. >> impressive. >> do you pledge allegiance to the flag? >> of the united states of america. >> to the republic for which it stands. one nation under god indivisible, liberty and justice for all. >> amen. >> amen. >> what's the cuisine like in the fall? >> cuisine means food. >> food. >> and -- uh -- >> just rice? >> rice.
5:58 pm
>> okay. >> i don't think we're the same species. >> i concur. >> is he vicious? no, he's perfectly harmless. >> what are the benefits to your look? >> scaring old ladies. >> what do you do? >> i use strange parts of my anatomy to lift extremely heavy objects. >> this is the funnest night ever! ♪ >> what's the most important thing in your life? >> mostly glitter probably, i'd say. >> well, goody for you. >> i'm actually doing my dissertation on cross dressing. [ laughing ] >> okay. okay. ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news? >> i have watched bill o'reilly. [ laughing ] ♪ >> i am, quote, a remote energy
5:59 pm
healer. >> can you heal my negative energy? >> i know i'm going to get a big bang out of this one. >> give me your first name. >> jesse. >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> you're going to close your eyes. >> all right. >> you can open your eyes. >> i had two tingles in my right peck. >> wow. he went a little funny in the head. >> does the vineyard have obama-mania still? >> yes, you can feel it. >> i want a hug. >> michelle might have a problem with that. >> can i get a hug right now? >> i so love a good looking man. >> so you must love me? >> yes, i do. ♪ i can feel it baby >> what? >> what is this? [ laughing ]
6:00 pm
>> it's definitely his world. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm eric in for bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. ugly new fallout from the investigation into a terror attack that killed nearly three dozen people including several americans as authorities reveal that one of the biggest arrests they've announced so far has now turned out to be the wrong guy. welcome, everybody, to "the kelly file" tonight, i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. ironically as the terror attack overseas continues to unfold, we also saw a major scare at both the white house and capitol hill today where a lone gunman raised new questions about security here at home. we're going to have more on that later in the hour. we start tonight with new surveillance video from the moments before the deadly


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