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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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under 3 million liters of water. >> and that's cool. >> hopefully shatter proof glass. >> we hope. >> for sure. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story the gretchen starts nouchlt. >> kicking it off with a fox news alert today. donald trump's campaign manager now charged with assaulting a female reporter after an incident earlier this month that happened in florida. florida police charging with battery. hi everyone. i'm gretchen. this is the real story on that and much more. first let's look at video from the ground we had after it first happened. you can see that red arrow pointing to trump's campaign manager. next to trump you see former reporter michelle fields under the other arrow there and after a few seconds we see the moment where his arm and field's arm connect. after this video was released, the trump camp said there had been no contact vigorously denying anything happening.
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brand new video released now gives us a view from up top. here it is. much clearer picture showing him grabbing fields and pulling her back. here's a closer look. donald trump sticking by his manager today saying he's completely innocent. blake is live for us where trump is campaigning ahead of next week's primary there. blake. >> hi there, gretchen. it was march 8th in florida, in jupiter. it was trump walking out afterward and he had done well that night. michelle fields was walking alongside her. this video showings part of the incident in question. you can see fields alongside. trump's campaign manager who has since that had nothing to do anything wrong with what
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happened alongside fields when all the sudden it appears fields is pulled in florida they have charged trump's right hand man with simple battery which in the state of florida is a misdemeanor. here is the bottom of the police report. they say probable cause exists to charge corey with one count of simple battery and he intentionally touched michelle fields against the will of michelle fields. also within the three page report, jupiter police was able to retain the audio recording. as fields was walking alongside trump she had cell phone video out. this is what they say is from the cell phone recordingme. holy, colorful language after that, i can't believe he just did that. that was so hard. was that corey?
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you should have felt how hard he just grabbed me. the trump campaign is standing by corey. they feel he'll be exonerated. they have hired out two different law firms. one from west palm coco beach and one in miami-dade county as well. donald trump took the twitter this morning. wow, corey, my campaign manager and very descent man was just charged with all tssaulting a reporter. look at tapes. nothing there. gretchen, they say there's two sides to every story. it appears we have just that today. >> yeah, and then the pictures michelle put out as well with bruises on her forearm. what can we expect this evening? >> we are in jamesville, wisconsin. this happens to be the hometown of paul ryan. he's having an event at 4:00 central time. there was before and certainly is now a massive security presence. let me show you around real quick.
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supporters lining up and mixed in with protesters on the other side. everything so peaceful. beautiful day. lots of vest and police everywhere you look. stay with me a few seconds. that is i-39. that runs north and south between wisconsin and illinois. we're at a holiday inn express. see the dump trucks? there's not construction on that road. that is basically loblocking of the road so no protesters or mischief can occur behind the hotel. >> blake, thank you. in a few minutes from now, we're going to talk to a man who works for them. he quit his job. we're also going to talk to sarah to get their side of the story. senator cruz responding.
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here's ma he had to say. >> it's a very sad development and this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. the abusive culture. when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults and attacks and now physical violence. that has no place in a political campaign and no place in our democracy. >> joining us, chair of the cruz campaign. we just got cruz's version of the real story of what he thought happened in the event. obviously, you agree with your candidate. >> well, the video speaks for itself. millions of americans can see it with their own eyes. i think the jupiter police are law enforcement professionals. they're not political. they looked at the evidence and believed there's probable cause. at the end of the day the senator said this is sad and
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unfortunate because what the trump campaign is offering is empty solutions and distractions while cruz is trying to offer real solutions for real people facing problems. every minute we're spending talking about corey and this unfortunate incident is a minute wasted and not being able to give voters solutions to help the take home pay and supporters in the country. >> i want you to take a look as well as john kasich's strategy. values effect the campaigns. if this bullying worked for john kasich he would been fired long ago. would you agree with that statement? if this was in the cruz campaign, would somebody been fired? >> well, leaders set the standards for the organizations and hold them accountable. we've had eight years of a president that does not hold the irs accountable for the abuse and does not hold the state
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department for the death of an ambassador and three other great americans. what senator cruz demonstrated even in our own campaign is we had an individual, a goodman who made a mistake that did not reflect the values of senator cruz and he made that tough decision to dismiss that individual. >> you're talking about tyler, right. >> correct. i think senator cruz demonstrated that's what it's about. they reflect trump and he will have to make the decision on whether that's the appropriate thing to do given the standards he set for himself. >> we just heard from our reporter on the ground blake talking about the tweets donald trump put out once this new video came to light and he said wow, very descent man was just charged with assaulting a reporter rmt look at tapes. nothing there.
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is that problematic? >> well, gretchen, i can say this. in our campaign, we have a fantastic campaign manager jeff row and a great strategist jason johnson. they're full time on this campaign and the idea they would be engaged in it literally in a law enforcement action distracting from the campaign is a regrettable and frankly unrealistic situation. i think at the end of the day it's one of those things where again, law enforcement would not engage in this unless they had an apolitical judgment this was wort worthy of investigation. if more evidence comes forward it will resuggest the law enforcement. at the end of the day cruz is going to focus on the real solutions. >> i want to get to that right now. big day for you, scott walker.
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he's endorsing ted cruz today saying he wants to make sure he's for something, 23409 again something. how important is this endorsement of scott walker with the wisconsin primary coming up next week? >> it's huge. we were already leading with the endorsement highly respected throughout the state and it sends a signal to the voters, especially the parents who have children trapped in underperforming schools. senator cruz is going to fight like governor walker to have accountabili
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accountability. i would also note gretchen, of the 17 candidates that started the race we've seen five come behind senator cruz and that's an example of how the party is unifying and senator cruz is bringing us together the beat hillary clinton in the fall. >> all right. chad with the cruz campaign. thanks much. the aftermath of the brussels terror attacks and word now it could take months to fully reopen the airport on the bombings. this comes as enhanced security measures are all over the place. i said this yesterday. mike live for us in brussels. how is the investigation moving along there? >> the real release of the airport image is drumming up activity. yesterday there was not enough evidence to hold the individual investigators thought at the time was their biggest of the investigation. local media reported he was the third person or the third bomber on that airport image. so now with the third bomber at
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large investigators have rereleased the video highlighting him. 51 tips have rolled in sense then. the third bomb was the largest and did not go off. the other two individuals are their own. >> so you reported that islamist were recruiting young kids in the neighborhoods where you are there. what is happening now with that? >> they reach out to the kids on every platform. they come after them on social media and reach out to them on text and get them in person. particularly with the neighborhood, this is one of the troubled neighborhoods and this is the neighborhood where he was undetected for months. there's a text message encouraging the young men to stand up. the local councilman became aware when a parent contacted him. >> he called me in a type of
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information that is so important you have to talk about it and report it to the authorities. >> investigators can't track that because it goes back to a particular sim card. >> several employees of that news website resigned over that matter earlier this month. one of them joins us next to react to the new charges. plus a scare in the air as an egyptian plane is hijacked. new details on the motivation and how the people got out safe. this is joanne.
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welcome back to the real story. donald trump's campaign manager now facing battery charges in the state of florida. it stems from the incident with the reporter in new surveillance video now. florida police releasing this tape that appears to show him grabbing the arm of michelle fields as she tried to ask trump a question. she has since resigned along with some former colleagues claiming the organization failed to support her. trump issued a statement and says he'll plead not guilty. joining me now is former spokes person who was among those who resigned a couple of weeks ago. great to have you back. what do you make of the developments today? >> it just shows what was known for a long time which is donald
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trump and corey are pathological liars. they said when it happened it didn't. they said no physical contact was made and the person was making it up. all of it is proven to not be true. when confronted with the evidence it's black and white and shows there was a confrontation and it got physical. what happened really did happen. they're still walking away in it and not accepting responsibility. it's real incite for the country to see what kind of president donald trump is going to be. at one point is the line drawn where enough is enough? how far do things have to go? how long before we see some accountability? >> it's interesting because we just had a cruz spokes person on who after that incident it was a totally different incident, they fired rick tyler. so they did have some action. trump doubling down today as we've been reporting and saying
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he's a descent man in a tweet and that nothing happened in the video. also, i want to draw your attention to march 10th a day or two after the alleged incident. here it is. >> the secret service are amazing people. they're amazing people. he didn't hear about it until the next day. they're surrounding everybody and said nothing happened. everybody said nothing happened. perhaps who made the story up, perhaps that's what happened. >> perhaps she made the story up. i think that's what happened. what do you think about that? >> i think at the very least donald trump has responsibility to directly apologize to michelle fields for throwing out that direct pointless untrue
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allegation. the reality is provrp beyond a reasonable doubt it did. the statements he's made are completely untrue and proven to be untrue and he needs to do the right thing and step up and accept a responsibility and apologi apologize. >> when the story came out and you couldn't see what happened they were saying she made it up. now if you look at the police report, it says this. on march 12th i obtained video footage. i specifically obtained video from the ball room that night and time in question. he grabbed fields with his left arm causing her to turn and step
11:20 am
back, et cetera. this is from the police officer. everyone gets their just due in court and we have no idea what corey is going to do. no contest or plead not guilty according to trump. now it's official and there's a charge. >> i think that's again one of the troubling things to me. the observation that the evidence existed that donald trump was willing to go out there and make public and declare statements with no wiggle room and knowing that the evidence existed and didn't have to look at it himself or didn't care enough about the truth and decide to say what was politically advantageous. that's a political mind set. what kind of message are we sending to people and women in this country and children to do whatever you want and resolve conflicts through physical intimidation and violence and putting your hands on somebody and not accept responsibility. it's a slippery slope. there's going to be a broader
11:21 am
impact this is going to happen. >> we'll have trump's spokes person on ten minutes from now. in the meantime, authorities now trying to figure out how a hija hijacker managed to get a suicide vest on the train. how did he do it and what was the vest made of? at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back to the big story. new developments on the hijacking. did you see that unfold this morning on an egypt air jet? it ended peacefully hours ago in cyprus. brand new video of the suspect passing through. you can see him there.
11:25 am
conor powell live for us. conor. >> yeah, for everyone involved it ended peacefully. we're getting word that the egyptian nationalist responsible for hijacking the flight 181 which is originally suppose to travel from al sand ree i can't to cairo and ended up here in cyprus will appear in court tomorrow morning. what he will be charged with is unclear. immediately in the six hour ordeal authorities in egypt and here in cyprus ruled out this was an act of terrorism and wasn't connected to islamic extremism. why he hijacked this plane, that's the big question every everyone's trying to answer.
11:26 am
he demanded to see his ex-wife. they've described him as not psychologically stable. he has a criminal history and drug use back in egypt. not a stable person but not somebody connected to any kind of islamic extremism. all the passengers are believed to be off the plane this morning. none of them were harmed. considering the violence and chaos we've seen here the last few months, this was a happy ending to a deadly and tragic situation. >> no doubt. conor, thank you. so the big story of the day, donald trump's campaign manager now facing those battery charges after the confrontation with the
11:27 am
news reporter. that reporter, michelle fields now responding and we're going to ask the trump campaign if corey will keep his job. plus, ted cruz gets a big endorsement from governor scott walker today. how big of a boost will that be for his campaign in that state? does any of that matter? >> this state has a national platform, a national megaphone. and right now in the state of wisconsin it's neck and neck. donald trump and i are effectively tied in the state of wisconsin. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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bottom of the hour. thank you for staying tuned to the real story. donald trump's campaign manager charged with simple battery today. you can see the red arrow there. a video showing corey yand michelle right near each other now painting a clear picture of what exactly happened. new video released today from jupiter, florida police giving us a clear view of the moment where they come into contact as you can see on your screen there. donald trump sticking by his manager tweeting today why aren't people looking at reporters. that is before she found out that episode was on tape. now michelle fields responding on twitter saying because my story never changed. seriously, just stop lying. joining me now, sarah huckabee sanders. senior s
11:32 am
senior adviser for donald trump's campaign. we want to hear from the trump campaign. is donald trump going to fire corey? >> absolutely not. i watched the video myself. i encourage people to watch it from beginning to end to see for themselves nothing happened here. gretchen, you've been a part of countless media skrums, spin room events, it's intense. i can't tell you the number of time i've been pushed, shoved, elbowed and hit in the face with a camera. >> i've been doing this 25 years and never walked away with bruises and we can show the bruises here again. how do we account for these bruises on michelle's arm. >> there's nothing here that took place out of the ordinary on the daily life of a presidential campaign. i've been on many and stood in that circle.
11:33 am
i've been hit. here's the thing i think is scary and sad. if this is the new standard and norm then i think reporters need to be well aware of that because they're usually throwing elbows and pushing and kicking. >> you're saying this will be the new norm we'll have campaign managers charged with simple battery. >> no, no, no, no, no, no, no. i'm saying from the other side. the new standrd that reporters may be the ones getting charged with battery because of the pushing, shoving in a media skrum. you've been a part of these. >> don't put me into it. i've never gotten bruises like that nor did i ever feel like i had, that i can recall, file simple battery charges. i want you to look at a tweet from corey. >> you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact, i have never even met you. would you agree, sarah, that he
11:34 am
actually touched her that night? >> look, it looks to me like they may have brushed past each other. again, i can't tell you the number of times being in that situation where i've walked past where a reporter has pushed me, bumped me and i've been trying to catch up and clear the path of the candidate i'm with or working for and never even met eyes with that individual. i watched the video and encourage others to watch it themselves. >> what about march 19th when lewandowski grabbed a protesters collar? here's that video. what do you make of that? >> to me, it look like the protester was grabbing a woman in front of him which is far more aggressive and the matter again, i don't think there's anything out of the ordinary
11:35 am
where you have this kind of back and forth. i think it's unforchau gnat. >> wouldn't it be security doing this. are the police lying about this incident too? >> i haven't seen the specifics of the police statement. >> it says on march 12th, 2016, i, the police officer, obtained video footage from trump security at trump national in jupiter. i obtained video from the ball room the night and time in question. the video parallels what fields has told me in that trump was walking towards the exit of the ball room taking questions and signing autographs. lewandowski grabbed the ladies arm causing her to step back. this is the police officer, sarah. is he lying? >> look, i think you should watch the video yourself. i've watched it and don't see anything that indicates there was an intentional moment here.
11:36 am
anything out of the ordinary and trying to clear the path of the candidate. i think it's unfortunate. i know for a fact no one including donald trump himself condones physical contact with reporters but i do think this is nothing happened. i encourage everybody to go out and watch this video and see for themselves. >> final question. ted cruz has alleged today as john kasichs campaign person as well that abusive culture comes from the top and in this case they're talking about your candidate. >> you know, i think it's sad that the other candidates are jumping on this band wagon. i think what's happening here is that they are incapable of beating dobea beating donald trump. they've tried and spent $67 million in attack adds against him and can't beat him and now they're going after his staff. this is about money and power. >> they're not going after his
11:37 am
staff. the police are charging a number of his staff. not the candidates. >> innocent until proven guilty. i think anybody that watches that video will think that corey is completely innocent in this plo ses. >> okay. sarah sanders, great to have you back on the real story. thanks so much. >> you bet. thank you, gretchen. >> now more on this. huk served as white house senior objector. all right. the two of you just heard that interview. this is why we're being balanced here. we're hearing from all the camps here today. let me let you kick it off. let me start with you. >> if anything, this is what's been horrifying people about the movement trump has created. to say that trump doesn't
11:38 am
condone physical violence against reporters, it certainly seems there's been several inciden incidents prior to this condoning violence again even people in his own rallies. this is fundamentally what the challenge is of that with a trump campaign. >> i don't mean to cut you off but i want to get kevin in here. you disagree, why? >> i'm not going to condone a lot of things donald trump does but this incident is completely being overblown. he touches the lady but no malice. it's strict ri we'rely we're ge by. >> you know what i think it is. we're showing the bruises she alleged she got from that incident. i think what it is, kevin is 24.
11:39 am
had this been handled at the time, he did say that maybe she was making it up and in a way that fuelled the story to go on and on and now you have the police getting in on it. >> i'm not going to speak for what the police -- >> kevin, let me have you finish there. >> i'm not going to speak to what the police are doing. look at the video. i don't know where she got to bruises but it didn't come from that particular incident. >> how do you know? >> should they have -- because it was barely in passing and you don't see any reaction from her of pain or anything else. she merely steps back. to that point, i don't have a dog in the fight. i'm for whoever wins in this election cycle. to try to make this the thing
11:40 am
that you go after trump for is ridiculous in as much as the statement is in the other statement about trump's rallies. they're being targeted by the left. there's no other thing to say about that. what's expected in us in terms of conservatism is we don't strike back. you hear terms like don't go in the mud with the left. that's how we've lost this country. for the reporter to make the story something that's going to have national significance is ridiculous. >> i don't know if we can mix and match conservative values with this particular incident. i think they're two totally different things. i want to be clear about that. this is not an attack on donald trump or conservatism. it's a separate issue. that's the way i'm trying to approach it.
11:41 am
>> you're guest have talked all about the campaign and didn't talk anything at all about the behavior of lewandowski. >> having worked on several campaigns and been in more than my fair share of media skrums, i think it's interesting this is the campaign where this kind of accusation has surfaced and that the campaign chose to double down on descending. it could have easily said if there was a situation we regret it. there's been no regrets. >> okay. i hope i say your name right on the fifth time.
11:42 am
it's hard to pronounce. kevin, i got that. thanks for your time. time now for my take. as the republican candidates have narrowed from almost 20 to three now, focus has narrowed from candidate verses candidate to just two groups now. trump verses hashtag never trump. today scott walker endorsed ted cruz adding to the never -- the five figure add buy encouraging voters to join blocker and cruz not trump. we do a positive segment on trump and they go wild saying how could you say that about trump. we do a positive segment on cruz and they say you haven't done enough like that before. this is what it's come down to. we've come to a deep division
11:43 am
within the g.o.p. and g.o.p. voters. is that good for american politics? i know lots of you are going to disagree with me. today i'm going to say yeah. presidential campaign, yep, there's another side of this story too. the democrats. hillary clinton's campaign responding to the charges against trump campaign manager. what the clinton camp is saying today. both clinton and bernie sanders stumping. be right back chth.
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twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. shepard smith. we'll have more reaction to the criminal case against donald trump's campaign manager. emp though he's leading in delegates right now, he could soon have to play catch up in the delegates race behind the scenes. we'll talk with a reporter about how ted cruz ground gain might beat out donald trump's. shepard smith reporting at the top of the hour.
11:47 am
>> so, wisconsin holds its primaries a week from today. bernie sanders hosting a town hall right now. hillary clinton gets ready to hold a rally in lacrosse. we have the whole state. wisconsin is next but clinton looking a bit nervous about next month's new york primary and ducking a debate now in new york against sanders. what's going on? >> very interesting. even though the new york primary is on now adding campaign events tomorrow and thursday in new york city and on top of that as you said, her chief strategist is saying they are not going to have a debate in new york city despite sanders demanding one until sanders changes his tone in this campaign and joel sort of attacked people from brooklyn to make his point. watch. >> i think he's going to campaign like a brooklyn and
11:48 am
he's going to campaign like a senator that's represented the state for six years and lived here for 16. i think when voters here hear the argument, it's, he may make it competitive but he's not going to get to a number in new york that's going to change the delegate count materially. >> so the clinton campaign doesn't like the tone but today she used a church as a backdrop here in milwaukee to gather together mothers who have lost their sons to gun violence and one of the monthers attacked bernie sanders free college plan this way. >> if you want my vote, you better work for it. she's working for our vote. [ applause ] >> i'm not going to give it to you just because you say you can do free college. if my child is dead, he can't go to college. >> if my child is dead, he can't
11:49 am
go to college. so negative attack might be in the eye of the beholder. >> any comments about clinton or sanders about trump's campaign manager being charged with the simple assault? >> i've spoken to both campaigns. they're both reluctant to put out official statements. a clinton aid said they've been concerned for a long time and spoken out about violence at the trump events and they say what happened is of the same peace and it's got to stop soon. >> defense secretary ash carter. we're going to talk to a vietnam veteran about a special gift that one organization is trying to give to honor all of those who served in vietnam. that's next. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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on this vietnam veterans day, a new documentary about vietnam vets called "the journey home." it features veterans opening up about coming home to a country that didn't want them. >> obviously everybody has the right for freedom of speech and protest whatever they choose to, but what was unfortunate at the time is they took a lot of their frustrations out on the g.i.s coming home >> i'm going back in two more weeks. >> i'm not afraid. >> i got back last year. >> we fight so you can stand here and yell. >> the dvd along with the film entitled "a time to honor." story of service, duty and sacrifice will be given to every vietnam veteran. joining me now a vietnam veteran and the executive producer of the film and president of rms military productions. great to have the both of you here. >> thank you. great to be here. >> great to be here. >> and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> what does it mean to you to have this documentary come out
11:54 am
about what you experienced? >> i think america's ready to bite into the real truth of how we were treated at the end of the '60s and beginning of the '70s until we finally left the country in 1975. this administration has brought it all to the fore for us. this book is talking about in every state what it is the experience was. and in new york city this saturday we're having our fifth annual vietnam veterans recognition day down at our new york city vietnam veterans memorial plaza at 55 water street. >> right. you were so instrumental in putting all of that together. >> well, it's been an important part of our lives. >> right. and i know that the film features the aftermath. and it's so incredibly emotional. the reaction you received from people who have seen it is what? >> very powerful. because it represents exactly what so many of these vietnam veterans like vince was saying really experienced.
11:55 am
they came home, they were told to take off their uniforms before landing in america because of how they would be treated. i can't imagine an america like that. we know the america today that always welcomes home troops. back then they were told to forget about it, don't talk about it because a lot of america doesn't care. but today with the vietnam commemoration that most of the americans don't know it started in like 2012, right, it's been ongoing and we're in the peak years. >> so it comes with a book as well, vince. >> uh-huh. >> and in this effort you're trying to reach to every vietnam veteran to make sure they get a copy of this, right? >> yes. but i don't really think the vietnam veterans are going to read about our own stories. i think it's for the families. i have grandchildren. i think it's important to recognize that the story has to be told because it's really a timeless story about service and honoring the commitment that men and women now today make and whose lives are lost defending this country. and that we can't look at it
11:56 am
from the perspective that we like them or we don't like them. when the clarion call is made to go and defend the country, i think second guessing the work of the men and women who have to do the dirty work is really dissdis ingenuo ingenuous. >> so well said. what can people do, family members or vietnam ret ra-- veterans -- >> both in a private sector vince brought up an excellent point. this is meant for families to better understand. because when you tell the story, they better understands exactly what went on, the breadth and depth of the vietnam war. if they can go to, enter their name and e-mail and we can let them know when their state is ready. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> vince, thanks again for your service. >> gretchen, you know, the offshoot of this is that the men
11:57 am
and women today who are being cheered as they come home recognize we've paved the way for them. >> you did. >> they're very thankful to us. >> you paved the way. that's for sure. thanks much. we'll be right back.
11:58 am
i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i'm gretchen -- it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. in jupiter, florida, where donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski now faces criminal charges for battery. we're seeing new video that appears to show him grabbing a reporter's arm. lewandowski has denied it. and the trump campaign maintains he's innocent. we'll have the facts, the context and the broader republican race. also, you know how we've been talking about the chances of a contested republican convention? you know things could get a little wild when the democrats get together as well. should we expect some surprises in philadelphia? plus, cracking a smartphone. the feds say they've made their way into the san bernardino terrorist's iphone without apple's help, b


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