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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i'm gretchen -- it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 p.m. in jupiter, florida, where donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski now faces criminal charges for battery. we're seeing new video that appears to show him grabbing a reporter's arm. lewandowski has denied it. and the trump campaign maintains he's innocent. we'll have the facts, the context and the broader republican race. also, you know how we've been talking about the chances of a contested republican convention? you know things could get a little wild when the democrats get together as well. should we expect some surprises in philadelphia? plus, cracking a smartphone. the feds say they've made their way into the san bernardino terrorist's iphone without apple's help, but judge
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napolitano says the fbi doesn't add up for a lot of reasons. what could the feds be trying to hide? let's get to it. now "shepard smith" reporting. good tuesday afternoon from the deck. donald trump suggested she was making the whole thing up. trump's campaign manager calls her delusional. says he never touched her. but today police say video shows the man in charge of the trump campaign, his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, did indeed grab a woman who was reporting at a trump event. hours ago corey lewandowski turned himself in to police in jupiter, florida, after they charged him with simple battery. police released surveillance video from trump's resort recorded after a campaign event earlier this month. see it here. according to the arrest report the video shows the campaign manager grabbing the former breitbart reporter you see wearing white. that reporter is michelle fields. she says corey lewandowski
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yanked her arm in an effort to keep her from asking donald trump a question. but when fields went public, the trump campaign slammed her in the news media. in fact, lewandowski himself called her an attention seeker. and he tweeted her the next day, you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact, i have never even met you. and his boss, donald trump, also went after the reporter. >> surrounding everybody they said nothing happened. everybody said nothing happened. perhaps he made the story up. i think that's what happened. >> perhaps she made the story up. donald trump also questioned at the time why there was no video showing what happened. well, now there's video showing what happened. but donald trump says it proves nothing. today he tweeted, wow, corey lewandowski, my campaign manager, and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. look at the tapes. nothing there. police say there is indeed something there. according to the arrest report
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corey lewandowski, quote, report grabs fields' left arm with his right hand causing her to turn and step back. according to the officer on scene, quote, fields showed me her left forearm which revealed bruising from what appeared to be several finger-shaped marks indicating a grabbing type injury. of course all of this is at minimum a distraction as donald trump returns to the campaign trail after a week-long break. and his closest rival, ted cruz, is already jumping on this controversy. politics 2016 is fox top story and cole cameron begins our reporting, janesville, wisconsin, this afternoon. what are trump's rivals have to say, carl? >> reporter: they've been weighing in on this sort of thing for a couple of weeks, in some cases months. ted cruz campaign put out a statement saying there is clearly a culture and an atmosphere in the trump campaign that ted cruz and others believes starts at the top. listen.
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>> it's a very sad development. and this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. the abusive culture. when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, on attacks and now physical violence, that has no place in a political campaign and no place in our democracy. and i think it is a really unfortunate development, but i do think it helps clarify for the voters what the trump campaign is all about. >> cruz and donald trump have been in a very nasty battle. john kasich, the governor of ohio on the other hand have been trying to stay above the fray and run a positive campaign. but he, too, today has suggested that he has been critical of the tenor and the tone of the rhetoric coming out of donald trump and the occasional violence that's erupted at rallies trump has held. so he too is saying this is the kind of thing that were it him he would probably suspend or fire someone depending on the circumstances but would definitely make some sort of a statement and a gesture, some
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visible evidence, some action that would show he's not going to to tolerate it. >> in the absence of these charges the headline probably would have been today, a big endorsement where you are. >> reporter: that's right. the governor of wisconsin as expected did today endorse ted cruz. this is a potential momentum builder. wisconsin is a very politically active state. and scott walker in the course of four years was elected three times including a recount. so scott walker brings some organizational prowess to the trump campaign here. the polls suggest it's virtually neck and neck between trump and cruz. for cruz this is an opportunity and what walker said he's a real conservative, this is a positive endorsement of cruz, not a negative non-endorsement of donald trump. and walker planned to campaign every day between now and tuesday and will be making some appearances with cruz. that's the kind of thing that can build momentum. this is a state ted cts to win potential to shift the trajectory of this.
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the cruz campaign believes if they can get the majority of the delegates here, it's winner take all for the statewide winner you get 18 delegates. and then it's divided by congressional district. and whoever wins the congressional districts, there are eight of them, gets three delegates per district. cruz bloelieves if he can rack a good number, he cannot only slow the trump quest for 1237 but can really give some momentum to the stop trump movement, the establishment republicans who've been very reluctant to back cruz but are slowly beginning to unite around him seeing it's an opportunity with kasich to block trump from the nomination. >> carl cameron with us. let's go to washington now reporter for the associated press. >> good afternoon. >> is this a narrative builder? is this a help for trump? how do you see it? >> which -- >> i meant cruz. >> cruz, well, i tell you, wisconsin is important because donald trump is the only candidate who has a path to 1237 by the end of the primaries.
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however, it's a narrow path. and any time if you would lose a state it makes it even harder and more narrow. it really highlights the importance of there are six more winner take all states coming up including three on june 7th, which is the last day of voting. and if trump doesn't win wisconsin, he pretty much has to win all of those and do well in other states to get to 1237 before the primaries are over. >> the matter of corey lewandowski, a controversial figure on the campaign trail no doubt, he's taken his share of shots along the way, the suggestion now is he took one of his own. the trump campaign continues to defend him. what do you see the ramifications if anything? >> well, i don't know. if you think about it this campaign has pretty much defied all political rules that have applied to other campaigns in the past. you know, making statements about fox anchor, making statements about john mccain, saying things that would have doomed other campaigns there's been some violence at some of his rallies.
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that hasn't seemed to knock him off stride. so i don't know is this just one more part of the show and one more part of the side show of the campaign that people are watching, or -- i mean, i don't know if it really will knock him off. he's been defying all these rules up until now. >> it's been building this anti-woman narrative. it's worked in some quarter though not as much within the republican party, certainly not within the base, but it's worked with other quarters and now you mention the one regarding an anchor and you move forward to this sort of culture of women bashing is what the others are saying. i don't understand anymore what gets traction and what doesn't, but that's the narrative they're building, clearly. >> yes, that's what they're trying to say. and really the democrats are looking at this and they think it plays very well into them because they say when you get to a general election. there already was a gender gap, more women voting for democrats
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and more men for republicans, they say this could make it wider. >> delegates matter with the chase, it's a difficult one. it's beginning to look like ted cruz's campaign has done a lot of work in advance. there were suggestions this has happened. no suggestions he's not following the rules, it's just if you work the rules hard enough, you can get some wins. it looks like he's about to especially in louisiana. >> yes, in fact, you saw in louisiana marco rubio won five delegates and five delegates were listed as uncommitted. they had their state convention and cruz's supporters went there and got those delegates, so even though donald trump won the primary in louisiana, looks like ted cruz will probably come out of there with more delegates. sort of a new turn to that we found we were reporting today that marco rubio has been sending letters saying he wants to keep his delegates potenti potentially to play a role at
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the national convention this summer. it gets complicated because different states have different rules. minnesota, a state marco rubio won, he won 17 delegates, party official there told me today they call them unbound, they're free agents free to support anyone they want. other states he wrote a letter to alaska, they already divvied up his five delegates to cruz and trump. they took them back and gave them back to rubio. so it's state-to-state issue. and cruz does seem to have a good solid organization and a lot of states and that's going to be really important because this is an insider's game. wooir talking state conventions with arcane party rules. you have to have people who know the rules and people to be at the conventions to influence the process. >> steven, good of you. thanks for coming again. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> remember many of you tweeted us and sent us e-mails say why do they suspend their campaigns, why don't they end their campaigns? that was the days when everyone was naive. now we know exactly why.
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there are roles to be played later. corey lewandowski charged with simple battery. and corey lewandowski i just learned is going to be a guest of bill tonight. more politics ahead including how bernie sanders team may try for a surprise at the democratic national convention. how could bernie sanders' team get a surprise there? well, wait until you hear this. that's coming up on a tuesday afternoon from the fox news desk. it's good to have you in. one crest 3d white smile...
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politics coverage continues. bernie sanders and hillary clinton today campaigning across wisconsin, the next big battleground of the democratic presidential race. recent polls show clinton with a slight lead over sanders in the badgers state. but that was before bernie sanders swept hillary clinton in three states over the weekend. the vermont senator still faces a tough path to the nomination no question. one of his biggest problems the hundreds of super delegates or party insiders who say they've already pledged their support for hillary clinton. but senator sanders says his staffers have a plan. they say they will try to flip the senators' super delegates and convince them to support senator sanders instead. hillary clinton's people don't seem too concerned. they say they expect to secure the nomination by the end of next month. ed henry's in milwaukee this
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afternoon. what's the thinking about bernie sanders luring away some of hillary clinton's super delegates, ed? >> reporter: shep, it's unlikely but not impossible because this actually happened a bit in 2008 when hillary clinton appeared to be running with the nomination and then was stopped cold by barack obama. a lot of super delegates, party bosses on the democratic side, had sided with hillary clinton early on when she seemed inevitable and then as barack obama started racking up victories they did flip to him. and it helped put him over the top. what might be different now is bernie sanders, yes, he had a good weekend last weekend, but he's not racking up obama-style victories. in fact, with new york coming up for example in mid-april, the sanders campaign is talking about crossing a threshold of getting at least 40% so they can walk away with some delegates. a big state with hundreds of delegates, but as the clinton camp points out, they're not talking about winning new york. they're talking about crossing a threshold. sanders has to win new york, california, other big states and
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maybe even win them big to actually overtake clinton among pledge delegates, the normal delegates, and then start going to the party bosses and saying i can win this thing. he's just not there yet, shep. >> ed, there's the matter of the debate challenge. one side wants a debate in new york for obvious reasons and the other side doesn't for obvious reasons. how is that going? >> reporter: this is a bit like 2008 as well. hillary clinton when she was losing to barack obama was saying i want more debates. now she's a front-runner, she's trying to close this down, struggling a little bit to finish it finally. so she's saying she does not want a debate in new york. bernie sanders, he's from brooklyn originally, remember that before vermont. he says he wants a debate. the clinton chief strategist says the problem is bernie sanders has been negative. and until he changes that, there's no debate. listen. >> you know, we think that this party is strong when we have a good, strong, healthy debate. but the tone of the campaign is become increasingly negative and personal in some places.
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>> reporter: sanders sporupport are laughing that off saying debates are supposed to be a little testy back and forth. and they've got this trending on social media, tone down for what, hash tag a play off burn down for what. we'll speak with a journalist who reports that bernie sanders and his supporters could cause some real problems for hillary clinton, even if she secures enough delegates to win the nomination. how might that happen? details are coming right up. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. continuing coverage of politics. there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a contested convention on the republican side.
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and there still is. but one journalist is now reporting and he's not alone that bernie sanders and his supporters could cause some real trouble for hillary clinton at the democratic convention, even if she wins the delegates that she needs to secure the nomination. james homand is with us and live in the washington newsroom. all legal stuff, all things that have been done plenty of times, but he's after it, isn't he? >> yeah, shep. and, you know, bernie could really cause a lot of trouble for hillary in philadelphia. what he could do is force a big platform fight. hillary doesn't want to offer free college for everyone. she doesn't want to break up the wall street banks. she doesn't want to get rid of super pacs. doesn't want to get rid of super delegates. there are all these things bernie can force a contentious fight. he could really make procedural objections and force a real debate. typically these conventions are big coronations where everyone is kind of cheering for the
12:22 pm
nominee. and hillary could be denied a coronation if bernie wants to deny it to her. >> those platform matters are usually settled in advance in a regular cycle, right? >> they are. but there's nothing in the rules that would prevent bernie from, you know, objecting or perhaps the clinton campaign to make bernie kind of debt behind hillary would offer some kind of concession where there may be some things added to the platform. the campaign may not care what's in the democratic party platform, bernie does care about it and his supporters do. he's going to have to get something. he'll have to get some kind of concession to get behind hillary. last week talking to a liberal web show bernie basically outlined five conditions that it would take for him to support hillary. one of them was backing universal health care. another was getting rid of super pacs. so he's going to try to make some demands on hillary i think as the primaries come to an end assuming they continue in the direction ed henry was just
12:23 pm
talking about. but he keeps nipping at her heels. the point is that this is going to continue until july. bernie's going to fight through the primaries in june. he's not going to kind of disappear or go quietly. >> the make or breaks on the democratic side if it's close, of course the super delegates, the party faithful, they're governors and senators and members of congress who can do whatever they want to do. that's how they set it up. that's under their rules. but he could get some of them to flip. how is that looking? >> so i talked to a lot of these super delegates, the party bosses, the party insiders, they are for clinton still. a lot of them are telling me that they get these really angry calls from bernie supporters that they sort of perceive as vaguely threatening telling them they're being watched closely and they better switch to fit with the popular mood of their states. so there's some backlash. a lot of these calls, even text messages, facebook messages rub some of these super delegates the wrong way. frankly scare some of them. there's not really a coordinated bernie effort to pressure them
12:24 pm
at this point. it's very ad hoc. there's a lot of kind of random folks on the internet. i'm not sure that's moving any of them just yet. it's going to be hard, but in si bernie won almost 80% of the vote or more than 70% of the vote. so if you're a party boss or party leader in hawaii, it's hard to support hillary when your state democrats overwhelmingly support bernie. so that's, i think, where the sanders campaign will try to apply pressure. those kinds of states where he's won overwhelmingly. >> james, you know, wisconsin is a week from today obviously. the battle of expectations is always an interesting to watch. hillary clinton's campaign today is setting the expectation bar very low. does that tell us something? >> it does. i think, you know, bernie sanders has won minnesota and michigan, two states that border wisconsin. his anti-trade message resonates well with blue collar union workers who feel like they've lost their jobs because of the kinds of trade deals that hillary's supported in the past.
12:25 pm
you know, there's big college population. so i think hillary could still win there, but there's a good reason for them to try to lower expectations. >> it wasn't that long ago in 2012 on the republican side that ron paul's people gave a real challenge on the floor. and the way it went down with john boehner was spectacular to watch. look at this for people who've forgotten. >> without objection the previous question is ordered. the question is on the adoption, the resolution, all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye! >> all those oppose no. >> no! >> the ayes have it. the resolution adopted. without objection -- >> nominee is decided, the ayes have it. you know, that was always up for debate. and it upset a lot of ron paulites. you wonder if that sort of thing might find its way certainly
12:26 pm
into cleveland if not philadelphia. >> you know, and donald trump talked about how there would be riots if he wasn't the nominee. i mean, there's going to be chaos. part of the problem for hillary is it's a tough needle to thread. she can't alienate these bernie people. if they do something like that on the floor -- if she wins fair and square on the delegates, you got to give a little bit. maybe you don't get the coronation you want, but if you do what john boehner did in 2012, and a lot of bernie folks stay home in november, you know, donald trump or ted cruz could be president. >> if that doesn't happen in cleveland, something has been calculated wrong. james hohhmann from "the washington post," good of you. thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> thanks, shep. no need for a genius bar. the feds say they found a way to get into an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino terrorists without apple. and they did it with no help at all. wonder who did it. ahead, the judge on what it means if true. and more importantly, bwhat if it's not? plus, an airline hijacker
12:27 pm
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million. and former brazilian soccer star pele suing samsung for a look-alike in a newspaper ad after refusing negotiations to use his image. they're asking for $30 million. he's the same lawyer who in august helped michael jordan win millions in a suit against a supermarket chain. news continues with shepard smith right after this. with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® works with your body to lower blood sugar in 3 ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. vo: victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
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12:33 pm
ahead of terrorism. the judge said some third party helped agents get past the phone security measures. they did not say what the third party is. nor did they say exactly how they hacked the device. fox news senior correspondent -- or chief correspondent i should say jonathan hunt is live with us this afternoon in the west coast news hub. what are they telling us about what they found on the phone? >> shep, so far they're giving precisely zero information on what they may or may not have found on that phone, whether it has any relevance whatsoever to the san bernardino attacks that happened of course last december. all we got so far is a statement from the fbi agent in charge which reads in part, quote, i am satisfied we have access to more answers than we did before and that the investigative process is moving forward. as for who may have helped crack this phone, if indeed it did happen, cyber security experts we spoke to say likely a cyber
12:34 pm
forensics company in the private sector. they also say they may have got help from individuals who once served in intelligence services within the u.s. government. and interestingly, shep, some of those experts say that there are parts of our own intelligence services who have known all along how to break into this iphone but may not have wanted for their own reasons to share that expertise with the fbi, shep. >> so are our iphones not safe now? >> the cyber experts we spoke to once again, shep, said this doesn't change anything. we should always assume that none of our phones is 100% secure. listen here. >> it's not just a question of bypassing the pin. apple phones have been hackable for a while now. there's a mythology around apple's weld garden as it's called that the phones are impervious to hack attack. that is no longer the case. >> now, apple says this case should never have been brought in the first case, but also in a
12:35 pm
statement added, quote, this case raised issues which deserve a national conversation about our civil liberties and our collective security and privacy. apple remains committed to participating in that discussion. now, the privacy versus security discussion, shep, almost certainly going to return to the legal system at some point. and almost certainly too going to end up at the supreme court, shep. >> jon hunt, thank you. the judge is here. judge andrew napolitano, our senior judicial analyst. i don't understand all of this. >> you know, it's a real head scratcher, shep. the veracity that the government went after apple and the depth of the allegations about apple are totally inconsistent with the government working with some private entity at the same time to break into the iphone. because the government told a federal judge it can't be done, it can't be done, we tried
12:36 pm
everything, we tried every means known to -- >> for months. >> it absolutely can't be done. we have to get in there because we have to keep america safe. now, the argument from safety is belied by the fact they waited four months to try and get into the phone. so if they were concerned about safety, they should have brought this application against apple back in december when they first got the phone. remember, they have a valid, lawful search warrant to enter that phone. they tried to transform that search warrant into an obligation on the part of apple to tell them how to get into the phone. and that's where they ran into a brick wall of opposition from members of their own government. secretary of defense, director of the cia, the past three directors of the cia, a past secretary of defense. >> all said no. >> correct. we don't want this key to exist because once it exists our friends and our foes will get their hands on it. so the question now is, did the fbi really get someone to break
12:37 pm
into the phone, or did the fbi make a mature determination in an attempt to save face that this was not the best case to bring to court because the facts and the law were not on its side? >> this isn't about encryption. there are hundreds of encryption sites that you could use. hundreds of ways to encrypt. there's one on apple. this is the beginning part. this is the part at the beginning where if your phone is locked you punch in four digits or if you want longer, mine is much longer, if you get that wrong ten times or however many times you put it in there, it wipes the phone clean. >> correct. now, intelligence community sources, jonathan spoke about them, told me the same thing they told him. there may very well be people in the intelligence community who know how to do this, they don't want to help the fbi because they don't want this out there because they don't want it used against them. they have also told me we don't know how many numbers farook had as his pass code, if he had six, it's impossible to have done this in a weekend.
12:38 pm
it probably would have taken months to have learned every possible -- >> but after ten times it wipes it clean. >> there you go. so there's a mystery about whether or not it's done. there's also this and it's not generally well known. the fbi actually has been very above board about the following situation. when they do break into a piece of high-tech equipment, lawfully break into it, they tell the provider or the manufacturer how they did it. as of noon today apple has not revealed that the fbi told it anything. so apple also is scratching its head about whether or not this actually happened. >> uh-huh. doesn't smell right. >> doesn't smell right. more to come on this, i'm convinced of it. >> judge, thank you. >> you're welcome, shep. a man accused of hijacking a plane this morning mid flight with fake explosives belt is not a terrorist but an idiot who just seems to be in love. that's not my assessment. that's the word from officials in egypt that he's an idiot. an airport director says the
12:39 pm
egypt air flight left alex aanda this morning with 55 people on board including americans. instead investigators say the hijacker rerouted the flight to the european island country of cyprus. police say the suspect released most of the passengers after landing there, but they say he kept 7 people hostage including 4 crew members and eventually surrendered. after an hours long standoff he's now in custody. why? well, police say the suspect had demanded a meeting with his ex-wife who apparently lives in cyprus. connor powell is in cyprus as well. connor. >> reporter: yeah, shep, this is one of several bizarre demands made by the egyptian national in addition to wanting to talk to his ex-wife, he also requested that all female political prisoners in egypt be released. he also wanted to meet with eu officials here in cyprus as well. now, from the very beginning authorities here said this was not terrorism.
12:40 pm
it was clear that this was a mentally unstable individual, this was somebody who was rambling who just wasn't very coherent. still, he was able to pull off the redirection of this flight that was supposed to land in cairo all the way to here in cyprus. clearly did scare the world for several hours here. lasted for about six hours or so before authorities were able to convince him not only to release the final prisoner -- or passengers that were on the plane, but also to turn himself in. he is now in custody here. and we understand, shepard, he will be in court tomorrow as well. >> hey, what more do you know, connor, about the people who were onboard the plane? >> reporter: well, so a couple developments. just within the last few minutes we actually saw the plane sitting here behind us for pretty much all afternoon and evening. it actually just gassed up and took off. so we now know the plane has left cyprus. we understand all of the passengers are still here and they'll be returning to egypt tomorrow in the next 24 hours or
12:41 pm
so. from what we can understand is that there wasn't a huge fear for most passengers that this was in fact a real hijacking. that this was something that was particularly concerning and pictures floating of one individual taking a selfie with this hijacker. so there was suspicion this guy was not all that serious about doing harm to people. still, he was able to instill enough fear to redirect his flight to here and to land and have a six-hour standoff with authorities here, shepard. >> connor powell on scene. thank you. the man accused of setting off panic at the u.s. capitol was armed with a pellet gun, or air gun, not a conventional weapon. that's from police sources to fox news. it was breaking during this hour yesterday, and it was chaos. capitol police opened fire on the man you see here on the stretcher. they say he pointed what looked to them like a gun in a capitol visitors center. the suspect's now critical. meantime, a new look at the panic as people scrambled to leave the building. >> hold on. stay with me.
12:42 pm
>> a woman was hurt by flying debris. no police officers were injured despite early reports to the contrary. police say the same suspect interrupted a house session last year, went into the house of representatives chambers and shouted, i am the prophet of god. today, he's critical in a hospital. north korea launching another miave reaction from the pentagon next. and today marks 50 years since the vietnam war. did defense secretary ash carter in washington honoring our veterans. we'll have that coming up.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
quarter to 4:00 in new york. today we honor the millions of living vietnam veterans who did not get the support and recognition they deserved when they came home. those were the words of the defense secretary ash carter today during a ceremony in d.c. marking vietnam veterans day. >> as secretary of defense i'm proud to use this moment and this place on this day to say
12:46 pm
thank you and welcome home. >> and some images in our slide show today. some historic pictures, beginning with present time. here's a guard at the memorial wall ahead of a wreath laying ceremony this morning. this is a great picture here. it looks a little fuzzy, but that's actually a reflection into the wall itself with the names of the tens of thousands of u.s. troops who died in the vietnam war. and then the reflection you can see people bowing their heads during today's ceremony. here's ash carter and the veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald meeting with some of the vets. nearly 60,000 died. today also marks 43 years to the day since that last u.s. combat set of troops left south vietnam. here you can see huge crowds of vietnamese scaling the walls of the embassy in what was then saigon, that was 1975, as they tried to get onboard the u.s. helicopters that were evacuating the country. as america finally came home.
12:47 pm
north korea today launched another short-range projectile, possibly a missile. that's according to military officials in south korea. they say the projectile flew 120 miles then hit land north. this happened -- it has happened repeatedly over the past month after the united states and allies strengthened economic punishments against the country. it also comes as the united states and south korea militaries continue their joint drills in south korea. jennifer griffin at the pentagon this afternoon. how are officials reacting to this latest in the series? >> well, shepard, defense officials here at the pentagon who i've spoken to confirm that it was in fact a short-range missile fired by north korea earlier today. it was fired from the eastern port city and flew about 125 miles. north korea has recently fired a slew of short-range missiles and artillery shells. >> we've been carefully watching what's been coming out of north
12:48 pm
korea over the past few weeks. we've seen both the rhetoric and provocative actions from the north koreans, and it continues to be a cause for concern for us. >> especially of concern was kim jong-un's threat over the easter holiday to carry out a preemptive nuclear strike turning south korea into a, quote, sea of flames. pyongyang released this video showing an apparent mushroom cloud over washington, d.c. in the wake of such a nuclear strike. it's the kind of hyperbole u.s. officials have come to expect from north korea, shep. >> why the launch today, jennifer, do we know? >> well, every year at this time during the annual u.s.-south korea military exercises north korea tries to up the ante because pyongyang says that it is a dress rehearsal for an invai invasion by the u.s. and south korea to unite the peninsula. this year's exercise is the largest ever in the wake of north korea's fourth nuclear test in january. the pentagon deployed three nuclear-capable b-52s this time to south korea for this year's
12:49 pm
exercise. 8,000 american troops are participating this year along with 10,000 from south korea. the u.s. of course maintains military bases in 30,000 u.s. troops in south korea to monitor a war that technically never ended, shep. >> jennifer griffin with us from the pentagon. thank you. an f-16 fighter jet today crashed during takeoff in afghanistan. that's according to officials at the pentagon. happened near bagram air base outside kabul. the pilot safely ejected and is under medical evaluation. there's no word on what caused the crash, but air force officials report enemy fire was not a factor. more and more americans are dying after getting hooked on prescription painkillers. coming up, the new plan to help the country get clean. this is sheldon
12:50 pm
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the president is pushing a billion dollar plan to fight america's growing addiction to heroin and other opioids. opioids include prescription painkillers, morphine and oxycodone. the president's speaking about his plan at a drug summit in atlanta. it includes more access to treatment. according to the centers for disease control and prevention there, nearly 29,000 people died from drug overdose deaths involving opioids in 2014. that's the most recent information available. health officials say that number accounted for 61% of all overdose deaths that year. and a 200% increase since the year 2000. jonathan is in atlanta with news on this. explain the proposal if you would, jonathan. >> just minutes ago, president obama outlined his proposal. a big part of it includes a treatment and prevention. you know, opioid addiction affects urban and rural
12:54 pm
communities throughout america. it knows no racial or economic boundaries. and it often begins when people are taking legitimate prescription pills for pain. they become dependent on those pills, and then they turn to less expensive and potentially more dangerous alternatives on the street. >> we have an entire industry that says we're going to help you self-medicate. and the line between alcoholism, which is legal, and folks who are taking vicodin, and then on to harder illegal substances isn't always that sharp. >> the president also announced a request for additional funding to equip first responders with naloxone, an emergency medication that very quickly reverses the effect of an opioid overdose. police say it has been a game changer for officers in the field. >> there's no question it's a huge problem. what do they say they're doing
12:55 pm
now? >> yeah, well, the dea says it's ramping up its traditional law enforcement efforts. but also wants to go beyond that. it's partnering with local police to provide alternatives so that people who no longer need their medication can turn it in. often teens will go to the family medicine cabinet, start using these drugs, often without the family's knowledge. >> not going to enforce or prosecute or jail our way out of this mess. enforcement has to be a part of that. it must be a part of that. but we also have to find ways to knock down demand. >> and the discussions continue here at the opioid summit. >> jonathan serrie live in atlanta, thank you. moments away from the top of the hour and the top of the news. hang with us.
12:56 pm
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you can't buy love, you can't buy happiness but everything else is pretty much for sale. like part of the cosmos. how do we get that? >> christy's is auctioning off a selection of meteorites next month. including this one which is from mars. an asteroid hit the surface and
12:59 pm
blasted up into space, went around the sun a few times and landed in a farm. this one has the oldest material that mankind can touch. it's older than our solar system, these white specks at 4.5 billion years old. this one is enormous. they're expecting it to go for over $1 million. it maintained its shape. most of the time they break up in the lower atmosphere. this one you can see how it came through. and this one right here, it's gorgeous. prettier than the other ones. >> and expensive? >> yes, definitely expensive. >> thank you. on this day in 1929 white house workers for the first time installed a phone in the oval office. rutherford b. hayes had put in place the white house original phone system some five decades earlier. the president's phone number was 1. but herbert hoofer apparently got tired of having to leave the office every time he made or answered a call so he had a phone set up right there on his desk. it wasn't until the 1990s that
1:00 pm
the oval office actually got its own private line. but the leader of the free world finally got his own office phone 87 years ago. today. if news breaks out, you'll break in. "your world with cavuto" starts now. fierce clashes breaking out between refugees and greek police on the border of greece and macedonia. riot police reportedly forced to withdraw from that area without making any arrests. all this as president obama so bringing in refugees here. more on that in a moment. but first, the battle for the badger state one week from today. donald trump right now set to hold a rally in janesville, wisconsin. that's going to be in less than an hour. but it was ted cruz getting the gov love. how is this all going to shake out? welcome everyone i'm charles payne in for neil


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