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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 29, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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foul. >> i like it. >> why ask for permission. >> we need another angle on the video. >> set your dvr. another else of "special report" next. donald trump takes his campaign to the next primary state while his campaign chief prepares to take his case to court. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. there have been several surreal days in the 2016 campaign so far. and you can now add this one to the list. while republican presidential front-runner donald trump is planning the flag in wisconsin, the man who is supposed to keep the trains running is dealing with a bump. corey lewandowski turned himself
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into authorities today over a charge that he manhandled a rt reporter for a conservative online news service. his boss day gave him a full tloetd offense. from janlsville. >> he is making his first appearance on the campaign trail which votes on tuesday. today his campaign manager was charged with misdemeanor battery in the state of florida. police released photo that she say shows lewandowski grabbing fields by the arm. the trump campaign release ad statement saying he is innocent of this charge. he will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. lewandowski initially denied it saying, you're totally delusional. i've never touched you. i've never even met you. at the time, trump accused her
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of grand standing up. >> perhaps she made the story up. >> florida definals it as any accidental or intentional touching against the person's will. >> when you have a campaign that is on personal insults and now violence. that has no place in a political campaign. >> my understanding is he grab somebody. >> after arriving, trump standing by his manager and answers evidence and allegations. >> how do you know the bruises were not there before? i'm not a lawyer. she said she had a bruise on her arm. if you're going to get -- wouldn't you think she would have yelled out a scream or something? >> with the campaign manager accused of battery, senator cruz was winning the biggest endorsement. >> god bless governor scott way.
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how is that for some breaking news? >> walker said his endorsement was for cruz. not against trump. it is a coveted boost. >> ted cruz is the best position by far to both win the nomination of the republican party. and to then go on and defeat hillary clinton. >> walker with a statewide. cruz has been challenging to a bait or joint town hall and belittling his twitter insults. >> there is a reason donald doesn't want to debate. donltd prefers to community in 140 characters or less. >> trump chose janesville as his first campaign stop. he was criticized at the rallies for weeks. organizers sought to get him
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there for days. cruz plans to leave wisconsin for a late night appearance. he had a chance to beat trump in the badger state so taking a day off is really. >> it is only slightly less intense. now hillary clinton says she will only agree to debate senator sanders on her terms. clinton is trying to stop sanders' primary season winning streak as both campaign in wisconsin. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the story tonight from milwaukee. >> reporter: hillary clinton has said she won't dpapt bernie sanders until he changes his tone. they used the back drop to again slam sanders for allegedly being weak on gun control. >> gun makers and sellers are immune from liability because of
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a law i voted against. president obama voted against when he was in the senate. my possibly voted for. >> and clinton looked on as a mom who lost her son to gun violence slammed sanders' plan for free tuition. >> if you want my vote, you'd better work for it. i won't give it to you. my son is dead. he can't to go college. >> sanders today suggested the clinton camp is launching ought at him. they're feeling heat. and he's not down from his attacks on her. >> i would rather be with you in appleton than begging billionaireser their money. this is one of the real differences of opinion that secretary clinton and i have. now clinton appears to be getting ready for the next big prize, her home state of new
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york. with her chief strategist may have offended folks in brooklyn by suggesting the senator has been an attack dog to deny his requests for a debate in new york. >> i think he will campaign like a brooklynite and she's going to campaign like a senator who represented this state for eight years. >> if the clinton camp is upset. a new digital ad out today. >> a second federal judge has issued an order allowing limited discovery in a clinton e-mail case. this one involved the conservative group judicial watch's suit over susan rice's benghazi talking points in questions such as who wrote them and who knew about them. the bottom line, this could mean more depositions before the election. >> thank you.
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>> what do you think? do you think bernie sanders has a realistic chance at defeating hillary clinton? let me know on facebook or on twitter. now to the u.s. supreme court. where a tie goes to the unions. the practical effects of a short handed bench are coming into clearer focus after another 4-4 ruling by the justices. this one giving big labor a big victory. the chief legal correspondent shannon breen on a split decision that could be the new normal. at least for a while at the u.s. supreme court and it could have a lasting impact on a host major decisions this is a dramatic example of what the loss will mean for the supreme court. >> in a simple opinion with no name, no majority opinion or disend, the supreme court resolved at least temporarily a case to threaten to undermine public unions within the country. it was brought by public school teach here's objected to paying
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for a union they didn't want to belong to or support. after arguments were heard in h to fearful. peared the unions >> it was a case that would be decided by a 5-4 margin. it is a 4-4. >> it leaves in place a lower court ruling favoring the unions. eric hines, head of the teachers's union reacted saying, the supreme court rejected the political ploy by the wealthy special interests backing this case to make it harder for working families and the middle class to come together, speak up and get ahead. today address decision is the second tie vote since scheea's death and there are others. the challenge by the nonprofit organization to the hhs contraceptive mandate and a
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multistate lawsuit over the unilateral use of executive. today president has nominated mark kirk. he has met with several democrats while the gop leadership holds to its promise not to allow the nomination to pursuit. kirk who is facing a tough re-election battle has called for hearings. >> i think we should do our job and make sure that as a president put forward judge garland, we should give consent. >> attorneys for the teachers say they will petition the court to rehear the case. they need to get to five votes which is unlikely but they're hoping a petition will be health over until a ninth justice is confirmed and seated. >> outside the court tonight. thank you. president obama has appointed himself judge and jury of the media. the president is slamming the
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way the media does its job while exhibiting his own brand of favor at this. . >> on a night for high praise, it was low grades. >> especially were politicians issue unworkable plans or make promises they can't keep. and the reporters here who know they can't keep them. >> the commander in chief turned media citizen knick chief blaming the press for the political coarsening in american culture and not asking enough tough questions. >> i say this because it corrodes our democracy. >> critics pounced. cbs tweeted, you are supposed to push those in power for more evidence and more access even though his white house doesn't always provide it. and this from sam stein. after this barn burner, i'm
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eager to see the spike in on record white house briefings. those of houston cover it every day, die second them and do the same with the presidential candidates, throws the folks important to be asking the pre questions. >> the back lash, a biting response to the white house that promises to be the most transparent in history. using twitter and facebook and instagram feeds to bypass a skeptical white house press corps. like the garage and a bevy of sitdowns with comedians. jerry seinfeld who stopped by the oval office for his comedians and cars getting coffee bit. to she of glittering green lipstick and youtube fame. the president said for headlines too, often the media are not discriminating enough. failing to challenge what they hear from politicians.
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be they on the campaign trail or the white house. the critics say he is at least partly to blame. >> i think listening to president obama complain about a fractured media is like listening to the leeman brothers complain about the recession. >> they feel like they can get around it and de it to the people. they want the press to be adversarial when it is the other guy or woman who is making an outhandlish or unsustainable statement. proof they don't have as much control or power over the press as they did many years past. >> kevin corke live at the white house lawn. isis is claiming responsibility for that attack saying it targeted shiite militiamen. police officers say the bomber set off the explosives among a group of day laborers. 23 people were wounded. >> investigators in bagram air field are trying to determine why an f-16 fighter jet crashed
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during takeoff today. the pilot safely ejected and is being looked at by the medical personnel. the pentagon and state department are sending home familiar let's of many u.s. government employees in turkey. the move comes one day after secretary of state john kerry met with his turkish counter part in washington. the state department cites what it calls increased threats from terrorist groups in that region. an egyptian man in custody after police say he used a fake explosives belt to hijack a domestic flight and force to it land in cyprus. >> at first it appeared they were able to sneak a bomb on a plane as they had last fall in an explosion that killed more than 250 people today. turned out to be a completely different situation. but a very bizarre situation.
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according to officials. an egyptian nationalist claimed to be wearing a suicide vest. he then was able to divert a plane that was supposed to travel from alexandria, just a minute, to cairo, egypt. he held the pilot and crew hostage for six hours. he released most of those on the plane early into the six hours, including all the americans. egyptians have described him as unstable, incoherent, challenged his mental capacity. one of the first demands he made upon landing was to see an ex-wife who lived here in cyprus. he also then demand all female prisoners in egypt be released. it is clear that this is a man who had some mental instability.
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moustapha has a long history of criminal activity including drug possession and forgery. necessary custody and will be appearing in court. all the passengers who were on that flight earlier in the day have returned to egypt. it was clear from the beginning, this was not an act of terrorism. but it was a very bizarre situation that had many in the region scared that once again isis had struck. though it turned out to be just the opposite. a fairly peaceful situation in the end. but one that had a lot of people scared. >> up next, the new take on an old problem. heroin abuse. first around the country, fox 46 in charlotte. north carolina's attorney general says he will not defend in court a new state law preventing local governments from approving protections for
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lgbt people. north carolina's governor signed the bill last week overturning the law in charlotte that would have allowed transgender people to use the restroom aligned with their gender county. new york's governor has banned all state travel to north carolina in protest. fox 45 in baltimore as vice president joe biden helps launch new cancer fighting effort. johns hopkins is dedicating new research. this is a live look at san francisco from our affiliate out there. fox two. one of the big stories, the crew of a coast guard cutter seizes 13,000 pounds of cocaine from a self-propelled semi submersible about 300 miles southwest of panama. this is the second such interaddiction by the crew. the cocaine is worth more than $200 million. that's the live look outside the
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the man who pulled a weapon yesterday at the white house remains in stable condition at
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the hospital. 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee was shot by comment police. he had a pellet gun designed to look like a handgun. dawson will face one count of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of assault on a police officer while armed. he disrupted the house session last october by yelling he was a prophet of god. he was issued an order barring him from capitol grounds. the topic, drug abuse. he spoke to an audience this afternoon in atlanta. >> the most important thing we can do is to reduce demand for drugs. and the only way that we reduce demand is if we're providing treatment. and thinking about this as a public health problem and not just a criminal problem. >> the president's words come as
3:22 pm
the nation's drug problem continues to escalate. particularly opiods. >> it has been driven by inappropriate prescribing. the cdd is blaming drugs on the street. >> it is also being driven by a greater availability of heroin and fentanyl. >> the past years have seen a four fold increase in the number of deaths from overdose. the issue has even entered this year's presidential race with both parties addressing the problem. >> it is a problem that cuts across racial and economic lines. it often starts where a patient becomes dependen on prescription
3:23 pm
painkillers. >> once you get addicted to a controlled prescription drug, the transition to heroin becomes much easier. >> chuck says his agency is ramping up efforts to help patients safely dispose of unused prescription drugs sitting in medicine cabinets. >> we won't jail our way out of this mess. enforcement has to be a part of that but we have to find ways to knock down demand. and president obama announced he is asking for additional funding for a medication that quickly reverses the effects of an overdose. >> it saves lives. >> this year the cdc focuses on starting patient oslo doses. considering alternatives to medication and increased monitoring to ensure that a life improving treatment doesn't turn into a deadly addiction.
3:24 pm
one of the largest hospital chains in the country is still crippled by a cyber attack that paralyzed its computers and many of the operations. the fbi is investigating the virus that struck med star monday. it is the latest incident involving cyber attacks for health care providers. you may remember a month ago, a hospital paid hackers $17,000 to regain control of the computing system. the nonpartisan budget office is putting another dagger in president obama's promise if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. the cdo. obamacare will drive million of boringers from their employer sponsored health plans over the next decade. some will go to medicare. but they said up to 9 million fewer people will have work based coverage. as if the law had never been enacted. the dow pick up 98. the s&p 500 finished ahead 18. the nasdaq was up 80.
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the fbi cracks the code on the iphone encryption. who really did it? and how? that's next. ♪
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and the powerful rc coupe. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. we know the what tonight. someone has cracked the code on the apple iphone encryption to crack a terrorism case. but we do not know the who or the how. those are pretty big questions. >> the takeaway for apple and every mobile phone user according to tom from strategic cyber ventures. and he says the assault is multifaceted. >> you have to recognize that the u.s. government is not the only entity in the world that desires access to devices of criminals, terrorists, et cetera. there's a whole marketplace.
3:30 pm
it is being leveraged by competitive corporations, criminal groups and by terrorists. >> the fbi is refusing to say at this point who helps agents break into the iphone left behind by syed rizwan farook in the terror attack he carried out with his wife. neither will the fbi say what method was used to break into it. or agents who gleenld any information. simply saying in a statement, i am satisfied that we have access to more answers than we did before and that the investigative process is moving forward. for its part, apple says the case should have never been brought and believes deeply that people in the united states and around the world deserve data protection security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other only puts people and countries at greater risk. the legal battle may now be
3:31 pm
reversed. the fbi wanted apple's help in getting into the phone and was turned down. now apple will likely want the fbi's help in revealing how the phone's security system was ultimately bypassed. and no one believes the end of this specific legal fight between apple and the government means the end of the privacy versus security battle. that still seems likely to wind up in the supreme court. >> jonathan hunt in los angeles. thank you. fbi agents are working with belgian authorities. that includes mobile phones and copies of hard drives. among the bureau personnel working the case, a team specializing in digital forensics and evidence recovering. there could be some major changes coming again to the american welfare system. and it may involve trying to fix something that was supposedly fixed 20 years ago before president obama took office. well before.
3:32 pm
tonight, trying to make welfare work one more time. disney world was a happy place for hunt of welfare recipients until the state saw their. at a pair cars being used more than a thousand mile away. >> i can assure you, florida is not close to maine. >> kansas cracked down after finding the ebt cards used on cruise ships. >> you can't use them there. >> ten states reform their program after softening rule during the recession. >> food stamp recipients did not cause the financial crisis. >> in 2009 president obama listed the rules limiting it to three months in any three-year period. he also waived the requirement. with unemployment at an eight-year low. >> look at the kansas model.
3:33 pm
>> 20,000 people left welfare and the incomes increased 127%. >> we understand they can't find jobs sometimes but they should be showing up for job training. >> after finding 4,000 welfare recipients. >> an individual could win a half million dollars. in the month they receive the lump sum, they may not qualify because it counts as income. the next month, they can legally sign up for food stamps. >> while states have the freedom to reinstate rules, some have the authority to throwing them off food stamps. the polls show 90% of people believe, people should work for welfare. >> we will talk about all the 2016 developments. uh, hello geico?...
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my understanding is the report he grabbed somebody. and that's totally completely inappropriate. it could have been one of my daughters, form matter. >> the consequence of the trump campaign. the abusive culture. when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, on attacks, and now physical violence. >> i looked at the tape. if he was that way, i would have fired him in two seconds. there is not even a change of expression on her face. wouldn't you think she would have yelled out a scream or something? how do you know bruises were not there before? >> donald trump reacting to the story today that his campaign manager, corey lewandowski was charged by the police in
3:39 pm
jupiter, florida, for misdemeanor battery. this is after a series of tweets saying why is this reporter michelle fields tufg me as i leave the news conference? what's in her hand? he then went on to say she started this whole thing. >> if you look at her. she's grabbing at me. he is acting as an intermediary. the news conference was done, finished. and she was running up and grabbing and asking questions and she was not supposed to be doing that. >> when people see that tape and they take a look at the tape and they take a look at her initial statement. before she knew she was on time. you have to see it. you take a look at her initial segment. it sounded like she got thrown out of a building. >> okay. here is michelle fields' initial statement. when he approached me, talking about trump. i asked him about his view on an aspect of affirmative action.
3:40 pm
i was jolted backwards. someone yanked me down. i almost fell to the ground but i was able to maintain my balance. nonetheless i was shaken. here is core clae lewandowski's reaction. you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact, i have never even met you. so this is where we'll start. charles, opinion writer for the "washington post" and tucker carlson, host of fox and friends. >> this, as you say, has been a surreal campaign. this is one of the best, at least the most recent examples of the gas lighting of america. don't believe your lying eyes. he came out originally saying nothing happen. then my favorite explanation was when corey lewandowski am i only man handled you was because i thought you were part of the
3:41 pm
main stream mideast whiedia whi make it okay. >> there you see lewandowski grabbing her back. >> i don't think he should have grabbed her. i don't think it is a vicious or savage beating or anything. if he had done what michelle fields originally asked for, what was to apologize and say, look. stuff happens. i got a little carried away. this would have been over. she wouldn't have had to quit her job at breitbart. instead, going from denials to businessar accusations. it is just lies as far as i can tell. but this kind of thing has worked before. it is like a jedi mind trick. don't believe your lying eyes. believe whatever donald trump says from his fanny plane. >> just to be clear, this charge is not that serious but it is serious. a battery. a simple battery in florida as
3:42 pm
definal in the statute. it means any touching of a person against that person's will. the intention of causing bodily harm. you don't have to have an injury. technically criminal battery. that's what he's facing. >> i'm looking forward to the trial. i can just imagine the live coverage on all the cable channels of the battery trial of donald trump's campaign manager. it is surreal. somewhat to echo jonah, i wouldn't be surprised. almost every other os tensebly negative thing has somehow works in trump's favor. so i wouldn't be surprised if this proves to be another one. what we have already. what we can conclude already is that it demonstrates once again the basic reflex of trump.
3:43 pm
in any situation, his instinct is to make a counter accusation. admit nothing. deny everything and say they started it. that's what did he here. emshe grabbed me. he is placing the blame on to her. and i think that will be enough. >> so we're spending a lot of time talking about there and we will turn to the campaign. the last thing here. not to minimize what we see on the tape and what happened to michelle fields and what she said happen. is a bigger problem for this campaign the fact that they said it never happened. the candidate said it never happened. and lewandowski said i never touched you. is that a bigger problem politically? >> those are all problems. the fact that we're talking about this is a problem for everybody. his opponents are like lewandowski is o.j. moral grand standing is not very
3:44 pm
attractive. the tragedy is for the trump campaign. this is another example of the truth about it. he is succeeding in spite of his campaign which is easily distracted and badly run. the only reason he is where he is is his message resonates. trump is making a direct pitch to the middle class. except stuff like this which doesn't help. just apologize and get it out of the way. but they can't. when the history of this period was written, i was famous. no. he was right a couple thing that ordinary people agreed with him on and this obscures it. >> for president who's take office, it is often to de-escalate thing that have bubbled up. >> there you go using earth logic. that's what we all grew up with.
3:45 pm
the guy who says i will not let corey's reputation be roo indiana from a candidate who twice accused ben carson of being a pedophile and it worked for him. so the idea that yes, the normal rules would say yes. de-escalate. >> let's turn to wisconsin where he is giving an event. the real clear average poll has him up slightly but it is in region polls seen cruz taking bit of a jump and you see him down by about 1.7 in the average of recent polls. tape the governor endorsed cruz. >> i was not surprised to see walker do that. when he exited the race himself did he so saying we have to do whatever we can to stop donald trump. it was a given he would probably
3:46 pm
endorse ted cruz. what i'm interested to watch as this moves along is whether the walker organization, which has been turned into a real machine. in state through all the recalls, and the two gubernatorial elections whether he can put that into motion behind ted cruz and make up the 2 or 3 points. >> the voters in wisconsin are savvy. >> it does seem like the perfect state for donald trump walker was not able to affect election. but i think this is a pretty significant test for trump. every one knows the truth. if he doesn't get majority of delegates he's in real chance of losing the nomination. maybe to paul ryan. they're goinged to. to try to do it. he has to get the majority. >> we're going to have a big story about the hunt for delegates. even the once in states that have been decided. next up, president obama and the
3:47 pm
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i know i'm not the only one who may be more than a little dismayed about what is happening on the campaign trail right now.
3:51 pm
the divisive and often vulgar rhetoric that's aimed at everybody but often is focused on the vulnerable or women or minorities. it would be better served if billions of dollars in free media came with seriouse5 accountability. some may be more to blame than others for the current climate. >> president obama talking about the media and where we are. we're back with our panel. tucker, interesting to hear him weigh in on some of this and the decisions media make. >> well, obviously it's hypocritical given the coverage he has received and demanded. it's silly and factually wrong the press did not create trump, voters did. the journalists would invite them to speak to them after all he has done. i'm mesmerized by the text i'm seeing people shouldn't be allow to do talk. certain groups should not be allow to do criticize. not only unattractive it's corrosive of democracy. hillary clinton[÷iç echoed this in statements she made after
3:52 pm
the president spoke this has to stop. in other words, people are saying things that i disagree with shscn be silenced and really move on the left to categorize all words that they disagree with as hate speech, as beyond the pale as literally beyond the realm as what people engage. in ig&/)r'k it's rather ominous. >> chuck, the "the it is true that trump delivers huge television ratings and lots of website clicks. that's irrelevant. news organizations have to cover the leading candidates. the fact is audiences have decided they need and want to know more about trump. the news media it seems to me are guilty of only reporting the news which is that a candidate who has never held eke elective office has neither the temperament to serve is leading all comers for the republican nomination. fairlãpointed but saying the media didn't create trump. >> well, you know, there is some truth to the free media critique. it was less less moonves.
3:53 pm
you guys on fox at the debates asked him very tough questions, we, if i may claim it, the "the washington post" editorial board have published what many think is a devastating transcript of our view with him there has been lots of reporting. the point is, i think, the people who support trump don't care about that stuff. they are not responsive to the negative information about him. and they are, in fact, they have such a negative view of the media, they view the media as so illegitimate that in some way the criticism he is receiving from people like the "the washington post" reinforces their support of him. that's the real phenomenon here. >> what about, joanna, the people who say look at president obama what he said last night and say it is you and it's also republicans,8t elected in washington who created donald trump the need for this outsider. the need for this person to kick over the table and just
3:54 pm
do washington differently? >> yeah, look, again, i have said here before that if you want to distribute all the blame that should be apportioned around this country, you need to set up fema tents because everybody deserves a lot of blame. i disagree with tucker and chuck a little bit on this. i do think there is a lot of media blame to go around for, you know, you look at how cnn and msnbc and the times i think even this network where trump would have his whole rallies covered beginning to end. people like chris christie saying i don't get anything like that coverage. that was factually true. at the same time, you know, trump is an immigrant from celebrity culture. an entertainment culture. he migrated into the news. was capable of cooking that that has to do with the failures of elites in washington. the failures of elites in the media the failures of a lot of elite institutions. every single major institution in this country with the exception of the military and small business is under water in terms of
3:55 pm
popularity. and when you have that kind of situation where people don't trust big institutions, they are going to look to individual personalities that they can form a personal relationship with. and that's what populism is. >> bottom line he is winning. >> bottom line this is the most substantive campaign. were we talking about the effects of globalization? no we weren't. no one want to do have that conversation. he pushed that that's actually a conversation worth having. >> that is it for the pam. stay tuned as we honor our veterans who served in vietnam.6c ♪ ♪
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, a small moment of thanks and remembrance. today is vietnam veterans day marking the day in 1973 when the last u.s. combat troops were withdrawn from south vietnam. a day to pay tribute to the more than 58,000 troops who paid the ultimate price for the country. the 150,000 who were wounded and the countless more who were changed forever. approximately 7.2 million vietnam veterans are alive today and tonight we thank each and every one of them for their courage, their service, and their sacrifice. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and grateful and unafraid. ♪ ♪ ♪bk
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tonight, "on the record," it just got stranger than fiction out even reality tv. and on a weirdness scale of 1 to 10, we're now at 15. now donald trump's campaign manager cory lieu lulucharged for simple demeanor battery. take to you florida where the charges were filed. donald trump campaign is here to respond plus smart analysis from our "on the record" legal panel and our political panel. right now we hear from donald trump himself. he just spoke about the alleged incident involving his campaign manager. trump speaking on board his 757 in wisconsin. >> cory is a fine person. i looked at the tape. those tapes were supplied by me. just so you understand, this


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