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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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thing is clear. michelle fields feels very much attacked and stands by the story and she wants not to be the news but instead to be covering it. let me know your thoughts on twitter or facebook. thanks for watching, everyone. see you tomorrow night again. tonight, the republican battle for wisconsin is on. gop front-runner donald trump is here with reaction. then, the battle for delegates continues as the political establishment moves ahead with plans for a contested convention. laura ingham is here tonight to weigh in. >> i think i'm probably the most transparent person in public life. >> a blistering ad attacks hillary clinton and proves why she is unfit to be our commander in chief. >> a job well done is more than about just handing someone a microphone. >> president obama scolds the press for the coverage of donald trump? >> especially when politicians issue unworkable plans or make
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promises they can't keep. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight we are one week away from the wisconsin primaries and the republican race to win that very important state is now heating up. now, the candidates pounding the campaign trail and earlier tonight the gop front-runner donald trump held a rally in wisconsin. let's take a look. >> i'll tell you something so important. there is something happening. it is like a movement. it is incredible. it's a movement. and we're part of the movement. it's not me. i'm a messenger. to be honest. i'm a messenger. and this is something that's so special and so amazing. an it's on the cover of "time" magazine, every newspaper. it's something that has -- maybe never happened and they're saying it's a phenomenon. sometimes they say i'm a phenomenon. i am not. the message is what we want. >> here with reaction, 2016 republican president front-runner candidate donald
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trump. mr. trump, welcome back. good to see you. >> hello, sean. >> first, congratulations are in order. i understand now you're a grandfather for, what, the eighth time? >> that's right. number eight. and ivanka had a beautiful baby an we're very happy about it. i guess that's probably why i'm doing all of this. it's make america great again. i'm making it great for my grandchildren because ultimately that's what it's all about. that's what we all live for i think in a certain way. >> isn't it sad we're burdening our future generations with debt? i mean, isn't it sad that, you know, they have got to deal with the world of evil and isis? we don't control our borders. you know, you worry about whether this generation will be the first generation to hand off a country in worst shape than they received it. does that make you reminisce about that or introspective about it. >> welg, it won't be sad if i'm elected president because i'll knock out isis and make borders strong and people aren't coming into this country except legally.
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you will be happy in two years if i get elected president, believe me. if i'm in office in january, you're going to see some very big changes and very much for the positive and includes trade, includes jobs. includes getting rid of the debt and at least getting it down substantially fairly quickly. a lot of things we'll do a lot of thing that is are great but i have to get there first and wisconsin is very important. we are doing really well here and it is really important. >> let me go to -- something i think has been talked about too much, my opinion. but it is what it is. of course, the superpac runs the ad against your wife, melania. you send out a tweet. i watched every interview since and all the media wants to talk about. do you have any regrets in regard to this? how do you feel about how it's all been handled? >> i don't. i don't. i don't. look. cruz is -- i call him lying ted cruz after what he did to ben carson and many things. he lies. i have never anything quite like
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it. i have dealt with tougher people than that. he did a terrible thing with ben and then what he did my wife had a, you know, very good photo shoot for "gq" and a top magazine and she had the photo shoot and they sent it out to people in utah. which was starting it. and he knew about it. he said he didn't know about it. he knew about it. these people on the pac, they were all friends of his or many of his friends of his. he started it. but as far as i'm concerned, it's over. i want to get to jobs. i want to get to trade. i want to get to build up the military. i want to get to so much of the veterans and take care of the veterans. i take at what's happening in wisconsin with the job numbers, trade numbers. how it's a stagnant economy and owe $2.2 billion in terms of the budget. it's a disaster. i'm looking at the kind of numbers here. walker endorsed today cruz and he couldn't endorse me. i knocked him out of the
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presidential race. endorse me? in wisconsin it's terrible. so he endorsed him. see what it means. >> one other question that made a lot of news today. full disclosure, i'm friendly with both parties here. i know your campaign manager very well. i know michelle fields. she's a guest on this program a lot over the years. and i got to be honest. i looked at this tape at least 100 times today to try and see and i have her original statement here that she was, quote, jolted backwards and somebody grabbed me tightly by the arm, yanked me down. i almost fell to the ground. now, i'm showing the tape. i don't see that. i've -- i've looked at it 100 times. you have stood by -- >> you have to look at her. look at her and see what it's all about. look, i have to stand by him. i looked at the tape. you know, it is my tape. i have a very great club that
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hads cameras all over it for security reasons and as far as i'm searched i'm glad that we were able to produce the tape because i don't see anything. i see virtually nothing and we're going to destroy a man's life over this? they're chopping off heads. drowning people in the middle east. we'll destroy a man's life? he has four beautiful children and a wife in new hampshire and we are going to destroy his life because somebody makes a charge? and by the way, did you notice how that charge changed after she found out that donald trump produced the tape? it would have been much worse. she was dragged down. i had it written down. forcefully thrown -- throw reporters to the ground. i mean, cam pan managers aren't supposed to forcefully throw reporters to the ground. what ground? in fact, if you look at her face, her expression doesn't even change. and i don't know, she said she has a little bruise. who gave her the bruise?
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i mean, how -- >> if the tape was what she said, if the tape -- if you saw on the tape something different, would you have fired corey? >> oh, if he threw her to the ground, absolutely. immediately. look what she said. i was jolted backwards. someone grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. campaign managers aren't supposed to forcefully throw reporters to the ground. lieu, look. i would tell corey, you know, it is easy to do that. that's actually the easiest thing. but i can't sdestroy a man's lie with somebody that does the story. her story changed once she found out that there was a tape. all of a sudden it's huh oh, this is a problem. because now there's a tape. >> yeah. >> and then, you know, people don't talk about the tape. on other shows, on fox. they don't talk about the initial -- her initial statement. but her initial statement was exactly what you and i both said and that's a big difference
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between that and what happened. i think it's a disgrace. i won't destroy a man's life and maybe it's politically better for me to do it. i don't know. i can't destroy -- that's what we need running the country. we can't have weak, ineffective people like the politicians, guys like cruz and kasich. we can't have people like this running the country anymore. the country is in trouble with trade deals and debt and we are in trouble and i guarantee you -- cruz, he fired a couple of people for doing things and, you know, one of those things. when he hired the porn star to do his tape, he said he didn't know, and i guess fired the campaign manager or something pretty close to that. you know, look. i have to stick up for people. i think this was very unjust. nobody called me. nobody interviewed me. i wasn't interviewed by the police. i don't know. is this police -- i mean, they're in a town where i have a big investment. are these democrats?
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republicans? why would a man be destroyed over a tape like that? you see what happened. >> i looked at it. >> what happened? >> i know both people. to me, it looked like the typical gaggle of reporters, you know, where the campaign is trying to get the candidate away because they've answered enough questions and everybody's moving on and she is trying to get in the last question. i don't see any jerking. i don't see any pulling. i see him saying -- >> first of all, sean, let me interrupt you just for a second. she grabbed me. before he grabbed her if he even grabbed her. >> she is right next to you. >> he blocked her out but she grabbed me and she wasn't supposed to. she grabbed me once or twice and i'm looking down at my arm. like this. looking down. very obvious. she grabbed me. before he did anything. she went through a secret service line because you have secret service people. this was after a victory.
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the press conference lasted for like 45 minutes, a long press conference and no more questions. i was walking out. i was almost at the entrance when this happened. this was the entrance camera. i was almost at the entrance in the lobby walking out briskly and she all of a sudden jumps in. she grabbed me and she had something in her hand. it looked like it could have been a pen. from the stand point of where we are, who knows what it is? she grabbed me and then he maybe brushed her aside. and we're going to destroy his life for that? i don't think so. >> let me go back to the earlier question when i talked about i think in a lot of ways this is for both campaigns, we got off track the ads that went out. you're saying you're done with that. there's no more coming up. you're in wisconsin. you pointed out scott walker endorsed your opponent ted cruz. what is it specifically, the message to the people of wisconsin and knowing that the media, this is all they want to talk about?
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>> look. wisconsin's doing very poorly. wisconsin is losing jobs. they aren't growing. i have a whole list of things. i could read 15 things to you. i had no idea it was doing that way and you also know for a fact, i have friends in wisconsin. it is a great place but wisconsin is not doing well. i would see the governor get on a motorcycle all the time with his big motorcycle, you know, big, tough guy he'd get on the motorcycle. you know who's endorsing me more than anybody? the motorcycle people. every time i make a speech, i have motorcycles outside. i mean, big like 600, 700, 800 sometimes outside and i see him in the motorcycle jacket like he's a tough guy riding on the highways. look. he endorsed a guy who has no chance of beating hillary clinton. i'm going to beat hillary clinton. i haven't focused on her. i did once about two months ago and believe me. that was a last time i got hit with that subject. and i helped bernie sanders because the numbers went down
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after i went after her. i have two more people that i have to beat. we started off with 17 or 18 people. we're down to two left overand i'll see what happens. let's see. i think i'm going to win and do well in wisconsin. >> let me ask about the scenario. you have john boehner and mitt romney and other establishment people and john kasich, no chance to get 1,237. you do. you have to get about 53%. ted cruz has to about 83%. so, he has no chance but they're stating publicly the idea is to prevent either of you from getting that number. stop trump. and then, of course, kasich approaches cruz. they want a partnership. obviously to be against you. if these types of games are played, what is going to be your response? >> well, first of all, cruz is never going to beat hillary clinton. i'm going to beat her and polls are showing it. i'm going to beat hillary clinton. i think i'm going do do it
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easily. we have millions of people coming into the party and coming in and voting in the primaries, millions more than we had, sean. biggest story in all of politics. millions more than four years ago and it's a great movement that's going on. it's an amazing thing and beautiful thing to watch. you have a lot of very disappointed and frankly very angry people if they try and stop. you know, i'm way ahead in delega delegates. millions of votes ahead of cruz and millions and millions ahead of kasich. but i'll tell you what. we were -- it's little bit unfair. when i started, we had 17 people. we had a lot of people sitting out. some people get 1%, 2%. i think i'm going to meet the 1,237 and still unfair with all of these people, senators, governors, some very good people like ben carson, some people that, you know, a lot of people. now, when you have to divide all of that vote up and then supposed to get 50 plus 1, 50%
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plus 1, it's really very unfair. despite that i think i'm doing to do it. if i was short and millions of votes ahead, many millions ahead, more than 2 million votes ahead of cruz an i'm hundreds of delegates ahead, but if i was a little bit short of that number, and with all of these people that i had to beat, i think it would be very, very unfair. i'm going to be honest with you. >> we'll come back. more with donald trump. about hillary and the president wants to bring in more refugees even though our intelligence community says, isis will infiltrate that community. more after the break and then later tonight -- >> i think i'm probably the most transparent person in public life. stay tuned. there will be a lot more. >> a blistering new ad puts hillary clinton's long list of scandals in the spotlight. plus, later tonight -- ♪ ♪ we got chocolate
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. two mormon missionaries are now back in their home state of utah for treatment tonight. church and hospital officials say mason wells and joseph empey there, they're at salt lake city. u.s. stocks closing at the highest level of the year tuesday. investors responding to welcomed news of federal reserve chair janet yellen saying that the
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central bank is cautious about raising interest rates. the federal trade commission suing volkswagen over clean diesel ads. the german automaker faces billions of dollars in environmental fines. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." we continue with 2016 republican front-runner donald trump. not a good week for hillary clinton. she lost alaska, 82-18. she lost washington state, 73-27. she lost to bernie sanders hawaii, 70-30. and the fbi will now have an interview with hillary and her top aides. you have been saying all along you don't think she will make or if she makes it does this give you reason to think now that it's unlikely she makes it? >> i don't know if she'll make it. i think actually a bigger
7:19 pm
problem than bernie is what's going on with the fbi. they're straight shooters and she has a problem with bernie. a bad weekend in terms of numbers and in terms of votes but i think she makes that. i don't know that she's going to make the e-mail scandal. but you would think that if they would have done something it would have done already. i think she is protected and sad in terms of being in america. i don't know. i'm not even thinking about her right now. i'm thinking of two final people and beating them and thinking about winning in wisconsin and where i'm doing well in and so many different friends and i think that we are going to do very well here. >> what about the president this week actually saying, in spite of his national director of intelligence, his fbi director, assistant fbi director, his envoy to defeat isis and many others in the intelligence world saying, don't take these people in because isis will infiltrate that population like they did in paris and like they did in brussels? but yet, the president is now
7:20 pm
wanting to take in more. what should the response be? should republicans now -- i know congressman of texas put forth a bill to stop it. don't you think republicans ought to take a stand here? >> well, when i said we have to on a temporary basis stop muslims from coming in, i was met with tree fouror and now people are saying that's what i said. ted cruz and people that can't think for themselves, they're saying they're getting tougher all of a sudden. same thing with the wall. you know this better than anybody. everybody laughed. everybody wants to build the wall. a lot of people. you're hearing about we're going to build a wall. i would say this. we have people that don't know what they're doing. we have one that doesn't know what he's doing and happens to be sitting in the white house. he doesn't even want to mention the words radical islamic terrorism which are so obvious to anybody. i mean, not only obvious and not
7:21 pm
a question of obvious. they're fact and why he won't say the words. maybe he'll explain it. because nobody gets it. and unless you're going to define a problem, you never solve it. we have to solve the problem. one of the great problems right now worldwide and it's got to be solved and solved quickly. >> you know, what's scary to me is that the president seemingly by ignoring those intelligence officials warning him, he seems willing to gamble with the lives of americans but yet you and others that are willing to speak out including myself we come under fire and meanwhile the president opening the door for paris or brussels here. why doesn't anyone ask him about his willingness to gamble with the lives of the american people? >> well, we are going to have some very horrendous times here and just like i predicted brussels and many things and you know that probably better than anybody. we'll have bad times here. we're weak. we're soft.
7:22 pm
we're not vigilant. we are not doing the job, sean. we have a leader that doesn't either get it or for some reason beyond anybody's comprehension he doesn't want to get it. all right? he doesn't want to get it. somebody ought to sit down with him and say when's going on? because we're taking people in. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. from the middle east. from so-called syria. perhaps. and they could be isis. they could be isis related and similar things are happening in europe. you look at when's going on in germany with the crime and what's happening in the small section of sweden. where they've loaded up and you look at when's going on there. you take a look at europe and we will have it far worse and we're taking in a lot more. i was right about the numbers being higher. more than anybody would have said possible and it's just -- it's just insane. >> what do you make -- i had a big fight on the program. i'm not sure if you saw it with
7:23 pm
jorge ramos. he is not objective. he's open borders. he's supporting legalization for people that didn't respect the laws and sovereignty. and then he tries claim he's an objective reporter and it basically was over hims you hav context because you didn't say all mexicans are rapists or all mexicans are murderers. >> that's right. >> and so he takes these things out of context s. that just going to be par for the course, that's just the democratic playbook, the media playbook? and isn't it time that that narrative gets called out? >> yeah. i watch -- i'm constantly misquoted and purposeliment they know what they're doing. i did see him on the show and so unfair. and, you know, you want to say, he knows better than that and he does know better than that. he's doing his thing. a disgrace. i tell you what. i won the state of nevada and
7:24 pm
when we and they came out, the hispanics were there in droves and they were voting for trump. you saw that poll. they were there in droves. and in south carolina and in many states where they did polls, i win with a hispanics so i can only tell you this. i think we are going to do great with hispanics, fantastically with the african-americans. we are going to bring jobs back to this country, get people much better salary. people working, sean, for 12 years, 14 years, they're making less money now than 12 years ago and even 14 years ago. they're making less money now in terms of real dollars and really substantially less. we are going to change it. we'll bring our jobs back. we'll take them back from china and mexico and japan and india and every nation, vietnam is a hot one. bring them back and start making things again in our country. believe me. it will happen in wisconsin and happen all over.
7:25 pm
>> you know, i have been saying this on radio and everything that when both you and senator cruz talk about issues, it's better for everybody. those are the things that matter the most. good to talk to you. thank you for being back with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. but remember one thing, sean. i'm much better on the issues than senator cruz. believe me. he won't be able to do it. but thank you. thank you very much. >> i wasn't taking a side. don't worry. thank you for being with us. coming up, laura ingraham will react to that interview with donald trump. and then later tonight -- >> i think i'm probably the most transparent person in public life. stay tuned. >> a scathing new superpac ad slamming hillary clinton over the decades of scandals. reaction and also tonight -- ♪ >> teens from baltimore released a disturbing rap video threatening violence against donald trump. we'll play it, get reaction. that and more tonight as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." the countdown to wisconsin primaries is now just seven days away and the candidates are now facing off in the key state. here with reaction to the 2016 race, the editor in chief of life, on vacation, laura ingraham. >> seems like vacation? do i vacation with you, sean? >> i appreciate it. >> yeah. okay. well, good. good. >> you got dresds edressed up f occasion. >> a black dress, god forbid for a funeral or bright dress. something like this happens. >> we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> you just heard trump. listen. i'm so sick of every interview, tired of it, the candidates' wives and families. i don't want to hear it anymore and i think counter productive. thoughts? >> yeah. if i were advising trump, i
7:29 pm
would say on the wives question, i would say, look. you know, when i'm president, i will have really smart, really powerful women in my cabinet, in my administration because that's the way it should be. women are so important in this society and deserve to be respected. i'd say all the wives in their own right are accomplished, smart and are a blessing. and if i added to this personalized tone, i regret that because the issues are really important that our country is facing and that's what the campaign will be about and will be about in wisconsin and turn the trade deals around, get manufacturing back in the country. we'll make sure people coming in, coming in legally. and i wouldn't -- i wouldn't continue to dig my heels in on some of these things that really -- i think it distracts from the main point and so i wouldn't handle it that way. >> i totally agree with you but i think it's kind of now out of the way. but, you know, to hear the candidates focused on issues and the people of wisconsin, i thought he brought up a lot of good points.
7:30 pm
you know what? like michigan and like a lot of other states, especially industrial american states that have suffered under this economy getting those people back to work, getting people out of poverty and back in the labor force and off of food stamps. you know what? that's what they want to hear about. >> absolutely. sean, and that poll out today, i think nbc i think of a 22-point national lead and isn't maybe relevant to wisconsin but whether's apparent to me is one of the most dangerous things happening to the republican party is the fight of people more populous and then traditional conservatives. cruz traditionally conservative. trump is a different animal, a different kind of thinker on these issues. but the fight between those two is just ruinous for the party and the establishment is encouraging the fight. ted cruz, i know the cruz people don't like to hear this and the trump people don't like to hear this, they join up or they die.
7:31 pm
if trump can't convince some cruz people to come on over or if cruz can't convince some trump people to come on over, neither one will be able to really do what it takes to beat hillary. >> both of us just quoted in a "the new york times" article. both of us fair to both candidates. both of us -- >> i think so. >> saying the same thing. if they don't unite, you're right. they die. this means hillary wins. >> that's what the establishment wants? that's -- they're banking on this, sean. they're already talking behind closed doors about how hillary clinton -- we'll have to deal with that and then marco rubio's people saying he's coming back in 2020. he can do whatever he wants but i'm about winning. i'm not -- perfect enemy of the good. none of the candidates are perfection. none of us are. we need someone or a coalition of people who put aside their petty differences about you
7:32 pm
tweeted this or you said this. put aside all of that. put the country in the front seat. bu put your egos in the backseat. >> i need social media like you d. >> they're trashing. they're trashing us. >> i'm worried if we get there, right? >> yeah. i agree with you. we are not going to get there if we let the establishment continue to pull the strings like everyone's a bunch of marinettes and just sit there and the establishment sits back. by the way, the candidates have no audience, no supporters. nobody wants open borders. republican party, the voters are united against the stupid transpacific partnership and against this stuff. there's no audience. jeb bush and marco rubio were obliterated in their home states and they're going to call the show for the gop? ted cruz and donald trump better -- they've got to have some kind of a meeting of the minds some point. maybe not now but sitting down in a couple of weeks and say the
7:33 pm
liberals hates us, and the media and the gop establishment goet hate us. i don't care what endorsements they get. let's work together. we could be heroes if not they could be zeros. >> we're on the exact same page. extraordinarily well said. >> yes. >> stay right there. >> thank you. >> more with laura after the break. next -- >> i think i'm probably the most transparent person in public life. stay tuned. there will be a lot more. >> hillary clinton scandal-filled career is exposed in that piercing new ad. we have reaction next. later tonight -- >> you tapped into something. you touched people. what did you tap into that was missing? you are the equivalent of a rock star. >> all right. remember that? well, guess what. president obama is now criticizing the media for its coverage in the 2016 race and he got a pass in 2008 and 2012. you can't have more irony than that. hauling, exploring, off-roading...
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welcome back to "hannity." the superpac started by karl rove american cross roads release add powerful new ad attacking hillary clinton and the long history of political scandals. take a look at this. >> i think i'm probably the most transparent person in public life. i feel you know a lot more about methane you know about anybody else. stay tuned. there will be a lot more. >> here with reaction, laura ingraham with us and contributor kirsten powers. i think my favorite of all the scandals is we came under sniper fire in bosnia and you see the video of her landing and, of course, she handed flowers by young girls so that happens to be my all-time favorite. does this cumulateively hurt her? >> i'm of two minds of that, sean. i think what the clintons so much is already baked in the
7:40 pm
cake with them and we know that the die hard democrat supporters of the clintons know all this. with a knee that broad ri. what hillary did to basically quash the bimbo eruption. they know a lot about whitewater and dismiss a lot of it as partisan bickering and partisan sniping but i think the one thing that might have some marginal effect, a lot depends on what the republicans do on their side, is the treatment of women. over a period of time. and especially with hillary's role in all of that and i know kirsten written about that and really good piece about this new generation of women, they're not used to seeing this type of stuff in a political figure so that could actually have some cumulative effect. >> that's a great effect. with all the talk, the one little exchange of trump and clinton when they tried to play the gender card on trump
7:41 pm
backfired because he went at them hard and pointed out she was an enabler and he was an abuser. do you disagree with trump's assessment? i don't. >> yeah. i think -- no. i guess i don't really disagree with it. i think the enabling part is something we don't have a lot of specific information about. there's a sense that she was an enabler by staying married to hip. i don't think that's in itself enabling. i think there's some reporting, in particular in his book, talked about her being involved in quashing the bimbo eruptions. that's problematic. there's a generation of women, mostly bernie sanders supporters right now, who she needs to come out to vote for her really never heard any of this stuff before and news to them and they do care about it. >> what do you make, i mean, laura, you are an attorney. you have that background. this is not a good week for hillary clinton. i mean, she lost 82-18 in
7:42 pm
alaska. she lost washington state, 73-27. she lost hawaii, 70-30. and then the fbi now is going to be interviewing her and her top aides over this e-mail scandal and she said there was no problem. that tells me at the end of their investigation and probably have found laws are broken, otherwise there's no reason for an interview. right? >> yeah. absolutely. i think a year ago most of us thought that hillary would pretty much glide through the nomination process. and bernie's still kicking and more than kicking. he is actually shrinking that gap between himself and mrs. clinton. so, i mean, no one predicted how far this would go and how long this would go. i think she will be the nominee but the longer this goes on for hillary with -- as long as bernie is still winning states, it is a annn annoyance. bernie sanders is not going
7:43 pm
personal. they have a way to fight it out without usually going personal and so destructive negative to hurt them in the general election. republicans are playing all players -- all the stops are out on the republican side and see if it damages them. >> what do you think, kirsten, in terms of how this plays out? taking away the super delegates, this is one close race of bernie and hillary. >> yeah. except for we're not taking the super delegates out of it so with the super delegates she's got this locked up. and, you know, the idea that somehow bernie sanders -- >> will bernie people be mad? >> probably, yes. i think they will be mad but i think this is the system and people know that this is the system and bernie sanders' people talked about trying to go after the super delegates but unless it looks like bernie sanders is beating her overwhelmingly, nobody's going to be flipping for her. it will be very, very difficult
7:44 pm
for him to overcome this. >> guys, thank you. especially you, laura, you are on vacation and you made an extra effort to be with us tonight. thank you very much. enjoy your vacation. next right here on "hannity" -- >> a job well done is more than handing someone a microphone. it is to probe and to question and to dig deeper. >> all right. this is priceless. the president lecturing the press on how to do their job but after he, of course, got a free pass for years. so does he have the right to be that critical? we'll discuss that and, of course, that videotape of rappers threatening trump's life straight ahead. ♪ ♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ find your own highway ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ take you wherever you go. ♪
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welcome back to "hannity." last night the president criticized the media for the coverage of the 2016 race and lectured members of the press about how to do their jobs. watch this. >> a job well done is about more than just handing someone a microphone. it is to probe and to question and to dig deeper and to demand more. the electorate would be better served if that happened. it would be better served if billions of dollars in free
7:50 pm
media came with serious accountability. especially when come pipolitici issue unworkable plans. >> after years of getting a pass, does the president really have the right to be critical? let's take a little trip down memory lane. >> you can see it in the crowds. the thrill. the hope. >> i love you back. >> how they surge toward him. you're looking at an american political phenomenon. >> you know you are the equivalentpeople. what did you tap into? that was missing? >> it's part of recording this case, this election. the feeling people get when they hear barack obama's speech, i have chills up my legs. >> coming up, political columni
7:51 pm
columnist kristin tate is with us. this guy started his political career in bill ayer's home, he was asked one time, by george stephanopoulos because i had stephanopoulos on my radio program the day before and i sent him the question. so he asked the question, oh, so some guy in the neighborhood. do you need the information for vetting presidential candidates? >> he got information from bill the plumber. >> hillary clinton must be losing her mind because she was getting tough questions because he wasn't getting any. >> the first time in my life the clinton campaign lied to me. >> right. exactly. does it surprise you?
7:52 pm
this is a guy who lectures us on stability. now, he's going to lecture the media on how to do their job? and if he does get a tough question, he panics or gets upset or defensive like a child in a classroom that has been called out. all of a sudden he's saying he wants them? come on, now. >> obama has never been vetted by the media. this man is the media darling. i don't know what he's talking about when he says the media should be tough on trump. the media has been awful to trump. you have people calling him a nazi. the media has been tough on trump. but here is good news for trump. no one reads the newspapers anymore. so the new york daily news, time magazine are going into the media bin of history. people don't read the "new york times" anymore except
7:53 pm
latte-sipping liberals. >> we have this audio, this rap calling out donald trump and pulling out bullet points to donald trump. this is a death threat. i can't imagine if this was against anyone else, there would be charges brought and it is a threat. >> there is a double standard all the time. if this were happening to democrats, same thing can happen. you know? if you criticize michelle obama there is a different set of rules. i haven't seen this video. i'm sure it's going to be backwards and i'm sure people on the left are going to have to battle stuff like that. they're being labelled as people who are not standing up to look across the room. they're going to have to speak up. >> what is hill layer were yous
7:54 pm
is that people love trump's reaction so the media continues to pile on trump and he just reacts by doubling down on his statements. do you remember his first comments about illegal immigrants committing crimes and racing? he apologized, he doubles down on the comment and went from a fringe candidate as a front runner. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> when we come back, the very important questionq of the day, we need your help, straight ahead if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. this just got interesting.
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8:00 pm
today? that is all the time we have left this evening. wish we had more time. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. night of big 2016 coverage. good night from washington, d.c. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. let's get straight to the top story. donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski charged with battery in florida. lewandowski is÷x.qç charged with grabbing former breitbart reporter michelle fields in a rough way following a press conference in jupiter, florida on march 8th. police released in previously unseen surveillance video in which lewandowskiu>gdñ makes contact with fields. trump is giving full support for a lewandowski.


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