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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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put you in their capable hands. tune in on the radio coming up. ♪ jon: at least hemmer has relatives in ohio. he can bunk with friends and family. heather: he can do laundry. jon, republican presidential race is getting more and more complicated as the three candidates all book away from a pledge to support their party's eventual nominee. getting interesting. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. if it is possible to get even more interesting. jon: crazy might be the word for it. heather: gop candidates making comments at town hall in milwaukee. one week before the wisconsin primary raising new concerns about what could happen what in the world is going to happen in the convention in july. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is? >> no, i don't anymore. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks
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my wife and attacks my family. >> nominee is somebody i really think is hurting the country and dividing country, i can't stand behind them. jon: let's bring in jamie weinstein, senior editor of "the daily caller." phillip bump a writer for "washington post" politics blog, the fix. jamie, to you first. republicans thought they were going to sail into this election with the winds at their backs. they had a dozen 1/2, you know, superbly-qualified candidates. they had a president who has been in office for eight years, under water in his popularity ratings. what happened last night? >> looks like furthering idea that the republican party will have a real difficult time unifying the party going into the general election. as you mentioned, a year ago, the republicans thought they had a very good shot of winning the white house. now it seems less clear. look at the most likely scenarios of what plays out. in both case, you have problems
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with unifying the party. in one case you have donald trump winning the nomination on the first ballot, getting those 1237 delegates before the convention and winning on the first ballot. we have a lot of republicans, 20, 30, 40% in some polls, exit polls saying they couldn't vote for donald trump or support a third party. he will have trouble unifying them there. the second most likely scenario you go into the convention with trump having more delegates than ted cruz but not enough to solidify the nomination on the first ballot. ted cruz ultimately taking the nomination and then in that case, even though it is completely by the rules, a lot of trump supporters will think that donald trump had the nomination stolen from him. and a lot of those supporters might be wary about unifying around ted cruz. so there is real problems of unification going into the general election and both of those scenarios. jon: phillip, what about this unity pledge? i mean the three last men standing, each indicate they
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won't abide by whatever the eventual, they won't necessarily abide bit eventual wisdom of the party or the party delegates? >> i think it is important to remember when this pledge arose was, way back in the beginning of this thing when the fear was that donald trump clearly wasn't going to be the nominee. so they were worried he would be independent candidate. trying to keep him in line and go rogue and independent. right now, reince priebus and a lot of establishment of would love to have donald trump leave to do independent bid and allow the republican party to get to more normal primary process. jamie is exactly right. the republican party is stuck between a rock and hard place on this thing. we'll not know how it turns out until late july. jon: jamie, donald trump essentially rolled a hand grenade into the republican tent and reince priebus and other candidates and party officials have to figure out whether to dive on it or what to do.
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>> he changed entire primary process. who hose where candidates would be if donald trump wasn't in the race. i think strong argument single-handedly ended jeb bush's campaign by the idea he is low energy candidate. may have ended other campaigns by his remarkable ability to brand people and make it stick. he has been grenade in the republican primary process that really thrown a wrench into the process. not only republican primary process. it hurt the republicans chances going into november when they thought at one point they would have a real shot winning presidency, white house back after eight years. every day this process goes on you think, you see those chances diminish. so he is definitely been a unbelievable factor, unpredictable factor. jon: philip, you're in the media. you heard ted cruz challenge anderson cooper last night saying media is driving donald trump campaign. listen to this. >> how many hours of free media does cnn and fox, every other
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station, you let him call in for a year, for a year $2 billion of free media. >> we have free interviews every day and declined the offer on my program. >> i'm right here. i've inviting donald trump for several days to make this debate. he is coming later. he is terrified to have debate because he doesn't stand and have his record challenged. jon: neither one of those guys like the media according to public pronouncements. does cruz have a point. >> donald trump got enormous amount of news coverage. talking about him. it is different because he is front-runner in the nomination contest. there is a the love fingers pointing out why the cause of donald trump is where he is. ted cruz would love to have donald trump vanish from the scene particularly right now. i don't know it is media's fault than any number of factors. the question what happens now with the republican party and what happens with the general election.
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jon: so what happens as we get closer to july and, nobody has this nomination sewed up, if donald trump doesn't have the magic 1237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination, that could set the stage, obviously for the contested convention everybody has been talking about. history shows that the candidates with the majority of delegates going in often ends up losing the nomination. >> right. jon: would that bring on, jamie the kind of riots that donald trump has been warning about? >> i hope not but you know, as you said, donald trump would be at a disadvantage if it goes to contested convention especially if he is not very close. if he is very close to 1237, maybe he can convince some people to join his side. he is not working delegate game like ted cruz has. these people are not most likely big trump supporters, so on the second, third and fourth ballot as more delegates are free to vote for who they want to vote
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for, likely they will vote for someone other than donald trump. whether there are riots or not, there will be wing of trump senatorrers even though by the rules feel the nomination is to then from donald trump. they might not riot but might not come out in november to support the republican nominee. jon: people say ted cruz run brilliant campaign. absence of presence of donald trump he laid groundwork, a freshman senator, has come in and really laid the groundwork for you know, a lot of delegates, a nationwide campaign operation. would he be in the best position, do you think, to come away with the nomination if trump doesn't get it on the first ballot? >> i think so. obviously ted cruz is not beloved bit establishment as he more than anyone else is happy to remind folks but as jamie said he has done a very, very good job working the system that it requires to line up these delegates. if you look what happened in iowa everyone expected donald trump to win.
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in part he didn't win because ted cruz was very good at organizing. ted cruz applying organizing skills to the definitely gates. all the extent that donald trump has blown up the process it takes to win the nomination it is very, very hard to blow up the core republican establishment and delegates that appear at national convention in the way donald trump has done with the primary process. ted cruz is very good at leveraging that. even though the establish doesn't like ted cruz, even though establishment is saying he is bert of two bad options he is running a much better field campaign within the convention itself. jon: jamie, in wisconsin, obviously a huge test of the strength of those two top tier candidates, that is, cruz and trump? >> yeah. i think that you see the polls showing that cruz has narrow lead. i suspect that any state where cruz has a narrow lead going into election day the state he is going to win. people are not going to break towards donald trump. you know if you're with donald trump or you're not long before
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election day i think. i think those people are more likely to break for cruz, maybe kasich but more likely cruz in this case. jon: quick thought on wisconsin, phillip? >> i think that is exactly right. for anyone who isn't donald trump in the race, the key to keep him from getting to 1237, to the extent he loses wisconsin, doesn't get core group of delegates he would for winning it that is good news for ted cruz over the long term. jon: what a time it will be in cleveland. thank you both. >> thank you. heather: some new information for you on the brussels terror attacks as police comb through evidence on a laptop reportedly used by one of the attackers, suggesting suspects may have been planning assault on belgian prime minister's office. belgian security cabinet is meeting as arguments over tighter security test the country's fragile unity. go to our senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot, joining us from the beginning
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and joins you live in brussels. greg? reporter: heather, a bit more than a week later after the attacks. the u.s. is playing a big role in the probe into those attacks. other than belgium, with four dead and 12 injured, america america is appears hardest hit by terrorism. that is big reason why the u.s. is involved. the fbi right now is examining computer hard drives and mobile phones seized from attackers. u.s. officials are reportedly saying not only are they looking for now infamous man in the hat or man in white seen with the suicide bombers at the airport but also hunting for a suspect seen with the metro bomber. they're even not reportedly ruling out that those two suspects are one person. the subway attack happened an hour after the airport attack. the two places are only three miles apart. he could have gone from one to the other, sort of terror
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commuting. horrendous. word, yes, the attacks could have been much worse. maps and picture of the prime minister's home and office have been found on the computers of terrorists. while the metro is still not back to normal, it will be months until airport here is fully operational. the attacks were bad enough. finely amid a report of a text message received by a young person in molenbeek area of brussels, the scene of islamic activity, appears from a isis supporter calling for more attacks on westerners. there is concern more of these kind of texts could be sent out. we have no confirmation that is happening. what we can confirm from our time in that area, radical mosques and extremist activists are pushing isis cause in person and using a bunch of platforms on social media, working very hard to find recruits apparently fertile ground. back to you, heather. heather: greg, i was wondering when did he receive the text, the teen you were talking about?
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reporter: the report is that he received it sunday night. there were reports in fact that said that there were several texts received by several young people, again we nailed that down. we can only confirm one. even one is a sign that there is a ability there to reach out to these people. there are 17,000 young people just in that molenbeek area and among immigrant population, minority population. unemployment about 50%. as i said, fertile ground. back to you. heather: greg palkot, live for us, thank you. jon: the u.s. military announcing it will send dozens of tanks and heavy armor to eastern europe. the defense department saying that the fighting vehicles will be stationed there on a permanent basis to shore up our nato allies. the move in response by, too aggression by russia. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at pentagon with more on that. jennifer? reporter: jon, this is the first time since the end of the cold war that the pentagon permanently deployed troops and
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tanks along nato's eastern border. the idea we're told to deter future russian aggression in the wake of its invasion of ukraine. u.s. deploy following advanced hardware. 250 tanks, bradley fighting vehicles and self-propelled howitzers. 1750 humvees, 4200 u.s. soldiers rotating in and out. there are already 62,000 u.s. military personnel assigned to europe permanently. the countries who will receive new equipment and brigades worth of u.s. soldiers, estonia, latvia, lithuania, poland, bulgaria and romania. a year ago the u.s. army staged its largest show of force parading armored convoy across the baltic states and began estonia and ended in germany. new equipment will arrive next february. dubbed the european reassures initiative, it will cost $3.4 billion, quadrupling of pentagon budget for european defense if congress agrees.
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the message is for russia's vladmir putin. >> putin has proven he will dot inexpected. he will take advantage of opportunities. i think that is, so you don't know for sure what he will do next. reporter: the -- armored brigade and u.s. troops will be divided among six european nato members. this is division's worth of military equipment and personnel to fight if something happens, according to the pentagon's number two, robert work, who spoke to reporters earlier today, jon. jon: jennifer griffin at the pentagon today. jennifer, thank you. heather: still to come, a texas death row inmate facing excuse for a horrific crime back in 2001. the latest details just ahead. one state lawmaker launching a new crackdown on drunk driving. what his new proposal would mean for anyone convicted of dui. plus a shocking story from the american southwest. saudi arabia buying up farmland
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to grow water-chugging alfalfa in region on of country facing severe drought. we want to hear from you. should to foreigners be able to buy u.s. farmland? log
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. . jon: right now, somewhat crime stories we are following pickle in texas a 50-year-old man said to be executed by lethal injection today. john battaglia convicted in 2001 for the murders of his daughters allegedly to get back at his ex-wife in illinois a former security guard serving a life sentence for the 1957 murder of a seven-year-old girl
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asking the judge this week to consider his latest bid for freedom. the 76-year-old jack mccullough cites a review of his case just released by county prosecutors which finds fault with the original investigation and cites new evidence and a review of all documents that corroborated his alibi. and in california, and oceanside man charged with murder in a chinese herbalist, his wife and their five-year-old daughter. heather: new information in california as one state senator is supposed to crack down on drunk driving with a new measure requiring a breathalyzer type device in the car of anyone convicted of dui to go jonathan hunt his life for us in los angeles with more details on this. jonathan pick up the. reporter: the aim here is to save lives, prevent families being shattered in the wake of these accidents when her father was killed by a drunk driver. >> it takes five minutes to clean up a crime scene but you can never clean up the damage it needs. you can't stop stupid but you can take measures to make it harder for them. reporter: the major california lawmakers are now considering would mean putting a
8:20 am
breathalyzer device in any car belonging to a convicted drunk driver vehicle if that device detects any alcohol, the car won't start. >> this separates the car from the driver so we are obviously, we don't want people to reoffend but if individuals are going to drink we just don't want them to drive. reporter: a pilot program is already in place and supporters claim it's working. >> it shows that in californi , in the four pilot counties they been able to prevent starts by vehicles over 1 million times of people that have been drinking and driving. oh that's phenomenal. think of the number of lives that were saved just in those million people. reporter: in 2014 nearly 10,000 people were killed in alcohol impaired driving crashes according to the centers for disease control. that's 27 people every day
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killed as a result of drunk driving. perhaps not surprising heather in the light of those numbers that almost every state in the country has enacted or is now looking at and acting ignition locking laws for convicted drunk drivers. clearly it is a major problem across this entire country heather. heather: staggering when you put it that way, 27 every day to go jonathan, thank you. the. jon: rolling stones now debunked articles about a gang rape at a university of virginia fraternity house comes under scrutiny once again. why lawyers for the woman called jaffe in the story say she should not have to testify in lawsuits against the magazine. our legal panel weighs in on that mess. and a fast-moving fire in los angeles. we tell you what caused this terrible blaze. >>
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jon: some scary moments in south la. >> look, there's someone in there. jon: of us pressing into three other vehicles. the collision sparked a fire in one car that then spread to the bus. the flames were put out quickly but seven people injured, two of them now in critical condition. heather: thank you john. it was an article meant to highlight the problem with sexual assault on college campuses. before her virginity and telling rolling stone she was gang raped at her fraternity party on campus in her freshman year but the story was discredited and rolling stone retracted it and lawyers for the former student only referred to as jackie in the story do not want her to be deposed for a lawsuit against the magazine saying that would re-traumatize her and for more
8:26 am
on this, let's bring in brian clay phil, attorney and a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. thank you for joining us. >> i heather the seventh what's happening here? is the associate do of students has filed this lawsuit against the magazine and they want her to be deposed. so what's the chance that that will not happen? >> i think it's very slim that she will not be deposed. here's the reason why. the former associate dean, in order to for her to prove her case she's got to prove the comments made about her were false and the only way you can get that from the alleged victim and the second big point she's got to prove is that rolling stone was negligent or reckless in the publishing this article. now, rolling stone is going to say wait a minute. i had to rely on jackie, the information to publish the article and we need to hear what she's got to say. heather: which is what they have said. they agree she should be. >> it's going to be really
8:27 am
hard for lawyers for jackie to immunize her from the deposition. heather: what you think? >> she's a material witness and the question is where you reasonable journalists in covering this story that found her credible, that found her worthy of belief and i think there's a lot of things we know already on the surface that would say no, i mean this story was preposterous from the get-go. but what were the conversations that she had with the person who wrote the story, what were her version of events, how could they have been vetted, what witnesses could havebeen interviewed to determine whether this was something that rolling stone should have broke . heather: so in saying there should be stipulations put into place to say what they can ask for i think there is an
8:28 am
important point we have to discuss because i've handled a lot of sexual abuse cases. in fact, i was one of the lead lawyers in the miramontes child sex abuse case that was the largest case of sex abuse in the history of our country at one school and in that case i saw a lot of victims who were very traumatized. some were suicidal so we can't underestimate this argument that jackie might be so traumatized she can't have her deposition. you've got to look at her medical history. in fact, one of the first questions i asked of my client is, are you able to give your testimony today and you're not under any medication that will stop you from getting your best and most accurate testimony? so if she's under some medication for depression and can't give meaningful testimony, that's an issue. heather: they gave her an out. they say you don't have to be deposed. >> i lose patience with all these arguments saying look, we have to protect victims, we have to ãi agree with that when you have legitimate victims. but the reality is we have what i think is approaching an epidemic in this country of false sexual assault claims. we're just seeing them way too often, defense attorneys like
8:29 am
me see them at an alarming rate and what you consistently hear from prosecutors and lawyers saying, even though the claims are found to be false, were not going to go after the victim because we don't want to traumatize the victim, we don't want to create a chilling effect for other legitimate victims and i think that is 110 percent wrong because look, rape is a vicious, horrible offense. i think the idea of falsely accusing someone of rape is b&. heather: there was alsothe local sheriff's department there, they found there was no evidence to corroborate her story as well . >> the story was preposterous and real quick, her story was saying, look, i had too much to drink, i was slip the gateway drug and i woke up in some individual and some individuals were on top of me. she described being locked in a room, brutally assaulted including being punched in the
8:30 am
face to the point where she was unconscious. she this was a brutal gang rape and there was no corroboration or timeline corroborated or friends who supposedly witnessed this occurring could not corroborate it and she had no injuries to corroborate it. it was address and that's why i think rolling stone is going to be on the hook here.>> i think with what's tom's saying, there's some validity to that. the balancing test would be to have limits on the deposition. limit the amount of time for the deposition. heather: we were saying right now they have what, 6 and a half hours and they'veasked for more because that time will have to be split between the defense and prosecution . >> i think that's ridiculous because in california, there's a limit of seven hours no matter how big your cases. so limit the amount of time, should be more than 6 and a half hours and like tom was saying, there's things you shouldn't be asking about. what should be focused on is what did jackie talk to. heather: so limit the scope and tide. o'brien label and tom kenneth,
8:31 am
i appreciate your insight. we'll see what happens. john? jon: new job cuts to tell you about at an aerospace giant and one state is hard-hit with bowling crashing a whopping 10 percent of its workforce there. alive with details. and donald trump's campaign manager charged with battery now over an incident with a female reporter caught on camera. is defending him. what he's saying and the impact it could have on his campaign . don't let dust and allergies get between you
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jon: now a quick look at what's to come this hour of happening now. a family vacation turns into a horrible nightmare and the company responsible is find millions of dollars by the justice department. we havedetails. a pro isis group : four lone wolf attacks on new jersey police and they got the names and addresses of dozens of officers. how they got them and what the feds are doing. plus, it's one man's revenge porn. now one state is taking a tough stand on it after dramatic testimony. we bring you one victim's emotional story. heather: thanks john. foxbusiness alert now on comments from fed chief janet yellin that drove stocks higher yesterday and wall street is in the green again today. lauren is live with that story. >> good to see you. stocks are certainly driving in the fast lane again today so log on, check that 401(k) statement. the dow 100 points, hire for the fourth day in a row, of
8:36 am
over one percent for the year. s&p 500, that's what your retirement savings likely tracks, it's also positive for 2016. what is stopping this rally? janet yellin, the head of the federal reserve speaking yesterday and said the central bank will move cautiously as they raise rate hikes. that interest you pay on your credit card, car loans, they make all that. >> more expensive. this go slow approach is exactly what the stock market wanted but the comments also suggest a slowing local economy that is still fragile. we have bad news for boeing. 4000 workers at the jet maker will lose their jobs. in fact those cuts expected by june. the sad times says boeing is aiming for an additional 4000 cuts by the end of the year so together that would represent about 10 percent of boeings washington's the reason for the cuts. boeing is facing tough competition with its archrival airbus because customers want cheaper jets, jet fuel
8:37 am
certainly cheaper but oil prices are rising today for the first time in six days. the government just said stockpiles of oil supply, and rose but less than expected. the higher prices are what we are seeing today. heather: lauren live with the details. thank you. jon: now to the latest campaign controversy for donald trump as trump defends his campaign manager, corey lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor now, misdemeanor battery after allegedly assaulting a female reporter and a campaign event earlier this month. trump even doing a mock dramatic reading of the reporters claims at last night's town hall. >> listen to this. i almost fell to the ground which is untrue but was able to maintain my balance. she had no trouble with her balance because it's right on tape. nonetheless i was shaken. campaign managers aren't supposed to try to forcefully throw reporters to the ground. she didn't go to the ground. she didn't even have an
8:38 am
expression on her face. jon: this video was released by police on a news conference on march 8. it comes from trump's own surveillance camera. you can see reporter michelle fields walking with trump and then corey lewandowski apparently pulls her back. that contradicts what trump and lewandowski said in the past. both claiming lewandowski never touched fields. lewandowski called the reporter delusional. according to florida law, battery is touching someone against their will. trump says he is fully backing lewandowski and he's absolutely innocent. joiningus now, john hart, gop strategist and editor at opportunity lives . jessica karloff, democratic pollster and strategist and senior political strategist at schelling consulting . john, how much of an issue, i mean the story seemed to have changed here. how much of an issue do you see
8:39 am
it being for trump campaign? >> i think it's a big issue. what we are seeing is trump is digging himself a hole. he may not be able to get out of. and this is damaging on lots of levels for trump. what he is doing is writing the script for the other side attack ads. the attacks are already going to be that trump is a bully, he's critical of women, he's been bullying women so here you have his campaign manager easily assaulting a female reporter and even if the reporter is not convicted of this we know that trump and corey both lied about it so we have a situation where the candidate lies during the campaign, he's going to lie as president . if he tries to cover up something as a candidate, he's going to lie as president and he he attacks the first amendment has candidate he will do the same as president so it's a big problem fortrump and he's not helping himself by defending corey the way he's doing it and mocking michelle fields. jon: but i've seen big problems for trump come and go .
8:40 am
what, a dozen times now? >> way more than a dozen. jon: they were going to mean the end of the campaign and people kind of shrugged them off. >> i think there will always be poor trump supporters who will not be moved by any of this. we saw in the last week how high his unfavorable have gotten, 73 percent of women have an underwater view of him, he's underwater with millennial's and hispanic voters, every category you need to win a generalelection and i think john is correct that this was mishandled. art of trump's appeal actually , i think i think the core part of his appeal as that he's a real guy. he tells it like he is.he's not pc and real people apologize. they take responsibility for errors and they admit fault. the reason that so many religious people have embraced trump, they've said oh, he's done this in the past but he's changed ways, that's okay, we can forgive him for this. in the face of video evidence that she was at least touched
8:41 am
by corey lewandowski and we don't know what's on happened, it would behoove him to stand up there and say you know what? i can say i was wrong about this and i'd like to move past it and michelle in the first place said i just wanted an apology and he basically dared her to press charges so she did. so this falls at his feet. it's going to continue to look bad and now it's two weeks of waste and campaigning for him. last week with the heidi crews mess and now this with what's going on with michelle fields be one and neither one of those two issues john, i would think particularly in deerskin two female voters who last i checked were about 53 percent of the voting population. >> that's exactly right. it undermines trump's brand not just for female voters but voters at all levels. look, he has branded himself at the outside are antiestablishment candidates to the issue with corey is it just that he should be fired. it's that he never should have been hired in the first place. i spent a lot of weeks working
8:42 am
on the issue of earmarks, we successfully got rid of earmarks, that they like the bridge to nowhere port project and corey was on the wrong side of that. he was working for bob may was a part of the abramovscandal. bobby went to prison and corey actually argued that bob may should be punished . here you have trump running as the antiestablishment candidate hiring as his campaign manager someone who was at the heart of one of the most important corruption scandals in the last 20 years so the campaign manager is supposed to be the poster boy for reform, the poster boy for getting things under control but he's really the poster boy for corruption and abuse of women so we will see how this shakes out but it's not been going terribly well for trump and is not going to go his way jon: i want to stick with you for this question because you are the republican representative on this panel . when you look at the history of republican conventions where nobody got the nomination on the first ballot, i mean trump says there's going to be a riot if that happens in cleveland in
8:43 am
july. what's your take on that? >> i think that's grossly irresponsible and i would tell the trump campaign is to stop complaining and start winning. trump goes to the convention with the majority of delegates he will be the nominee but if 63 percent of voters want someone else, i would argue a contested convention reflects the will of the people. it reflects what republican voters think and what they think right now is that donald trump is not fit to be our nominee and hisbehavior with the corey scandal, so many other issues i think is giving validity to those claims . >> all right. i owe you an extra question next time because we are out of time. >> i will remember that john. jon: we will have you back for sure. thank you both. >> thank you. heather: coming up, a family was on a luxury caribbean
8:44 am
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>> . heather: welcome back. determine next find $10 million by the justice department after officials say the pest control company prayed and the legal and toxic pesticide at a resort in the us virgin islands. nearly killing a family of four who stayed there. the plea deal comes more than a year after the edmonds family from delaware were vacationing in st. john and got seriously ill when a unit near them was fumigated.the two teenagers and their father were hospitalized for months and the youngster suffered permanent neurological damage says their dad. the justice department says a criminal investigation is still underway. jon: new information about state-funded universities.
8:48 am
alarming new report shows the institutions established to help state residents may actually be doing theopposite. the university of california is now admitting more nonresident students than in the past and in some cases the out-of-state students pay significantly more to attend , are less qualified than those living in california. william arjun s live in la with an update on that. reporter: you know this concern of most parents, the question is how many natives out-of-state students to the university except considering if the in-state taxes who subsidize the school and their children who arguably should get first crack at getting in? this is a huge controversy right now in california where auditors yesterday released a report saying the uc system is harming state residents and their students because in the last five years, out-of-state enrollment increased 82 percen , 18,000 more students whereas the university is actually accepting 2000 fewer in-state students.
8:49 am
>> the university of california made some financial decisions and someadmissions decisions that were really disadvantageous to california residents . >> in fact, the nonresident tuition was helping us enroll more californians. reporter: why he said that. uc berkeley for instance charges out-of-state students 55 grand verses 34 in-state students. university of north carolina which does out-of-state enrollment, 46 grand out-of-state, 20in-state. universities with the highest out-of-state enrollment include university of vermont , around 70percent. university of north dakota, west virginia . those with the most foreign students also a controversy.
8:50 am
who also paying the work, they include florida institute of technology, also tulsa and uc san diego at 20 percent of the bottom line is john, you see is the largest university system in the country. 15 percent of its students come from other states or countries. that's triple the state years ago but this on it says and here's the key is that they were lowering admission standards for out-of-state kids while making it more competitive and increasingly turning away in-state kids to the campus of their choice. back to you. jon: taxpayers not happy about that i'd imagine . reporter: exactly.jon: william montanez, thank you. heather: isis linked brett to new jersey transit police. what it is and why the feds are taking it so seriously. it's called revenge porn, posting sexually explicit images of another person without that person's consent in an effort to humiliate and harass someone. now one state is taking action against this kind of thing after hearing from a victim . >> fueled by jealousy he reappeared in my life in a manner i could not ignore.
8:51 am
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jon: a fox news alert with the wisconsin primary coming up, most of the candidates are in wisconsin right now. you can see ted cruz is holding an event there in the upper right of the screen, donald trump in thelower right, bernie , k sick as well. the top left, bernie sanders, what did i say question mark i said k sick. at the top left is hillary clinton who is holding an event in harlem right now at the apollo theater. she appears there with the reverend out sharpton. in the meantime, there are some new concerns about isis here in the us after a pro isis group
8:55 am
of hackers releases the names and addresses of dozens of new jersey police officers, calling on supporters to launch lone wolf style attacks. laura ingle is here live with more on that they get the information? >> they got into the computer systems and they call themselves the caliphate cyber army or cca and are a self-described pro isis group who focus on defacing website and spreading propaganda. in this instance they released a series of tweets that link to a list of names, addresses and ranks of 55 officers on march 6. the street encouraged the group's supporters to carry out quote, lone wolf attacks. one to read the lone wolves are hungry for your blood. now those tweets have since been pulled off-line. new jersey transit says its
8:56 am
information system was not compromised. however some information they say was breech from an outside vendor. that's how they got the information and it's working with the department of homeland security and fbi on this matter. experts believe the increase and frequency of these attacks signal advancement in the groups hacking capabilities though the twitter group account has been taken down for now. the cca has online operations going on for at least a year, reportedly hacking into the site from the us, uk, russia and france though most of the attempts appear to be minor targets that are less secure like a family owned business, a solar energy company in england and the japanese dance instructor. it's me recently the group claims to have hacked google and were mocked after claiming they mocked and unrelated indian website that has the word google on it. however the group continues to threaten officials and issued a threat against russian president vladimir putin as well. jon: not much comfort for the transit police officers in new jersey. all right. thanks very much laura.
8:57 am
heather: new next hour of having now, a shocking story from the american southwest. a saudi in a radiant company buying us farmland to go alfalfa in a region of our country facing severe drought. we want to hear from you. you believe foreigners should be able to buy us farmland? our live chat is up and running. >> i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, >>
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these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. jon: heather and i will be back in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. political and legal analyst and fox news contributor eboni williams and pe -- pete hegseth. okay, he's not backing down.


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