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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we are back on tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. send us your questions.
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endorsement. in ohio, kasich is facing a string of negative advertising from ted cruz. >> ed henrow -- henry is there. and we begin with carl cameron who is awaiting the start of donald trump's next rally in appleton. carl. >> reporter: the wisconsin campaign trail will get a jolt. the law poll is supposed to be released and there is a leak on line that suggests that the numbers will be ted cruz in the 40 percent range and donald trump trailing ten points and kasich ten points behind that. the polls don't come out in a few minutes. but if it is a ten percent lead for cruz. there will be joy in cruz land
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in texas. donald trump plans to stay in wisconsin straight through the primary on tuesday, a show of how tight the battle is. mr. cruz unveiled women for cruz. including his wife and carly fiorina who is now endorsing him. this is a clear attempt by the cruz campaign to play to what is in the polls a statistic vulnerability. his unfavorability is 70 percent. and turn out in places that are voting and have caucuses show that trump does well with republican women. but big trouble nationally and ted cruz knows that and cultivating that and playing up a potential trump liability as a general election candidate,
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heather? >> carl, thank you. over on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are turning their attention to new york. the pivotal vote with 247 votes up for grabs. clinton is campaigning in harlem. and we'll find ed henry there. hi, ed. >> reporter: you are right. it appears bernie sanders has a lead in wisconsin and done well in the midwest and going after hillary clinton on issues like trade. hillary clinton was in wisconsin yesterday. but now turning to new york and trying to exploit a home court advantage both she served in the september for eight years before becoming secretary of state and campaigning here in harlem first with charles rangel and then the apollo theater to it hit donald
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trump and the republicans and going after bernie sanders. >> my opponent and i share many of the same goals, but some of his ideas of how to get there will not pass and others will not work because the numbers don't add up. and that means people will not get the help they need and deserve. >> democracy is not complicated concept. it really is not. it means one person one vote. you vote for me or against me. that is a privilege. but what democracy is not about a handful of billionaires in this election cycle. >> reporter: clinton has a commanding lead with the delegates, but sanders hopes to build in wisconsin on the momentum. and all of the focus is turning here to new york.
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over 200 delegates at stake. and hillary clinton is spending time campaigning here and today spent money on a tv ad, in this new york market even though they knew here for eight years and suggesting that she is nervous here and starting to spend time and money to make sure sanders doesn't catch up here. >> what is the gentleman in the white wig. she just moved. >> reporter: it is somebody trying to look like a founding father. and clinton fans are out here. a lot of people are out here yelling bernie sanders. he has support here in harlem as well. >> george, that was george? 42 republican delegates up for grabs in wes wis. the remaining contenders are
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scraping for every one. there is a dead heat between cruz and donald trump. and kasich is ten points back. trump is trying to lock up the nomination and up against more than ted cruz. and wisconsin's presidential primary next tuesday represents the test of donald trump's ability to overthrow a republican establishment united against him. we'll bring in vince and betsy, political reporter at the daily beast. what are you looking for, vince out of wisconsin? >> the polling certainly. one thing i caution about all polling, we tonight know what the new ones are this afternoon. ultimately voters chose in the last week of the election cycles, right? they are like college students and making a pick oftentimes in
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this case, you will look at people who have not decided. you will see trump and cruz in the the state. wisconsin is a lay up for trump who made his campaign about targeting voters who are resentful about the manufacturing jobs that disappear out of the country. and wisconsin in the northern part of the state is all about that. if he can't beat cruz in wisconsin, there will be a threat of the 1237 number to lock up the nomination. >> betsy, we heard carl cameron who is alluding to the poll, according to the numbers that are leaked to carl, cruz is up ten percentage points in wisconsin, over donald trump. what does that say and mean for the trump campaign if that is the case? >> it is it is a major problem
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and we are all on pins and needles for the poll. but bear in mind, voters in upstate wisconsin blue collar white voters who saw manufacturing get gutted in that state. that demographic is republican, but a lot of those voters are democrats. he is also compote ping with bernie sanders. that may be why we are hearing trump using the democratic sounding talking point ps and criticizing scott walker for not raising taxes. >> scott walker endorsed ted cruz, that has to go a long way in wisconsin? >> for sure. if you are incloined to support ted cruz. you love probably scott walker and what he did in the state and fighting for the unions there. and it goes a long way.
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in past, with donald trump, they are not with holding until election day. but do political endorsements, he is brazen and not a lot of people are defending trump as loudly as donald trump did. he out performed the poll numbers. i would not be surprised if there was a trump victory next tuesday. >> how does talk radio wash out? >> almost all of them are against donald trump and it is a significant liability for him. wisconsin primary voterses are devoted to the talk show hosts and they have cloud in that state. and charlie skikes.
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lambasted trump. but the same day he went after trump two others embarrassed him. trump hung up on nicki mckenna. and another host said he is supporting cruz instead. the host are conservative and supportive of walker and not establishment dc types and they don't like trump and it is a problem for him. >> it is it a test in wisconsin if trump's control over the election has slipped. he could trip up? >> yeah, absolutely. this is a best test for trump. this is it and the one where trump collapses. i think wisconsin is a test of whether or not we'll deputy in a contested convention.
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if they don't reach 1237 you will see chaos in the party especially an outcome making the person with the most votes the nominee. >> they will not commit to support the nominee of the republican party. >> very interesting times. vince and betsy thank you. >> trump's opponents like to say he would lose in november. and saudi arabia authority ns are buying up our farm land. how they are taking advantage of u.s. rowels on water use and long- time residents have to conserve. >> and should a foreign company be allowed to buy up american farm lsland? '
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>> welcome back. the latest polls in a head up tweep hillary clinton and donald trump show the former secretary of state with a double-digit lead over the businessman. in a poll and in a general election puts clinton up by 11 points and that is identical with a recent fox news poll. if anything, the 2016 election process is proven to be anything but predictable. and in a recent article in the washington street journal. yes, donald can beat hillary clinton. sure, it is possible that the gop front runner will implode just as it is possible be that the polls shows hillary clinton with a double deed over donald
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trump will come to pass. but we are reluctant to be categorical of a election that is seven months away. and joining us is bill mcgurn. >> thank you, heather. >> this was interesting. we'll get through the specific points in a empty. it is seven months out. >> we couldn't have predicted this is where it would be. all of the governors except for kasich to put out on. hillary clinton unable to put away an aging socialist. it is an election that is seven months away. >> you think that donald trump could win? >> it is still open. we don't know if there will be more terrorist attacks and it could implode but events could turn his way. >> and the articles that you
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look at. >> mr. trump has high negatives and so does mrs. clinton. >> he has high negatives and one of his highest is with women. we'll see if that has an affect on the republican woman and conservative republican woman vote for mr. cruise or kasich over mr. trump in wisconsin. we'll get a taste of that. >> in the general election, mrs. clinton has problems with young women. >> and they associate her as dishonest or liar. it could be a battle of turn out. >> and lesser of two evils? >> there is a lot to that. >> and see when you look at other demographics. young women and voters off the board who do you think. >> i don't know.
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there is a lot of wild cards here. mrs. clinton has a problem with young women. >> young voters in general. >> and so no one has the clear advantage and mrs. clinton very much needs the obama coalition and minority and women voters that helped barak obama. >> but that seems to be for bernie sanders. >> and so she has to fight for that. >> but with minority voters she lost ten percent on south carolina. >> the question is would it go for donald donald trump. but there is cross over with the independents. >> it is a question mark and if you can't predict the past getting us here, we should be skeptical about the future. >> also you mentioned seven months away a lot can happen. and brussels and paris attacks.
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that seemed to benefit donald trump. >> and christie for a while. >> but who for the general election? >> i would think it would benefit mr. trump if that happens. it is it a horrible thing to say. but his rhetoric sounds tougher, but i am upon not sure his policy is. >> it is hard to say. >> who knows. >> bill, thank you for joining us. jon? >> we have more presidential politics ahead and disturbing information about the bombing in brussels. officials failed to see signs pointing to the deadly attack. and then this. >> oh, my god. lightening strikes and injuries florida emergency worker ares in a violent storm. >> it just hit out of no where.
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down in the palm trees and you could completely see it was like a plume of smoke and it was
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crazy. >> welcome back. right now we are getting new images in the severe weather in south florida. look at this. >> oh, my god. >> yes, can you imagine. lightning strikes causing injures and structural damage. you can see why. this is cell phone video showing a palm tree getting hit. the neighbor recorded it and said the lightning came out of no where.
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three firefighters were hit by light neng. it sent one of the firefighters flying in to the bushes. >> fox news alert. alarming images. images were linked to a suspect in last week's attack. the premier's office steps away from the u.s. embassy. it was found in a garbage can immediately following the bombings. they revised downward. and the intelligence division of the nypd warned dutch authorities days about p the brothers and their links to terrorism. the brothers are two of the suspected bombers. authorities are meantime looking for one other suspect in the
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attacks. all of this raising questions about the failure of europe's intelligence surface. isis sent terrorist operatives to europe. our next guest quited about striking the heart of europe. all of the signals were there for anyone paying attention. they were deafening by mid2014. joining us now michael smith. and co-smither of international security firm. michael, the warnings may have been deafening, but no one seemed to pay attention, why not? >> it is unfortunate that what has occurred is the intelligence more than not looked at the strategic intelligence feature that the islamic state is
10:27 am
matching words with deeds. they said they intend to punish the west. they have provide explicit content. o o one of the part of the terrorist attacks. the article described his efforts to mobilize attacks in europe. the group is telling us what its intentions are. but many intelligence agencies are not adding that to the larger intelligence picture that is necessary to better inform policys that help to manage threats posed by the islamic state in the west. >> you say there are similarities in the belgian attacks and paris attacks especially in the soccer stadium and the plans found on the lap top in the garbage, what can you
10:28 am
tell us about that? >> jon, what occurred in paris was a targeted assassination attempt and going after the head of france at that sports event. when you find the images that are found on the lap top, that is a deliberate act. they want us to know that they are trying to one up al-qaeda but putting the blood of heads of state from countries in the west on their hands. >> they are trying to one up al-qaeda and prove that isis are what, a more talented organization? >> yes, greater competency and global on al-qaeda. and more committed to punishing the enemies of islam in the imaginations of jihadis all over the world. we'll see more attacks taking
10:29 am
place. in 2015, they asked where are your troops? we can no longer wait. it highlighted plot concepts. it wants to punish us. that is powerful in influencing the jihadis. it needs more defections from al-qaeda if they want to grow that territory. >> we talked about the warnings that were likely missed by the europeans, they hate americans as much or more than the europeans, are there warnings that we are missing now? >> the big goal is something bigger than the united states. whether or not it is, that is a matter of discussion. but they are appropriating the
10:30 am
legend of bin laden and trying to stimulate the interest and executing attacks like in san bernardino and conveying a message that is big and put the slam slm state in a larger history of incredible events occurring in the west and attacks targeting the enemies of islam. and bigger than the 9/11 attacks of 2001. the fact that it has happened yet is remarkerable. we'll see more attacks in europe because of a matter of logistics. there are more europeans that went to be trained by the group and so they can maneuverly easily in western europe. they have the look and languages and know how to work with people
10:31 am
who are not trained in syria or iraq. and help them augment the operations in the west. we'll see those efforts to move those individuals here in the united states for the same purposes. that is scary concepts. >> in all 50 states, that is scary stuff. court decision in the hillary clinton private e-mail probe. how it could keep record of the e-mails and disappointing news ahead for the next job's report. and why one american company is slashing its work force.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> welcome back. new marquette, wisconsin poll shows ted cruz leading donald trump by ten points. trump at 30.fou and kasich at 21.4. and with less than a week to go until the critical wisconsin primary with delegates up for grabs. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is taking to the air waves and launching her first donald trump adin new york. this comes as the former senator campaigned in her adaptive state. and clinton takes direct aim at
10:36 am
trump's campaign. >> when some say we can solve by building walls and banning people based on religion and turning against each other. this is new york. and we know better. >> and here now to discuss it our guest. thank you for being here. >> is it premature? we saw ted cruz up by ten points over donald trump and hillary clinton is going after trump. is it premature. >> it is premature. it discipline look likely that trump will be close or the nominee in the convention. but hillary has her own issues. she has 1700 delegate to bernie
10:37 am
sanders. but 469 are are super delegates, they are not bound by the votes, they are not bound until the convention floor. it leads to a discussion as she will be likely be interviewed by the fbi for a scandal. it is premature for her to pivot to the general election. >> hank, any eventual nom no wants to go to the general election. but what about hillary's move here. >> let's go back to what was just said. both parties are engaging in elite politics. and democrats are making sure people can get there. and the republicans are concerned about donald trump and they bang him. and they don't like democracy. both don't care if the people
10:38 am
get a chance to say. and so stop that foolishness now. as to an investigation and indictment, there is a long way to go. i don't like the done deal. based on the numbers, donald trump has steam. wisconsin may slow him down. but secretary of state has the lead and more delegates. what super delegates are to do. is make sure the elite is in power. >> i don't disagree at all. i think you can make the argument on the republican side. that there are rowels of the game rigged in favor of the establishment. they are all party establishment figures and members of the senate and governors and state party and vice chairs that will tow the party establishment line. if it progresses with the fbi
10:39 am
and hillary are with the situation with private servers. what will happen to the super delegates if hillary is toxic. >> they are not bound to hillary clinton, they are look nothing the party's best interest to keep the white house. it will be interesting. >> there is a portion that don't want nominee or trump or hillary. they are are going you through the same sort of thing in a way. see if you agree with me on this. but donald trump was on a really and losing in wisconsin according to the latest marquette poll. bernie sanders did well in the west coast and won those three states, is that there a bit of second guessing? >> 40 years of doing this,
10:40 am
voters make up their minds in the voting booth. they have a moment. and say no ads or nonsense. what do i think about the guys and women. who do i want in the white house. and second thoughts today based on that poll of donald trump. heavily male and catholic and blue color. >> we'll be watching wisconsin, that will be a big election there. thank you both. >> thank you, john. >> and 2:00. business alert for you now. labor department set to release the jobs report. days before the numbers released. there is word that upon one of america's companies boeing is planning to cut its work force. dan? >> reporter: boeing is making
10:41 am
money and doing well. but there are warning signs. air bus destroyed boeing and the fourth loss in a row. and the u.s. plane maker getting beat on price and long- time cash cow the 737 is beat by the air bus 320. boeing announced squeezing suppliers and reducing travel and trimming payroll. staff itting reductions through midyear are expected to total 4000 positions and none of them involve voluntarily lay offs. 1000 machinist volunteered for early retirement. it is a blow because they had a billion dollar tax break in 2013. and tied to the triple x and not
10:42 am
over all statewide job numbers. 9000 jobs have left the state. angry law makers backed the cut. and in a statement they said. this should make it clear to the legislature why it is important to tie job numbers to tax incentives >> this is boeing's 100th year and quite frankly. a company that is that old, you get bloated and inefficiencies in the company. and you probably have personnel that you don't truly need. this is part of a pruning process and long over due. njob cuts could go high as 8000. and that would mean forced lay offs. >> but those 8000 people losing
10:43 am
their jobs don't agree with him. >> foreigners buying up american farm land. they are growing crops for farm animals. they turn to the u.s. the deals are causing heart burn with the long- term residents that are pinched for the same water, that's next.
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10:47 am
harvest alfalfa. they are drilling wells and draining a quafurs. gnathan is an award winning reporter for the center of investigative reporting and he is the first reporter to break this story in the national press and joins us now live. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> i listened to you. your investigation is remarkable because the bottom line what is happening here, the companies, not only saudi arabia, are exporting our water in the form of hay, is that what is happen something >> that's exactly what is happening. there are countries that are running out of water. saudi arabia depleted a huge percentage of its groundwater using to grow wheat andal fafla. and they had to scour the globe
10:48 am
for other places to grow the food and one of those places it found was in the middle of no where in the arizona desert where it is pumping up the groundwater and irrigating the desert to grow hay. >> this is on the board of california and arizona. you can see some of the different locations. and how many areas are we talking about p and how much land there. the lush green area that you are talking about in the map. how much land are we talking about? >> we are talking p thousands and thousands of acres, more than 10000. and this is happening all over the world and all over arizona and california. and you know, i talked to one farmer who said to me. if you came to me ten years ago and said we would export hay, we would have laughed in your face. and that's all we do now. hay is repreponderatation of
10:49 am
water. and these companies run low and out of water there is no way to ship enough water from here to there. it is more efficient to do it here and ship the hay over to it saudi arabia and china or whatever country that needs. it they are running out of water, but so are we. they are thinking about the drought restrictions and unprecedented low water levels. and how are they able to do this? are there not restrictions in place? >> short answer is no. arizona's water laws go back to 1980s and there are water laws for part of the state. but the saudi arabia company found a part. they had to buy the desert land and they can pump up from the a quafur as they want.
10:50 am
that might have lasted a hundred years if the local folks were using it for domestic farming, but this rate, the state acknowledged they don't know how long it will last. it is not only in arsz, but arizona. it is happening in california. last year i reported the central valley in california is two feet per year. literally california is sinking down because they're pumping up so much ground water that the land on top is going down. if you look at how much of the california crops are being exported, you can draw the connection there. this is happening all over, the aquifer in nebraska has been drained down for quite some time. this has risen to a national security problem. where the intelligence communities in the united states have actually begun drafting their response to how they're going to deal with something that has become a big concern in the middle east where countries like yemen have fallen into
10:51 am
civil war. >> yeah. it is a complicated issue for sure. your investigation was really remarkable. people can take a closer look at that. thank you so much for bringing it to our attention. >> thanks for having me on. >> we appreciate it. we'll be right back. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care,
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hi there. a brand new poll out of wisconsin for republican presidential candidates that shows a shocking new revelation and a change. who is on top now? plus the teach here didn't want to see union dues and took her case to the supreme court. she will join me exclusively after a 4-4 indecision. but there is a twist. and marco rubio makes a bid for the contested convention. we'll give you the real story on that.
10:55 am
some experts sounding the alarm saying local commodity prices are doing serious damage to the industry. >> the nation's largest residential recycler waste management says they are approaching crisis. we are at the boulder recycling center. nationwide facilities are being forced to shut down. the blame? low commodities prices, higher operation costs and contamination in the streams. >> so some of the issues are supply and demand related. some of the export demand is down. china is not using as many of our recycleables as they had in the past.
10:56 am
>> china was once the buyer of our recycled plastic but stopped in 2013 because american recycled plastic has too much contamination. that's because we're allowed to put different materials all in one bin instead of separate ones. this makes it harder to sort at the plant. recyclers say customers can help by putting things in their bin that makes sense. >> to the extent the customer puts the right material in there makes sense. if they put thing like bowling balls and deer carcasses in there, it is not so good. so it does differ from the european model where they self-sort. >> analysts stay industry will rebound but likely in a different model. at this center they started charging a fee to haulers of recycleables where they used to pay them. we can be more aware of what we put in the bin. a lot of time we assume thing are recycleable. it costs money to get them out
10:57 am
of the system. you can always check your city or county website to see what the rules are. >> back to you. we'll be back in a moment.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> we have brand new polls out of the state of wisconsin. of course that's the next state to go to the polls. this is the real story. senator ted cruz and donald trump both holding events today in wisconsin. john kasich left to come here. with the primary less than a week away, it could be a tough and very close race. 42 delegates up for grabs. winner take all. live first in appleton. a great town there. cruz appears to have taken the lead by a pretty big margin in wisconsin. what do you know? >> yeah. that's right. and hello here from appleton.


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