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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> we have brand new polls out of the state of wisconsin. of course that's the next state to go to the polls. this is the real story. senator ted cruz and donald trump both holding events today in wisconsin. john kasich left to come here. with the primary less than a week away, it could be a tough and very close race. 42 delegates up for grabs. winner take all. live first in appleton. a great town there. cruz appears to have taken the lead by a pretty big margin in wisconsin. what do you know? >> yeah. that's right. and hello here from appleton.
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this poll that you mentioned come from marquette university law. a highly respected, widely read in the badger state and it shows a potential shift heading toward ted cruz' way. 40% of republicans in wisconsin are supporting cruz. note ofable because that's a 21-point jump since the last poll at the end of last month. donald trump now according to the poll, 10 points back. and then there is kasich came, 9 back. 21. it will probably point to in head to head match-ups, he is the only one that would beat hillary clinton here in wisconsin. as for cruz, you're right. he has been campaigning here in wisconsin alongside donald trump. cruz today was down state from where we are in madison. the state capital. and he began his women for cruz event. a different kind of event. he didn't really call out donald trump at all. instead he was joined by his wife heidi who has been in the news herself recently and his mother eleanor, also carly
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fiorina who has been campaigning for cruz over the last couple weeks. ted cruz has been on the ground here in wisconsin for the last couple days. and polls show that potentially some results, some fruits from being here for a couple days. >> yeah. you almost said minnesota, my state, which is the neighboring state of wisconsin. it's tough when you're on the campaign trail. you lose sight of where you are. i understand. any reaction from donald trump to being down in this latest poll? >> well, he held an event earlier, a little north of us outside of green bay. no specific reaction to that. we've checked twitter and he hasn't said anything yet there. but trump has been saying now for a couple days, he did so yesterday when we were down state. and earlier today. that wisconsin is i think very important. >> winning wisconsin is very important. on april 5, you have the date i
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home you'll understand that this is a very important thing. where i have far more delegates than anybody else. >> we'll see if he addresses the poll in appleton. this room here holds about 1,000 or so. and this will make at this time second campaign stop of the day. >> thank you. >> meantime, all threaten gop candidates backing off that pledge now. remember this one? yep. they're all backing off of it. they're back. they are both back pedalling when asked if they would support donald trump. trump responding by saying the only support that he wants is from the public. >> assume by you not saying you would not support him. >> i gave you my answer. i think nominating donald trump would be an absolute train wreck. >> when i was pressing senator cruz, it sounded like he was
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saying he would have a hard time supporting -- >> he doesn't have to support me. i'm not asking for his support. i want the people's support. >> i sure home they'll endorse me for president when i'm the nominee coming out of the convention in cleveland. is that a good answer? >> syndicated radio talk show host. and marjorie clifton, are you surprise that had this pledge, this simple couple of line pledge that was such a big deal. especially to get donald trump to sign by the rnc a couple months ago. are you surprise that had nobody seems to want to honor it? >> i'm a little bit surprised. i'm not as surprise that had donald trump might be interested in backing out. i think the rnc is giving him a hard time and i don't think they're living up to their bargain. i would expect all three to abide by the pledge that they
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agreed to very publicly. what this speaks to in the bigger picture is the impenaltying schism in the republican party when one is chosen over the other. or over the other two to include john kasich. because i think that the supporters of donald trump, or the supporters of ted cruz are going to have a hard time falling in line behind whoever the candidate is. so i don't know if ted cruz will come out and make speeches for donald trump if he becomes the nominee. i would expect not. more importantly, what will ted cruz supporters do? >> at the first debate in august the question was asked. who would consider running as an independent? the only person who raised his hand at the time was donald trump. i guess if there were more debates and the question was asked now, all three would have to raise their hand. >> not necessarily. i've been surprised candidly thatle of the big establishment republicans such as paul ryan have come out saying they would
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support trump. of course, it is in hine with the pledge. we haven't seen a lot of party loyalty across the board. and again, i think trump is appealing to largely a voter base either haven't turned out to vote or are a little ambiguous. right now i think the republican party is saying, please don't endorse us. please don't align with us. maybe regretting that pledge they made to have him on the republican ticket. >> i want to get your thoughts on pictures, wives, and 5-year-olds. >> i thought it was a nice picture of heidi. >> come on. >> she's a pretty woman. >> you're running for president of the united states. >> i didn't start it. i didn't start it. >> with all due respect, that's the argument of a 5-year-old. the argument of a 5-year-old is he started it. >> that's the problem with our country. >> every 5-year-old says he start it. >> that's the problem. >> chris? >> i think the next time donald trump feels that he's been
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insulted by another candidate he should just say i'm rubber and you're glue, what you say bounces off you and sticks to you. >> okay. >> and that would be another 5-year-old phrase. marjorie? >> so far donald trump has proven that he wants to run like a 5-year-old. he pouts, he name call and he says be so are you and what am i? i think he goes to the lowest common denominator and has a reaction much like my child. i don't know or change the subject. so i think anderson called it pretty darn accurately. >> for those of houston have kids, we can relate. >> and at the same time, he did start it. >> okay. you got that in. thank you. hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting into a new york state of mind. and no wonder. 247 delegates up for grabs in the empire state. clinton bringing her campaign to harlem where she made a stop at
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the famed apollo theater. be ed henry was there. he is back in the studio. new york is hillary's stomping ground. this is sort of her home state. he might win the. >> that's a good question. she is not only spending time here today and tomorrow when wisconsin is next tuesday for the democrats. she thinks trump is the one who will unite democrats. she is in harlem shelf went to a bakery with congressman charlie rangel. she was talking about racial equality. what is she up to? she is trying on exploit this edge she's with african-american voters. without them in the south, she would probably be losing in the delegate count to bernie sanders. but he simply has not had an answer. he gave up a lot of the southern states. in a state like new york that is obviously not in the south you do have a large african-american
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population. she will exploit edge and home it carries her across the finish line. the fact that she is spending this much time and energy in a state that she represented for eight years. >> i thought you were going to say she's been warming up to wall street. >> yes, if she has to debate sanders again which brings me to the next question. is she warming up to more debates? >> a couple days ago her campaign says no way. not until bernie sanders changes his negative tone. we are not going to do it. now hillary clinton told reporters, well, maybe we will have a debate. and sanders is really trying to make inroads. he was born in brooklyn. he has now opened up his headquarters in brooklyn. who has headquarters in brooklyn? hillary clinton, of course. just across town from each other. when they open last weekend, bernie sanders had 1,000 people strong out there yelling for him. so he has that energy. last night he was pressed into this town hall in this interview. what will you do? will there be a debate? and he suggested it is game on.
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watch. >> i would hope that we would have a good debate. my understanding is that she would like to do in it brooklyn. i was born in brooklyn. that's good. >> game on for brooklyn. >> game on. >> they don't want to give him an opening that makes it look like she is scared to debate on her home turf. it looks like we'll see one more debate. >> why debate? >> you only have something to lose. >> but it looks like she might do it. great to see you. donald trump standing by his campaign manager after he was charge with simple battery in florida. what is next for lewandowski legally? and marco rubio makes an unprecedented bid to keep his delegates loa chairs. it is getting dicey. you have to be able to do some math too.
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we're back in session on the real story. donald trump is standing by corey lewandowski after he was charged for simple battery for allegedly grabbing the article of a report he after a news conference this month. a defense attorney and president of the brooklyn bar association, keith sullivan is a criminal defense attorney. okay, keith. imagine that you are representing corey lewandowski in this. what do you do? >> first thing i would say to the prosecutor. give me a break. get a life. this isn't happening. prosecution. how is that for deep legal analysis? really. this is just such a sophomoric
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ridiculous, did he technically violate the law? yes. he had the ability to exercise prosecutorial discretion and he lacked the courage to do so. what she stated happened doesn't match one the video that we know of. and you have to look at things in the context. a man bear hug. he touched me. does that mean i call the police? the contech of the political atmosphere. everyone is jostling. she is in an area where they've asked her not to be. >> so she showed bruises to the police that she said she received. i know as a defense attorney you probably say, well, how do we know she received them from that incident. people are saying she change her story. initially she said she was thrown to the ground. and now they're arguing that that may not be the case. you say what? >> so in the real world we wear the same hat. defending people. the worst evidence we ever go up
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against is a video. here there's a video. what clearly shows is that her inertia is altered by his actions. sthes in one direction, he touches her and she goes somewhere else. it is that abrupt manner. that's the piece of evidence. the second piece of evidence is the bruise. the bruise is consistent with the location of where you see him reach. and i would say that is what gives the prosecution some credibility. that there was enough of, there was enough force there that was used. the third thing is you're not supposed to touch another person. and i'll be the male chauvinist pig, it's a woman. a guy cannot be tackling a woman. i'll get in trouble for saying that. but a prosecutor takes that into account. >> i wish they wouldn't. i wish it would be for male and female together. are they prosecuting it because we're talking about donald trump and he's running for president? >> that's the only reason we're prosecuting this. the people of that area, jupiter, florida, they deserve
11:17 am
better than this. that prosecutor should have used discretion. as far as bruising, she reports it three days later. >> and he's bright the inertia. you don't see him grab her. but the body is pulled back. >> you're in the complaint room. a police officer comes in and says there's a woman here who says this individual grabbed her. she has got a bruise on her arm and she wants to file charges. you're going on bring. write that case up. >> there's an eyewitness who said they saw what happened. there's audio of the altercation where she said, did you see what happened to me? so it is in the moment. now you have a couple pieces of video time and you have tweets. do the tweets matter when herp lewandowski says she's delusional. >> in this day and age, judges are leaning toward allowing them to come in. at least allowing, did you write there? did you put this on your facebook page?
11:18 am
so donald trump's tweet wouldn't come in unless he's on the witness stand. this isn't going to trial. that's really the key word. is it unwanted touching. and clearly it was an unwanted touching. so do i think the case would be prosecuted if it wasn't in the limelight? only if she wanted it to be. >> is he going on plead not guilty? no contest? >> if donald trump has his choice, he will to go trial, he will 3 woman to civil suit. >> let's say we're wearing the same hats as defense attorneys. we don't have a good case. you have the audio, the eyewitness. >> you have to look at it. >> a teenage girl, a pepper spray at a donald trump rally. watch this.
11:19 am
>> who are officials looking for after that disturbing exchange? plus, a battle in the badger state. on the attack. we'll have a trump supporter and a #never trumpster. >> you look at the importance of protecting these three things. capitalism, our political search, we represent the best this world has to offer on those three legs and we must, must preserve it. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you.
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here's the video of a teenager pepper sprayed. police are for two men. police say, she shoved him and this man who was not involved in this. she and another teen in the crowd were hit with pepper spray and taken to the hospital. ? things are heating up between ted cruz and donald trump ahead of the wisconsin primary next week. >> wisconsin is becoming more and more important. we can get there. we have a movement going on. it is an incredible movement. it is a movement like they haven't seen in this country. i have many friends in wisconsin. i fully understand wisconsin i wouldn't say your governor loves me because i knocked him out. >> according to the latest poll out today, senator cruz now up by nearly 10 points in wisconsin. charlie sikes is a radio talk show host.
11:24 am
midday with charlie sikes. and senator ted cruz supporter. scott brown, former massachusetts senator, a donald trump supporter. great to have you both on. you had governor scott walk order your show and he gave his endorsement for ted cruz. what is the lay of the handle in wisconsin with regard to conservative radio? >> it is very different than the national conservative talk shows. there are no fan boys in wisconsin. almost all the conservative talk show hosts in wisconsin have been very, very critical of donald trump. and i think you're going to see this playing out in this campaign. he has not had the people rationalizing and defending and overlooking some of his foibl. and i think what you're seeing is conservatives are starting to coalesce around ted cruz.
11:25 am
and i think donald trump is going to lose badly. >> that's interesting analysis. what should donald trump do? this new poll that came out an hour ago. he is down by 10. >> first, i'm surprised it is not by more. you know i've run almost 20 races, lost two. and i have never in my life seen the amount of vitriol and attacks by a front-runner, not only by our own party but members of the republican party within. the conservatives, et cetera, et cetera. it is fascinating to me and quite disturbing. so we'll see what happens in wisconsin. he knows it is important. he is every effort to do well there. and i have a lot of respect charlie, for you as you know. and i don't necessarily agree that everybody in the conservative movement is going to vote for ted cruz. they may hold their nose and vote for him. but it is not over until it's over. >> there's been some interesting articles written about
11:26 am
wisconsin. some are calling it the new new hampshire. it could really change the race. others are saying there's a cheese head revolution going on in the state. you have young people on the republican side, walker and paul ryan, et cetera, from wisconsin, who are really making up the new republican party. what do you think? >> i think that's exactly right. i think donald trump has made a huge tactical error. i think the donald trump is attack scott walker in his own backyard in wisconsin. you have people who have gone through fire. they know he is a tough courageous conservative reform and these are paul ryan's voters. so for donald trump to parachute in and to attack scott walker, attack paul ryan is, it is frankly weapons grade stupid. and i think -- >> the interesting thing,
11:27 am
senator brown, is that walker had an approval rating of 84% among republicans. when you look at independents, it goes down from there. and wisconsin is an open primary. so that's good news for donald trump. >> of course it is. while ted may get the conservatives, there are reagan democrats. people who have never voted before. they're looking for somebody who is going to listen to them and address their concerns. and i have a lot of respect for scott walker. that being said, the fact that donald beat him pretty badly and forced him out. don't forget, 17 people down to three. none of these people will be warm and fuzzy. my hope is that at the he said there is a long and thoughtful process. is it hillary or bernie or
11:28 am
donald trump or ted cruz? >> that may happen in july at the convention. thanks much. >> fbi saying it warned dutch police in advance about two jihadist brothers. it was a week before they blew themselves up at the airport. what the heck went wrong? plus, one of the first cases without justice scalia ends in a split case, 4-4. what does that mean for every union? we will ask a republican senator if it changes whether he will talk to the supreme court nominee. >> if you don't walk lock step with the unit position, with collective bargaining, and the political position, you are ignored and silenced.
11:29 am
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california teacher's union ended in a split decision. it gave the big win to the union. while it sets no press denial, it does leave the lower court ruling in if he can meaning unions can force california public school teachers to pay fees to a union they don't want to support. >> the union provides a wide range of services from which all the members benefit. >> and the lead plaintiff in the
11:33 am
case joins me now. >> i know this was a blow. when justice scalia died i'm sure you thought this could happen. >> with a 4-4 decision, there is no decision. it is an indecision but it is a bad decision for your case, right? >> the lower court decision stands. you say the unions continue to force dues. the good side is that it is a nondecision. it really sets the stage for one side or the other to petition the court for rehearing. and it is a normal procedure the court uses in cases where a justice dies or resigns. cases under consideration. we'll file that petition. the court will sit on that petition until a new ninth justice is confirmed. then at that point if there are five votes the case will be reheard and we'll get an
11:34 am
authoritative decision. >> so rebeck, a you're a teacher. you've been a teacher for 28 years. you teach third grade. you were adamant about bringing this case force. you did not want to pay a union for activity that you did not agree with. >> that's correct. the unions tell the american people that they speak for teachers and they provide us benefits. in my opinion the benefits are not worth the moral cost. when they fight for these pension plans in my state that are actually damaging my community, i have a real problem with that. or when they fight to keep teachers who are actually harming children. i have a moral dilemma with that. i don't think i should have to pay these fees. >> i want to show what this no written opinion looks like. it is relatively rare. there are no opinions when there is a 4-4 tie. so let me ask you this. will you wait to see who the
11:35 am
next justice is going to be? because if it is somebody moderate, like the gentleman currently up for potential nomination, maybe it would go in your favor. maybe not. >> we don't really count votes. when we started, justice scalia was against that. we fought hard for that vote and it looked like during oral argument that we had his vote. so whoever is nominated, we believe we have a strong case. as long as that individual is open minded. we're willing to compete for that person's vote and we're confident that we can get a majority of justices to stand up for the freep speech rights of every individual to decide for themselves whether to support their union. >> so rebecca, they call you, the unions call you a free rider. why are you not? >> here are the facts. the unions require me to pay fees. in my district a full time teacher pays a thousand dollars a year in union dues.
11:36 am
and someone like myself who is an agency fee payer pays about $650 a year. they take away my vote, they take away my voice, they take away all my benefits of membership. and they call me a free rider. the truth is that they are free riding off me. and i am a forced rider. forced to fund all sorts of highly political collective bargaining positions with which i disagree and which i believe are damaging to my students. >> 4-4 now is sort of a stalemate. we'll see what happens. we appreciate you coming on the real story today. thank you. >> thank you. >> for more on this, let's bring in senator langford who sits on the holeland security and intelligence committee. having just listened tom interview, do you give any more thoughts to meeting with the nominee that president obama has put up? he has been billed as somewhat more moderate than others that he could have chosen.
11:37 am
>> right. i have no problem with garland. he was very active in the department of justice and the oklahoma city bombing and i want to thank him on behalf of the people of oklahoma. this hasn't been him. this was announced before he was announced as the nominee for the the court. we do not believe during a senate year is the right time. when the american people have an opportunity to have the voice, they should have the opportunity to have that voice and that will be settled this november. the two key things to remember, even in this case. there's no way that the he could have been there to be a participant and hear oral arguments and rule on it. will we have a ninth justice on the court for six weeks this fall? or will we wait until next year and have all nine justices then? >> a hypothetical.
11:38 am
hillary and trump in a match-up. clinton is winning by 11 points. 49-trump's 38%. so you'll probably get someone a lot more liberal if she wins. >> why don't we let the american people decide that. that's the direction the american people want to go. this is up to the american people to decide what they want to do. not only with a supreme court candidate but in the days ahead. >> we want your thoughts that the fbi warned police about the brussels terrorists a week before the attacks. the dutch learning about the criminal back ground including being wanted for terrorism, extremism and recruitment. and then the the belgian counter part. what do you make of that? >> this has been the challenge for quite a while. after the attack in paris last november, the europeans determined they had very porous borders. that people with false documents and multiple countries and they
11:39 am
were not communicating in their intelligence operations and their law enforcement operations within countries and country to country. so they had many thousands of people that were moving that they were not able to track and keep up with. this is something we can help the europeans on. we learned a lot of the lessons on 9/11. the other thing is that many of the foreign fighters in syria and iraq are now returning back to europe where they were from before. they're well trained. they're prepared and trying to continue the fight though they want to go back and live in their same area in the comforts of europe and the deserts of syria. so when they come back they keep the same ideology and there's a tremendous risk across europe. >> all right. i'll be coming to your state of oklahoma next week. they are in the final four, aren't they? >> they are. >> all right. we'll see what happens. a final farewell to a very colorful politician as mourners pay their final almosts to mayor rob ford.
11:40 am
the family will then be for private ceremonies. ford who became infamous for public drunkenness and illegal drug use died last week at the age of 46. he had been diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2014. senator marco rubio making an unprecedented move that could have major implications come convention time in july. and the impact it could have on the other gop candidates in the race. in the meantime, governor came hitting new york city. this is a live look making a dining decision that is raising eyebrows in my control room. hmm. and beyond. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow.
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some top functions of the federal government are education and health care. federal government. that is not the position of hillary clinton or bernie sanders but of donald trump. said so last night.
11:44 am
he said it would be just fine for south korea and japan to have their own nuclear arsenals. of course, the united states has been focusing on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons for decades. will any of these new positions matter to americans? ohio governor john kasich pulling a huge no-no to some during a campaign stop in new york city. here he is at a pizza shop in queens. he is eating a pizza with a fork. new yorkers may disagree on many issues. the one thing they can come together on. you're supposed to eat pizza with your hands. but i guess it was darn good. there he did. he used his hands. he did both. >> in the meantime, the press may be journal way for a contested gop convention. marco rubio suspended his
11:45 am
presidential campaign a few weeks back makes an unprecedented move to keep all his delegates. he is running to the chair of the alaskan republican party. this is not intended to release any national convention delegates bounds to me. it is my desire that they remain bound on at least on the nominating ballot at the national convention. the interesting word in that meeting was suspended campaign. not completely ended, forever gone, never to return. >> right. they never do that. but suspended is very interesting now. because he's holding on to 170 delegates. that's power. >> and look. he would be remiss as a form he candidate to release his delegates at this early state. we know this race is very fluid. we just had a recent poll
11:46 am
showing ted cruz is leading trump in wisconsin by about 9 points. if ted cruz is able to pull that out, then it is wide open once again and this could mean that none of the candidates reach that 1237 delegate threshhold. and then all bets are off and it is a free for all. >> so there is a bunch of stuff that will happen with regards to rules. i want to read a couple quotes from those who have been chosen to be on the committee. fundamentally i hope he keeps the way we are doing it. that comes from the louisiana delegate. i'm not looking for a gigantic change. i'm not a big fan of the eight-state threshold. i think that's an artificial number. then this one. we don't want to give tim pregs that we are leaning one way or the other. we are trying to hold somebody else back. the eight-state threshold came up with mitt romney. he was trying to keep ron paul off the final stage. >> this is a 4-year-old rule, a
11:47 am
relatively new rule. fits we enter this convention without an obvious nominee. if none have reached that threshold. then i think you'll have a battle in the rules committee over what kind of rule will come into play here. and each camp, includingntlily camp who is no longer running for president. he would have a very difficult time trying to argue that he should be on the first ballot. i think you'll have the remaining candidates making arguments that perhaps this rule should go away and perhaps this should be a wide open convention where either one could be on the ballot. we haven't had this since 1996. ronald reagan and gerald ford. so everything is up in the air. nobody really knows what to do. nobody has their sea legs on it including the candidates.
11:48 am
it would be great if we had a candidate going in so we wouldn't have to go through all of this. if ted cruz can pull out wisconsin. that could be interpreted as something of a reset of this campaign. and then again, you could have the situation going into the convention. you have two dagts of a relatively equal number of delegates. then all bets are off. >> i bet delegates on the rules committee going to the republican national convention in july never thought they would have as much power as they will this time around. 112 people. two people from every state in u.s. territory. one man and one woman. here's the first thing they have on grapple with. rule 40 b. created by the romney campaign at the 2012 convention to stop votes for being count for candidates who could not prove majority support from at least eight state delegates. whoever knew that rule would be
11:49 am
so important? candidates don't have eight states, at least right now. maybe ted cruz. even marco rubio. and could be viewed as an outrageous power grab by this rules committee. so what will the rules committee decide to do? one state has a now way to crack down on those who drink and drive. >> gretchen, 27 americans are killed every day as a result of drunk driving accidents. california lawmaker are trying to stop that deathly epithet. how will they do it? i'll tell you.
11:50 am
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11:53 am
time for trending stories that america is clicking on today. a handgun that folds up to look just like a cellphone. sales of the 0 .380 caliber pistol is set to begin this year. burger king's angriest whopper with added jalepenos for heat goes on sale tomorrow. . one california lawmaker coming up with a way to keep repeat dui offenders off the road. state senator jerry hill proposes every convicted drunk driver have a breathalyzer like this installed in every vehicle. jonathan hunt is live in l.a. today. jonathan, how does it work? >> reporter: gretchen, this is the kind of device, this particular one made by a company
11:54 am
called smart start, there are plenty of other companies out there, this end of it plugs into the electronics of your car. then any time you want to start it, you cannot do that without first blowing into the mouthpiece. if there is any trace of alcohol on your breath as a convicted drunk driver, any trace, never mind the legal limit, just any trace, you car will simply not start. state senator jerry hill believes there's a good way to combat the epidemic of drunk driving this country is going through, gretchen. >> how exactly bad is the problem? >> reporter: really bad. you only need to take a look at the figures from the centers for disease control. 2014 is the most recent year for which the figures are available. almost 10,000 americans died that year in drunk driving accidents. put that into perspective. 27 americans killed every day as
11:55 am
a result of drunk driving. and senator jerry hill, who, as i said, is the author of this bill, believes that this kind of action can make a real difference. listen here. >> it shows that in california, in the four pilot counties, they've been able to prevent starts of vehicles over a million times of people who have been drinking and driving. that's phenomenal. think of the number of lives saved just for those people. >> reporter: interesting to note, gretchen, almost every state in the country either has enacted or is looking at enacting some kind of law that involves these devices to try to stop drunk driving. it truly is an epidemic across the united states, gretchen. >> seems like a good idea, jonathan, thank you. check this out. does this soccer jersey look a little off to you? how one soccer team is using its uniforms now to combat school dropouts. we'll explain.
11:56 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. homeless man in minnesota, unemployed. he walked into a cafe and asked for money. he got something else. >> i said, would you like to stay a couple of hours? do you want a job? do you want to work? i have one for you. he got so happy. the moment, his face just -- i was like -- it made my heart smile when he made that face. >> marcus told the owner he struggled to get hired because he's homeless and has felonies. the owner offered him a job as a dishwasher and marcus took it. he's been working more than two weeks now. iranian soccer players trying to make a difference in their country. facing off against explain, they replaced the numbers on their jerseys with math problems diagramming their numbers.
12:00 pm
the idea is kids will learn math basics while enjoying a soccer match at the same time. two good news stories to end the day. it's been a while, right? always good to get in some good news. thanks for being part of the real story for a wednesday that feels like a gretchen carlson. have a fantastic day. right now, the pledge is a bust. all three republican presidential candidates are thinking better of their plan to support whomever becomes the gop nominee. ahead, what this says about republican party politics and how the convention could play out. plus the impact of marco rubio's effort to hold on to his delegates even after suspending his campaign. for the democrats, hillary clinton all but ignoring bernie sanders now as she takes aim directly at donald trump. and she's hitting him here in new york city where the billionaire built his empire. plus nuclear security. leaders from dozens of countries


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