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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the idea is kids will learn math basics while enjoying a soccer match at the same time. two good news stories to end the day. it's been a while, right? always good to get in some good news. thanks for being part of the real story for a wednesday that feels like a gretchen carlson. have a fantastic day. right now, the pledge is a bust. all three republican presidential candidates are thinking better of their plan to support whomever becomes the gop nominee. ahead, what this says about republican party politics and how the convention could play out. plus the impact of marco rubio's effort to hold on to his delegates even after suspending his campaign. for the democrats, hillary clinton all but ignoring bernie sanders now as she takes aim directly at donald trump. and she's hitting him here in new york city where the billionaire built his empire. plus nuclear security. leaders from dozens of countries heading to dc to talk about
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safety and terror. somebody can't make it. does vlad have better plans? let's get to it. >> announcer: now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news deck. do you see republicans in the middle of a civil war? new warning shots fired that could make it undeniable. all three gop candidates seem to be ripping up their pledge to support the eventual nominee. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family. >> i don't really care if cruz supports me. i don't care. >> i've been disturbed by some things i've seen and i have to think about what my word and endorsement would mean. >> back in august, all of the candidates, every one of them, signed a promise to support anybody who gets the nomination. no more. john kasich even saying they should never have signed it in the first place. now one candidate who is no
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longer in the running is trying to stay in the mix. marco rubio is trying to hold on to his delegates, the ones he won before he dropped out. that's something we've seen many other long shot hopefuls do in the past, but never by a candidate who has a real chance to shake up the convention. according to a rubio aide, the goal is simple: keep donald trump from the delegates needed to stop his nomination. today politico reports the appointees so far to the convention rules committee are open to dropping one key rule. it requires the nominee to have a majority of delegates from at least eight states. so far, donald trump is the only candidate who meets that requirement. scrapping the eight states rule could open the door to other candidates, namely ted cruz or john kasich. as for the frontrunner, trump is set to rally supporters in this hour in appleton, wisconsin, ahead of that primary's state next week. carl, there's a new poll out in
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wisconsin, it's an interesting one. >> reporter: marquette university law poll. it shows that ted cruz has a double disability lead in the badger state, the next state to vote, six days from now. he's at 40%. ted cruz now leading. donald trump in second place at 30%. and john kasich at 21%. trump has been saying for the last couple of days here in wisconsin that he wants to win and he's been pleading with voters to get out and vote, to vote big, make sure they do the job. but cruz has spent more time here. trump took last week off the campaign trail and has been here for an a couple of days. he says he'll be here for the rest of the week but may go back to new york before the vote on tuesday. this shakes things up and put a lot of wind in ted cruz's sails. a win in wisconsin could slow if not stop trump's ability to get 1237 delegates before the convention. >> carl, does it look more and more likely that there will be a
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contested convention with this dropping of the pledge by the candidates last night? >> reporter: the idea of marco rubio holding on to his delegates and asking states that by law require that any candidate who drops out lose their delegates, and they go again up for grabs, or whoever is then the leader, that's something different. marco rubio is trying to remain relevant. he's expecting there could be something going on in the convention, an open convention, perhaps, and he would have an opportunity to have a bigger role there. this has got lots of implications to it. and it's not uncommon for candidates actually to try to hold on to their delegates up until the convention. back in 2000, mike huckabee didn't give up his delegates until a week before the convention. rubio is making a more hard core play. >> carl, a new development in just the last few minutes, i don't know if you're waivaware t yet. donald trump is taping a town hall with chris matthews on msnbc. donald trump has just said that he is calling for punishments
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for women who have abortion if those procedures become illegal. >> reporter: right. well, donald trump acknowledges that he was pro-choice for much of his life. and became pro-life not too many years ago. and he was asked today about whether or not or how one would stop abortions. he suggested after some significant questioning that there might have to be some sort of a punishment. he did not say what that punishment would be for women who have abortions. in trump's view, there's too many of them and it needs to be stopped. having said that, he was then asked, should men be punished if a woman has an abortion, and he reportedly said no. this was a pretaped interview, i haven't seen it yet, but it's beginning to come out on twitter and elsewhere online that suggests he's weighed in on the abortion issue with some particularly harsh language. marco rubio took a little heat when he was a candidate for saying there would be no
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exceptions for his opposition to abortion in the cases of rape or incest, although he did make an exception for the life of the mother. but there hadn't been any discussion about punishing women or not punishing men on this. this is sure to add to the escalation. and it comes on a day when ted cruz today unveiled his women for cruz initiative and sort of announced he was going to have a celebration of women. he did it with his wife, his mother, and carly fiorina, former rival, a former ceo of hewlett-packard, who is now his ally. this is an attempt by the cruz campaign to really play to wisconsin women and republican women across the country with the understanding that a lot of national polls suggest that when it comes to support for women, donald trump has a problem. there's a very high percentage of women with an unfavorable view of him. so weighing in on this abortion issue can definitely move that needle, shep. >> carl cameron, live with us, carl, thanks very much.
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the three republican candidates each spent an hour last night taking questions from anderson cooper on cnn. some of donald trump's positions are new to american politics and frankly could alter the security of everyone on this planet. let's bring in the national political reporter for real clear politics. rebecca, thanks for coming. >> thank you, chuck. >> for decades one of the bedrocks of american foreign policy has been stopping nuclear proliferation and providing security to our allies in exchange in part for not seeking nuclear weapons. that's been true for all administrations, republican and democrat. donald trump is promoting a new policy. life. >> so you have no problem with japan having nuclear weapons? >> at some point we have to say, you know what, we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea. we're better off, frankly, if south korea is going to start to protect itself. saudi arabia, absolutely. >> you're fine with them having nuclear weapons? >> not nuclear weapons, but they have to protect themselves.
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>> you said, japan, it's fine, you get nuclear weapons, saudi arabia says i want them too. >> it's going to happen anyway. it's only a question of time. >> it's going to happen anyway? has there been reaction to this? >> it's a completely per president-ele plexing statement, given what the u.s. policy has been, as you said, to limit nuclear proliferation. the fact that donald trump said it's going to happen anyway so what does it matter really flies in the face of what u.s. policy has been on this for many, many years. just because it's the policy doesn't mean it's right. but if you look at what donald trump is saying, by suggesting that countries who are under threat of attack by other countries, so south korea, japan, under threat of potential attack by north korea, saying that those countries should have nuclear weapons is kind of akin to the argument of saying a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, except we're talking about nuclear weapons here, shep.
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i think many of our u.s. allies would be very startled to hear this language. >> the pentagon, from all of know of everybody there and the regulatory of jennifer griffin, the pentagon would not be in favor of this proposal. >> no. no, not at all. and donald trump has said that if he is president, he would listen to his generals. i think many of his generals if he is president would be suggesting that this this probably an ill-advised policy to be pushing for. donald trump was waffling a little bit in his answer with anderson cooper. he clearly left a little bit of space there, saying that while it's going to happen anyway so what does it matter, maybe leaving some space to walk this back later on. >> i suppose there's space. he also went against the fundamentals of republican and conservative ideology when he suggested that education -- well, listen to this. >> so in terms of federal government role, you're saying security, but you also say health care and education should be provided by the federal government. >> those are two of the things, sure. there are obviously many things,
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housing, providing great neighborhoods. >> aren't you against the federal government's involvement in education? don't you want it to devolve to states? >> i want it to go to states, absolutely. >> that's not part of what the firm government's role should be? >> the concept of the country is the concept that we have to have education within the country and we have to get rid of common core and it should be brought to the state level. >> and federal health care, run by the federal government? >> we need health care for our people. we need a good -- obamacare is a disaster. >> is that something the federal government should be doing? >> the government can lead it but it should be privately done. >> i don't even know what happened there. there were two -- you know, media websites suggest he flip-flopped in 11 seconds in that matter. we have all positions on all matters. cafeteria plan. >> it was incredible, shep, i couldn't believe it. you saw what he said, he said the federal government, one of their top responsibilities other than security should be health care and education. and then went on to say, actually the states and private
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corporations should be dealing with this issue. so it's not really clear what donald trump believes on this. maybe he hasn't quite figured it out either. but it's worth noting that donald trump certainly hasn't been afraid to undermine republican orthodoxy, to test republican policies that have been stances of the party for a long time. i would point to trade as one of the major issues where he's gone against the grain, gone against what republicans have pushed for for many, many years. he is against free trade deals, against things like the trans-pacific partnership. but education and health care, these are cornerstone issues for republicans, where the republican party has said bring these back to the states to control, the federal government shouldn't be involved. and it sounds like donald trump is saying the opposite, that the federal government should be involved. so i would like to see reporters press him on this in the days to come. >> this new matter that has just popped up with chris matthews over on msnbc, and i guess they'll air it on "hardball" tonight, the quote is, with these banned abortions, women
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should be punished if they have banned abortions but the men who are also part of the process should not be punished. this, with the backdrop of trump, according to the polls, having serious issues with women across the board, many not in his own base, but across the board, he's like 74% negative. now there's this. >> well, this to me, shep, sounds -- and again, i'm going to have to watch this interview for myself because i haven't seen it yet. but this sounds to me like a little bit of creative phrasing from donald trump, saying abortions that are illegal, people should be punished for those. but in the age of row roe v. wade, he doesn't always have the best words. >> rebecca, thank you. >> thank you, shep. with a primary six days away, hillary clinton is not in
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wisconsin. hillary clinton is in new york which votes two weeks later. what's happened in wisconsin? have you heard about spending there? could hillary clinton have an enormously tough battle with bernie sanders? could she lose wisconsin? wait until you see the new polls from the fox news deck on this wednesday afternoon. jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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hillary clinton focusing today on new york, the second biggest prize in presidential politics. hours ago she held a raily at the famous apollo theater in harlem. new york has 247 delegates up for grabs. it's also home turf for both candidates. we could eventually have a new yorker against a new yorker and the winner later running against a new yorker. hillary clinton lives here and represented this state for two terms in the senate. bernie sanders was born in brooklyn. he's campaigning today in wisconsin, the next battleground in the democratic race. a new poll out from marquette university, would you look at this, it shows senator sanders beating secretary clinton in wisconsin, 49 to 45%. that's within the margin of error, plus or minus 6.3 here. still, an enormous change from what we've seen before. wisconsin holds its primary this coming tuesday, six days from today and two weeks before new york. ed henry is here on set with us
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today, because the candidate who he's following is here in new york. if wisconsin is next week, hillary's focusing on new york. that tells us something. >> it tells us maybe she thinks wisconsin is not going to be so nice, so she's focusing on the next prize, as you say, with the delegates at stake. she's in harlem, as you mentioned, with congressman charlie rangel at a bakery, then going to the apollo theater. this is an advantage she had that carried her through the south. sanders basically didn't compete through most of the deep south because of the african-american vote and the advantage clinton has. and so she's in new york trying to lock that down while sanders is in wisconsin making sure that that lead sticks. watch. >> i take a back seat to no one in taking on income inequality. it's also important to take on racial inequality and discrimination. >> do we do what every other candidate does and go out and establish a super pac and raise
12:18 pm
money from wall street and the wealthiest people in this country? and we thought about it for about a tenth of a second and we concluded, no, we do not represent the billionaire class, we don't want their money. >> so wisconsin is next. and hillary clinton is here today, tomorrow, has just announced a moment ago she's going to be in syracuse, upstate new york, on friday. so three straight days campaigning in a state you would think she would have locked up a long time ago, which suggests she is at least a little nervous about it. >> new yorker hillary clinton has an ad out not against new york bernie sanders but against new york donald trump. >> this race has gone on a long time. if she attacks bernie sanders in an ad, that might backfire with the left, she wants to bring them in. going after donald trump, the left loves that. >> when some say we can solve
12:19 pm
america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning against each other, well, this is new york, and we know better. >> the bottom line is this race has gone on a lot longer than hillary clinton wanted, obviously. she still has a commanding lead in the delegate count. that's why she wants to try to lock down new york. if there's one thing that unites democrats right now, it's donald trump. >> going after him. hillary clinton is now reacting, has in the last 15, 20 minutes, so what donald trump said about abortion, punishment for women. she said, "just when you that you say it couldn't get worse. horrific in telling -- h." this is what the clinton camp is banking on. she's had a rougher stretch as a candidate but appears closer to getting the nomination. if donald trump is the republican nominee and is saying things like this, whether you agree or disagree with him, it's the kind of thing that hillary
12:20 pm
clinton will do in the general election to get women to turn out and beat him. >> ed, thank you, enjoy the city, it's a beautiful day. >> it really is. >> coming up, why hillary clinton is apparently ignoring bernie sanders to focus on donald trump. whether a clinton-trump complain could become a race to the bottom, that's next.
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more on hillary clinton's new political ad definition donald trump, her first campaign time of advertisement in new york. people act like they're surprised by this. are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised. look, the next state to vote is
12:24 pm
wisconsin and she's not going to be there all week. i think she's looking past wisconsin, planting her flag in new york and beginning to set up a general election contest which she thinks is most likely to come to fruition between herself and donald trump, looking right past bernie sanders, not really acknowledging him or giving him the time of day. she may have to debate him one more time, we're finding out, but doesn't really want a back and forth with bernie every day, would rather go mano a mano against donald trump. >> partly sunny has spent $11.5 million in wisconsin. if he has a win there, doesn't he have the building of a narrative that, whoa, we can do this? >> yeah, because of us, the media will allow him a narrative, just like they will on the republican side. it's just one state. and frankly, it's a smaller state, a much smaller state than new york on both sides, which
12:25 pm
votes two weeks later. we come up on these, and they're voting in single states now. this is the most important contest ever. the problem for bernie is he's got to beat her by such a big margin to really rack up delegates that that's not really going to happen. the poll that came out has him up by 4 points, not even outside the margin of error. that still looks like a tight race for him. a victory is important but it really doesn't do much to change that delegate gap. >> this new punishment for banning abortions and punishments for women who have abortions but not punishment for men, hillary clinton is all over that. i suppose he could have another position on it in a minute because he changes positions, you know, more often than i change ties. but, you know, for now the position is punish the women. >> i'm sure he is going to have a different position on this. i'm sure he's going to have a hurricane of another 24-hour news cycle like he did
12:26 pm
yesterday. you know, you don't realize, you don't think it can get worse for donald trump as far as media coverage goes, then it happens. the fact that hillary clinton didn't waste any time to drop that tweet means that this is her sweet spot. this is talking about female voters. she's already going to have an advantage against any republican, forget trump, any republican, she'll have an advantage with female voters, she'll have a gender gap. but the fact that he is saying punishments, it's not specific yet i don't think about what punishments he would pursue for women who have abortions, but, you know, this is in her wheelhouse. and not in a primary electorate, this doesn't hurt him, i don't think. i don't think you'll see cruz come out and get on him for this. but in a general election this would be a real vulnerability. >> david cantonese, thank you. >> thanks, shep. leaders from around the world are get together. on the agenda, how to prevent a
12:27 pm
disaster by keeping nukes out of terrorists' hands. ahead, what the white house has to say about vlad's no-show. plus isis supporters publishing contact information for dozens of american police officers, pushing for followers to carry out attacks. the latest on that threat as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. this is fox news channel, the most-watched channel anywhere on cable in america.
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the fox report now, more headlines from the fox news deck. a wall of ice may help stop a leak of radioactive material say nuclear plant. that's the word from officials in japan. they plan to freeze the soil around the tubifukushima nuclea plant. here at home, the fed spent more than 86 million of your tax dollars on a spy plane it has
12:30 pm
never flown, according to the inspector general. it was supposed to fly surveillance missions over afghanistan, but officials say they've given up on that. investigators say they believe a rapper recorded and released a song from prison and they want to know how. his name is c. murder, which is appropriate. he's serving a life sentence for killing a teenager in '02. he said he reported everything before he went to prison. the feds don't believe it. the news continues after this. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up.
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12:33 pm
russia, which is also the planet's second biggest nuclear power. with this guy in charge, perhaps vlad is too busy riding horses or improving other skills. in any case, the white house calls moscow's decision to skip the summit a, quote, missed opportunity. officials say all russia is accomplishing is isolating itself. our guest is author of the book "the accidental admiral" and is live with us this afternoon. why would russia not want to attend this? >> i would say it is a case of spite. vladimir putin was furious when russia was thrown out of the g-8, the largest economies, it's in and out g-7. that happened after the ukrainian invitation. he's mad that the sanctions continue to be imposed on him. he's essentially going to turn
12:34 pm
russia into this angry island in the middle of the eurasia peninsula. it's a failing strategy. >> how does the rest of the world act, if at all? >> i think we act like the adult in the room. on this one i have to say i think the white house called it about right. it's pure foolishness on the part of russia. the bad news is russia, with 8,000 nuclear weapons, represents half of all the nuclear weapons. so to have a coherent global conversation about how to protect them, hard without russia, but let's go ahead and do what we can and continue to put the pressure on russia to protect their nuclear arsenal. >> what do you make of this idea that since it's going to happen anyway, go ahead and let saudi arabia and north korea have nuclear weapons and sign off on that as a policy matter? >> i'm trying to think who came up with that idea, shep. anyway, i think that's a very bad idea. any proliferation is a net negative for the global community. we don't have to go in that direction. those nations are comfortable
12:35 pm
with the u.s. nuclear umbrella. there's no additional margin cost to protecting them with that deterrent capability. we ought to remain with the status we have with those powers and not induce them or incentivize them to get nuclear weapons. >> is it your sense that the defense community as a whole, the pentagon, the joint chiefs, that everyone would have that position? >> i would never speak for everyone. but certainly every senior military and civilian official with whom i've spoken, and i've spoken with quite a few of them, look at that aghast, the idea of nuclear weapons proliferating around the world, particularly saudi arabia, which let's face it, is not the most stable regime in the world given their geopolitical circumstances. >> is that the kind of thing that might come up at this conference of world leaders? >> i don't think so. i think this conference will be focused more on the tactical questions of protecting existing nuclear arsenals, having a
12:36 pm
conversation about how to use intelligence sharing, how to use technical means, how to use biometrics, how to provide physical security around them, how to keep terrorists away from them. i do think there will be some side conversations about north korea generally. trilateral, between our president, japan, and south korea, bilateral, between our president and xi of china. it's an appropriate conversation. >> admiral, thanks very much, nice to talk to you. while that summit is set to begin without vlad putin, the u.s. announced today it's going to beef up its military presence in putin's backyard. officials say the pentagon early next year will send hundreds of ta tanks, or till aartillery and o armored vehicles and keep them there permanently. here are pictures in our slide
12:37 pm
show for you this afternoon. this m-1/a-1 main battle tank, hundreds of these, i'm told. they have thermal imaging and can destroy enemy forces. they say the firepower is extremely reliable even when it's on the move. here the u.s. is sending bradley vehicles too, they transport troops to the battlefield, provide fire support for forces on the ground. next, paladin how itsers, very sophisticated. officials say they can automatically point, fire, and move out, automatically. and on top of all of those, the pentagon deploying more than 1700 hum-vees to eastern europe. their light weight, high performance, and the military uses them for all kind of things. a message for vlad putin.
12:38 pm
>> 4200 soldiers will be rotating in and out, shep. 62,000 military personnel are assigned to europe permanently, far fewer than the 400,000 stationed in europe at the height of the cold war. the companies that will receive the new equipment and brigades worth of new soldiers, include bulgaria and romania. a year ago the u.s. army staged its largest show of force in europe, parading an armored convoy across the baltic states. it began in estonia and ended in germany. the new initiative, the european reassurance initiative, will cost $3.4 billion, a quadrupling of the pentagon's budget for european defense if congress agrees. this is the first time since the end of the cold war that the pentagon has permanently deployed troops and tanks along nato's eastern border, shepherd. >> are they giving an official reason for doing this now, at the pentagon? >> the idea, we're told, is to
12:39 pm
deter future russian aggression in the wake of its invitation of ukraine. moscow annexed the country's crimea peninsula a little over two years ago. the message of course is for russia's vladimir putin. >> putin has proven he will do the unexpected. he will take advantage of opportunities. you don't know for sure what he'll do next. >> all of this coming after a decade of the u.s. drawing down from europe. the pentagon attempted cost savings in recent years by pulling out of europe. this new plan suggests that may have been a bit premature, shepherd. >> jane griffin at the pentagon, thank you. a pro-isis twitter account published the names and phone numbers of dozens of new jersey transit officers, encouraging supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks against them. what do we know about who is behind this? >> this is a group called the caliphate cyber army. they're known as the cca. they're a group who focus on defacing websites and spreading
12:40 pm
propaganda. we've heard from these guys before. this is the same pro-isis group which released names of officers in minnesota, placing them on a kill list. they did that earlier this month. in this instance, as you mentioned, they published a series of tweets that linked to a list of those names, addresses, and ranks of 55 new jersey transit police officers, encouraging supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks. new jersey transit says its information system was not compromised however some information was breached from an outside vendor. and it is currently working with the department of homeland security and the fbi on the matter. cyber security experts believe the increase in frequency of these types of cyber attacks signal advancement in the group's hacking capabilities. >> it's just like anything else. the more u it, the better you get as it. we just don't want them to get to the point where they're so good at it that we're really having to deal with a real, actual, ongoing threat. >> the good news is the tweets have been taken down. the bad news is that information has been put out there along with the call to do the lone
12:41 pm
wolf attack. >> it doesn't go away. >> right. >> laura, thanks. the accused plane hijacker or something like that whom officials call a love-struck idiot, and that's a quote, told police he took over the choice because he didn't have any other choice. the suspect appeared in court today. the details and the reaction from the passengers, including that one from great britain who got a fantastic photo to remember the day, that's coming up. of their type 2 diabetes
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he's noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. as well as heightened levels of abject humiliation in his son. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move. 16 minutes before the hour. an airline pilot is talking about what happened after a so-called love-struck idiot hijacked an egyptair plane. we reported here yesterday the flight took off from alexandria in egypt, headed to cairo. investigators have said the suspect forced it to land in cyprus where, by the way, his
12:45 pm
ex-wife lives. today the pilot says the suspect told the crew where to land, giving them other options including turkey and greece. the crew chose cyprus since it was the closest. the suspect gave up after a standoff on the ground, nobody hurt. we heard from one of the hostages who took this photo. that's the hostage guy on your right hand there with a smiley face and all that going on. that's some british guy. the man told the british newspaper "the sun" that he snapped it during the hijacking. and that's the hijacker there, see the belt around him? he wanted a, quote, selfie of a lifetime. but he clearly doesn't even know what a selfie is. a selfie means you took it yourself, dumb dumb! golly. he gave it to someone else. i want to know who took the picture of the hijacker and the british tourist for life. he figured if the bomb was real he would have nothing to lose anyway. big smiles. hopefully this guy is in
12:46 pm
trouble. >> shep, yes, he's of course facing legal trouble. and it's likely that he's going to head back to prison in egypt at some point. according to the "new york times," he was serving time in egypt in 2007. the hijacker's name of course, seif eldin mustafa. he made the peace or victory sign today as he left court in cyprus. he was held there for eight days. an expert on the rule of law in egypt tells me he'll most likely be extradited to egypt. she says he'll probably have some mental issues and will receive a maximum life sentence of 25 years. >> they'll come down harsh on him if only to signal to the international community that they do not tolerate any attempts to hijack an airplane or any attempts of terrorism. >> and while many may wonder how he made that -- how he got that fake explosives belt through security, cyprus officials say it was essentially made of
12:47 pm
cellphone covers so nothing that's danger and you say nothing that would even flag security. >> we saw the selfie guy there from great bryaitain, but is anybody else from the plane talking? >> some had tension and fear but most looked relieved as they were greeted by family members back in egypt. one described mustafa's demeanor during the incident. >> you could talk with him. he was very easy. he said nothing would happen. and after that, he let us go. >> now, other passengers were not so at ease, one saying, quote, we looked at each other in the eyes and said, here we are, at the end of the line, it's over. we mentioned one of the passengers was that man who took a selfie. i should mention i spoke with the former head of the fbi's hostage rescue team today. and he said that that was a very irresponsible move. he said that distracting someone in the midst, a possible suicide
12:48 pm
bomber in the midst of an ongoing negotiation, which is a very sensitive thing, could have put everyone's life at risk, not just his own. >> the word is if you're out there and there's a hijacking going on, don't take a picture with the hijacker just in case. >> yes, go ahead and let the negotiators do their job. it was a crew member who took the selfie. >> the non-selfie selfie. good job. they'll get you there with care. thank you. hack remembers at ers are a. hang on. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
you could be absolutely confident whatever is stored on your personal device is safe and the federal government cannot access it. that's from the white house press secretary himself today. this comes days after the feds
12:52 pm
say that they hacked into the san bernardino killer's locked iphone without the help of apple. the newspaper reports apple's lawyers are now researching legal options to get the government to explain to him how it got into that phone. the feds claim a third party helped them do it after apple refused to help. the l.a. times reports the fbi has shown no interest in revealing the secret and analysts say the feds should privately tell apple how it did it so that the company could improve security for its millions of customers. josh ernest says all is well. the computer system that one of our country's biggest hospital chains are down. still down after hackers took them down two days ago. med star is the operator of the chain. the outage is affecting 10 hospitals. and also more than 250 clinics all in maryland and d.c. area. among the problems, patients say they can't book appointments online and employees say they
12:53 pm
can't check e-mail or look up phone numbers and make changes to hospital records. the company spokesperson says they have been using paper and pen, ah, the officials say they have made progress but don't know when it will get back to normal. the fbi is investigating. who did this? >> who did this? unknown as of now but if we look back to other incidents, for example, the one in california in february. there are groups of hackers sometimes found in eastern europe. i mean this is a business for them. if you want to think about how much they get for your medical record or mine, it could be 50 bucks to $75 per head if that just kind of puts it in context. the system med star is inching its way back. but god help us all they have to use paper. but people's operations have been put off. all delays, lab work included. it has definitely thrown a monkey wrench. the company says you can try to
12:54 pm
make an appointment online. >> are the hackers making demands? >> right this second no good confirmed source that the hackers have made a demand. great question because exactly what happens in february with that huge hospital in california where the hackers did demand $17,000 worth of coins and the hospital paid because there was just this locked screen malware put on the systems and the doctors couldn't access anything, the patients couldn't access anything. >> one phone operation. >> in bic coins. >> 17 grand. >> take a whole hospital down might as well swing for the funds? i don't know. they were kind and gentle about it. thank you. >> thank you. >> back with one of the wonders of the world that was not so wonderful when it happened on this day in history. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
12:55 pm
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12:57 pm
but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the last generation at seaworld. there will be no more breeding. we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do.
12:58 pm
monkey meat and sea foods sprayed with chemicals. some of the foods criminals are trying to sell around the world. officials seized 11,000 tons on the list. italian olives painted with a copper solution to improve color. sugar tainted with fertilizer and hundreds of gallons of fake alcohol. monkey meat. covering 57 countries including the united states. investigators arrested some people but don't say how many. sleep with the fish is supposed to be a threat but for some it's a grand prize. sleep with the fishes? >> sound terrifying? >> yeah. >> people are going to want to enter this competition. this contest where three lucky people get to sleep under water while 35 sharks are swimming around them. they're having dinner as well. >> they are dinner.
12:59 pm
>> air b and b partnered up with the oldest aquarium in france. this is a really cool shot. inside of the actual room it accommodates two people. you see literature on the side. stuffed animals enjoying a 360 degree view of your neighbors. >> and they're going to watch you do it. >> it's simple to join this competition. you have to write an essay on why you want to be a part of this experience and see if you win. >> all right. i'll get right on that. thanks joanna. >> you're welcome. >> and on this day in 1848 niagara falls ran dry. a lot of folks panicked. it stopped for two days and people thought the world was ending. others decided to walk to the river bottom taking the chance the water would not turn on again. officials say it turns out ice jammed up but it wasn't the last time the water stopped flowing. back in 1969 the army managed to turn it off to clean the area up
1:00 pm
and in recent years extreme cold left parts almost completely frozen but niagara stopped falling 168 years ago today. your world starts right now. gop candidates battling it out as the new poll puts ted cruz way ahead of donald trump in the badger state. welcome everyone. this is your world. a new market university poll giving ted cruz a ten point lead over donald trump today. does trump need wisconsin to capture the gop nomination? to the guy who follows it all, larry at uva center for politics. donald trump could get the 1237 number before the convention. you had him winning wisconsin. >> yes. we had to do that to get


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