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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and in recent years extreme cold left parts almost completely frozen but niagara stopped falling 168 years ago today. your world starts right now. gop candidates battling it out as the new poll puts ted cruz way ahead of donald trump in the badger state. welcome everyone. this is your world. a new market university poll giving ted cruz a ten point lead over donald trump today. does trump need wisconsin to capture the gop nomination? to the guy who follows it all, larry at uva center for politics. donald trump could get the 1237 number before the convention. you had him winning wisconsin. >> yes. we had to do that to get him the
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1237. i've always believed he was vulnerable in wisconsin and i think it's the case. >> not just this poll from arquette but other polls, evaluations coming out of wisconsin, the endorsement of governor scott walker for ted cruz. all of these things suggest to me that cruz has a good chance to win wisconsin, maybe not all the delegates but at least to get maybe the statewide number. i think it's 18, 42 delegates over all. 18 to the statewide winner. >> a little complicated but this will be interesting turn of events. donald trump was leading in several polls in the state. i know there's a lot of doubters when it comes to polls. i don't blame them. they have not been that great in the last two years and this election cycle. to your point i do believe these trends where you start to see trends shift, i think that's something you got to pay
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attention to and not just wisconsin, now we're seeing kasich in pennsylvania, how worried should the trump camp be? >> you take one contest at a time. and of course there is only wisconsin coming up next tuesday and then we have another lull before we get to some northeastern primaries like pennsylvania, new york and so on. i think they should be worried but then all the candidates should be worried and trump is going to have at least on the first ballad far more delegates but he has a problem that cruz doesn't have. trump is going to have great difficulty growing his delegate poll on the second ballad that he's going to lose a lot where as cruz will gain a few. >> on your split screen, donald trump in a live event in wisconsin. larry, with respect to wisconsin
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for what happens after wisconsin or what may happen in general election, it's a state that's got a deep thing with respect to politics. if this poll is correct and cruz has this convincing win, could it signal a broader shift toward donald trump? >> it could. i'm not going to be definitive about that until i see the actual results. but look, wisconsin is important and it's positioned all by itself. that does matter because it's going to create a headline on tuesday and that head line will last for a while until the primaries start moving again. so potentially that will help the winner and particularly if it's cruz because this is kind of a pause in the primary season. this is an opportunity for someone not named donald trump to gain some momentum and that's what the cruz folks hope. strange things happen and they
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can happen overnight and we have until next tuesday. >> a long way from here in this day and age. but having said that, let me shift also on a democratic side. bernie sanders has a four point lead over hillary clinton. in october she had a 53 point lead over bernie sanders and you talk about momentum and it changing, this is so, so amazing to me and everyone says she's the nominee and none of this counts. he just swept the floor with her recently and now he's got this momentum in wisconsin. >> yes. that's true. look, bernie sanders has two of the three things you need. he's got money, tons of it. loads of small contributions. he's outspending hillary clinton in loads of states and i believe wisconsin is one of them. he's got another m, momentum. he's been not just winning but winning massive majorities in the caucus states like the three
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held last saturday. i'll tell you the m he desperately needs and i don't think he can get and that's mathematics. he doesn't have the mathematics to win. there are too many delegates already in hillary clinton's column, not just the pledged delegates but the super delegates and technically, charles, they can switch practically they are not going to abandon hillary clinton and vote for a 74-year-old socialist. it's not going to happen. >> well, the establishment super delegate will not abandon the candidate. these polls are fascinating no matter how inaccurate they can be. we appreciate it. thanks, man. >> thank you, charles. >> donald trump is holding a rally as we speak in appleton, wisconsin. blake is there. blake. >> hi, charles. good afternoon to you. yes this is the northeast part of the state south of green bay. donald trump has been on the stage here for the better part of a half an hour now.
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a town hall typesetting, about 1,000 people here. he did not mention marquette university law polled by name. however, donald trump started his speech here in appleton by saying he feels he is going to outperform the polling here because wisconsin is an open primary state meaning independents and democrats can cross the aisle tuesday that he thinks he'll do better than expected. here's trump just a while ago. >> i think we're going to have a lot of cross-over votes. democrats coming across and independents and people never voted before coming across and no poll -- i think the polls don't -- the polls aren't even taking that or discussing that. >> ted cruz has been campaigning in wisconsin as well down state in the state capital of madison
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launching his women for cruz event joined alongside his wife heidi. he was also joined by his mother, eleanor and carly fiorina who has been on the trail. john kasich who you saw in the poll down into the low 20s, left the state for the moment and be back later in the week as well. as for trump, he continues this town hall type event here in appleton and says he'll be campaigning throughout the week. he has called wisconsin incredibly important and he has been hitting ted cruz hard as well. charles, back to you. >> thank you very much. it's incredibly important. we appreciate it. if we don't take refugees in terrorists went out. the question is he right or wrong. will hillary clinton debate bernie sanders again? why it's becoming a growing debate and we're on it.
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authorities combing through evidence found on a computer lynched to the brussels terror
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attacks. greg. >> charles, more than a week after the terror attacks here in brussels we are learning they could have even been worse. belgian officials with a strong assistance from fbi agents are going through the laptops and mobile phones seize from the r terror suspects and finding out they might have wanted to hit targets around the corner from the station which they hit with bombs. images, maps and plans of the home and office of belgian prime minister were found on a hard drive. no exact plot for the terror was found but certainly was warranted. the search continues for the main suspects including that man in the hat or man in white seen with two other suicide bombers in the airport surveillance tape. there is new speculation that that man could also be the second suspect which was seen at the metro station, the metro
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blast one hour after the airport blast. the two locations are only three miles away. he could have been at the airport and then at the subway station. now treatment in the hospital, the two mormon missionaries who were badly injured in the airport attacks, another american has been flown home. 12 americans were injured, four killed, 55 victims remain in critical condition, 32 were killed. finally, charles, it doesn't end, the french authorities said that beginning with the raid last week just outside of paris they have broken up an imminent threat of attack against a target in france, one person arrested, weaponry seized and two people arrested in belgium, one in holland. the european network of terror. back to you. >> greg, thanks, we appreciate it. president obama suggesting that these terrorists will win out if we don't take refugees in.
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>> these attacks can bring in fear and division. strike out against those who don't look like us or pray exactly as we do. and they could lead us to turn our backs on those most in need of help and refuge. that's the intent of the terrorists. >> the democratic strategy gist who agrees with the president and former army helicopter pilot who thinks we need to put a pause on the refugee program. >> president obama's refugee strategy and policy has been to basically treat the symptom of the problem, instead of going after the root cause of the problem that exists in iraq and syria. in doing so when he is wants to bring over 10,000 refugees into
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the united states that is contributing to the problem, turning a blind eye to what needs to happen to solve this problem and saying we're going to contribute and not allow these people to have a place to go home to and instead of being the leader and saying we need to go after this problem and fix it where it lies which is iraq and syria, as long as there's a civil war in syria and isis exists they're not going to have a place to go home to. >> he's got to crush and we have got to win the military war against isis in a place they control and secondly, allow these people to go home or stop them from coming here so they can rebuild their nation? >> absolutely. not acknowledging we need to go after isis is naive. president obama isn't learning from the crisis in europe right now. >> to that point, germany has allowed a couple million in, we see the crisis in europe is getting worse. there's got to be something to
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the notion of pausing this thing. >> let's not confuse what's going on in europe with the united states. europe adjacent to where the s refugees are coming from. nobody is coming here on a raft. people are -- >> these are refugees though. they're running from a war. >> correct. >> it's the same people with the same philosophy. >> not the same people and philosophy. some are and some aren't. >> they are vetting out. we're getting the good syrians refugees and you're getting the bad -- >> no. i'm saying europe cannot control their flow right now. people are crushing borders to walk in there. >> julie, let me tell you i don't think that's what we're talking about. what we're saying is in general should we halt the program until we can get a better assessment? >> we have a good assessment. it takes 12 to 18 months to come here. they're not coming here the next day after they apply. it's taking time to do that.
1:17 pm
let me say this. i'm a political refugee myself and came from a country -- soviet union. what if people said don't let people come here. give me a break. i would still be dying in russia today. >> i don't know if i would compare russia to radical islamic terrorism. >> excuse me. let me add to that. how do you know radical come nunist were not imbedded among us. people were terrified that people coming here were traitors. >> obama wants to allow over 10,000 refugees in this fiscal year. it takes over two years to properly vet refugees which means they are going to be creating all sorts of waivers for these refugees to come into the united states, even the fbi directors said there's no proper way to vet them. >> president obama keeps saying
1:18 pm
that if we take them in it will mitigate or lessen the appeal of terrorism and isis. europe is taking them in and we saw what happened in brussels and in paris. so taking them in, how is that -- the notion if we love them and embrace them keeping us safe. >> i'm glad you brought up paris. at the people, the vast majority were french born nationals or european born nationals. they were not coming from syria or iraq. they were people who were -- this is something -- most people were born in paris or belgium. >> paris don't hate us because we are not nice to them. they are going to take advantage of any program we have to exploit our weaknesses and to bring foreign fighters into this nation to have terrorist attacks
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against this country. >> we have got to leave it there. thanks. >> thanks. >> is bernie about to get burned. we're talking about the super delegates. we're going to report and you're going to decide. we actively manh expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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crock the vote. that's the cover of today's new york daily news. several new york super delegates are planning to support hillary clinton even if she loses the primary to bernie sanders. ed henry with the latest. >> the super delegates are not bound based on the results. one of the frustrations that bernie sanders has. but that's the process, the system he has to work within. which is the super delegates are party bosses and they can go with either side. sanders' strategy is to get
1:23 pm
those super delegates convinced that he will do better than clinton in a general election to get them to flip. some of those did the same in 2008. they backed the establishment candidate in hillary clinton when she faltered they flipped to obama and he won in part because of that support from the super delegates. the problem now is yes she's faltered in some ways but among pledge delegates, the ones attached to actual votes in primaries and caucuses. putting aside the super delegates and she is now a little bit worried about new york. this is her adopted home state but bernie sanders is trying to win here in mid to late april. clinton is spending money and three days campaigning. she was here today campaigning in harlem trying to turn out the african-american vote while sanders was in wisconsin, the next battle ground tuesday. watch. >> my opponent and i share many
1:24 pm
of the same goals but some of his ideas for how to get there won't pass. others just won't work. because the numbers don't add up. and that means people aren't going to get the help that they need and deserve. >> the issue of where you get your money is extremely important. because it means who you are beholding to. i am proud to be beholding to people who send me a check for $27. [ cheers and applause ] >> sanders is also pushing for a debate in new york city. the clinton camp saying sanders had to change his tone but now seems to be softening and saying they're open to that. they're realizing it might look worse if she ducks the debate. >> reaction from former south carolina governor supporting hillary clinton.
1:25 pm
governor, a lot of heat coming on the democratic party about the super delegates who seem to be establishment creatures that dominate the process and really thwart the will of the people but you think it's okay? >> i do think it's okay, charles. super delegates have been around a long time and bernie sanders is trying to court the super delegates in states he's lost just like hillary clinton is courting super delegates. i think it's fair. these are figures of the party who have a interested interest in the outcome. it's not surprising new york would support hillary clinton. she's a fair daughter of new york and served in the senate from new york. i don't think this is surprising and i think the limited number of super delegates we have, their involvement is helpful. >> this is nuts. what happened -- why vote? why bother to have the election if it's already written in stone? >> totally agree.
1:26 pm
in 1981 they set up a system part of the hunt commission. what happened was you had electioned officials felt like they had more influence and be rewarded for their support. the elected officials then party leaders and you find out they're lobbyists and donors. one super delegate equals 10,000 votes. if the gentleman from south carolina who might as well be a super delegate for all we know understands this process, it is a mechanism of patronage. it is old school. machine politics. >> governor, first of all, are you a super delegate? >> no i'm not. >> let me ask you are you concerned about the tone where in american politics on both sides of the aisle people are frustrated with this sort of weird thing? everyone thought one person one vote and all these other things that take away grass roots, you
1:27 pm
can see a revolt and a democratic party not unlike we're seeing in a gop. >> well same process we had in 2008 and obama was successful in convincing super delegates to vote for him. and the end of the day what's going to happen is they'll make a decision after the interior process unfolds. hillary clinton is winning the vote, too. she's not only leading with delegates, but leading with a number of people who actually voted in primaries here. the process i think is going to unfold pretty well for her during the course of events during the primaries. >> with all due respect she's winning because she has machine apparatus organizing the vote in these states. bernie sanders doesn't have elected officials who have endorsed him two years prior organizing that vote. he country have union leaders endorsing him two years prior raising money for him. this is a system to block
1:28 pm
reformers. >> let me get with the governor. i will say if she's getting more votes for him that's one thing but getting back to the idea there's not a direct correlation with these super delegates overwhelmingly going to clinton. over 91%. that's the reason people are upset. you understand that? is. >> sure i understand that. those are the rules in 2008 as well and it worked out well for obama. hang on let me finish. what i would say about this process is when you look at where the votes have been cast where people have voted she's won that, too. no reason for the -- >> guys we're going to have to leave it there. a lot of passion on both sides. we'll bring it up again. it looks like the gop pledge also could be history. so what's the impact on the race? that's next.
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the gop presidential candidates all pledged their support to the republican nominee but now seems they're backing away from the pledge. donald trump saying flat out he won't abide by it.
1:33 pm
on the mess this is all creating by 10:30 last night they all were more or less out of the pledge. >> the pledge wasn't worth all that much to begin with. basically what the pledge really meant was i promise not to run third party or to support the party's nominee unless something changes and i change my mind. that's what you are seeing right now. talking to a lot of voters, voters who have decided to vote for somebody other than donald trump, most of those republicans have told me that even though they don't like trump, if he were to become the nominee they would vote for him. i think most of the voters actually intend to vote for the republican party. >> but there's some big names out there on the conservative side who have said no matter what they won't go with hillary but write in some other candidate or skip the process all together. the idea they needed to pledge in the first place, wasn't that
1:34 pm
a red flag? >> absolutely was. the fear was -- remember, things are turned up side down now. the fear was that donald trump who has enough money to fund his own campaign, trump would go out and if he wasn't happy with something, he would run a third party bid. it's really harder than that. now however, we have seen -- you mentioned some republicans, some of the never trumpers decided if we were the nominee they would search for another conservative candidate to run on the third party. so things have really changed with the pledge from last year. >> we know donald trump has got the strongest core support. how important would it be for any of the candidates including trump to have everyone get on the band wagon because it's going to be a major election and more likely hillary clinton will have the money and a whole lot of things going her way?
1:35 pm
>> it will be particularly important for trump because you have to remember we have seen it a lot more, a long spade of polls head to head matchups between trump, hillary clinton in which hillary clinton has substantial leads, sometimes double digit leads, really big advantages. and exhibit a, b and c against trump is if he were to be nominated he would lead the parties to some historic loss at the polls. however, if there were the sense that the party would get behind him, that might be a little bit different. >> byron, we'll see. the plot thickens every day. thanks. >> thank you charles. >> flyers can be striking out when workers go on strike tonight. what that means for your travel plans next.
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call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. fasten your seatbelts it could be a bumpy night. airport workers planning to strike at several major airports calling for higher wages. at reagan national where one of the strikes will take place. mike. >> reporter: we're flying through the nation's busiest airports tonight or tomorrow you will see airport workers on strike calling for minimum way saying poverty doesn't fly. seattle, o'hare and chicago, logan and boston, john f. kennedy, laguardia and philadelphia, reagan national
1:40 pm
here in the d.c. area and fort lauderdale. service workers including security officers baggage handlers are expected to walk off for a 24 hour strike. beyond better pay they would like paid sick days and vacation time. the union says the attack on the airport in brussels last week and the 2013 shooting both show airport service workers to security officers are the very first responders in emergencies. so the union is calling for more training and how best to protect themselves and passengers. they would like special training for those working in security and wheelchair agents who must help evacuate elderly and disabled passengers. the strike was postponed due to the brussels attack last week. organizers say this is expected to have limited impact on travellers they do know previous
1:41 pm
strikes had led to some changes. >> meanwhile look who is taking on wisconsin's governor for taking on unions. >> and i look at what your governor has done, destroyed, destroying unions, making it more difficult for families. >> well the wisconsin primary, hillary clinton taking shots at scott walker and making a union revival part of her economic plan. the executive director of the new york state democratic party. you know, the new poll comes out today, hillary clinton down by four points, was up by 53 points in wisconsin. this is a state where unions matters to the democrats and liberals. >> i don't know if it's grasping many straws. the fact of the matter is she's got a tremendous amount of
1:42 pm
labored support, representing 15 million workers nationwide. i think you're going to see her hitting that message. i'm not surprised bernie sanders is catching on in the state of wisconsin. but his message is actually not that much unlike donald trump's messa message. it's about the system is rigged and anti-trade. i understand why he's catching on. >> let me say his message is extremely different than donald trump's. i hear you -- in other words you have two candidates appealing to voters because they feel like they have no shot in this economy that washington hasn't done a thing and so they're angry and both of those candidates are appealing to that. and it's done in a very different way. i think trump embodies capitalism and bernie sanders is a socialist. you can't get more opposite than that. >> bernie sanders is really rocking. maybe people don't understand the message because it's hard
1:43 pm
for me to believe people want socialism but people do like free stuff. >> well, you know, what's interesting, listen, i think that it's not a socialist message. >> yeah. >> he is but it's merely -- it's not merely socialist -- >> he wants to redistribute warmth. >> a message directed towards economic empowerment. >> let me add back in the 1970s. the burlington free press that he thought it should be illegal to make more than $1 million a year. >> you won't want to make more than a million a year. >> let's talk wisconsin, what his message is increase jobs, increase minimum wage, things like -- >> here's the problem with that. it's been proven that these higher minimum wage destroyed job creation and also the american public has spoken and they have rejected unionization.
1:44 pm
the only place still strong is within governments and i think that's the problem. >> you see this in so many nonunion shops. they have the opportunity to unionize and they don't do it's because they know they will make more money if they have a market influenced place for their wages. they also know that they're going to get a better shot at keeping that job if it's not unionized because it makes it harder for american companies to compete. >> one second before we go. the super delegates. what the heck is up with that? i know that's the establishment. she's got almost every single one of them. she didn't win all the votes. >> can i say this is not being told correctly because super delegates do not get awarded until after the -- >> hillary clinton. >> until after the state has had its primary. she's up by 300 delegates. that's the reality. the super delegates -- >> they're telling bernie
1:45 pm
sanders if you win, if you don't win, it doesn't matter what the voice of the people is, we have hillary. >> to allow the super delegates to have so much influence, something very undemocratic. >> there is. thanks a lot. of course, you can cash trish 2:00 p.m. eastern weekdays on the fox business network. and occasional basil is on the show too. >> something this guy just said could be proving him right. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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take a look at the iran deal. how bad is that? many times people say deals are what the country makes and he'll say how can our politicians be
1:49 pm
so stupid. >> donald trump continuing to slam the iran nuclear deal. this as the ayatollah declared yesterday iran would remain strong through its missile program not through negotiations. the former commander of the uss cole says this is the result of american leadership refusing to hold iran accountable. donald trump absolutely right about this deal but goes further doesn't it? >> it absolutely does, charles. when you look at it, when you have either and occasion eventually it catches up with you. not only with iran or the ayatollah where the united states will not hold accountability for violations of a missile treaty but extends into the nuclear summit that the obama administration is getting ready to hold and russia has backed out and not even going to attend. >> commander, we saw the lead-up to the negotiations throughout
1:50 pm
the negotiation process when it became obvious everyone, even the casual observer that the obama administration wanted this so much they would do anything and iran took full advantage of that didn't they? that, didn't they? >> they absolutely did. they leveraged it to their advantage. we gave in to everyone of their demands. having sat down and read that 150-page join plan of action. when you look at it and really peel it back you discover there is still a very solid path way to a nuclear bomb by iran and by the ayatollahs. when you consider the threats in the region, their continued support as the number one sponsor, state sponsor of terrorism in the world, when you look at the instability they create in lebanon, in yemen, it is very clear that they'll continue pursuit of a nuclear weapon. because they see it serving their national interests. >> president obama also would say, we entered into this deal
1:51 pm
with our european partners. and he has this thing about leading by committee or leading from behind. should the next president of the united states take full control of this process? ignore to a certain degree the voices of international concerns about there? should we be the lead on this? it feels like every time we partner with europeans, we come one bad deals as well. >> i wouldn't say that's necessarily true. i think what the united states has to do in a leadership role where we assume point and we sit and say these the standards we'll live by. many times europeans, when the united states does that, will follow us. the europeans were very much against negotiating the intermediate arms force treaty with reagan and gorbachev. they didn't want to get behind it. look at the end of it. we eliminated an entire class of weapons on the european continent and russia. now russia is in violation of
1:52 pm
that today but when the europeans look to the u.s. for leadership and the u.s. does lead, when we are out front on issues of national security, the europeans tend to follow us and live up to the standard and the high bar that we set that does do a lot to stabilize the international community. >> a lot of people are now saying the clock has begun. it is only a matter of time to your point that iran gets a nuclear weapon. will we have to do something drastic now? we haven't enforced any of these agreements. nor the iran nuclear deal. to what extent do we have to do more than just sabre rattle? >> i don't think we sabre rattle at all. i think that our actions will be measured in concrete steps. we have to tell the administration, this is not about creating a legacy. this is about the long term security of the united states. the congress needs to demand from the administration that they take concrete verifiable
1:53 pm
steps toward holding them accountable. russia, iran and others including china and their influence over north korea. >> we thank you for your service and your expertise. thank you very much. >> thank you, charles. senator rubio still holding on to the delegates. now new reports he wants a role at the convention. what would that be? g record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. the weekly standard in madison, wisconsin, what exactly there all about, john? >> well, when a candidate withdraws from the race, it all depends on what state it is in. his delegates can be released in some. reapportioned in some or kept in some. what marco rubio is trying to do is to make sure as many stay with him as possible so they don't become free agents. or they're simply reapportioned
1:57 pm
by the state. we just saw this in alaska where alaska took rubio's five delegates and gave three to trump and two to cruz by sending out this letter asking for his delegates to remain with him, at least through the first ballot, they were taken away. that makes it more difficult for donald trump to win the donald trump nomination. >> is this something he put in after the loss in florida? >> after lost in florida he did use the word suspend. legally it is different from withdrawing from the campaign. like i am, it depends on each different phase. the republican party has a ho e hodgepodge of rules. the democrats have a different way of doing it. >> we always wonder, we hear that someone quit but they suspended. so legally suspending your campaign means technically you can reopen it or it keeps you alive de facto for the convention and at least play a role. >> not so clear that rubio wants
1:58 pm
to play a relevant. his campaign actually told that the washington examiner, he is simply trying to stop donald trump. what it would take for him to actually become the nominee, we're talking about some really farout situations. i'm saying he wants to play a role even fits stopping donald trump. let's say they get the letter, the communique, whatever it takes. the old school hand holding. how committed are they to him legally? >> these are all pledged delegates. so they're required on the first stage to vote that way. in subsequent votes if we don't have one, you have to remember they're not necessarily that loyal to their individual candidates. they're not selected by them. they can become free agents in many cases and they're vote their own consciences. whoever they think is the best candidate.
1:59 pm
so rubio or kasich, could they be the nominee? really hard to imagine that it won't be cruz or trump. you could end up with a candidate who is not even in contention right now. >> is it safe to say the majority of the delegates owe some allegiance to the establishment and would be susceptible if you will to arm twisting after the first round of voting at the convention? >> i would say that you could probably, you could get that most of them are conservative activists inclined toward ted cruz or party loyalists. so in louisiana where there are some uncommitted delegates, they're breaking toward cruz instead of trump. they think cruz is the candidate who can win. i think that's where they're heading. >> all right. thank you very much. once again, ted cruz at 40,
2:00 pm
donald trump at 30. we heard him speaking earlier saying he hopes the magic words bring in independents and democrats. later on join me. 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network on making money. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." they stood in front of the cameras and told the american people they would support the nominee no matter who it was going to be. >> i'll be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party. >> i'm a republican. whoever the nominee is, i'll get behind them. main and simple. >> i said at the outset i will support the nominee whoever it is. >> yes. >> i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> i promise


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