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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 31, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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earlier. take a look. i think you're a ten. you don't think you're a ten are you saying that personally you're a ten? >> i am not a ten. >> you are. >> maybe when i was younger. >> so our viewers are weighing in on this. >> lynn says steve doocy has always been a ten. he's hot. tamara says the same thing. bill: brand-new polling numbers show a split decision in wisconsin. martha: you got ted cruz up by 10 points in the latest polls in wisconsin. this was a race that was neck-and-neck. but a different picture when you look at donald trump's home state of new york. trump walking into a political buzz saw over the issue of
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abortion. take a listen to this extended clip so you have the context of it. here it is. >> should the woman be punished for an abortion? >> this is something you can't dodge. you have to deal with the law. should abortion be punished. >> people in certain parts of the republican party and the conservative party would say yes they should be punished. i would say it's a serious problem. >> do you believe in apunishment for abortion yes or no. >> there has to be some punishment. >> how long? >> i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else. bill: his opponents wasting no
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time to make the most of this? >> of course women shouldn't be punished. donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say the or he was misquoted. >> what he said today was among the most outrageous and dangerous statements i have heard anybody running for president say in a long time. >> the comment was wrong, and it's the latest demonstration of how little done tamed has thought about the serious issues facing this country. bill: what about the abortion comments from trump. how does that play out? >> they are huge. the biggest thing about them is they show a complete ignorance of the abortion debate inside the republican party and the conservative movement over the last couple decades.
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conservative orthodoxy, pro-life orthodoxy is the murder of the unborn, but the woman who has the abortion is not punished, that punishment should be reserved for the abortion doctor and the industry involved. he also managed to alienate pro-choicers who think abortion should be legal and nobody should be punished. bill: here is the statement. if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state or federal law and any doctor performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible. if the woman is the victim this case as is the life in her womb.
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like ronald reagan, i'm pro-life with exceptions. does it affect his supporters? >> it certainly affects his ability to gain new supporters. perhaps the old supporters he has will stick with him. but that statement he gave out was complete republican orthodoxy. he could have consulted with any republican consultant from a local dog catcher race on up and he would have known this. it was striking for republicans involved in politics. bill: 24 hours ago we were talking about corey lewandowski, his campaign manager. now it's this. in wisconsin, cruz up 10 points here. >> this is very, very good news
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for ted cruz. the polling we had before, a lot of it was done before marco rubio got out of the race. there were a lot of percentage points from the departed candidates. and it appears cruz has gotten the most 10-point lead over trump. cruz has just gotten the evenment of golf scott walker. but it's very popular among republicans here in wisconsin. and trump is under daily attack from the state's most conservative talk radio hosts who are going after him every single day. and watch for them to talk about this abortion thing for days to come. martha: the stakes are high in the primaries. wisconsin, tuesday evening, 42 delegates up for grabs there, then we move on to new york. that's april 19.
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and you have got 95 delegates. donald trump has 736, ted cruz, 463, marco rubio no longer in the race. but he's holding on to 164 delegates. john kasich is in 4th. he has 143. in terms of numbers it's not doable for john kasich in terms of getting to 1,237, but apparently he has a plan to get in there. what is that plan? we'll talk about that coming up. bill: cruz could dominate the first two weeks of the month and trump could dominate last two weeks of the month. martha: the federal drug administration easing its
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restrictions on the abortion pill. leland vittert is with us. reporter: with everything surrounding the abortion debate even changing the dosage on a pill can set off a firestorm. doctors found they could lower the dose that meant less side effects and they could have with fewer patient visits, and for a long time many doctors have been doing just that without fda approval. now they have approval from the fda to do it. here is the politics. in a thinly veiled attempt. all past laws requiring doctors to use the old guidelines on the packaging of higher doses and other restrictions. now the fda is undermining those
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laws by change the packaging. one can easily argue this is no different than guideline changes the fda makes all the time. but give what this drug is for. the fight is far from over. one report out of arizona shows the state legislature there may pass a law requiring doctors to still use the old higher dose guidelines rather than the fda now says is safe. martha: what are the doctors saying? reporter: the american association of gynecologists said they were pleased. but not the natural right to life, saying it serves only the interests of the abortion industry. planned parenthood said updating the label to represent best
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medical practice represents a significant step forward for science, women and for healthcare providers. bill: we are watching developing stories overseas. 15 people said to be dead and many more injured. perhaps 150 wowppedded after an overpass under construction collapsed in eastern india. witnesses said they heard a loud rumble before the structure came crashing down. authorities as i mention, 150 people trapped inside their vehicles. that's eastern india happening right now. martha: a texas mother identified as the third american killed in the brussels terror attack. officials say gail martinez was traveling through the airport. her husband and children were hurt in the blast.
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bill: the f.b.i. reports that a hospice allegedly tried to rush death among its patients to maximize profit. martha: president obama holding a nuclear summit in washington. donald trump says he would not rule out using the bomb if he were commander-in-chief. >> can you tell the middle east we are not using a nuclear weapon? >> i will not say that. i'm not taking my card off the table.
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by there is a major nuclear summit getting under way in washington today. but there is one notable no-show. russian president vladimir putin will not be there. with donald trump in this interview from yesterday he apparently is not ruleing are out using nukes himself if he were to be commander-in-chief. >> somebody hit us like isis you wouldn't hit back? you don't want to say take anything off the table. >> just nuclear. can you tell the middle east we are not using a nuclear weapon?
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>> i bo never say that. i'm not going to take any of my card off the table. i'm not taking cards off the table. bill: that from yesterday, john kasich in new york, how are you? >> if anything illustrates donald trump is unprepared to be president. he had five thing. bill: nuclear should be off the table but could there be a time when it could be used? >> he says one thing then he comes back and tries to clean it up. the guy is not prepared to be president. how close is his thumb to the trigger? this is not the way you lead the youth nor the way in which you lead the world. he's all over the place. we are going to use nuclear what he nonts middle east and europe.
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bill: what would a president kasich do when you have got iran and north korea. with the absence of moscow, what do you expect to get done at a two-day nuclear summit? >> the most important thing they need to talk about is the proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction and loose nukes. this has been a concern of our country for a long, long, long time. the fact is we cannot allow radicals to get their hands on these kind of weapons. in regard to north korea, the president of china is there. there is a case where the president of china can pressure north korea. but if that doesn't happen we need to intercept their planes and ships and look at south korea and japan being able to have a missile defense like
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israel has. but let's just go quickly here. in the middle east i have been saying for i don't even know how long, that we need to destroy isis with an arab-muslim coalition like we had in the first gulf war. we need to transform nato into not just a military operation but an intelligence and policing operation that can work across borders in europe. bill: how is that going? >> we don't have any leadership to get it done. we have not had a leader. when brussels happened i wouldn't have gone to a baseball game with castro. i would have come home, i would have gathered my intelligence experts and sent them to europe and say this has got to stop. we have seen terrible lemons
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turned into lemonade by bringing people together. there are people who want to destroy civilization. we have to work together with continued intelligence to root out these murderers who want to hurt our families. bill: yesterday you talked about obamacare. you said the talk of repealing obamacare on behalf of republicans was a stupid promise. >> it was. you are running for congress in 2014, and you say you are going to repeal obamacare. obama is the president of the united states. what do you think the prospects of repealing it was? all it did was make a false promise to create more cynicism. bill: doesn't that play into what trump is talking about. republican voters were told give us the house, we need the house, give us the senate, we need the senate.
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washington doesn't work for you, it works for itself. >> you can't make promises you can't keep. i don't make promises i can't keep. i will tell you this, if i'm president of the united states we'll get rid of obamacare if we can keep the house and the senate. we'll get rid of it and replace it with a system that is market driven that will cover people and provide health security for people. but don't you see that the reason why people are riled up, a lot of politicians have overpromised. deliver on what you do promise. that's what you do to restore respectability and confidence in washington. how do you get the nomination short of a contested convention? >> there's going to be a contests convention first of all. ted cruz has to win almost 90%
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of the delegates. it ain't going to happen. 88%. trump has to win 60%. he's not going to do it. as this moves east. pennsylvania i'm running even with trump. it's a matter of accumulating delegates. we have had 10 contested republican conventions. only three times has the delegate frontrunner been the nominee. seven times it's been somebody else. i beat hillary in every single national poll, they do not. the house and senate is at risk if i'm not the nominee. and at some point they will actually say who can be president. bill: i'll ask you about the rules and the party and something called the romney rule which you will answer next. >> i can't wait.
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martha: we are talking about the storms spawning multiple tornado in the midwest today. >> oh, man, look at that. martha: that's a giant funnel cloud hitting one community, and it hit it hard. we'll have more when we come back. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms,
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bill: john kasich is back with me in the studio. the romney rule says you have to win 8 states to be considered. if that rule stand, you don't stand much of a chance unless the party changes the rules. >> they don't have to change a rule. there are no rules are. romney is yesterday, not today,
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not july. we'll have a rules committee that will determine what the rules are. let me tell you, bill. we are going to go to a convention. we are going to pick somebody that can't win in the fall? that would be smart. let me tell you who is getting increasingly nervous. the senators, they are always nervous. but now they are particularly nervous. when you are a delegate at a convention and you are a candidate who beats hillary clinton by 11 points and we are going to say that guy doesn't get considered. bill: isn't that part of the rub for voters? the rules can be changed by politicians. the rules can be changed by of the party. >> whoa ... you know who's at the convention? people who work at the vineyards of the republican party. i have been to a contested
6:26 am
convention with ronald reagan and gerald ford. the delegates are smart, they love their country and they will pick somebody who can win. this is a crazy one. who actually could be commander-in-chief and the leader of the free world? i'm the only one the experience and record whether it's economics in giving people a chance to rise and having better job security and better future for their children, or actually international and global experience in terms of how we use our military. bill: i expect to hear more about these rules. and the way the history of the conventions are dictate by the parties, we'll watch this. another question for you -- here we go. why are you eating pizza with a
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knife and fork. >> i didn't use a knife. i get a piece of pizza that's scalding hot. i'm trying to be responsible. my wife said it's about time you learned to use a utensil properly. it's the tabloid press, they are out to get me. bill: we have got to run. martha: serious story as authorities say at least 7 people got hurt after multiple tornadoes touched down in northeastern oklahoma. it damaged homes and businesses and blew out an electric central transformer leaving people without power.
6:28 am
julie, what are you seeing there this morning? >> this is the sight many people in oklahoma are wake up to. roofs completely blown off of their house and debris throughout their home. crews are working to restore power. right now nearly 1,000 people are without power. and they say that they hopefully will get it back on. but it could take a couple of days. the tornado touched down and lifted up several times. the red cross and the tulsa mayor will assess the damage. 7 people were hurt, one in critical condition. the red cross said no families had to come to them for emergency shelter. they will have a team to assess all the damage. they will decide what category
6:29 am
ef this tornado was. we'll make sure we keep you updated with the latest. martha: julie, thank you very much. bill: a new wave of gitmo detainees set for transfer and the potential for the return to terrorism and the field of battle. john kasich speak out against donald trump. the trump team responds to this next. >> donald's comments were unfortunate, they were wrong, and i strongly disagree with it. she said "n, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced.
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bill: the dow closing above 17,700. whoa! look where we are going. squall street continues the upswing, comments from the fed. we'll keep an eye on the markets today. that move from the fed is helping this on the big board. back in a moment.
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>> that comment was wrong. and it really is the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country. i'm pro-life. being pro-life means standing and defending the unborn. it also means defending moms, defending women and defending the incredible gift women have to bring life into the world. donald's comments were unfortunate, they were wrong and i strongly disagree. martha: it many the latest flash point in their lightning battle towards the end of this nomination. trump has been able to shake some of controversial comments time and time again. but will it work this time is the question of today. katrina pierson is the trump national spokesperson.
6:34 am
we spoke to byron york, he said donald trump's answer shows a complete ignorance of the abortion debate and basically it's to protect the woman involved. >> i think this was a hypothetical question, and it was conversational and one of those things that just happens. mr. trump answered the question chris ma these was asking about banning abortions and should it be punished if it were illegal and he said yes. chris matthews said even the woman? and donald said yes. it's no surprise the opponents are jumping on the opportunity to politicize the statement. people like senator ted cruz
6:35 am
can't have it both ways. it wasn't too long ago that he was running ads that said donald trump supports abortion and planned parenthood. martha: people say if you are truly pro-life you are familiar with this debate and it goes to the issue of how much he has thought about these issues. how much is ingrained in his being. he just had his 8th grandchild. this should have been an easy, clear question. it's not something you should have to think too much about, whether you are going to punish the woman who had the abortion. >> it was a simple misspeak. it should have been the physician who is punished. not the woman. we do know there is an unresolved issue when it comes to personhood. that's why mr. trump says this
6:36 am
is up to the states. he does not support abortion. he is pro-life, an does not support punishing women for having abortions, even if they are illegal. that's why progressive journalists try to use these questions to get republicans specifically. martha: he's getting it from both side. conservatives, progressives are also unhappy with that question and he's working to expand the people that support him. those supporters aren't going to go away. we have seen time and time again at they support him no matter what. but this is the time to expand that universe for this candidate. >> you are right. donald trump has bent only campaign to show when people vote that he does have a broad case support. so of courts other candidates are going to jump on.
6:37 am
there is a hashtag never trump movement with republicans and conservatives. because he is winning the ying to stop him. even the republican party establishment have made no secret that they want to stop donald trump. of course, they are going to jump on things like this. martha: you have got issues that have to do with women's issues. you have this comment. you have the corey lewandowski comment you have addressed. then you have "the washington post" interview. in each one of these cases it looks like mr. trump is not consulting, not deepening his understanding of these issues. there is also the nato comment that would consider keeping the issue on the table for europe. people who are not supporting him might have a greater comfort level with him if they felt that was going on.
6:38 am
>> i think people would have a greater comfort level with him if he was politically correct. the thing with nato and nuclear weapons. you can support being anti-nuclear proliferation. but then saying those countries need to protect themselves. they are not getting past that decade old thinking. we need to reengage nato. mr. trump has always said he won't take card off the table. candidate like to say we can't trust mr. trump with his finger on the trigger. mr. trump can't just pull the trigger. there are procedures in place for that to happen. martha: you hear so much about it everywhere you go. how much is he studying. as the process goes along, in
6:39 am
the beginning people said he's a businessman, we don't expect him to know that much about foreign policy. but as the process goes along. the criticism is they are not seeing evidence of that. >> the criticism is they are not hearing what they want to hear the way they want to hear it. mr. trump's policies are vastly different than those running against him when it comes to trade or even foreign policy. just like with terrorism, he has different positions on terrorism. he talked about brussels in january and the media mocked him. over time as mr. trump continue to express his views and the things he believes the united states need to reengage, thing shape out to show mr. trump has been right every point of the way. martha: 67% of women have an unfavorable view of the
6:40 am
candidate. ted cruz is campaigning with carly fiorina, with his wife and daughters celebrating women. what is mr. trump going to do to change that? if you don't change that number, it will be a difficult road. >> we have several months before that happens. mr. trump has been turning out women in the republican party. we are going to continue to do that. a lot of people may not like mr. trump personally, but they know he's the right person for the job when you look at the issues important for those people. women voters want a good economy, they want jobs and they want security. and donald trump wins those issues hand down. bill: bernie sanders is going to appear at a press conference in
6:41 am
pittsburgh, p.a. a prosecutor's decision not to charge two police officers. this deals with the november shooting death of jamar clark. the prosecutor says clark was not in cuffs and was trying to get his hand on the officer's gun. >> that november shooting happened behind me in this north indianapolis neighborhood. police say the night of the shooting jamar clark was at a party and an ambulance was called for a woman he beat up. when the woman was being loaded into the ambulance clark starting beating on the ambulance door. police were called and police say he tried to get the
6:42 am
officer's gun. but after a four-month investigating was determined clark was not handcuffed and that evidence suggests police accounts were accurate. there was an uproar in the street when the d.a. announced there were no charges filed. there was a strong black lives matter protest. the officers involved have been placed on desk duty and there is a federal investigation into the civil rights portion of this shooting. martha: the f.b.i. director reportedly set to interview hillary clinton in the coming days. is the email investigation wrapping up? bill >> the word disaster is a strong word to use. >> it is. i agree it is probably not a
6:43 am
disaster with millionaire hollywood movie stars and rock stars. so in the circle coming here it probably hasn't been a disaster. >> do you think those are the on people i hang around with? you're late for work.
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>> think is the first event someone has thanked who publicly called for my murder. there you go. listen. >> ted cruz having a few laughs at his own expense. jimmy asked some tough questions including who likes better. president obama or donald trump. >> donald is a unique individual. i will say i was watching the early part of the show.
6:47 am
if i were in my car getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera -- i'm not confident which peddle i would hit. martha: loosen up a little bit. the candidate try to show different side. bill clinton came out with a saxophone. the f.b.i. is said to be ready to interview hillary clinton over the email and server investigation. james comey might conduct the interview himself. steven hayes, good morning to you. if true? >> it comes from the same reporter who predicted scott
6:48 am
walker would be indicted. bill: bryan pagliano, one of the members of the inner circle, apparently he's talking, and we are not quite sure what he's saying, but apparently he was given $5,000 to set up that server in her house. >> there is a chance he's talking and is a cooperative witness. that would be bad news for hillary clinton and her team despite the fact they say that's a good thing. does the f.b.i. have evidence that there was criminal wrongdoing. there i a lot of people outside of the f.b.i. with vast experience in national security law who do believe that's the case from michael mukasey, the former attorney general, to many others. the question is the f.b.i. given this public scrutiny is willing to move forward and whether
6:49 am
loretta lynch would take that recommendation and seek to prosecute. >> judge napolitano is headed to d.c. this is where he writes today in the washington times. some democrats who now understand the gravity of the case against clinton have taken to arguing that the fed should establish a different and higher bar. a novel and unknown requirement for a greater quantum of evidence before clinton can be prosecuted. they suggested this because she is the likely democratic presidential nominee. that takes you into another rather contentious area. and that's the politic of how james comey, the f.b.i., the department of justice, hillary clinton and her lawyers all view this in the middle of this campaign. >> i think that's absolutely right. if you look at hillary clinton's public statement. it's important to bear in mind the f.b.i. has quite a bit of
6:50 am
information we haven't seen. but take what's publicly available. we know she misrepresented the purpose for establishing the private server, the way she handled those messages. whether they were classified or whether they were not. you can go back to her march 2015 press conference at the united nations, and virtually every one of the claims she made has turned out to be false or misleading. so in the public mind i think we are seeing the effects of what she has done. the honest and truth worthy numbers from state to state to state are horrible for hoik. that's partially a function of the fact that she has said things that have proven untrue. bill: thank you, steven hayes in washington. martha: ben carson saying the republican establishment might prefer hillary clinton over donald trump. is he right about that?
6:51 am
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bill: the state department has released a. martha: breaking news from washington as president obama kicks off a nuclear summit. the goal to prevent north korea from getting a bomb. but russian president vladimir
6:55 am
putin won't be there. rich, good morning. >> good morning, martha. what we expect today is a long discussion on counter-terrorism efforts and ensuring groups like isis don't secure nuclear material. much of president obama's meetings will be on north korea and how it's destabilizing the korean peninsula. the international community must remain united in the face of north korea's continued provocations including its recent nuclear tests. next hour president obama will meet with japanese prime minister, the south korean president and later with the president of china. as you mention, the united
6:56 am
states and russia control 90% of the world's nuclear stockpile. russia is skipping this event. bill: there is brand-new polling on where the republican candidates stand on the upcoming primaries. april will be an important month. will they translate to votes? retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can.
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7:00 am
keep that in mind. ted cruz and john kasich virtual tie for second. governor kasich on probability of a contested convention just last hour here on "america's newsroom." >> ted cruz has to win almost 90% of the delegates. isn't going to happen. zero chance. trump has to win 60%. he is not going to do it. as this moves east, pennsylvania i'm running even with trump. in new york, now that people are beginning to hear me we're rising. it is a matter of accumulating delegates. bill, we have had 10 contested republican conventions. do you know of the 10 contested conventions only three times has the delegate front-runner been the nominee. seven times it has been somebody else. bill: that from last hour. chief white house correspondent, ed henry, good morning to you. welcome back to manhattan. new are out. tell us what they say and how significant they could be. reporter: you can see this poll from quinnepiac. on republican side for example, shows donald trump, hails from new york, obviously has a very large lead.
7:01 am
clearly over 50%. cruz and john kasich, ted cruz john kasich basically in dead heat, around 19, 20%. why is that significant? as you heard from john kasich this is delegate game now. ted cruz is ahead in wisconsin over donald trump. donald trump trying to get that magic number to have enough delegates to clinch this before the convention. here in new york, the delegates are awarded three per congressional district. if you get over 50%, in the congressional district, you take all three. if you're under 50 but win, or over 20%, you get two delegates. the second place finisher gets one. third place zero. that is significant because if somehow donald trump can be held under that 50% threshold, cruz or kasich could help deny him the magic number in the long run. based on this "quinnepiac poll," looks like here in new york donald trump has big enough lead he could win three delegates per
7:02 am
distribute in a lot of those con expressional districts. bill: clintons are out here in force, trying to make the case, ride, ed? reporter: quinnepiac is saying hillary clinton has a lead but not nearly as big a donald trump on republican side. this is her adopted home state. up 12 by bernie sanders. he was born in brooklyn by the way. what is she doing? she has bill clinton out here. he will be here in union hall in manhattan. he is holding four events across new york city. hillary clinton in west customerster today, syracuse tomorrow. three straight days hillary clinton is campaigning in new york even though wisconsin is next. what is happening there? she is trailing in wisconsin. sanders may have yet another victory there, keep up momentum. she has to make sure she wins her home state, representing the state for eight years she should be up more than 12 points. she is trying to pour it on, get the ground game going. she obviously can't lose her home state.
7:03 am
bill: that's true. ed henry, thank you very much. martha: for more our chief political anchor bret baier, anchor of "special report" of course. >> good morning, martha. martha: a lot of polls to look at this morning. i want to start by asking you to give us thoughts on the wisconsin poll that is different from the one we saw most recently. ted cruz with 10% advantage over donald trump there right now. >> the thing about that poll, margin of error is pretty high, almost 6%. you factor that in, it is pretty close, if trump gets six, cruz loses six, it is essentially tied. that is one poll. but it does show that cruz is moving. and that trends with other polls that we've seen. in "real clear politics" average has cruz up three points now in wisconsin. so the trend is moving cruz's direction. and the question is, whether this is a big moment in this race to prevent on the cruz side
7:04 am
to prevent trump from getting to 1237. martha: everybody side there were only certain kind of states that ted cruz could win. wisconsin didn't really fall into that initial kind of category. it would be significant if ted cruz could rob donald trump of wisconsin. let's take a look at some of these other general election matchups. these polls, we have to point out were taken in two states we're watching. what does the general election look like for wisconsin voters and john kasich is ahead by nine percentage points. this is his big argument. we had him on earlier this morning, bret. he wants people to pay a lot of attention to this number. he says it will be contested convention in his mind. 90% chance we'll have a contested convention. only person that can beat hillary clinton. >> yeah, that is his whole case. and i talked to him last couple weeks ago, here in washington. and it was the same case. the issue is how he gets there and convinces all of the trump
7:05 am
and cruz voters on the convention floor. you know what? i'm the guy. they're not the person that can do this. look at the polls. and then you have, what ballot does he eventually pull it out? it a little bit of a narrow path, let's put it that way to imagine the convention is suddenly going to flip and all those supporters will say, you know what? kasich is the guy. martha: we spoke earlier to katrina pierson of the trump campaign. asked her a lot how she is doing with women voters. the numbers are not so great there. it has been a tough week on that front obviously for him. what do you make of it? can he clear it up statement he made. i misspoke and got jumbled and pressed on this and didn't speak the way i should have? >> listen, for his supporters this week is not a problem. just a bump in the road. his supporters are extremely loyal. it is the people that he is trying to get, the people he is trying to convince, republicans
7:06 am
in the never trump camp or i'm not so sure camp is he trying to win over. this was a bad week, let's be honest about it. the corey lewandoski thing, the abortion comment. comment about three roles of federal government, security, health care, education, well, yes, i want common core to go to the states and health care not to be run by federal government but run at first, was a little bit of a jumble there. the nuclear question. it was not a great week if you look at politicians but he is, you know, not the average politicians and he recovers from these things well. we'll see if he recovers from wisconsin with that amount of time. martha: sure will. thank you so much, bret. we'll see you tonight. >> all right, martha. martha: viewers note, bret baier anchoring a special, fox news reporting, rising threats, shrinking military. boy that is pretty important issue to deal with t remears tomorrow night at 10:00. it will air again on saturday. the world is getting more
7:07 am
dangerous and we're getting less prepared. we'll see what happens. bill: fox news alert now, the pentagon about to transfer more detainees out of gitmo. two countries agreed to take a dozen more inmates. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live from the pentagon now. jennifer, when does the transfer begin, where will they go? reporter: bill i'm told the next round of gitmo transfers will begin this weekend with two detainees going to undisclosed country in africa. in january, they conducted a bulk transfer of 10 detainees at once, the largest transfer at once. this can't happen at once, the pentagon is required to notify congress 30 days before any transfers. they tell me that period has not elapsed yet for latest round of transfers involving dozen prisoners. first notification went to congress in early march. the tech one in middle of this month. so we can expect the first transfers this weekend and more
7:08 am
soon, including a 27-year-old yemeni who has been on hunger strike since 2007. the pentagon does not publicly acknowledge gitmo transfers until after they occur. currently there are 91 detainees being held at the naval base in guantanamo bay, cuba. of those remaining 35 are cleared for transfer to countries overseas. the pentagon says the rest are too dangerous to release overseas and sought alternative location to detain the battle hardened prisoners, bill. bill: one thing we learned last week, some of those transferred from gitmo have been found to have killed americans. now how, how is that going over, jennifer? how much detail do we have on it? reporter: that was startling revelation days ago from the pentagon's point man for gitmo. he said some of the detainees transferred from the prison have in fact rejoined the fight and worse. >> how many lives have been lost by those terrorists who went
7:09 am
back to their terrorist activity? >> unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo detainees? >> how many americans? reporter: but pentagon issued a statement shortly afterwards saying only 5% of detainees who have been released returned to the battlefield during the obama administration. pentagon officials don't believe those detainees are among those who killed americans, bill. bill: jennifer griffin thank you from the pentagon there. more to come. martha: we've been watching these pictures that have come. they're incredible. tornadoes ripping across our heartland leaving destruction in their path. where more severe weather though is expected to hit today. bill: breaking news from europe. police are scouring an area near the french border. what they're looking for connected to the recent terror bust. how critical that evidence might be. martha: a bit of a bombshell from ben carson. would some republican voters decide to go with hillary clinton over donald trump?
7:10 am
>> i'm starting to think that many of the so-called republican establishment, of course they say there is no such thing, we don't exist but we know they do, i think that many of them would prefer to have hillary in there.
7:11 am
7:12 am
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that works for you. these types of plans have no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. bill: fox news alert. keeping close eye on the story in europe. authorities in belgium searching through a wooded area near the french border. this might be connected to a foiled attack in paris.
7:14 am
this follows arrest of a man two days after deadly attacks in brussels, belgium. authorities suspect he had imminent plans to attack france's again. they found fake passports and they found guns and bomb-making chemicals in search of his home. we'll keep an eye on that for you. ♪ martha: the three remaining republican presidential candidates appear to be backing off their loyalty pledges while donald trump calls for unity, insisting that the party will lose in november without him. the so-called establishment fighting him tooth and nail on that as we've seen a lot. now ben carson, who endorsed donald trump says the establishment he believes would rather have four years of hillary clinton in the white house than donald trump. he told sean hannity why he thinks that. watch this. >> i believe that many of them would prefer to have hillary in there than to have donald trump. because she is part of the political establishment and can
7:15 am
be controlled whereas donald trump can not be controlled. they're not interested, democrats or republicans, in the ruling class, of having somebody that they can't control. martha: doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton. monica crowley online opinion editor for "washington times." great to see you guys. this is something people talk about a lot, monica. do you believe it's true? >> yes. i think dr. carson is absolutely accurate on this because this is how corrupt the republican establishment, actual bipartisan establishment really is. some members of the gop establishment have said this out loud they would prefer hillary clinton because all about the devil they know versus the devil they don't know. donald trump if set nominee he promised to smash the committing order. that means interrupting the establishment's hold on power, influence and their gravy train and they do not want it. martha: here is donald trump what would happen. watch this. >> if they're going to be fair they will be very happy. how can they give up millions of
7:16 am
people that really feel disenfranchised. >> because they don't like you. they don't want you to be nominee. >> they will lose and four supreme justices that they will not like. >> all true. if we have a brokered convention where donald trump goes in with the most delegates, it is almost certain that he will march out, take his supporters with him. he spoken of riots. that will just insure that hillary clinton or, odd chance it is bernie sanders is elected president. best news that the democrats and i think hillary could get, donald is doing our work. thank you. martha: democrats are making this look like fairly smooth process. she is getting a little bit more of run for her money from bernie sanders. >> precisely. martha: much smoother on that side to be sure. we talked to john kasich this morning. he said look, 90% sure he says this will be contested convention. he said history shows us that the guy who goes in there with the most delegates does not win in that game. is he right. >> not necessarily.
7:17 am
he is right on that point. now republicans have not had contested convention since 1976, ronald reagan, jerry ford. we know how that turned out. ronald reagan turned out to be president four years let letter. it is messy, not particularly pretty. you have a fractured party, fractured conservative movement. a non-politician leading pack in terms of delegates and wins. that could change going into wisconsin, that could be something of a reset should ted cruz win the race. you could ultimately have end going into the convention, donald trump and ted cruz relatively even in the delegate count. then you have even messier situation because it would be easier to him hand nomination off to somebody clearly leading versus -- martha: in that scenario, doug, you look back, that is a long time ago, 1976, feels like party was okay getting behind jerry ford. >> they were.
7:18 am
martha: this is such a different election. he is right, donald trump is right. he has brought people into the republican party who haven't voted, who are ticked off, and will be extremely ticked off if he doesn't get what they believe is right. >> let me give you even-handed objective sense what is happening. you have trump with a negative now that is approaching 70%. having alienated moderates, independents and particularly with his comments yesterday, women. donald trump, i think is becoming unelectable. the republican establishment knows that. at same time hillary clinton and monica would tell you with this alacrity and enthusiasm, negative close to 60. distrust rating 60, to 65. only asset democrats have is fractured, divided republican party. martha: how did we get here, where you have two people leading their parties who nobody likes, according to unfavorable number doug said? >> two front-runners nearing
7:19 am
each other in terms of negatives and unfavorability. we were talking about with donald trump's issue with women, unfavorable, 620, to 70% with women, general electorate. :kin with same voters under 30. she has been hemorrhaging that constituency. >> so does donald. >> two front-runners have negatives. both have yet to lock down their bases. that is serious issue. martha: how bad is the comment that he made yesterday, we talked to his spokesperson, he misspoke. he corrected the record immediately. we've had that story how many times, this will be a problem for him? >> look, martha, we have a situation where the manager of the campaign gets arrested for allegedly battering a woman. he a week later is grabbing the neck of another protestor. we have comment women will be punished having abortions. the guy has monica points out a rating negative side 65. this is bad for trump and negative for gop.
7:20 am
>> then again, donald trump shows the rules simply don't apply to him because he is not politician or not constrained and bound by usual rules. we'll see if the pattern holds going forward. martha: that's with we will do. thank you very much. guys. good to see you both. bill: that's why we keep on watching. hospice owner accused of trying to rush the death of patients in order to make money. if true, our next guest says these actions are criminal. tell you about that. martha: hottest broadway musical hitting a bit after sour note in a search for some new talent before they go out on the road. why a casting call has some people pretty angry. (engine winding up) ♪
7:21 am
feline today.
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7:24 am
martha: such a great show. hottest show on broadway for very good reason, if you haven't seen it, you should. "whom mill ton." is story of founding father alexander hamilton of course. they are getting backlash forecasting call they put out. the show has diverse cast. the producer issued for non-white men and women actors. common practice in showbusiness. some think the advertisement could be against the law. they regret the confusion and will change the wording to be more inclusive. it is essential to story telling of hamilton the prince prime minister roles for non-white actors except for king george who is brilliant as are other actors. those are performed by non-white actors. have you seen it? bill: not yet. soon. hospice in the dallas area accused of trying to speed up the death of its patients.
7:25 am
a local tv news station reporting on an fbi affidavit which says the facility's founder ordered workers to give patients higher dosages of morphine. dr. marc siegel, fox news medical a-team, professor, nyu langone medical center. how are you? >> hi, bill. bill: give me the basic understanding you have of this story. >> the owner of this is accountant, not a physician. an accountant can't give medications or increase doses. what i understand this accountant ordered nurses to give higher doses basically there were issues of reimbursement. if someone been in hospice more more than a day or two, reimbursements goes down. if the patient dies he can replace a patient that he is paid more for. nurses have licenses, bill. the nurse is not just supposed to blindly follow anyone's orders. bill: which don't know what the facts are. >> absolutely.
7:26 am
bill: the point this is literally turnover you're talking about here that deals with human beings and more you go through your clinic, the more that pass on, the more money you make? >> disgusting term for this called warehousings. where you take patients, put them in hospice or nursing home and no longer care about their quality of life. but patients have to consent for all medication. and if they're not in the position to consent, someone has to consent for them. you can't just dial up pain medications. i mean look, my role as a physician is to relief suffering and prolong life. sometimes i will admit in order to relief suffering i might accelerate a person's death if it suppresses their breathing. terminal cancer patient in terrible pain, i might give them pain meds knowing something like morphine suppresses breathing. that is totally different than what we're dealing with here. we're not talking about patients in pain asking for medication. we're talking about an overseer, just give more medicine, just give more medicine.
7:27 am
i take this really, really seriously. bill: i am sure you do but the patient would have to consent to something like that. >> they have to consent to the pain medication. they have to consent to the dosing. firsts have to be sure orders are given by doctors and agree with those orders. otherwise they could lose their license. bill: you want to relief suffering, prolong life, right, that is your role as physician. >> prolong life first. in extreme cases that i know patient is not getting better, i will admit on national tv i might shorten life in very, very terminal cases. i'm not actively doing that. i don't believe in physician-assisted suicide. this is accountant if true. this is accountant ordering nurses to increase pain medication doses to end people's life for money. i believe that could be murder if true. bill: text message, brad harris who is the founder of this
7:28 am
clinic. you need to make this patient go bye-bye. you just said, if true, and unproven this man has not been arrested. if true, this would be criminal? >> criminal, criminal and also there has been a report that one, at least one nurse refused to do this. i hope all nurses refuse to do this. my opinion, any nurse that would administer pain medication to kill a patient under anyone's orders should lose their license to practice. bill: dr. marc siegel, seriously matter. >> absolutely, bill. bill: thank you for sharing your experience. did not expect that. >> i've been there. thanks, bill. bill: wow. martha. martha: as we've been saying this morning we have very big primary tests in the pipeline now for april. who leads in the polls in new york and wisconsin? pretty interesting picture shaping up. plus this. [wind noise]
7:29 am
bill: looked cool for a moment. this will take your breath away. skydivers in a mid-air collision. how this turned out in a moment. >> i remember exiting the airplane and. approximately five seconds afterwards, we collided, and i, i was in a mid-air collision, and i was knocked out.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
martha: there has been an explosion in southeastern turkey. the area is the second largest city in turkey. it is called dabakir. they are sending ambulances. they say there are seven wounded. obviously turkey has been a volatile place where we've seen explosions in istanbul. evacuation of beginning of 500 u.s. personnel in the area. a lot of concerns for the
7:33 am
information. armored vehicle was passing by. more on the story. breaking news as we get it. bill: now to the calendar. here is the month of april that starts tomorrow. next tuesday is wisconsin. very significant right now for that republican nomination. two weeks after that you've got the state of new york significant in its own right. at the end of april you have five states here in the northeast that will hold their primaries. you see the schedule now laid out. look what is on the board here for us in the state of wisconsin. you've got 42 delegates on the line in wisconsin. a poll just came out yesterday shows ted cruz with a 10-point advantage over donald trump. margin of error is almost 6%. keep that in mind. after we get done with wisconsin, later in the calendar you come to new york. this is a state with 95 delegates on the line.
7:34 am
it is winner-take-all. if you get more than 50%. whether that is trump or cruz or kasich. here is a poll that just came out today. trump right now at 56% in the state of new york for cruz and kasich. charlie hirt, "washington times," douglas hyde worked for former congressman eric eric cantor and communications director at rnc. what do you see here, charlie, you can start, you see a case where cruz dominates the first two weeks of april and trump dominates the headlines the last two weeks of april. go. >> yeah, absolutely. i think that troubling thing for donald trump with wisconsin poll anyway, it, reflects probably about 20-point swing from say about a month ago in wisconsin. but, as you know, the polls have been notoriously wrong in this
7:35 am
election and so sort of hard to say. we'll have to see what happens on tuesday. but as you say by the end of the month, new york is much bigger trove of delegates than wisconsin. so that is going in donald trump's favor. donald trump is winning by much larger margin in new york. so that is working very much to his advantage. then as you point out, you go into the other north iron primaries after that, those are all very favorable to donald trump. so, while, you know, he is looking like he is headed into some headwind for wisconsin, he is in pretty good shape for rest of the month. bill: for our viewers, wisconsin, say cruz wins for sake of this conversation. he has got the headlines and these first two weeks. last two weeks, trump here in new york, perhaps and five northeastern states that charlie just enumerated there. doug, what is your view on all that?
7:36 am
>> i would say it is more about delegates than headlines. one consistent theme in the election, donald trump will dominate all headlines. we've seen it just this week where he dominated headlines in three or four different ways in three or four-days. ted cruz looking poised to do well. as charlie alluded to he has momentum going into wisconsin. if he is able to get momentum there, headlines aside. trump rum is firewall in new york. first time we used phrase firewall for donald trump. first state where he gets over 50%, guess what unfortunately we'll be talking about this for a lot longer. bill: i will try to show it as best i can. at the end of april, by the way, charlie, the 26th, here is the five states up here in the northeast. that is rhode island, it is connecticut, it is delaware, maryland and pennsylvania. if you do the math, charlie, right? if trump wins on tuesday in wisconsin, he has a shot to get to 1237. right at the number, not a lot more but he can get to the number. if he loses wisconsin, then you
7:37 am
see, i think doug was referring to this, then you see how a contested convention in cleveland. if donald trump goes in with a sizable plurality but falls 100 delegates short of the 1237 needed, do republicans deprive him of the, does the convention deprive him of the nomination because he fell 100 points behind, below 1237. but still beating everybody else by hundreds of points? it's a real problem. if convention does deny him the nomination because of that, i think party will have a very hard time, healing and unifying after that going in. bill: interesting point. dug, what is your view on that? >> i would agree with a lot of what charlie said, with one difference.
7:38 am
it is not up to the party or up to the voters at that point. it is up to donald trump. we've been hearing over a year he is best deal maker of all time, he is the best negotiator of all time, the best salesman of all time. if he gets within 100, 150 votes in cleveland, that is up to him to be that great deal-maker, be the great negotiator. if he is able to do it, he will have done a really big important thing. if he didn't be maybe he is not the great deal maker he has been telling us all along? >> gentlemen, 2th, five states, new york 19th. before we go there, tuesday in wisconsin. doug, talk to you real soon. 22 minutes before the hour. martha: get back to the huge weather story today, tornadoes tear through parts of northeast oklahoma leaving tons of damage behind. seven people were hurt in the tulsa area. officials say the damage covers at least one square mile. the threat of severe storms, maria molina in the fox weather
7:39 am
center on this good morning, maria. >> that's right, martha, we're tracking storm system responsible for severe weather across parts of oklahoma and tornado across kansas and southeastern parts of arkansas. this storm is continuing to move eastward. it's a storm front. we have a lost moisture. rain as far north great lakes and upstate new york and storms as we head farther south along parts of the gulf coast. we have threat for tornadoes. the environment is very ripe for some of these storms to potentially rotate. we have tornado watch in effect out here along the gulf coast. that runs until 2:00 p.m. central daylight time. you see a lot of moisture. that is one of the ingredients necessary for these storms to potentially produce severe weather. a lot of wind sheer out here as well. we have enhanced risk by storm prediction center by western parts of kentucky and northern parts of mississippi and northern portions of arkansas.
7:40 am
the greater risk with longer tractornados and particularly violent right in here, including tennessee, alabama and mississippi. heads up if you live in huntsville or memphis or tupelo, mississippi you could see some of these strong storms rolling through and potentially pricing some tornadoes. by friday the storm moves eastward, up and down the east coast we have risk for severe weather. the remaining risk southeastern parts of the u.s. out here we're dealing a a lot of rain throughout the month of march. we've been bringing stories of flooding out here. look at forecasts. they are bringing heavy rain and locally six inches of rain possible. there is concern for flooding across the southeastern u.s. as will. martha? martha: well have to watch. thank you, maria, very much. bill: first-graders confess to a plot to kill a classmate. what those kids had planned and why police allowed the school to handle the punishment for
7:41 am
first-graders. martha: plus donald trump pressed hard on the use of nuclear weapons in enemy territory, and, on friendlier soil of our lies. hear what he did not say. >> can you tell the middle east we're not using nuclear weapon? >> i would never say that. i would never take any cards off the table. >> what about europe? >> i would not take any cards off the table. >> you middle east use it in europe? this clean was like, pow! it added this other level of clean to it.
7:42 am
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or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. bill: a group of first grayeders are being punished for hatching a plot to kill a fellow student. this apparently came to head with on going feud. it involved a plan to poison the victim with material from silica jell packets which is turns out are not poisonous. the officials in anchorage, alaska, said the three kids confessed and will not be charged. that will be left up to the school district. it involves, quote, significant consequences.
7:45 am
martha: also developing this morning, pentagon planning another round of transfer from guantanamo bay over the next few days. a dozen prisoners going to a few countries. jennifer griffin telling us about this earlier. they include a former al qaeda fighter from yemen who has been on hunger strike for very long time. 91 prisoners remain at gitmo. 15 are considered high level. it has been confirmed nearly 20% of the transfers have returned to the battlefield. that number as of last july. lieutenant colonel oliver north, retired marine, fox news military analyst, author of "counterfeit lives." good to see you this morning. >> good to be with you. martha: let's talk about gitmo first. obviously the attrition is continues and the president is on track i would say to have it emptied by the time leaves office. >> well that is certainly his goal. it is off the-stated campaign goal going back to 2008.
7:46 am
a few numbers that are important. there were 779 enemy combatants detuned at gitmo over the course of this war that began, 9/11/01. some much them plotters, five of them who set the thing in motion. of those held, 679 have been released. 144 were released by obama. there is no real telling exempt for the handful still in custody how many have really returned to the battlefield, how many of them simply gone home to raise a family. the bottom line we know some because they have testified from the pentagon about this, some have killed americans. the bottom line of it is, both u.s. law and international conventions and treaties allow the detention of enemy combatants for the duration of the combat. well, mr. obama may not understand we're at war with radical islam. they certainly know we are. gitmo is not the reason why they joined the jihad against us. the bottom line of this, martha, it is increasingly dangerous,
7:47 am
like a self-inflicted wound, to release these terrorists to go off and commit more terror. martha: you know, even if, she has always maintained it was sort of an inspiration, a badge of honor, to have been at gitmo, to be released. >> right on. martha: when you look what happened in brussels and paris and turkey, we're still waiting for more information coming out of turkey this morning, you know, why would you release people who would very likely be seen as sort of heroes with that badge of honor and would want to be enlisted into action once again no doubt? >> indeed. one of the things that we're doing right now is we're transferring these, not just to their home countries, although there are bad examples there where they have been released by home countries to go out and commit more, one we reported on last month. spanish national released. now detained in morocco. one of the other things happening here which is very bad, sending them to countries who have no connection. think of incentives for countries likes ghana, to take detainees from the middle east
7:48 am
from gitmo. you wonder is there some lottery going on allows the transfers to take place, to places where they have absolutely no real serious criminal detention system. martha: great point. i want to turn your attention to another issue. that is, one of the questions that donald trump answered yesterday. it has to do with the issue of nato. he was questioned about whether or not he would take nuclear attacks off the table and for whom. and here is that response. >> how about europe? we won't use it in europe. >> i will not take it off the table. >> you might use it in europe? >> no. i don't think so. >> why don't you say it never use it is europe. >> i'm not taking cards off the table. martha: what do you think. >> why should he take cards off the table. we have nuclear proliferation conference going on. tying up traffic, almost two hours to get through town to get to the studio. it is going on because this administration made that one of
7:49 am
their pillars when they first came to town in 2009. and guess what? nuclear weapons are being proliferated today at a greater rate than they were when they came to washington of the the bottom line of it is, there is concord between north korean peoples army and regime in tehran. exchange of information and technological assistance that each nation is providing, not only affects nuclear weapons, it also affects the ability to deliver them with these icbms. this is one of the great charades of all time that is going on right now. martha: trump supporters say look, the europe question is one thing and, but then he basically his policy to say i'm going to hold my cards close to the vest. i'm not going to take anything off the table at all when it comes to dealing with other countries. do you think he is right about that. >> well, absolutely. ronald reagan was the man who put pershing missiles with nuclear warheads in europe. ronald reagan advocat
7:50 am
a ballistic missile system. no one is asking about that the american people are still exposed because this administration shut down the process of building a ba list i can it missile defense system that would protect you, my, everyone of our viewers. that is not even on the table. martha: colonel north, always great to see you. sorry you had a long commute today. >> because of obama. it is obama's fault. martha: tune in for encore presentation of "war stories," fighting isis. that is co-hosted by oliver north. it is in depth look how it complex fight can be won around the world. "war stories," fighting isis on our sister channel fox business network, 8:00 p.m. and 10 p.m. eastern time. bill: ollie is pretty tough guy. he can handle that. martha: can get through the traffic. bill: speak of tough. skydiving did not go as planned. watch this now. [wind nois bill: that is a lot of trouble. how this wound up literally at 10,000 feet
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:54 am
>> six minutes away on "happening now." brand new polling out of new york which votes in a big primary next few weeks. latest numbers from the next primary state, wisconsin, just ahead. and the new donald trump controversy. this time it is over abortion. also we're digging deeper into the story we first brought you yesterday. foreign companies buying up u.s. farmland and using up local water. a look at impact on one arizona town. reaction from one of the saudi farm owners. all coming up "happening now." martha: so two skydivers in a terrifying collision thousands of feet up in the air. watch. [wind noise]
7:55 am
how did that happen? skydivers in wingsuits, out of control, plummeting, one paralyzed from the waste down, says he is lucky to be alive. >> my reserve parachute had deployed and i, i hit some power lines before hitting the ground which was where i was fractured my spine, but, i was very lucky to, not broken my back, fir of all. martha: wow. brave young man. luckily his automatic reserve deployed. that slowed his fall. the doctors are hopeful he could walk again after that bruising goes away. the other jumper's chute also
7:56 am
deployed and survived with serious injuries as well. bill: power line broke his fall perhaps a little bit? martha: wow. bill: this story. martha mentioned few moments ago, explosion in southern turkey. there were reports of injuries there. perhaps 14, maybe more. numbers may change. a car bomb apparently went off near the syrian border. here is the problem with turkey now. they're facing a lot of pressure from isis terrorists, facing a lot of pressure from kurdish separatists. yesterday the state department ordered americans to be on guard. if you are not essential to government duties on behalf of the u.s. and turkey to leave now. watch this story from overseas. martha: volatile country. seven months from the general election. how much a role the electoral college plays in the ol' presidential election coming up.
7:57 am
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heather: let's do it again tomorrow. bill: we have two days off. martha: have a greatday everybody . having now starts right now. >> . jon: we are getting a brand-new snapshot of how things might shape up in november from one of the leading analysts in american politics. welcome to happening now on this thursday, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. good to have you here. larry sato, that's who you're talking about. he and his qualities from the center of politics in a piece entitled the electoral college, the only thing that matters. writing this, quote. more than seven long months remain until the election and all kind of unexpected twists an


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