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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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heather: let's do it again tomorrow. bill: we have two days off. martha: have a greatday everybody . having now starts right now. >> . jon: we are getting a brand-new snapshot of how things might shape up in november from one of the leading analysts in american politics. welcome to happening now on this thursday, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. good to have you here. larry sato, that's who you're talking about. he and his qualities from the center of politics in a piece entitled the electoral college, the only thing that matters. writing this, quote. more than seven long months remain until the election and all kind of unexpected twists and turns can occur.
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sure we don't know the shape of the economy or terrorism or the precise job approval rating of president obama in the autumn or the gas and scandals that may yet unfold on our way to the ballot box but gosh darn it, there's finally a pause in the nonstop primary calendar and were going to take advantage of that. jon: larry sato, the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia joins us now live. it's pretty bold to be looking at electoral college votes this early larry. but you've taken a look at it first of all, you've got to pick your nominee. you say it's all but certainly hillary clinton on the democratic side. howabout trump? >> trump is the front-runner . he is the likely nominee but he is certainly not the prohibitive favorite to be the nominee and i think there's a real possibility that he will not get the majority 1237 delegates on the first ballot so you have to say john, if
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you're going to do this today at the end of march, obviously you're going to make the projection hillary clinton versus donald trump unless the chips fall where they may. jon: so you made that projection, you have thrown the chips on the electoral map and where do they lay larry? >> well, as you stressed this is our first cut and were going to do a map very frequently because conditions change but our first cut is good news for the democrats and bad news for the republicans, at least with donald trump although we think a lot of this applies to ted cruz, not to the same degree but it applies to ted cruz so we have hillary clinton at 347 electoral votes, you need to 72 win. and donald trump at 191. now remember, on our map 100 of hillary clinton's electoral votes are just leaning to her, meaning it's a few points. this could end up being one of donald trump's low point in the
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polls. just look around at your major newspapers and networks and you'll see what i'm talking about in terms of the polls. trump is not doing well in these general election matchups but it's march, the election is in november, john, this is what i do for a living and these things evolve over time just like the news evolves over time right? jon: when you look at the lower 48 a lot of red states there in the middle of the country but that's not where the population is and obviously when you get to the coast , they're going to lean democratic, that's where hillary numbers are so strong. >> yes, that's part of it and the other is there were seven great super swing states. florida, virginia, new hampshire, ohio, iowa, nevada and colorado. you always look to them. where are they leaning? and they hardly ever go in a landslide one worry or the
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other but you look to say where there are leaning and right now hillary clinton has small leads in these states. it may not last. loads of things will happen but people can't ignore reality as it exists and unfortunately partisans on both sides love to do that. jon: donald trump has urged us to ignore reality. he says look, i can put a state like new york in play. what, 29 electoral votes in new york what? where do you see it land? >> i'malways willing to consider wild alternatives because look what happened this year so far. i'm not willing to consider the possibility that new york is not going to vote democratic . there is such a tremendous edge there that it would take a set of circumstances that my imagination cannot stretch to predict. to produce a republican victory for president in new york. again, failure of imagination on my part, shame on me. jon: as we've seen in the
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primary process, republican turnout is way, way up in all of the states that had primaries and caucuses so far. i don't think there's one that hasn't exceeded its 2008 numbers so doesn't that portend perhaps a huge republican turnout in the general election? >> well, john, what ever you have a very controversial candidate on either side, democratic or republican, it tends to increase primary turnout but remember, a lot of the turnout is supporting the controversial candidate but a lot of the turnout is turning up at the polls to oppose the controversial candidate and some of them are going to defect. jon: i think you crunched the numbers with ted cruz as the nominee versus hillary clinton. how did that turnout? >> well, he does better because right now if you take the polling averages he's
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behind clinton nationally only three, four or five points depending on which set of poles you look at. donald trump is behind clinton 10 or 11 points in the polling averages of the national race so naturally if you are behind by only three or four or five points you're going to do much better than somebody who's behind 10 or 11. does he come close to winning? no but it's march . jon: it is march and it's an interesting look at what could happen in november. larry sato, the new virginia university of politics. heather: breaking now, president obama meeting with the chinese president and other asian leaders over a range of issues including north korea's growing nuclear and missile capabilities. live for us at the nuclear security summit in washington with the latest. rich? reporter: good morning heather and officials say the primary focus of today's meeting in this summit is to ensure that terrorist groups like isis do not get their hands on nuclear
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materials. president obama writing in the washington post, given the continued threat posed by organizations such as the terrorist group we call sale or isis will also join allies and partners in reviewing our counterterrorism efforts to prevent the world's most interest networks obtaining the world's most dangerous weapons read much of today's meetings will also focus on north korea. the north koreans in january for the fourth time conducted a nuclear test, they continue their provocations on the korean peninsula and theregion. they continue threatening south korea and the united states so with that president obama is now meeting with the japanese prime minister, the south korean president and later this afternoon he will meet with the chinese president . talks in those meetings will be discussions about north korea. this is a nuclear security summit.
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much of this session will also be on the securing nuclear stockpiles and there's one notable absence and that the russians. the us and russia control more than 90 percent of the world's nuclear stockpile and the russians are skipping. >> it doesn't make any sense if one of the head states of the two top nuclear powers refuses to attend and i think summit to talk about the issues that are really at risk here, stopping uranium enrichment. actually stopping iran pursuing nuclear weapons and some real measures to reign in the north korean nuclear program. reporter: john kerry did meet with the russian president vladimir putin in moscow last week. talk to them on their conversation, serious. heather: life for us, thank you rich. jon: right now, fears of a measles outbreak in northern california. a student at a northern california elementary school with one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state came to school infected with the disease just before spring break.
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that forced the school, northeastern sacramento to shut down and it is not allowing unvaccinated students back in until april 8 at the earliest. jonathan hunt is following the story live from our los angeles newsroom. reporter: officials are fighting to prevent what is so far one case of measles becoming a major outbreak of the highly infectious virus in northern california and that's not easy preventing it in a charter school where almost half of kindergartners are not vaccinated because many parents simply don't believe vaccinations are safe. >> we need to do a lot more research on what these additives are doing. that's the reason these parents are deciding not to vaccinate, not because they don't want their kids affected, of course they want that to happen. reporter: but school officials say they can't take any chances and unvaccinated children will not be allowed back into the river charter school until at
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least april 8. unprotected kids exposed to the measles virus have a 90 percent chance of becoming infected according to experts and the high number of unvaccinated kids at this particular school north of sacramento creates the danger of a major outbreak because measles is easily passed on. >> if another person who's susceptible to measles breeds it in during that time they could potentially come down with it and spread it along to others. reporter: last year a measles outbreak was traced to disneyland and officials blamed unvaccinated children for spreading the virus which was declared eradicated in 2000 but has begun to pop up once again. last year john, california passed strict vaccination laws for its public schools and vaccination rates are now higher than 90 percent in those schools but the law doesn't apply to charter and private schools and that situation still clearly has health officials very concerned. jon: scary stuff for parents. jonathan hunt, thank you.
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heather: still to come, a man found guilty of assault is now guilty of taking an extra long lunch. why the judge was forced to issue another warrant for the suspects arrest. plus, assessing the damage. thousands wake up to devastation after these deadly twisters ripped through oklahoma. and we want to hear from you. you think donald trump can broaden his appeal as we inch closer to the convention? our live chat is up and running. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing,
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jon: right now, some crime stories we are falling. a man from upstate new york going on trial for the fourth time for the murder of his wife. this time the judge will decide the case against cal harris alone. the 54-year-old convicted of murdering in his first two trials by a jury but those verdicts overturned. his third trial by jury declared a mistrial.
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the murder trial of a former colorado sheriffs deputy is now in the hands of a jury there. tom fallis was accused of shooting his wife in 2012 after a heated argument. the defense said his wife had full coping with stress and eventually committed suicide. go and origami man found guilty of assault is on the run. kevin lee marshall accused of chasing two fishermen with a baseball bat and injuring one of them. the judge handling the case issued a recess for lunch but marshall never came back to court. he was found guilty and now there's a warrant out for his arrest. heather: can't imagine why he didn't come back. extreme weather alerts. at least seven people injured, some homes, businesses also damaged because of this. wrong storms produced several tornadoes across northeastern oklahoma and more hail, high winds and flash flooding all expected through today.
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live for us in dallas with the latest. hi casey, how are you doing there? reporter: the national weather service has confirmed multiple tornadoes touched down in the state of oklahoma last night. the first funnel cloud was spotted not far from the pills at airport. it dropped down out of thesky, was on the ground a bit then went back up into the clouds . as the system continued moving to the northeast, twisters continued dropping out of the sky, damaging multiple communities. the towns of catoosa and alonso suffering the brunt of the damage, trees and power lines toppled, homes damaged and debris scattered around. one family says they narrowly escaped after a tree fell on the car they were driving in north tulsa. another homeowner says a street sign was found in his front yard from at least a mile away. at urgently, no fatalities reported but seven people were taken to area hospitals with serious injuries. and check this out. a dramatic water rescue in neighboring arkansas.
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three people plucked from the river safely near little rock after their car was swept away by fast-moving floodwaters. the video shows the three occupants clinging to a tree before they were pulled to safety by firefighters. now this threat moves east of the mississippi river as we speak. tornado warnings issued this morning in parts of louisiana but no reports of serious injuries or damage there. you see the radar as this continues marching to the north east, several inches of rain expected over a region that is already waterlogged from torrential rains that soaked the state of louisiana two weeks ago. heather? heather: you cannot control mother nature and she's letting us know. casey spiegel live with us, thank you. jon: it cost major commuter headaches when the metro shut down a few weeks ago. now a new warning it could happen again but this time, for much longer. we've got details. plus hillary clinton and donald trump's have strong ties to new
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yorkso where do they stand in primary polls for the delicate rich empire state? and what would happen if they were in a head-to-head matchup? we go in depth . [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ bulk from boxed didn't only save megan $33, bulk from boxed saved megan's saturday. [ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees. download the app and get 15% off your first order with code "bulk." jon: right now a new warning
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about the dc metro subway system. the metro board chair saying it could shutdown entire rail lines for extended maintenance which could last for get this, six months. this only two weeks after the system shut down for one day for emergency track inspections , snarling commuters for thousands in a region where traffic isalready terribly clogged. heather: brand-new numbers in the race for the white house . a new hole in the delicate rich state of new york finding gop front-runner donald trump with the home-court advantage big time.
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take a look at that. 19 percent racking up a 3 to 1 lead over senator ted cruz, beating him by those numbers and also governor john kasich behind cruise. things are closer on the democratic side though where hillary clinton beats native son bernie sanders and her adopted home state. 54 to 42 percent. joining us now, a democratic strategist and the sanders
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surrogate and kevin mccullough, a radio host at salem media. thank you both for joining us. >> good to be here. heather: sing me a little billy joel. who's going to be taking it home and are you surprised by these numbers? >> they're both on in new york state of mind. right now it's good news for both of them, with donald trump he has to win 55 percent of the remainingdelegates and this would take it along way of doing that. it's the only way he can get to the number at the convention and with hillary, she is behind in wisconsin right now with the latestmarket tolling show though she knows needs to build a firewall in new york so even if the superdelegates switch sides it doesn't matter, they're both loving the big apple this morning . heather: 247 delegates for the democrats, 95 for the republicans. that is the fourth most in the nation. how significant would it beif trump takes new york? >> let me say don't pay a lot of attention to the pole for new york . for the republicans just yet because these races have tended to go in a two-week cycle . when one before the is finished, wisconsin is going to be in on on tuesday, all the campaigns moved to the state and you're seeing a lot of movement. just look at what happened in wisconsin and say could something similar happening new york but probably not. trump has name recognition in new york. this should be turkey defends easily and he's going to have to because the los angeles times as cruise tied with him in california and trump cannot lose california and new york and go to the convention and get first ballot. it won't happen.
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heather: let's take a look at what you are referencing, the latest poll to come to wisconsin. before florida they have to go through wisconsin first and this is a significant difference. the last one we saw here, the market poll was reversed but now you see cruise leading trump by 10 percent and then look, kasich is right there as well. what do you think will happen? >> i think it's interesting that these wisconsin polls, all these came out before you saw the latest brush up with trump's campaign manager and the latest after the town hall last night that had all this flat and everybody wanted to talk about positions on abortion. it will be interesting as kevin said, people are making a lot of jockeying back and forth and when candidates start showing up there that it starts moving numbers more directly. they know that's going to happen so coming out of
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wisconsin whoever's got the momentum heading into new york is going to be a big deal. heather: kevin, what do you think? i want to bring up the numbers on that the democratic side in wisconsin where anders is leading although slightly over clinton, 49 to 45 percent. >> i think sanders has a great michigan moment in the making all over again in wisconsin. he does verywell in these states and hillary , she needs to battle for it a little bit more. i'm not surprised when you look at how energized bernie sanders has taken the young people's vote. you've got a lot of colleges in wisconsin, a lot of campuses there. this is a very volatile place in terms of getting the message out and sanders is taking advantage of that and i want to piggyback on what chuck said. that marquette poll, that's a 21 point swing in about 30 days time. heather: is completely opposite of what it was. >> i'm just saying, that's why did you pack poll in new york doesn't matter just yet because trump has name recognition and the highest negatives in the field. there's a lot of room yet to go on all the campaigns that are left the seventh what about the issues? can the candidates zero in on the issues before tuesday for
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wisconsin? i had our pools pull some of the statistics. the unemployment rate 4.6 percent so can we talk about unemployment a little bitmore? also women which you brought up . in the 2012 electorate were won by president obamaby 51 percent. so that's a huge demographic in wisconsin that trump will have to deal with . >> in wisconsin it's tailor-made for the democratic side for my guy, for senator sanders because it's an open primary. on the republican side, you went through a lot of scott walker recalls, republicans have beat backdemocrats in almost turn there and they are well organized and well educated group of people. that's why i think cruz is doing so well. i think you're going to see this thing continue to move because of all the stuff that went on in wisconsin through the last couple of years . >> you mentioned the four
8:27 am
percent unemployment, that's scott walker's success rate. he's below the national average and that's going to pay homage to cruise. these polls taken before the meltdown with all the women issues of trump, it also came out before scott walker planted his endorsement on cruises doorstep. cruz has a lot of reason to be positive about wisconsin. heather: they will all be working hard in wisconsin and new york. thank you both for joining us. always nice to have you.jon: to the middle east, moving into the american southwest. why saudi arabia is looking for water in the already drought stricken region of our country. and the feds looking to unlock another iphone in another criminal case. what the judge in a murder trial says about it and of what our legal panel makes of it. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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try align for a non-stop, sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. heather: we have breaking news
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to tell you about going on right now, at least for police officers are dead and 14 others are wounded after a car bomb struck a bus in southeastern turkey. government officials telling us so far a number of ambulances have been deployed to the scene, also a private news agency there saying that in additionto the car bomb, they are blaming it on terrorists . they say the government, that's the government designation therefore kurdish rebels and once again, four people have been killed and 14 others wounded at this time. ambulances, emergency crews still on the scene of this car bomb that has gone off near a bus terminal in turkey and we
8:32 am
will bring you more information as it comes in. jon: the feds once again with the upper hand over apple or so it would appear. the fbi has agreed to allow an arkansas prosecutor to unlock an iphone and an ipod belonging to two teenagers accused in a murder case. a judge agreed to postpone the trial of 18-year-old hunter drexler until prosecutors could get authorities to step in and unlock the teenagers devices. drexler and a 15-year-old are accused of killing a couple in their home near little rock. this of course on the heels of the fbi announcing it was unable to unlock the iphone one of the gunmen in the san bernardino attacks without the help of the apple corporation. for more on the implications of this case, let's bring in keisha evans, former prosecutor and also richard st. paul, a former prosecutor and criminal
8:33 am
defense attorney as well. welcome to both of you. keisha, from the start when the apple argument was red hot, people were saying well, it's not just the sanbernardino case. there are lots of cases all over the country where authorities want apple to unlock iphones to get information on them . clearly the dam has been breached now . >> correct, this has been a case of pandora's box and i feel that people need to look at it as when police need to search a person's home there's a reasonable expectation of privacy but as long as one person have probable cause, the judge is going to issue a search warrant so it's more about investigating and solving a crime and not so much about invading someone'sprivacy and we all use cell phones, apple devices , tocommunicate and text message so there's going to be a lot of evidence that can be used to prosecute in a criminal case . jon: you have to wonder that there's vulnerability in iphone software has been revealed if apple might somehow wish they had just gone ahead and cooperated. >> that's exactly what i say
8:34 am
is that listen, this is the second conversation now. i'm an iphone carrier, a lot of people i know are iphone carriers. we now know our iphones can be breached, that there is a security breach in our iphones. perhaps apple would have been better off saying were going to help you rather than you finding somebody to reach our phones now we're all walking around with security breaches in our phones. the president uses a phone, this is a very important topic of the breach in the iphone and how does that affect people now? jon: the suspect in this case, 18 and 15 years old. these are not guys who are isis trying to encrypt their communications. teenagers use the phone for everything.there is probably a mountain of evidence on the phone and the ipod. >> what they did in this case is they had conversations after being arrested that gave the police officers probable cause that there was evidence of a crime in those phones so they gave their own probable cause and again, people rely on cell phones for the majority of their communication and they're
8:35 am
going to have plans and plots in those devices. jon: were going to have to wrap it up early, we have breaking news. heather with that. heather: we have a fox news alert, john kasich makes remarks on the latest trump controversy. he is speaking at the sheraton new york times square hotel, he has not yet spoken on that controversy but we will take you there, talking about foreign policy i believe right now. >> i think we're going to try to take him but what is also interesting, at the same time around 11:30, bill clinton is supposed to be speaking on behalf of hillary clinton but let's listen to this now . >> i happen to believe that the religion of islam has been hijacked by a handful of extremists. that brings to mind the notion that donald trump said we
8:36 am
should have a religious test. senator cruise said we should begin to more aggressively patrol muslim neighborhoods. that by the way has been significantly rejected multiple times now by the creator of community policing, the commissionerhere in new york, bill bratton . i have not spoken to him but i'm aware of the fact that he believes the short-term political gain is outweighed by the ability to gather intelligence. our friends in the muslim community cannot be isolated, repelled and polarized when we depend on them to work with law enforcement to be able to identify those people who are hijacking their faith in the name of killing us to secure a path to paradise. mister trump also talked again of course about changing the whole purpose of nato, that nato really has no meaning and that frankly we should not worry about the people in the ukraine. well, the people in the ukraine are freedom fighters.
8:37 am
they are standing up against vladimir putin's ability to snatch that whole country, that territory and frankly if i were president i would immediately move to give them the defensive a base seat so they can defend themselves. and then one of the most curious and, i don't even know how he went there is that in picking a supreme court justice that donald trump suggested that any supreme court justice must make a commitment to review and investigate hillary's emails. i don't even know how you do that. that's something i can't even figure out. listen, in our country today and around the world it really gets to something that's a really simple point.we have people who are intent on destroying civilization as we know it. and the vast majority of peoples all across this globe are committed to not only preserving civilization but also restoring civilization.
8:38 am
with that end, it takes cooperation, it takes restraint, it takes judgment, it takes experience. not wild eyed suggestions and basically moving from one suggestion and the need to try to explain what you really meant, what you realize that the suggestion you may confuse people or enraged people. that is not the way the president of the united states, it is not the way that the leader of the free world or the commander-in-chief of our country, to be so casually talking about the use by the way of nuclear weapons. it just shows that he's really not prepared to be president of the united states. but i want to also make clear to all of you here that for those people who have been fervent trump supporters, their frustration, their expressions
8:39 am
do not fall on deaf ears for me. i know that many of those trump supporters are people who fear for the security of their jobs, believing that politicians don't care about them as they see the rich get richer and they are increasingly stuck without wage increases. i understand the concern they have about the fact that they continue to work hard but they can't seem to get ahead with wages not rising but yet costs around them increasing.i can absolutely understand and even commiserate with those mothers and fathers who always believed that if their sons and daughters went and received a higher education, went to college, community college that they would have a better life and many of those children are currently living in the basement of mom and dad with mom and dad wondering what kind of a life will they have to
8:40 am
question mark you see, i understand it because i lived it. i understand it because my little town of mckees rocks was a place where people did not have economic security, where people one day would play by the rules to wake up and find out there wasn't anything for them. people who never seemed to get the special things that can come in life. and they were god-fearing, hard-working community people who wanted nothing more than the great american legacy witches, their children could do better than they've done. i do understand it. and there are ways to resolve this. there are clear ways in which we can restore economic security. there are ways in which we can begin to improve the situation with wages. there are ways in which we can give them hope that their children can have a great life. we've seen a real glimpse of it when i was chairman of the budget committee and work with senator dimitri battle balance the budget. wages rose, jobs were created,
8:41 am
economic strengths resulted and then in ohio where now we have told ourselves out of the ditc . where we are growing jobs by over 300,000 private sector jobs with rages growing faster than the national average and with the sense that everyone is included. you know, i think there are a lot of people out there that say that why is there nobody speaking for me? why is it there is nobody working for me? why is it that i hear these promises out of politicians and nothing good ever comes? well, i share their frustration because you know, in addition to being a candidate for president of the united states and governor of the great state of ohio, i'm also a citizen and i see what's happening. and i know it'sfrustrating but to the trump voters, there's hope. we've done it before . heather: this going on by john 20 kasich referencing donald trump saying flat out he is not repaired to be president and
8:42 am
right now making a play or donald trump supporters as well talking about the economy and promising he will listen to them and we will continue to listen to what he has to say and bring it to you if there's anything in addition you need to know about. john? jon: foreign investors buying up american farmlands and draining wells in the already drought stricken american southwest. the effect this is having next. ? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you a perfect car then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should have
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done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. incredible bladder prthat lets from always discreeyou move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise. the always discreet double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. the one major cities in arizona
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limit how much water can be taken from the ground but rural counties in that state don't have the same restriction. because of that, farm companies from overseas are moving in. danielle miller from our affiliate ks az in phoenix has more. reporter: vineland over here and using our natural resources and we get nothing. we don't get oil for free, we
8:46 am
are allowing water to be depleted for nothing. reporter: in the small county of la paz, population of 20,000, wells are running dry. that according to county supervisor holly irwin. >> a couple that purchase property in 2010, august of this year of 2015 they are without water. they are having to farm their water and. reporter: water issues began servicing after a saudi arabia based dairy company out of arizona but nearly 10,000 acres in vicksburg in 2014. the reason she says to preserve water resources in their own country. the company growsalfalfa, water intensive crop . all that being shipped overseas to feed their cattle there is no restriction. they can keep pumping and pumping until it's all gone b6 the land was purchased for $47.5 million, the chief price to pay considering there is no cost for the water being pumped from the wells or restriction
8:47 am
on how much they use. >> they're paying for the value and the value of the water and we need a mechanism to allow us to to be into tax for that amount of money. then we be able to possibly set up somesort of fun to help these people that are having a hard time . reporter: the rose law firm that represents the farmer says the company has actually decreased the amount of water being used from previous landowners. >> if they're used two growing alfalfa in arid climates, they grow alfalfa in saudi arabia and in order to make sure that it's sustainable they want to be here forever right? to make sure it's sustainable they have to use the latest and greatest technology to conserve as much water as possible. reporter: that being backed up by the arizona department of water resources. officials sent us this graph showing the water levels have actually risen slightly in the last two years. they also gave us these google earth images ofthe area from 2006 and now .
8:48 am
they say it shows the footprint of the farm hasn't changed significantly since the purchase. rose says aside from concerning water, the farm is good for the community. >> they're feeding 140 people, residents of arizona or some californians right now and they have 600 indirect jobs from all their activity. >> . reporter: berlin says she welcomes all farms and the added jobs they bring but says regulations need to be put in place. she's now looking to state lawmakers and the adw are for help. we need to be able to protect our water. we need to be able to protect the families that have been here.their kids, their kids kids, the businesses that want to come here and develop . we want to assure people that we have enough water here. there's got to be a shut off valve at some point and i think that's what were looking for and i think it's a win-win for everybody. jon: more on this controversy
8:49 am
in the next hour of happening now when we talk with an attorney representing the saudi company that is buying us land. >>
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heather: welcome back donald trump facing blistering criticism from all sides over his comments on abortion. you've heard this all day. during a pretaped town hall in green bay, listen . >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes, sir no? >> the answer is that it has to be some form of punishment. >> for the women? >> yes, there has to be some form. that i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everythingelse, it's a very complicatedposition . heather: white house hopefuls wasting no time blasting the republican front-runner . >> i think for most americans,
8:53 am
women have the right to control their own bodies and they have the right to make those personal decisions themselves. but to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension. >> what donald trump said today was outrageous and dangerous and you know, i'm constantly just taken aback at the kinds of things that he advocates for. heather: of course the republican candidates also had something to say today. let's talk about it with angela mcclellan, fox political analyst and a radio talkshow host and a fox news contributo . thank you both for joining us. this has really blown into something huge today so i want to start with you angela. what is your take with why he said it? is it an indication of his inexperience with a politician to address it to begin with? >> it is his inexperience and that's why people like him but he was answering a hypothetical question.
8:54 am
if congress passed a law that banned abortion, what should be the punishment? so i don't like the fact that the mainstream media took that soundbite because when i first saw that soundbite i was upset so i look at the whole story and look, heather, when we break the law today there's punishment so he was asked hypothetically about this if abortion was against the law will there be punishment? heather: do you agree with what he said? >> no. most people care about what's going on now. that will never happen. we have roe versus wade, no matter how you feel about pat planned parenthood hood or tax paid abortions that will never happen. that's what planned parenthood does. >> let me back this all the way up. >> back it up. >> although, for that decision
8:55 am
abortion is not the choice, it's not the option i would choose but for any woman faced with such a grave decision, i think she needs that option and all of the republican candidatesquite frankly in some form or another want to restrict a woman's right to choose. yes they do. they want to ban abortions and that is an awful thing. no, no. i'll explain to you. >> not tax paid abortions . >> angela, i have said to you that if you really want to be pro-life, you want to be pro-prenatal care. >> if you are pro-life. >> i am against all that . >> okay.>> but your inconsistent. you love embryos b&. >> i'm not being inconsistent. >> let me tell you something. >> i'm not inconsistent on my stance. >> i'm saying generally speaking the so called conservatives are inconsistent because what happened is you love fetuses but you don't love people once they get out there. [overlapping conversation]
8:56 am
>> this is the staff that is taken and i'm saying if you want to say you are pro-life, you have to love life from the womb to the tomb and i don't see that. i see a lot of men trying to rob women of their choices and i don't think that's good. heather: both of you obviously have strong opinions about abortion but one thing that may work in donald trump's benefit here is i've had our brain room pull up all but this poll was taken in january, remember that. and in terms of all the issues out there, the issue ofabortion right at the last issue important to women in the general election . >> we care about the war on terror, we care about education, we care about healthcare. abortion, that's back in the day. we do havesingle moms running a household , the only person playing bills.
8:57 am
heather: but the economy, the number one issue. thank you both for joining us. education next. thank you for joining us and will be right back. >>
8:58 am
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jon: the politics is getting heated and we have part two of foreigners buying farmland. "outnumbered" starts now. sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. andrea and taish owes. megyn mcdowell, kirsten powers is here. and republican strategist tony sayegh. >> we are coming on our 7th anniversary.


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