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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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elvis has left the building. nope. trump. trump left the rnc a couple moments ago. what was going on behind closed doors? i'm sure we'll find out in due time. check out twitter. thank you for being part of "the real story" for a very busy breaking news day. have a fantastic day. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and in washington, donald trump just wrapped up a meeting with republican party bosses. you have to wonder how the conversation went considering all we have seen and heard this week. he walked out with a smile and a wave, you saw, but we'll see if we can find out anything about what exactly went down. plus, perhaps the clearest indicator yet that the republican national committee is ready for chaos in cleveland. have you checked out the new web site yet? let get to it. >> first from the fox news deck this thursday afternoon, this was not on the public schedule. trump holding a closed door meeting with the republican party bosses days after blatsing
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them for treating him unfairly. that was the reason, anyway, that donald trump used for essentially tearing up his pledge to support nip who wins the nomination. no word yet on what happened in that meeting. meanwhile, it seems republican national committee officials are becoming more and more convinced that nobody will score the delegates needed for that nomination. the rnc just launched this brand new convention facts web site. it has all sorts of information on how an open convention works. that's what they're calling it. contested, not open. something looking more and more likely. the rnc meeting is one of donald trump's sit-down today. earlier he met with a foreign policy team, after he made headlines blasting the general have no cocoon venges -- convention and the rules of war and then didn't rule out using nuclear weapons in europe and said women should face
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punishment for having abortions if the u.s. ever outlaws the procedure. both pro choice and pro life groups blasted the comment. if anyone has ever aggravate both sides of the abortion debate in one seven, i can't fine it. and trump took it back and said, only the doctor should be punished. with donald trump holed up in meeting and ted cruz holding events, apparently john kashich is trying to fill the void. saying trump does not belong anywhere near the nuclear button. >> as commander in chief, and leader of the free world, you dent get do-overs. you need to be able to get it right the first time. >> this sets the background for the wisconsin primary next week, which is shaping up to be fascinating there are new signs that the stop trump movement is actually getting much stronger, particularly in that state. not only does the latest poll out of wisconsin show ted cruz has taken-point lead over donald
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trump -- ten-point lead over donald trump, the marquette university shows 70% of wisconsin voters viewed trump unfavorably, 70%. compared to 49 for senator cruz and 23% for john kashich. a pro trump super pac is arguing that donald trump is still the best choice, even if he is not the most popular. >> sure, get grief when i say i'm voting for donald trump but i want to protect my family, paris, issue san bernardino and now brussels? i want president that will keep us safe. we need to control our voters and stop -- control our borders and stop neglect dangerous people. trump with do that. >> that add is set to run on tuesday, one critics say could reshape the entire race. the last g.o.p. primary for two wreaks and trump's rivals argue a win there could give him plenty of time to build momentum. we have team fox coverage. ed a da shapiro is with us.
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first, let's get to carl cameron live in d.c. tell us what you can about the rnc meeting. >> reporter: wasn't supposed to happen. wasn't on the schedule and wasn't what donald trump was telling people in wisconsin all week. he has been saying on the stomach to a -- stump to a number of audiences we hill spend every day in wisconsin, and he showed up near d.c. to meet with province priebus and his team of foreign policy advisors and trump rant into some problems when he suggested it was time for japan and saudi arabia and south korea to get their own nuclear capability so the u.s. wouldn't have to be the world's policemen and particularly guard them. there's nuclear nonproliferation summit going on with world lead in other words washington, dc and the white house jumped in on it. a catastrophic idea. kashich and cruz said this is another example of trump proving to everybody he is not suitable for the presidency and doesn't know what he is talking about.
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>> all of sudden trump is not on the campaign trail, ted cruz is not on thewhich leaves kashich to do whatever he can do. report report he is in new york today and will spend time in pennsylvania as well. new york votes to weeks after wisconsin. pennsylvania a little after that. and a whole bunch of east coast states coming up where kashich believes he can start winning. only has one w in his column and that's his home state of ohio, and if he hopes to be a force at a convention he needs to win more states and new york is one of them. he held a news conference and went of trump again for the abortion comments and the nuclear proliferation spaeth -- aspect of things and there's a pro kashich super pac running an ad against not donald trump but ted cruz. kashich realized he has to tart going against cruz as well. they have this overlapping mutual agenda in wisconsin to bring trump down and after that kashich has to win. look at this. not by say -- kashich's
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campaign, by the super par can, suggesting he has a pinocchio nose. >> the it was ad about kashich, lies. stayings had to pull it off the air. if ted cruz sent moving he is lying. >> reporter: the add begins with the super pac using trump's word for ted cruz, lying ted. gives you an example of kashich, who has been priding himself on running a positive campaign, going to show a little bit of knuckles. for years people said john kashich while an effective legislator and governor, he does tend to rankle nerves and tempers and we may see that as he decides it's time to get feisty. >> this stop trump movement has not been very successful in many places, yet wilkes is -- yet wisconsin is the outlier. can you help the viewer
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understand? >> reporter: wisconsin has a long history of activist politics with mid-western civility and hospitality. they don't mind throwing elbows but like to do it with a calmer voice, and whether it's governor scott walker, who hen wi -- when he was brief lay candidate, he said each the average guy, and paul ryan and reince priebus, all very, very powerful washington establishment republicans, from wisconsin, and they're not known for particularly sharp elbows. they're tough politicians bunt do it with the loud rhetoric and name calling that trump is now famous for. so that's part of it. whenever l it's from scott walker, who inners toed ted cruz to a host of conservative local wisconsin talk radio conservative talk show hosts they have all sort of aligned against trump. in large measure because they don't like his tone, his demeanor. while they disaggrieve with miss
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policies and think is not prepared, don't like what he does to politics. makeed too tox-in-law and badgers have been applauding that kind of posture with the exception of those who go to trump events and they're still as feisty as ever. >> carl, thank you very much. a tweet just came out from donald trump. we don't spend a lot of time on his tweets but this one came out. he says he had a very nice meeting with reince priebus of the g.o.p., looking forward bringing the party together and it will happen. that's just weird. let's bring in a time political reporter zeke miller you. don't bring the party together by going back on a major and saying you have been mistreated. this pledge to support whoever the nominee is, it's a very big deal, and he just tore it up. >> you're right. that's absolutely correct. this is a move at the national level that reince priebus took last greer an effort to stop donald trump from talking about splitting the party in two
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taking his supporters and going home. something we have heard trump say time and time again. if he is not treated fairly he's going home, and as he realizes he has his own ceiling, he has been struggling to get republicans who don't like him onboard. now, most front runner ins would start coalescing. that is not happening to donald trump and also some real practical concerns with breaking the pledge in states like south carolina, where you had to sign the pledge to get on the ballot. now some delegates and anti-trump forces are talking about trying to file contests so trump could lose those delegates and talk about an open convention. that's a lot of delegates. >> the last three days it's hard to come up with a way that a candidate could have maybe a worse few days, and there appears to be some movement in wisconsin, but is that just a wisconsin thing or something bigger happening here? >> certain lay wisconsin -- certainly a wisconsin thing.
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a certain way of campaigning the badger state likes. but even in states where trump has done well, utah, there's a very large universe of republicans, the majority of the republican stop trump camp. he has -- that's a big problem for him in terms of getting the rest of the party behind him, let alone getting independents and potentially some crossover democrats like he has been talking about in the general election. >> we pack up three or four months and put together a scenario where the party would be backing ted cruz? >> it really is one of those things where -- the only way to come back from being poisoned is when you can -- being -- that's where most republicans are right now. we may not win this thing either way but the fight at the convention to stop donald trump for many republicans'
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perspective is one worth fighting just to save the party of reagan, the party of lincoln, the party they built their lives around. that's not where a lot of republican voters are but here in the beltway, they're think can let's fight this as long as possible. we may never win but they're getting behind ted cruz because they know that ted cruz is a republican and have their doubts about donald trump. >> aren't there two things happening? is it a fair observation there's this new group that trump has, that tossed him out and change our ways group and then there's the party of lincoln group, and they now appear, at least, from this view, to be two separate things, and he talks about uniting them. is that possible now? >> that really is the big question, one way or the other. whether it's donald trump or ted cruz. these two wings are so very, very different. one republican i talked to yesterday said it's almost as if donald trump is running a third-party campaign from within
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the republican party. these are note necessarily traditional republican voters. they're folks republicans would love to have but there's really little reason to give them any indication they would stick around. the same the other way around if it is donald trump at the top of the ticket, you'veing see runs finding a third-party option, a protest vote, some go do hillary clinton, some will just throw up their arms and stay home. >> zeke mill are from "time." fascinating times good to see you. >> thank you. >> again, the tweet from donald trump, just a couple minutes old: just had a very nice meeting with reince priebus and the g.o.p. looking forward to bringing the party together, and it will happen. a lot more politics ahead. you know donald trump is all about business, he says, but some of the billionaire's comments may have some of america's largest companies rethinking their support of the republican convention. we'll get details on that and bernie sanders and hillary clinton each have strong ties to
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new york, obviously, and today each is trying to make the most of the ties. how is that going? a big day of politics. will we hear anything from reince priebus? will donald trump make anymore statements? and this tear up the pledge promise still on? lots coming. stay with us. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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breaking news now. we're getting reports of an active shooter at a greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. here a map of the local year. at least three people have been shot. this is the spot north boulevard this name of it. local baseball stadium there. and here's the greyhound bus station. apparently happening right outside of here. i have another picture here. this is the greyhound station now, and we're led to believe there's -- an of told a reporter with a local station that the cop, quote, didn't know what kind of weapons they had inside. they had inside. all we really have is that. possibly an indication there could be more than one suspect. we don't know yet. again, reports of an active shooter situation at this greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. that's the location. we're led to believe it's happening right here on north boulevard. so many thing wes don't know. we don't know how many shooters there are. we don't know what their motivation may be.
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we don't know the condition of people who are on scene. local reports say three to four people injured. there are some reports that shooter may be contained. that's coming from the local cbs station. this is very early going -- is that a live chopper? so the locals are on it but they're kaling it an active shooter situation. that's about all we know. we're expectingmer shortly. first, there was worth that executives at some big american companies are debating whether to cut back on sponsorship deals for the republican national convention because, well, because donald trump. that's accord tolling the reporting of "the new york times." one example, cocoa los angeles in the year 2012, donated nearly 7 on thousand to the g.o.p. convention. but according to "the new york times" the company is giving just 75 grand this year. about a tenth as much as last time. the fox business network's adam shapiro is here with us.
12:18 pm
anallies are putting a lot of pressure on companies to stay away? >> not only the analysts but there's an activist organization that is actually petitioning people and pressuring companies not donate money. this is the color of change organization. color of here's the quote: any sponsorship of a trump-led convention will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racist rhetoric and runs counter to the values of your company. now, we have reached out to different companies because they're targeting several, including coca -- cocoa los angeles google and others. to one other thing. i did speak with color of and they said it's not enough, shep, to donate some money but it's got to be a complete withdrawal, and they're threatening to not only break up the companies but demonstrations and take it to the board of
12:19 pm
directors. >> what are republican officials saying. >> we got a statement from emily lauer, the spokesman for the cleveland 2015 host committee. she says we have raised mow morphothe funning of a political convention than has ever been raised before by a host committee, and then pointed out no sponsors have pulled out. but these discussions are taking place at the companies which traditionally have donated money to democrats and republicans. these are expensive conventions. 64 million for cleveland. 80 million for the democrats in philadelphia. the companies get asked to donate. they do in the past. you can see it online, and all of them have donated. the question is will they donate now? >> interesting. thank you. i'm work only the active shooter situation. we have been getting more north. the shooter situation is very serious i. don't have anything to indicate now that the situation is contained. anything? >> seeing some first video from the escape, from a local nbc
12:20 pm
reporter. shows an ambulance going by, an idea of the scene from the sheriff's station there. we haven't seen a whole lot. possible reports of three to four people hurt but nothing confirmed. >> still nothing confirmed whether the shooter is in custody. you heard the initial report that they, the officers didn't know what kind of guns they had inside. could be a slip of the tongue weapon don't know. i'm expecting more on this and something officially. we'll get to that after the break, and then to the democrats. hillary clinton supporters say it's time to focus on donald trump and he appears to be doing that, but bernie sanders isn't going anywhere soon. that's obvious. we'll talk to a communications director for the democratic national committee, and an update from richmond, virginia. stay with us. technology.
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we're getting more on breaking news out of richmond, virginia. now we know that four patients have been taken to a local hospital. the virginia commonwealth medical center, part of the vcu system. we know of four people taken to hospital. just gotten word of the reporting of the local nbc station with which we share editorial and they are reporting, a local nbc station is reporting two of the injured are law enforcement officers. whether they are among those who have been taken to the hospital do. >> not know, but i'm told that four people have been taken to the hospital. again, an active shooter situation. it is still being called that officially by the police department there. most often when active shooter situations are resolved, if the police station is one that sends out those sorts offings in, that's something they want to get out immediately. in other words there's nor need to fear anymore, active shooter situation is resolved, and the
12:25 pm
police have not done that. so, unless and until we get something like that, is it apparently still an active shooter situation. four people hurt. four people taken to hospital, and we are getting further reporting from the local nbc station that two people who have been injured in sheeting at the greyhound bus station are law enforcement officers. it's trickling in. as we get more i'll bring it to you immediately. hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders here in the state of new york. the second biggest prize in the entire democratic presidential race, accord to awe new poll from quinnipiac university and showings hillary clinton beating senator sanders 54 to 42% so a 12-point spread. the state's primary is more than two weeks away. former president clinton campaigning in manhattan for the former secretary of state. she rallied supports in purchase, new york, north of the city. bernie sanders is set to hold a
12:26 pm
rally the bronxs. 250 delegates are up for grabs. ed henry is here, any sign that hillary clinton's people are nervous in any way about new york? >> maybe cautiously optimistic. she has 12-point lead but i've even state after state where she had a double-digit vehicle and then eeked out a small victory or bernie sanders closed and won the state. so what they're trying to do is maybe take out an insurance policy with the guy they call the big dog, former president bill clinton, who what at four events saying this. >> i ask for you help. i thank you for your endorsement. i thank you for your votes for her. but we need your work. every day between now and the 19th. >> you hear bill clinton making his case. he did four events today. they want to get him out there and get out the vote.
12:27 pm
>> secretary clinton's biggest donors are calling for her to spend more time attacking donald trump. accord dog politico. sect clinton stilling too beat bernie sanders. he has been on a winning streak and promising to fight all the way to the convention could we city floor fight? philly in july? let's bring in the communications director from the democratic national committee who is joining us from washington. help us understand what is happening in wisconsin. appears secretary clinton has moved on and moved on from beany sanders in new york. >> we still eave a primary and the democratic national committee are facilitating debates but it's important for both candidates to wage the primary fight and speak out when we hear and see egregious things happening on the run side of the aisle, like we have seen with
12:28 pm
trump going from defending his campaign manage over allegations of the assault of a woman 0, to the next day saying women should be criminalized for an abortion, to really the other chaos on the trail. they need to address that, too, and we certainly think that the big difference that is going to be happening between now and november is that democrats are not going to make the same mistakes the republican made. the republicans were trying to appeal to the extreme elements of their own party and so they were too cautious, they were too soft and they didn't take trump seriously. we'll take'll him seriously and it's great if we do both continue with our primary and also focus in on what trump and the rest of the republican field would mean for the united states. >> bernie sanders want as debate in new york. why shouldn't he get it? >> we're in the process of to the negotiations now and candidates are getting close to finalizing that. the next two debates were debates the candidates agreed to back when we announced debates
12:29 pm
in manchester, new hampshire, ft., michigan, and then two additional ones. that's the process. i'm confident that we'll be able to move forward relatively soon, and that with those debates we'll have an opportunity to showcase our candidates are right on the issues for the american people, that they care about whether it's the economy, expanding opportunities, education, health care, the things that folks are really concerned about and that they're actually serious in terms of being commander in chief versus what we have seen this week with dangerous donald trump promising to pull oust nato, willing to use nukes on european soil without thinking lo about the consequences when the says things like that. very dangerous, and our candidates show a very different and serious approach to the issues. so we think it will be great once they do debate. >> say what you want about donald trump, he seems to have traction in the rust belt. normally democratic territory. to what degree there is concern?
12:30 pm
i know there is some. >> we're certainly attentive to the dynamics in the rust belt and in areas that have been particularly hard hit, but we also have to make sure that we're talking about the differences that have been made. look at a state like michigan, where the auto industry, is resurgent because democrats under the leadership of president obama invested in making sure that the auto industry came back, versus republicans republicans who wanted to let detroit go bankrupt. so we have to remind people of those differences and remind them what the republican candidates are promising with the union-busting approach to the economy and that's not good. at the end of the day, the reason that those states were more prosperous, the reason that folks in the auto industry and others prospered, is because we had strong labor unions and the right of workers to organize and that's something that democrats will protect. the run rum candidates would certainly -- the republican candidates would be harmful for organization workers.
12:31 pm
>> the communications director, from washington. thank you. >> thank you. >> i like to talk more but breaking news is important. word of an active shoot at the greyhound station in richmond, virginia. multiple worths the shooter is in custody, the danger has passed. what we had was one shooter, not a series of them. in fact i've just gotten this from virginia state police who say two trooper's are shot another a greyhound station on north boulevard. two state troopers. this is actually -- this is new video. says live up there but that's from the local station. we recorded this. here's what happened. virginia state police say two troopers were shot at this greyhound station on north boulevard, another woman also shot, and the suspect in custody. the shooting victims transported to virginia commonwealth university medical center. lots of ambulances have been there. our thanks to wwvt -- for their help with us.
12:32 pm
richmond police say a state trooper was shot, shot the suspect at the shooting. so it appears that two state troopers were shot and another woman shot as well. then the state trooper shot the suspect and the suspect is now in custody. we do do not know what prompted this, whether there was an altercation. we know something about the suspect. we know ambulances -- four people are being treated so that would make sense. two state troop evers, the woman who was injured and now the suspect, according to the reporting of the news there, has been hit. the abc affiliate confirms a trooper did shoot the suspect. so this is a developing situation now. we don't know the condition of the troopers of the suspect or don't know anything about motivation. this news will come in due time. for now this is what we have. the news continues after this. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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breaking news now on fox news channel. continuing coverage out of richmond, virginia, where we're now getting reports that this shooting is even worse than first thought. we now have it confirmed from police that two state troopers have been shot at the greyhound bus station there, and we just gotten reports both from the local cbs and the nbc station that the number of people shot is in total is six. we don't know how this altercation began but there was a lone gunman, according to authorities two state troopers -- were they responding to a shooting or at the greyhound station? we don't know. of the six who were shot, two people are listed as critical. most of the parents have been taken to virginia commonwealth medical center and authorities are still on scene. we'll get updates and a live report as it becomes available. breaking news coverage begins right after this.
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the story is still developing out of richmond, virginia, where the fox and nbc station on scene says the active shooter situation is over, that six people are injured, and two people are critical. we do not know exactly the order of business, how things went down there, except we can tell you there was a report of an active shooter. we don't know if the two state troopers responded to that report or if they were already at the greyhound bus station. one of the top ten highest volume bus stations in america, so a very busy place on a given day. we presume in the middle of the day this would have been an active place, and why someone began shooting we do not know. these leave pick talk to -- rhyme pictures from our affiliates wind chill know two troopers are injured and six people total are injured and we know that at least four have been taken to hospital. so we're still in the early going here. there are varying reports on the
12:39 pm
condition of the suspect. the crime scene itself, according to the reporting of the local fox station and nbc 12 there, the crime scene spans three blocks around the diamond and greyhound bus station. one woman has been transported to a level one trauma center. level one trauma centers take the most seriously injured patients, often people with gunshot wound goes to level one trauma center, and it's been said if you're still alive after a shooting and you get to a level one trauma center, like this fantastic one in richmond, your chances of survival are good. so one female civilian, the report is, taken to the local hospital. three others shot as well. plus two troopers have been shot and injured. police have not been specific who the critical patients are, but they have told us now that two patients are critical. it appears that any danger that existed there is now over.
12:40 pm
we know that the shoot shooter has been neutralized at the very least, taken into custody is one report, and other reports the shooter situation may be much more grave than we are led to believe at this moment. but the shooting is over. authorities say there was only one person -- the reason for the confusion about that, a police officer said to a reporter on scene initially "i don't know what kind of weapons they have." and that was apparently the sort of misspeak that can happen in the middle of chaos. there was but one shooter now authorities confirm. that shooter is no longer a danger to anyone around, and six people have been taken to area hospitals-at least one to a level one trauma center. a little bit more information just came in. i can tell you that virginia state police say two troopers were shot and the female civilian shot as well. the spokesperson there says the shooting suspect is in custody.
12:41 pm
there were some reports, multiple sources told -- state police told this reporter, melissa burkett, that state police at the bus station for a training exercise and that's when the fire erupted. the sources said the civilian suspect started shooting at troopers inside the bus station. the troopers are there on a training mission and someone comes in and starts shooting at them. the troopers then returned fire, and a man who stopped for a smoke break before going into the bus sta heard at least five to ten shots. whether they were targeted is a question that will be forthcoming for authorities, no question. these are live pictures from wric, our network news service affiliate in richmond. you can see a lot of troopers standing around there. this report from the investigative reporter from news 12 on scene, this all seems to add up now.
12:42 pm
state troopers doing training, and then somebody just started firing on them. whether it was publicly known they were doing training there inside advance we don't know. we don't know if the shooter was targeting the straight troopers. now way to know that. we know a total of six people have been injured two troopers have been shot. separately we know that two people are listed now in critical condition according to the local police chief. it's a dramatic situation, certainly, that's coming together. you can see by the attitude of the locals on scene the danger has passed. the shooting is over. they either have the suspect in custody or the suspect has been otherwise neutralized bit no longer a danger to the report. you can see a local reporter setting up for a report. we're gettingings in from these reporters. that's what we know. it's going to be very interesting to find out if they know anything be shooter and'll
12:43 pm
by interested to know whether the shooter was actually targeting them. a little more color has come in. brendan hamilton, a 28-year-old, who is visiting richmond from baltimore, said he was about to walk into the bus station. this happen at 2:50, just about 50 minutes ago. when he heard two loud bangs, and then started seeing flashes of light along with about five or ten more banging noises. that is now believe the shooting. people started running out of nearly all the doors of the building, according to the witness, one point it became clear to him shots were being fired and he sprinted away. now, several dozen police cars line north boulevard, which is right there -- that's the street that this is on, and the vcu baseball stadium across the street from that. so a very active crime scene, though no longer an active shooter situation. shooter in custody, a number of people injured. a couple of them said to be critical and unknown exactly what happened to that shooter except to say he won't -- he or
12:44 pm
she won't be causing anymore problems today. there's other news and the fbi agreed to help another police department -- help in the hacking of an ipod and an iphone. that debate continues and it's coming up. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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12:47 pm
just days after the fbi said it successfully hacked or somebody successfully hacked the san bernardino killer's iphone, the agency has now agreed to help prosecutors in the state of arkansas with a somewhat similar request. fbi officials say they will help unlock an iphone and an ipod that belonged to two suspects in a murder case there. the feds still haven't revealed how they broke into the san bernardino killer's iphone but did say a third party helped them do it. there's no word on whether the feds will use whatever method that was in this arkansas case. arthur aidala is live on the deck. this seems different. the original case was the feds trying to get apple to do a task
12:48 pm
for them or create something for them. this is not the same thing. >> well, they were able to accomplish it on their own. >> they say they were. we don't know that. >> correct. we don't know it. that's the second part of our conversation. the first part is, law enforcement now has the able to get into your phone, which doesn't seem like they -- >> they say they do. we don't know that. >> correct. i will at the you, the last case i tried a majority of the cross-examination of the witnesses had to do with what they put on their twitter and facebook accounts which is public domain, but it's a big part of evidence. so now if they can get into your phone, what we have to make sure is that the judges who would issue the warrants really set the bar very, very high -- >> i don't know why. >> -- before they alou -- >> the bar is not high for my filing cabinet or my kitchen. why is the phony different.
12:49 pm
>> they have to show that criminal activity has taken place, probable cause to believe you have something there. so that what i'm saying. the same standard as -- before they go into your underwear drawer, if not the same, also higher, because let's just say the judges are very favorable to law enforcement, and they should err on the side of caution bus tears so much in this device. a lot more in this division tan in your own bedroom. >> but at the real difference is, the reason for the original outcry was very simple one. the government was trying to force a company to do something or create something for the government. telling a private entity you must do something. that is what the outcry was. wasn't that you don't have absolute privacy in life. >> no. less and less every minute. >> now it is unculp bent upon the -- incumbent of the makers to strengthen them. >> the ironis don't spit into the wind. now apple wants to know, how did
12:50 pm
you dot that? >> of course. traditionally they toll hem. >> a policy under the obama administration, under their vulnerabilities equities process where if the government knows your data is vulnerable, they are supposed to tell you how it's vulnerable, unless it's in a law enforcement or national security -- in their best interests not to do so. there is a process within the obama ainistration to review this and to determine whether the fbi has to tell apple how they broke into their phone or not. the experts are saying they would probably orr on the side of, no, we don't have to ten apple. this is a law enforcement, national security issue with need to know how to do this 'we don't want you to fix it. if they disclose it to them, then apple could fix so the government can't get nome. >> that is if they got. we don't know if they got in. i'm not doubting you. i'm just saying as reporters, we require more than you say something. we can quote them as saying they did it, but i don't have any
12:51 pm
evidence -- >> you're the reporter. you report, decide. >> that's a good motto. >> something like that. >> arthur, thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> we have more to come. going to be huge. stay with us. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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the pentagon now sent to transfare dozen more prisoners out the detainment facility at guantanamo bay. by the middle of next month. that's what u.s. officials are saying. back in january, the military transferred ten detainees at once the largest group ever. and last month president obama promised again to eventually close the prison. jen griffin at the pentagon. >> reporter: the next round of transfers begin this weekend with two detainees going to
12:55 pm
ondisclosed country in africa. this transfer which involves a dozen prisoners can't happen at once bus the pentagon is required by law to notify congress 30 gazeland capitol hill sources tell me that period has not elapsed yet for this latest round of transfers the first notification went to congress in early march and the second one in the middle of the month. mook those slated for transfer a, yemenie who has been on a hunger strike since 2007. there are 19 detainees -- 91 detainees at the base at guantanamo bay. of those remaining, 35 are cleared for transfer to countries overseas. the pentagon says the rest are two dangerous to release and have sought at alter not -- alternate location. the pointman for gitmo said some of the detainees from the prison have rejoined the fight and worse.
12:56 pm
>> how many lives have been lost by those terrorists who went back to their terrorist activity? >> unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo -- >> how many -- >> the pentagon says that only about five percent of detainees released under the obama administration have returned to the battlefield. >> top of the hero, top -- hour, top of the news moments away. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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1:00 pm
who are critical are the suspect himself and one over the state troopers. now to find out what the motivation and is who the suspect is. we'll work on that. when thus break otherwise we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. "your world" starts now. >> to wall street and stocks, barely buzzing today but a disstory for the month as the dow surging seven percent in march. welcome, i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we'll get into the markets and the political purposes and dr. ben carson is here. we want to start with the market and that means gerri willis. a huge move know market. the worst start for a market the in the history of trading and we turn it around. how. >> that's absolutely right. january, terrible. let me tell you, we have picked up. take a look at the numbers for march. the dow up 7.2% this month alone. the nasdaq


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