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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 31, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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milwaukee. if you live around the area and want to be part of the event and audience go to and find out the details. thanks for being with us and have a great night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. let's get right to our lead guest tonight, donald trump who joins now by phone from washington, d.c. donald, it's been quite a day for you. earlier today had you a surprise meeting with the rnc. first of all, tell us what that was about. >> it was a very good meeting. we met with reince priebus and the staff and they are very good people actually a terrific meeting. we are meeting by a lot. we have far and away the most delegate. millions and millions of votes more than anybody else than ted has or kasich has i
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think they really wanted to discuss unity and i like discussing unity, too. theoretically and myo life, i mean, people wouldn't sort of understand, this a lot of people. it's been about unity. i get along with people. i get along with them very well. we had a very good -- we had a very good meeting with the rnc. >> who called the donald? did you or did they call it. >> i think it was probably mutually called. we have been talking and we have been dealing a lot. we have been tabulating up, as you know, missouri just came in. tabulation. we actually picked up additional votes and we a great time in >> all right. no, i know, but someone had to pick up the phone or send the email or the text to the other. i'm just curious if they are the ones. >> i'm not even sure. i think it was very mutually set up and i was in washington because we had a
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foreign policy team meeting today. we have people that we met on board. i'm setting up a board with various people having to foreign policy and then i go back shortly tomorrow. i'm back to wisconsin and i look forward to that we just had a great poll i picked up quite a bit in terms of the wisconsin vote. nationwide we're leading big wig. that's why the rnc want to do meet. >> the reason i ask, donald, last night i told the folks right before the taping of the show i got a call from leadership at the rnc and they want to do talk about this thing that i have been talking about a few days now this whether or not rules can be changed at the convention, at the rnc convention. interestingly after the show last night, i got another call from rnc leadership and they want to do talk about the same thing. so, and i keep trying to find out if that can happen. instead of hearing it, i went and did my own homework and it turns out and i want you to weigh in on this because i think this is
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extremely important, actually to all of 3 g.o.p. nominees. 42 rules in themv rnc handbook. rule 42 says rules 24 through 42 are deemed necessary. the problem is 1237 rule that says the majority plus one gets the nomination falls at rule 40 b and e, so basic lit 1237 number is a temporary rule that they can change at the convention. did you address that with the rnc? >> we really didn't. i think it would be hard to discuss that, frankly and maybe to do something about that. as far as i'm concerned i think we're going to meet that number. i will say this, if we are close to that number, because we are way ahead of cruz and way ahead of kasich. >> donald, even if you get 1237 or 1240, they will say you know instead of a majority the rules committee says it's going to be a super majority and you are going to need 1600. >> no, that won't happen. we have millions of people more than anybody else. i have millions and millions more people than anybody
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else. what's happened is has been a phenomena. it's been reported all over. one of the big stories in politics worldwide the republican count for votes is up so much since four years ago like some of the places are up over 100 percent. lines are a blocks long. it's amazing. i don't think anybody would think about playing around with that. maybe you should get ryans and the rnc to sign a pledge. >> i will go a step further though i think if we get the 1237, if we break the 1237 that's fine. i think, frankly, if you look at it, we had many, many people running so that many of those early primaries we would have, you know, 10 people and seven people and six people would have a lot of people in them. and it's very, very hard to break that number, despite that i think i will break that number. however, if we are millions of votes ahead of everyone else and hundreds of delegates ahead of everyone else, i really think that whoever has that kind of an advantage should get it i
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think it's awfully hard to take that away. >> this is donald trump just post a meeting with the rnc. viewers take that how you will. that took some of thew; attention away from a firestorm you set off yesterday after your interview about what should happen to women who get abortions if the procedure becomes illegal. i want to play it for our folks. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? as a principle? >> the answer is that there there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah for. >> 10 years. >> i don't know. >> why not. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> i know you have since clarified your point in written statements. >> i have clarified it you really ought to heart whole thing. this is a long convoluted question. this is a long discussion and they just cut it out and, frankly, it was extremely -- it was really convoluted if, in fact, abortion was outlawed the person performing the abortion, the doctor or
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whoever it may be that is really doing the act is response cybil for the act not the woman is responsible. so that's the way i have always felt. i have had the same -- i have had the same stance exactly as ronald reagan. i mean, i have had and i have had it from the beginning. my stance is the exact same as ronald reagan's. >> at love people are making a lot of the hay out of, this donald. did you misspeak? did you misunderstand the question? >> it could be that i misspoke. but this was a long, convoluted subject. we talked about catholicism and his religion. and, you know, chris went back and forth about that and this was a very long, convoluted discussion which, frankly, they don't want on television because it was too long. you know, just as i said it, and i must tell you this is the same -- my stance is the same stance as ronald reagan. and, if, in fact,yñ abortion was outlined, the person
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performing that act is responsible, north the woman. >> okay. another topic that came up last night was nuclear proliferation, idea not whether people would getp3& it how we would respond, keeping things on or off the table. >> you can tell the middle east we are not using a nuclear weapon. >> i would never take any of my cards off the table. >> how about europe? >> i'm not going to take it off the table. >> you might use it in europe. >> no, i don't think so. >> just say it. i would never use it. >> ig;hnc not taking cards off the table. i'm not using nukes but i'm not taking cards off the table. >> okay. what's that all about? >> i don't want to take cards off the table. i would never do that. the last person to press that button would be me i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq from the very beginning. the last person that wants to play the nuclear card believe me is me. you can never take cards off the table either from moral
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standpoint especially negotiating standpoint. >> i understand they are not taking the cards off the table for isis or islamic terror. when chris expanded to europe, what about that? >> europe is a big place. i'm not going to take cards off the table. we have nuclear capability. now, our capability is going down rapidly because of what we're doing. it's in bad shape the equipment is not properly maintained. that's a bad thing not a good thing. the last person to use nuclear would be donald trump. that's the way i feel. i think it's a horrible thing. the thought of it is horrible. i don't want to take anything off the table. we have to negotiate. there will be times maybe when we're going knob a very deep,xp very difficult, very horrible negotiation. the last person -- i'm not going to take it off the table. i said it yesterday. and i stay with it. >> donald, you said had you a meeting or you were
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gathering a group of foreign policy experts. anyone in particular we should know about? we would like to know. who re r. they? >> actually tomorrow we are releasing the group. and we had some really good people today. we had some amazing discussions. and this topic of nuclear was discussed. and everybody agrees with me. you don't take it off the table. why would we take to have the table? it's a very strong negotiating point. hopefully we would never have to use it, even as a negotiating point. but, certainly you don't take it off the table. we had a group of very talented people. this is all they do. and, actually, a number of them commented that what i said was absolutely correct as to nuclear. now, they also felt i was right as to nato. because we're paying a disproportionate share of nato. and nato is largely obsolete. it's got to be restructured and it's got to be changed. and other countries have to pay some of the bill. we owe, eric, $19 trillion. and we can't go around being the policemen of the world and supporting a big -- i
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think it's 72% or 73% of nato and other countries are benefiting we're paying the tab. key can't continue to do that. >> a lot of people on the left saying you want to disband nato. i don't understand that. >>ache, let me clarify. i never said that i don't want to disband nato but i don't want to pay for a vast majority of the cost of nato, either it's benefiting all of these countries, you have 28 countries in there. it's benefiting all of these countries. some of them pay peanuts. it's not fair. we have to be treated treated fairly worldwide whether it's nato or trade or anything else we are not being treated fairly. >> are these going to be advisors to you or just the back and forth you want too.&c @ do have a discussion. >> no. these won't be advisors. these are very talented people, very respected people these people would be
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? of paragraph in the impact segment tonight, reaction to our interview with donald trump, joining us now from houston alice stuart communications director for the cruz campaign and from washington trent duffy, spokesman for the kasich campaign. alice, your thoughts on what did you hear and what did you learn? what stood out for you on that interview. >> well, first and foremost, let's take a look at what he said with regard to punishing women who receive an abortion if the procedures were banned. look, this just goes to show that he has absolutely no fundamental knowledge about what the pro-life issue is all about. and when we're looking at
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the issue as important as the sanctity of life, this is more than just about the unborn child. this is also about the mother and having a culture of respect for women and making this important decision. but yet again this is yet another example that donald trump and his culture of lack of respect for women is coming through here. and it should not ever be about punishing women. it's about protecting lives. >> do you accept what he said he may have misspoke and about the doctor being punished. >> know said exactly what he wanted to say and his team followed one what needed to be said. the fact that he didn't know how to respond to that question about not punishing women in a difficult time like that just goes to underscore the fact that he has no fundamental understanding of the important issues that republican voters need and who they are going to elect as their nominee. >> trent, one of the other things that we talked about quite extensively is this meeting with the rnc where the rnc has sounded don't forget this is donald trump's first reaction after the meeting with the rnc,
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sounded like he was very optimistic. he talked about unity quite a bit. do you think the rnc is coming around to the potential of a donald trump nominee? >> well, speak for the rnc, there is one thing that donald trump has done to unify people. he has unified the pro-choice and pro-life movement rarely happens in american politics. okay, maybe he wants a do-over on this one. but now he is asking for a couldover to say that nato is something that we need to rethink. he didn't ask for a do-over that said that the rules that protect our men and women and our military through the geneva convention should be trashed. he hasn't withdrawn his insults about women, including mrs. cruz, carly fiorina and megyn kelly. he keeps asking for doovers extending his remarks. i agree wholeheartedly with alice that he is not ready to be the president of the united states. he is not ready to be the commander and chief. i mean, this might qaddafi him to -- qualify him to be the president of delta house but
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not the president of the united states and the white house. >> all right, alice, the other topic we talked about nuclear proliferation of the world, frankly and at one point donald trump said not only am i concerned about that but i also want to make sure that our use of nuclear that he holds all the cards. your thoughts? >> well, look, again, another example that he doesn't understand the basic issues that a presidential candidate needs to be understanding when they're running for president. this right here, the nuclear issue, is an extremely dangerous one. look, is he throwing nuclear weapons around like they are softballs. and that is not what we need of someone who would potentially lead the republican party. look, as a commander and chief, do you need to have all resources at your disposal, when it comes to defending our nation. but, when we are talking about our european allies and those many that are members of nato, ted cruz has made it abun dancely clear it's virtually impossible to come up with a scenario in which the use of nuclear weapons would be needed and that's something that certainly needed to be
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point out. and for donald not to know that right off the top of his head as a fundamental understanding goes to show that he is way out of his league and he is way behind in putting together a foreign policy team to give him the knowledge of rebuilding our military and strengthening our relationships with our allies that needs to be a top priority. >> trent, alice says that donald trump is way behind in putting together foreign policy team. that's the other thing he said -- that's actually he said the reason he was in d.c. was to put together that foreign policy team. do you also agree? is it too late? >> well, i don't know. i think he is just making it up as he goes along. if he doesn't have a foreign policy team in place, and if he doesn't have a foreign policy agenda, and if he doesn't have a grasp on the way the world actually is, and thinks that the united states' most important strategic alliance nato is something that we should rethink entirely, why is he doing interviews with the "new york times" talking about all these foreign policy positions? it seems to me that a presidential candidate, who
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wants to lead the free world needs to develop their positions ahead of time before they go and talk about them. i think alice is exactly right. he makes it up as he goes along and then he redistracts and changes things as people try to trash him. the sad part is,ache, we are not talking about how to create a single job. we're not talking about how to get america moving together again. we are not talking about the reasons why people are ticked off at washington. because washington is broken. and it's not working for the men and women of this country. that's what we need to be talking about more. >> one of the other things that's come up over the last couple of days is all three of the g.o.p. nominees or candidates have said they would not back the other ones if they were the eventual nominee. alice, will ted cruz back a donald trump if he were the nominee? >> well,like, eric, it's abundantly clear that when that pledge was made, americans have learned quite a lot about all of the candidates, particularly donald trump. and most importantly, the way he treats women and his complete disrespect for a lot of women that have been
8:20 pm
part of this process, including your colleague megyn kelly and carly fiorina and his insulting comments and tweets he has made about heidi cruz. and ted has made it quite clear he does not make a habit out of supporting people who are disrespectful. >> is that a no? >> to his wife. >> is that a no. >> at the end of the day he believes donald trump is not going to be the nominee. >> i have heard that answer over and over. i'm just looking for a simple yes or no. >> already john kasich support a donald trump nominee if that the case. >> he said today he would have to think long and hard about that i think will stick to that to pick up on what alice said, 75% of women view donald trump negatively. is he not going to be the nominee of the republican party. he is not going to become president of the united states thankfully. >> i have got to leave it right there. it's a "yes" or "no," guys. dr. ben,v carson take as shot at the g.o.p. establishment saying many republicans would rather see hillary clinton in the white house over donald trump. we'll take a hard look at that in just a melt just
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in the factor follow-up segment tent, donald trump and the republican establishment as we mentioned trump met with the rnc today. last night though dr. ben carson made some very provocative comments about who he thinks many g.o.p. elites would secretly prefer in the white house. >> i'm starting to think that many of the so-called republican establishment. of course, they say there is no such thing, we don't exist. but we know they do. i believe that many of them would prefer to have hillary in there than to have donald trump because she is part of the political establishment and can be controlled whereas donald trump cannot
8:25 pm
be controlled. and they are not interested, democrats ordj republicans in the ruling class of having somebody that they can't control. >> joining us now with reaction from washington doug high, former communications director for the republican national committee. doug, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> dr. ben carson said there are certain group of establishment republicans that won't vote for donald trump. i think you have actually said that as well. >> yeah, there is no scenario where i will vote for donaldru t. hillary clinton. it means november may be tough for me, but i'm going to kind a constitutional conservative that i can be proud to vote for on election day. that's not donald trump. that's not hillary clinton. >> okay. so, in 2012 when mitt romney went down to barack obama, this wasn't a lot of turnout. you have needed a bigger republican turnout, right? >> sure. one of the things that we saw was that the obama campaign, in northern virginia, especially very effectsively went after mitt romney going after single women.
8:26 pm
as we have seen from your previous guests as we is seen in polling, women are really reacting telling n.i.v. did i to donald trump. >> i get that if people like you, the establishment people say i'm not going to vote for donald trump, that's in effect a vote for hillary clinton. >> well, i think that the biggest thing that you can do to elect hillary clinton is to support donald trump to be yourh>z,ñ nominee. if donald trump is our nominee, we ensure hillary clinton in the white house and probably a democratic senate. if you think the supreme court is important, which i sure do, voting for donald trump as the nominee would be a disaster. >> you know i'm an outsider. you know i don't like the establishment people. i think we have been lied to for quite a while, but if for some reason and a third or fourth vote, an establishment candidate, i don't know, paul ryan, mitt romney comes, in i would take the medicine and vote for the g.o.p. nominee no matter who he or she is. >> and if that's -- for me if that's anybody but donald trump i will do that look, obviously, eric, if donald trump gets 1237 delegates on
8:27 pm
his own, he has won that fair and square and he deserves to be the nominee. whatever i do as a voter in november is obviously a different issue. but if you talk about the establishment, i can tell you talk to lobbyists, a lot of people think slimy lobbyists in washington, d.c. they support donald trump. >> what about those in washington say i can't vote for. >> the establishment is worried about being ushered out much washington, d.c. out of lobbyists and infrastructure jobs. money, horse trading jobs that have very, very lucrative. >> i think if you talk to lobbyists they will tell you business will be good for them under hillary clinton or donald trump. but i'm worried about the united states senate. i'm worried about the house of representatives. >> he said he is not taking money from lobbyists. is he not taking money from donors. i'm hear ago guy who says he doesn't want lobbying. >> the lobbying industry will exist regardless of donald trump. lobbyists will tell you they think business given the uncertainty of a donald trump presidency will be. we don't know what he will do, especially if he wins,
8:28 pm
which i think is unlikely, if he wins, all bets would be off. the lobbying industry would do very well with the uncertainty that they thrive under. >> well, i guess. i mean, you are telling me that what's the big -- what's the big fear of backing a g.o.p. nominee that you may not just have line up ideologically perfect with? >> there are a lot of them that i don't line up ideologically perfectly with i think it's fundamentally different with donald trump. i don't think is he prepared at all to be the commander and chief given his previous comments. i don't know where the heck he stands on abortion. given the comments yesterday. >> is hillary clinton a better choice than someone you don't agree with on the g.o.p. side? >> i think those are two bad decisions for republicans, that's why i'm going to support a constitutional conservative on election day. i don't know who that is yet. i hope it's ted cruz or john kasich. i will vote for either one of those with great pressur֖ julianna glover in the "the washington post" just yesterday talked about crowd pac for raising money for other candidates. but if you look at the polling now, we see more and more. it's a real tough road for donald trump even predict it they are seeing his numbers
8:29 pm
fall. >> we will do exactly that doug, thank you very much. >> thank you, eric. >> new poll shows ted cruz polling ahead in the key state of wisconsin. donald trump may have a major delegate ace up his sleeve. we'll has your phone turned you into a control freak? with esurance, upload a few photos and a claims rep will help you get your money fast. maybe that doesn't make you a control freak. more like a control enthusiast. auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance.
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virginia state trooper. a gunman approached the officer inside of a greyhound bus terminal. terrified travellers ran for cover. the trooper, a former marine died in the hospital. two civilians wounded in cross fire are expected to recover. and the white house is now declassifying a national data inventory of highly enriched uranium. the news as leaders from around the world's hope is to secure nuclear weapons and materials and keep them out of the hands of terrorists. now, back to "the oel ry factor". continues. i'm trace gallagher here in los angeles. now back to you. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the republican delegate fight in wisconsin which holds its primary on tuesday, a knew fox business network poll of likely republican primary
8:34 pm
voters shows ted cruz leading with 42% support. that's 10 points ahead of donald trump, who comes in with 32%. john kasich has 19%. but a new quinnipiac poll of new york has some good news for donald trump. among republican voters in the delegate-rich elm pair state, trump has a whopping 56% support. ted cruz comes in with 20% and john kasich with 19%. new york holds its primary on april 19th. joining us now to analyze from washington steve people's, national political reporter for the associated press along with "the washington post" political correspondent james holman. i will start with you, another poll, the fox business poll came out today showing a 10% -- a double digit lead in wisconsin. that's kind of coincides with the prior poll. what's going on in wisconsin? >> yeah. clearly just five days out from this wisconsin election donald trump is on his heels. this is the kind of state that he should do quite well in. a lot of white-working class voters. folks who he succeeded with
8:35 pm
in the past. but i think it's important to take a step back here. we're in the midst of what could be the worst week ever donald4 trump's presidential campaign so far. this didn't just start with his abortion comments yesterday. he has faced criticism for going after ted cruz's wife a week ago. his campaign manager, of course, was charged with uesday. i mean, he is really on his heels in a way we haven't seen before. and i think it's fair to say, you know, should he not get the nomination and someone who thinks he probably will ultimately, it's fair to say people might look back at this week heading into wisconsin as the turning point in his campaign. >> james, do you agree with steve's assessment? >> well, eric, i think it's been a terrible week for donald trump. i think he has had a lot of bad weeks but he has perrer is received and come through it what makes wisconsin different is the stop trump 40ss are uniting. ted cruz has the huge momentum. he got the scott walker endorsement. talk radio in milwaukee is behind him big.
8:36 pm
john kasich is fading. cruz is going to get momentum. is he going to win wisconsin. >> do you guys have -- do you think this has anything to do with the recent talk of paul ryan actually possibly being the choice by the g.o.p. if it goes to a brokered convention? i will start with you, steve. >> i mean, donald trump has a very high floor here. you know, he is drawing thousands of people to rallies in paul ryan's backyard. i'm not really sure how much paul ryan's, you.ñ know, implicit criticism matters honestly at the end of the day. donald trump, regardless of how bad these polls look. he has a floor that's higher than any other candidate. i mean, is he going to get 25, 35, even 40% in some of these states. where ted cruz mighty;beat him in wisconsin. but, trump, you know, two weeks later in new york, has a very high floor. and is position to do do extremely well there. >> what about james? so 56 in new york versus cruz at 20 and kasich at
8:37 pm
19%. that's 95 delegates. >> yeah. but the way new york works is every congressional district in new york gets the same number of delegates. charlie rangel's district in harlem has the same number of delegates as pete king's district. and so i think trump could do well in some of the more democratic districts. cruz could end up doing well in some of the more conservative districts. i think they end up splitting the delegates. contested seems inevitable. >> you think wisconsin. the whole ball of wax, the whole kit and caboodle comes down to wisconsin? >> i don't think it mathematically. you know, trump could obviously still get the number of delegates he needs if he loses wisconsin. wisconsin is basically his margin of error. his margin of error goes away if he loses as bad as the fox business poll shows that he is going to. >> let me throw this to you. after wisconsin it turns east. you have new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, trump is doing very well. if he does perform very well in those areas, you know,
8:38 pm
momentum is big part of this game. does he change the momentum and take thez momentum back? >> exactly. donald trump has the math on his side. even if he loses the momentum here in wisconsin. that t. looks like that may happen. he has math. even if he doesn't get 1237. >> james is right. i wouldn't go as strong as james is going right now honestly. he is right that there is a strong chance that he doesn't get 1237. even if he is short by relatively small margin, the bottom line is whoever goes into that convention in cleveland with lead is the most likely to be the nominee. right? >> james, one last comment. i only have half a minute or so, james. two weeks, the two-week time span between wisconsin and new york, that's quite a bit of time. who does that favor? >> that favors cruz. i think, you know, kasich's fade will continue. cruz comes away with the kind of delegates, i do think the never trump crowd is going to say cruz is our best last hope. cruz can't really win the nomination outright before cleveland, but i do think
8:39 pm
that's two weeks that would allow him to improve in new york, pennsylvania, delaware. there is not a lot of winner-take-all states left. we still have 20 states to vote. i think cruz has time to. >> i have to leave it right there, steve and james, thank you very much. >> hillary clinton claims world leaders are thanking her for going after donald trump. and later, nothing is sacred or off limits in watters world. we are look at everywhere jesse has been wreaking havoc across the country. don't miss it. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand.
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love them as you do. thanks for staying with us, eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story seeing want tonight, how world leaders view donald trump and ted cruz. this week john kerry and secretary of state. now hillary clinton is piling on. >> i also know how the rest of the world is hearing trump and cruz. i know how other americans are hearing them. and since the republicans are not taking them on on issues, i feel an obligation to stand up and say, you know what? nato is important.
8:44 pm
i understand that i get messages from european leaders saying thank you. thank you. we thought we didn't believe what we were hearing. >> joining us now with reaction bernard whitman a democratic strategist and pollster. bernie, all the all of a sudden everybody )a÷ getting a call from a world leader? >> i'm not surprised. this guy trump is out of his mind. he goes on tv right after the brussels bombing and says we should pull out of nato and follows it up we should rip you up the nuclear nonproliferation. japan have a path to nuclear weapons. ted cruz wants to carpet bomb isis. isis who hasn't had a battlefield victory in nine months. carpet bomb terrorist cells in brussels? i don't think these guys have any idea what is going on. >> john kerry said he was embarrassed by the g.o.p. president obama says he was getting called from world leaders. then hillary clinton says she is getting grawls world leaders. i sound skeptical should i
8:45 pm
believe her. >> you should. they are scaring the bejesus out of half the american public and most of the people around the world. shear a guy who does not think. >> who is scared? >> trump. >> who is scared. >> i think most of the leader in europe. i think a lot of the leaders in the middle east. have you trump going on a debate basically saying, you know what? with respect to israel, i'm sort of neutral. that is the type of leadership that i think our closist alliesdn deserve. >> do you think isis is scared. at one point said he would light up the desert carpet bomb. trump said they will take them down fast. don't you think they are scared, too. >> no. >> the free world is scared but the bad guys aren't? >> all of the talk around muslims and demonizing muslims is exactly what isis wants. they will hope that that will actually bring all sorts of would be jihadistst into their camp. they have a recruitment problem right now because they're failing on the battlefield. best thing for recruitment for isis would be a trump or cruz victory. >> what we say is a
8:46 pm
recruiting tool for terrorists or isis. >> you talk to cia people that's what you hear whampleghts did brussels say that made them get bombed and airport and subway get bombed by terrorists. >> brussels is the center of the europe mean union. >> what can they say bernie, just said if the rhetoric is stepped up in america, that's going to be recruitment. >> what i'm saying when ted cruz says in response to police muslim neighborhoods, they will take that footage use it on social media and use it as recruiting tool it ♪ effective way to beat isis. >> what is carpet bombing sending 20 or 30 sort at sortie tease. >> building international coalitions to actually arm and allow people on the ground in those countries to fight isis. that's what we need. we don't need a president that would potentially commit tens of thousands of ground troops to fight isis. the american people don't want that. >> whawnk do about number
8:47 pm
two? do you know shot happiest about that? >> number three. >> of course. >> moves right up. where is number one. >> what we need is smart power. we need deployment of technology. we need coalitions to fight isis. we don't need bombast and blather and bluster. that's not how it works. >> hillary clinton said we need diplomacy to fight terror. >> we do. do you know why? >> we cannot fight if on our own. we need to build coalition which is. >> the hope said love. mark zuckerberg said fight isis with love. hillary clinton says negotiate. >> that's how we got iran to the table. hillary was back channeling with iran at the same time she was building international coalition including china and russia who don't agree on anything that bring crippling sanctions to the table. you may not like the deal but you have to be impressed with her skills. >> skills to hand over $150 billion to people who basically financed thai for the last 40 years and kill us. >> no. to prevent the country from actually gaining nuclear weapons of mass destruction. >> we led them to the path of getting nuclear weapons. >> trump is so cozy with putin there is no wonder
8:48 pm
putin wants to vote in the election for trump. he would probably let putin annex ukraine if he had the chance. >> do you think hillary clinton has the right foreign policy to take out isis. >> she wants to be far more aggressive iú9 obama aggressive negotiator. >> come on, bernie. you can't negotiate with isis. we can't negotiate with terrorists. >> the way that she can actually negotiate is bring people together and build coalitions. prevented israel from invading the gaza strip. negotiated a cease-fire between hamas and israel. this is tough stuff. >> make peace, not war. >> not war. >> gotcha. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, politically correct madness, new age nonsense and the world going to pot, mix them all together and what do you get? watters world naturally. up a ahead.
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
woman: is that a newspaper? man: yes. woman: it's quaint. man: did you read about this latest cyber attack? woman: yeah, i read it on my watch. man: funny. woman: they took out the whole network. man: they had to hand out pens and paper. woman: yeah. man: could it happen to us? woman: no. we're okay. man: we are?
8:51 pm
woman: yeah, we brought in some new guys. man: what do they know that we don't? woman: that you can't run a country with pens and paper. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
8:52 pm
in the back of the book segment, "watters world rngs," his travels have recently taken him to one of the biggest pot conventions in america, getting to the bottom of politically correct insanity and trying to feel the good age vibes in cally. ♪ >> how long have you been around here? >> i've been living here 45 years. i live at the edge of the wilderness, and i have declared it a nature spirit party zone. we all have so many dragon flies, humming birds, swallows, the falcons, the condors. >> what the [ bleep ] is happening right now. >> we're out here alone. you're not going to do anything crazy to me, are you? >> you never know what is going to happen in the woods.
8:53 pm
sthz is ridiculous. >> do you consider yourself a new age thinker? >> living off the land, not eating animals. >> i had a steak last night. what do you do on a daily basis? >> take care of many plants. >> the good stuff? >> oh, yes. >> how much does this cost? >> that is $250. >> i didn't think i would find something so patriotic here. >> yes, absolutely. >> do you have a confederate this? can i say homosexual? >> i think that's fine. >> is gay okay? >> gay is fine. >> can i say someone dresses gay sh >> no, it's just offensive. what is if you say that person dresses gay. >> that bothers me. >> i guess, what does dressing gay look like? >> you know when you see it. >> if you're referring to like,
8:54 pm
oh, that's gay. that's almost like saying that's retarded. >> wow, you guys talk like grownup. >> can i call someone fat? >> i think people's bodies are off-limits. >> that boy is a pig. >> islamic terrorism? do you think that's offensive? >> the term terrorist could be associated to anyone causing terror. so you interviewing me and pointing questions at me, i could say you're a terrorist. >> do you want to water board me? ♪ >> there's far too much association in this country of islamic terrorism with muslims in general. >> are the terrorists who we are fighting right now presbyterians? >> ah-ha. >> what are you doing here today? >> this is actually what we're using to quantify the effects of cannibus. >> what brings you here today?
8:55 pm
>> the canibus world congress. >> what does it help you with? >> i get so much energy. >> do you smoke marijuana? >> yes. >> how often? >> twice a week. [ laughter ] >> i don't like alcohol, so this is when i go home, this is my cup of wine. >> do you smoke recreationally? >> right now i'm parole. i can't smoke. >> tough break. >> yes. >> do you think that america should become more like amsterdam? >> i think america should be open to the idea. >> it's really good for everybody. >> are we going to bring in the prostitutes next? ever watch "watters world?" >> no. >> i'm watters, and this is my world right here. >> all right. >> anything you want to tell bill? >> bill, i love you. fire this guy. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute, i don't second that motion.
8:56 pm
that's watters and that's definitely his world. straight ahead, ted cruz entering the late night universe to try his hand at a little comedy. right back with that. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
8:57 pm
martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. eric boll before we go tonight, going on late night tv is a rite of passage for the presidential candidates. last night on jimmy kimmel, ted cruz got his chance to loosen up a bit and try to get a few laughs. >> i was thinking about you, i'm older than you are. >> you are. >> it's crazy to me that there are people running for president that i'm older than i am. >> the salt and pepper in the beard gives you a distinguished look. >> you're not going to put me on the muslim watch list, are you? >> it's already done. >> i feel like even though you were the first candidate to throw your hat in the ring, we've known donald trump for many years. >> who's that fella?
8:59 pm
>> donald trump, is he the person you dislike most of anyone in america? >> oh, no. >> who do you like better, obama or trump? >> look, look -- [ applause ] i dislike obama's policies more. >> i see. >> but donald, donald is a unique individual. [ laughter ] i will say i was watching the early part of the show and if i were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera -- [ laughter ] i'm not confident which pedal i would push. [ applause ] >> and a quick reminder, tickets are going fast for the who wants to be president show starring dennis miller and bill o'reilly. they have a matinee in connecticut on june 18th. the evening show already sold out. then they'll be in london, england, reno, nevada, denver, colorado, and atlanta. and biloxi, mississippi. details on and that's it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. for perhaps the first time in this entire election season, analysts are saying it appears that donald trump's campaign is approaching full-on damage control mode. following a week of troubling headlines for the republican front-runner. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. his campaign manager has been hit with a criminal charge after he grabbed a female reporter against her will. in response, mr. trump attacked that reporter as a liar and mocked her. this after he mocked the looks of ted cruz's wife, heidi. then yesterday, trump appearing to misstep badly by telling chris matthews on msnbc that