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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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milwaukee. if you live around the area and want to be part of the event and audience go to and find out the details. thanks for being wit this is a fox news alert. republican frontrunner donald trump is holding a surprise meeting with the chairman of the republican national committee. happened right here in washington. "on the record" will take you inside that meeting. reince priebus is here. here is what donald trump told "the o'reilly factor" about that closed door meeting. >> it was a very good meeting. we met with reince priebus and the staff they are very good people. actually a terrific meeting i think. it's really a unity meeting. we are leading by a lot. we have far and away the most delegates. millions and millions of votes more than anybody else than ted has than, you know, kasich has. and we really, i think they want it to really discuss,
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you any, unity and i like discussing unity, too. >> republican national committee chair reince priebus us, good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> how would you describe that meeting with donald trump today? >> i don't think that was far off. first of tall wasn't a surprise meeting. i night ruin the fun. >> when was it scheduled. >> days ago. >> that sounds like a little bit of a surprise. >> i hate to ruin the fun. when a can dot says i'm going to come in town have meetings want to stop by and say hello? no problem. let's check with the schedule it worked out. the team came over and we ha good meeting and we talked a little bit about the process and convention. we did talk about unity and working together and making sure that when we go to cleveland and come out of cleveland that we're working in the same direction. and part of that is just talking more and making sure that we have got open channels of communication. pretty normal stuff, actually. >> you have got three candidates who in the past couple days seem to say, some overtly that he will back out of the pledge to
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support the candidate in the event someone is named -- wins the nomination. did you talk to him today about whether he would keep his pledge? >> well, look, again, i don't want to sound hike a broken record about spoiling all the fun. i'm really not going to talk about what i talked about. i can't have meetings with candidates if i'm going to turn around and talk about what we talked about. but, again. >> ask it generally is that a problem? all three candidates are now -- it seems like you are trying to herd cats at this point. >> here's the issue. we are going in to potentially, we don't know for sure, but potentially an open convention. so the candidates, i think, are going to posture a little bit as far as what they're willing to do and who they are willing to support and who they're not. people are counting noses. this selection of delegates is becoming very intense. we are not just talking about the allocation of delegates, who states. after that happens, the actual selection of who is sitting in those chairs, and what candidates are now, you know, portraying out for the public to listen to is, you know, i think, a bit of
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posturing. i'm not really worried about, in regard to supporting the eventual nominee or the party. they have all agree to do that by virtue, in one case, signing our data agreement. they are not going to get the data and the tools of the rnc and run to be our nominee and tell me that they're not going to support the party. it doesn't work that way. they are running to be the nominee of our party. our party is -- our party exists. and one of them is going to be our nominee. >> looking at wisconsin coming up on tuesday, your home state, my home state. if donald trump doesn't win that state, you have looked at the math out into the future? is it possible, let's say he ran the table after that and won everything. we have 1237? >> it's possible. it's just like anything for any of these candidates. the more states you don't win. >> but kasich is out to get the 1237? >> and he has admitted that but if no one gets to the majority, then you are going
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to end up in a case where you have an open convention either in the first, second, third, or who knows how many ballots. >> cruz and trump can. >> trump can still? >> ted cruz and donald trump can still get to the magic number beforehé cleveland. and we could have a presumptive nominee before cleveland. that's right. >> i have got a twitter poll here. versus, this is your chance at home to vote. after the convention, will the republican party be unified? tweet yes or no using #greta your live twitter votes threat the show. >> it's division sometimes is more fun but, believe moorks unity, the impossible is always possible with unit. there is no question. >> the convention. tell us for planning purposes, it is a, quote, open, contested brokered, would it last longer than we expect? >>. no it's just going to be those days? >> no. >> it's going to be put to bed. >> we will put whatever systems in place. we have meetings, however long we need to have them in
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order to make sure that we not only have a nominee both for president and remember there is a separate vote for vice president as well that no one is talking about that. but there is another vote for vice president. and then, on wednesday and thursday, we're going to have a program and there is going to be convention with, obviously our nominee to be concluded on thursday night. >> you have got tom healing to do. voters here a little bit. early on in the polls, they are not so persuaded. >> oh, well. >> early in the show. mr. chairman, always nice to see you. we'll be watching wisconsin on tuesday. >> you bet. >> you can see donald trump's complete interview tonight on "the o'reilly factor" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern.1[ >> brand new poll numbers just released with days before the wisconsin primary a new fox business network poll a new poll has senator ted cruz with a 10 point lead. senator cruz getting a 42% of the vote, donald trump 10 points behind with 32% and governor john kasich in third place with 19%. the "on the record" political panel is here from
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the daily beast jackie kucinich and from the "weekly standard" daniel hell per. jackie, donald trump that pretty much mirrors the marquette university poll yesterday with 10 point lead for ted cruz. what do you think? >> ted cruz has a huge ace in his favor in wisconsin. and that is conservative talk radio. we know charlie sikes interview this week. mark belling another conservative radio host there hugely anti-trump. and as a result, these listeners, conservative listeners are hearing bad things about trump every single day. it's clearly starting to ein cruz's favor. >> daniel? >> something also he has the conservative republican governor scott walker in his camp. he is popular in showing that conservative reforms are working. >> he just got on board. just recently walker. >> he left the race, walker said i'm going to run against -- let's all unite against donald trump. so, although he just joined the race, he did start
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unifying the republican or some elements of the conservative movement against donald trump. and i think that's -- it's sort of been in the works for a long enough period of time have an effect. let's state the obvious. if donald trump pulls out a miracle and wins wisconsin, i think we are -- this talk about contested convention is over. >> then ted cruz -- if trump wins wisconsin you think it's over for ted cruz? >> pretty much. obviously there could be some technical in some of the math it would be very hard. but, if ted cruz is able to win, especially in convincing manner. if these poll numbers hold up. or if the gap wydens or whatever, i think that's very big for ted cruz. i think it shows donald trump is problematic. obviously the math is still in his favor over anybody else right now. but it could show, you know, greta, this is. >> any favors in the last 24 or 48 hours. terrible week. his interview with chris matthews last night or two nights ago was damaging to say the least, particularly
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on the issue of abortion. that's not an issue that conservatives are like how do i feel? they know how they feel. and donald trump really went far afield on that topic. >> trump is going to do a town hall with us on sunday. 10 points is a big lead for cruz, assuming that these two polls are correct polls and not like they are close. those two polls. do you think that this could have any impact at town hall with wisconsin voters? i mean, this is a chance to reach them. >>h with, right. i think is he going to have some tough questions from them and howúbwp he handles those questions and what answers he gives to these people because he doesn't know what they're going to ask is really going to be telling, whether this actually makes up the points that he lost that remains to be seen, trump has defied political gravity in the past. >> he certainly has done that jackie and daniel if you will both stick around. according to the polls senator ted cruz does have that commanding lead in wisconsin. is he not letting up. his wife heidi is on the trail in wisconsin. and just a short time ago "on the record's" griff jenkins caught up with
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mrs. cruz. griff is life in wausau, wisconsin. griff? >> we're literally on the campaign trail following the campaign bus as the senator surges. as you mentioned his wife heidi cruz and former presidential candidate carly fiorina barn storming the state. i caught up early with heidi, here is what she had to say. >> your husband is surging by more than 10 pointsm5&!g in wisconsin. why is he doing so well? >> well, you know, people ask me all the time how we're doing and how this campaign is doing, and we have run the exact same strategy today as we did at the very beginning of the campaign. there is one person, the questions that i get is not surprised at all how well ted is doing and that's me. because i have known him better than anybody else. i have known him 16 years. ted is principled. he is courageous and he cares about people. he cares about doing what the voters have elected him to do. that's why he surging here in wisconsin. >> earlier in the day, we were at a pizza joint, greta, in appleton where carlie and heidi talking to
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voters. we asked those voters who they were3# supporting for president. here is some of what they had to say. >> i am leaning towards one candidate. it is ted cruz. >> it is great to be back in wisconsin. >> definitely ted cruz. >> definitely cruz. >> have you decided how are supporting for county? >> yes. ted cruz. >> why ted cruz? >> i want obamacare out, out. it's killing us. >> we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> i'm torn between donald trump and ted cruz right now. and if they don't stop bickering like two little kids, the name-calling, it's getting very embarrassing. >> count to 10, donald, count to 10. >> i might go third party because you have got to vote for what you believe. otherwise, you will never get what you want. >> i am voting for ted cruz because he will not violate the constitution. >> i love ted cruz. i will just stop there. >> god bless the great state
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of wisconsin. >> have you decided how are supporting and why? >> i'm leaning more toward donald trump but i'm open right now. one thing i like about trump is that he is not a politician. >> do we love wisconsin? >> one of the things i like about cruz is his integrity. he has a lot of values. >> as opposed to donald trump, i believe that ted cruz is a constitutional conservative. i feel much more comfortable with ted cruz selecting supreme court justices and i feel more strongly that he'll follow the constitution. >> and when we come back in just mother break, greta, we will let you go on the bus and speak with former presidential candidate carlie happening here. greta? >> griff, thank you. developing right now, the obama administration is about to transfer more gitmo detainees. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin is here. what's going on. >> next round of gitmo transfers, greta, we're told will begin next weekend with two detainees going to
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undisclosed country in africa. in january the pentagon conducted a bulk transfer of 10 detainees at once. the largest transfer to date. this one which involves about a dozen prisoners can't happen all at once because the pentagon is required by law to notify congress 30 days before any transfers. capitol hill sources tell me that period has not elapsed yet for this latest round of transfers. the first notification went to congress in early march and the second one in the middle of this month. among those slated for release, a 27-year-old yemeni who has been on a hunger strike since 2007. the pentagon does not publicly acknowledge gitmo transfers until after they occur. 91 are remaining. 35 are scheduled to be transferred. currently the 91 who are still at the naval base in guantanamo bay, cuba, of those remaining 35 are cleared for transfer to countries overseas. the pentagon says the rest are too dangerous to release overseas. in a startling revelation days ago the pentagon's
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point man for gitmo said that some of the detainees transferred from the prison have, in fact, rejoined the fight and worse. >> how many lives have been lost by those terrorists who went back to their terrorist activity? >> unfortunately, there have been americans who have died. >> right. only 5% of key takenees who have been released from returned to the battlefield during the obama that administration. pentagon officials don't believe those detainees are among those who have killed americans. greta. >> okay, general. i know that the pentagon uses a term transfer and everybody uses the word transfer. i think transfer from one detention center and go to another detention center. these people are being transferred to a country. they are not going to detention centers. they are being monitored, supervised for a poured of time and then they go free, right? >> each country has diffosn we don't know how closely they are going to watch these detainees once they are there. they are not going from as
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you mention one prison to another prison. they are going to a loose arrangement where they will basically be free and the country that is taking over responsibility for them will be responsible for watching them. >> like a halfway house? jennifer, thank you. >> thank you. >> and former homeland security secretary former pennsylvania governor tom ridge is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello, greta. >> what do you think of these gitmo transfers. would you use the word transfer. >> no. i don't like the word i don't think we need to close dewitt mow. i put it into a larger context, greta. this is one more call in this administration where politics is more important than security. think of the litany of decisions or nondecisions so far. most of the troops out of afghanistan, let's not keep any in iraq. let's go after assad, but let's not go after him and then let re-set with russia and let them try to take out the anti-assad forces. let's armçn the terrorist organizations in the region to iran, let's close gitmo it seems to me if you think
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of that litany and add it all up, isis has gone from jay vee to pretty barbaric varsity. one more public policy failure, foreign policy failure that secretary clinton is going to have to embrace. >> as we go farther down the list of the detainees as we go towards the number zero, we're going -- it keeps getting more dangerous each time. right? we are -- we are the most dangerous ones are still there and we keep -- president obama is whittling away transferring or i think releasing. >> i feel strongly that we have no reason to close gitmo. the president talks about it's been a stain on the united states and the rule of law. they are not criminals. they are terrorists. we have every reason to keep gitmo open. the balance the world has been concerned about guantanamo not because of the location, they just wanted america to have some kind of adjudication system. we finally began to do that i had some friends that wereéç6e involved in the initial interrogation down there. they said some of those
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individuals should never be off that base iraq.>7zñ others were in the wrong place at the whole time. i'm against the whole closing of gitmo. there are other opportunities to take isis fighters and put them some place and not in our prisons. >> national security, in terms of the throw republican candidates. >> yes. >> who do you think the strongest in your view on national security? >> well, full transparency, right? there is only one proven leader that spent some time armed forces, spent some time budget issues, actually a proven leader with budgets, budgets, et cetera, et cetera. john kasich. i think the country is frankly right now getting to the point where they have trump fatigue. they are tired of the circus. tired of the insults and his campaign, frankly being more about the donald than the american people. i think you see those numbers in wisconsin. ted cruz is going up. john kasich's is going up. the only serious person in that room. the only adult. the only one with proven performance i like john kasich. >> you left senator ted cruz
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out of this discussion. >> i beg your pardon. >> i said you left ted cruz out of that discussion. >> i favor john kasich. >> does he not have the experience. >> is he a freshman senator. we already have one of those in the white house without any experience. we have seen somebody in the white house without any foreign policy experience what's happened. spent 18 years in congress a long time ago. you dealt with the armed services committee and dealt with a variety of military issues and dealt with the budget associated with those issues. that's a much stronger background than hanging around in the senate for four years. >> do you think that governor kasich has a chance at the nomination, still has a chance? >> well, i think until the final votes are counted, until somebody gets to 1237, all three candidates have a chance. >> why has he not had the traction that donald trump has had and senator ted cruz has had. >> part of the reason is we had a narrow 17gw candidates down to three. you have seen this in the last couple weeks. more and more traction. as he moves in my area of the country is he going to do well in pennsylvania. surprise people with the delegates he picks up in
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wisconsin. 17 states after this. the way things are going now i'm not sure anyone can is going to have the 123 12k3w4r-7 we have a town hall with him on monday. we had one with him already but we have a second one on monday. >> i look forward to watching it. >> thanks for seeing you, sir. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. a virginia state trooper shot and right now he is clinging to life. a gunman opening fire at a greyhound bus station in richmond, virginia. fox news correspondent leland vittert is live on the scene. leland? >> it was an old fashioned shootout here, greta. and still now about 4.5 hours into this you can see the greyhound bus station resembles a large police force turnout area. we have the fbi, the atf, u.s. marshals, obviously, the richmond police. and then the virginia state miss have a huge contingent here. it was their troopers involved in this shooting around 2:45, somewhere inside the bus station. a man was confronted by one of the troopers. why?
11:19 pm
we don't know what the trooper was doing there. we don't know. from there, this man opened fire on the trooper. the trooper was hit and was gravely injured. is he clinging to life as we speak. there were other troopers here in the bus station at the time. they opened fire and killed the suspect. somewhere in that hail of bullets, two other people werehom, we do not know. last press conference police were very tight-lipped about what was going on here there was a lot of discussion was this a training exercise? was the virginia state police out here in force with troopers for some kind of narcotics exercise? they wouldn't answer any kind of questions about that they just announced at the press conference that was supposed to be at 7:00 p.m. has now been moved to 7:30, hoping to get update on that. when that happened, i asked the sergeant, who is a public information officer, i shout to do him hey, any update on the officer, the trooper who was hit? and fighting for his life, he just walked away without responding. a little bit of color for you, greta, a the sun sets here in richmond, not a
11:20 pm
great part of town for sure. but there is a van, a minivan circling here with american flag and on it a large sign that says police lives matter4f @&c @&c@ just continuing to drive around here. >> leland, thank you. and let's hope that trooper lives. thank you, leland. and from political travel pac supporter, carly fiorina is standing by as she hits the campaign trail. senator ted cruz also. wisconsin is feeling t berne. we have brand new democratic poll numbers from the badger state. [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to misit! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. senator ted cruz and carly fiorina were once
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campaign rivals. the hewlett packard ceo and one time presidential candidate is on the trail campaigning hard for senator cruz. carly fiorina goes "on the record" live from wausau, wisconsin. nice to see you, carlie. >> hi, greta. how are you doing? >> good. carlie, i remember 2008, your campaign for senator john mccain and the great state of wisconsin, i was covering the campaign, your thoughts? compare and contrast this experience? >> well, they are both big buses. ted cruz's bus has two little girls ton and meghan mccain was a lovely young lady at that point with some of her friends. but i will tell you what i feel here, the energy on the ground is really spectacular. i think ted cruz is going to win wisconsin. i think potentially he can win it big. and i think that's really important. i think conservatives have figured out who is the conservative in the race and wisconsin, of course, you will remember is, a state where republican activists have worked very, very hard with governor walker, for example, to implement real
11:25 pm
reform. so this is a very active group of republican voters. and i think they appreciate 9 win. >> do they think -- back in -- when you were competing against him, you called -- he was one of the insiders. when you go out there onk>u trail, do the people of wisconsin, they see him as washington? >> no, they really don't. i think one of the reasons they don't see him as washington and something that i have admired about him, actually, is he has made a lot of enemies in washington. you know, i have challenged the system all my it's what you do to go from secretary to ceo. i can tell from you personal experience when you challenge the system. when you challenge the status quo, you are going to do more than russell feathers. you requesting to make enemies. i look at ted cruz's enemies and say okay, this is a guy who really does challenge the system and isn't afraid to stand up to the powers that be. and i think voters see that as well. >> what's the toughest question he gets out on the exin trail in that state?
11:26 pm
>> the toughest question he gets. well, you know, people are moving ahead now. and talking about can you win all out or are we going to a contested convention? and i think the truth is that after a goodeñ win here in wisconsin, he can win it. we may go to a contested convention. and i think he will do very well there i think his delegate strategy is very strong. but it's also very doable for him to get to 1237: i think a lot of voters here are thinking about what comes in may, june, and july. >> carlie, thank you for joining us, enjoy the bus ride in wisconsin. >> thanks. thanks, greta. >> and you may be watching wisconsin because that's tuesday. that's the big day. but the candidates, they are already slugging it out in new york. that's next.
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the democrats is invading new york bernie sanders and hillary clinton with help from bill clinton. they are all pounding the pavement in the empire state. >> i think if you get paid $250,000 a speech, it must be an extraordinary, mind-blowing, earth shattering speech. >> we have had a lot of challenges, but what i love about new york, we don't whine and moan about it. we roll up our sleeves and
11:31 pm
get to work. >> the main thing i want to say is you need a changemaker. >> i just don't know why wall street has not invited me to speak before them. [ laughter ] >> i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> i love being a spouse when hillary was a senator. >> we can win with your support the general election. >> fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in new york city. he had? >> good to see you, greta. tonight in fact it goes on. bernie sanders in the bronx having a rally mostly with hispanic voters,rosaria dawson beings actor. both getting surrogates to get out the vote. nobody is voting here for at least a few more weeks april 19th is the primary. the reason they are here
11:32 pm
it's really a mother load of delegates. 250. second biggest prize for democrats. california is the biggest almost 500 delegates on june 7th. so with bernie sanders, the real truth here is that he is in a difficult position. because hillary clinton has a commanding lead both among the pledged delegates. in the actual state-by-state voting. on top of that the super delegates, the party bosses. what was interesting is two quick things. you mentioned president bill clinton, you saw him there. all that playing out. the fact of the matter is, he didn't just do one event he did four events with labor unions, trying to get out here and be a key surrogate for his wife. second thing a short time ago at the end of her campaign event in new york city, last one for the day for hillary clinton. she lost her cool. we don't see on this the trail a lot. a green peace activist on a rope line pressed her about campaign convictions from fossil fuel/x companies. she lashed out and said i'm tired of the lying she said from the sanders campaign.
11:33 pm
her campaign putting out"[ a few statements a moment ago saying what this activist is asking about is individuals who work at fossil fuel companies giving hillary clinton money, something individuals for those same companies have given money to bernie sanders they point out as well. but it was framed as these fossil fuel companies that you say you are going to fight as president are actually giving you money. you don't see hillary clinton lose her cool much, especially since she is in the lead it shows you bernie sanders still nipping at her heels. >> it plays into that whole thing she won't do another debate with bernie sanders until, quote, he changes his tone. isn't that part of this -- i guess apparently she finally had it h. it today. >> she did exactly. there has been frustration in the clinton camp overall because, a, this has gone on longer than they ever expected. but, b, i think they were hoping even if they were still fighting it out, that there wouldn't be the tone where you heard bernie sanders in the clip you played a moment ago still hammering her about the wall street speeches. the sanders camp says these are not negative attacks,
11:34 pm
this is contrast and that's what campaigns are all about. >> thank you. >> while secretary clinton and bernie sanders are hustling in new york wisconsin on tuesday. brand new fox business poll of likely democratic voters shows it's a tight race. senator bernie sanders sitting in the lead with 48%. secretary clinton hot on his heels 5% behind with 43%. the "on the record" political panel is back with the daily boast jackie kucinich and "weekly standard" daniel hall per. everyone says that's close. i guess i would have thought that secretary clinton would be winning wisconsin. she is losing. >> yeah. it's very strange. a couple things i think are happening that are allowing bernie sanders to gain tiny bit of momentum here. one is that the conventional wisdom has this locked up. if you are a democratic voter and you like hillary clinton, you don't need to go to the polls and bernie sanders is age, to -- able to go to the olls. you feel free vote for
11:35 pm
bernie sanders out of conscience or heart rather than your mind. other thing i think is trump. trump surge makes democrats think well queerks win this election easily no matter who we put up. let's put up the person we agree with the most. that's giving bernie sanders a lot of this late term momentum that's really setting him up, i think, for pretty nice victory in wisconsin. >> jackie, i don't know who is going to get the republican nomination i think that the democratic party if they think that a battle with donald trump is a walk, i think they may want to rethink that one because i think that would be a brutal fight. i think that he will put up a big fight, if he gets the nomination. >> they underestimate donald trump at their own peril for sure. they know that when you talk to democrats off the record, or, you know, privately, they will tell you that yeah, they are worried about trump, he brings out a lot of new people that aren't necessarily that they don't have metrics for. but, you know, if you look at wisconsin, it actually, even if bernie sanders wins, the problem is he doesn't get the whole pie.
11:36 pm
it's not like some of the republican contests where it's winner takes all. hillary takes anybody else off everything he gets. it increases delegateu+ count. the math is different for bernie sanders. i'm sure my twitter feed is not going to like that. >> you want to win it the university of wisconsin in madison is a huge bernie sanders population, naturally. she has really got to clean up in the milwaukee area. she has really got to get a lot of votes there in order to win. she wants momentum. even if it's not going to mean a lot for her number count. >> it's strange, both wisconsin is so important next week and trump is in washington, d.c. today. hillary clinton is in new york. you would think they would be meeting with voters and trying to turn it in their direction both are behind. look, it is important for hillary clinton. >> i'm more surprised she is not there so neck and neck. i'm more surprised she is not in wisconsin tonight. >> sort of like she shejing her bet. she knows she is going to lose. >> running up the score in new york is very, very important. she has won statewide twice. not only does she have to
11:37 pm
win. she needs to win substantially. >> jackie, daniel, thank you both. >> thank you. >> wisconsin is now ground zero for the 2016 race. we are going to take you there straight ahead. plus, look out. tornadoes ripping through parts of the country and more are feared to be on the way. are you in that suspected path? that's next. and a must-see prime time event this weekend. g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump joins me in my home state of wisconsin for a full hour town hall. that's this sunday at at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. ngo to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to
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get ready to speed read the news. at least 21 people are dead and dozens more injured when an overpass collapsed on to moving traffic in india. hundreds of people trapped under the debris as the busy intersection in india's capital. the overpass has been under construction for several years. several people hurt and several businesses damaged when tornadoes tore across northeastern oklahoma. oklahoma was not alone. the strong storms pounding texas, louisiana, arkansas,
11:42 pm
mississippi, ten so he. those areas still under a thunderstorm and tornado watches. and convicted murderer sergeant drew peterson got a wig bin today. the illinois supreme court has agree to do hear his appeal. his lawyer says he was denied a fair trial when he was convicted for the murder of third wife. peterson is bheed be behind the death of his fourth wife stacy peterson. charged with were hiring inmate to kill the prosecutor. >> bursting in flames inside the new york auto show. flames began shooting out. workers were able to put out fire and no one was hurt. except someone's wallace. the cost well into the six figures and that's tonight's speed read. and all eyes are on the great state of wisconsin and right now wisconsin governor scott walker is going all-in for senator ted cruz. will that be enough to defeat donald trump? wisconsin reporter is in madison. mark, good evening.
11:43 pm
>> good evening to you, greta. it's great to be with you. >> nice to have you. all right, mark. the polls are showing right now marquette poll yesterday fox business news network poll today that ted cruz is leading donald trump by 10 points. based on being on the ground, talking to people, would that surprise you if that's the result come tuesday? >> no. i don'tmk think it would. you're probably aware we just recently had a marquette law school poll here that showed kind of a similar, you know, state of affairs in the race. there is, i think a sense here within the last few weeks that, you know, there is some momentum for ted cruz. and i think, you know, particularly what we seem to have seen is some the folks who maybe were not initially supporting the frontrunner, donald trump, maybe were supporting some of the other various candidates that were in the race, seem to be now sort of coalescing behind ted cruz as sort of the alternative to donald trump. >> all right. let me go to the democratic side of the race. senator bernie sanders is leading secretary clinton
11:44 pm
by, i don't know, five points or so in the latest poll. what do you think is going to happen in that race? >> yeah. i mean, i think wisconsin is clearly a state that, you know, all the experts we have spoken to have said, listen, this is a state that bernie sanders needs to win. he needs to win resoundly here to really preserve a viable path to the nomination for him. it's going to be a difficult road no matter. what a win for him is really crucial. the polls seem to be showing him with kind of a narrow lead. and, you know, clearly a big question mark here is going to be what independent voters do. senator sanders is banking on a lot of independent voters showing up to vote for him and that's really going to be critical for him if heyb is going to get the kind of showing on tuesday that he needs. >> what's the big issue there? i know you had a big fuss, a big fight over labor union as few years ago. in this presidential election, if you can sort of isolate the big issue in wisconsin for voters, what is it? >> i think it's got to be the economy and jobs.
11:45 pm
you know, i mean that's -- you know, the unemployment rate here has improved l the recession period, and it's now below the national average. a lot of folks have really seen their wages stagnate. and so, you know, the issue that we hear over and over when we just talk to voters at these campaign events is they are concerned about the economy. they are concerned about both more jobs and better paying jobs. >> is governor walker popular in the republican party there? >> i would say within the republican party, he still retains, you know, a great deal of popularity. more generally, you know, you may have seen some of the recent polling that suggests that across the entire electorate, he is not as popular as he had been. but, i would say generally among republicans, most republicans here still view governor walker favorably. >> mark, thank you, and, of course, we will be watching happens tuesday in wisconsin. thank you for joining us. >> you bet. thank you, greta. >> and donald trump trying to silence his foreign policy critics.
11:46 pm
trump calling his foreign policy team to d.c. one of his advisor
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
donald trump has come under fire for lack of foreign policy. today trump meeting with his hand picked team foreign policy team for the first time in washington, d.c. fox news middle east and terrorism expert member of donald trump's foreign policy team walid phares goes "on the record." nice sty. >> thank you. >> where did you meet donald today? >> as at his hotel. >> new hotel. >> under construction. >> the group that met, you are not revealing who was there other than thedi people released in the press release part of his foreign policy were some of the people there. >> that's true. the names that have been released from were there. there are other names we cannot reveal. >> what did you discuss?
11:51 pm
>> we discussed heavy stuff, actually, number one. anything has to do with isis. that was priority for everybody and for mr. trump, also the nuclear issues proliferation issues. and thirdly, he asked us question about possible constituting coalitions in the region and of course internationally. >> over the weekend it was quoted and i don't want to misquote him, but he seemed to be willing to consider or think about, these are my words, issues about south korea and japan going nuclear to protect themselves in the region. of course, north korea is a nuclear power there of course, that's, you know, startling. that's the first time anyone is suggesting that those two countries get nuclear weapons. >> it's the first time north korea is what it is right now. very close to maybe doing something foolish. in any event, what mr. trump and the team are doing, scenarios, that's what the administration does usually, pentagon, national security council, state department. they establish scenario
11:52 pm
recommendation, he sometimes chooses to use one of the sen scenario yeses. >> today was this discussed at all about whether the possibility of trump presidency position on nuclear japan, a nuclear south korea? >> today was principles. this was first meeting. it's been one week or 10 days that the team has been selected. two hours many things reviewed. including the principles of what should we do about it. >> what about if that one. i'm obviously interested in those two countries. the thought of those two countries going nuclear is stunning to me. >> well, there were opinions. there are people that had long range experience in the field and he opinions two at least. >> did you get the idea is he listening. >> he is listening a lot. he listens very well. something he does, he asks many questions. sharp questions. multiple questions. >> like? >> like when somebody shows a scenario and then he says where is the weakness with that scenario? if there is another scenario, what will be the a couple questions that he does not usually do on it v.
11:53 pm
>> he has been credit sized for lacking foreign policy experience. what's your view after talking to him today? does he have a grasp of it? is he a quick lerner or way behind. >> this is my view. he has a huge international experience more than all of us. >> he has done business around the world. >> yes. but business with decisionmakers and people. he knows them personally. and on the other hand, he has been handling multiple fronts. if he has three or four projects under the pressure, dealing with multiple decisions to be made. if he applies this to international relations and, of course, he has to have with him the national security people, foreign policy, economists, this is too early. it's only with somebody is in the great lakes that you can do the judgment as to how will he handle international relations. >> walid, thank you for joining us. i hope you will come back. >> thank you. >> and come up, sometimes it's just better not to tweet. it can get you into big trouble. i will explain off the record. that's next.
11:54 pm
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test test.
11:58 pm
let's all go off-the-record. the state department on its official bureau of counselor affairs twitter account for some twisted reason tweeted this not attend in thes be aware of buying specific drinks or worse being robbed. the state department doing that. physical attractiveness as it warns american travelers? what exactly does the state department mean by this tweet? do they mean if you are less than a 10, states department's eyes ugly and you travel overseas and someone buys you a drink you are in trouble? crazy, huh. and if that tweet were not stupid enough, the state department tried to be cool, creating the #spring breaking badly. well, people responded harshly. the state department then deleted the tweet and responded with another tweet, some have been offended by our earlier
11:59 pm
tweet and we apologize that it came off negatively. really? how do d. they think making a comment about physical attractiveliness using a scale of 1 to 10 would be received? here is my reply #stupid or #fire that person and by the way, on a 1 to 10 dumb scale, the state department's decision to tweet this is a 10. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and campaign flash. governor john kasich slamming donald trump own backyard at an event times square. governor kasich ripped into trump listing reasons why trump couldn't be9 president. governor sanders speaking live at a rally in thev(82m bronx. and director spike lee. >> new york city in the campaign trail drumming up support for his wife, secretary hillary clinton and that's tonight's campaign flash. your live twitter voting results on your screen right now after the convention with republican party be unified and here are the numbers.
12:00 am
no, 78, yes, 22%. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now, see you again tomorrow night right go to facebook. like my page. good night from w welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with it tv's andy levy to see what exciting stores we will be discussing. a andy? >> thanks, tom. ted cruz says he might run over done fall trump with his car. i guess it is worth a shot, but the establishment has already tried throwing him under the bus. how does chris christie eat m&m's? i assume it involves a shovel. that's right. i am getting tonight's joke over with early. scientists say feeding bread to ducks is bad because it is like junk food. ducks say shut up and mind your own business, scientists. tom? >> thank you, andy. let's welcome o


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