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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 1, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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crime because they ate the evidence. >> set your dvr so you never miss an else of "the five." donald trump meets with party leaders in washington after a bumpy week on the campaign trail. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. for perhaps the first time this campaign season, donald trump may be in damage control mode tonight. today, trump left the next primary state, wisconsin to come here to washington. and meet with the head of the republican party. that game just a day after after trump was able to offend both pro-life and pro-choice voters with a single sentence and leave
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them. trump allies and supporters are confident. if anyone can bounce back from stumbles, he can. carl cameron is here with the latest on the situation. good evening. >> well, this for donald trump has probably been one of the worst weeks yet. he is getting hit from all sides about his suitability for office and basic honesty. >> i'm here for the week. >> reporter: after promising more than once, he was instead in washington for unannounced private meetings with his recently attempted foreign policy advisers and to see the chairman of the republican national committee. trump has no events scheduled in washington until saturday. kasich came health a news conference in new york to criticize trump for among other things his latest foreign policy proposals to let japan, south korea and even saudi arabia develop nuclear weapons so the u.s. does not have to be the
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world's policeman. >> it just are shows that he is really not prepared to be president of the united states. >> amid a nuclear nonproliferation summit in d.c., the administration trashed trump's idea. >> it would be catastrophic were the united states to shift its position and indicate we support somehow the proliferation of noog weapons to additional countries. >> ted cruz for the second day in a row slammed trump for saying women should be punished for having abortions. once again it shows that donald trump hasn't seriously thought through issues and will say anything to get attention. trump's evolving positions and unpredictable rhetoric have triggered awkward this moments. cruz on jimmy kimmel was asked about his position as unlikable. >> donald trump has an amazing ability to clarify everything. and we're seeing now,
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republicans coming together. unifying behind our campaign and compared to donald, i am the quiet, shy, soft-spoken one. >> cruz played off a kimmel comedy bit about back-up cameras. >> if i were in my car and getting toward reverse and saw trump in the back-up camera, i'm not confident which pedal i would push. >> it is not all bad news for trump. a new poll in new york, his home state, shows trump far ahead with 56%. more than double cruz and kasich who are virtually tied for second place. cruz leads trump in wisconsin with came a distant third. he is focused on the east coast. a pro kasich super pac blasted cruz as lyin' ted. >> if ted cruz' mouth is moving, he is lying. >> that's not from came's campaign but a pro kasich super
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pac. he has been at pages to run a positive campaign. he says he won't take low road to the highest office in the handle but that doesn't rule out calling out policy disagreements when he thinks facts are being twisted. >> all that talk about vp possibilities doesn't seem -- >> he says he's only looking at the number one job and will go all the way to cleveland to fight for it. with a tight race, the folks ahead of the hillary clinton campaign remains her documented state of new york which does not hold its contest for almost three week. husband bill clinton is appearing in events for his wife in new york city. the chief correspondent ed henry tells us, bill clinton may not be sticking to the script. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a slam-dunk for bill clinton. a labor crowd in new york fired up to hear his positive case. instead, the form he president unprompted and out of nowhere
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near the top of his speech launched an aggressive defense of his wife over benghazi. >> there were security problems. they were not her fault. because no secretary of state has ever made security decisions. ever. for 11 hours she stood down that special committee and showed why she ought to be president of the united states. >> the clintons may be feeling antsy on a number fronts. fbi director james comey is wrapping up the investigation. a new poll shows despite the fact she represented new york in the senate for eight years, clinton is heeding bernie sanders by 12 points in the empire state ahead of the i am a 19th primary with 247 delegates at stake. >> today her remarks were interrupted by students. >> they don't want to listen to
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anybody else. >> with that event in west chester on top of yes's campaigning in harlem, clinton is spending three straight days in new york with the addition of a stop in syracuse on 40. for sanders after winning six of the last seven contests, he hopes to keep his momentum going in wisconsin. a new poll showing sanders leads clinton 49% to 45%. a virtual dead heat. in a sign of how his large cash reserve is allowing sanders to play in more places, today he was already pressing clinton in pennsylvania which does not even vote until i am a 26. >> i think if you get paid $250,000 a speech, it must be an extraordinary, mind-blowing, earth shattering speech. a saner supporter pressed her about campaign donations from fossil fuel company. clinton snap saying she's tired of the sanders campaign lying about her.
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>> thank you. the next round of detainee transfers from guantanamo bay begins this weekend. two terror prisoners will be stone an undisclosed african nation. about a dozen are scheduled to be release in the coming weeks. the rest is expected to be transferred in coming months. keeping nuclear weapons out of the hamds of terrorists and the countries who sponsor them is part of the goal of the nuclear summit which begins in a few minutes at the white house. one nation in particular is getting a lot of attention. >> this was the focus of north korea. its provocation and threats. president obama met with south korean president park and japanese prime abe. later, a one-on-one meeting with chinese president xi. >> president xi and i are committed to the
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denuclearization and full the implementation of the sanctions. we will talk about the test that's escalate tensions and violate international obligations. >> in january, north korea had its fourth noog test. earlier, a string of missile tests and it has threaten to attack the united states and its allies. >> the president has had seven summits hike this. in the process, noug has built 20 noog weapons. clear lip summits are being very this feeffective. >> they are discussing the korean pence in response to the north korean missile tests. china opposes the missile defense deployment. world leaders will also discuss efforts to prevent terrorist groups like isis from seizing nuclear material. russia is skipping the summit.
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>> russia's lag of participation in our view is frankly counter productive, given that this is an area where we share an interest. nobody benefits from a lack of down grounding collaboration on noog security. >> the white house says russia's refusal to participate in this nuclear summit is a political statement. one that is the result of tension over other issues. in russia's absence, the u.s. and china have announced greater cooperation. promising to meet annually going forward on nuclear security issues. >> from the nuclear security summit. rich, thanks. it was not nuclear terrorism that killed at least seven police officers today in southeastern turkey. but it adds to a string of violence lately inside turkey. another terrorist attack. kevin corke is at the white
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house with a day of violence in turkey and in washington. >> good evening to you. as you can well imagine, a fairly thorny day at the white house with respect to turkey and its increasingly controversial leader. turkey has increasingly been attacked not only by isis but similar groups. despite all that happening, it would appear that the controversial here of the country is more focused on kurdish groups and jailing journalists. once again the country was attacked. his visit to washington comes as a massive car bomb left at least seven proffers dead in the country. meanwhile in washington, protests spun out of control where he made remarks. one journalist reportedly physically removed from the site by turkish personnel. a woman was apparently thrown to a sidewalk. as you can imagine, his
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reputation as a dictator is beginning to grow. it is far from the reformer label given by president obama when he was here at the white house in the rose garden. wheen while, an important nato ally and a key figure in the war on terror. and i mentioned that meeting with vice president biden because you would imagine that given the importance of nato's ally, turkey to this country, would you expect him meet with the president. that may be a clear indication of how the white house is feeling about his leadership. >> kevin corke, live on the front lawn. thank you. >> pentagon official say russia continues to have a large presence in syria december pipt president putin's claims they are moving out. and assad is calling for a
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national unity argument. air strikes near a school in damascus today. at least 23 people were killed. it is not known who is behind the attack. the treasury department says the accused of fund money to al qaeda, the taliban and some other extreme i haves. the sanctions freeze their property in the and u.s. forbid americans from having business ties with them. please join me this weekend for a special look at what many consider the alarming state of the u.s. military. i talked with three of president obama's four defense secretaries and other experts about what many see as the deterioration of the armed forces. in this we get a look. >> on a clear day in 2009, major
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whiched in ed in nadal hasan st yelled and then began to fire. he killed 13 and wounded many others. it was a shocking event. >> the staff sergeant was one of the 32 soldiers hasan wounded that day. >> his laser went across my eyesight. i blinked. he discharged the weapon. the first round. right here above my left eye. and he spun me around and i hit the floor. he came up on me and he shot me again. ? as sergeant lunsford lay still in a pool of his own blood, he watched major hasan train his weapon on 21-year-old army private francesca valez. >> when he was getting toward shoot her, she said i'm pregnant. i'm pregnant. he fired any way. and her last words was my baby, my baby, my baby. >> private valez and her baby died that day.
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an horrific event and some believe a preventible one. >> hasan, the ft. hood terrorist killer was communicating with anwar awlaki. >> he led the massacre. >> the political correctness can not lead to you close your eyes to a clear and present danger to the u.s. and to your colleagues in the u.s. army. >> fox news reporting, rising threats, shrinking military. premiers friday 10:00 p.m. reairs through the weekend saturday and single. up next, do you know what ransom ware is? we'll tell you what it is and how could it affect your family. first around the country. in richmond, breaking news on the shooting of a virginia state
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trooper at a bus station. the trooper has life threatening injuries. two krnls have nonlife threatening injuries. the suspect is dead. fox 5 in new york with a complaint about an open casting call for the hottest show on broadway. the producers of hamilton are advertising for nonwhite actors. the show has minorities in the roles of many of the founding fathers. an actor's union says the language is not in come pligs with the rules. and this is a live look at chicago from our affiliate fox 32. the big story there, a planned teacher's strike tomorrow. the critics say may be illegal. the walk out is to protest chicago public schools to stop handing out raise based on experience and education level. the control of of the public schools says it shows disrespect for students, parents and the law.
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a company that operate a massive health care net boring in the washington, d.c. area said its computers systems are slowly coming back online tonight. that's after a cyber attack,
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possibly for ransom. chief correspondent michael emanuel is here with the new and expensive trend in cyber crime. >> good evening. in the latest example, days later many doctors and nurses are still unable to enter patient date and other medical information into their computer network. medstar is a $5 billion organization running ten hospital in more than 250 outpatient facilities in the washington area. one former justice department official says with hospitals, it isn't just about patient records. there are potentially life and death consequences. >> the systems actually assisting health care personnel and providing the services, and so systems running heart pumps and other devices may well be connected systems that could potentially be affected by ransom ware. >> it is not just herring. since last june the darrel of homeland security confirmed 29 government agencies have reported 321 incidents of
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activity involving ransom wear. a string of code in which a hacker can infiltrate, lock users out and hold data hostage. with a simple click by an employee on a link looking like customer explain, that system can be infected. though we're told the agencies involved have not paid any ransom. >> there is been a revolution of the malaware from individual users to business owners. because they're going to make more money, demand more ransom. one of the thing that is really difficult when it spreads through the network, it can cripple a whole network and bring it down. >> it is typically carried out by eastern european hackers hoping high level targets will pay up big. thank you. average long material mortgage rates were unchanged to slightly higher after declining the previous week.
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fred dlep mack said the average rate on a 30-year rate was steady at 3.71%. the dow and the s&p 500 posted their second straight quarterly wins today. though industrial average finished off 32 for the day. the s&p 500 lost four. the nasdaq was up a half. let's get some perspective and analysis on what's happening with the markets. good evening, trish. how much does the fed factor into all this? we saw what janet yellin. . >> a huge influence. that should not be discounted. she has a huge influence on what investors are thinking in part, because they want to keep all this going. they want to keep the party going another day. in that they are able to access debt cheaply. and by doing so they can borrow money, take out the competition. that helps drive overall stock market valuations higher and
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keep this in mind. they know that there is nowhere else to go. where he will are you going to put your money in this environment? you can't go out and invest in treasury bonds. you can't go put your money in the local cd at the local bank because you won't make anything there. so people really have nowhere else to go other than the stock market. >> but the message she is senting about the fundamentals of the economy. this go slow approach. the cautious approach on rates. that's essentially stirring up or creating a froth in the market? >> i like to do it. this is serious stuff. have your cake and eat it too, right? the we'll watch the fundamentals. we would really like to raise rates. they 97 do. they're overpromising in this kind of viral. and i think investors have clued into that. negligent janet yellen says theoretically she wants to raise rates. yet they know she does not have the economic support and the fundamentals to actually do it.
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>> all right. as always, thank you. you bet. be sure to check out the intelligence report weekdays from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. on the fox business network. so the top executives are urging north carolina to repeal the just passed law limiting restroom choices for transgenders. starbucks and ibm, it was delivered today to pat mckroy. apparently the free lunches at schools are not totally free. there are conditions from the first lady and it
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apparently there is really no such thing as a free lunch without springs. president obama wants to take money away if it does not do
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lunch the first lady's way. from the white house tonight with a little presidential back-up for michelle obama's menu. >> critics of the. lampooned school lunch program now have more to complain about. as the usda wants to fine school up to 10% of their federal meal money for offense that's show a quote, egregious or persistent disregard for the nutrition rules. >> now you have the federal government coming in and imposing these standards and then saying we're going to fine you for not towing the line. it is ridiculous. >> under the hunger free kids act, school receiving federal food dollars must serve a specific mix of foods, mix or whole granls. reducing sodium and transfats. research from the university of vermont show a significant increase of food waste as a result of the rules. they gave fox news these before and after lunch pictures,
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illustrating kids throwing away the very fruits and vegetables required by the rules. the usda says fines would be used in the most extreme cases and the proposal will improve the program and ensure america's children receive the nutrition meals they need to learn and thrive. the first lady's signature project has proven politically problematic for the white house with rubbles trying to gut the program in 2014. a new bipartisan senate bill is working through congress that keeps some nutritional standards while allowing schools more flexibility. >> we believe that this bill is good news for children. good news for parents. good news for schools. >> it is unclear how happy kids will be with the new bill or standards, although it would be tough for the reaction to get much worse. food under the current rules has earned its own twitter #. a sarcastic thanks, michelle obama, with a picture of the
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offending food. >> in the white house briefing room. thank you. officials in california say water restrictions will be in place, will still be in place this summer, although heavy el nino rains could mean some will be loosened. this year's snow pack in the sierra nevada is nearly average and that is a big improvement. california is in the fifth year of its historic drought. a chalk talk on free speech. do students have the right to feel intimidated by displays of support for a candidate. what if that candidate is donald trump? here's james rosen. >> reporter: emory university president james wagner used chalk to declare his support for free speech. only after he had held meetings, issued conciliatory statements
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and even offered emergency counseling in response to students who said they felt intimidated and under safe following the appearance on campus of trump 2016 messages scrawled in chalk. >> everyone is talking about how they're allowed to write trump everywhere because tigts first amendment. but it is our right to speak out against that. to say that we're not okay with that. >> in initially siding with those disturbed by the chalk describings, president wagner cited what he called genuine concern and pain in the face of this perceived intimidation. >> he conceded to the protesters. i felt that he legitimized their claim. i think he should have stood for it. >> reporter: even to prominent liberals, tied with georgetown at number 21 in the university rankings, a national laughing stock. >> i don't deserve to feel afraid at my school. i so badly want to drop kick these kids into a place where
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there is actual pain and suffering. >> the fever spread to the university of kansas where a muslim student tweeted out photos of more trump chalkings and asked if this is what racial paradise looks like. such messages if scrawled by a message would be allowed and they tweeted yes. >> if universities don't keep their free speech messages in perspective and are not willing to stand firm even when doing so is unpopular, something that i worry will continue to gain in currency in the higher education community. >> last year saw yale university professor resign over a controversy relating to halloween costumes. right now at stanford university, a battle is brewing over faculty micro aggressions. we can confirm that some students somewhere in america are calmly continuing with their class work. >> good to know. thank you. he's built hotels and casinos. now donald trump is trying to
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build bridges with women and the republican establishment. is he in damage control
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donald trump is clearly not prepared to be president of the united states. we know about his comments. >> donald trump's notion of punishing women was just, it was bizarre. it was just a confirmation that he has not thought seriously about the issues facing the country and he is willing to say just about anything to get elected. >> if abortion was outlawed, the person performing the abortion, the doctor, whoever it may be, that's really doing the act. >> welcome back.
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that statement from the town hall that he made about abortion, if it was illegal to punish the woman. and bill o'reilly will have trump on tonight. here's what rush limbaugh that about this. >> matthews asks a question and trump took it literally. he sets up a hypothetical. something that will never, ever happen again. abortion is illegal. mr. trump, mr. trump. abortion is illegal. what happens to women who have abortions? well, trump has to think fast here. two things happen. in micro flash seconds. he thinks, i have to make sure i'm consistent on law and order here. i think what donald trump said is what he thinks republicans and conservatives want to hear. >> this is what he is facing. among women, favorable.
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unfavorable. this is what it was before the town hall. this is the average of reason polls. and ted cruz with the slightly lead over donald trump. we're back. let's bring in our panel. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post" and singled indicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, he was in d.c. today meeting with the rnc. your thoughts. >> i think even in the pre roe versus wade era, where abortion was prohibited in most of the states, women were not prosecuted. only those who performed the abortions were prosecuted. i think he has not thought this through. i'm going to suggest he probably hand even read roe versus wade or the cases that followed it. or summarized by the people who did the reading. if he truly believes this, it is so contrary to american culture. even by the fiercest of pro-life
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people. it is hard to believe that he would think this would get him any votes. rather, it shows a lack of serious thinking about a very serious topic. it was a long interview, this lack of serious thinking is evidence in so many areas. i think this statement alone combined with his likely loss in wisconsin will begin the descend of donald trump's popularity in the republican primary. >> do you know how many times people have said that? >> you're right, you're right. here's what allies and supporters say. he misspoke and he shoots from the hip. it was ram i had fire from chris matthews. he will bounce back. >> of course, rush limbaugh supplied him an excuse. he was just trying to pander is
1:42 am
what limbaugh came up with. this has a unique problem for him. it managed to offend a group on each side of the issue. it offended the pro-choice people and the pro-life people simultaneously. and nevertheless, you're right. that he has always thrived off the media ganging up on him. so he will attempt to play with that. it was an unusually defensive moment for donald trump. the mere fact that he thought towed correct this time, that was kind of unusual. >> he is and applying it today. congress and his foreign policy people and this meeting at the
1:43 am
rnc. it is a week however that most people looked at and. there was a successes -- a succession of thing that didn't play well. >> i think that's the reason he's gone to ground. for donald, you go to ground if you only give seven interviews in a day. so he is relatively quiet now. he knows there's no way he can undo the damage of the abortion statement. he has to give it a little time. he'll be on to something else. he will invenl something else later. i have to say something about what rush said. that he was answering a hypothetical. as if someone asked, what would you do if hillary sprung wings and began to fly? hypothetical, illegal abortion is the point. making abortion the no longer legal, having the power of the state to stop it is the point of the pro-life movement. they would like, there is nothing, there is nothing hidden about it. nothing hypothetical.
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it may not happen but it isn't a crazy hypothetical. it is the object of people who oppose abortion. >> and running for president. >> so he is being asked about the object of the thing he says, he now really truly deeply believes in. completely pro-life. well, that's not a hypothetical. that's if you got your way, what would you do? how would you enforce it? explain to us what you would do. it is a straight, the most straight question that you can get. the fact that he couldn't answer it proves exactly what the judge said. >> his week of misery this week in both instances, the victims were women. the perceived victims were women. the flaun sense cal -- i don't think it is a criminal event. it happened because they taunltd and taunted and taunted michelle fields until she filed a complaint. it looks bad because she is a young talented woman.
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then the statement. the poll that you just showed, fantastic number abot women sho punished for having abortions. >> the only thing is he still has 739 delegates and only needs 500 more. >> a lot of female supporters -- >> he does still need 500 more. i don't think it is so bad because it offends women of i think it is bad because it is such a central issue of the conservative movement. if he does not know how to talk about it, he shows he's never thought about it. it makes peel who might support him think, what has he actually thought through on any other issue? that's where i think the damage is. >> or the vulnerability against hillary clinton in the fall. next up, does hillary clinton have a date with the director of the
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no?
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not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material. i did not send classified material, and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified. >> i should have used two accounts. one for personal, one for
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work-related emails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> i'm not willing to say it was an err in judgment because nothing did i was wrong. >> are you 100 percent confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i am 100 percent confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. >> so you said at a march press conference in 2015, quote, i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material so. can we say definitively that that statement is not accurate? >> no. you can't. >> you are just saying it shouldn't have been classified. >> what i'm saying is it wasn't at the time. >> the e. lucien of the answer about email as this investigation continues. we're back with the panel. judge, you wrote about this today. there were multiple reports, not confirmed yet, that an interview will take place soon with the fbi. and possibly they're coming to the end of this
1:51 am
investigation. what do you think? >> i think that mrs. clinton is currently at the vortex of a perfect storm of legal misery. her senior aids from her years as the secretary of state who are still very close to her have been ordered to testify under oath in two freedom of information act requests. in a discovery context, meaning the ability of the lawyer to ask questions is wide two federal judges. have both suggested conspiracy of the office of the secretary of state when she was there to evade and avoid federal law. add to that in the very same week, the same people that are going to be requested in those two freedom of information act cases are being called into the fbi and asked if they want to speak to the fbi. a very dangerous thing for any lawyer to allow his client to do. after that, mrs. clinton will be called in. she is damned if she does. she is damned if she doesn't. if she goes in there they
1:52 am
will catch her in materialness of representations because she has been making them for a year on this. if she doesn't go in there. she will defy her statement. i can't wait to talk to the fbi, which, of course, they disbelieve because nobody wants to talks to the fbi when you are the subject of one of their criminal investigations. >> chuck, i'm in the political insiders here. the conventional wisdom is that it's just never going to happen. they are never going to indict her. there is some doubt whether the fbi most forward with the recommendation. >> look. the whole thing boils down to the statutes that she might have violated that pertain to the handling of classified information. and the limiting factor that i have identified that seems to argue that she would not be indicted is the very strong requirement that has to be knowing and willful criminal conduct. they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt whatever she did wrong she did knowingly and willfully. >> the email she said take the headings off. >> that does not involve --
1:53 am
that does not involve the other elements of these offenses. just let me finish the point here. they have prosecutorial discretion. when petraeus was he lied to the fbi which triggered the whole thing. she is at risk in this perjury trap. that could lead to derivative charge. if it only focuses on just the business about the server, i think what they are going to come down with was a report that said she was very negligent. she made a lot of bad decisions. she risked at love things she shouldn't have but we couldn't prove this crime yard. >> this is a rare criminal statute which this is good or bad is another subject. person could be prosecuted for gross negligence. the government doesn't have to show intent. >> >> can be proven by negligent in this particular statute. >> the ultimate irony is that the reason she embarked on all of this was to hide her communications from the
1:54 am
world, from the freedom of information act. from the congress that was the point. there is no other point in doing this. it's meant to evade subpoenas, inquiry,s congressional committees. and now it's all over the -- everything is out there. we know that 22 of these were i had extremely highly secret and it's, lock, it's a perfect -- the word con dine was invented for this kind of retribution. this is condiant punishment. you want to hide your official acts in the way nobody else has. nobody else would try to. you will be exposed. i think she gets either indicted or there is a criminal referral somehow squashed by the higher ups. i can't see her getting away from this with nothing. >> state department has redacted and declared 21 01 working emails classified at
1:55 am
this point. at least at the confidential level. 44 classified as secret. 22 as you mentioned classified as top secret. the two people involved in this most now are the fbi director jim comey, and the attorney general loretta lynch. when we talked to her she said this is going a pace. she would not answer whether she is the ultimate decider but i assume she is. >> it would be highly unusual for jim comey to conduct the investigation himself but i wouldn't put it past him because is he a detail-oriented guy who has been receiving daily reports on this since they started the investigation a year ago. >> that is it for the panel but not the topic. i'm sure we will be back here. stay tuned as we take a look at a very polite donald trump.
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finally tonight, donald trump might come off as combative to some at times. one late night show compiled the evidence from tuesday night's town hall proving he definitely has not forgotten his manners. >> you are running for president of the united states. >> excuse me. i didn't start it. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> i didn't suggest. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> we won utah. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. polite term all the time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget friday special 10 o'clock p.m. you don't want to miss it set the dvr. here comes >> it is friday, april 1st. brand new fox news polls put texas senator ted cruz on top of donald trump in wisconsin. four-days from the state's critical contest. as trump has a surprise sit down
1:59 am
with the rnc chairman. >> an ambush on a straight trooper at a greyhound bus station. the terrifying 911 calls lead why the shooters did it. >> it isot what you would expect to see in your front yard? how did a piece of plane end up here? "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends" this morning. >> it is friday morning. i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us as always. donald trump trailing in
2:00 am
wisconsin just days before that state primary. >> the republican frontrunner also holding a surprise private meeting with gop party leaders. we are live in washington, d.c. with more. >> the race for delegates continues. 42 delegates will play a big role in donald trump winning the nomination. >> it shows ted cruz with a ten- point lead over trump followed by john kasich with 19 percent. with the wisconsin primary days away he is touting his lead over the donald. >> he doesn't handle losing well. there's a risk if he loses i believe we are going to win this nomination and win 1237 delegates. there's a risk donald takes his marbles, goes home and throws a fit. >> trump still