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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> if you buy -- they have nothing to do with it. >> national cake day is in november. >> i was so hoping -- did you see me move away? i actually knew about it. >> thanks to the greesters. bill: we have a brand-new poll showing movement in the next race. ted cruz is up in wisconsin and that may put donald trump on a longer road to the nomination. martha: we have two hours. i'm martha maccallum. let's look at the fox business network poll. ted cruz is up by 10% in the badger state. you have got john kasich in third place. that ups the chances of a contested convention, putting
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more importance on the big meeting that happened yesterday with the rnc, days after he backed out of a pledge to support the potential republican nominee. >> it was a very good meeting. we met with reince priebus and the staff. it's really a unity meeting. we have far and away the most delegates. millions of votes more than anybody else or ted has or kasich has. i get along with people very well. we had a very good meeting with the rnc. bill: this man gets along with people very well, too, chris wallace. >> i hate april fool's day. my feeling is life is tough enough, we don't need to make it tougher. bill: we'll give you a pass for now. what are we hearing?
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what came of this? reporter: not a lot more than what you are hearing. it makes it work to the benefit of reince priebus and donald trump. it makes it sounds like the republicans are one big happy party but they aren't. in the town hall meeting cruz, kasich and trump wouldn't pledge to support the nominee. we'll see what happens. whether trump gets to 1,237 in the majority. you have got to figure a lot of unhappy voters and delegates. it will be interesting to see if trump is able and the rnc is able to put the republican party back together again. bill: i thought the head of the rnc had an interesting comment.
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here is reince priebus. >> they all agreed to that by virtue of signing the agreement. they are not going to get the tools of the rnc and tell me they are not going t -- they are going to be the nominee and not support our party. bill: that agreement, that's the first time i heard it described at a data agreement. it says if you are not on board we won't give you the data information. >> if you lose you don't care about the data information because you have already been through the primaries. it's not legally enforceable. it's not like you are going to sue donald trump if he breaks the pledge. even if he doesn't run a
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third-party candidacy. if they don't come out and support the nominee and tell their people to go out and support the nominee if it isn't them, they will hurt the party. i will say one thing that's true for the democrats and republicans. hillary clinton's forces are worried about bernie sanders' supporters if they will support her if he's not nominee. if hillary clinton it the nominee, are they going to sit home and not vote? bill: among very conservative voters in that state cruz doubled up trump 2-1. what is the state of the relationship as you understand
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it between trump and the rnc. are they on good ground now? reporter: it depend on the day. it was three days ago he said he had been treated very unfairly by the rnc. yesterday he said everything is fine. so sunday i'll ask him that question. we'll see this weekend how he feels about the rnc and whether he's going to keep his pledge. but it is a moveable object. bill: sunday is two days away and who knows what can happen between now and then. martha: there is must-see tv. donald trump will be sitting down with chris wallace. they will be face to face. they will be talking to each other, check your local listings for that. bill: gretta will have a town
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hall in her hope state of wisconsin. martha: trump also met with his foreign policy team, including walid phares. he says they talked about everything from isis to nuclear dangers and donald trump asked many probing questions in that meeting. >> he listens very well, he asks multiple questions, sharp questions. when someone gives a scenario, he says what are the weaknesses. and in. >> the scenario he says what are the consequences. something he doesn't usually do on tv. martha: he's trying to prove he does have chops in that area. this is the kind of meeting bill has been encouraging him to do.
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seeing him sitting down and talking with those individual. many of us have asked him who do you trust on these issues, who do you turn to? that seems to be materializing. bill: they described it as a spry meeting but it doesn't appear to be that way. it was on the schedule a week ago. bill: an ad focuses on cruz being a liar and invoking that lyin' ted name used by trump. rick perry joins us live in "america's newsroom." martha: we have details on the murder of a state trooper in virginia. police say the gunman talked to
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the trooper before shooting hip at close range. two other troopers returned fire, killing the gunman. a witness describes this chaotic scene. >> i heard a pop and i didn't know what was going on. then get down, get down. crawl, crawl, we ran across the parking lot. i didn't even want to get up from where i was hiding. martha: leland vittert live in richmond, virginia. do investigators know why this gunman opened fire? reporter: they still do not. while police have not released the name of the gunman. it's clear think is someone known to police. let me give you a sense of what played out here at the greyhound station here in richmond. the virginia police chose this station as a place to conduct
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criminal interdeck and recognition. just inside those doors is where chad -- urmire confronted the suspect. there was some type of discussion between the former marine and the state trooper, and the suspect. and police do not know why the gunman pulled out that handgun from this waistband. >> if you see suspicious activity, go over and engage that conversation. that's what was taking place here. in the early stables of the kfg is wet other subject pulled the weapon and shot self times. reporter: during this training there were a dozen other state troopers in the staying. they saw what happened and opened fire on the shooter, killing him.
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martha: what do we know about the shooter? reporter: he had a criminal history and was known to police. in the crossfire, there were two other people hit. they have non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to survive. the gunfight that played not you this bus station had a real effect on this community. police were investigating. there was a minivan driving around circles around the bus station. a big american flag. amazing grace playing out and a big sign that says "police lives matter." bill: hillary clinton says she has had it with bernie sanders and his supporters. >> i am so sick of bernie sanders lying about me. bill: what got her so angry and
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was her point factual. martha: donald trump as you know, campaigns go up and down. he had a little bit of a rough week. now he's walking back the comment he made about abortion. >> all the strength are weaknesses because they are not the characteristics of a president.
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>> all of the strength that brought donald trump to this amazing moment, none of us a year ago would have imagined he is where he is today. all of the strengths are weaknesses because they are not the characteristics of a potential president. they were the characteristics of
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an insurgent candidate so he has a big challenge. bill: newt gingrich saying donald trump has to be more presidential if he wants to be president. i love our topics today. first on gingrich. mercedes, you can answer whether he needs to change. but way thought was more interesting is what gingrich said about his wife. he says he should have hissenned to his wife weeks ago. she told him slow the captain feign down, vote tweets down. >> the husbands should be listening to their wives. come on. i think for donald trump what draws his supporters to him is his raw unpredictable tough temperament which seemed to work well in the primary.
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as we are moving towards a general election, sure he's winning plurmities. but he has to win a majority if he's going to be the nominee. you need to be a disprincipled candidate. it's something hillary clinton with all of our flawfs, she has unfavorable raritying as well as trump, has tried to make a disciplined approach. if he would do more like the aipac speeches and formal policy discussions on these issues. that's where donald trump needs to go. ll: he thinks his supporters like him the way he is. bill: can you do both, juan? >> a's an insurgents candidate and the empire will strike back.
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he said i don't like politically correct people and inyou are gentle candidates. -- insurgent candidates. the wives situation that mercedes was talking about. that's all raw stuff that's powered donald trump past the likes of an establishment candidate like a jeb bush. now, you get everybody fromscotr wisconsin, the local congressman, even talk radio saying this guy is too much. he's brsh and rude and he's not presidential. people don't want somebody who is presidential now. hillary clinton in wisconsin trails bernie sanders in our fox business poll 48-43%.
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hang on for what could be an interesting night tuesday. before what he get there, here is hillary clinton hitting back at bernie sanders supporters just yesterday. bill: what you did not hear was the question from the woman holding that camera. the question is whether she has taken money from fossil fuel companies. is she right to respond or guilty of the same? >> she is right. fact check organizations have looked at this and she is absolutely right. she does not take money from the fossil fuel industry or associated pacs. she has taken money from the employees, but they are not
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major donors. pollsters believe sanders has tried to up the energy and attack hillary on being in the possession of wall street and big business and make her out to be the establishment candidate, and they are getting angry, although -- bill: i think the question goes to this. you talk about trump supporters. do her supporters like the same? >> i don't think hillary clinton unscripted really works. when she becomes unhinged it reminds people of why she is so unlikeable. bernie sanders has raised most of his money from small donors. it's different from what we have seen with hillary clinton where she has close corporate ties and wall street ties.
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it's working in states like wisconsin. bill: watch your step today, it's the 1st of april. martha: donald trump is backtracking on the controversial comments he made about abortion. >> this was a long, convoluted subject. martha: is the damage done? a new poll shows women voters may have already left donald trump behind. i will show you the numbers across the board and i'll let you know what they think. then there is this. bill: that's coming in hot. that's some chaos on the dock. we'll tell you why this happened.
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bill: several people recovering from minor injuries after a tour boat had a rough docking, you could say. [screaming] bill: she is a monster 150 feet long. 3 of the 140 on board take to be the hospital. the fire department says a me man cal malfunction is to blame. >> we heard a big crash and we saw something -- that was something big. all of a sudden we heard the horn blower honking its horn and it was coming in way too fast. we knew right away it was going
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to hit. bill: that's close quarters, especially when you are 150 feet long. martha: let's get to the extreme weather going on out there. tornado watches for parts of the southeast as a powerful storm system threatens more damage. this is the scene yesterday. multiple tornado spotted across the south. lots of rain coming as well. possible hail out there, tornado in some areas. wow, it's spring, march going into april. it's rough out there. meteorologist maria molina in our fox weather center. maria: you can see impacts mississippi, alabama and
6:27 am
georgia. we have rain up into places across the northeast. we have a tornado watc tornado n effect from georgia through to south carolina. the concern is we have conditions favorable for these thunderstorms to produce tornadoes. that's why this watch is out here. we have a tornado warning just to the southwest of writeville. there is a concern there could be a tornado on the ground. the threat for severe with the will continue into tonight and extending farther west across parts of the gulf coast. damaging wind, large hail and tornado will be possible. that area across the southeastern u.s. extending up along the coast is where we could potentially see some tornadic activity later today and into tonight. a lot heavy rain with this storm as well.
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across the southeastern u.s. for the month of march we were dealing with heavy rain. across georgia, several inches of rainfall possible. there is a flood threat across the southeast. behind this coming up for the weekend, we have a surge of cold air, unusually cold for this time of the year moving across the great lake and with that cold air there will be some snow. there will be some accumulation laying out there, so get ready for that cold blast of air coming up in april across this region. martha: i looked at my calendar and it snowed yesterday. thank you, maria. a disturbing video shows the
6:29 am
vulnerability on our southern borderers. suspected drug smugglers scaling the wall, and what they did when they noticed that camera was rolling. reporter: donald trump doing an about-face when he said women should be punished for abortions. even before that, the numbers are not good for him with women. we are going to talk to one of his senior campaign advisers about how they plan to fix that. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion as a principle, yes or no. >> there has to be some sort of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes, thereby has to be some form of punishment. you're late for work.
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nuclear summit. north korea fired a missile into the sea and this repeats a pattern we have seen self time this year. reporter: north korea threatens and provokes. firing that short-range missile into the sea. in january the country conducted it fourth nuclear test and yesterday president obama met with regional allies with japan, with south korea and later with the chinese president. much of those meetings focusing on north korea. reporter: of great importance is north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. she and i are committed to the denuclearization of the korean
6:34 am
peninsula. >> clearly summits are being very ineffectual in addressing one of the world's most dangerous nuclear problems. reporter: china says it agrees with the youth that it ally north korea should give up it nuclear program and pave the way for sangs at the united nations security council. bill: russia is not there. what should we expect from the summit. >> russia and china have 0% of the world's stockpile. the white house says the whole reason why russia isn't here has to do with the fact that there are arguments over other policy issues.
6:35 am
>> this was a long, convoluted subject. we talked about catholicism, and his reason, and chris went back and forth about that. this was a long, convoluted discussion they don't want on television because it was too long. just as i said it, and i must tell you, this is the same -- my stance is the same as ronald reagan. if in fact abortion was outlawed, the person performing the abortion is responsible, not the woman. martha: can donald trumpific the problem he has with women voter? they make up a majority of the
6:36 am
voters and they vote more often than men do. steven miller, thanks for being with us today. >> i think what we are interested in doing is fighting for every single vote and making a dramatic outreach to women in this country. if you look at his company and who put into senior roles and major management positions. and also the issues matter the most. a few issues we'll be focusing on in the next few days in wisconsin will speak to the heart of the pocketbook and securitying women in america. >> it sounds like you are concerned about it. women have been looking at the issues throughout the course of this entire primary season. you are coming into wisconsin. this is among gop women. he has 27% in the polls along
6:37 am
gop women. let's move on to the unfavorability numbers. unfavorable 6%. 74%. yes, that's about all issues, it's economic, it's everything. but it's not resonating with women according to those numbers. >> what i would suggest to you is those numbers with nothing to do with the issues. they are driven by an effort to try and tar mr. trump as being anti-woman. i would love to broaden this for a second and ask the question, why are republican groups, so-called conservative groups trying to tar mr. trump as anti-movement. why is there a never trump movement. and i would submit the real answer to that question is there is a group of people in the political class in d.c. who have
6:38 am
made themselves very, very rich pushing a policy agenda supported by the voters and they though trump is threatening that agenda. you have powerful lobbyists who are determined to keep the spigot of mass migration on and the pay low. martha: it has generated a lot of enthusiasm for him across this country. but i would submit to you that these women are voters like everybody else. so those issues he has been talking about apparently are not resonating with them. but you are saying every negative ounce is coming from the never trump movement and the like. you are about to launch an aggressive pushback. what's that going to look like? >> you have an unprecedented
6:39 am
situation where you have the entire infrastructure of the political and donor class attacking the frontrunner. of course, that's going to have an effect. defeating a failed political system is not going to be happy. and people will fight to hold on to power. looking at the issue of i am gracious. that's an issue where women voters more than male workers believe jobs should go to americans first. open borders and mass migration affects overdplowgd schools, hospitals, it effects our tax burden, it affects crime, it affects personal security, income security and ted cruz pushed a double migration in 2013 and offshore our jobs to china to destroy economically the people of wisconsin. martha: that's obviously the push you are going to make at
6:40 am
these are the issues that matter to men and women around the country. immigration tends to fall lower on the list after the economy and terrorism. >> immigration an economic issue. martha: i know you were at the meeting yesterday with reince priebus. talk to me about the tenor of that meeting. it sounds like you are angry at the establishment and perhaps justifiably so. the things you point out about the threat they feel to decade, hundreds of years sort of entrenchment in washington, perhaps. but it sounds like you are angry. so what was said in there? >> i was at the foreign policy meeting. and we are certainly not angry. and the rnc is not the group i'm talking about. i'm talking about the actual whether it be elected lawmakers like lyndsey graham or gop
6:41 am
pollsters, whether it be special interest groups that send billions of dollars over the course of time to deep our borders open and keep pay low. that group of people who have had a fever group on politics in washington, d.c., they will fight with every ounce of strength. >> you are absolutely right about that. when you talk about the convention and the unity push that was made yesterday. donald trump said it went really well. we had a great meeting. if he's denied the nomination and he has the most votes, is he going to walk out and do his own thing? >> we are ahead of hillary clinton's pace among pledged delegates relative to the second place runner up. i want to take this opportunity to hammer this one point home because it's so important. you talk about the future of this country. this an opportunity that may never come again, to take out of
6:42 am
power the people who have destroyed our middle class. who sent our jobs overseas. who left our border open. who left criminal cartels to terrorize our community. these are issues that are affecting people's lives in ways that are profound and daily. this is a once in a lifetime chance to return power to the people and it won't be easy. but we are going to run a positive campaign about making america great again. the people have a chance to stand up and take back their future. bill: there are new reports about high-level talks about hillary clinton. a source saying you only get one shot at queen. the judge says it's a clear-cut case. >> mrs. clinton will be called in. she is dam inned if she does ans
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6:47 am
bill report f.b.i. matter is in its final stage. author of the book "clinton inc" is with me. i guess two people know what's going on. one is james comey and the other is loretta lynch, the attorney general. does anybody have factual knowledge about where we stand? >> no. catherine herridge and others have done great reporting that give ups insight. but what's actually going on is a black hole and it's miss tear yeah. from krauthammer is right, regardless of what happens people will believe she should have been indicted she isn't. and. she isn't indicted it creates problems for the obama administration. don't forget, hillary clinton
6:48 am
divorced from her presidential bid, was a high-level cabinet official. >> bill: pam brown and catherine herridge report this. in a case like this you get one shot at the queen. the case has to be airtight and perfect. you agree with that. >> we have a lot of evidence that's public, a lot of the emails have been released because of court order. so we have a lot of insight into the investigation. but i would suggest there is a lot more evidence we just don't have that we don't have any insight to. i think what we are seeing publicly is the tip of the iceberg and there is probably a lot more and am lot more complicated. another risk factor is this reportedly upcoming f.b.i. interview. a lot of people don't go down
6:49 am
because of what they do but because of lies they tell f.b.i. officials. we don't know anything about it exactly. there are reports it's coming soon. but it's part of that black hole. we can base our knowledge on other investigation and great reporting. but there is still limited information. bill: back to the article. this is an interesting quote. timing is of the essence. being right is absolutely critical. now, you get a sense of how much pressure there is to get it right. >> james comey, loretta lynch and other people, their careers are on the line. the decision they make, they will have to defend because people are going to be mad regardless of how they come down. they have to understand the facts and the law are on their side. that's how they should be making
6:50 am
the decision as catherine herridge says. they want this airtight. it will look very, very bad, their careers will be ruined if they are not. i think there is a lot building up behind the scenes. and we can't wait to see what comes next. bill: daniel halper, thanks for coming back today. march report question is out there today, could donald trump be hitting a speed bump in wisconsin named ted cruz. >> donald is pathological. he cannot communicate the substance of the issues. vailabl7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um...
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bill: you have one expensive display. check it out from new york city. that's a 911 turbo porsche going up in flames. no one injured, but electrical mall function is to blame. -- malfunction, and that will cost you. martha: two suspected drug smugglers were scaling a fence from mexico into the united states. both of them were carrying large backpacks and in sight of border agents. good morning, jonathon. reporter: this is a fascinating video. you take a look at it, where it. u.s. side of the border.
6:55 am
nogales, arizona. these two guys come over. they are carrying those large backpacks you can see there. what was in those, hard for to us say, but they then get sight of the woman filming them. if you go to the next part of the video, they start shouting at the woman, then one of them said to the other, she is still filming. at that point they turn back and scale that fence. just look how easily they go up there. you have to assume not the first time those two guys have done that particular journey. there they go back over to the mexican side of the video. martha: brave of her to keep filming them as they go over. we don't know what was in the
6:56 am
backpacks? reporter: no, we don't know what was in the backpacks, but given their behave yoirt' hard to believe they were toting spring break cancun t-shirt. we have seen drug smugglers use all sorts of method to get their drugs to the u.s. going over the fence is something we have seen before. drug seizures we are told by the d.e.a., 2 million pound in weight of drugs. a little over that was seized in 2015 last year. cocaine and meth are harply down. cocaine and marijuana down, meth and heroin sharpie up. jonathon, thank you very much. bill: new polling numbers.
6:57 am
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isn't like last saturday. [ indistinct shouting ]
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bulk from boxed won't only save you money, it will save saturday. [ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees. martha: mr. donald trump facing a bit of a roadblock in the battle for republican nomination. brand new poll shows the front-runner in second place in wisconsin coming up on tuesday. you have 42 delegates up for grabs in the badger state. welcome to hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. days before wisconsin, it could spell trouble for trump. ted cruz out in front 42% in fox business poll among likely republican voters. trump in second place at 30%. john kasich distant third at 19.
7:01 am
that race is within the margin of error in wisconsin. >> good morning, martha. martha: you break down interesting way he donald trump got to this point in wisconsin and mistakes he made and not necessarily what everybody is talking about. >> we're seeing realization of the fact that donald trump is no longer playing against a divided republican field. in most of the states where he has won the majority of republicans voted for somebody else. just their votes have been divided among four, five, six different candidates. the field winnowed behind two alternatives. most people coalescing between ted cruz. kasich is not doing so well. all of sudden facing much more united opposition field he is not doing as well. second mistake trump made he went after the two most popular republicans in the state of wisconsin, scott walker and
7:02 am
paul ryan. he has been attacking governor walker's record in wisconsin. wisconsin republicans are incredibly proud of scott walker's record. he stood up to one one how protesters in the state capital for collective bargaining reef form. they remember that. fox business poll shows that if positive walker was on the ballot, he would win wisconsin by 20 points. going after walker and holing your first rally in janesville, wisconsin, which is seen at slap against paul ryans these are not smart things to do if you're trying to win over hearts and minds of wisconsin republicans. martha: maybe not. this is among gop voters f it were clinton versus trump in november, wisconsin likely gop voters say they would be satisfied with those choice, 55%. 34% would consider a third party candidate and 8% wouldn't vote. this sort of plays into what becomes the discussion, no doubt part of the discussion with the
7:03 am
rnc and donald trump yesterday. you know, it looks unlikely, mark, that gop gets on one page. >> no, it is remarkable. come numbers third party or wouldn't vote. 44% of wisconsin republicans wouldn't vote at all, would vote for somebody else than donald trump if he is republican nominee. that is a stunning, stunning statistic. what is also interesting, in wisconsin, republican women are dead-set against donald trump. he is losing women by 67-2%. why is he doing so badly among republican women. he said women should be jailed if they had abortions or made fun of carly fiorina's face or tweeted out ugly pictures of heidi cruz or put out 120 tweets attacking megyn kelly and calling her a bimbo and other terrible names. defending a campaign manager who assault ad conservative reporter.
7:04 am
these are not winning over, not just women but republican women are repelled by them. donald trump has a big problem. martha: we spoke to steven miller of the campaign. he said we have concerted effort to turn those numbers around. knows numbers, mark, are pretty devastating. those woman are not just listening only things they have listed. they have been listening to issues and everything else being said. >> no that is absolutely right. women, women are repelled by donald trump and not just democratic women, republican women in the state of wisconsin. only 27% of women support him. 67% don't. so he is going to have a hard time getting women voters, republican women voters out for him. i'm sorry, you can not win the presidential election in november with angry white men alone. there is not enough of them in the country to do it. martha: especially against a woman candidate. >> exactly. martha: that is an interesting matchup. mark, thanks so much. great stuff.
7:05 am
>> thanks, martha. bill: meanwhile donald trump elaborating a bit on his controversial comments about nuclear weapons. trump refusing to rule out using nukes in europe. trump telling eric billioning in for o'reilly. it's a matter of leverage for trump. >> i would never take that off the table. last person that press the button would be me. i'm the one didn't go into iraq in the beginning. last one that wants to play the nuclear card believe me, is me. you can never take cards from a moral standpoint, from any standpoint. certainly from negotiating standpoint. bill: trump having a meeting with his foreign policy team. one of his advisors talking with greta, giving insight, walid phares, into what those meetings are like with trump. >> oh, boy he is listening a lot. he listens very well, but something he does, he asks many questions, sharp questions. multiple questions. >> like? >> like when somebody shows a
7:06 am
scenario, where is the weakness of that scenario? if there is another scenario what would be the consequences? a couple questions he does not usually do on tv. bill: bring in captain chuck nash, with me retired navy captain, fox news military analyst. good day to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: you know walid. what do you take very actions about that? >> walid is a straight-shooter, always has been and it appears he is now in mr. trump's inner circle, at least he is listening to walid. if i wanted to gain information as i often do about the middle east, i talk to walid phares. so, he is a very reliable source and he has -- bill: how about, i don't know how you analyze this, trump asks questions, multiple questions, something he does that i like. that is walid talking there. >> yeah. and i think when you look at the presidential contenders a lot of them have been in advisory
7:07 am
billets, which is the senate or the house, and trump is coming from a different place. he comes from a decision billet, where he is the decisionmaker. decisionmakers tend to perhaps have a more acute ear listening for advice and sniffing out bad advice whereas if you are one of those person who is gives advice and you're a member of a committee and there is no individual responsibility for the outcome, you may approach life differently. bill: yeah. "washington post," here is what krauthamer writes about that, kind of reflects on the same point you're making. donald trump promises to make america strong which he explains he must first make america rich. treating countries like companies, trump therefore promises to play turnaround artist for a foreign policy that is currently hopeless, money-losing operation which our allies take us for fools and suck us dry, end quote.
7:08 am
that could come from trump, that comment. >> yeah. i don't take that quite frankly as we're going to turn the u.s. military into guns for hire. i don't see it that way at all. what i take out of that is, we have to be very careful before we get involved in humanitarian intervention which was the excuse for libya. look how that turned out. some of the other things. we have to use our military very carefully. that is, only in the defense of u.s. national interests or protecting our citizens and assets period. that is what the military is for. diplomacy is for everything else. military what roosevelt said. it is the big stick. you talk and walk softly. you carry the big stick and everybody knows you've got it. that doesn't mean you use it every time. bill: thank you, captain. chuck nash in washington. thank you, sir. martha: another fox news alert for you now. today marks the section day of the global nuclear summit in
7:09 am
d.c. today's session will focus on stopping isis and other extremist groups from getting their hands on nuclear materials and attacking urban areas which of course is the fear that many have in the world. president obama holding a news conference later this evening at the conclusion of that summit. more than 50 government and international organizations are taking part. russia, one of the major powers of course, is not in attendance. bill: big topic there. martha: that is problematic. bill: north korea and chinese are on. pro-kasich super-pac ad going after ted cruz. some would say it is frightening. >> many just call him lyin' ted. lied about ben carson to steal a win in iowa. lies about being the best for the gop. martha: oh, no. bill: former texas governor, cruz supporter rick perry will react to that, and more. martha: that is bizarre. dow jones getting its groove back, with biggest quarterly come back since the 1930s.
7:10 am
that is why everybody is clapping so hard. whoo-hoo. check out your 401(k) lately? might want to take a look. bill: rescue of two teenage girls after they were nearly swept away by these dangerous currents. >> we can stop ourselves. and we kept hitting rocks and rocked on the bottom. i grabbed her and rushed to the nearest place we can get. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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i actually really like the two steps. everytime i use this together it felt likeist's. crest hd, 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. ♪ bill: donald trump campaign rolls on.
7:14 am
live pictures, hershey, pa,. john kasich addressing supporters at antique automobile clubmuseum. they have to have a great stuff in there. what is your favorite car, maccallum. your all-time favorite car would be? martha: i will go like with a wv van. bill: that suits your hippie conservative life. martha: another chapter of my life. bill: 190 mercedes-benz sl, 1960 convertible. seats two. martha: if i go there, 1974 mercedes convertible. bill: i will race you one. martha: beautiful car. dream, car. okay. so in the meantime, there is a new ad back to politics from a pro-kasich super-pac attacking ted cruz for some of his claims. boy look at this one. >> many just call him, lyin' ted. lied about ben carson to steal a win in iowa.
7:15 am
lies about being the best for the gop when polls show he can't even beat hillary clinton. his tv ad about john kasich, lies. stations had to pull it off the air. if ted cruz's mouth is moving he is lying. >> new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content of this advertising. martha: extra points for gross create activity there. i thought pinocchio was scary. is kasich getting anything out of this or helping donald trump? rick perry, ted cruz supporter and governor former governor of texas and former presidential candidate. who do you think of ad, governor. >> depend who you think your audience is and 8th graders can't vote. really amazing to me when they don't want to talk about issues generally they attack the candidate. that is what i see 30 plus years
7:16 am
being evolved in elected politics. the real adult in the room, most people realize the ted cruz is the intellectual giant here. he is the person who is the constitutionalist. he is the person who understands i think these issues at depth better than other two left in. when you get down to it, it is two-person race. it is between trump and, donald trump's having his real issues here. you all talked in the earlier section about female issue that he has. it's real, and it's deep. i don't know how he gets himself out of that hole. even if he stops digging it is so deep i think most voters out there are like, is this person really thoughtful enough, is he mature enough? does he really care enough to learn the issues? real questions are starting to come up about donald trump and his preparedness to be president of the united states. martha: you can definitely feel the movement on their side about
7:17 am
how they're trying to turn that around. we saw the foreign policy meeting. we saw the sit-down with the rnc and now they're going to have to figure out a plan to get women voters in their corner. as you point out, you simply can't win unless you have a majority of women voters. let me play this other bit from the candidate you support, senator ted cruz. this is from the john and ken show yesterday. take a listen. >> donald is pathological. donald can not discuss the issues or the substance. donald prefers to communicate in 140 characters or less. martha: for a long time, governor, the other candidates would not go after donald trump. they didn't want to alienate his supporters, his 35, 40% supporters. it goes up to 50 in some areas but that is sort of the average that we see. but ted cruz not hesitating these days. >> i don't think attacking his supporters. i think you're actually bringing to the attention of people who
7:18 am
are angry that he talked to, whether it was, a host of issues that he's brought up that people are really upset about but what they're seeing now is that he's not prepared. he either, he doesn't care about these issues or, i don't think he is lazy. i think he is a hard-working fellow but maybe he doesn't think he has to go study and know these issues. hence you're seeing meetings, oh, wait a minute, we are preparing. we do have good foreign policy people with us, but at the end of the day i think people who were for donald trump six months ago are really rethinking this. women in particular. they're seeing some things come out of his mouth that are really horrendous when it comes to women and, you know, whether it is foreign policy or whether it is social issues, real concerns, i think a lot of those people are having second thoughts about donald trump now. and ted cruz is the obvious place to go for them.
7:19 am
martha: you pointed out you've been obviously in politics for a long time so i would love to pick your brain about where you see this going? how does this story end? john kasich was here yesterday. he has no intention of dropping out. he thinks this game is going to turn on its head at that convention. he wants to be the person positioned to sort of pick up the mantle at that point. how do you see all of this play out? >> i said early on i thought this was headed to a contested convention. i still think that. and it is a two-person race. after the first ballot, people are, they're pledged to vote for particular candidates on first ballot. after that they're free to go where they want to go. i think ted cruz by a large margin is going to have the support of the convention. i think he will be our nominee. and i think not only will he do well, i think he will thrash hillary clinton. martha: fascinating. all right, governor, thank you very much. good to see you today. come back soon. >> you're welcome. bill: the race for 1237.
7:20 am
that's the number. does anyone have a chance to get there? we'll look at the math and show you a few scenarios. but first, will the party come together? >> division sometimes is more fun but believe me unity -- >> you will get it. >> the impossible is always possible with unity, there's no question. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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martha: cruz in washington -- crews in washington state coming to rescue of two teenage girls on a steep, tree lined cliff with fast moving waters rushing beneath them. they were playing on sandbar, got swept up in powerful currents dragging them 75 feet downstream. they pulled themself up on the cliff where they spent two hours hanging on for dear life. >> we screamed for help and no
7:24 am
one would help. two girls came along to help us. >> one was having panic attack and couldn't breathe. i helped her breathe. martha: wow. they walked away safe and sound and with minor cuts an bruises with a big story. bill: have you seen the dow following up very early problems in the year with its biggest quarterly comeback since 1933. dow finishing 1.5% higher this quarter thanks to a strong run in march. s&p also finished in the green after successful month. check out your 401(k). joining us now is the author of a brand new book, it is called, "rich is not a four-letter word." the author is gerri willis from the fox business network. how are you today. >> i'm good. bill: congratulations. we'll talk about the book in a moment. markets why did they move? >> march was incredible. look at these numbers, dow up 7%. s&p up 6.66%. nasdaq up 6.89%. this is huge numbers. this is year right here.
7:25 am
i would be happy if stopped right now and didn't trade another stock all year long. this is beautiful. that is why it is the biggest turn around since 1933, in 83 years. if you looked what happened over the course, since we had a lousy punk january, down 11% at one point, the turn around here in the positive for everything except the nasdaq. that is very good news for people with 401(k)s. we've had a turnaround. moral of the story, my friend, when you see a bad start, that is no reason to sell because you can get a turnaround just like that. bill: that is a great point but why the turn around? my thinking is because the fed and interest rates are still low and money's cheap if do you agree with that or not? >> i absolutely agree with you, you could not be more right. we're also the prettiest pony in the horse factory because we have only economy working in the world. bill: so i'm wondering whether or not that 17,700 is a bubble? you know.
7:26 am
>> a lot of people feel that way. fed can't keep this up. do we go to negative rates? where do we go next. big questions about the future of the economy. bill: meantime enjoy it. check out your 401(k). would rich is not a four-letter word." what am i learning from the book? >> finance al success has gotten a black eye. i tell you how to succeed in this climate, even with the policies of this president how you can make a go of it and do it for your family. bill: i like that. trump would like that title. >> have his name in it. bill: thank you, gerry. martha, what's next? martha: big month ahead in the republican primary contest. more than 250 delegates up for grabs. will any of them get to 12, three, seven, bill? bill: amazing stunt pilots descending on key west, florida. legendary blue angels in a show you do not want to miss. check it out.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
martha: we are about to hear news from iran. it will come from president obama, meeting with world leaders at nuclear summit that is going on in washington. he made comments just moments ago, about iran and what he thinks about how the deal is going. let's listen in we'll go to him in just a moment. want to mention leaders from china, from the u.k., from france, many countries around the world including an ambassador from russia but not vladmir putin part of this important group as they try to track down nuclear materials that may be out there with a concern about isis of course. let's watch. >> good morning. it is a pleasure to be here with our p5-plus-one partners, european union and the general
7:31 am
director of the international atomic energy agency. because of the nations that are represented here today, we achieved a historic deal to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. and today is an opportunity to review progress as that deal continues to be implemented our work is key out line that i in prague years ago. seeking a long-term vision of a world without nuclear weapons and that included strengthening global regime that prevents the spread of nuclear weapons and one of the greatest test of that regime was iran's nuclear program. after nearly two years of intensive negotiations, backed by strong sanctions, the countries represented in this room achieved what decades of animosity and rhetoric did not, a long-term deal that closes off every possible path to building a nuclear weapon and subjects iran to the most comprehensive
7:32 am
nuclear inspections ever negotiated. thanks to this deal we have seen real progress. already iran has dismantled 2/3 of it is installed centrifuges. iran shipped 98% of it is enriched-uranium stockpile out of iran. iran removed the iraq reactor core and filled it with concrete. if iran were to cheat the breakout time to build nuclear weapon has gone from two to three months to about a year. in january, the iaea verified that iran has fulfilled key commitments of the deal. and today director general amano will update us on implementation. our nations have lifted nuclear-related sanctions and it will take time for iran to reintegrate into the global economy but iran is already beginning to see the benefits of this deal. i think it is important to note that this deal does not resolve
7:33 am
all of our differences with iran, including destablizing activities in the region, except for limited exceptions, the u.s. trade embargo on iran remains in place. we also continue, continue to vigorously enforce sanctions pertaining to iran's support for terrorism, human rights abuses and ballistic missile programs. that is u.s. policy. but, what this group that doesn't agree on all aspects of policy does agree on, is that this deal has achieved a substantial success and focused on the dangers of nuclear proliferation in effective way. the road to this deal was not easy. it took commitment, diplomacy, hard work. it took the leaders and countries gathered around this table coming together and working out our own differences and approach. full and continued implementation is going to take
7:34 am
the same kind of cooperation and consultation but i am extremely grateful to our partners this there effort. even as we continue to face nuclear threats around the world which is the topic of this summit, this deal does remind us when the international community stands as one, we can advance our common security. so i want to thank all of the leaders who are gathered here, the countries who are participating, director general amano, this is, a success of diplomacy that hopefully we'll be able to copy in the future. thank you very much, everybody. martha: all right. president obama at the nuclear summit sort of taking a moment to do a bit after victory lap on the iran deal which he says is going very well. he says it has closed every possible path to nuclear weapons for iran. he says that they have not yet fully been able to engage in the global economic community but that they are on that path as well.
7:35 am
so words from the president just moments ago as he convenience a nuclear summit in washington d.c. bill? bill: thank you, martha. 25 minutes toward the hour. joe biden entered the race. april fool's. you guys react, sound good? >> okay. bill: here is the calendar for april, right? you've got wisconsin on tuesday. two weeks later you have got new york on the 19th. slew of states from the northeast on the 2th, all right? all around the new york area. on the board now, if wisconsin goes on the fifth of april, if our poll something right here, ted cruz is in order to win on tuesday, if the poll's right, 10 point advantage over donald trump. so cruz dominates the headlines, right, guys? he wins wisconsin and for next 10 days he gets a lot of positive media coverage. then you move down the calendar
7:36 am
to new york and trump right now, trump in the state of new york is at 56%. anyone over 50% gets all the delegates. cruz at 20, kasich at 19 as it stands today. then the week after new york, you have got pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, rhode island, all states in the northeast which would seem to favor donald trump. so the theory is this. cruz wins on tuesday, he dominates the headlines. but then donald trump is resurrected in the second half of april. ed, you start. >> i think certainly first part of that premise is correct. i think cruz is easily going to win wisconsin. he may win all the delegates there. it is three delegates per congressional district. whoever has plurally of votes get it. 18 delegates statewide. if you win that you get them all. he may blank trump. if he does, it gets awful hard then for trump, i don't argue scenario for new york, what have you, gets awful hard for him to get to majority by time
7:37 am
convention. bill: hard to get to 1237 if you lose wisconsin, i think you're exactly right about that. you do the math, ed, you can see that clearly. joe, what about that scenario? how do you see this? >> i agree with ed, and your scenario. look wisconsin part definitely looks like it will come true. it is not just the fox poll. there are a couple of polls show those results with cruz leading. and i think, if cruz does indeed win wisconsin, my math, it is pretty near impossible for trump to get to the magic 1237 number that gets it on the first ballot. the part i might quibble with a little bit, trump is at 56 in new york, that's true but, and i think he will win it but could cruz and kasich keep him under 50, stop him from getting all the delegates there? that would be another, another sort of strike against any -- that would eliminate completely
7:38 am
any possibility of him winning the delegates there and getting to 1237. bill: just watch this. next week is going to be cruz, just for sake of this conversation. then we move toward new york and 19th. trump dominates. we'll see what happens there, okay? flip it forward one more time for us because this is the math that is still remaining, gentlemen. wisconsin on tuesday, then you move to new york and then you have here, up in the northeast, you have a lot of these states with the exception of new jersey, that goes in early june. they will have all voted. then you move to indiana and points out west. this is a big one, california, 172 on june 7th as well. that is not winner-take-all by the way. so as you see is map now, i don't know, ed, do you see anyone getting that number? >> joe and i have done a lot of work in california. i grew up in california. california is not winner-take-all but each congressional district again, there are 52 of them, each one
7:39 am
of those is whoever wins, gets all three. so you can basically, and in a statewide, so you could pick up a lot of delegates there. i don't think anybody will sweep it. if somehow someone gets momentum does very well there, picks up half or more they may get back in the game again. bill: ed, do you think california favors trump or cruz or one of the other or not? >> i think what is left of the california republican party is pretty conservative. what i would argue cruz has better organization. they have the campaign strategists who know how to get delegates and know how to run those campaigns in those congressional districts. bill: okay. >> that is why i give him a slight edge. bill: almost out of time. joe, quickly, go. >> california is closed primary for republicans. i agree with ed, what is left of the party is much more conservative. two, there is no way for independents or democrats that helped trump to help him there.
7:40 am
bill: thank you gentlemen. >> 53 congressional districts, we'll have more time to talk about this, did you know? thanks to you both. have a great weekend. >> you too. martha: as ed and joe just said possibility of a contested convention looms large over the republican party. john kasich appears to be banking on that idea but some say the gop's best choice may be none of the above? we'll explain. >> we're looking forward to being here in pennsylvania and competing aggressively. i'm basically in a, in a dead-heat with donald trump. i believe this race is going to go to a convention. protection now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. ways discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back.
7:41 am
always discreet.
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♪ martha: looking at a three-man gop race for a little while now but karl rove yesterday saying that the party should pick or could pick he said, an entirely new candidate, a fresh face from outside of all of this at the july convention. here he is.
7:44 am
>> donald trump excites a lot of enthusiasm but he also excite as lot of anger. within the republican party and outside of the republican party and a fresh face might be the thing that could give us a chance to turn this election and win in november against hillary. martha: what do you think about that? how about those 17 fresh faces we had at one point. remember all of them? will anyone surface or come back from, you know, really, there were so many of them out there to begin with. lisa booth, president and founder of high noon strategies, contributor to the washington examiner, gop strategist. nomiki konst executive director of accountability project and co-chair of president obama's 2012 re-election campaign. we had chris christie, we had marco rubio, we had carly fiorina, we had ben carson, so many of whom people thought were, wow look at all the fresh faces in the republican party
7:45 am
none of them made it. >> how many fresh faces can we possibly have. we started out with seventeen candidates. republican party is in flames. this throws care seen on the fire. republican electorate sent a message they have little stomach for establishment candidate. this nomination process so far, eight or four senate candidates go through, eight former and current governors go through. so this is the message that they're sending. jeb bush spent $130 million to get fourth place finishes in states likes new hampshire and south carolina, that he should do well in. this is really adding fire to already raging fire or anger to already raging fire. martha: look at ted cruz and john kasich saying i'm a fresh face. i have a lot of experience. i've done a lot of things in washington and elsewhere. >> i'm not one to give republicans advice, but, if i were the republicans i would be listening to karl rove right now.
7:46 am
there are a lot of fresh faces among the 7:00 teen who were running. they were can't selling each other out and drowned out to circus act of donald trump. he was able to capture the base to ride it all the way to this point. the problem the republican party has to unify. maybe karl rove is right, finding someone to come in to be savior republican party -- martha: can you imagine. go forward for a moment to july. you're at the convention, right? who is this person, lisa, who is going to say to all of the trump supporters, assuming that they are even, even slightly interested which they probably won't be in going anywhere else, i'm your guy or i'm your gal? >> right. that is the problem, right? here's the thing. republican party and republican leaders in the states are ones who set the game. they set the playing field. they set the debate schedule. they set the delegates. it is candidate that plays to
7:47 am
the best. the candidate gets 1237 if they get the majority. if donald trump doesn't get to the majority it goes to contested convention. the idea of bringing someone outside in we started with seventeen candidates, that is ridiculous. martha: what about paul ryan? his name constantly comes up? >> this is party engulfed in flames. this is adding unnecessary care seen to the problems. democrats have a problem of their own. hillary clinton has much higher unfavorables -- >> wait, i'm not a hillary supporter. >> she may be under federal investigation. >> that is great. >> it's not. >> no way donald trump at this point can beat her, this is i find very kouris donald trump tried not to pivot to the middle. if he was a serious candidate would do three things. do homework on foreign policy no republican won without foreign policy understanding. do work on women. try to appeal to women.
7:48 am
>> hillary clinton is woman stills has problems. >> who cares about hillary clinton and talking about donald trump and winning republican nomination who i don't really like, i'm a democrat. if he doesn't act presidential he can't win. martha: nomiki lays out compelling argument. those are three things donald trump would do to expand his appeal. what he needs to do if he will win, lisa, make the never trump people go, oh, actually maybe he is a little different than i thought he was? maybe he can be sort of all things to all people but is that going to happen? >> i do think he needs to step up his game. he continues to talk about uniting the party but continues to say things that is driving party further apart, i will give no, ma'am meekky that but i well say the democratic party is also split. i could have two major candidates have highest unfavorability of individuals running race, that would be donald trump an hillary clinton.
7:49 am
>> keep in mind donald trump has only one republican national committee member supporting him right now out of all of him. martha: paul ryan would be white horse candidate, right? that is has to be who they are talking about. >> he should have ran in the first place. you can't do that. shoulda. martha: thank you, guys. nice fire over there, the ladies. >> always. bill: jon scott coming up next, "happening now." happy friday to you. >> happy friday, mr. hemmer. in case you hadn't noticed it has been a tough week for donald trump. he is probably happy it is friday. after comments about his campaign manager and comment on abortion, have his campaign playing defense. have the mainstream media been fair to trump or beginning to turn on him? hillary clinton might be feeling the bierne. she snapped at greenpeace activist at a rally, after one two too many questions about her fund-raising. plus new fox polling coming up on "happening now." bill: see you then.
7:50 am
top of the hour, 11:00 a.m. eastern time. >> that's right. bill: seven decades of amazing stuff in the air. how the blue angels are celebrating a high-flying milestone. ♪ show me movies with explosions.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. ♪ bill: jimmy getting all artistic. nicely done he said. blue angels celebrating 70 years of soaring through the skies. they are about to start, get this now, run of 60 shows in florida. phil keating live in key west. how are you phil, good morning? reporter: good morning bill.
7:54 am
blue angels squadron flu in yesterday. headlining act at key west air shore. spectacular, f-18 and who fly them are certainly that. >> [shouting] >> these blue angels pilots readily admit, they have a very cool job. >> it is inscribable. until you have done it a few times. >> incredible opportunity for sure. reporter: for 70 years the navy's high performance aeronautical demonstration team has would youd about half a billion people. actually the flashy squadron's purpose, showcasing american courage, honor and commitment. >> at that time you say hey. reporter: this lesson aimed to prevent me from blocking out at g-forces i would soon endure. away my f-18 went, screaming like a bullet and breaking speed
7:55 am
of sound over florida keys. >> we'll do 6 gs. reporter: we hid rolls, loops, 700 miles an hour, all incredible. let's say i'm exhausted. that was incredibly exhausting. 40-minute flight. that is incredible. f-18s are so precise. pilots are modest and humble. though know they have a cool job. what makes them proud to meet kids at meet-and-greet afterwards. they hope to inspire our future military men and women. bill? bill: good gig there, phil. well-done. humble and modest just like you. we use those words to describe you all the time, phil. martha: we do. >> thank you, man. martha: everyone who does it says it is so draining, so exhausting when you get out of the plane. those twice who fly them all the time, hey, nice going. good to see you. they're in such amazing shape. bill: i did it years ago. martha: did you?
7:56 am
i almost did it but got canceled. bill: threw up for four hours. need to go up again. martha: these guys, let's go up again. unbelievable. love that. world leaders considering a possible nightmare scenario, the risk of nuclear terrorism isis clearly on everyone's minds these days. what can be done to stop it before it's too late. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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>> . >> .
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final for mania, cruiselaying down the hardwood in houston as the city gets ready for the biggest weekend in college basketball, the final four and it all kicksoff tomorrow night. oklahoma takes on nova . >> i guess i'm going . >> and then it will be followed by north carolina versus syracuse to surprise everybody by seeing them in this at this point. the 10th seed and there in the final four so you know where my heartlies. villanova all the way.>> you
8:00 am
should be going to the game . >> we are going to watch from home. thanks. >> have a good weekend everybody. >> go wildcats. >> have a great weekend. >> you too, have a great weekend everybody. >> were going to roll out of here and happening now is going to roll in. see on donald trump's opponents might smell blood in the water on this friday ahead of tuesday's wisconsin primary as a new poll shows ted cruz widening his lead in that state, especially among the biggest voting block of all, women welcome to happening now. heather: i'm a woman, you're not. it's friday though and i heather childers in for jenna lee. happy friday. his rivals, they are celebrating and hoping wisconsin voters will help to keep donald trump from winning enough delegates to clinch the nomination. they are looking at this new


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