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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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home. lauren said, live lizard. hash tag chased around the house. the best thing, flower to a woman i was dating. me a me look so smoothful love that. few for being part of the real story. have a faction weekend. >> it's 3:00 on the west coast, noon on the west coast, time for more drama in the g.o.p. other. donald trump supporter accusing party bosses of trying to steal the nomination. what he says trump voters voterd do about it. new trouble for hillary clinton in fox business polls. and bernie sanders firing back after clinton accused his campaign of lying about her donors. also, the u.s. military with a blunt warning to the head of the islamic jihad, justice is coming. >> i don't know if that justice will look like a hellfire missile or look like a dark prison cell somewhere but he will find justice some day. >> let's get to it.
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>> now,. >> first from the news deck. one of trump's biggest backers is setting the stage for a crazy scene in cleveland. a call for supporters to stage massive but peaceful protests at the convention. that is from donald trump's former campaign manager roger stone, who is now on cnn. he says republican party bosses are out to steal the nomination, and he is telling trump supporters to get on buss and trains and planes, even hitchhike to cleveland if you have to but get going. this comes as a contested convention looks more and more likely. they want to call it an open convention now, it seems. yet another poll shows donald trump trailing ted cruz in wisconsin by double digits. the fox business network survey has ted cruz at 42% in wisconsin. that's 10 points ahead of donald trump. the gap is even bigger among women. cruz has a 46-%, 19 points ahead of donald j. trump and most of the poll was con ticketed before
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trump's comment that women should face punishment if they have an abortion procedure. within hours trump pulled a 180, saying doctors should be punished and not women and accused msnbc to edit his words. >> a long convoluted question, a long discussion, and they just cut it out, and frankly it wag really convoluted. >> that's not true. reps for msnbc says trumps comments aired in full with absolutely nothing edited out, and moments after he made the accusation against msnbc, he also said maybe he just misspoke. that flap is just the latest controversy that hit donald trump this week, of his own making, i suppose. now even some people who praised the front-runner are starting to grumble. mike huckabee whose daughter works for the trump campaign saying he recoiled after trump's abortion comment. newt gingrich said trump would be miles ahead if it weren't for
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his junk, as gingrich put it. thadline in "the new york times" aural, quote, g.o.p. fears donald trump as a zombie candidate. damaged but unstoppable. politics tops the news today. carl cameron is live in washington, dc. where is trump today? >> sounds like movie set. he is in new york city taping interviews. he lest wisconsin the night before last and will return to the trail there tomorrow. he was in d.c. yesterday at rnc headquarters, and privately he indicated that he would abide by his pledge to support the eventual nominee, despite the complaint he has not been treated fairly and wouldn't earlier this week. there was an opportunity for rnc to school trump and learned that breaking this pledge would cost him the south carolina delegates under that state's rules and both caucuses and primaries are run by the states and territories and they write their
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own delegate selection and allocation rules, not the rnc. a lot of this was news to trump. he won't be in wisconsin for a big forum in milwaukee that both cruz, and kashich, who are campaigning in pennsylvania today, will be attending. trump will have a standin, stair a palin. >> what about the other candidates. >> kashich says hose -- he's going to the convention some what way. if cruz wins wisconsin, that would slow down trump and make an open convention even more likely. today kashich slammed cruz's character. watch. >> the problem with senator cruz is he has no record. his record is shuttin government and making everybody he works with upset. maybe he ought to talk about what he is for going forward, because what he has been for in the past hasn't work. >> kashich is priding himself on running a positive campaign but has gotten more feisty this week and it says something that trump had a terrible week and now suddenly kashich and cruz are
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fighting more aggressively win one another. >> carl cameron on the hill. thank you. let's turn to the "associated press" white house correspondent, julie payne. we have two positions now on supporting the eventual nominee. so that's good two positions on many positions of positions now. >> donald trump at one point said there wore two trumps. one will support the republican nominee if it's not him and one will not issue guess. >> there is seems from your reporting this week has hurt him because a lot of things have happened and they haven't hurt him. >> what's really interesting is of you look in wisconsin there's a pretty credible poll in the state from marquette university, and in february it had donald trump polling 30% and at the time that was good enough for first place. the polls came out again this week and had donald trump at 30%. the difference was that ted cruz is now ten points higher at that time 40%. so at least in wisconsin, it's not as though trump is losing ground, it's just that he is not moving forward, not able to
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console date more voters, and if you look at what happened over the last week, this probably has been the toughest week of his campaign, both internal problems with his campaign manager being charged, comments he made about abortion, it's a tough landscape for him in wisconsin, with both the governor and a lot of the conservative radio hosts there, pretty strongly against him. it looks as though he will probably lose wisconsin to ted cruz, and the challenge for donald trump will be, how does he rebound? we haven't seen him back on his heels. haven't seen him necessarily have to recalibrate so this could be a really interesting period to watch how he recovers. >> how big has the charlie sykes effect been, in southeastern wisconsin, where people listen to him and seem to all agree with him. >> for people who aren't familiar with the landscape in wisconsin, it's unlike most other states where you have local conservative talk radio hosts who are very influential, and i think that what you have
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seen them do is build this anti-trump movement in the state far beyond this immediate leadup to the primary. they've been doing this for months, almost a year. so this has been very baked in, and i think that the interview that you cited that happened this week, was telling because trump was pushed more than we have seen him being pushed in some national interviews though combination of this longer in wisconsin and then this bad week that included that interview issue think has been very influential for voters there. >> he seems to ride largely on friendlies. i hear this one host who talks to him a lot and calls him donald. something we don't do. it feels like that is how he rolls. is it? >> to some degree it is. with donald trump you have to remember he is a first-time political candidate, but he had been a media figure for decades, and he has relationships with a lot of people in the media and that's where you seal the friendliness come into play.
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i also think it's a fair critique of our colleagues in the media that he has got an built of a free pass in terms of pushing him on policy positions and in pushing him on some of the more controversial things that have happened with his tone, his rhetoric. i think that has started to change this week, maybe that it's because he is looking more like the presumptive nominee and you tend to come under a little more scrutiny when you cross that bridge. i do think that we should expect to see more scrutiny of him going forward, and how he responds to that i think could determine the direction of his campaign. >> he seems to have the biggest problem in the polls with women. if ted cruz effectively capitalizing on that? there is data? >> he is trying to. if you look at donald trump almost across the board in terms of general election constituencies, women included, he has very high negatives and this week has doning done nothio help him.
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ted cruz is looking to capitalize on that and knows in the primary and the general election, if he were to make it that far, having support among women will be crucial. this is a portion of the elect forat that photos in fairly high -- votes in fairly high numbers so if you know women are going to turn out, suburban women who be the rare swing voters, you have to have a concerted effort to rally them. >> did you see salon today? >> i did not. >> salon quotes one g.o.p. strategist saying, quote, i believe trump senses he is in over his head and doesn't want the nomination. where did that come from? >> well, there has been this theory floating around the last few days that maybe this is all some elaborate ruse to hassle hillary clinton. >> that would be quite the thing. julie, great to see you again. have a great weekend. >> thanks very much. >> all right. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace has more important things to do today than hang out
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here but you should watch his show help will talk with trump and won't be on the phone because that's not how chris wallace controls. and reince priebus will be there that's "fox news sunday," this sunday, on the sun sunsen on fox, not fox news, "fox news sunday" is not on fox news, it's on your local fox where they have football during the proper season. more politics ahead, including why hillary clinton says she is sick of bernie sanders' campaign telling lies. the team sanders had something to say about that today, coming up from the fox news deck. hang tight. hey!
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fossil fuel industry. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> sick of it. hillary clinton did say that she has taken money from people who work at oil, gas, and coal companies, but that sanders campaign claims she accepted millions of dollars from lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry. has she? ed henry is in washington, report report she has taken it from lobbyists for the oil and gas industry, that's why the sanders camp is saying there's a difference here. that, yes, he took money from individual employees who might work at some of these companies but wasn't taking money from the lobbyists and special interests he has been railing about on the campaign trail. what a difference a day makes. hillary clinton today was all smiles. didn't want to get angry like she did on the rope line. in syracuse and has a basketball there at the big final four, toss talking up the syracuse orange, she had an orange shirt, said she was rooting for the home team because she wants to make it all about how she served
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in the senate from new york, obviously, and she some also went after sanders about who has a better plan to deal with manufacturing jobs. watch. >> here in new york, the expert import bank has helped more than 350 businesses export $10 billion in goods and services of the last decade. unfortunately, my opponent joined with republicans to vote against authorizing the bank, and to me, this was a no-brainer. >> reporter: that's what the clinton campaign wants to see her doing more of, her showing a contrast, rather than blowing up like she did yesterday because she is winning right now, has more delegates and those moments make it look like he is losing. >> new york is coming and that's a big one. if he can flip new york, we have a whole new game, according to everybody i've talked to. >> reporter: april 19th. a few weeks to go he is from brooklyn so in terms of who has the roots in new york he was trying to show that off last night, bernie sanders.
12:16 pm
had a rally in the bronx, 18,000 people, and a lot of hispanic voters in the bronx. why is that important? one of the big hangups for his campaign has been that hillary clinton does better with minority voters help made it clear last night he thinks the he can win new york. watch. >> what this campaign is about is creating a political revolution. you are the heart and soul of this revolution. >> reporter: so look, he just also announced, bernie sanders, he raised $44 million in the month of march. that's big money. he can stick around. you mentioned why new york is important. it's the second biggest amount of delegates, almost 250 at stake later this month. what is interesting is california is the biggest one, june 7th. he has the money to stick around, and hopefully for him make it at least until june to try to turn this around. >> we'll see. thank you. more on the battle for new york
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[ intense music throughout ] [ fans cheering ] introducing the x1 sports app. get live stats, averages, and standings. right on your tv. change the way you experience tv, with xfinity x1. or, more only the democratic presidential candidates and the bat for new york. bernie sanders has cut hillary clinton's lead almost in half. he is predicting he can win new york if enough people show up to vote. there's some to that, at least over the period of his candidacy, the bigger the turnout the better he does. >> the margin of victory for the front-runner, hillary clinton, and the marvin of victory for
12:21 pm
her challenger are going in opposite directions. when she wins, she is winning less big, and when he wins he has been winning larger. >> he says if we can win new york we're going all the way, but new york is proportional. right? >> all preportional so the math doesn't add up. she has enough of a lead she can hold on it to. what bernie sanders campaign is counseling on is start -- counting on is tarting to work through the super delegates and have them change their mind and lose confidence in hillary clinton as the front-runner and her capacity to carry the general election if she loses her home state. then if they start to waver and that gives bernie sanders an opportunity to pick up super delegates that change the dynamic. >> that's how obama won. >> that's right and that's the campaign sanders campaign has been working on. >> have they made any inrodes. >> we have seen the any turncoats but if he has a big victory in wisconsin and another big victories in new york, her home state, will they start to reconsider?
12:22 pm
it's possible. but we don't have anybody saying they will. >> the lead was, like, 24 or something, month and a half ago. it's now 12 points. but there have been a few surveys recently and they all seem to show about 12 points. looks like at least in the polls that's the lead. are we to believe these polls. >> they have been getting a little better than we saw earlier in season, as the races get tighter they get more valid. but it is hard to know. as bernie sanders own camp says, it depends on turnout, and in wisconsin going to depend on union votes. 0 too the rank-and-file go with sanders, as some have while the leadership goes with hillary clinton. will that change? we don't know. a lot of variables in play. >> she is strong with african-americans. they're a big voting bloc in new york but not in wisconsin. makes sense. >> that has been the argue. as you look at the trajectory, the last couple of primaries and caucuses have not been in clinton's sweet spot. so as you move into other categories of other parts of the
12:23 pm
nation she will be stronger again where there's a stronger african-american and minority block in her camp. >> have you figured out what she did? looked to us like for a couple of days she moved on to new york, was going to change the narrative or try to, now she is back in wisconsin. did she try and it didn't work or was that a head fake? two things going on? >> i don't think it was a head fakisms was a genuine concern she has to be strong in her home state. get become over there, shore that up, and then the fear because there was media reports she credeed wisconsin. she couldn't afford that to be the perception receive has to shore up wisconsin and play both ended of the court right now try to win in both places or minimally in mix, not lose too badly and win stronger in new york. >> seems like an ideal place for him, at least on the democratic side. wisconsin is very liberal. and so his policies, whether you think they can happen but his policies might be very tempting, look good.
12:24 pm
>> looked that that way going in it would be the other way. it's strong union state or was buff republican governor scott walker broke them down. that would have boded well for clinton and she has the endorsement of major unions. now we're seeing the rank-and-file taking to sanders' message, the inequality message he brings. >> go back three months and tell me the analysts who thought, oh, wisconsin is a big deal. >> right. and new york wasn't expected to be in play either. >> never is. >> it may be now. >> that's true good to see you. thanks. lil' kim is adding to his busy calendar and looking at stuff and oppressing his own people because that's what he does. north korea launching a new missile today, putting out a new round of threats threats and alo messing with south south korea navigational system. and the pentagon announcing a new plan to train syrian rebels. remember them?
12:25 pm
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headlines now from the fox news deck. school is out in chicago after thousands of public school teachers walked off the job, protesting education cuts. the teacher union members say the strike is meant to bring attention to the state's budget cries. the for says children are the victims. the feds are asking for help finding this man. whom they accuse of making fake law enforcement badges. they report people have used the badges to gabe access to high security areas, including an away and a nuclear plant. they think he is living in germany. a fishing community oregon is fighting an invasion of sea lions. they're coming ashore in droves, climbing on the rocks and the docks and causing damage.
12:28 pm
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developing news now. virginia state police are about to give an update on the shooting at a greyhound bus station. that news was breaking in this hour yesterday. you see them getting ready for this. our producers are going to watch this. we learned the man who killed the state trooper and wind two civilians had a long rap sheet. in fact the killer's aunt tells our local fox station he once faced a murder charge. we now have a picture of the state trooper he killed, chad dermyer, on the right. he was with about a dozen officers taking part in some sort of training exercise when the shooting started. investigators say the other troopers killed the gunman. the pentagon is again working to
12:31 pm
train rebels to fight isis in syria, even though the last attempt did not go. we u.s. officials last year suspended the program after spending half a billion dollars by their own report to train what in the end amounted to five rebel fighters. pentagon officials say they want to take advantage of the recent progress in the fight against isis. in the black area here you can see parts of syria that the militants now control. that's less land than a couple of months ago but clearly syria is still in a mess with different groups taking territory. jennifer griffin is with us from the pentagon. how is the training different this time? >> reporter: well, the mistake the pentagon made in the past was to try to train whole units of syrian rebels. they would recruit them and then take them out of syria to a training base in turkey. the problem was fining rebels who were willing to only fight isis, not the assad regime. that vetting proved difficult. today colonel staph warren said they're currently training dozens of syrian rebels.
12:32 pm
>> be the first time we tried to pull fuel units off the line and cycle them through training. that didn't work. this pulling some individuals out of units, vet them, give them some training and capability, and then re-insert them back into the battlefield. >> president obama authorized 50 u.s. special operators to go into northeastern syria in late october. part of the mission was to find more rebel fighters to work with. that's why they believe they are in a position for a do-over in terms of training the rebels. they'll train the forces to better call in air strikes. >> the colonel says they're still gunning for the big leader, the islamic state leader. >> yes, very colorful language he used today. in fact, he made clear today, colonel steve warren, that is, that al-baghdadi better we sleeping with one eye open. >> just like the found his
12:33 pm
mentor, zarqwi and killed him, just like we found osama bin laden and killed him. we're going to find baghdadi. he will taste justice. >> the u.s. military spokesman says it will either be a hellfire missile, large u.s. bomb or u.s. special operatessors who will bring baghdadi to justice. >> thank you. lil' kim making noise this week. officials in south korea say their neighbors to the north today fired another short range missile into the sea. the launch hours after president obama met with the leaders of south korea and japan how to deal with the rogue nation. south korean officials say lil' kim's crew tried to jam their gps signals. didn't cause major disruptions other than fishing boats reportin problems. finally, lil' kim or kim jong-un might enjoy looking at stuff. we know he does. but he doesn't want anybody else to look at stuff. north korea announcing it has blocked facebook, youtube,
12:34 pm
twitter, and a bunch of other stuff. analysts point out very few north koreans have interin net access but visitors hap be able to surf the web. though officials were probable live watching them now. good luck updating your status if you're in lil' kim's hood. rich edson is in washington. let's go trace gallagher in the west coast news hub. do we know why north korea keeps firing missiles? >> reporter: south korean leaders saying firing missiles into the sea is north korea's way of responding to joint military exercises being conducted by the u.s. and south korea, which the north says is nothing less than a rehearsal for an invasion. listen now to north korea's ambassador to the u.s. >> no, they open their color, meaning decapitation of the
12:35 pm
supreme leadership of dprk. >> reporter: the ambassador went on to say the korean peninsula is in a, quote, semi state of war and experts say what is even more alarming than the missile tests, four in just the past few weeks -- is the fact they keep building their military and firing off this expensive hardware despite very severe international sanctions and a pretty big money shortage over there. >> despite all the military rhetoric, the north korean leadership seems to be warning its people to be ready for tough times. >> in north korea the phrase arduous march is code for famine. the one in the 90s killed an estimated 3.5 million people with the state-run newspaper saying, quoting here, the road to revolution is long and arduous wind chill. we may have to go on an arizona dues march and chew the riots of plants again, and pyongyang now ordered every citizen to reply two pounds of rice to the
12:36 pm
country's supply each month, but the lack of food is apparently not affecting kim the younger. he is now thought to be 300 pounds. gaining 25-pounds in 2015. he is 33 years old but walks with a cane. >> 300? i haven't seen a picture of him looking like that. have you? >> it's the jacket. the jacket covers him up. they're saying -- >> 300? that's a lot. lil' kim needs to start looking at things and stop eating things. man. he is a mess. >> indeed. >> have a good weekend, trace. more now on the nuclear execute in washington. the president says the threat of a terror nuclear attack threatens to change our world and he called on world leaders to do more to try to prevent it from happening. representatives from -- this is so elementary. why wouldn't you do that? of course.
12:37 pm
representatives from dozens of countries met up for the summit, though as we reported the nuclear super power russia could not make it. putin had better things to do, rich edson is live inside the washington convention center. isis is dominating the discussion today, right? >> reporter: it is, and much of folk coughs the discussions have been on making sure that isis does not secure any type of unsecured nuclear materials for. the to build a so-called dirty bomb. there are dozens of world leaders here, more 50. the week after the attacks from isis, by isis, in brussels, and so the white house says this is the perfect setting and the perfect time to discuss even a broader anti-isis strategy. world leaders are discussing the iran nuclear deal. president obama just a short while ago is defending it again, claiming it has made the world safer. >> the countries represented in this room achieved what decades of animosity and rhetoric did
12:38 pm
not. a long-term deal that closes off every possible path to building a nuclear weapon and subjects iran to the most comprehensive nuclear inspections ever negotiated. >> republicans continue to criticize the deal saying it gives iran access to billions of dollars they can use potentially to promote terrorism. >> anything more coming out of russia and its absence? >> the explanation we have got frontal the russians they say, with this administration, the obama administration, they exhausted the topic of nuclear security and reducing nuclear stockpiles, according to the russian state news agency. russia report evidently the largest nuclear stockpile, that and the united states make up more than 90% of the world's nuclear inventory that has the administration saying this is a real missed opportunity for russia and the only reason they're not coming us base they're upset over other issue and other political problems like the fact we -- the fight we
12:39 pm
have with them in the ukraine. >> rich edson, thank you. the cia admits it left explosive materials on a school bus. the cia left explosive material on a school bus that carried elementary and school students for two days before anybody noticed it was on the bus. happened in louden county in -- some k-9 unit left it in the engine compartment during a training mission for dog-still inning dogs. they're blaming the dog. the bus carried students to and from the school on monday and tuesday but the officials insist the explosive material was never a danger to the students. a school spokesman described it was, quote, putty type substance that requires a special detonator. to suspected drug smugglers climbed a fence into arizona and a report caught the whole thing on camera. word king tut's tomb could
12:40 pm
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. officials in egypt are inviting experts from all around the globe to help figure out whether there are hidden mysteries in one of egypt's most famous landmarks, king tut's tomb. some images to show you. inside king tut's tomb. workers carrying out radar scans for evidence of secret chambers in there. that's his red box. eight secret areas. here's one wall in king tut's burial chamber. officials say earlier scans indicated a 90% chance of two open spaces back behind these walls. in fact, one expert said he believes a larger tomb is hidden
12:44 pm
walls one that belongs to queen nefertiti. we can't confirm this. this one has one of king tut's gold coffin. the tomb was discovered in the 1920s in. you can see a few americans hanging out and visiting the chamber. advice for smugglers. if you're going to try to sneak across the border you should probably make sure first there are no reporters on the other side. a journalist says she was working on a story at the border fence between the united states and mexico, when she saw two smugglers climbing over it. the guys carried backpacks as the climbed down the fence into arizona, made it look easy because it was. the reporter says border patrol trucks were a few yardsway. jonathan hunt is in the west coast news hub. hough disthis play out there? >> reporter: well, shep you see them plant their feet firmly on u.s. soil there then they huddle next to that fence for a moment,
12:45 pm
checking their whereabouts, then you see them scurry across the street. they're walking alongside some bushes. they see the woman filming them and you see them there waving at her to stop. she somewhat bravely does not do that. carries on. then they run back across that dirt track you see and back up the fence, and when you take a look at how they do that, shep, you have to think that is not the first time those two guys, with those backpacks have done that maneuver. either way they were scared back into mexico by that journalist filming them on camera. >> what did they have there? >> well, impossible to say what is in the back pacs. of court it could have been spring break cancun 2016 t-shirts they were off to search far more lookly according to professionals they were drugs in there. those are the kind of backpacks drug smugglers use.
12:46 pm
that is their m.o. when you look at drug seizures from 2015, more than two million pounds worth in weight were seized last year. cocaine and marijuana by the way, both sharply down. meth and heroin were equally sharply up in the number of seizures. we talk about the drug smugglers in cartels has being really ruthless. whatever the guys were carrying they were scared back across the fence by a woman armed with nothing more than a camera. >> all right. jonathan hunt, thanks. a former colorado cop is a free map after a jury found him not guilty of murdering his wife. no sign of a smile from him or any emotion. but he did hug his attorneys after hearing the verdict. he had faced second degree murder charge in the shooting death of his wife, ashley, new year's day 2012.
12:47 pm
she was fount shot in the head. at first they called it's suicide. later re-opened the case after a neighbor said he heard the husband confess. prosecutors argued the position of the gun and the large amount of blood on the wall and the man's shirt show he did murder his wife but the defense pointed to a suicide note that ashley wrote months earlier and the husband is not guilty. >> fallen for any april fool's joke today? there's the tombest joke about me buying a newspapers in oxford. it's not funny and who wants the company -- i guess our company has wonderful newspapers. kennedy is here with some funny things that happened on april fool's day, 25-cents for the new york post.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
going to make some big news today there are four of us who had suspended our campaigns and, you know, we used that term carefully, suspend, not end and as of today we're back in we're still on the ballot. that announcement will come later this morning, and we decide that there's just too much ran -- rancor, too much an suretyity -- absurdity going on. we have chosen this day, april 1st for me to make this announcement. >> so an aim fool's joke? >> i hadow going. you have to admit it. >> he had her. that was governor huckabee playing a prank on our maria bartiromo, where they do polls now. >> absolutely. >> april fool's day. kennedy is here. kent the host of "kennedy" at 8:00 eastern time on fox business network. april fool's day, fun day. >> it's a fun day friday and a time for you and i to celebrate
12:52 pm
all the things -- >> tell me something funny. >> so many corporations that put owl april fool's announcements, one of mine is star "star star s retiring and will be replaced by sam the star misch. >> mcdonald's as in the thing. >> sorry,charlie. >> there's brad the saw fish. tasty and twice as most. mcdonald's has their mmm box. people got excited about this that once a month a mcrib would show up at your doorstep, but the mmm box looks like a lot of fun. i love the lumberjack linen but that's also not to be. >> the stock is in record territory today, highest it's ever been.
12:53 pm
>> i wonder i would,. >> the all-day mcmuffin. >> they need to have all dimcgridles. >> some glaze have new fins, some areas they have biscuits. there's one more funny thing, i believe from grub hub. >> grub hub. >> we in new york live off grub hub. >> a food delivery service and they announced customers who love the smell of food and new cars can now catch a ride with their delivers and it's called gruber. >> i like it. with. >> vert metal. >> the u.s. army. >> they said that they had teleported an entire battalion, that then pour addition is not just the -- teleportation is now science fact and they don't have to use planes or humvees anymore. >> i hear there's a google one today. >> google had the cardboard plastic, and these were virtual reality cardboard plastic boxes
12:54 pm
where people could enjoy some of their -- >> i was getting briefed on this matter today and -- they have those virtual reality things now. i thought -- i didn't realize it was plastic. >> my favorite was groupon offer cat readers. people would come to your house and read your cat classics. >> read to your cat? i got a text -- do you have a bit mojo? yours would be fun to create. >> oh, neat a bit moji. >> amanda sent me this, happy cater day. i'm like, that's a frightening scene. that and mike huckabee. >> you need cat readers. should we announce our latest excursion together in this journey we call life? >> okay. i don't know what it is. we had some cocktails. >> you do know what is. our new daily variety show. >> oh, yes, i forget. >> we talk about it at length
12:55 pm
last night and we agreed today we would announce we're going to bring song and dance back to the news time where it absolutely needs to be. >> i'll tap and you will -- >> called news and booze with shep and kennedy. >> we have an audience? >> we'll have an odd audience, and because it's news and booze we'll have handcrafted cocktails for you dining and viewing pleasure. >> i'm ready. look forward this. but this news stuff in the rearview mirror. >> i love it. you and i, jazz hands, history in the making. >> going to be fantastic. endora. april means baseball. >> baseball. >> baseball, the yankees opening on monday. i was thinking about asking for the day off. then realized it was too late, then thought maybe i will just be sick. >> you have a scratchy throat. >> a little something coming on. if you happen to be heading out to the stadium you'll find new
12:56 pm
food options you can try if they don't kill you first do we have time for this? can somebody count or something? >> oh, my god, what is that? that looks fantastic. >> fantastic. if it doesn't kill you. the get to, the greatest of all time, burger, pastrami, bacon -- >> you can -- there's nothing about that -- >> 16 bucks for this one. >> yankee stadium. >> great. >> this all yankee stadium. the barnyard wedding, crispy chicken, double, double, two grilled cheese, burgers and the cheese steaks. your choice of american cheese. >> i may be sick on monday.
12:57 pm
gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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it's everything you've ialways wanted. and u work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. the president wrapping up the nuclear conference in washington. they said he would make a quick appearance but now he is making a statement. so what we're going to do is we're going to cover his news conference live this afternoon, quoted at 6:00 eastern time,
1:00 pm
quarter to 5 central time. we'll have it live here on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith in new york. happy april fool's day. have a great weekend. "your world" is up next. charles payne filling in today. >> as you can see president obama at the nuclear summit making comments. earlier in the day he called the iran nuclear deal successful. let's take a listen. >> as compared to isil's vision of death and destruction, i believe our nations together offer a hopeful vision focused on what we can build for our people. with that, what aid like to do is ask the press to depart. we will then be showing a video that focuses attention on possible scenarios that might emerge with respect to terrorist networks and will give us a good