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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 1, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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quoted at 6:00 eastern time, quarter to 5 central time. we'll have it live here on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith in new york. happy april fool's day. have a great weekend. "your world" is up next. charles payne filling in today. >> as you can see president obama at the nuclear summit making comments. earlier in the day he called the iran nuclear deal successful. let's take a listen. >> as compared to isil's vision of death and destruction, i believe our nations together offer a hopeful vision focused on what we can build for our people. with that, what aid like to do is ask the press to depart. we will then be showing a video that focuses attention on possible scenarios that might emerge with respect to terrorist networks and will give us a good
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opportunity to test those areas where we -- >> president obama and his nuclear summit with other western nations. there will be an official press conference as 5:45 and we'll carry that for you at the time. [shouting] [bleep] [shouting] >> oh! [bleep] [bleep] >> get them out. get them out of here. if i say, don't hurt them, then the press says, trump isn't as tough as he used to be. can you believe this? you can't win. get them out of here. >> did donald trump incite violence at his rallies?
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throw protester kentucky pushed by supporter claim he did and now they're suing. >> this is "your world." the lawsuit reads each time he stayed get them out trump intended for his supportsers to use unwanted harmful physical force to remove protesters. so, do they have a kiss -- case or are they off bess. let's ask greta van susteren. you're hosting a town hall featuring donald trump this weekend. this lawsuit, the timing, not great for trump trump but there is a case here? >> that's not a very good time, never a good time for a lawsuit but this is particularly bad. anyone can file a lawsuit who wants to. you just have to pay the filing fee which could be as low as ten bucks. with donald trump you have the situation where people either love him or hate him so people take sides on this without looking at the facts.
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now, here's the story. is that the question about whether or not he was the proximate cause of someone being assaulted, and that will be a jury question. get him out. is that a signal that someone should hurt somebody? a jury will decide that. some jurors may say, yes, that's right what he intend ted and called. oar jurors may just say they weren't invited -- it was a rally but not invited to come and protest. i tell you, charles, i have no idea how the jury will decide this one at all. i'm just glad i'm not on the jury. >> we have seen where there have been times where donald trump directly was speaking to security, and this particular case i'm not sure because there's a whole mishmash of tape and video and who knows. when it goes to court probably see more video produced because that's the way it is. >> you have to understand the rope why donald trump was sued in this -- one reason -- he has a deep pocket and can pay it. the people that actually hit the person have -- they the ones with a big problem when it comes
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time for a jury to consider whether or not there was assault. the question is whether donald trump in some way caused outer provoked it, the so-called proximate cause of it, and what the plaintiff would love to put donald trump on the hook because chance are donald trump has a lot more money to pay off a judgment than these -- than those two threw the fists. >> would other men who more aggressive in the shoving, also part of the lawsuit. >> the other thing, too charles, what is the damage? if you come up and you touch me gently and i sue you, i'm not going get to any because i wasn't damaged. i if you break my jaw, you have to pay for hi jaw. >> some one was a 17-year-old. i i'm not sure if age has anything to do with it. the racial slurs were involved. how does that weigh on the case like this? >> well, it won't -- really isn't relevant to the question, not whether donald trump is the proximate cause for this
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assault. but will certainly poison a jury against people. when you start hearing that kind of stuff you don't like anybody, but it may just be focus us on the people who are actually doing the assault. the reason why donald trump is brought into this primarily is because he can pay off a judgment. that is the primary reason. i'm not convinced he would be brought into it but for that, except if a jury thinks by saying, get them out of here, that is code for, hit them, or beat them, then of course trump has problems. >> i want to switch gears. you're a wilkes native, big primary there on tuesday. the more recent polls showing ted cruz with the momentum ahead in several polls, including the fox business poll. what drew make of this? a lot of people think that wisconsin could be in a selection point for the trump campaign. >> a big point because of the timing when it is and in the delegate count. donald trump really wants to win tuesday for the simple reason it's a much greater chance of getting 1,237 delegates by the
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july republican convention. if he doesn't win on tuesday, doesn't win a commanding number of the delegates he has a much harder time getting them, and the problem with that in particular for him is he is very unpopular with republicans so come convention time if there's a contested convention, will people rallying against him, he's going to be much more difficult for him to achieve the nomination him wants to achieve the nomination before the convention with 1,237 delegates. so those in the matter would don't like him can't block him getting the nomination. >> that probably one of the things brought up at the meeting with the rnc yesterday, reince priebus. and here's the thing. if he doesn't win -- let's say ted cruz wins and these polls are correct, by ten percent or more. that creates some momentum for cruz and perhaps even kashich going into the other states and that makes a contested convention almost a sure thing. >> actually the interesting thing is that keep your eye on john kashich, the governor of house. he can't get 1,237 between now
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and the convention, but he is a little bit of a sleeper candidate because they don't like trump and don't like cruz. cruz is not -- not loved by a lot, and he's got to worry about it but governor kashich is holing the card. late say we get down to contested convention in july, and not only is the contested convention, it's in cleveland, where governor say kick is he governor. so looks like pretty good alternative so that's why he is saying in the race because he has a long vision, maybe if there is a contested convention, the party is so sick of cruz and trump, they pick him. >> great da, where is the e -- great tacoma where i the town haul. >> the great -- milwaukee. >> we want to alert the audience. don't miss greta's town hall with donald trump. thank you. fox -- new fox business poll putting cruz cruz ten points
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ahead of trump in wisconsin. will a big win for cruz now bring out those donors? want to go to blake very in milwaukee. blake? >> reporter: hi there, charles, good afternoon from milwaukee. iraq about the fox business network poll released last night. shows that if donald trump wants to win the state potentially he might have to mount a combback. the second poll just toward the tail end of this week has ted cruz up in double-digits here in the badger state, 42% of likely run primary votes to participate 'on tuesday night, ten points ahead of trump at 32 with john kashich at 19. the one thing that trump might have to hang his hot on are the independents. wick is an open primary state so independents have their say here, and when you break it down as to independents who plan on voting republican, accord ago
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our poll this overwhelming majority there good toward trump. 37% whereas 26 and 26 for cruz and kashich, and out here on the campaign trail the other day, trump says he feels he does better in the open primary states. as for the donors, you're right. this could be a shift for those never trump or the stop trump forces they have been hoping for weeks and month that something might change, and as we see potential shift near wisconsin, this potentially could be it. i just got off the phone also while ago, charles, with a spokesperson for club for growth, the organization that has poured a million dollars of negative advertising against trump here in wisconsin, and they tell me they feel that if ted cruz were to win this race big on tuesday, ten points or more like he is polling at right now, they feel it will be a psychological shift in the race for the donor base. that's how it was put to me. so much so that club for growth tells me not only are the lack can at wisconsin but they're looking forward into new york,
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donald trump's backyard, his home state. they tell me, because of the week that donald trump has had this past week, that they are going to start polling in new york in the upcoming day. charles, back to you. >> we should also remind the audience of the deep, deep resentment the club for growth has against donald trump, going way back, donald trump says they came to his office, asked for a million dollars, he didn't give it to them and ever since they have been touts -- been out to get him. the clash for campaign cash on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton lashing out, accusing bernie sanders of spewing out lies. watch the tape and then watch out. next. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> hillary clinton blasting the sanders campaign last night for claiming she has accepted donations from fossil fuel companies. now senator bernie dancers is blast -- sanders is blasting back. >> the sanders camp is saying that clinton should not be lashing out at senator sanders because they've been able to document that over 50 lobbyists for oil and gas companies gave money to hillary clinton's campaign. obviously the sanders camp
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believes this shows influence that these lobbyists are trying to get with the clinton camp. the clinton camp pointing out, look, employees of some of these same interests have also given money to the sanders campaign. goes back and forth you see her there today in syracuse with a much lighter mood, at a former senator from new york she is cheering on the syracuse orange men getting ready for the final four this weekend. as you just saw, clinton fired up yesterday at this event near new york city, and you can see her out on the campaign trail going after sanders. watch. >> under senator sanders' plan, the republican governor would be expected to contribute $300 million in order to provide free college to everybody, including wealthy people. i tell you right now i'm not spending one penny to give a free college education to any of donald trump's kids or grandkids. not going to do it.
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>> now, clinton getting angry yesterday, it's interesting because she is winning this race. she has got more delegates than bernie sanders does at this point, but there has been a run of six of the last seven races, contestes, that sander has won and is poised to potentially win wisconsin on tuesday, and then last night, over 18,000 people at rally in the bronx for bernie sanders. here's what he had to say. >> i have opposed every one of these disastrous trade agreements, nafta, normal trade relations with china, that have cost us millions of decent paying jobs. secretary clinton has supported virtually all of them. >> sanders also revealing that he raised $44 million in the month of march. it gives you an idea how he has the resources and the staying power to remain in this race a lot longer than the clinton camp
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ever wanted. >> eds henry, thank you. are these donation claims a big issue? charlie gasber reno says no, but democratic strategiest says this could be damaging. why? is it because the left has demonized big oil and wall street for so long that the implication of taking money from it is a bad thing? >> precisely correct. the amount of money that hillary clinton has taken from oil and gas executives is i think about $300,000. two-fifths of one percent of her total. she took 21 million from the securities industry but the left has demonized big business. they've demon niced the energy industry. certainly wall street, and candidly, secretary clinton is vulnerable. people -- only a 12-point lead here in new york, charles, and i worry for secretary clinton, who i have worked for and certainly support, this could hurt her. >> what do you make of this. >> she'll be the democratic nominee. >> by hook or by crook.
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>> the democratic nominee. she gave actually a very good answer when she was harassed by the green peace nut job. she took that person right on. that clip she talk about, about bernie sanders, wanting to give donald trump's kids a college education was excellent. i think she is starting to find her voice and i tell you, think about what is going on here. the economy, we saw the job numbers today. we can read in between the lines saying it's not that good. the headline numbers are pretty good. hillary clinton is sounding a lot better. and donald trump is saying that women who get abortions should face some sort of punishment. juxtapose those two things if you're a republican. >> this is what i'm saying from hillary clinton. someone who is becoming afraid, who is -- who can -- she puts her finger on a wind and that wind is blowing bernie sanders. he has won the laos the races, might win wisconsin, and he is nipping at her heels in new york. if he won new york state wouldn't that be a game-changer. >> it would be and charlie is
1:19 pm
right. everything developed on the run side is helping the democrats. >> a moot point if she didn't get the nomination. >> she is going to get it but it's largely summer delegate -- super delegates and the fact the press has been structured to maximize her chance of winning. that could well create walkouts of convention of the sanders people of the type that the trump team is threatening. >> that's a good point. we are expecting like a circus at the republican convention in cleveland. but the democratic convention could be wild. one thing about bernie sanders, you get the feeling he is holding back. he news he is going to lose and if he wanted to win he would go to the jugular and doesn't want to destroy the party, as opposed to donald trump who will destroy the party if he loses. >> i'm looking at it different, doug you. see a guy just raid 44 million
1:20 pm
bucks, won the last three straits, might win the next state. he thinks he can win this thing. he is even talking about trying to seduce and woo over n super delegates because they their establishment and to your point, if the establishment puts in one of their own against the will of then people -- we learned this over and over on the g.o.p. side -- >> i think you're both right. charlie is right at the beginning of the campaign bernie was running as a cause, not win. but recently, five out of i think the last five, six out of the last seven, bernie sanders has won the $44 million hole, wisconsin, go poll numbers, new york, candidly, beginning to wake up and say i can win this thing whether or not that's true -- >> i believe it when he says one word, e-mail. when he says e-mails and starts going after her on this, you know he wants to win this. >> all right, guys. i want to go to chicago, major protest about to get underway. teachers and fastfood worker keys manning higher pay as
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enough is enough. enough is enough. when california can just pass an increase in minimum wage to $15, when new york state can just pass an increase in minimum became to $15, the middle of this great country in chicago and illinois can pass a minimum wage to 15. >> teachers and fastfood workers teaming up to push for higher wages today. a massive rally planned this hour in chicago.
1:25 pm
this comes as california becomes the first state to hike its minimum wage to 15. all this as we're seeing some improvement on the job front but will this kill jobs? democratic strategist and jessica and republican strategyis, kathy. you're the financial whiz here. explain why higher minimum wage is not necessarily the magic elixir these folks claim it is. >> the money has to come from somewhere and either that means you higher fewer people, automate or cut other people's becames. in -- people's wages. when los angeles went to raise the minimum wage there was a report in front of the city couple that pointed out there would be a net reduction in employment in los angeles by 1500 jobs, just in a few years, and then almost 3500 jobs. in the private market, walmart raising wages, taking it to
1:26 pm
$10 an hour, and then what does walmart do? it decides to shutter about 15 -- 154 stores. >> jess cashing this is a history you promote and like but i think across the board, economists from -- whether they're left-lean organize right-leaning come to the same conclusion that net-net, jobs are lost. >> it's interesting because we're clearly not reading the same articles or reports. "wall street journal" just had an article that said the exact opposite. the only people saying we would lose jobs were the right-wing think tanks, saying that we would, and historically we have not. net-net, even uc berkeley where they did the study on it and various other economists around the country, professors, have said that we won't lose jobs. particularly the up part could be we have had such horrible
1:27 pm
wage stagnation, increased profits for corporations and that has not trickled down to the middle class, to workers which is why we have seen people voting in droves for donald trump or bernie sanders because they're fed up, and whether -- $15 is not necessarily the wage that needs to be for the entire country, but having an is crease so people can have a living wage gives them more money to spend and prime the economy by having more dollars -- >> i want to bridget in kathy. it's interesting to me that california has seen a million people leave because unless you're in silicon valley or hollywood it's tough out there you maintain making no money. move to stake with low taxes, the same thing in new york. the uc berk live report aside, most economists i know say it's obvious. when wage goes up, prices have to go up, when prices have to go up it's not offset by demand because it's not a roaring economy. >> that's right. history has shown, union membership is at 100 year low.
1:28 pm
unions are now more prodominantly african-american than white yet wages for african-americans are lower. time and again this argument has proven not to work. it's not working with hispanics, most of the images, not working with millenials and not working when you look at 25 states who right to work states with higher income and higher employment than states that are not. so this is an argument that simply doesn't work, and what i say to the strikers cook up a new lesson plan. >> this is not at about a $15 minimum wage. the seiu is funding the fight for 15. the sei has backed hillary clinton. they want to go to these retailers, these fastfood chains and these discount retailers and save if you unionize we get dues and we agree to give you a lower page bill, that's going on. they're not thinking about the people. they're thinking about -- >> could i not disagree more. it's true to say we wouldn't have any minimum wage nor a weekend nor family leave act
1:29 pm
without unions and labor movement that is a true statement. to say the increase in minimum wage is due to unions and tie thing into an antiunion argument is not accurate -- >> the fine for 15 -- >> in new york -- [overlapping speakers] >> if you look that -- [overlapping speakers] >> one at a time. >> there's their right to do. so when you're talking about middle class and lower middle class people being hurt on a regular basis and they're also even beyond that, not -- >> [overlapping speakers] >> one second. one second. i want to bring to -- >> bernie sanders -- >> i think there's three percent of the work force, half teenagers. the nation is you got feed a family has been blown way of proportion. it's more political for politics in my mind, cathy, also, to the point about union power. >> if you just look at the united food and commercial workers, it's just -- they have ten union bosses that make over
1:30 pm
$250,000 a year. so show me how that is helping the average person and that union. >> the average walmart full-time worker makes 13 -- more than $13 an hour without unions shove doing. >> [overlapping speakers] >> we have to leave it here, guys. this aning are. that it will go on for a long time. we can come back more prepared and look at the research. i'm just joking. >> guess who turned 40 today? here's a hint. look at your iphone. that's right 4 , years ago, apple was born. steve jobs, steve wozniak, selling their first computer for 666.66. winkles. amp is worth more than $600 billion, everybody knows about and it steve jobs, it's interesting because he had a feeling, talking to neil cavuto,
1:31 pm
18 years ago, check this out. >> given all of your other undertakings, is this a labor of love or is it just your mission statement now to get apple back on track? >> um, i think apple started in my parents' garage, and steve's in the yack and i put a -- wozniak and i put a lot of years into and the computer industry is young and apple is a company that has made great technology really easy, and really approachable for people, and i think the world would be a slightly worse off place without apple computer. >> amazing, 40 years. karl rove making waves by saying that a, quote, fresh face may be the g.o.p. nominee. whoa. not one of the names you know. karl rove is next.
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trump excites a lot of enthusiasm. also excites a lot of anger. within the republican party and outside of the republican party, and a fresh face might be the thing that could give us a chance to turn this election and win in november against hillary. >> that was the part right, that fresh face line, that everybody is talking about today. well, karl rove is with us now. karl, that was like, oh, bingo. that's it. the establishment admitting they're going to put somebody in, going to give us a nominee on the g.o.p. side who wasn't even in the race.
1:37 pm
any credence to that? >> well, first of all, charles, i didn't want the -- to get out so early. wasn't thinking when i was talking about it but for the fresh face, and it would be an exciting choice for the republican party to have you as its nominee. >> i feel like i could come to the rescue. so i'll stay in the back and be prepared, but listen, karl, you already know that you have been a target of a lot of nonestablishment candidates for a long time. a lot of people think you are part of the establishment that squandered opportunities here in recent -- more recently, and when they -- >> wait a minute, wait, wait. the two presidential came -- campaigns i was in charge of we won. >> did you raise -- were you involved at all. >> i did but i was a loyal soldier in a vast army of people, and frankly, the last two campaigns i was involved in, we came out the winner. you may remember those two. >> i remember those two but i also remember the last two.
1:38 pm
and i also remember the -- >> you know what? i wasn't the campaign manager. i wasn't in charge. i was a loyal soldier. i wanted both john mccain and mitt romney to win but thank you for blaming me for their defeat but that's a bunch of baloney and we know it. >> i'm saying a lot of people blame you. >> you and i know that's a bunch of baloney. i'm willing to take responsibility if i'm in charge but i wasn't in charge of the last two presidential campaigns -- >> what's this -- >> take responsibility are in to the two i have been involved in. >> no secret you do not want donald trump to be the g.o.p. nominee. >> i do not. i do knock dirk want the republican party to win and a man with a 30% favorable and 6 % unfavorable and whose numbers are getting worse. they've deer you're rated -- deteriorating in february and every time i hope he can show us he is presidential he phones more people and says -- offends
1:39 pm
more people and stays more student stuff. >> karl you talked on the radio bite we played about the excitement that donald trump brings in. he has brought in millions of voters new voters, people across party lines -- >> well, your got to be careful about that. he has run better in states with smaller increase in turnout and run worse in states with the most dramatic increase -- >> net-net he has brought a certain amount of excitement missing from the party. >> but my point is that net-net, everybody who is in this race can point to bringing additional people in. this is the growth in the republican primary -- i repeat -- he has run better in places with lower increases in turn you had compared to past years and ron worse in states with bigger increases and you cannot argue with the fact he is winning 37% of the vote in the republican primary but also -- >> we can't cargo ash. >> can't during. >> energized a certain amount of people that were -- >> sure, and -- >> show this is where i want to get to -- >> you also can't deny the fact
1:40 pm
that he -- in 51 national polls he has trailed hillary clinton in 44 of 51 national polls ithe same poll that said he wouldn't do anything when he announced. the same poles had him at five percent, ten percent, said he was a joke. the same polls have been a thousand percent wrong, get you, but who would that fresh face be? because you understand -- >> hey, hair -- they're gorse to be peopleup set. is it paul ryan? mitt romney? >> look, look, i don't -- here's the deal. let's step back. i know you're enthusiastic about them but really to say that these polls show that he could win, point me to the poll that says he can win. here's the deal mitchell point is simply this. if you listen to the whole thing you would have heard my point, when we get to the convention, if nobody has a majority, do you think that donald trump delegates are going to go for ted cruz? whom he called lying ted? do you think the delegates of ted cruz are going for donald trump?
1:41 pm
if we get to a stalemate, the party is going turn around and it's going to be really lard for people who had been for donald trump to be for one of the other candidates -- >> so this is this an acknowledgment that ted cruz and donald trump, neither one has all 37, they're not going to get the nomination. >> no, no, i'm not saying that. i'm saying there's going to be a tendency in the convention for people to try to say, who can we agree upon and it's going to be really lard to get the donald trump people to agree to go for ted cruz and ted cruz to go for donald trump. it may happen. particularly if ted -- if donald trump is within a handful of delegates, of the million 1,237, then some people are going to say i don't like him but it's -- he's at 1215 and all he has to get 1237. but if it's a birth number, then you have -- a big irnumber you would agree it's going to be hard for people who have such strongly felt opinions about the
1:42 pm
other candidates in the race to say, well, yeah, i'm going for him, and some fresh face -- >> i would say, karl -- >> want to go for charles payne- >> if up some other than trump or cruzs the nomination, it would be a disaster. >> i'm still for you, charles payne, as a fresh face. >> hillary clinton in the meantime stepping down with potential voters earlier today as investigations into her e-mails intensifies. could the democratic front-runner actually soon be sitting down with the fbi? bret baier is next. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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1:46 pm
reports. a lot of folks and a lot of chatter that the interview is coming soon. >> it is. you're hearing that more and more here in washington, that it is coming to a head, and that there may be many interviews, up to a dozen, of hillary clinton aides and possibly hillary clinton herself, that the fbi director is intimately involved. he said that publicly. talked to loretta lynch about the investigation. she said it is going just like any other investigation, and it will come to, they said, a conclusion as soon as possible. what is interesting to see is the president. he has not been asked about this in a long time, and it would be interesting in this news conference this afternoon with reporters whether he gets a question about it as this is all coming to a head. the last time he talk about it, "60 minutes" in october and he said i don't think it posed a national security premier. it's again ginned up because of politics and he said i can tell you this is not a situation in which america's national
1:47 pm
security was endangered. that's the president of the united states. so, questioning how his justice department deals with this after those comments. >> also you mention that the press conference that starts at 5:45. this is probe-'s nuclear summit. one of the central issues there is isis, isis perhaps getting a nuclear weapon and everyone wondering what is our strategy? how are we going to fight and defeat them? >> and i think that's a big question. where is the strategy? is it working? there's a lot of concern inside the military that it's not going far enough, and obviously it's playing out on the campaign trail. both on the republican and democratic sides. >> so, bret, you're going to be talking about this. tonight. what -- where do you think it's going in a stream amount of pressure after the attacks in brussels for the west, includes the united states to change their strategy and become more offensive. >> and i think that is a concern. tonight we have this special, charles, called "rising threat:
1:48 pm
some rinking military." we spent eight months looking into the question of, is the military deteriorating? you hear from inside the military concerns about that. we sent out a wide net to try to get experts and others to talk about it. we ended up interviewing three of the four defense secretaries under president obama, secretaries gates, panetta and hagel and all of them were blunt and straightforward about different elements of how this administration handled the military. one of the issues we talk about is the morale, and one of the incidents that really made people mad inside the military was the fort hood incident that was originally called workplace violence. take a listen. >> staff sergeant lunceford was one of the 32 american soldiers hasan wounded that day. >> i blinked. he draws a weapon. the first round, went in right
1:49 pm
here. on my left eye. and it spun me around and i hit the floor. >> and we have a lot of insight into the fallout after that incident and how the administration handled it. but it's an hour that people should tune into. it's been a while in the making. >> it's been one of the motor heartbreaking things think rate of suicide, how we mishandled this and treat our military. everyone is looking forward to seeing it. bernie sanders is in wisconsin trying to win over voters there he got ben & jerry helping him out in the big apple right here, and they're next. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. this is how it begins...
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jerry, bernie, the co-founders and bernie sanders supporters in new york city. hey, guys, how are you doing? >> we're doing pretty good. >> we're out here i want you to save me something out here. i'm not a bernie sanders guy but save me an ice cream cone any way. i'm an american so help me out. >> here's the interesting thing. you guys are the epitome of the american dream. you built this hugely successful company. and it feels like it runs counter to bernie sanders' outfit, mean, evil, and it should be almost abolished. how does that work? >> that's not at all what he is
1:54 pm
saying. what he is saying is that multinational corporations are paying off politicians to pass laws that benefit them at the expense of all the working peel in the country. >> and what's good for american workers is good for everyone. when you pay workers more, they spend the money. they put it right back into the economy. what bernie is saying and business should just pay its fair share. >> in it's good for america. >> i love the enthusiasm, by the way. you are not upset with companies that sell products overseas and they build them overseas. is it okay to build products outside the country? >> you're okay to sell products outside the country? >> ben and jerry's, which we don't run anymore, sells ice cream in about 30 countries. it makes in it probably four or
1:55 pm
five countries. and i think the idea is to integrate your business. you're helping the community, you're had sourcing fair trade ingredients, nongmo ingredients. it is good for the planet and for everybody. >> and what ben and jerry's has demonstrated is that you can run a really profitable business based on the same principle that's bernie sanders is advocating. >> i don't know if you're familiar with the container store which runs the -- yeah. the conscious capitalism guys. i get what you're saying but i don't know if it works in a global competitive world. you have to be able to adjust as a corporation.
1:56 pm
if bernie is not the nominee, will you support hillary? >> you know, we're doing all we can to support bernie. i think he is the best guy. all the polls show that he beats hillary. he beats all the republican candidates more than he does. i think the easier answer is, bernie for president. yes, yes, yes! bernie! bernie! bernie! >> let me ask you a quick question. if bernie is not the candidate, would you support donald trump w? >> that's the one question that i agree with donald trump on. that these trade agreements like the tpp and nafta were a real bad deal for american workers. >> but the short answer is -- >> no freaking way! >> we're not voting for donald
1:57 pm
trump. >> all right. i'll meet you in central park in a few hours. first i have to do my show. on every night. the market was up 100 points. we had a great march. we'll be talking about that and of course, the cost of freedom. understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen.
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