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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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well, this could be it. all eyes on wisconsin. "on the record" takes you across badger country true. the three republican candidates left standing. >> wisconsin is very important. ideally, who is going to vote on april ath? [cheers and applause] >> who is going to vote for trump on april 5th? [cheers] >> the problem with senator!
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traini/w. nominate donald, elect hillary clinton. >> "on the record" 2016 coverage kicks off with fox news carl cameron here in washington. >> hi, greta. >> what's going on with the g.o.p. victory for cruz it auto could be more of the important states in this entire process. cruz is hoping to capitalize to punish the women over abortions. he would be okay with japan, south korea having nukes. want to[o withdraw from nato which since walkedx4px÷ back. he calls trump pathological today for the use of twitter and lack of sound policy. trump tried to address the foreign policy issues meet for the first time with newly formed foreign policy team. he also visited the rnc where he told officials he was not going it renege on flowage support another nominee. contrary to what he said in the beginning of this week. trump had to clean thesemd things up. it took him off the trail in wisconsin both yesterday and today.
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tonight there is a forum in milwaukee. kasich and cruz is going to be there trump will not be. sarah palin, who has endorsed him, will be standing if for him. >> the polls, marquette poll has trump down by 10. fox business news has trump down by 10 as well. are there any sort of thoughts on these polls and -- >> -- yeah. there has certainly been sort of a down beat tone to trump's whole appearances in wisconsin. he was only there for three days. he will go back tomorrow and sunday and monday. and he goal to new york for theíñ2sñ results. cruz is -- they are high on it they think the polls are right. momentum. they know they have organization. they can pete on trump. the other thing is kasich has been putting in a pretty significant effort in minute so he. >> in wisconsin. >> wisconsin, excuse me. >> he said cruz has no record except shutting down the government. is he hitting cruz twheen the eyes. this is the guy mr. positive the low road to the highest office to the land for the last year. it tells you he now recognizes that trump is vulnerable that cruz is
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ascending. if trump and cruz continue to beat on one another and this doesn't get resolved before the convention, he can go in there and beñi the alternative to whoever that other survivor is. >> i see the polls. i understand the polls. i know polls can be wrong. the thing that strikes me about trump supporters is i don't think they just come from the disenchanted republican party. i think he has a lot of shots at independents and also democrats in wisconsin. and those will not be reflected in those poll, right? polls likely republicans? the pollsters are trying toá]4j@ tap into those haven't voted for but interested. they go through the screens to do that there is no question that trump is attracting a whole different typual2ñ person to his rallies. it's spoke folks that i have not seen in the last 20 years. they are madly in love with his persona. they know him and feel familiar with him because they have seen him on television for some years. things he has said out of
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step with conservatism or out of step with the current republican establishment. they love him for the strength that he projects and promises that he makes even if they're half promises. >> that's what make me a little unsettled in terms of these polls. >> it's not working in wisconsin. wisconsin is not that kind of state. you know that.%6 >>. carl, nice to see you. donald trump though has had a rough week getting mired in controversy. will that hurt him with wisconsin voters in the "on theña$jy record" political panel is here. "boston globe" anna linskey and washington examiner susan ferrechio, those poll numbers are sticking out there. those are big poll numbers. yet, trump's followers are so passionate about him and some so many people really want him. >> it's helped him all along the way. this is the state where trump's were weakness in lack of substance may catch up with him. >> scott walker and paul ryanht two people successful based on substantive nature.
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trump is more based on his personality. he has lost the endorsement of the governor who is instead endorsing ted cruz. >> surprising he didn't endorse governor kasich. i was surprised by that. >> that's right. i think the idea is to get cruz because he is the most viable of the three that isn't trump. and that's part of what that is about. >> and what we are hearing is that cruz has a great ground game in wisconsin right now. >> yeah. this is what cruz does. he has been doing it in aim of the statements. i feel like in wisconsin it's really beginning to pay off in a way that it hasn't in the past. the other thing, greta, is like you look at -- look at wisconsin and all of those delegates, and that was margin oflp error for him to get to that magic number and not have a contested convention. and i really think that you know, we will look back on this as a turning point it seems much different from the other, like trump gaffes that have happened in the past, because, in all of stayed high in the polls and in this case we are seeing him drop. >> let's bring the viewers.
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in now is your chance viewers at home to vote onég twitter. do you think the wisconsin poll also prove to be nearly accurate? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. i don't know why, susan, but for some reason the fact that the democrats can vote in this republican primary and you have got the independents out there, is ipéjn just -- i feel like the polls are squishy. maybe it won't be 10 points. maybe he will win by 6 points. a win is a win. i'm not feeling -- i'm not leaning on the polls that much. >>2hnñ right. and they have been wrong but they have mostly been right. >> except for eric cantor. >> that's right. and of course in michigan where bernie sanders beat hillary clinton. there have been real instances where the polls have been wrong. but6t8s i think insurability the polls the other factors we talked about, also you have got conservative talk radio uniting around ted cruz, they can be very influential in these elections, they are not backing trump it just is in for trump at this point. but as you say, the polls as we have learned have been wrong. >> look all the votes coming
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in right now in terms of whether they will be wrong and what the viewers think at home. of course what really matters is what the voters in wisconsin think. stay with us. the next big prize after state, new york. 247 democratic delegates are on the line there. for senator bernie sanders clinton. >> i'm jumping up and down with excitement about the new york primary on april 19th. >> people all over this country are looking around and they are saying establishment politics and establishment economics, the same old same old is not working. >> when i listen to trump and cruz, it's not just offensive what they say, it's dangerous. right? i think both of them want to sound really strong. what they sound like is they are in over their heads. >> we need millions of people to stand up, make a
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political revolution. [cheers and applause] >> well, like carl cammeron, fox chief white house correspondent ed henry has come home for a couple days from washington. ed, what's going on in democratic race. >> sometimes covering politics go back to basics. remind yourself in this case hillary clinton is actually winning the democratic nomination. she has more delegates but she isáacting as if she is trailing in some ways. i mean, late yesterday, remarkable incident where she is on a rope line and a green peace activist presses her about receiving money from oil and gas lobbyists. she kind of flips out. loses her cool. >> maybe i lose my cool more. >> bernie sanders lying. stop lying about my record. when bob dole did it a long time ago, bob dole is coming apart. he can't win and he lost. my point is actually this, she is actually in charge right now. i think what's going on is she is under pressure.
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you talk about wisconsin. bernie sanders is leading there. the clinton people are saying privately, they haven't given it up. but they think it's very unlikely she will win. she will be there this weekend briefly in wisconsin. going right back to new york. as if she is giving up on wisconsin. so if he wins there, that's seven out of 8 contests that he has won in a row. that shows momentum. he raised $44 million in march. you put together the first quarter of this year. he has raised about $108 million. money isn't everything. see bush, jeb. on the other hand, it means he can stick around in this race for a long time and be a nuisance. in terms of new york he had 18,000 people at a rally in the bronx last night. everywhere still assumes that hillary clinton is going to carry her at least adopted home state. is he going to give it a run for the money. >> is k. she lose? with the number of delegates out there nowc and her super delegates is, it possible that she'll not be the nominee in the democraticz3í party, you know, unless something collateral
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happens. >> comey primary, james comey fbi director. all bets are off, who knows what happened. in terms of your direct question, it's highly unlikely bernie sanders can catch up mathematically unless can he convince a large number of super delegates, the party poses to switch. how does he do that? this did happen before in 2008 those party bosses, super delegates were largely with hillary clinton. they went to barack obama. why? well, he was the new flavor but, also he, he kept winning and winning and winning. all of a sudden the party bosses said i want to be with that guy and obviously historic candidacy. people skeptical in the party and says bernie$9 sanders is not the same kind of revolution as barack obama. he stuck around a lot longer than anybody thought. >> that's a big surprise to the clinton campaign. anyway, hef ed, thank you. >> thank you. >> should secretary clinton be worried about wisconsin. the "on the record" political panel is back. annie, worried meaning she will lose it or worried it could be a turning point for
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her. the momentum is in favor of senator sanders for the short run. >> i think she should not be worried at all. i mean, she -- even if she loses, it's going to be a close race. i mean, that's what the polls are showing that sanders is up. is he in the margin of error. on the democratic side you don't have any of these winner take all states. so a tie just means everybody goes forward with the same delegate constellation as you have it and he -- for sanders to win. he needs tor start eating into her delegate count and a tie is just a wash. doesn't do that. >> i can't understand, susan, how in the world she hasn't buried him already. he didn't want to be democrat. we had a letter that ed henry read on the air two nights ago if which hegmq said something in 1988 he didn't want to be a democrat. the democrats let him participate. it's incredible how -- you know, what has happened here. she should have had this locked up a long time ago and now she has to stay far left, she can't move to the middle and focus on the republican party. >> that's true. i think it's part of the desire for outer candidate.
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we see it on the republican side and seeing it here on the democratic side as well. she is not doing well with young people. she is also not doing well with independents. >> but, let me just say he is called an outsider. he has been in congress since 1988 and he hasn't -- he hasn't been the[mñ shepard of any big legislation. >> that's right. >> outsider, he has been someone who can't operate inside or outside and she canterbury him. >> he has operated within congress as a bit of an outsider. >> unsuccessfully, that's the problem. >> the things he talks about are things that really resonate with the liberal base. of course, primaries are always focused on the liberal or the most conservative side, depending on which party. that's really helping him. and i think also this clinton fatigue. there is email situation. she is not trustworthy according to many voters. she has a high disapproval and unfavorability rating. she has a lot of things about her that are really detrimental to her candidacy. make a perfect opening for somebody like sanders. sanders has been in washington locker than hillary clinton has. you look at when he arrived.
4:13 pm
>> she has yet to say -- turn around and say what you have done? if i were running against bernie sanders, if i were hillary clinton, i would turn to him at a debate and say okay, what you have doi since 1988? that's the one question. if he has got a great resume of things he has done, terrific. >> it's just not what they want though. >> someone who is not in the party and hasn't done anything and quintessential insider. really, and you can't beat that? >> it speaks to both democrats on democratic side have incredible weaknesses. >> all right, annie, susan, stick around. poll shows bernie sanders with a point lead in wisconsin over secretary clinton. there still are a lot of people rooting for secretary clinton. "on the record" griff jenkins is on the ground in the great state of wisconsin. he caught one clinton supporters. griff? >> greta, you mentioned 1988. wisconsin has voted for the eventual nominee in every democratic primary since 1988. and sanders, as you mentioned, is leading here
4:14 pm
by 5 points. and, young voters are expect to do turn out in=yn[ droves, something that the sanders camp thinks favors their chances here in wisconsin. earlier today, at lawrence university, we were at a clinton rally where former president bill clinton rallied the troops. and we found out that not every young voter is breaking for bernie. take a look. >> i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. i'm with her on all of her i think she will get everything she wants to do done. >> thank you very much. are you excited as well to hear former president bill clinton today. >> absolutely, can't wait. >> i personally am a hillary supporter. >> why? >> i think she is the most qualified candidate for the position and i think she has a very practical method of government. >> personally i'm a hillary clinton supporter. i think that in this election democrats we really can't lose we have two fantastic candidates. >> i'm supporting hillary because she has the most foreign policy experience and i think that's really important right now. >> the notion that all young people are supporting
4:15 pm
sanders, maybe that's not exactly correct?jmóv#tirñ yeah,k that's true. i think that they have the loudest voices so, it might definitely other people that have other points of view. >> i'm voting for hillary clinton because i stand by all her liberal distances and i think she is a brag that the particular choice to get done what this remember needs. as a member of the lbgt community i think member of the supreme court is one the things i'm supporting. >> i'm voting for her because i'm a woman. what's going to help women in this country. >> i'm just really thankful all the young people are coming out foré2w her. and, you know, this is our future, too. >> and as you can see from the skyline behind me, we are in milwaukee, greta, where you will soon be coming for our town hall with donald trumpzñ9 on%qñ sund, want our viewers to tune in 8:00 p.m. eastern.w greta? >> indeed, i hope they do. griff, do you have any sort of sense for the enthusiasm for bernie sanders? have you been there for the
4:16 pm
last several days. we see those voters for secretary clinton. but what about for bernie sanders? >> the enthusiasm for sanders is tremendous. when we were at a rally just a few days ago, it was perhaps one of the largest attended i have seen in÷+l certainly there are many young people there. wisconsin also is in areas like madison, a heavy college town it, will be a boom for sanders. greta? >> assuming they go out and vote. that's always the big thing is whether, you know, there is a lot of enthusiasm sometimes at rallies but do they go to the polls? anyway, griff, thank you. the spokesperson for u.s. forces in iraq making a bold vow to hunt down and destroy the brutal isis leader. >> i hope that al baghdadi watches these press conferences because i want him to know that we are hunting him. and we will find him. just like we found his mentor, zarqawi and killed
4:17 pm
him. just like we found the grand master of terrorism, usama bin laden, we killed him. bin laden, we killed him. we are going tol he will taste justice. >> fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin is here. jennifer? >> greta, the administration has been on a role in the past few weeks carrying out several high profile operations that led to the you had the special operations raid last thursday that resulted in the death of the isisímf n"%ñ 2. ha i didn't whom was on the wanted list. air strike took out the isis secretary of war who was took place in syria outside of raqqa when he went to the front lines to bolster forces that wereá7%getting beat by the u.s. syrian democratic forces. the language that colonel steve warren used today to describe what they plan to do to the head of isis was particularly colorful. >> i don't know if that justice will look lik a
4:18 pm
hell fire missile or if it will look like a dark prison cell somewhere. but he will find justice one day. >> abu al baghdady. steve warren who is over in baghdad said he hopes the isis was watching the pentagon today. what is notable at the atlantic6p]u jeffrey goldberg conducted with the president recently hinted at what may be coming next, quote, his most urgent priority for the killing the so-called caliph of the islamic state. abu back kerr ago balliww&#á"tt. apparatus in obama's last year. the killing of usama bin laden. a key tenet of the president's strategy is cabinet, if you will, of isis. greta? >> jennifer, i asked colonel warren the other day añ if they knew al bag -- al baghdadi
4:19 pm
was alive. here is what he told me. >> do you have any idea whether al baghdadi the number wynn one guy is alive or any information where isu2qu@ he at all? and taking him out would mean what? >> we do believe he ish p alive. we are actively hunting him. when we do kill him this will be yet another significant below to the organization. >> you know, i was hoping when i asked that question, obviously he is not going to tell me where is he. but it's a binm ladennesque situation where they have some idea where he is and we're going to get him. >> well, it's interesting, greta, today he actually said that he is back and forth between syria and iraq. is, they are on his'oñ trail. there is -- but they also were disappointed that they didn't take hajjy imam alive hoping they could get sure baghdadi knowsdadi. they are watching those cars back and forth between syria and iraq at all times and, you know, he is our number one target. anyway, jennifer, thank you.
4:20 pm
and donald trump and senator ted cruz are fighting it out for the evangelical support. rawíz8veid is standing by. we have new evangelical poll numbers. that's next. also senator cruz and governor john kasich is r. about to take the stage in milwaukee. we will take you live to the trail coming up. none of this works. come on in.
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4:24 pm
lead. senator cruz getting 49% of thesbpg$hu
4:25 pm
voters. of the percentage that are, they are falling heavily for cruz this time. i think it has to do with the way the campaign has moved along. i think it's the way trump's campaign has moved along that people are seeing more of his personality and they are thinking more about him and i think cruz is growing in momentum and he is able to win over evangelicals questioning whether he had convention. combination of those things are what's doing it. >> we fixed the audio for >> yes, i am. >> terrific. now, ralph, i want to ask you. why is it that senator cruz won[v iowa evangelical votes? donald trump won south carolina and now senator ted cruz, at least according to the polls, is up 21% with the evangelicals in wisconsin? >> yet, i think the reality is donald trump has done well in the south. in&añ alabama he won 45%.
4:26 pm
in georgia he won 540% of the evangelical vote. he hasn't done quite as well in the midwest. he didn't do as well as he did in the south in ohio. didn't do as well in iowa and it looksze like he is hitting a wall in wisconsin where he is not even breaking 30%. and where i frankly think scott walker's endorsement has helped ted cruz pretty significantly in the last several days. >> you know, it's sort of interesting. you think it's a geographical thing rather than evangelical thing? just that he is more -- >> there seems to be some geographical element to it endorsement apparently matter in some places and not others. nikki haley, obviously embraced marco rubio. thats5l%didn't makes a big of a difference for him in south carolina. but scott walker is really reveered in wisconsin it's a little bit of exaggerated impact because ofá!5s the recall the way the labor unions
4:27 pm
went afterá7c$ñ him. if you look at the calendar, this is the last stand on the calling darfur ted cruz to break through with the evangelical vote. after this weeq#u go to new jersey, we go to new york. weorxo go to other northwestern, manhattan states, then we go to the west coast. california evangelical vote are only about 20% of the vote. if ted cruz is going to stop trump's momentum and do it with the evangelical vote, wisconsin is where he has got to make his stand on tuesday. thanks for joining us, i'm sorry about the audio at the start of this. >> quite all right. thanks, greta. >> and senator ted cruz and governor john kasichhv are making their pleas%
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without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. the primary fight is on and governor kasich hitting pennsylvania to speak to glorts first of ay=fuu me give you a tip. as a#]k mod accurate democrat you switch your registration and come over and vote for me in the primary. okay? [ applause ] and then what you can do is want to. i don't care. okay? [ laughter ] as long as i get your vote in the fall, too. but i will settle for one. okay. one out of two. look, the problem is not related to just republicans. the administration, they have no idea how to communicate with theq7hñ congress. it's a pox on both houses to tell you the truth. they have not understood
4:32 pm
that they are americans and their ego goes. charlie can tell you all day long. charlie is a guy you go down there. am i right, work with anybody. but it's so bad, even inside the paety we are fighting with one?x another. here's what you do. you are ablevjat to unify around a commonh;r agenda. and some of the things i have talked about today, the common sensep7jx regulations, the corporate tax cuts, there is nobody in congress that won't vote for lower corporate taxes5;f6because they know we are getting slaughtered by investments over seas. they all know the budget is out of control. i will give you another one, social security. you want to fix social security? piece of cake. people who have hadpvwbí significant income over a lifetime will still get it. it will be less. and those who really depend on it will get what they want. that gets done by both parties. you are not going to fix immigration without having some members of both parties. that's what reagan did. reagan had a democrat house when he was president. so, it's a matter of having a unifying agenda.
4:33 pm
and, for me, it will be ?@wn conservative agenda. everybody else that doesn't way we think. i have done this all of my lifetime. lock, i negotiated the budget deal with clinton administration. i was involved in reforming welfare across the board, in my state. you know, i have -- you know, a pretty high approval rating because we have been able to have reasonable things that we have been ñ%f0vqá, the state is growing and it's good. have toñi just bring people together and we can do that. there isn't any doubt in my mind that we can. but it's getting bad down there. isn't it, charlie? it's getting< but you know what? with a good agenda, it will work out. >> the panel next but right now here is senator cruz as he makes his push towards the wisconsin primary. >> god bless thec7b commonwealth of pennsylvania. [cheers] what a great privilege to be
4:34 pm
with so many patriots. with[ so many lovers of liberty. >> we love you, ted. >> and i love you, too. and i got to say, we have had a great week this week. [ applause ] you know, i'm'rol reminded of a story of a man driving along the country road, and he side of the road with a box of kittens and a sign that says free kittens. they are democrats. [ laughter ] he thinks gosh, that's the seen. same thing driving same-dluá same box of kittens except this time he has a sign that republicans. and he thinks okay. this is the strangest thing
4:35 pm
i have ever seen. he pulls off on the side of the road. he walks up to the kid and he says, son, i don't understand a fewf had you these kittens you said they are democrats. now you say they are republicans. what gives? mister, now their eyes arezaew open. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> and i got to tell you, there are people's eyes opening all over this country. listen, the reason we have come here today and gathered and grand kid. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. and america has receded from leadership in the world. and, yet i'm here today with a word of hope and encouragement. all across pennsylvania and people are waking up and help is on the)& people are waking up and
4:36 pm
politic÷tbu panel is still here from the "boston globe" annie linskey and from "the washington examiner" susan father richfa(u÷í annie, it's interesting, governor kasich's message from the beginning has been he can unify. can he talk to both sides. can he get something>p[hd done. senator ted cruz basically says, he doesn't mention working with the other side. he says they are wrong and this is what we are going to do.ú?«> yeah. >> why is senator cruz way ahead of governor kasich? stronger message. you just listen;9?d÷ to those two clips you can really hear!÷ how cruz;çf has a theme what he is saying. he almost sounds like a behind. >> like free college on the
4:37 pm
work together and get something done. in terms of inspiring somebody, i don't think that's particularly goose-bump giving speech that kasich is3 giving. whereas with cruz they are kind of hanging on every word. >> it's a great joke about the kittens. >> two distinct speeches. two distinct styles of voters. kasich in pennsylvania now. in wisconsin is he going to in wisconsin is he going to win over some ofi districts where he might be able to win and pick up delegates because there are moderate voters there polls show they are falling for kasich not trump. what that says is moving beyond, pennsylvania, southern new england, in the mid-atlantic, he can win a big chunk of the moderate voters in those states. that's important because is he pick up delegates there and help keep trump from winning that 1237, the magic bigger share of the votes because his plan, of course, as we all suspect, is to get to the convention and be the candidate who can be th-4sñ
4:38 pm
alternative to >> i think, i don't know. just wildly guessing like everybody else thatbmf kasich will perform better in wisconsin though he hasn't spent much time there than we predict come tuesday. annie, susan, thank you both. >> thank you. >> tornadoes are violently whipping pars of the country. that's next. h$owgr easy it is to get drug notice united states. that's straight ahead. at mfs investment management, so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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4:43 pm
here on conservative talk radio. charlie sycks and others have been very, very outspoken that they are not trump supporters. they do not want him to be theou nominee. and they have reallyçm9 coming down hard on him. he called in earlier this week and did not get a warm reception at all when he called. and i think a lot of, you[ú know, conservatives here listen toj influence and it will be interesting to see on tuesday how mucháñ%ñ that has an effect and how much it really is a boost for cruz in this race. how about governor walker. is governor walker popular? we watched all those presses at the capital a few years ago but that was the democrats protesting him essentially the unions. republican party, governorkhd walker? not as popular as he used to be. his presidential run did hurt his poll numbers and his approval ratings.
4:44 pm
the diehard conservatives, the southeast, wisconsin conservatives he is still a very, very popular figure. and donald trump has really beeng last week, especially since his endorsement of ted cruz. he has been saying that he is the one who took walker out of the race. walker for wearing tough motorcycle guy. he has been brutal on him. >> governor sanders did you see him today? >> he did. he came by the sentinel. is he0ñ crisscrossing the$dç state. he spent a half hour talking with our edit board. he talked about how hillary candi
4:45 pm
words for her. >> did he mention anything about the email scandal that's been dogging her? >> he didn't mention that in our edit barred although i know he has recently and it will be interesting to see how much that comes up in he was off to another rally when he left our office. and i have a coworker there. so i will be curious to so he what he talks about. but at the meeting he was more focused on free college tuition, he was talking about isis. he was talking about her with getting money from theoçíí fossil fuel industry. and he also hit back against her criticism of hima on his abortion comments. he said that, again, she was spinning his words and he was not saying that abortion was not a significant issue. he said that he is just sick of responding to everything that donald trump says and he said that his, you know, statements are moronic and he shouldn't have to be asked about them every day of the race. >> mary, thank you. all eyes on your state of course. thank you. and breaking o.j. simpson
4:46 pm
news. did police just crack the 22-year-old murder? that's next.
4:47 pm
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get ready to speed read the news. terrible news tonight, another law enforcement officer justñr doing his job killed in the line of duty. murdered in the greyhound bus station. con with a deep seeded hatred of police. james brown was w. a long rap sheet including once being charged with murder shot andt( killed 37-year-old trooper chad temperature myer. a decorated marine who leaves behind a wife and two children. simpson case. knife found at simpson's rockingham estate is not connected to the 1994 murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. the rusty 5-inch knife was found more than a!w/ dozen years ago by a constructionu:e2 worker. that construction worker gave it to a retired l.a.p.d. officer÷bñ who when blade simpson was found famously not guilty. greta talk podcast. i give you the real inside story of the simpson case.
4:52 pm
stitcher. brussels airport reopening delayed. security concerns. bombers blew themselves up in the terminal. strike by air force security is now keeping the doors closed. the police union saying security measures put in spokesperson says it may reopenér:r÷2sa:ñ to@ and two suspected drug smugglerswé showing and even proving just how easy it is to hop ÷]añ border into the united states. mexican journalist getting this footage while reporting on the border. camera and quickly climbed back over the wall and into mexico. the fence is about 20 feet tall but apparently very easy to climb. a very badoo: design. and that's tonight's speed read.-9 this is a fox news alert. get ready for a wild weekend of weather. bad weather. tornadoes, threatening the southeast and in some places we will see spring snow. fox meteorologist scott williams is tracking it all.
4:53 pm
scott? >> good evening, greta. and good evening, everyone. bizarre weather definitely across the country. highs along the eastern seaboard, upper 70's, low 80's today. a winter chill will be moving in for the second moving in for the second half ofyk! right now across the nation, we have storms gathering along the gulf,cfoñ coast.xd even some severe weather in new england. several éñ severe thunderstorm warnings right now moving through sections of connecticut, some rumbles of thunder moving through new york city.ñi along with fizzle7v]ru/oq ahead of that cold front that will bring the#ûç colder air the the carolinas, the georgia panhandle for severe weather, a tornado watch still posted there in the take a look]s[j at some of;ñ the weather$y center weather advisories posted arounde6 the buffalo area. also northernrd&÷na=v sections f some snow[÷éííz foroq% the news t
4:54 pm
of sn%ow perhaps even 1>
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4:59 pm
wisconsin isoa"nxr to get information from wisconsin voter3= national voters, too. nothingnax%s more. it's not t,l[ insult, not to lay trap. it's not to ask gotcha questions or impressóu]) anyone. it's jus ifyt;(bi3 é to from thecq9ç voters. that's it. that's my job. that i had when i moderated the john kasich town hall in chicago two weeks ago. if you have a question for donald trump for this sunday's town hall that will draw out information, post it on myk and maybe even ask donald trump your question at the town hall on sunday. this is very important time for our nation. informy6p)m. and by the way. do not expect perfection from me on nl( sunday. you won't get that but do expect that i will at least try to do my very best for you. 8:00 p.m. eastern for a
5:00 pm
commentxpç tonight. erk[ the wisconsinxa sr yes. see youkzbs sunday, 8:00 p.m., right here. good night. for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of zr topuà story.s)]:"p% big reaction to our interview#h with donald trump


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