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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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good night. ♪q hi,iì i'm ericujjtk for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of zr factor, election0 let's get9 % topuà story.s)]:"p% big reaction to our interview#h with donald trump
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anything-io? off the table. >> trump added that we needzr?rq to negotiate. he seemed to say thatmn>jxjcíx e illegal, women who get one should rece95!dd8(dp some form f but this was a long1+> hillary clinton supporters are running new ad from one of the biggest super super pacsw3 4ñ by
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4[jrrjuáu wouldn't have yourzú job if you = beautiful. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? "yes" or "no," as%gx principle? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. has to be some form of >> so given trump's controversials&p given a pile of ammunition to democrats? joining us now with reaction from washington, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor newt gingrich. so, i will ask it plain and simtç4j4(p&c@ rough week for donald trump? >> it was a roughrw)js week. i want to distinguish;gc+z the two things you just played. his position on nuclear weapons is it's the position of ronald reagan. it's the position of gerald ford. it's the position of jimmy it was the position of richard nixon. it was the position of3-+ñ john f. kennedy and linden
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johnson and dwight eisenhower.bí
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the doctor, not the woman. i would not punish the woman. he will eventually erase itj but what happens when you and, remember, as brilliant as he has been, as much as he is the front time he has ever been in an election campaign. rookies make some mistakes as they are learning. hes had made over the last couple weeks three or four doosies. he have to clean them up. he still frontrunner. and he is still the best position to win the nomination. but he has had, i think, a prettyl]xóuáu >> so, but the liberal media is making a lot -- aside from the pacs, thelax÷v÷ów3 libl media is making a lot of hay out of this. worst week ever, this is it. buty$:uz have heard that before. >> two things. first of all, i think he is not going to do well in wisconsin. but he is not going to get wind out. he will come out of wisconsin. he will still be the frontrunner. he will still have more delegates. every indication we have right now is he is going to win new york by a huge margin. more than two to one over cruz. so, he ought to come out in new york having actually
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increased his leadxc( significant way. call for= i remember in early september 1908, reagan made a couple of boo boos infá a row. there was a real worry. they finally brought an old pro-on the plane and got him to settle reagan down. somebody reagan had known in gubernatorial days in california. they had a couple of days. a lot of us very pro-reagan were frankly a little worried that if that kept going that he would beu]8f in a hole. remember, reagan was 25 points behind carter in march an4á that is a swing of 36 percentage points between march and november. so i think in the end, whether it's trump or cruz or kasich, we're going to beat the democratic nominee and i think that -- ultimately i like our position a lot better than theirs. >> you make a very, very good point. momentum. momentum inwatñ policy is so important. and 4ñ timing of the next couple of weeks ask very interesting. as you point out, ted cruz
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has a double digit lead possibly in wisconsin. so if he goes ahead and wins episcopal wisconsin, you have got a two week period there. two weeks before you come back east where donald trump is very strong in new york. is he very strong in new jersey. is he very strong in other states upph4 is there a timeíjfuz get that momentum backmrgí and what should he be doing for those two weeks? resting? resting might be a good thing, too. >> wait a second. first of all, if you will one of the people guilty of this, none of us have gotten him right all the number of times people including me said that one is going to stop him. and he just rolled right on. so i want to start and suggest to you, the only time that cruz can get enough momentum in wisconsin is if he sweeps it if he does to trump what trump did in arizona and in south -- comes out every delegate for cruz then cruz gets some momentum. let's say cruz wins a modest victory. he picks up two thirds of the delegates but trump picks up a third and the guy
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who really has a lot at stake here is kasich. kasich has to win something in wisconsin in order to have any hope of moving on in to pennsylvania where he hopes to have a really good night. all trump has to do because of his geniusépqc of getting media, he should do two ore$qáqe apec speech. using teleprompter. it's very obvious if you are a conservative the first speech ought to be on the supreme court. what are the characteristics of the judges he would pick. maybe even have a list of pick from. that will automatically give him momentum again. and two or three speeches over that twouz)7÷ week period, if they are done right, he will enter the new york primary back with momentum. >> newt, address so. people, on the right. republicans who3sáf say they if he is i mean, look, isn't that a vote for hillary clinton? you point out something very important. if hillary clinton is the next president, you have at
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least -- i don't know, maybe 2, maybe a third supreme court justice that may be a democrat. >> well, look, you have got three or four really big things with hillary clinton. she is even more prounioncdgf boss than obama. so, you are not going to get any reform of schools. you are going to continue to let children be ruined by the teachers union3nt,5z as chicago where they went outú!gi on strike. detroit where 91% of the children are failing their tests. hillary clinton is going to be with the union and against the kids. second, she is going to bring the crungs that we have alreadyu0a seen with]sn the clinton foundation. this will be the most corrupt white house in americanac/j history. third, ips has already proven she is totally irresponsible on national security. and, fourth, she is going to continue obama's policies in the middle east which are a disaster. add that the supreme court. and you have to look at2 these conservatives in the eye and say you are really prepared to do that to america because you don't like donald trump? it strikes me that in the end a few of them because they are really stubborn
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will go off and form suicide club. but everybody else in the end is going to say, no. i'm going to help beat hillary clinton because i just can't stand the >> before we let you go, >> before we let you go, have to asku"ó donald trump the last couple of weeks u are you going to endorse him? do you care to do it here? >>w look, i am very, very close to john kasich. in fact, i'm closer to him than any of the other two. is he a great human being. i have known donald a long time. we like him. we know ted cruz. we like him. i think we are actually pretty lucw7 i think any of these three guys can win. i find trump the most fascinating for obvious reason. he is the most,yym fascinating. i have never seen anything like it? >> newt gingrich, former speaker, thank you verög much. >> thank you. >> a special programming note. be sure to keep it righowh here on fnc mopped night for our special prime time coverage, battle for wisconsin, john kasich, ted cruz, and donald trump will all be on the prime time lineup. plus bill o'reilly will be back right here hosting the
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. in the impact segment tonight, the battle for wisconsin. the state's critical primary is just four days away and senator ted cruz; has plenty to be happy about. according to a new fox according to a new fox businesst6md neé(p among likely wisconsin g.o.p. primaryq!@nzbñ voters. donald trump is at 32%. john kasich at 19. with cruz gaining momentum in wisconsin this week. trump ramped up they attacks. >>nswñ
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bible high. puts it down and then he lies. is he a liar. i never met a liar like him. i met a lot tougher people like him buy i never met a guy who lies as much. >> joining us on the phone from pennsylvania is senator ted cruz. senator, when you hear donald trump make these statements, when he calls you lyin' ted and so forth. how does it make you feel? >> oh, it just shows that donald is desperately scared. that's the pattern donald follows over and over again. that when he is in trouble, he starts yelling,ñb he starts screaming. he starts insulting. he starts cursing. you know what? i don't think thexw voters really care. we are looking forov1 the next commander and chief of this country. we are looking for a president who can bring us together and who can lead to bring jobs back to america to defend the constitution and the bill of rights to keep americaao#i safe. i think donald is just a clowning himself with his daily insults and attacks. what i'm encouraged boy is the momentum we're seeing on
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the ground. every day the momentum is growing with our campaign as republicans are coming together and uniting behind our campaign. >> we had donald trump on the show yesterday and he said it's just literally after he walked out of the meeting with the rnc. and he told us it was a quote terrific meeting. he seemed very upbeat about the meet+a what do you take that as to the meaning behind that? >> i could not possibly care less. my focus is not on donald. it is on the momentum we are5v seeing. it is on unifying republicans. in the state of wisconsin, we are surging, we have momentum. we are 10 points up. just this week the "new york times" 538 predicted that we are the most likely candidate to win the republican primary inlç the state of california, the largest load of the entire -- in the entire country, and also in the past week fox news came out with a poll showing me beating hillary clinton by 3 points, 47% to 44%.
8:16 pm
i will tell you, eric,m÷ the most important part of that is it showed me beating hillary among young people by 14 points. the last two elections barack obama won young people 70% to 30%. if the democrats can't win young people, if we're beating -- if we're beating the democratwol by 14 points among youngót people they are5 not going to win in november and hillary is going to lose and we are going to turn the country around. >> if you get to the convention 1237. right now it's uphill battle. you have to win 80% of delegates going forward. if you don't show up there with 137, do you think the rnc will nominate you as their nominee? >> well,>u eric, i think there of two paths that are likely the first earning 1237 delegates before the convention. and, if you win, you end'4 most of the upcoming states are winner-take-all or winner take6zbzñ most. so, for example, in utah we&==çñ won. we got 100 percent of the delegates all 40. in wisconsin with the lead
8:17 pm
we have got, we are likely to get most if not all of the delegates if that lead holds up. going forward, in the state of california, if we end0ññ winning, even byk3just one point in each of the congressional districts, we delegates out of california. our first option, what weúu9(p&@ are focused on is winning the nomination. but thezn;ñ second option, it is entirely possible that we go to the convention and nobody going to have a ton of delegates. donald trump is going to have a toni56z of and then it is going to be a battle at the convention to see who can earn a majority, a majority of the delegates that were elected by the people. they are only going to be two names on that ballot, my name is and donald trump's name. >> are you sure of that, senator in this is a thing we have been going back and forth fwac;g a long time. are you sure that if you are not 1237 and donald is not 1237 that means kasich has a few, are you sure they are going to see the rnc and they could, we are going to bring a new name in here?
8:18 pm
>> well, except, under the rules the only names allowed have won eight states there are only two candidates who have won eight states me and donald trump. >> i know, senator, but the rules can be amended orie$ changed at the rules committee prior to the convention. that rule you are speaking of is rule 40. rule 40 is a quote,u' temporary rule that has to be approved at the convention. they can say, you know what? 1237 is no longer the number now we want 1500. >> there is an irony to it in that rule 40 was put n 2012 by the romney campaign in order to stop ron it would be quite an ironic rule if the rule exists to protect the establishment but when it hurts the establishment suddenly they change it, they are not going to d%qq that. you can't change the rules and try to disenfranchise the voters. the voters have voted. and the only way to winxo the republican nomination is to earn a majority of thehl. delegates and that is what i believe we're going to do
8:19 pm
either in the states leading up to the convention or if we get to the convention. one of the easiest ways to understand why we are in such a strong position in the convention is if donald and i both have a ton of delegates, the question then becomes where do the rubio delegates go? where do the kasich delegates go? i believe thev+ overwhelming majority of them come to us of the delegates who have been elected by the people and will win the nomination. a big part of the reason is donald loses to hillary badly by double digitsub and i beat hillary clinton. >> i understand. eqòháq(jt+ left.have about you have a lot of establishment types that have endorsed you, backed you, rubio wants to give you his delegates. doz. is it the case of my enemy of my enemy is my friend? >> look, this is not a girl scout club. this is not about having a tea party. this is about turning the country around. we are building a coalition that includes of the 17 original republicans, who ran for president, five of
8:20 pm
them have endorsed me now. rick perry and carly fiorina and lindsey graham and jeb bush and scott walker. we also have the support of strong principled conservatives people like senator mike lee and mark levin. we are assembling the old reagan listing. that's what it takes to win. >> good luck on the trail. thank you very much. >> thank you, god bless. >> you as well. things get ugly on the democratic side as hillary clinton slams bernie sanders for supposedly lying about her. ed henry takesco.y us behind the scenes of that brawl upcoming. soup and sandwich and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand.
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in the personal story segment tent, hillary @&c @&c@ from bernie sanders kq"áju @&c @ take a look at next change during a yesterday.&zg
8:24 pm
>> words fossil fuel money in yourñi campaign.p],s have.o not i have money for people who work for fossil fuel companies. i am so sick ofm+ñ the sanderss i'm sick of it. >> senator sanders fired back. >> hillary clinton $4.5 million from the fossil fuel she has received individual contributions contributions from over 50w lobbyists of the oil and gas industry. if you are a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry and there are 50 of you,#ode÷ and yu make a contribution, that, to me, charlie, is a contribution from the fossil fuel industry. that's different than saçltfz you get it from exxon mobil but to deny that received substantial. >> from individuals is what you are saying. >> lobbyists of the industry. if people receive money from lobbyists of the industry, i think you are receiving money from the industry. >> joining us now from bite, that first clip we
8:25 pm
showed hillary getting pretty testy. pointing her finger at that green peace person. what's going on? is she feeling the heat? >> i think so. i think it's very revealing. she is winning right now. that's something we can't forget and we have underline and be honest about. with the pledged delegates and super delegates, party bosses she is a few hundred delegates ahead of bernie sanders. won six out of the last seven contests. it looks like he can win wisconsin next tuesday. it also appears that new york, which was going to be a slam dunk for5ígx#her. yes, she is still in the lead but jñt]] by a dozen points. last night bernie sanders had a rally in the bronx. 18,000 people. so, these rallies we have seen in other parts of the country are now happening right on hillary clinton's turf. so, that moment seems revealing that shemk@ feeling the heat, she isn" feeling the pressure. yes, she is still winning, and that's why it's so should be a little bit cool under fire right now because she is ahead. >> i'm wondering if it's
8:26 pm
just that -- i'm sorry, she was striking the right spot. in other words, hillary clinton was finger at the activist. i'm understanding that wasn't necessary lay bernie sanders supporter. it was green peace activist. >> yes. i think what it is when i talked to top clinton people in private, what reallyep gets their goata. is that they think that bernie sanders holier than thou attitude to this campaign and a really chafe at that. and really chafe at the idea that in speech after speech, he doesn't just go after the factiãthat she receivedyufjátk from wall street for speeches and campaignegez contributions, but suggests openly that she for wall street, that this was a quid pro quo. and, sure, the republicans mightl that about hillary clinton, but they are fired up, i can tell you, behind the scenes that it's coming from a democratic socialist. those attacks, and that they haven't stopped. i think frankly what happened, is hillary clinton -- it boiled over what has been coming up behind the scenes time.
8:27 pm
>> take a listen to this. this was also from that -- i believe it was the same event. take a listen to her getting;k chided. >> from the time we started doing!rzm polls back in the great depression,úbó when asked do you think things will be better? [chanting] you win, we lose. >> oh,véi know, the bernie people came to say that we're very sorry you are leaving. [ laughter ]gxúñ [chanting]pq i'm with her. i'm with her. i'm with her. i'm with her. i'm with her. >> can i just say this? as they are leaving, i want to saythg2 i have@'ksvq" 9 million votes in this election. already. [cheers and applause] i have 1 million more votes than donald trump and i have 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders. >> all right, he had. so a couple of things to jump out right there. first of all, if that was a heckle, that was a pretty
8:28 pm
lame heckle when a group of a couple people say if she winsç2 we lose and2]pd then they stopped. we have seen bigger heckles than that. >> tougher than that. >> it threw her off herr#thp &c@ game. >> yeah. and look, i think this gets back to a point i have heard you make and you and i were talking earlier this week about how nobody has challenged her, perhaps,o"qñvj much as donald trump from afar. if they are the actual nominees of their parties and face off in the general election, he might rattle her. i mean, right now there are statements he madev+
8:29 pm
ears. if you go up to the plate and hear the other you, you are done. you are not going to hit the ball. you have to have the focus. if she has rab bit ears for bernie sanders right now, i can't imagine how much donald trump could throw her off her game. >>án9y will she get rattled? exactly. on the other hand, what the clinton camp would say is that they believe in that exchange as you noted it wasn't that much of protest from the bernie people and what did it do okay, in the green peace one it looked like she lost her wasn't a smartcs move. in the speech there that you just played that long clip and you played the full context, it fired her up.vb and got her going and then the rest of the speech was probably a lot stronger than a lot of times she is kind of g.y speeches, you know, a slow pace. she was pretty fired up. maybe it will raise her game. >> leave it there. the obama administration ripping donald trump and his recent comments on nuclear weapons. we'll be right back with that.
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. live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. world leaders say they have made progress in save guarding nuclear materials from terrorists. while closing out a security summit in washington the president urged world leaders to not become complacent andçó terrorists would use a nuclear
8:34 pm
bomb to quote, kill as many as possible. a female college student injured during a shooting in richmond, virginia has been released from the hospital. she was a member of the track team, traveling for a meet. folks are payingxd their respec for the state trooper that was killed in that shooting yesterday. the 37-year-old leaves behind a wife and two children. now, back to the o'reilly factor ". ue/jñ2ç3hb"v$ in the factor follow-up segment tonight, some harsh8i0'; words from president'x obama in response to donald trump's controversial take on nukes. >> you have so many pakistan, have you so many countries, russia, have you so many countries right now that have them. now, wouldn'tey you rather, in0x a certain sense, have japan, have nuclear weapons when q1o"euáárea#mekç has nuclear made statements doesn't know
8:35 pm
much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> the president also dodged a question about who he: voted for in thebw2 democratic primary. joining us now with reaction from montgomery, alabamay%qi4(p@ huck, also at the state department and with us here in studio, republican strategist brad blakeman. brad, you listen to that about the g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump has no idea what he is talkingb;óq about. is it as simple as that? is donald=$a trump -- can you and says he has no idea what heql >> no, you can't. this is a president who came in and÷í appeasement and pandering to dictators. that hasn't worked out too much. the entire middle east is in turmoil if not total dysfunction. look at the relationship he has with russia. russia didn't even appear today. the most cruise country not only to the united states but the world are the powers that didn't show up to nuclear summit today. russia, north korea, and others.
8:36 pm
so, the fact is that this wrong. so for him to say donald trump doesn't have it right is a little condescending at+sbn best. >> wereñ>j(ñ you surprised,cúñ n this is a big nuclear summit. 65 leaders of the world there all eyes on president obama and he references donald trump. >> i guess we shouldn't be surprisedkr9q given how much attention this has had in the united states. and the president also mentioned÷%. in+ j his answer tt everyone in the world pays @ttention to what happens inh> american politics. it's not just strictly a domestic issue. when yout do have anybody on any side of the aisle as an4e9 candidate saying things like another candidate that said let's make the sand employee it's quite alarming to the rest of the not the best obama speech we have seen.l; measured, talked about balance. he got quite in the weeds in his 45 minutes of around the worldi0dp discussion. heg."9 clearly showed that he
8:37 pm
has expertise, if not people don't have togs certainly a tone and temperament quite a contrast from what we are seeing onúbñx+l, campaign trail. >> i saw king from jordan there. i didn't see vladimir putin. see him? >> oh, the thing about summits is they are usually not gatherings of enemies and allies. so this was reallyj>a u allies and people who a98ç samen@pmñ pag;"x:g about nuclear proliferation. and unfortunately russia has notqt; been our friend of thmrr wz$ied states for several years. even prior to the obama administration when it comes to lessening arsenal and in termss-.$ sharing or keeping security on what they currently have. so, that is a challenge that i believe the world leaders were all gathering to discuss cofx%$duá$rj the big issue. particularly as the president mentioned. when it comesx70 ñ to making sue that these materials andáp weapons don't6p™>i"cñ get in te terrorists. exactly.
8:38 pm
i don't mean to cut you off. i want9 one of the last things he said. the very final questionmdes he said this doesn't really matter if we are not all on board specifically you were board specifically you were 1&ading about russia shounmx4ñ it. russia has the largestu pw proliferation ofaóhk nuclear weapons in have no)w>!lationship with obama. remember the j button with clinton. how far about d. that get the united states. they are further away from the norm than they should berz and driven thatix way by91s a president who has had a feckless policy. very quickly, i don't have a lot of time. who has the best chance of bringing russia to the talks table. hillary clinton or any of the republicans? >> any of the republicans. they know what they have got. >> which one of the republicans? >> lock, right now, it's probably john kasich. i5rs" would think has got the best opportunity. nayyer would you agree john kasich on the republican side and if not who. >> on the republican side he certainly has the experience of executive leadership. and workingv9m across the
8:39 pm
aisle, which woe haven't seen from any of thec candidates but, of course, i'm going to go the partisan way and say hillary already has a relationship with multiple world leaders and that's something that would be upon as she becomes president of the united states. >>fó,9 you think ofñçrñ6acl thee still in the racevvyou say hillary and brad is going to say john kasich. we have to leave it there brad and nayyera, thank you very much. the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's email scandaleé reportedly entering its final geraldo enters the no spin zone straight ahead. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac.
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no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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thanks for staying with us on this special edition of the o'reilly factor election 2016. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly and in the up resolved patrol car segment tonight, the fbi and hillary clinton. the bureau's investigation into her private email server is now reportedly entering its final stages but the looming question will mrs. clinton face any criminal charges? charles krauthammer weighed in last night.whe& >> i think shek indicted or there is a criminal referral somehow i can't see her getting away from this withjeñh nothing. >> joining us now from los angeles to analyze, fox news
8:44 pm
senior correspondent and dancing king geraldo rivera.n> you believe th%y.l fbi is going to go through the motions for whom? for the doj or for president obama? >> they seem to50 be -- they
8:45 pm
are supposed to be an independent agency. >> and my goodness they are. it's called due diligence. after a charge is made and there are certainly many, many people who are asking or advocating that criminal charges be brought. investigative body. has to do due diligence. they have done moreqvç than that they have scores of agents in "v# nothing soound far. >> if you work for the federal government and you had this file right here with top secret, top secret documents and you and i wept out to dinner and had a cock1kñ across the street and you walked out and left that file you would be indicted. why isn'tfpdv >> i don't think that your example represents a criminal act either, eric. and i think in thixb case. >> of course itqry/ does. it's criminal negligence with documents that are top secret. >> how many people now -- we have now heard that the defense secretary had a private server. that secretary kerry had a private server at one time.
8:46 pm
many others in the federal government have used it. listen to -- just i fear that republicans by obsessing about the email are losing sight of what hillary clinton on. she lost the middlew>vú east. she got helped engineer that look at libya today. a terrorist hell hole. look at syria because lines and so forth. look at isis. isis has maintained a country foró[ goodness sakes in the heart of the oil-producing middle east. there are so many legit issues. >>, legit issues. >> you know what you can pin on ifv these documents, all this information, all these the clinton foundation that looksklnu'ny and they can start going up, that path, and maybe find[1,f÷ something. >> that is3 (t capability. like white water the real estate thing, everything leads to everything leads to everything leads to jones leads to monica
8:47 pm
lewenski. i don't know. it just seems to me the clintons are the most investigated couple on the face of the earth. taste of what then7 clintonsd have with it's practically a clone scope every time she does a press conference. i think that's okay. right now the republicans have much bigger problems than hillary clinton. they have to[ub resolve their own circular firing squad before they don't have a cap democrat. win in wisconsin. donald trump is going to win in new york. >> you just brought up donald trump. let's talk about that he has had a fairly rougher week. we have heard that before as well. yourkr thoughts on does trump >> i think the abortion thing can be pro-life and so= buildingn the there are pro-life and god bless them for it it's a sincerely held believe. belief based on so many different things. god bless them for it but to each suggest that if somehow abortion was criminalized, row criminalized after years
8:48 pm
and years of roe v. wade and et cetera, that the woman would be the criminal investigation, that's crazy talk. he hurt himself very badly. i think after a weekq$ ofi3ch explaining, he may regain that ground with the working class white3gkañ man certainly, but it will cost him ke,9m%99 that willtxq]j$ q be theiv% biggest blow as a result of these recent gaffes. idañ think he will win new york and i heard senator cruz tell you earlier in the program that he expects to win handily here in california. i haven't seen that poll. i don't know what he is, you know, maybe there is something medical something here that he is smoking. i don't know. but, you know, i think that trump will be very8< competitive. if trumpq sun denial that he is5k the nominee. if he loses some miracle cruz pulls it out, we are going to have a mess all the way to cleveland. >> zeal to leave it there. you were just kidding about that medical->háuu#f i= sure. geraldo, thank you very much. coming up next, bill o'reilly squares off with
8:49 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, race and politics in america. bill o'reilly recently spoke with harvard professor william gates about president obama. >> so you're at harvard. you are an extremely successful american. you've written a book called "the african-americans, many rivers to cross." so you know the burden is harder on african-americans to succeed in this country than white people. i believe that. >> i believe that, too.
8:53 pm
>> shouldn't be, but that's just the way it is. but it's doable. you're a success story. >> my father raised my brother as chief of dentistry. my daddy must have told us 10 million times, you have to be ten times smarter than white boys. my father worked two jobs for 37 years. people ask me why i multitask. it's in my culture and dna, because my father did. >> wasn't that a bit racist, though? he's telling you that your competition is about skin color. >> it was comport yourself with dignity. think about what the stereotype that's walking in the room, disappoint that stereotype. and if anybody is a racist trying to undercut you, don't give them reason to do that. >> let's talk about the first black president, president
8:54 pm
barack obama. are you happy with his performance? >> i think he will be remembered for health care. bold, but long overdue. i think opening up cuba. most americans feel safer than we did under george bush? >> you really think most americans feel safer against isis? >> i think we're all terrified at a level of religious zeal, if that's what you want to call it, that leads to behavior that most of us would find lunatic. >> i don't know the message that president obama put forth to the world is a message that protects me or my family. >> what more could he do? >> we discuss this quite on often on this program, he could engage nato to teach isis a lesson. >> do you think nato would do that? >> they have to. >> do you think we should put boots on the zone?
8:55 pm
>> i think nato would have enough force to wipe those people out. if george patton could do it, you've got to be bold and first sometimes. finally, in the economy, i believe that the collapse of the african-american family unit, traditional collapse, the out of wedlock birthrate, the absence of fathers among black boys, that is what drives down the economic profile of african-americans. am i wrong? >> there is a wealthy, aspiring, prosperous community, well educated and that's the key. but the problem is, the cutback on affirmative action. >> i'm not opposed to affirmative action, as long as it's based on economics and not skin color. that's the way i would do it. but i really admire your success, because i know where you came from, but i want the message to get out to other african-american leaders and the folks that it's education, but this country will afford you an opportunity if you seize it. it's harder if you're black, but
8:56 pm
if you seize it, it's there. last word. >> i have absolutely no disagreement with you about that. but i think that because of what william julius wilson calls concentrated poverty in the inner city, that the odds of a kid like you or a kid like me ending up where you and i have ended, from that environment, for all the reasons that you laid out, those odds are stacked against those kids. and we have to do something about that. >> always good to see you. thank you very much for everything. >> thank you. up next, the president under fire from some of his closest confidants. stay with us. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want-
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8:59 pm
putin that this was unacceptable. >> robert gates. >> overall did he keep to his word this >> i think that began to fray. fray may be too gentle a word. >> chuck hagel. >> you have a middle east that will be devastated, with more killing, more distrust, more hatred. >> president obama's first three defense secretaries speak out on our military and our standing in the world. bret baier anchors a powerful special tonight on fox news reporting. >> so be sure to check that out right here at 10:00 p.m. and before we go, i want to take a moment to thank a great group of colleagues, the producers and directors, they worked tirelessly this week to bring you strong, informative programs. but what you don't see is all the hard work, the research, the writing, the bookings of top guests. simply stated, the best team in news. and that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching this special edition of "the o'reilly factor." catch my show airing saturdays
9:00 pm
at 11:30 a.m. right here on fnc. i'm eric boling. bill will be back monday. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. two big stories breaking tonight, just days ahead of the battle for wisconsin. donald trump touching off a firestorm tonight, with some controversial new comments on abortion. along with a threat to break ranks with the republican party. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the news is coming fast tonight. we'll get to the news about a possible third party run and whether that is even possible in a few moments. but first, to abortion. the issue that has dogged mr. trump all week. he was pressed about abortio