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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  April 2, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] this week on the journal editorial report. all eyes on wisconsin. could the badger state be a major obstacle on trump's nomination. plus, putting the win back on bernie sanders. could democrats facing some convention chaos of their own. conservatives feeling the loss of justice antonin scalia. >> at this hour, we are waiting gop runner donald trump and bernie sanders. both are in wisconsin ahead of
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tuesday's preliminary hearing. a loss there would make it impossible for donald trump. just ahead we'll talk ahead to the trump's and cruz's campaigns. former senator hillary clinton considered the empire state her home. senator bernie says he has ties there, too. this is just announced, the brussels airport will be reopened tomorrow ten days after the deadly attack. >> president obama has been defending his administration responding to isis and warning of possible future attacks. we'll take a look at these stories and other headlines coming up at the top of the hour. will come to the journal editorial report. all eyes on wisconsin this
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weekend where donald trump's two remaining rivals hoping to be on his path of nomination. the second of this week showing ted cruz with a ten point lead in the badger state. >> with a loss there be enough to stall trump's momentum, could it deny him the 1237 delegates he needs going into the gop convention in julie. let's ask our journalists. >> cam, what is going on in wisconsin, why is that proving to be such a stumbling block for donald trump? >> donald trump has got a lot of problems there. he's up wisconsin that's been through a lot of battles over scott walker's big government reform and gubernatorial recalls. these people are saavy and energetic and informed and they
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are in conservative principles and they are not quite sure they are taking to donald trump. >> because they are not sure if donald trump is a conservative. in wisconsin these are real conservatives who are saying look, we are not sure if trump is one of us. >> yes, they are influential in that state. most of them have been in the never been trump movement in the start. there is a lot of hostility for donald trump in that state. >> not a good week, jason, for donald trump, generally and nationally. and he had his abortion misstep where he said initially in response to chris mathew that the women should be punished and he took that back. that was not just liberals criticizing but people on the
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right of the abortion. >> it fits the pattern of comments in the women in the past and now this. people don't like to see that. it is not just that issue though. he has done these town halls where he's shown he's out of his depth talking issues about nato. donald trump does not seem to have a decent grasp of the issue and led alone of the type of grasp of issues that are conservatives electric would like their candidates to have. >> there are questions of performance. coming out of super tuesday, looks like he's in a position consolidating his support and grow it. he gave the speech in washington where he spoke from a text, where he focused on the substance of the issue. that kind of dwindled away from remarks that is raised about whether he could sustain a campaign against hillary clinton. there has to be a doubt about performance.
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>> right. there is a couple of things going on here in wisconsin. first, it is the first postmark marco rubio's primary. where are rubio's voters are going to go. the polls suggest that they are being reskridistributed with cr and kasich. the second issue is we are nine months since donald trump joined the campaign. we have seven months to go. now, we are down to three people, it was inevitable that the campaign is focused on other issues like nuclear weapons that he stumbled at the hall hall to hall at cnn. >> why should we protect them. >> he's gotten far by talking about building a wall on the mexican border and by doing something about trade with china. these two issues he's been able
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to repeat over and over again in the context of a larger campaign with more people. he's not able to go forward with just two issues anymore. once he's pressed on one of these things and not educating himself, he's going to run into problems. >> the abortion problem is a huge issue to u.s. politics to anyone who's been paying attention in the past 30 years. for him to make that big of a mistake is extremely talent. >> i think he's actually sincere about it. he has not absorb the argument deeply enough to understand it. >> i think you are giving donald trump a little bit too much credit. this is a man who has spent his professional career putting his finger to the political win and pulling out of the checkbook to advance himself financially.
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>> all right, cam, not necessarily because they love cruz but because they want to stop trump. >> yes, they have taken the polls here and they realized that he has got a better chance of beating trump. i would argue that a lot of those endorsements that you see scott walker and not necessarily they endorse ted cruz but they want donald trump to be halted for the convention. >> ted cruz is attacking john kasich. why is superpac hitting kasich? >> i think he's worried that kasich can challenge him in some of the mid atlantic states especially pennsylvania or places like new york or connecticut or maryland. he's assuming john kasich is out of the race because everyone now knows this is going cleveland.
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he does not want kasich there. >> i agree, he does not want kasich to be in the convention. if they don't pick trump or cruz, maybe they'll turn to kasich. >> coming back, the gop may not be the party facing the chaos. >> bernie sanders taking his fight against clinton all the way to philadelphia. >> a lot of the super delegates may rethink their of secretary hillary clinton. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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so jason, is bernie sanders, the racehorse is going to catch up on the inside and beat her in an upset? >> not likely, i think he's in the danger field of the the race. he deserves a lot of respect especially on the caucus states. he's running out of caucuses and a couple more left. he does not do as well on the primaries. >> why does he not do as well on the primaries? >> well, that's an interesting question. depending on geographically where the primaries are located, he has a problem with expanding, you know, racially and ethically, his base of support. clinton does a much better job of bringing in different types of people and bernie sanders does not have the ability to do that. >> if he wins wisconsin he won't
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get a huge delegate boost but he will get momentum. >> and now in west chester county against the senator in vermont. >> where do clinton live? >> yeah, i think bernie sanders has already done the damage. he's got enthusiastic support. will bernie sanders turn out, his supporters turn out and vote for her. a lot of them are college students. college students are hard to turn out fch. if they get upset and her turn out falls, they got a big problem. >> there are 712 of those and it is about a third o f the delegates you need to win the nomination to get the majority. so far, the count that ap has,
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the associate press is 469 for clinton and 29 for bernie sanders. how could he turn those around? >> he likely cannot. this is why the democrats do have a big problem. give bernie credit, he plays to win. he's out there and turning those super delegates. they are the establishments as it were. they want hillary clinton to win which is why they are behind her because they think she's got the better shot in the general election. they are not likely to be turned. that's going to bruise a lot of feelings for those voting for bernie sanders. they'll feel those elections are stolen in some way from them. >> but, hillary got a little of dilemma here of the enthusiasm of sanders. she wants that enthusiasm with her at the end of the day.
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she has to find a way to keep him happy. i think he's going to make certain demands at the convention. hillary clinton is not opposed to superpacs. she does not want free tuition for everyone in america. bernie sanders does. >> what are the conception? he already moved to the left. >> yes, changes in the flat form. >> here is a signal that i have been looking at, she has not endorsed sanders. she shares more values with him than with hillary clinton. instead, she praised sanders and said nice things about him. she's waiting to the end to be a broker somehow between the sanders faction and secretary clinton and maybe get on the clinton's ticket. >> hillary clinton is an
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important player here and she's the one individual who does want to move this party left more new eastern sp >> are we abs observing a momenf truth here? >> that's going to give some of these outside groups a much better chance than they have to finally get down on what happens on this e-mail scandal. >> when we come back, conservatives are feeling the loss of justice antonin scalia.
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the loss of supreme court justice antonin scalia is being felt by conservatives. it is one of the most closely watches watches cases. >> this is illinois senator mark curtis the first to meet the mayor on tuesday. dan, let's take this case for us. this was a free speech case of our free association case of whether you oblige to the union's causes that you may not support.
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supreme justice roberts, chief justice, was trying to change this law incrementally, and he thought scalia would help him do that in deciding this case. scalia's loss makes it clear that those kinds of cases, if you get another liberal justice on the court, will be a slam dunk for the other side. >> samuel alito two years ago clearly in his opinion in another case wanted to go all the way and overturn abaaoud. but he couldn't -- apparently justice roberts or maybe it was justice kennedy, didn't go along. so they brought it up two years later. and now there's no majority for it. and that's what we're going to see, jason, across so many other cases, isn't it? >> yes, yes. the 4-4 means, as dan says, it's going to be pushed back down to the lower court to the precedent will stand. we're in for this until a ninth justice joins the court. >> is there cracks in the republican opposition to
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garland? >> i don't think there are cracks that will be large enough to change the position of the majority. but yes, you do have some senators out there, up for re-election. and states that obama won and in some case won twice. and they're feeling the pressure on the re-election campaign to not be seen as an obstructionist and they want some cover. so you're going to see your portmans -- senator from ohio, and senator toomey and kirk in illinois. and in other states, you're going to see emwant to give the appearance they're not obstructionists when it comes to this and maybe hearings should not be out of the question. >> and kim, does this suggest that maybe the president's strategy of appointing nominating merrick garland, who is a respected jurist, wide experience on the dc circuit, not a progressive flame-thrower, was pretty savvy because it's easier to open up some of these areas of disagreement? >> yes, but only on the margins, i would make the case.
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i mean, i think that the left and the media have overblown what's going on here. you essentially have 20 republican senators who have now said they'll have a meeting with the guy. i mean, because it's pretty hard to say you won't even meet with someone. that has been the main movement that you've seen. you still only have about three republican senators who are publicly out on the record as saying they want a hearing. and the reality is, paul, most of these guys, it would hurt them in their election campaigns to come out and get on board with a hearing or a vote for him. and they all know that. >> and the senate leadership, dan, mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley and orrin hatch, they're all lined up solidly against having hearings. even though i think orrin hatch, for example, rather likes merrick garland, and you know, might be willing to vote for him under different circumstances. >> different circumstances. i mean, hatch also said that he thought that if they were to hold hearings, it would be a circus.
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and i agree with him. it would just add another ring to the ten-ring circus we've already had so far. >> yeah, jason. >> this is a risky strategy, paul. >> how so? kim's point is it would hurt republicans more if they appeared to be considering garland for approval. >> here's the risk. if hillary clinton becomes the next president, republicans know they can do a lot worse than merrick garland. hillary clinton may also have a democratic senate to work with. merrick garland is 63 years old. she'll appoint someone younger and further to the left. almost guaranteed. >> all right. but if you have the election, and then afterwards, and hillary clinton wins, why not just approve garland then when you have control over the senate until january? >> if everyone plays along with that. if president obama doesn't withdraw his name out of respect to his successor. a lot of other things would -- would have to align. but this is a strategy that does entail some risks. >> i think president obama would still want to have his appointee
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. time for our hits and is misses of the week. kim, start us off. >> so the good news, the justice department announced it used the help of an outside, unnamed company to finally crack the iphone of the san bernardino terrorists and access the data. this is nonetheless a miss for the fbi, for its miserable handling of this affair. it claimed for weeks that only apple could help it do that. it took it to court. it disclosed sensitive information. it made threats against silicon valley. the fbi wants help from kisilic valley it is going to have to be smarter in the way it handles these things. >> jason. >> a hit for robert de niro for choosing not to screen a film
9:59 am
that link vaccines to autism. it's junk science, been repeatedly and thoroughly debunked by study after study. and spreading this sort of misinformation into great harm to public health. it was the right call. >> dan. >> barack obama is going to spend his whole presidency missing on the guantanamo prison issue. he announced the release of 12 more prisoners in the wake of the brussels massacre. >> unidentified? wow. >> meanwhile, back in the colorado, the democratic governor, john hickenlooper, has said there is no way they're taking any prisoners in colorado, because, guess what? the people there don't want to live nearby. so a hit for governor hickenlooper. >> and senator michael bennett, up for re-election, democrat, he's also saying don't bring them to colorado, man. even though it's a super max prison there. he says no way. that's because he doesn't want to -- he thinks that's a loser politically. >> yes, so barack obama won't even tell us which countries he is shipping them to. >> all right. and remember, if you have your
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own hit or miss, tweet it to us at jer on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. live pictures now as donald trump is about to take the stage in racine, wisconsin. latest fox business poll has him ten points behind ted cruz. and when you look at just republican women, the numbers are much worse for mr. trump. we're going to talk to a trump supporter who wants to turn all of that around. >> relax, buckle up, looks like a lot of you are on the trump train. let me tell you, folks. we're going places and we're going places fast. and we will steam roll anyone that gets in our way to the white house. because that's our next stop. meanwhile, democrats in wisconsin are about to feel the bern at a bernie sanders town hall in eau claire. that's where he's trying to widen his lead over hillary clinton.