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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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own hit or miss, tweet it to us at jer on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. live pictures now as donald trump is about to take the stage in racine, wisconsin. latest fox business poll has him ten points behind ted cruz. and when you look at just republican women, the numbers are much worse for mr. trump. we're going to talk to a trump supporter who wants to turn all of that around. >> relax, buckle up, looks like a lot of you are on the trump train. let me tell you, folks. we're going places and we're going places fast. and we will steam roll anyone that gets in our way to the white house. because that's our next stop. meanwhile, democrats in wisconsin are about to feel the bern at a bernie sanders town hall in eau claire. that's where he's trying to widen his lead over hillary clinton.
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>> this, as we learn more about the fbi investigation into the former secretary of state's home-brew e-mail server. just how bad could it be for her white house run? good saturday to you. thanks for being with us. nice to be with you, as well. i'm leland vittert. >> and i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. >> you are looking at a live picture from a donald trump town hall in racine, wisconsin. we are awaiting mr. trump. fight, fight, fight is written right into the badger state song, and boy, are folks fighting there. the battle for the hearts and minds and votes of wisconsinites is on. all five presidential hopefuls are in wisconsin, ahead of tuesday's primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in eau claire, wisconsin.
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ted cruz is in north dakota right now. but we'll come back to the badger state tonight in green bay. john kasich is in janesville. senior national correspondent, john roberts, on the ground in wisconsin, as well, following it all. hi, john. >> reporter: leland, good afternoon to you. might be saying why is ted cruz in north dakota? because the republican party is holding its convention there. 25 delegates, unbound. so you can bet they are going to be very popular people between now all the way to the convention. we are in the north central part of wisconsin, the roth child would wausau area, fertile ground for donald trump. popular in the northern and western counties of the state. not so much down to the southeast, around milwaukee. and as you pointed out just a moment ago, leland, some polls have him running as much as ten points behind ted cruz here in the badger state. really, is in an underdog position. depending on how the vote goes on tuesday night, if ted cruz prevails, if he wins in all of the congressional districts, he
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could walk away with all 42 of the delegates up for grabs here in wisconsin. which really could knock donald trump back on his heels in the two weeks between the wisconsin primary and the big new york primary coming up two weeks from now. donald trump finds himself on the defensive again after apparently taking a fourth position now on abortion. in an interview with cbs' john dickers dickerson, listen two what trump had to say about roe v. wade. >> the laws are set and that's the way they'll remain until they're changed. that's the way the laws are. this moment, the laws are set. and i think we have to leave it that way. >> reporter: now the trump campaign came out almost immediately after that, saying what donald trump meant to says with that the current law, roe v. wade, upholds a woman's right to abortion. but if he becomes president, he will appoint judges who will eventually overturn that law. certainly, that back and forth on abortion isn't doing donald trump any favors. a lot of unforced errors here in
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the past week. ohio governor, john kasich, by the way, continues to campaign here in wisconsin. his only hope of winning the nomination is to get to a contested convention in july and it appears more and more likely that that could potentially happen. kasich is likely to come into that convention with far fewer delegates than even trump or cruz. on board his bus last night, i asked him how he could possibly prevail. >> outline a scenario, under which at the convention you become the nominee. >> well, when you meet with delegates and let them know you're the one that consistently beats hillary clinton in the november election. and secondly, you're the one with the experience and the record to actually fix the country. that's important too. so i don't consider that to be a long shot. i consider that to be the convention to be an extension of what's happening in the primaries. >> reporter: now, contrary to what a lot of people, including ted cruz, are saying, john kasich is at this moment eligible to go into convention and have delegates vote for him.
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people talk about this rule 40b. they have to have a majority of delegates in eight states in order to have your name put into nomination. that's to have your name put into nomination, which means you can make a floor speech and have a floor rally. but delegates, leland, can vote for anybody they want at that convention after they become unbound. so it is not impossible for john kasich to become the nominee, even though it might be a very long shot at this point. leland? >> one he continues to fight for. john roberts, live in a snowy wisconsin. thanks, john. all right. so let's stay on the gop side. for trump supporters, there have been some major ups and downs this week. his comments on abortion drew criticism from a wide spectrum of voters. his stance on nuclear weapons caused an uproar that is still a hot topic. his team has worked to stay ahead of the gaffe, ahead of tuesday's primary. >> don't believe anything you hear about the man, because that is -- it's not true. he may not have the best tone or he may not have the tone that's spinning for you. but personally, i'm not looking
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for a pastor. we already have one, right, father? i'm looking for a president of the united states of america who will take care of us. >> all right. that was tanna gerts, working the crowds since that candidate first came down the escalator and joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. right off the bat, i want to ask you, as a surrogate, your name and face are associated with this candidate who you have chosen to support. i want to ask you, what did you first think when you heard the comments from donald trump this week and then also him stepping back a little bit. >> i didn't think much of it, because i have known mr. trump for almost 11 years, and he's always been pro life. he's always been supportive of me as a -- as a mother. and it didn't bother me at all. i didn't think a thing of it. >> okay. so three quarters of women view him unfavorably. yes, he is liked, obviously. he is very popular.
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but what ask does he do to change the minds of those, especially women, who view him unfavorably? how does he work between now and getting the nomination? how does he change their minds? >> well, that's very -- that's a great question. and a very simple question. he's doing what -- doing what he needs to be doing, and that is being at the rallies and speaking. women want security, they want safety, and they want better education for their children. and when he speaks at his rallies, that's what he's talking about. and that's what's resonated. i mean, that number may not -- i mean, that sounds impressive, you know, for interviews. but i know, because i'm with him when we're winning these elections. and women are going out and turning out and voting for him. they may not when they're polled say yes, i think he's just so amazing. they're voting for him. and that's all that matters. i mean, look at ted cruz's unfavorability rating or hillary clinton's. they're very, very high.
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55, 58. it's not like they're way down in the zeros or in the low teens. i mean, they're high too. so i'm not concerned with the unfavorable rating. because once the the women hear mr. trump speak about the issues that matter, they go out and vote for him. >> i want to bring up some numbers here, if we could put up a full screen, where we're showing a trend really of just more women showing up than men in a lot of these elections. so let's look at 2012. this is 2008. 70.4 million in 2008 and 71.4 in 2012. and you can see there right around 60 million in both cases for men. so you've been out, you've been speaking to women. what are their concerns this election cycle? is because if you look at these numbers, there are a lot of women who show up to vote. and he does need their vote. >> oh, yeah! absolutely. he does need it. and he's getting it! that's what i'm trying to say. he's getting the women -- the woman vote. women love mr. trump. i mean, sure, there are a few or
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a couple,000, whatever the number is, that don't. but strong women, women that really want a safer, more secure america, who want a better educational system for their children, like i do, who want drugs out of our country. who want jobs in our country. they vote for mr. trump. and that's what he's talking about. and that's why they are voting for donald j. trump, when it's their turn to vote. and i do not have any worries about his unfavorability rating. because i'm at these rallies and the audience at least is 70% women. and the women are the ones that are super -- they're the ones that are super passionate and 100% behind him, saying we need a strong leader. strong women want a strong man. >> okay. and i also want to ask you, because we talk about women, there's obviously different generations of women who are voting in this election. you have an 18-year-old daughter who was with you in iowa, if i'm not mistaken. you both were caucusing for mr. trump, supporting iowa
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caucus-goers there. what are you hearing from your daughter? she's in a totally different generation. what attracts her to mr. trump, aside from the fact that obviously her mother is a surrogate. what does she find about him that is so appealing? >> well, she h seen what he's done for our personal life. our family. and she sees his kind heart for other people. i mean, she's seen firsthand, mr. trump takes care of the handicapped, he takes care of the veterans, he takes care of people that their dying wish is to thank mr. trump, as you saw with melissa young in janesville, wisconsin. she saw him take care of a 26-year-old boy who whose dying wish was to go to "star wars." mr. trump brought him on stage. what mr. trump does, his heart -- she know thes the real man like i do, because she's experienced hem because he's been a part of our life for 11 years. she is almost 18. she was able to caucus for him.
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at 17. and she has tons of friends. a lot of them girls. who did turn out and did caucus for mr. trump. and the millennials, they like him because he's talking about bringing jobs, bringing back the american dream. and his resume is of success. kids don't want to look at someone and go, where is your resume? mr. trump's resume is right out there in front of everybody. she's read the art of the deal. and i mean, it's just -- it's a no-brainer. >> all right. well, we'll see how tuesday turns out. good luck on the campaign trail. thank you tore for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. 42 delegates are up for grabs in wisconsin. 18 go to the statewide winner, and 24 are awarded by congressional district, mean it's region by region ballots for votes. that being said, a big statewide winner could walk away with
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almost all the delegates. as a minder, donald trump is leading the delegate count right now but 1237 is narrowing as ted cruz closes the gap. >> on the democratic side, at this hour, we are awaiting bernie sanders to rally supporters in eau claire, wisconsin. some of the warmup acts there on stage. he's obviously hoping to build on his recent victories over front-runner, hillary clinton, especially those in alaska, hawaii and washington state. hillary clinton will visit eau claire, population 67,000. give or take a few. later this afternoon. ahead of tuesday's big primary. rich edson joins us live with what both campaigns are doing today. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, leland. despite a substantial delegate lead, she will capture the democratic nomination, hillary clinton is still fighting senator bernie sanders as a vermont democratic socialist
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continues to raise millions. $40 million in march alone. he won all three caucuses last weekend and shows no indication he will yield to clinton. >> when we began this campaign, we were 3% in the polls. 3%. we are about 65 points behind secretary clinton. i think it is fair to say we have made up some ground in the interval. a national poll had us a point ahead last week. >> wisconsin votes tuesday. wyoming caucuses next weekend. the new york primary april 19th. and sanders is demanding the debate with clinton in new york before the primary. in a just-released statement, the clinton campaign says it offered three dates this month, and sanders has rejected them. in a statement, her campaign says, quote, the sanders campaign needs to stop using the
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new york primary as a playground for political games and negative attacks against hillary clinton. the voters of new york deserve better. clinton maintains a significant lead in delegates in the democrat-specific system of super delegates. she secured 1,712 of the 2383 needed to win the nomination. sanders has more than 1,000 and leads in the latest wisconsin polls. there are 247 primary delegates at stake in new york on april 19th. a week later, five other northeastern states vote. clinton has leads in polling in each of the states. clinton supporters claim sanders is delaying the inevitable and only harming democrats ahead of the general election. sanders campaign says the vermont senator has substantial support in fund raising and voters and continues winning with a much different vision for the country. leland? >> rich edson. we got a statement from bernie sanders' campaign. the debate about the debates continues. thanks, rich. as we continue to wisconsin democratic primary, 86 delegates are at stake.
10:15 am
we are also awaiting donald trump. he's going to speak in eau claire, wisconsin, in a little while. they're in wisconsin. it's a little different about how the democrats do and how the republicans do it. democratic delegates will be awarded proportionally. it will be hard for any one candidate of the democrats to sweep all the delegates. clinton, of course, leads sanders in the delegate race. most notably, she has 469 super delegates to sanders' 31. you see on your screen now, the entire delegate race, 1,712 to 1,011, a 700 gap. >> and if you're like us, you won't want to miss tomorrow. chris wallace with donald trump after his bumpy week in wisconsin. check your local fox listings for time. then at 8:00 p.m. eastern, greta van susteren returns home to wisconsin for a one-on-one town hall with trump. and, of course, fox news will be
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covering the battle for wisconsin all day tuesday, right here on america's election headquarters. a big part of the race, of course, hillary clinton's e-mail server, and fresh evidence suggests the fbi investigation into her use of that home brew e-mail server is now reaching a critical stage. the state department announced friday it is suspending its own internal review in order to steer clear of the major fbi criminal probe. >> we do not want to our internal review to complicate or impede the progress of their ongoing law enforcement investigation. therefore, the state department at this time is not moving forward with our internal review. >> former aides to mrs. clinton are lawyering up, as speculation grows on whether she herself will be questioned by fbi director, james comey, or some of his deputies. tom phenomenonton was with the d.c. watchdog group, judicial watch, and joins us now. big picture. is there any way to really know
10:17 am
if we're close, if we're within weeks, within days of the fbi recommending don't indict to the justice department? >> well, when the fbi is telling newspapers, at least off the record, and places like fox news, that they want to talk to top officials like mrs. clinton and her top aides, it suggests they're coming near the end. >> so this is the last step, in your mind. >> i think so. and when the state department is told to back off, it shows that there's a serious investigation under way. and on top of that, we have our own discovery, what we'll be questioning, i believe witnesses in this case, including mills. the government will tell us whether they agree with our efforts to depose certain witnesses like an adean and mills. >> as we look at how this is shaping up, humana ab dean out there on the campaign trail with her now. she also has four other close aides all laywered up so to
10:18 am
speak, in case there is an fbi interor if they don't plead the fifth. cheryl mills, jake sullivan, all hired the very same lawyer. that's pretty unusual in a criminal case. anything to learn from that? >> happens in mafia cases, frankly. and it shows that these -- this group of people probably aren't going to be terribly cooperative, and they're sharing stories and setting up a united front against investigators and prosecutors. >> as you look at how this is going to play out, any predictions you're willing to make? >> oh, i would think the fbi is going to recommend a prosecution. and it will be a nightmare for mrs. clinton if it's denied by loretta lynch, decides not to proceed. obviously, if they decide to proceed, it will be even worse. loretta lynch is investigating this, along with comey. >> it seems there is a lot of cooperation between the justice department and the fbi on this. >> yeah, so let's not pretend that comey is doing this on his own. he's working with prosecutors and the justice department.
10:19 am
and the obama justice department is criminally investigating mrs. clinton. and whether comey does the questioning, fbi agents do the questioning, i guarantee, a dodge prosecutor is going to be there in the office. >> it also seems to make sense that in order for them -- the doj and fbi to have given immunity to the guy who set up this server, ryan pack leoni, they would have had to be involved in that decision, and they would have had to be doing something to try to move this case along. >> those are decisions made by prosecutors, not fbi agents. fbi agents don't grant immunity. they have to do that in coordination with the justice department. and pagliano is someone we want to talk to. so you've got two tracts here, the fbi doing its own investigation with the justice department and then you have judicial watch who is set to do these questioning ohio owe question these sales people over the next month or two. >> assuming the court agrees and gives a subpoena to come sit down with you, what keeps them from saying to you, hey, i take the fifth, i'm not answering anything? >> well, there's nothing.
10:20 am
whether or not that is upheld at the end is another question. but the public impact of top aides to mrs. clinton taking the fifth amendment about questions, about her use of the e-mail system would be pretty extraordinary. >> what do you view as your chances of being able to sit down with these aides under a court order gideposition? >> i think they're good. the court granted limited discovery. we have only asked for eight businesses. a second court endorsed discovery and said if you don't get what you want or if you need additional help, and discovery come back to me. so between two court justice -- two courts, pursuing this, we're probably going to get the people we need to talk to. >> quickly, assuming that you're able to sit down with these eight folks, some of whom are senior aides, obviously would have a lot of understanding of what was going on here. what they tell you is not kept secret, unlike an fbi investigation, correct? >> generally speaking, these depositions, this information, would be public. unless the court, you know, issued some order preventing
10:21 am
them from being public. this is about the public's right to know, as one of the judges said. so this information is going to come out over the next few months. >> well, we appreciate your insight. come back with what you have learned. thank you very much, sir. what's coming up? >> after the break, as the political candidates fight to be the next commander in chief, what's the state of the military he or she will be inheriting? a sneak peek to "rising threats to shrinking military". and isis has been driven out of tal mirra, along with signing some of the cities most famous ruins. government troops make a very gruesome discovery. we'll have a report from the middle east. and we are still waiting for donald trump to take the stage in racine, wisconsin. we're going to go there when he approaches the mike. stay with us. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again?
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bernie sanders is hoping to continue his winning streak against hillary clinton. he's making a campaign swing through wisconsin today ahead of the state's primary on tuesday. right now, he's holding a town hall meeting in eau claire, so let's take a listen, live. >> that's a rigged economy. what a rigged economy is, is the 20 wealthiest people. 20 people. not a lot of people owning more
10:26 am
wealth than the bottom half of america, 150 million americans. what a rigged economy is about, is one family, the walton family of walmart, owning more wealth than the bottom 40% of the american people. one family. and let me tell you further what a rigged economy means and how it works. walmart, as you know, is the largest private sector employer in the united states of america. but walmart pays wages to its employees that are so low that many of those workers are forced to go on medicaid and food stamps in order to survive. and who pays higher taxes for those food stamps and medicaid? you do! middle class does.
10:27 am
what a rigged economy is about is when the middle class pays higher taxes in order to subsidize the wealthiest family in america. that is absurd. that has got to change. >> all right. you have been listening live to vermont senator, bernie sanders, in eau claire, wisconsin. that state holding its primary on tuesday, where we know the vermont senator is hoping to pull out a big win. for about a week now, we have been looking at images coming out of the recaptured city of pal mia, syria. it's home to ancient roman ruins and the scene of horror. they have uncovered the full extent of isis' ten-month occupation. john huddy joins us with more disturbing details, john. >> reporter: yeah, leland. absolutely. we're talking about a mass grave
10:28 am
that syrian military forces found on the outskirts of palmy palmyra, several dozen bodies. this as we're also seeing the footage of the damage left behind by isis. take a look. in fact, we have been getting new footage, new video throughout the day, showing much of the ancient site in rubble. though some sections of the buildings, i should add, the temples, the monuments, do remain standing. in fact, syria's antiquities chief says that priceless artifacts survived better than expected. he said in general, the ancient city's landscape is in good shape. isis' campaign of destruction as a war crime. isis took control of palmyra last may and killed people in the first few days after over the city. and palmyra's theatre used, hundreds forced to attend, including women and children
10:29 am
while syrian military forces backed by russian air strikes. of course those forces loyal to bashar al assad recaptured palmyra last weekend after months of heavy fighting. the city will serve as a base for upcoming operations, including an offensive to try to retake, recapture, raqqah. the military continues to clear land mines, and, again, as mentioned at the top, made this grisly, gruesome discovery. this mass grave. at least 46 bodies have been found so far, including many women and children, leland. back to you. >> john huddy, live in jerusalem. thanks, john. you're looking at two towns in wisconsin where voters are waiting to hear two very different campaign messages. donald trump about to take the stage, and bernie sanders on deck. and the m & m moment found around the world. chris christie in trouble again. sweet fodder for late night
10:30 am
hosts. details, coming up.
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all five presidential candidates are campaigning hard in wisconsin, ahead of tuesday's big primary vote. hillary clinton starting the day in eau claire, before heading south to milwaukee. fox business poll shows bernie sanders leading clinton 48-43 in wisconsin. he's rallying his supporters in eau claire this morning. >> we have won six out of the last seven caucuses and primaries. and with your help, and a large voter turnout on tuesday, i believe we're going to do just fine here in wisconsin. >> ted cruz making a quick trip to fargo for the north dakota gop convention before returning to the badger state to campaign
10:35 am
tonight. donald trump holding a town hall in racine, wisconsin, set to start any minute now. we'll take you there, live. and ohio governor john kasich playing up his experience growing the economy to voters in burlington this morning. >> now we've got economic insecurity. i get it. you know it's not that hard to fix that. it isn't. it's not hard to fix it. i've done it throughout my whole career. and the reason why it's not hard to fix it, we know what the formula is. >> off the campaign trail, donald trump's one-time rival, now supporter, governor chris christie, is battling a new scandal and we use that word loosely of his own. in an appearance on nbc's "the tonight show," the new jersey governor defended himself after a picture went viral that appeared to show christie pouring m&ms into a box of another larger set of m&ms. >> the m & m scandal. and you were just pouring m&ms
10:36 am
into your existing box of m&ms. >> no, no. that's not what i was doing. >> no, that's why it's unbelievable. why would people think that. >> it's not what i was doing. for anyone who has gone to arena. you know what's going on here. you buy the box of m&ms, you bring it back to your seat, you open the box of m & mms and there's a bag of m&ms inside the box. >> you can't be eating out of the box. >> what, the bag is better? >> no, i've got something better for you. >> you've got something for me? >> i got auto gold dish. christie's m&ms. >> late-night jokes aside, let's go back to the campaign trail. and specifically wisconsin. tuesday is a big day. what is the pulse of voters in wisconsin? is polling going to prove true or will we be surprised by the outcome? we have a political reporter from "capital times" a front row seat developing between the popular governor there and the republican front runner, donald trump. jesse, welcome. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me on.
10:37 am
>> first and foremost, i do want to get your reaction at what has been really the political fallout of the jarring -- the political fight between donald trump and, like i said, the very popular governor, scott walker there. has -- who has come out on top in that fight? >> i've got to say so far it seems like governor walker is coming out on top of that fight. he -- yesterday was speaking to a couple of us reporters, said he thinks this is a quote, high-risk position for donald trump. voters have re-elected him or elected him three times over the last few years here. he's clearly shown that he is doing well, especially among republican voters here in wisconsin. so for donald trump to come in here, sure is he getting some crowds riled up and boog boog the governor and cheering for him, yeah. is that playing well among republicans in general here in the state? no, it's not. >> so welcoming into the state and criticizing the governor, do you feel donald trump coming to the state with a real pulse of voters there?
10:38 am
>> i think he knows that there are some voters here who are generally tired of the establishment, as there are everywhere, who are going to, you know, say that folks like speaker paul ryan are too liberal of a conservative. or that governor walker is somehow ineffective. so yes, he knows there are people who feel that way. but as he tapped into the general pulse of wisconsin voters, it doesn't seem like it. >> and i want to talk to -- and clarify with you the way that delegates are voting in wisconsin, specifically. we've heard some headlines where they say, you know, wisconsin -- winner take all. but that's not necessarily true. it's really more along the lines of winner takes most. so how does the delegate selection work there? why is it important we know it's fairly unique? >> sure. it's different for the two parties. so for the republican party, it is generally a winner take all system. but there are also some delegates that apportioned by congressional districts, which
10:39 am
is why we see john kasich maybe doing well in a liberal-leaning congressional district and being able to pick up support there. on the democratic side, it's a little more complicated. there's some aspec of pledged delegates of winner take all. that's the majority of the delegates. but then there are also ten super delegates who are unpledged and can go how they choose. >> right. and without getting too much into the weeds, if bernie sanders does end up winning wisconsin, there will still be quite a few delegates, almost half, that will go to clinton, is that correct? >> yes, yes. she -- a win for sanders here symbolically is a good thing for him. but in terms of numbers, may not make that huge of a difference for him. >> okay. and as you've been out talking to some of the constituents there, what are voters looking for in wisconsin in a candidate? >> i think -- you've probably heard this already quite a bit. civility is huge here in wisconsin. we value a civil intelligent political discourse here. voters want to talk about real
10:40 am
issues. we want to talk about jobs, talk about the economy. they want to see a plan for how the candidates really get the economy back on track. we have seen obviously a flight recovery and that's going well. but they want to know what they're going to do to continue to promote that. education is big. people want to talk about trade policies. but they want to get into the real issues, and they want the candidates to do so in a civil, respectful way. >> you talk about civil discourse. i want to ask you, being on the ground, what the fallout was after we saw donald trump speaking to a number of conservative radio hosts. i believe it was three. and they were very public about being -- #nevertrump. and there were some very awkward exchanges. a lot of them went viral. i want to ask you, what was the fallout from that? you said the voters there do want civil discourse and they do want to talk about issues. what was the reaction there? >> yeah. i mean, those of us who have been following wisconsin politics here on a -- you know, basis leading up to this and
10:41 am
aren't jumping there at the last minute and those of us listening to the radio hosts knew what was going to happen and it was interesting donald trump was going to go on the shows. he's not setting himself up for a cake walk here. but it held up to the promises. we expected him to get some tough questions. he got some tough questions. and i think conservatives here in wisconsin see themselves as one of the last chances to put a halt on donald trump's candidacy. and that string of radio interviews kind of pushed that narrative along. >> jesse, thank you so much for joining us. sure we'll hear more from you on tuesday. thank you so much. we appreciate it. viewers at home, you are looking live right now at sarah palin in racine, wisconsin. she's speaking to a very enthusiastic group of folks ahead of donald trump. of course, when donald trump does take the stage, we will certainly bring it to you live. and as elizabeth noted, we are still waiting for trump to take the stage there. and we're just days to go before
10:42 am
that primary. really almost hours now. you can count them on. donald trump a couple days ago had a clash with wisconsin's queen of talk radio. she's going to join us and tell us what led to this moment on-air. >> he just hung up on me. that's okay. no, he gave me 25 minutes. i mean, that was fine. it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure. michael james!
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10:47 am
reforms we were able to pass through in a blue state turned purple state like wisconsin by dividing republicans. and how do you divide republicans -- >> i'm not looking to divide republicans. >> but you are dividing republicans. >> well, you know, i'm not looking to divide republicans. i will be better than anybody else as president. >> there you go. so does donald trump's republican brand jive with wisconsin's? and does it matter? radio host vicki mckenna joins us now from madison. vicki, dare i say, you might be off mr. trump's christmas card list. >> pretty sure. pretty sure he might not be coming back on my program. >> how do you feel about that? does it matter at some level? i know there are a couple come patriots who had some nasty fights as well on the radio. >> does it matter he bombed on talk radio in wisconsin? it absolutely matters he bombed on talk radio in wisconsin. i was frankly stunned that none
10:48 am
of his team seemed to research anything about our state. didn't know anything about our budget. knew nothing about the reforms. knew nothing about what had happened in the past six years with the political warfare that had taken place in wisconsin. but yes, it absolutely matters. because conservatives in wisconsin largely don't trust prohibit media. and they go to talk radio for a lot of their information and analysis. >> that's one thing that makes wisconsin so different. give us a few other things as we're watching this race. it looks so, so different than it did before. and with that, i'm going to give you a second to think about your answer and we're going to listen to donald trump who just took the stage in racine, wisconsin. ♪ racine, wisconsin. he's down about ten points in the latest fox business network poll in that state. and as we just heard from vicki mckenna, had a tough time with a couple of the talk radio hosts. we'll see if he addresses that, among other issues to rather
10:49 am
boisterous crowd warmed up by sarah palin. here now, mr. trump. >> who is willing to take her time and come here, and wire going to make two other stops, and she wants to go and she's just an amazing -- she has that energy. and the big brain power. and we just love a. so i want to thank you, sarah, okay? and stephanie, i want to thank you so much. what a job. stand up, stephanie. come on. what a job she's done. of course, if we don't win on tuesday, that's the end of stephanie, right? but she has done -- she has done an amazing job. and i think we're doing really well based on everything i'm hering. we have tremendous enthusiasm, tremendous support. different areas. we have different folks for different strokes, frankly. there are some areas where it looks like it's just uniform trump. and we are others which we're actually campaigning in a little bit to see if we can get them over. you know, i was coming in today, and i thought it was important to mention. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting up my own money.
10:50 am
and cruz and kasich are -- and everybody -- i mean, you know, every politician. nobody self-funds. i don't think anybody self-funded probably since ross perot, i guess. but i'm self-funding my campaign. and i said to my people today, i don't think it is worth it. i love this process. i like a primary more than a caucus. i think a caucus is crazy where if somebody goes in and they get taken over and i don't really like that process. it's almost just doesn't seem to be right. now maybe because i seem to do so well. we have won i think 22 states already, which is fantastic. 22 states. and we have -- >> donald trump in wisconsin ahead of the primary there. he had a tough time on talk radio in wisconsin. one of the hosts he had a tough time with was vicki mckenna,
10:51 am
with us earlier and will join us again right after the break. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. hello?!n presents the yardley's. -oh, pizza is here! -oh! yeah, come woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside.
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show show me more like this.ns. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. talk radio is big in wisconsin. someone who's made a lot of headlines both on the radio and
10:55 am
off, vickie mckenna. we already established, vickie, you're off mr. trump's christmas card list. as we continue to look at what's happening there in wisconsin, trump is ten points down to ted cruz in the latest fox business network poll. why is wisconsin so different than all of these other states we've seen go for mr. trump? >> we -- i'm not exaggerating. we have some of the most well informed conservative voters in america in wisconsin. i'm not just patting talk radio on the back, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that they get, political analysis on our shows. when donald trump comes into wisconsin and blasts governor walker for a non-existent $2.2 billion deficit, he uses essentially democratic talking points to trash reforms we all came together to support, that will never play well. to be non-specific and unprepared is not going to fly in our state. >> you point that out,
10:56 am
non-specific and unprepared. that's something that trump has gotten knocked pretty hard over the past couple of days, especially on the issue of abortion. john roberts earlier in this broadcast called it unforced errors. the fourth iteration of his abortion policy from we're going to prosecute mothers, to we're not, to now the laws are set, what he said to cbs. now he's walking that back. how does that work? >> it doesn't work at all. we have one of the strongest pro-life movements in our state in america. people know what it means to be pro life. when you meander like that and flip and flop, it just does not fly. >> we will see how well it flies come tuesday. vicki mckenna, appreciate your insight. with that, we'll be back on the other side of this break for more of america's election headquarters. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
10:57 am
because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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ted cruz is about to take the stage at the gop state convention in north dakota. then it is on to wisconsin where he's leading until polls. we're going to be talking to a cruz surrogate about why he needs to win there on tuesday. lot of folks say bernie sanders needs to win in wisconsin as well. he is speaking to a huge crowd in eu claire, wisconsin. he's lampooned what he calls the corrupt economy. we'll see more how that does for him in the polls in wisconsin where he is ahead of hillary clinton right now. we have been in and o


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