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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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ted cruz is about to take the stage at the gop state convention in north dakota. then it is on to wisconsin where he's leading until polls. we're going to be talking to a cruz surrogate about why he needs to win there on tuesday. lot of folks say bernie sanders needs to win in wisconsin as well. he is speaking to a huge crowd in eu claire, wisconsin. he's lampooned what he calls the corrupt economy. we'll see more how that does for him in the polls in wisconsin where he is ahead of hillary clinton right now. we have been in and out
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listening to donald trump speaking to a very rnlg enthusi crowd in racine, wisconsin. busy saturday. good saturday to you. nice to have you along. >> welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. we have been watching these events. all we see them we will be bringing them to you live. we are now looking -- this is presumably the ted cruz event. this is carly fiorina. he is in north dakota at the state convention there. we anticipate him to speak at this event, then he will be onward to wisconsin where we assume he will just be hitting the pedal to the metal between now and tuesday. it is a hugely important state to win ahead of win. >> you say why all of a sudden is he heading to north dakota? good question. the state convention is in north dakota, and they pick their delegates there. so who the delegates actually
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are out of north dakota is key and that's why ted cruz is heading over there. he brought carly fiorina as sort of his main surrogate now. he's there. then he heads to green bay, wisconsin for a rally tonight. ted cruz is ahead in wisconsin. latest fox business poll shows him ten points up in wisconsin, something the cruz campaign wants to really, really hammer home. >> on the gop side we've been talking about really the strategies behind some of their campaigns. we heard from tanya gurtz earlier, she's from the trump campaign. but we are about to speak with alex stewart, communications director for the ted cruz campaign. she joins us live. so i want to ask you, first i want to play a sound bite from my earlier interview, then get your reaction. listen here, then we'll talk
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after. >> because i believe that it is conservative -- contusional conservative principles -- >> that was not the sound bite. we had have a sond bite earlier from -- here it is live. take a listen. >> women love mr. trump. i mean, sure, there are a few -- or a couple thousand, whatever the number is, that don't. but strong women, women that really want to safer, more secure america, who want a better educational system for their children, like i do, who want drugs out of our country, who want jobs in our country, they vote for mr. trump. >> so you hear tana there say strong women want a strong leader. she says that strong leader is donald trump. i presume you disagree. >> absolutely. the national polls show a completely different story. national polls show 75% disapproval rating amongst women with donald trump in the state of wisconsin, which is critical in the next few days.
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ted cruz has over a 20-point advantage when it comes to women voters in that state. and it is all because of what donald trump has said and done with regard to women throughout this campaign. starting months ago with your colleague, megyn kelly, insulting comments in response to performance on the debate stage. he has said disparaging words to carly fiorina and also threatened and harassed heidi cruz, the wife of ted cruz. this constant drumbeat of critical comments to women have made an impact, as they should. it is just a complete disrespect for women and it is showing in the polls. in addition to that, the important issue in wisconsin and across the country when it comes to the like issue, donald trump this week -- first, he's taken every side of this important issue, but one very disturbing comment that he made was in a town hall where he said that women who undergo an abortion procedure, if it, to be a banned procedure, should be punished. that's an extremely concerning
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comment and mindset for a presidential candidate to have amongst women. that's certainly why his approval ratings are tanking when it comes to women. and in light of that, we've had a coalition of women for ted cruz crfor quite some time. he had a phenomenal showing this week, ted cruz, his wife heidi and his mother. carly fiorina talking about issues important to women. ted cruz says all issues are women's issues. talking about jobs, security and freedom with women that are strong women that have made an impact on his life and influence across this country. he wants to hear from them, unlike donald trump who continues to show disrespect to them. >> i have so many questions for you but i want to get to this one important one. i want to get a gauge of what's going on behind the scenes. what is the end game for the cruz campaign? we've talked about the fact it is nearly impossible to get 88% of the remaining delegates. but what is the ted cruz campaign wanting to see when all of those delegates head to the
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convention in july? >> the key to success is is exactly what we've been doing, maintaining the momentum that would have us go into wisconsin with tremendous momentum and having the endorsement of the very successful and popular governor scott walker and having campaigned quite a bit there with ted cruz and carly fiorina and heidi cruz. and achieving what we want to do in wisconsin which is, as many delegates as we can acquire there, of the 42 that are on the table in wisconsin and continuing this momentum to further states. look, the magic 1,237 is a goal for all the candidates, but our goal short term is every state we go to, work hard, fight hard to achieve success in acquiring the delegates. we expect to do well tuesday in wisconsin. moving on to new york and further states up in the northeast and hope to acquire 1,237 before the convention. if that is not the case, we are prepared to take it out on the convention floor. >> absolutely. so many strategies.
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alice stewart, thanks so much for joining us. i wish we had more time. hope to have you back. get this -- the april 18th tax deadline is just two weeks away. if you have paused when i said that, you get three extra days this year to file because april 15th comes on a friday. it is crunch time for millions of small business owners putting together their tax returns. on the campaign trail candidates are playing a up their business cred, none more than donald trump who talked tough on china this week in wisconsin. >> here we have something that's pretty interesting. 100 -- i love you, too. you lost 70,000 jobs to china. 70,000 jobs. 100,000 illegal immigrants living in wisconsin, taxpayers are paying tens of millions of dollars. we can't have china ripping us off and mexico and japan and vietnam. we can't have it. we can't have it. and they are ripping us like
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they've never ripped anybody before. we've rebuilt china. >> gene marks, small business owner, consultant, writes a daily column about small business for "the washington post." he joins us now. gene, appreciate you being with us. first things first. you endorsing anybody yet? >> nobody yet. leland, honestly i'm trying to keep an open mind until we hit november. i'm doing a very, very good job so far at doing that. >> we applaud you on the effort. as we look at what is going on here, depending on whose numbers you believe, there's 28 million or so small businesses in the united states. it is powerful voting block. folks who really care about their pocketbooks for obvious reasons and the laws that affect their businesses. what makes small business owners so different? >> small business owners whenever they hear any kind of rhetoric or things are coming out of washington, they -- it hits them directly in their pocketbook. whenever washington comes back with more regulation, they do things with health care, when they talk about any type of new
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taxes, when you are a small business owner, it is not like you can just turn on a switch and increase your revenues. usually those things come down and hit your p and l. we've got 600 clients in my firm. i speak to business owners and write for them all around the country. they're very, very cognizant of how much washington is going to cost them. because it is a slow-growth economy and they want to make sure they are able to operate as profitably as possible. >> as you listen to mr. trump, and read this website, you come out with a column that says mr. trump's tax business for a small business owner like you. as we've seen on issues of abortion and other issues in the past, this sort of flip-flop and iterations of trump's opinion and proposals seem to go back and forth all the time. are you worried a little bit that, all right, this is what he says today but if he gets elected he may do something else tomorrow, and for that matter he's never actually gotten anything done in the political world so how is he going to ram through his trump tax plan?
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>> you know, there is no doubt there is a concern. when i speak to business owners, first of all, he has a huge amount after popularity among business owners around the country. a recent poll by manta, a small business service, that found 60% of small business owners support trump out of all the other republican -- >> is that surprise you? >> it does not surprise me at all. i think the biggest reason why -- there's really three big reasons. one, when small businesses hear trump, clearly it is obviously they connect with him. he is a business guy. he speaks no nonsense. he's not the typical politician from washington. so when they hear him talk about stuff they believe him, they connect with him. they feel he is part of them. that's probably the biggest thing that they connect with. number two though is taxes. i did write about that for the washington post. when you run a small business, and most people they generate their income and their income falls through on to their personal income statement. even if it is a business income, it is called an s corp. tax return. it comes down to your personal income statement.
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trump is proposing the lowest rates of all of the candidates when it comes to taxes. he's putting forth a 15% business income tax rate. the current corporate rate is 35% which means that for me, running my business, and all of my clients, whatever income comes down to my income statement will only be taxed at 15% which is really, really low. that's very, very good. not only that, he like the other republican candidates want to eliminate the capital gains tax all together. whereas on the democratic side, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, they want to keep it there. they even want to tax it as ordinary income. >> gene, up against a hard break. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. >> gene, thanks so much. with that we're going to move over to ted cruz who is on the stage. fargo, north dakota at the gop state convention there in north dakota. let's listen in. >> -- small businesses all across the united states of america.
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if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. we'll pass common sense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. and we will pass a simple flat tax where every american can fill out our taxes on a postc d postcard. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs.
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we're going to rein in the epa. and the federal regulators who have descended like locusts on farmers and ranchers and small businesses killing jobs all across this country. to the farmers and ranchers here, i represent texas, a great agricultural state. and as president, i will rescind the waters of the united states rule.
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and we will repeal the death x tax. you know, i'm reminded of a few years back. i was out in west texas. and i asked some folks there, i said, what's the difference between regulators and locusts? i said, well, the thing is, you can't use pesticide on the regulators. this old west texas farmer, he leaned back, said, wanna bet? and let me talk to everyone here in the oil and gas industry. i'm a texan. we know something about that. north dakota has risen as a powerful energy haven, and we are going to keep the federal government the heck out of the way and develop our resources here in the united states of
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america. we will prohibit the federal government from regulating fracking, and we will build the keystone pipeline. and we're going to stop amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities and end welfare benefits for those here illegally. let me tell you the effect of all that. we're going to see millions upon millions of new high-paying jobs. we're going to see jobs coming back from mexico, coming back from china. we're going to see manufacturing jobs coming back to america. we're going to see wages rising
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for people all across this country. and we're going to see young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job offers. we'll see morning in america again. the second critical issue in this election is freedom. you know, just a few weeks ago with the passing of justice scalia, it underscored the stakes of this election. it is not one but two branches of the federal government that hang in the balance. we are one liberal justice away from a radical five-justice majority, the likes of which this country's never seen. we are one justice away from the supreme court effectively stripping religious liberty from americans all across this country. we are one justice away from the court effectively erasing the
11:17 am
second amendment from the bill of rights. and we are one justice away from the supreme court making us subject to the world court and the united nations and international law and giving up u.s. sovereignty. now you know, two debates ago, we were all asked a question about religious liberty and the supreme court. and donald trump turned to me, and he said, ted, i've known a lot more politicians than you have. well, in that, he is correct. donald has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. >> all right, ted cruz there at the state convention in north dakota. fargo, north dakota. things work a little bit differently in north dakota. the delegates, the 25 delegates, chosen by the gop convention there get to vote for whoever they want. so you can imagine just how popular and valuable those folks are. ted cruz talking to them now.
11:18 am
then he heads to wisconsin tonight ahead of the primary where he is up in the polls. liz? speaking of wisconsin, as we continue our political coverage, today's early snowstorm in wisconsin is a fitting reminder that winter's grip and the fight for the democratic presidential nomination are far from over. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been sharpening their attacks, this time over when and whether or not to debate before the new york primary. the clinton campaign suggested monday night would be a good time. the sanders camp called it "ludicrous" to compete with the ncaa championship game especially since syracuse could be in it. bernie sanders is still speaking to a big crowd in eau claire and sounding upbeat about his chances for victory. >> there has been some concern upon the part of my opponent and others as to whether or not bernie sanders could win a
11:19 am
general election. well, let me tell you. let me tell you that the last cnn poll had us 20 points ahead of donald trump. >> hillary clinton appears in the same city in wisconsin a little bit later on today. we have much more political news ahead right after the break. stay with us. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12
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about 50 world leaders wrapping up a nuclear security summit in washington declaring progress in the fight to keep nuclear materiel out of the hands of rogue states, as well as terror groups. but is the united states which hosted this global gathering doing enough to lead in the effort? big questions out there. >> so president obama will be the first to tell you that there is really still a lot of work left to do on this issue. but going forward, he says we have made progress in terms of the nuclear stockpiles and reducing those. but the biggest concern among world leaders right now is the growing threat of terrorists and their ambitions for nuclear weapons. >> -- that if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear materiel, they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as
11:24 am
possible. that's why our work here remains so critical. >> that work includes a new nuclear security agreement between the world leaders. this aims to protect nuclear materiels as they are being used, stored or transported. this agreement comes after the terror attacks in brussels where investigators discovered two of the terrorists were spying on a top belgian nuclear official. al qaeda has long sought nuclear weapons for its attacks as well. in his weekly address, president obama said these new measures will help to prevent that type of thing from happening. >> we've removed our security enough nuclear material for more than 150 nuclear weapons, materiel that will never now fall into the hands of terrorists. >> many argue the president must change his strategy to keep up with the changing threats. >> i don't know where he wants to contain them. isil operatives are everywhere.
11:25 am
we're beyond containment and must move decisively and with purpose to eliminate the islamic state. >> president obama also met with the leaders of south korea, japan and china to discuss new york's nuclear problem and how to stop it. north korea responded to news of those talks by firing a surface-to-air missile off of its east coast. >> surface-to-air missile. they also had some choice words for their south korean counterparts. not happy times on either side of the dmz. many of the iron-fisted rulers of the middle east at the onset of the arab spring are long gone. with ten months left in his presidency, historians are looking back at barack obama's role in reshaping the region. in a special report airing tonight called "rising threats shrinking military," brett bayer speaks with three former defense secretaries about the libya strategy. >> reporter: in february 2011, egypt's next-door neighbor, libya, also went up in flames.
11:26 am
the country's dictator, moammar gadhafi, had been cooperating with the u.s. since the invags of iraq in 2003. many voizs around the world were now demanding he be removed from power. once again, the president's top military advisors counseled caution. when he sided with those who urged him to support the overthrow of gadhafi, his secretary of defense resorted to extraordinary measures. did you actually tell your sb d subordinates to limit the amount of information they gave to the white house on military options available in libya? >> all i said was, i don't want any military plans or options going to the white house that i haven't seen. >> you write it a little more bluntly. you say don't give the white house staff too much information on the military options, they don't understand it. >> pretty much. >> that's a little more blunt. you had concern about that. >> absolutely. >> about running military
11:27 am
operations out of the white house. >> yeah. the experience that we had had with that in vietnam didn't work so well. >> of course, see "rising threats, shrinking military" at 8:00 and 11:00 eastern tonight and again tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. and midnight. coming up in this show, the isis threat at airports in europe, as well as here in the u.s. how big is the threat and what do you need to know? we'll speak with fox's military analyst general bob scales. lot more politics ahead. senator ted cruz live on the stage in fargo, north dakota, tries to score points over his two gop opponents. he's still speaking in north dakota before heading to wisconsin. meanwhile, our political panel is here about to weigh in on the democratic white house hopefuls as they're both in wisconsin as well. ♪
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well, all eyes are on wisconsin as vermont senator
11:32 am
bernie sanders tells his supporters not only has he raised $44 million in march, he also has the momentum to win the badger state pointing to the fact that the democratic front-runner hillary clinton seems to be more focused on the primary coming up in new york, this while the clinton started accuse ugg ting the sanders tea lying. let's have a fair and balanced debate about the democratic race. angela mcgowan and corey, i want to start with you. we ooh say bernie has this momentum going into wisconsin, just winning 6 out of the 7 states, the headline also should say that even if he wins, hillary clinton will be getting almost 50% of the delegates i think it is around 40% regardless. so does that impede his momentum? >> it does actually. again, you have to -- we aren't starting from zero. we're starting from 260. that's about the number of delegates that she has over bernie sanders right now.
11:33 am
it's really going to be difficult for him to overcome that even in the upcoming races unless he has big wins. just like you said, he's going to get a proportional amount of delegates here in wisconsin. same thing for new york. same thing for the big state of california. that is ultimately why it is going to be very tough for him to overcome where he is right now. >> you need momentum ahead of new york because that is also a state that has quite a few delegates and it is a very symbolic win for very obvious reasons. >> it is a symbolic win. >> so do you think it is important for the democratic side? >> i think it is important that bernie does well in wisconsin and i think it will give him momentum into new york. but i think it is sad, too, hillary is ducking him on a debate where she wants to do on one monday when it is going to be the ncaa and syracuse is playing. she is threatened by bernie. i think bernie's giving her a run for the money. as for starting out at ground zero and superdelegates, superdelegates can change who they support. so bernie still has a chance i
11:34 am
think to pool some of her delegates. >> that's certainly true, that's the argument he is putting forward, he'd love for them to begin to change their minds. but facts are facts, he's not going to have enough momentum to get enough regular delegates to overcome where he is right now. >> do you think his momentum is overblown? >> no, i actually don't. look, bernie sanders has won the past ten caucus states. he's done very, very well and giving her a run for her money, no doubt about that. but the argument they have time to make this up in the time that's left is just not going to work. >> what about what angela said, the debate dodging. hillary came back and said she wants to do it on monday night. bernie said this is ludicrous. why is there a debate of debates zp. >> at this point you have to wonder what is the point of the debates? what can we say about a particular issue that hasn't
11:35 am
already been discussed on the right or left? that's why the debates are diminishing in the gop and they should actually be diminishing on the left as well. >> no. because people are just now paying attention. we are inside the beltway where politics are alive. but bread and butter issues and every day working moms are just now paying attention. >> i don't think that's right. i think if you look at the number of people who have watched these debates since last september when the gop aired their first debate right here on fox, numbers have been huge. record numbers of folks have been watching. >> but that doesn't mean that your average person has or has not been. i think debates are good because people can flip-flop and there could be other issues that can come up. i think people should debate up to the convention. >> i want to ask you, do you think more people would be paying attention as well because bernie is starting to gain momentum and maybe there is a generation that wasn't paying attention to him before and now they are paying attention and it seems like hillary started focusing on the general before she finished the primary.
11:36 am
>> i think that folks, as i've just said, have been paying attention the whole time. what i hope is that bernie sanders actually stays in the race. if you think back to 2008, hillary clinton stayed in the race until the last dog died. right? ultimately what did that mean? that meant that media attention as well as voter attention continued to be focused on the democratic process. right? if bernie were to get out now, my concern is that the media would stop even covering what's happening on the democratic side. that's an advantage for us from an organizing standpoint, as well as from an enthusiasm standpoint. we want to make sure that we have registered voters in all of these blocks. when you have these events all over the country, those are organizing events as well. it is not just for putting pictures on tv, it is an opportunity to generate popularity with our voters as well. >> if bernie stays in the race and they don't debate, these
11:37 am
people would have to come to these events to hear him. i don't think that's fair because you still have voters who are undecided. >> there is a different dynamic if he does stay in the race. very interesting points. i'm sure we will talk about it ahead of those big conventions this summer. stay with fox for election eve prime time coverage of the wisconsin primary and a look ahead to the next battleground state, new york. john kasich joins greta van susteren live from new york at 7:00 p.m. eastern. bill o'reilly is back at 8:00 p.m. with the o'reilly factor. megyn kelly has an exclusive hour-long interview with ted cruz on "the kelly file" from madison, wisconsin. sean hannity talks with donald trump in front of a live audience. coming up after of the break, days after the terror attack in the brussels airport lingering questions on passenger side, both in europe and here in the united states. our military analyst general bob
11:38 am
scales will offer some very hard truths. and the latest buzz on a flying insect invasion that has residents running for cover. when america's election headquarters returns. meet the new john deere gator xuv590i, a vehicle so versatile it owns anything outdoors that ends in "ing"... hauling, exploring, off-roading... and of course, braking. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator. visit your john deere dealer to experience the new gator xuv590i, starting at just $9,799.
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if you're allergic to bees, this is something that nightmares are made out of. in phoenix, arizona, emergency crews raced to a local mosque.
11:43 am
firefighters sprayed foam to try to snuff out the bees. the brussels airport is still closed today for ten days after isis led terror attacks, ten days post those attacks still closed but the airport's head says some flights may resume tomorrow, sunday. the belgian police union says more attacks could be on the way citing a letter saying as many as 50 isis supporters work at the brussels airports in low-level jobs, cleaners, baggage handlers, that type of thing, but they still have uncheck access to aircraft. that's something the u.s. officials are seeing right here in the united states as well. >> although some form of screening is conducted on cargo, catering supplies, checked baggage and of course passengers, there are other airport employees who have access to sterile areas of the airport who are subjected to only criminal history record checks and security threat assessments. this group has unimpeded access to care craft and it was
11:44 am
discovered that some of these employees who worked at the msp airport later traveled to syria to fight for isis. >> you feel safer already, don't you? fox news military analyst general bob scales here with us in the studio. all right. that's one airport in belgium. brussels is by far the largest. there are 515 commercial airports in the united states. you have to think isis has a couple of folks who may be spending some time on youtube and twitter here. >> two issues. one, i think the airports do a marvelous job of screen something crews, of screening flight attendants, employees. they don't do such a good job with screening low-level employees. these are the guys that clean up aircraft, that load baggage. >> lot of them are contractors. don't even work for the airlines. >> the other issue which is even more sinister is that isis literally has a research and development facility in the middle east and their sole focus is in finding ways to get around airport security and blow up
11:45 am
airplanes as we saw at sharm el sheikh. >> the russian airliner as well. the question is though, how likely is it for them to be able to get somebody in the united states versus somebody in europe? get somebody back from their training facility here to the u.s.? >> it is not so much the training facility that they get back. it is the technology. we know they have -- isis has sleeper cells in the united states. >> they radicalize people in the u.s. >> of course they have. the key is to get detonators that they could put on aircraft to get by security and to build an slowsive device that doesn't give off the whiff of nitrates which is how you detect explosions on airplanes. isis is 100% committed to doing this. they've succeeded in north africa. trying desperately to do it in europe and we, the united states, logically is their next big target. >> if you get past an access badge -- >> that's right.
11:46 am
>> another thing we think it takes a lot of throng to maechn make a nuclear bomb. doubt the isis guys have ph.ds in physics but it doesn't seem like they need that expertise. >> remember, a lot of saddam's scientists have their own research and development effort going. remember, you don't need to build a bomb. you need to have fissile material, radioactive material you can wrap up into an explosive and blow up a place like washington, d.c. or new york. that makes whole blocks completely impassable. >> when you say nuclear materiel, talking about stuff you could find in a hospital? >> race yo active isotopes. it doesn't necessarily have to be plutonium or enriched rain y uranium that could have an event to cause mass casualty. >>. in the "wall street journal"
11:47 am
today, the university of mosul was raised. since isis has taken over that part of iraq, they have turned it into a bomb factory of sorts. chemical -- chemistry labs are now bomb labs and those kind of things. my question, if the "wall street journal" knows about this bomb lab, i would certainly hope the pentagon knows about this bomb lab. and i it got me to thinking, in world war ii the university of mose. would have class dismissed permanently by the u.s. air force. not the case now. >> remember, 8 out of 10 aircraft that are sent on missions over iraq today go back with their ordnance still intact. if one civilian is at risk from a precision bombing strike from our air power in iraq, mission doesn't go down. the university of mosul is sitting right smack dab in the middle of that city, and, oh, by the way, it is still a university so you have scientists and technicians and research and development experts who are able to spend the time this he need to spend to develop the world's next explosive
11:48 am
technology. >> you would imagine that isis probably knows our rules of engagement as well. >> oh, i think they do. >> general scales, appreciate your time. after the break, cameras are out to skim you. what you need to know to protect your hard-earned cash during your next trip to the atm. plus, kim jong-un makes a full media play after the communist nation makes more provocative rules in the sciedef the outside world. @e@8ñúñ÷@@
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> . [ speaking in korea ] the last reunion separated families and relatives took place last fall. meanwhile officials in seol say north korea fired a short missile into the sea in south korea. security experts say atm fraud is one of the fastest growing electronic crimes. according to some estimates atm
11:53 am
skimmings are costing banks about $2 billion a year. you can imagine they pass those costs onto us. even as banks cracking down, thieves are one step ahead. brian is in new york with how we can protect ourselves. >> according to the most recent data, fica said atm fraud has gone up. atms skimming is getting more sophisticated and it is a growing problem. >> crooks are robbing banks around the world with no mess and atms skimmings are costing $2 billion a year according to atm associations. the answering of pin codes are recorded by small cameras and the bad guys recreated their
11:54 am
gift cards. >> it is much easy tampering with these gas pumps. with atms, you will see skimmers. the largest u.s. atm skim unk uncovered took place in new york, new jersey and florida. criminals captured in this video stole $6.5 million. >> they would literally put in the first card and type in the pin code and take out the maximum money they could take out and go to the next card and do the same thing until they exhaust all the cards that they have. >> sixteen were prosecuted by the u.s. office in new jersey. those convicted now are serving up to ten years in prison. >> experts say it is best to use the same atms and gas pump often
11:55 am
so you are aware of anything looking out of the ordinary. >> brian llenas, live in new york, thank you. after the break, the amazing video that has led up over more than 6 million views and of goodwill. >> i am uma, pemmaraju, what a week has been for trump and growing number for ted cruz. we'll take a look at the turning point. t the president in iraq is not falling the deal, should we be surprised? hear the reactions at the top of the hour. see you then. of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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the big question is did she get in? >> read it. >> what does it say? >> it is with great pleasure to notify you of our acceptance of our program. >> i got in! [ laughter ] >> i got in. >> well, if you don't smile about that, i don't know what
12:00 pm
would make you smile. rachel loves the idea of living out on her own and being independent. the school posted a welcome message for her. >> we are lucky to call you a warrior and lucky to see rachel's reactions. god speed, we'll see you next week. we are live in new york, i am um ma memoa pemmaraju. >> for the 65% to 75% of americans who recognize nominating donald trump is a train wreck. >> well, you know it is been a tough week for donald trump and ted cruz is seeing a spike in the polls. you will hear from political guru ed rollins on the race and the fact on the delegates. a new report shows the group


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