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tv   Kennedy  FOX News  April 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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it is crunch time on the campaign trail tonight as the candidateses gear up for the next big presidential contest in the race for the white house. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett. the candidates making their final pitches to voters in wisconsin. just ahead of tuesday's big primary there. all of this coming as the latest "fox business" network poll shows donald trump is actually losing in the badger state. he's trailing behind ted cruz for the state's all important 42 delegates. let's go to senior national
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correspondent john roberts who is live from rothchilds, wisconsin with more on this. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. we're in the north central part of the state near wassau, wisconsin. sarah palin warming up the crowd here as donald trump is about to take the stage. she says she feels at home here because it snowed here. but there is a bear hunters convention going on in the room next door. donald trump would like to win wisconsin, take home the better part if not all of the 42 delegates. but he's having a big challenge from ted cruz who is showing ten points ahead of donald trump. and trump now under fire from pro-life conservatives for appearing to take a fourth position on abortion in an interview that's going to air tomorrow telling cbs that roe v wade is the law of the land and it should stay that way.
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at a rally a short time ago, trump said he thought answered the question well, though perhaps incompletely. listen. >> what i said was so good. it was so perfect. and then they looked and said oh, maybe he should have added a word. well, actually the way it came out, they took words out that i said and the only reason i tell you this is 'cause i want you to watch it. if i didn't something wrong, i wouldn't want you to watch it. >> reporter: he's will go coming under fire for comments he made during interviews early earlier this week about nuclear weapons, among others. it prompted john kasich to momentarily drop his mr. nice guy image and issue sharp criticism of mr. trump. kasich told me last evening in no way should people think that he's going to go negative. listen. >> but we can't be loose with your talk about nuclear weapons and abolishing nato and how you're gonna pick a supreme court justice. but that's not where i'm going
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to live. i live in the world of a positive vision for the future and i'm not gonna change. >> reporter: john kasich's only hope to become the republican nominee is to win a contested convention in july. both ted cruz and donald trump are trying to keep him outside, citing the republican national committee's rule 40 b saying you need to have a majority of delegates in eight states to be entered into the nomination. however, this is some interesting legal things i've been going over for the last couple days, first of all, that rule may not be in place by this convention. secondly, that only governs the rules of whether or not you can make a nominating speech and have a big floor rally. in order for delegates to vote for you, if they're unbound, they can do it. so you got a few that will be unbound going in. you'll have more that will be unbound if they don't get a nominee in the first, second, third or fourth ballot. it's quite possible that john kasich could start to attract a lot of votes at that convention if he can hang in that long. >> he could indeed. all right. check out that bear hunting
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convention next door and let us know in the next hour, will you? >> reporter: i will. more cammo than i've seen since i was in iraq. >> thanks very much. >> all right. we're going to go now to the democratic side of the battle for wisconsin. bernie sanders already holding two town halls there today before a founders day dinner for wisconsin democrats tonight. his rival, hillary clinton, also attending tonight's dinner. mrs. clinton scrambling for voters in the badger state, especially in light of the latest fox business poll. check it out, showing the former secretary of state losing by five points to bernie sanders. rich edson joins us live with more. it seems like the democratic primary is showing no signs of ending any time soon. >> reporter: they are not. despite hillary clinton's substantial delegate lead, senator bernie sanders continues raising millions and securing delegates as well. both are campaigning in wisconsin ahead of the state's tuesday primary.
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clinton is holding an event now. sanders has one next hour in milwaukee and both will attend a dinner this evening in milwaukee. with most of the primaries and caucuses concluded, there is little indication the democratic nominating process will end soon. sanders' campaign announced it raised nearly $40 million last months after it finished march last week winning all three western state caucuses. sanders also leads in the latest wisconsin poll. wyoming caucuses next weekend and sanders has performed well in caucus states with similar demographics. arthel. >> looking past next week, they're looking ahead. already to new york, right? >> reporter: they are. the primary is more than two weeks away on april 19. both have already campaigned there. sanders is demanding a debate in new york before the primary. in a statement released this afternoon, the clinton campaign says, quote, over the course of the last week, we have offered three specific dates for a debate in new york. all of which the sanders campaign rejected. in response, sanders says, quote, the dates and venues she
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has proposed don't make a whole lot of sense. the idea that they want a debate in new york on a night of the ncaa finals, with syracuse in the tournament no less, is ludicrous. we have proposed other dates which they rejected. a week later, five other northeastern states vote. clinton supporters say they expect the former secretary of state to perform well in that region. clinton also maintains a sizable delegate lead. she has 1712 of the 2383 needed to win the nomination. sanders has about 1,000. back to you. >> okay. thanks a lot. overseas now to turmoil in syria where the country's partial cease fire is falling apart. dozens are dead after fierce fighting erupted in alepp. all of it coming as we get new reports that russian forces are not pulling out of syria. instead, more troops are actually arriving there.
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on top of this, we're getting new details on devastation committed by isis in the ancient city of palmyra. john huddy joins us now. more from our middle east bureau. john? >> reporter: military forces made yet another grisly and gruesome discovery in palmyra. a mass grave loaded with the bodies of several dozen people. this as we continue to see the damage that isis has left behind. new footage shows many of palmyra's ancient buildings and monuments reduced to rubble. though some sections remain standing. syria's antiquities chief says priceless artifacts survived better than expected. the landscape is in good shape. still the campaign of destruction was described as a war crime. palmyra is a world heritage site and at one time before syria's civil war and isis was a major tourist destination. isis took control of palmyra
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last may and reportedly killed more than 400 people in the first few days after taking over the city. the ancient theater was used for public executions where hundreds of people were forced to tained. since then, the fight to retake palmyra has raged on and syrian military forces backed by russian air strikes recaptured pal mireya last weekend. the city will now serve as a base for broader operations, including the fight to retake the isis stronghold of raqqa. this syrian military officer says his troops are now clearing the city of land mines that have been hidden under rocks and bodies. so far the bodies of at least 45 people have been found in that mass grave, including women and children, according to syrian military officials. many of the bodies were beheaded. others show signs of torture. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. >> thanks very much. there are new developments out of brussels. officials say a third suspect is
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now facing charges in connection with the plot to stage a major terrorist attack in france. the 33-year-old man was collared in a raid where police discovered explosives and weapons. this comes as at least two dozen protesters are in custody today after brussels police broke up a protest against islamaphobia. authorities had planned all marches in the city were banned all marches in the city after a far right group announced it plans to hold an anti-muslim rally in the city. meantime, brussels, the airport there, remains -- is preparing to open tomorrow with only limited flights resuming for now while the departure haul is rebuilt from the damage of the attack. the system responsible for severe weather in the south is moving offshore thankfully. but parts of the u.s. will see colder than average temps and a
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mix of rain and snow coming in behind it. we're getting reports that two people died when powerful storms barreled through the south last week in alabama. the storms downed hundreds of therese, damaging homes when they fell. >> we have trees in our living room, they came through our living room roof and into our bedroom and i'm -- part of the ceiling collapsed. this was the home we bought when our children were small and we raised our kids here. >> reporter: neighbors living in the area say they were glad that no one was injured. things getting heated ahead of this summer's republican convention. so coming up, we'll take a close look at just how ugly the battle for each and every delegate could become. what it might mean for the gop in the general election. >> plus, president obama hosting his fourth and final nuclear security summit. what he said about keeping terrorists from getting their hands on the world's most dangerous weapons.
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>> and saudi arabia buying thousands of acres of farm land right here in america to grow water chugging crops for its livestock back home. coming up, we'll take a look at the toll it's taking on our resources here and what, if anything, is being done about it.
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>> time for a quick check of the headlines. north korea claims it has successfully tested a new anti-aircraft missile. officials in south korea confirming the north did fire something off its east coast friday. the news coming hours after world leaders pledged to work on preventing the advancement of the nuclear and missile programs. thick smoke filling the air after a fire breaks out at a mall construction site in qatar. no reports of injuries so far. but some 14,000 workers had to be evacuated. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. the massive shopping center was slated to open later this year at a cost of more than $800 million. back here in the u.s., a small plane crashed into a car on a california freeway, killing one person. the crash happening this morning just north of san diego. police say three people who were in the car went to the hospital along with two passengers on the plane. the crash is under
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investigation. the gop candidates battling out to win as many delegates as they can ahead of their party's convention in cleveland this summer. take a look now at where the candidates stand adds of today. donald trump leading with 763 delegates. ted cruz, trailing behind 463. john kasich holding on with a total of 143 delegates. mind you, 1237 delegates are needed to secure the nomination. but now some people are saying that for the first time in 40 years since the 1976 election, the vote of any one delegate might not just be a formality. a political editor for the daily beast joins us. these so-called committed delegates are in truth not necessarily committed. the rules and restrictions vary by state and some could decide to become free agents,
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especially if the candidate they're supposed to be committed to stumbles badly before the convention. donald trump, of course, arguably had a bad week. if he stumbles even more, do you think we could see the supposedly committed delegates defect from him and the uncommitted delegates stay clear of him? >> certainly. without a doubt. we're kind of in no man's land here. this is historically rarely to do territory. there aren't even that many political operatives alive who have ever been through a contested convention. a lot of these campaigns are putting the planes together mid flight. the important thing to bear in mind is just how significant, how almost mandatory it is for trump to win that magic number, 1237 delegates on the first round of voting at the convention. if he can get that, he's set. he'll be the nominee. no question about it. however, if increasingly looking like that might not happen. the longer the voting goes, the more rounds of voting there are, the more likely it is that
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delegates who originally would have needed to vote for trump will peel off and vote for somebody else and then it's anyone's guess as to what happens. >> marco rubio, he's been interesting to watch this week. he moved to lockdown his delegates. if trump goes into the convention shy as you say of the 1237 delegates needed and rubio still holds his delegates, does he suddenly become a king broker who can influence, who is picked as the nominee? >> yeah, without a doubt. which is a really fascinating position for rubio to find himself in. there are so many rumors going around these days, of course, about what rubio is thinking and what his delegates might do at the convention. one thing i've heard from some republican insiders is that if trump gets really, really close to that 1237 number but not quite over, let's say he's maybe five, ten, 15 delegates shy, it's plausible that some of the delegates who are required to vote for him on the first round
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of voting would sit out. might go to the hotel bar. might go across the street for a drink and then keep him from crossing that threshold. >> i looked at the rules of a couple of states going into our interview here today and as i read the language, it is not mandatory even on the first ballot. let me go back to the 76 convention that we were talking about. neither president in order nor governor reagan had a majority of delegates going into the convention. so they both arrived early to try to persuade and twist arms. some might say bribe delegates with favors or promises in return for votes. ford is president, had a huge advantage. but this year there is no incumbent advantage. so would you anticipate a whole lot of horse trading going on? >> oh, without a doubt. it's gonna be so interesting to watch. remember in 1976? i think we can use the word bribed without even prefacing it
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with any qualifier. ford kept track of what each delegate wanted. he had a laundry list with the names of delegates and oh, this delegate wants his cousin to get a judgeship. this delegate says he'll go with the highest bidder. they were granular about this. reagan did his best, too, trying to hook delegates up with lunch meetings and celebrities he was friends with. people pull out all the stops. we can expect that from trump. we're hearing that maybe some of these delegates want a phone call from trump or ivanka. >> spend the night in the lincoln bedroom, if i can recall correctly. let me move forward to the 1980 convention. jimmy carter had enough delegates to win, but ted kennedy went to the convention and he tried something unique. he tried to change the platform rules before the first ballot to allow the committed delegates to switch on the first ballot. you know what? he almost succeeded.
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so is that another possible scenario here? >> certainly. i mean, i think in this case, anything is possible. and it's absolutely gonna be all eyes on the rnc rules committee when they can be leading up to the convention. whatever the rules committee does, it's plausible, although conventional wisdom is not super helpful b you it's plausible that it's going to be more helpful for cruz and more helpful for the anti-trump contingent of the republican party because the folks on the rules convention will be party insiders, long-time conservative activists, true believers. not some of the newcomers who aren't necessarily as loyal to the republican party as they are to trump. >> betsy, good talking to you. thanks very much. >> likewise. and for more campaign action, do not forget to watch an "on the record" town hall with greta van susteren who will be in her home state of wisconsin with gop frontrunner donald trump. all begins tomorrow night at 8 p.m
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check it out right here on the fox news channel. that is must see tv for sure. president obama's nuclear security summit coming to an end yesterday. but the threat of nuclear terrorism is ongoing. the president urging world leaders to remain vigilant in the fight to keep terrorists from getting their hands on the world's most dangerous weapons. now more from washington. >> reporter: this is president obama's fourth and final nuclear security summit and while there has been some progress made on reducing nuclear stockpiles, the consensus is there is still a long ways to go. the threat that world leaders seem most concerned about is the rising nuclear ambitions of terrorist groups. >> there is no doubt that if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. that's why our work here remains so critical. >> reporter: part of that work includes a new stronger nuclear
2:23 pm
security agreement between the world leaders, which aims to protect nuclear materials as they're being used, stored or transported. this summit followed the attacks in brussels where investigators discovered two of the fighters were spying on a top belgian nuclear official. we know al-qaeda has long sought nuclear materials for its attacks as well. in his weekly address, president obama said these new measures will help to prevent that kind of thing from happening. >> working with other nations, we've removed or secured enough nuclear material for more than 150 nuclear weapons. material that will now never fall into the hands of terrorists. >> reporter: many republicans argue the u.s. still isn't doing enough to stop isis, saying the president must change his strategy to keep up with any threat. >> i don't know where he wants to contain them. isil operatives are everywhere. we're beyond containment and must move decisively and with purpose to eliminate the islamic state. >> reporter: president obama also met with the leaders of south korea, japan and china to
2:24 pm
discuss deterrence options for north korea's knew clear prom. north korea responded by fire ago surface to air missile off its east coast. >> thank you, garrett. new dangers are emerging concerning isis. a disturbing report revealing the terror group using an iraqi college chemistry laboratory to make its deadly weapons.
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welcome back. here is the latest news from the campaign trail. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich all crisscrossing the state of wisconsin ahead of tuesday's critical primary there. trump preparing to address a crowd of supporters at a rally in o'claire, wisconsin tonight. cruz will be speaking in the city of -- say it for me.
2:29 pm
>> i don't know. >> excuse me, i should have known that. >> a basketball and beer event in wisconsin. how come i had to say that and not you? >> hillary clinton, there she is and bernie sanders, also in the badger state today. polls are showing sanders going into tuesday's contest with a slight edge over clinton. the democratic rivals attending the founders dinners, state dinner in milwaukee and that's happening tonight. the fight over water rights is reaching new heights in america's drought-stricken southwest with saudi arabia. largest dairy buying thousands of acres of farm land to grow water intensive crops for its livestock back in saudi arabia. but the process local residents say, is taking crucial resources from u.s. citizens. will carr is live in los angeles with their latest. will? >> reporter: the reason this is happening is because saudi
2:30 pm
arabia is running out of water. so it's invest not guilty a ariw alfalfa, which is a very water intensive crop. attorneys for the company say they're not responsible for water levels going down in that area, but we spoke to some residents and farmers who disagree and showed us where their wells are going dry. for saudi arabia, the southwest desert is an oasis. >> water is probably the most precious thing we have. it's worth more than gold. >> reporter: in 2014, 10,000 acres of farm land was bought next to the colorado river in vicksburg, arizona. that property runs next to wayne wade. >> last june my well went dry. >> reporter: he's not alone. after carol miles church has been forced to live off a mobile water tank after its well dried up. >> saudi arabia has no water. so they got to come here to get water for feed to feed their livestock. >> there is no restrictions.
2:31 pm
they can just keep pumping and pumping and pumping until it's all gone. >> reporter: according to the state water levels on the saudi owned farms, actually rose the year they purchased the land. they have since invested $180 million into their operations. >> they're employing 140 people, residents of arizona or some californians right now and they have 600 indirect jobs. >> reporter: economists say the real issue is antiquated water regulations. >> it's almost glad because it's making people wake up to an existing problem. >> reporter: a problem that's threatening wade, his community, and their already minimal resources. >> i believe that the county should be reaping some of the benefits from what they're producing here. >> reporter: residents tell us that at the least they would like to see some of the state water regulations change so they can potentially get more taxes in situations like this. gregg?
2:32 pm
>> will carr, thanks. we move now to a disturbing report from the "wall street journal" shedding light on the isis terror network. we're learning the group has hijacked a mosul university chemistry lab in northern iraq to perfect its bomb making capabilities. mosul is iraq's second largest city and fell to isis in 2014. isis is reportedly hoping to train militants to make new generations of explosive devices at the well-stocked lab there. all of this enhancing the islamic state's ability to launch more attacks in iraq. export bomb making knowledge like the suicide vest used in the recent brussels attacks. let's bring in now retired army operations lieutenant colonel mitch utterback. this is disturbing. what does this tell us about the sophistication of isis and how dangerous is this? >> it tells us what we already know about isis for those of us that paid attention. they are very sophisticated. they're a very lethal enemy
2:33 pm
dedicated to finding as many ways as possible to attack the west and the united states. this is troubling because they've had possession of this laboratory for probably more than a year. >> talk about what kind of damage or what sort of devices they could build in that time and what countries could potentially become victims of explosives assembled in this kim lab? >> let's think about any college campus that any of us have ever been in. whether attending classes or visiting. isis has access to a chemical laboratory. probably the electrical engineering department to work on the electrical components. manufacturing facilities on the campus. a controlled environment to work on perfecting building their bombs so that their graduates, maybe a year's worth already, can prepare for the invasion from the iraqi forces or infiltrate europe and build their bombs in their laboratories having been taught how to do it in the most
2:34 pm
controlled environment. >> what would it take to stop this operation? >> well, as we know, they announced last fall the specialized expeditionary targeting force, he called it. we have a unit in northern iraq that's dedicated to conducting raids against these high value targets like the isis chemists and the bomb makers. intelligence is the most important thing, to find out who and where these guys are and have the iraqi forces go kill them. but also monitor that university and with the least amount of collateral damage as possible, continue to deny isis those campus facilities and do the best we can to limit civilian casualties. >> of course. the nuclear security summit wrapped yesterday. i'm hoping those leaders, the president discussed this particular problem. but talk to me again, because i want to get a sense of what the power hyped the kind of devices or chemical weapons that these terrorists can make at the university chem lab. >> well, one of the most
2:35 pm
concerning things is isis is training in the use of tatp in mosul. this is an explosive that many of us, anybody who pays attention, may recall the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the bombs in brussels and the bombs in paris all contain tatp. sadly, they're readily available in a single day's shopping trip. so the graduates of the course in mosul certainly return to europe and then in a very covert way, can acquire the chemicals that they need to make the explosives. it's almost as effective as tnt and certainly more so based on the amount that they would explode. >> to your point, they can get the training there in those controlled conditions, like you said. and they don't have to take anything back with them or wherever they are. they can get it to go there. >> that's exactly right. learn to do it safely at the
2:36 pm
university and take what you've learned and do it in the kitchen of your safe house. it's very frightening. >> indeed. i thank you so much for your expertise this evening. thank you very much. >> thanks. ted cruz is leading the pack in wisconsin. just ahead of tuesday's crucial primary there, but will a badger state victory for the texas senator be a game changer in the battle for the gop nomination? we'll be talking with a cruz supporter about that coming up next ♪
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donald trump taking quite a beating in wisconsin in the polls ahead of next week's
2:41 pm
primary. it comes amid news the state's top republican leaders are uniting against the billionaire businessman. this as a new "fox business" network poll shows the majority of supporters for trump and ted cruz in wisconsin are certain to support their candidate for the nomination, while more of ohio governor john kasich's supporters are still on the fence. congressman glenn grossman is a held cruz supporter and a member on the health education and work force budget committee and oversight and government reform committee. good to have you here. >> glad to be on the show. >> good. let's start here. so in 2010 when scott walker defeated milwaukee mayor tom barrett, a democrat, and became governor of wisconsin, did that set the stage for a candidate like ted cruz to do well in the wisconsin primary? >> i think america is in general conservative. they like balancing the budgets. they'd like to think the borders
2:42 pm
are secure. they don't want to have a run away welfare state. and i'm not sure he set the stage for it. i think wisconsin for years was looking for somebody like scott walker to lay out a conservative platform and they were happy to vote for him when they got that candidate. >> okay. >> of course, they're happy to vote for ted cruz because ted cruz is appealing to the same sort of values. >> all right. let's go here for a moment. a march 28 to 30th "fox business" network poll, another one that shows 42% of likely gop primary voters support cruz compared to 32% for trump and 19% for kasich. among those who say they will definitely vote cruz leads over trump. it widens 46 to 33% and kasich gets 16%. so congressman, if cruz wins wisconsin, what's the impact on donald trump? if cruz loses wisconsin, how big of a blow would that be to the cruz campaign and to the
2:43 pm
republican establishment? >> i think it's so very important to beat donald trump now. donald trump is of course, if you talk to them, appealing to conservative voters. the problem with donald trump is well, i think he's collect ago lot of conservative voters who are sick of things not changing in washington. he's short on specifics. and kind of his behavior isn't the down-to-earth behavior wisconsin residents like to hear from their politicians. so i think if ted cruz wins here, it tells people around the country that he is the obvious number one alternative to donald trump. it shows that at least one of their state has vetted him and feels he would be a good president. i think for donald trump, we'll see how he takes the defeat. donald trump's had defeats to native sons before, but i don't think donald trump has had a defeat like this and because of his personality, we'll see how he handles it. >> the second part of my question was what if senator cruz loses wisconsin? how big of a blow to his campaign or to the gop
2:44 pm
establishment? >> well, first of all, ted cruz isn't the gop establishment. obviously right now many establishment members are behind ted cruz, but i think if you asked somebody three months ago who was the candidate least connected with the gop establishment, you would say ted cruz. i think if ted cruz loses or if donald trump wins, it's a huge boon for trump because this is a type of state that ted cruz should win. you have an establishment type governor in scott walker supporting him. and quite frankly, we have a very strong local talk radio presence. wisconsin maybe has the strongest talk radio presence in the country who is anti-trump. so if there is any state that ted cruz should weapon, it should be here. not to mention i think ted cruz just did a great job on that town hall the other night and that will help him as well. >> so you don't expect him to win, so you didn't answer that particular part of the question.
2:45 pm
correct? >> oh -- >> i expect ted cruz to win. if donald trump wins, it's devastating for ted cruz. the reason i say is there are so many reasons why he should win this state. >> i want to go here before we go, congressman. donald trump tweeted this morning around 7:15, he says, wisconsin has suffered a great loss of jobs and trade. but if i win all of the bad things happening in the u.s. will be rapidly reversed. you know, donald trump gains strength when he talks about the economy and jobs and the middle class in wisconsin have been hard hit by the decline in manufacturing jobs, in jamesville where speaker ryan is from, the gm plant there shut down some seven years ago. 1200 people lost their jobs. the final question for you, congressman, can cruz beat trump on job creation? >> oh, i think he can. i think when donald trump takes shots at the wisconsin economy, i think to a degree hurts himself. we feel we have a pretty good economy here. most of the factories in my district are having a hard time finding people to work.
2:46 pm
but i think ted cruz can beat donald trump because again, donald trump is so short on specifics. and eventually -- >> right. i'm sorry. i'm asking about right now is job creation. >> right. i think he is. i think donald trump, if you compare the two one more time, ted cruz has a voting record on a variety of issues, on trying to get a line on the excessive regulation that we have. donald trump, again, not a lot of specifics on what he's going to do to improve the economy. just that everything is going to be wonderful. i think as time goes on, as people don't see specifics from trump, as ted cruz has specifics and a voting record that goes back several years, i think people will be more comfortable with ted cruz. >> okay. i have to leave it there. i had more questions here in my head, but they're telling me iago to go. so i'll talk to you again. it's probably better that way. good luck, sir. thank you. >> okay. thanks. >> good luck.
2:47 pm
more fallout from recent violence at a number of donald trump campaign events with three protesters filing a lawsuit against the gop frontrunner after they were physically tossed out of one of his rallies while they're blaming trump personally and whether their claims will stand up in a court of law. how about that? our legal panel is here to weigh in on that tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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protesters who claim they were attacked at a donald trump rally filing a lawsuit against the gop frontrunner. come on, you knew it was inevitable. trump's campaign and three other individuals are also named in that lawsuit. the plaintiffs allege that trump, up on stage, promoted an atmosphere of violence during an event in kentucky. they also allege he encouraged his supporters to get physical with statements like, get them out of there. all right. do they have a case? let's ask our legal panel, richard st. paul is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. misty maris, also a trial attorney. good to see you both. >> thank you.
2:52 pm
>> this is not necessarily a far fetched lawsuit. if a person encourages the commission of harm on another person, the victim can legitimately sue not only the person who inflicts the harm, but the person who encourages it, right? >> that's true. but it's very difficult to establish third party liability for someone else's criminal act. right here the people that actually were in the commission of this assault, they're dead in the water. but trump, it's going to be a big stretch, especially since his words were kind of vague. you're gonna have a real proximate cause issue here. >> it makes for a good news story. trump has a deep pockets. so you want to go after him. but whether or not trump caused an injury, now, first of all, it has to be an injury, if somebody is hit. whether or not he caused the injury, that's going to be the tough part. what you're going to see of what's going to happen here is motions to get trump out because trump didn't hit anybody.
2:53 pm
he wasn't the actor. he didn't cause the injury. >> but he yelled to the crowd, get them out of there. and in the context of other incendiary comments that he made at other rallies, which great many people are aware of, especially his supporters, is that sufficient to make a case? >> here you would have possibly a negligent security case, meaning there is a foreseeable risk. we've seen two other acts of violence come out during these rallies. >> right. >> did he have security? was there enough security? those are the questions that a jury would be asked to answer. but in the case of donald trump liability, i think richard is right. in any other situation, it's only because he's a deep pocket and a public figure that he's actually even involved in this case. >> i mentioned, richard, incendiary comments at other rallies and there have been a great many of them. >> oh, yeah. >> by the way, and i want to play for you right now one of them that preceded this particular incident over which he's being sued and ask you if
2:54 pm
that changes the die ma'amic legally here. here it is. >> so i got a little notice in case you see it, the security guys, we have wonderful security guys. they said, mr. trump, there may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously. okay? just knock the hell -- i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. i promise. >> there it is. knock the crap out of them. i'll pay your legal fees. and every trump supporter knew about that before the event over which he's now being sued. look. >> words are not enough to be liable for battering someone. the actor, the person who actually hit them, that's the person that's going to be liable. words are not enough in this situation. if we're talk being first amendment, fighting -- >> if i tell misty to sock you in the nose and she does it, not only is she liable, but so am i. >> look, the law has not evolved
2:55 pm
to do that extent where third party words for causing somebody to act makes them liable. the law hasn't evolve to do that point. not at least -- >> what about for search negligence, which is the failure to exercise ordinary care. resulting in harm to somebody else? >> that's exactly what we're talking about here, gregg. but the issue still remains, a negligence case requires that trump's words be the proximate cause of the injury. we have a superseding criminal act. we have people who engaged in a battery. that's going to alleviate any liability against him. >> you think this can get to a jury, richard? >> probably not. >> really? >> yeah. probably not. >> judge will toss it out? >> i think in this day and age, maybe. it depends. trump is polarizing. i think we can all agree on that . >> it will be a new law in the state of kentucky if this makes
2:56 pm
it to the jury. >> kentucky, they're kind of on the cutting edge. >> but the law is not there yet. talk to your legislators. >> wait and see. we'll have you back if he gets past the judge. >> i would love that. >> i'll make a friendly wager here. cheese burger. >> i'll bet awe coke. >> misty, richard, good to see you both. >> great to see you. >> next a new hour from america's election headquarters, as donald trump looks to nail down his delegates in wisconsin. >> but will he or won't he create a third ticket? coming up this fall if he's denied the republican nomination, we're on the campaign trail with all the latest coming up next. stick around.
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candidates for president barn storming wisconsin ahead of next tuesday's big primary. it could be a major turning point in the road to white house. hello. welcome to a new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm gregg jarrett. republican frontrunner donald trump making several stops across the badger state today, including a town hall in central wisconsin. a live look right now from a rothschild. but he's suddenly on the defensive after even more controversial remarks about abortion and foreign policy. now he is trailing in the last two polls of wisconsin voters. the latest


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