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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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candidates for president barn storming wisconsin ahead of next tuesday's big primary. it could be a major turning point in the road to white house. hello. welcome to a new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm gregg jarrett. republican frontrunner donald trump making several stops across the badger state today, including a town hall in central wisconsin. a live look right now from a rothschild. but he's suddenly on the defensive after even more controversial remarks about abortion and foreign policy. now he is trailing in the last two polls of wisconsin voters. the latest for "fox business"
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network showing ted cruz leading trump there by ten points. john kasich is in third place. in the meantime, cruz and kasich are also on the campaign trail today in wisconsin looking to deny donald trump wisconsin's 42 delegates and hoping to force the party into a contested convention this summer. senior national correspondent john roberts begins us this hour. he's following the republicans life from roths it is child, with uses with. >> reporter: good evening. donald donald finishing up his rally here. it's the second rally of the day. he's got one more tonight's about 9, 9:30 eastern time. obviously is a very -- 4 it delegates at stake. but another important state, particularly when you look at how close the delegate count may be going to the convention. nobody may have a majority of delegates is north dakota. they're holding their state convention this weekend where they will be electing at that
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delegates, a total of 28 delegates on the line for north dakota. ted cruz went out to fargo today. he was the keynote speaker at the convention. all to try to convince everyone there in the room that he is the person to vote for when it comes to convention time. listen to what cruz said. >> here will decide this entire primary. will decide this nomination. i am here asking for you to stand with us, to elect delegates who are supporting me, to stand with us together because if republicans unite, we win. >> reporter: remember back in the 2000 election campaign, remember when every vote really did count when it came to florida. ted cruz is making the case, gregg, that every delegate is going to count in 2016. it looks like we're headed toward a contested convention.
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it's not a certainty at this point. but every day, particularly if ted cruz were to pick up the majority of or all of the delegates here in wisconsin. we certainly could be looking at a contested convention in july. >> you could be right. speaking of which, what are donald trump's chances looking like there in wisconsin? >> reporter: not as good as they looked a couple of weeks ago. donald trump had led in a lot of the polls up until this month, particularly the new fox business poll. there was a marquette poll that shows cruz is up by tenpins. real clear politics average has a spread of four points in favor of ted cruz. trump tried to turn things around. spending his entire weekend in wisconsin. he'll be here all the way until monday. a short time ago here, which is right below wasau, in the heart of the state, very big trump country here, promising big things if wisconsin voters rally and give him the win on tuesday. listen. >> if i can win wisconsin, you
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people are gonna have low taxes. you're gonna have jobs. we'll bring jobs back. you're gonna have your pick of jobs. you're not just going to take a job because you have no choice. you're going to bring jobs back into this country. we're not going to have places moving to mexico. >> reporter: about the most important thing about tuesday night is momentum. if donald trump wins the badger state, he will have a whole lot of momentum heading into the next two weeks, which is a little bit of a dolldrum before that big new york primary on april 15 with 95 delegates at stake. if he were to lose here and lose big, it really could take a lot of the wind out of those sails and start perhaps turning the tide in these big states that are to follow throughout the rest of this primary season. and then into the convention. gregg? >> john roberts, thanks very much. er a they will, i was looking at some numbers a short time ago. marquette university poll shows donald trump's unfavorable rating in wisconsin is 70%.
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a mere 24% of support among republican women. so those are tough odds to win in wisconsin. >> that's for sure. and meanwhile, we're going to look at the democrats now 'cause they're gearing up for a bottle of their own. bernie sanders sprinting to catch up to hillary clinton's delegate count. she's struggling to shake the senator from the chase. meantime, new fox business polling showing wisconsin democrats fighting with sanders, 48-43%. not a huge lead, but a lead no less. rich edson is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: hey, arthel. senator bernie sanders is soon beginning his second wisconsin campaign event of the day. hillary clinton has just finished her first. they'll both attend the state democratic founders day dinner this evening in milwaukee. most of the primaries and caucuses are finished and sanders is still in the race. he's raised millions of dollars. his campaign says nearly 40 million last month. and he won all three caucuses last weekend.
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he leads in the polls in wisconsin and next week's democrats will caucus in wyoming where sanders is also expected to perform well. he says he has the momentum to capture this nomination. >> we have won six out of the last seven caucuses and primaries and with your help and a large voter turnout on tuesday, i believe we're gonna do just fine here in wisconsin. >> reporter: though clinton maintains a substantial delegate lead, she has 1712. the 2383 needed to win the nomination. sanders has about 1,000. after wyoming, democrats will vote in new york on april 19 and then a week later in five northeastern states. she's polling ahead of sanders in that region. clinton says she's the democrats' best positioned to defeat the republican nominee in november. >> the most important goal is to
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win in november and i believe i am the person best able to withstand whatever the republicans have planned. >> reporter: sanders contain is demanding a debate in new york before its april 19 primary. clinton's campaign says it offered sanders three dates and he rejected them all. sanders says clinton's offers were ludicrous, including one during the ncaa finals as new york syracuse university is in the final four. the campaigns say they're still trying to agree on a date. arthel? >> okay. rich, thanks. new developments out of brussels now. officials are saying that a third suspect is facing charges in connection with a plot to stage a major terrorist attack in france. the 33-year-old man was captured in a raid last week where police uncovered a massive carb of weapons and explosives. all of this coming as at least two dozen protesters are now in custody after brussels police
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broke up a protest about -- against what's being called islamaphobia. they banned all marches in the city after a far right group announced its plans to hold an anti-muslim rally in the city. in the meantime, brussels' main airport is preparing to reopen tomorrow with only limited flights resuming while the departure hall is rebuilt from the damage of that attack. syria's partial cease fire unraveling this weekend. fierce fighting erupting between government forces and opposition fighters outside the country's second largest city of aleppo. al-qaeda affiliate capturing a hill there overlooking a major highway, killing many government fighters. the full extents of damage is still being surveyed in the ancient city of palmyra after being taken back from isis control. now the story from our middle east bureau.
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>> reporter: syrian military forces made yet another grisly and gruesome discovery in the ancient city of palmyra. a mass grave loaded with the bodies of several dozen people. this as we continue to seat damage that isis has left behind. new footage shows many of palmyra's ancient buildings and monuments reduced to rubble, though some sections remain standing. syria's antiquities chief says priceless artifacts survived better than expected. he said in general, the city's ancient landscape is in good shape. still the campaign of direction was described as a war crime. palmyra is a world heritage site and at one time before the civil war ended, it was a major tourist destination. isis took control of the area and killed more than 400 people in the first few days after taking over the city. palmyra's ancients theater was used for public executions where hundreds of people were forced
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to attend. since then, the fight to retake palmyra has raged on and syria military forces backed by russian air strikes recaptured palmyra last weekend. the city will now serve as a base for broader operations, including the fight to retake the isis stronghold of raqqa. this syrian military officer says his troops are now clearing the city of land mines that have been hitten under rocks and bodies. so far the bodies of at least 45 people, including women and children, have been found in that mass grave that i mentioned, according to syrian military officials. many of the bodies, they say, were beheaded and others show signs of torture. arthel. >> john huddy reporting from jerusalem. thanks. powerful storms are sweeping across the south, being blamed for dangerous conditions out on the road leading to at least two deaths in automobile accidents. forecasters say the severe
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storms also spawning tornadoes in several states. in alabama, the storms downed hundreds of tree, causing major damage to homes when they fell. >> we were hoping to be able to get married and be able to come home to our new home. we were terrified. we put everything into this house. >> thankfully, the system responsible for the severe weather is now moving offshore. >> that's good news. definitely. wisconsin no doubt is at the center of the american political universe this week. but voters there will also be looking at issues outside their state when they head to the polls, specifically where the candidates stand on foreign policy. so will that give any of the candidates a boost at the ballot pox? >> plus better watch your wallets. new report showing atm scammers are stepping up their game. what banks are doing now to try to tackle that problem. and donald trump talking to republican party leaders about
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the possible outcome of a contested convention. so far the rnc chief sounds pretty optimistic. >> we need to talk about unity and working together and when we go to cleveland and come out of cleveland, that we're working in the same direction many people clean their dentures
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i. >> time for a quick check of the headlines. north korea claims it has successfully tested a new anti-aircraft missile. officials in south korea confirming the north did fire something off its east coast friday. the news coming hours after world leaders pledged to work on preventing the advancement of their nuclear and missile program. thick air fills the air after a fire breaks out in qatar. no reports of injury so far. 14,000 workers had to be evacuated. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. the massive shopping center was slated to open later this year at a cost of more than $800 million. back here at home, a small plane crashes into a car on a california freeway, killing one person. the crash happening this morning just north of san diego. police say three people who were in the car went to the hospital along with two passengers on the plane. the crash is under
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investigation. all politics are local, as they say. but in a race for the white house, foreign policy chops will always be under intense scrutiny. like donald trump's, who is battleing the media. one suggested republicans and democrats have actually traded places in their view of america's place in the world. how does foreign policy play out for wisconsin voters ahead of a very important primary on tuesday? we're joined by a wisconsin congressman, a member of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, thanks for being with us. following sit-down super views with both the "new york times" and the "washington post," a post columnist wrote he was appalled and frightened at how little donald trump knows. since you sit on the foreign affairs committee, are you at all troubled that the leading candidate in your party, donald trump, may not have a command of
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international affairs? >> i'm more than troubled about it. i'm distressed about it. when you listen to his rhetoric, the way he's talking, he just shows that he has a stunning level of naivete about foreign policy, foreign relations and his statement about nuclear arms a few days ago was shocking. so mr. trump has a lot of work to do if he plans on winning an election on those policy ideas. >> here is what donald trump has said. in just the last week to ten days alone. we'll put it up on the screen. he is open to allowing japan and south korea to build nuclear arsenals. he's willing to withdraw american forces from both those countries. he would not rule out using nuclear weapons in military conflicts in europe and the middle east. he might halt purchases of oil from saudi arabia and other arab
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allies. he called nato obsolete and suggested at one point that perhaps he might consider abolishing it. are you alarmed at these specific positions and if you had to pick one or two, which would trouble you the most? >> of course i'm alarmed by them. you didn't even mention his statements about the geneva convention the other day. so when you stop and think that he's talking about pulling the u.s. out of japan and korea at the very moment that china is building islands in the south china sea and north korea is testing missiles, it is a stunning lack of awareness of what's actually going on in the region. and the idea that the solution is to have japan and south korea have their own nuclear weapons while simultaneously saying that he wants to reduce nuclear proliferation just shows that he's not aware of what's going on or he doesn't have any type of foreign policy chops, he's not done his homework adequately. >> i read and reread the
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"washington post" interview transcript. he sat down with the editorial board and trump was asked if he would use a tactical nuclear weapon against isis. his response was rather baffling. he talked about what a counter puncher he was against marco rubio and jeb bush and the post public libber, the publisher finally interrupted trump and said, sir, this is about isis. you would not use a tactical nuclear weapon against isis? and then trump's response was as follows: i'll tell you this one thing. this is a very good-looking group of people here. could i just go around so that i know who the hell i'm talking to? and he never answered the question. what does that tell you? >> he did know the answer and he did -- he does everything as a calculation for him and if he thinks he's going to get enough attention, he'll say something.
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but this is a guy who is talking about carpet bombing isis earlier in this election cycle and the idea of using nuclear weapons in the middle east is just shocking. we need fewer nuclear weapons in this world. not more. and the idea that we would even go to nuclear war makes no sense whatsoever at any level. civilized nations don't do these things. >> does this campaign, do you think in a way, mark a role reversal on foreign policy? when you look at the candidates, the leading candidates, hillary clinton appears to be more of an interventionist than donald trump or ted cruz. >> certainly i think her background as secretary of state leads her down that path. i would never conflate ted cruz and donald trump having the same foreign policy because they're not remotely the same. ted cruz has a really pretty rock solid foreign policy
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attitude. i think he's centered correctly. knowing that you're gonna have to go in and use military when it's necessary, is not looking for a war. but yeah, there is a little bit of a flip flop between the two leading contenders there for sure. >> resistance to donald trump in wisconsin, your state, is running pretty high against donald trump and that's even before the arrest of his aide over allegedly assault and battery or the mocking by trump of ted cruz' wife, or his comments in favor of punishing women who have abortions. so what's your prediction for tuesday? >> well, it is very clear to me that undecided voters are breaking strongly right now for cruz. myself, i was pretty much undecided between ted cruz and john kasich 'til about 3:00 o'clock this afternoon and i decided to endorse ted cruz
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and i'm seeing that happening pretty much everywhere around northeast wisconsin and wisconsin. i believe that ted cruz is gonna grab a lot of those voters over the next few days. >> so this is it. you are officially endorsing ted cruz? >> yeah. i am. as a matter of fact, you just heard it for the first time. i just made that decision this afternoon. >> okay. thank you for sharing it with us. ted cruz endorsed by congressman reid ribble. and thank you for being our guest today. >> good to be on your show. thank you. >> listen up, stay alert the next time you're pulling out cash. new reports show atm crimes are on the rise. how you can keep your information out of the hands of criminals. plus new research shows folks are spending more with even less money. what is loosening their wallet?
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and welcome back. here are the latest headlines from the campaign trail. as candidates from both parties make tracks across wisconsin. on the republican side, donald trump's trying to lock down
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delegates in his scramble to lock up the nomination. while ted cruz and john kasich are doing their best to derail him. trump is set to address a crowd in wisconsin tonight. ted cruz will be in ashwegebogon. while kasich holds a basketball and beer event in madison. >> the democrats are canvassing wisconsin as well. polls showing bernie sanders going into tuesday's contest with a slight edge over hillary clinton. the rivals are both taking the stage tonight in milwaukee at the state party's founders day dinner. big banks are working to crack down on one of the most costly atm crimes ever. it's called skimming. that's when thieves hide a device on the atm machine to steal information off your card when you insert it. now police are reporting an
3:30 pm
uptick in these crimes that are already costing consumers billions of dollars each and every year. bryan llenas has more live in our new york city news room. >> reporter: according to the most recent data, fico says card and pin skimming at bank-owned atms was up 174% during the first few months of 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014. skimming, it's getting more sophisticated and it's a growing problem. crooks are robbing banks around the world with no mess. and atm skimming now costing the global economy $2 billion a year, according to the atm industry association. organized thieves placing card readers on atms to capture information on a customer's debit card. the entering of pin codes are recorded by small cameras, then the bad guys recreate their own cards using stolen store gift cards. they're also targeting gas pumps. >> it's much easier to tamper with the covers of these gas
3:31 pm
pumps than the devices inside. so even with an atm you may be able to see a skimmer and see something out of the ordinary. but the gas pump, once you put the could have back on, there is no evidence that anything is happening. >> reporter: the largest scheme took place over an 18-months period in new york, new jersey, connecticut and florida. criminals captured in this surveillance video stole 6 1/2 million dollars from thousands of bank customers. >> they would stand at an atm machine and literally put the first card in, type in the pin code, take out the max that they could take out. go to the next card, do the same thing until they've kind of exhausted all the cards they have. >> reporter: 16 were prosecuted by the u.s. attorneys office in new jersey. those convicted now serving up to ten years in prison. and federal prosecutors tell us the amount of time between a criminal stealing your information to creating a fraudulent card can take months. so it's best to be vigilant and check your bank accounts often. experts also say it's best to use the same atm and gas pumps
3:32 pm
often so you're aware if anything looks out of the ordinary. gregg? >> bryan llenas, thanks very much. new research shows americans are spending more even while earning less. the money has nothing going to luxuries, housing, transportation and food are what's driving the rise in household spending. what does this mean for the economy? joining us to discuss this is scott gam, financial reporter and the author of "more money, please." can i change that to mo money please? >> you can. >> so let's talk about this. good to see you. on average, how much money are people spending and what's driving this spending increase? >> during fourth quarter consumer spending rose 2.4%. what some new data suggests is that millenials were actually a large part of that increase because overall gdp rose 1.4% because we had a slowdown in trade and business spending. so consumer spending really drove the economic growth during the fourth quarter.
3:33 pm
>> so you're saying millenials are spending more? what are they buying? >> healthcare costs are going up and we're seeing millenials spend more money on healthcare. so it's one reason. we're also seeing them spend money on experiences or restaurants, travel, things like that. that's a trend we've been seeing for quite some time. and so we also have lower gas prices. so they have more money to now throw towards restaurant spending, experiences. >> i hear the millenials love to brunch. >> yes. that is a thing. >> millenial. so will the consumers -- can they stay on this trend? how long is this going to last? >> well, it's tough to say. one school of thought would be no because especially we're seeing very tep growth in wages. yesterday we got another report on wages. in march they rose just .3%. >> yeah, but come on. the unemployment rate is 4.9%. that's good. >> that is good. but we're not seeing people make more money. >> that's true. >> over the past year, wages are
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up 2.3%. federal reserve would like to see wages up 3 to 4%. so the good news there is that's going to keep the fed at bay in terms of raising rates and that will make the cost of borrowing cheaper for consumers. but another trend we're seeing is that credit card debt is at the same level that it was in 2009, which is right after the recession. so if millenials are financing the spending on credit cards, at some point that's gonna crumble. >> we're talking about millenials spending more on luxury experiences, like brunch. but to your point, people not making enough money, they're underemployed. they may have jobs, but they're also having to use their credit cards for essential even. >> totally. credit provides help for people who are trying to make ends meet. but then the other school of thought is well, if you're still financing these discretionary expenditures on a credit card, you're really putting your future at risk. >> but at the same time, they need it. we're not talking about -- you understand what i'm talking about.
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people who are maybe have to buy kids' school uniforms or groceries, et cetera on credit cards. >> that all comes back to the lack of wage growth because if people were making more money, they'd be able to use cash and pay those bills off in full. >> all right. let's hope it gets better for everybody out there. scott the name of your business is more money please. now called mo money please. >> all 'cause of you. >> thank you. >> gregg? >> did you hear that ted cruz is in a ashwebenon, with is with us? >> i heard that. >> i finally said it. will he or won't he? that's the question on the minds of republican party leaders after donald trump said he refuses to rule out a third party run for the white house. what will that mean for the 2016 campaign and the future of the party? plus world leaders confronting the threat isis presents to all of western civilization.
3:36 pm
how they're planning to make sure nuclear weapons stay out of the hands of terrorists.
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are you ruling out running as an independent third party candidate? are you ruling that out? >> it's not that simple. by far i'm the frontrunner as a republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> but if you don't get the nomination? >> we're gonna have to see how i was treated. very simple. >> that is donald donald refusing to rule out a third party run for the white house if denied the republican nomination. that's from a preview of tomorrow's conversation with chris wallace on fox news sunday. don't miss that one. earlier this week, mr. trump went behind closed doors with party leadership where they reportedly discussed how a contested convention could may
3:41 pm
out. the chairman later telling greta van susteren the party expects loyalty from anybody who expects its support. >> they're not going to get the data and the tools of the iron sea and run to be our nominee and tell me that they're not gonna support the party. it doesn't work that way. >> okay. joining me is sewell susan estridge, professor of law and political science at usc. former campaign manager for the 1988 presidential candidate, michael do cass kiss and a -- dukakis. it's always a pleasure to talk to you. >> always a pleasure to see you, art. >> thank you. let's start about on that pivotal meeting. what did it say to you, susan? >> well, look, the one thing we've all known since 1968 where the democrats had the worst convention in american history. they ended up having young people being shot at by the
3:42 pm
chicago police with tear gas outside the convention and fights on the floor and fights outside. and the one rule we thought we all learned was that you have to control your convention, that the country will look at you and say, if you can't control a convention of your own members, if you can't put together four nights of some entertainment, some speeches, some blarney, whatever it is, if you can't do that, how the heck are you going to be president? so i think what the republicans are trying to do is face the reality that they may have the convention that nominates donald trump and they've got to figure out how to do it. and the only thing worse i think is they may have the convention that doesn't nominate donald trump and then they've got the prospect of walkouts and protests and all kinds of other ugly things that people don't like. >> it's kind of like this delicate dance for trump and the gop to not breey have to play ne doesn't kill the other in the
3:43 pm
divorce allocations. you know what i'm saying? so at this stage in the race, who needs the other more? trump or the gop? >> well, you've got it exactly right. they both need each other, but neither wants the other. i think the truth of the matter is that donald trump is the frontrunner for president. and if he wasn't donald trump, he'd see the party coalescing around him. the party isn't coalescing around him because party leaders, every republican i know runs for elected office, is worried about what he's going to do at the top of the ticket. the only thing even worse is if he runs as an independent. >> yes. >> if either cruz or kasich gets the nomination and he runs as an independent, then i think you have to say hello, president hillary. >> oh, so let me back up for a second. so is a third party bid a bonafide trump card for donald if can he win the nomination as an independent? 'cause you know he would -- go
3:44 pm
ahead. >> oh, sure. so what happens is what he would do is he would hire a cadre of lawyers. there are already a whole lot of lawyers looking at this for bloomberg. you go state by state and you sue to challenge any ballot deadlines because the problem is that the states are all controlled by democrats and republicans. they don't make it easy for independents. but i guarantee you that if donald trump should decide that the republican party is treating him unfairly and he wants to run as an independent, he will have no trouble finding many lawyers in every state who will demand he be on the ballot and the joke will be the democrats will all agree and the republicans will disagree. >> so then -- >> so no one has any principle. >> so your saying if it came down to getting lawyers involved, that legalese would determine if donald trump gets on that ballot as the gop nomination, not delegates?
3:45 pm
>> no. to the determine whether he gets on the ballot as an independent. >> got you. >> the delegate count, he needs the majority of delegates to win at the convention. he either has the majority going in and he's done or he cuts a deal and he gets it. but if he feels he's been treated unfairly, if he has, say, the plurality of delegates and yet feels that the party has ganged up on him, he'll try to run as an independent and that's where he needs the lawyers to get him on the ballot. >> thank you for clarifying that for me. before i let you go, how much can donald trump cozy up to the gop establishment without turning off his staunchest supporters? >> oh, he can do it after dark at drinks. that's how they always do it. schedule the public events during the day and then private time at 8:00 o'clock. wonder where he is? must be with some of those fat cats. look, he's very confidentable
3:46 pm
with fat cats. he certainly is a fat cat. i think the real problem on this one is these republicans are having to swallow awfully hard because this is not an easy one for them to take. >> got to go. we'll leave it there. susan estridge, good to see you. thank you. >> nice to see you. >> you can read her syndicated newspaper column that's happening every wednesday and friday. that's nationwide, by the way. be sure to tune in tomorrow for fox news sunday and chris wallace' full interview with donald trump ahead of wisconsin primary. plus the chairman of the republican national committee will be there to respond. it's going to be good. chris will ask what he might -- what we might expect at the republican convention in cleveland. that's coming up in july. again, that's tomorrow on fox news sunday. check your local listings and the channel and time that is must see tv. so is greta's town hall tomorrow. >> that big town hall, she's so terrific and will ask great
3:47 pm
questions and we'll wait and see how the answers go. in the meantime, president obama issuing a nightmarish warning in his closing remarks at his final global nuclear summit. what he says is one of the greatest national security threats facing the entire world today it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink test. test. test. test. test. test. rrn i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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president the -- president obama wrapping up a nuclear summit. reminding them of the common enemy. >> the nations are part of the global coalition against isil. a number of our countries are targeted by isil attacks and we have seen them join syria and iraq. it is it a threat to it us all. >> we have a former special middle east coordinator and author of "doomed to succeed". the relationship from trumman to obama. the president warned of a nightmare scenario and terrorist like isil and al-qaeda
3:52 pm
getting their hand on a nuclear explosive device of some sort. how real is that? >> it is easier for them to get ahold of nuclear materials, but notes inially a nuclear bomb. even if they couldn't turn it into a nuclear weapon, they know how to combine it with a conventional weapon to create a dirty bomb and one that was exploded in a urban area would be a mass casulty event. and leave it radioactive for an extended period of time. and so it is an extraordinary threat and worrisome one. that is the more immediate concern. >> one of the isis operatives in brussels was doing what?
3:53 pm
>> one of the isis operatives in brussels was responsible for carrying out surveillance on a nuclear area and they were interested in getting access to the plant. that should have set off alarm bells of what it is that they have in mind. we know there is no limit on the attacks. we know that they have used a chemical weapon's lab in the university in mosul in iraq to build bombs and train technicians. it is clear their objectives and would like to get ahold of their materials and puts a premium on us enhancing the security of the plants, but the procedures and intelligence and how to protect
3:54 pm
the personnel. >> president obama usedçó theçó opportunity to rebuke donald trump and his comments on nuclear weapons, saying he doesn't know much about nuclear policy or the world generally. as you see it, did the president p get it right in his assessment of donald trump? >> he was certainly saying something in response to what trump said about p you know, if the japanese and koreans don't pay their fair share they could go nuclear. that is okay with trump. the world is less safe with more nuclear states. it is the policy to prevent nuclear proliferation and not the expansion. president obama responded to
3:55 pm
donald trump being okay with south korea and japan being nuclear states and what the president was saying was apt. >> finally president obama said iran is not following the spirit of the nuclear deal. they are doing aggressive missile test and behavior. why is that surprising given iran's history? >> it is not surprising. many of those who worry about what it means to it have the iranians being on on the nuclear threshold state are worried about them getting a large amount of money and understood with the sanctions relief, you are putting more money in the hands of the islamic leadership and they will use it to pursue what their objectives are in the region to dominant and control. it >> thank you. we'll be right back. we came up with a plan to help
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>> wow. a familiar phrase. one man's trash is another man's paradise. a british artist is living on a floating island made of this happeneds of plastic bottles. >> it was held up by bottles and
4:00 pm
looking to get legal recognition for it. they are trying to figure out what kind of certificate. how about a water world certificate. >> patty manslaughter browned is up next. >> north dakota and wisconsin in the fight for the presidential nomination. i am patty ann brown. this is the fox report. roughly 2000 top republican officials gathered in fargo. 25 of the 28 delegates will be chosen upon tomorrow. it is not a huge number considering the the 12 then that the candidates need. these delegates will be free to back any candidate. ted cruz is the only candidate in


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