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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 3, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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media. media buzz at fox if you missed the show, dvr it. so you can watch it any time. back here next sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. with the latest buzz. we have a fox news alert. the latest on the deadly train crash that happened this morning south of philadelphia. officials do confirm two people have been killed, dozens injured as a train heading from new york city to savanna,ia gentleman, the palmetto 89 derailed when it hit some construction equipment that happened on the track. let's listen to the amtrak news conference in progress right now. here is steven gardener of cam track. >> i'd like to begin by thanking the local law enforcement emergency response officials for their work today. the ntsb is in route. they will handle the investigation. a.m. amtrak will support their efforts. service on amtrak's northeast
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corridor is currently suspended between philadelphia and wilmington. we'll be working to restore service as soon as possible. amtrak service between new york and harrisburg, amtrak's keystone service, remains operational. for those who are concerned about family members and loved ones on the train, they can call 1-800-523-9101. this is our information hotline. we can bring information. that's all the information we have right now. the ntsb will be in charge of the investigation and will be providing all further information about the incident. >> the passengers that were on thehey take tony philadelphia -- >> not giving very much information. let's listen. >> the passengers are being taken to philadelphia. yes. the, in tsbl provide additional information. >> will you be doing any further briefing. >> philadelphia to new york service, is that still suspended. >> service between philadelphia and new york is in service.
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the railroad has suspended service between philadelphia and wilmington. thank you, everyone. >> thank you. >> any idea when the ntsb will be arriving, sir? >> he is not giving much information. we do know this at this point. the accident happened just before 8:00 this morning as the palmetto 9 lt was barrelling south after chester, pennsylvania, south of philadelphia, when it hit some crane material, poking a hole inside the lead car that caused the first engine to derail. officials confirming two people have been killed. we don't know if they has been passengers or member of the crew. 35 others have been injure. the injuries we are told are not life threatening. this comes after that troubling accident a year ago in may that killed 11 people when a northeast corridor train was going north from philadelphia to new york. that killed people in that accident. that was caused officials say,
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when the train engineer unexpectedly sped up after the front car windshield may have been hit by an object. why construction was on the track will be investigated, was there a switch problem, was the train on the wrong track? why was the equipment there? was it too close. all those questions being investigated by the national transportation safety board. >> eric, before woe wrap that up, i wanted to remind everybody that mr. gardener gave a info hot line if you need to call. it is 18 hundred 523-9101. it's 1800523-9101. good morning, again. everyone. we are now turning to politics. as the republican presidential candidates stepping up their battle in wisconsin in what could be a crucial contest on the road to the nomination, a
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fox business network poll showing ted cruz in the lead but donald trump says he is still the man to beat even if he lose inside tuesday's primary. >> hello again. i'm eric shawn here at america's election headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. >> the candidates, as we've said out on the campaign trail today in wisconsin. just 48 hours to go. they are pulling out al the stops in the j abouter state. john roberts is live in green bay, wes wis with the very latest as we've got the countdown clock going. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning to you. i talked to a senior donald trump adviser this morning who assures me even if donald trump were to come away with no delegates with tuesday's primary in wes wis. they can get to 1237 delegates by simply winning 56, 57% of the remaining delegates after this. you showed those polls that have donald trump behind by as much
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as ten points in the badger state. donald trump predicting he is still going to do well here because there are other polls that show him much closer, win a point or two. and trump thinks he may be able to change things between now and then. he is doing work to repair some of the damage he has done to himself over the past two weeks telling the new york times that it was a mistake to retweet out that unflattering picture of ted cruz's wife, heidi, telling our chris wallace this morning that if he had a do-over, he probably would not have done night if i had it to do again, i probably wouldn't have sent it. i didn't think it was particularly bad but i probably wouldn't have done it. but this was a response. this wasn't me starting something. this was a response. >> ted cruz had a field day with that donald trump retweet going on national television to call him a sniffling coward for having the you a dasty to try to attack his wife heidi. as to donald trump admitting it
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was a mistake to do that upon his arrival in green bay last night here's what ted cruz had to say about that. >> you know, it's gotten to the point where i could not care less about donald trump. he says it's a mistake, that's fine, it's a mistake. i'll tell you, then and now, i have no interest in seeing political candidates attack each other's wives, attack their families, attack -- wives and spouses and children should be off limits. >> ted cruz clearly with a lot of support here in green bay. and many of those sporters will be out to see him in the convention at an afternoon this afternoon. we have to remind people at home, as much as this is a battle for the hearts and minds of voters it is really is a ballots for delegates between now and convention, which increasingly looks like it could be a contested one. despite the donald trump's pronouncements to the contrary,
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there is going to be a lot of wrangling behind the scenes to make sure every delegate is available for the campaigns as they go into that convention. >> yeah, john. then in two weeks it's off to new york. 95 delegates at stake. >> oh, yeah. >> donald trump by 38 points in the polls ahead of ted cruz. we'll see what happens when he gets back to his home state. thank you. arthel? >> meanwhile, the democrats are looking ahead to what is expected to be a very close contest in wisconsin. two new york's primary, that was two weeks ago. it's already getting heated. hillary clinton calling out the sanders camp for rejecting three proposed debate dates. senator sanders firing back with an explanation. >> new look at the democratic debates we've had in the past many observers have noted they are also scheduled on days when the viewer turnout would not be particularly high. i would hope she would agree with me, let's do it at mutually convenient time.
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>> and derek tenny is live in washington with more on this story. hey, garrett. >> arthel, we should point out for weeks hillary clinton's campaign has been essentially trying to ignore bernie sanders and move on to the general election. but bernie sanders has not made that easy. he has now won five of the last six democratic contests. currently he is beating clinton by five points in wisconsin according to the latest polls. with new york's delegate-rich primary coming up, a frustrated hillary clinton is going on the attack. we saw her get in an heated exchange with a sanders supporter earlier this week after one of her events, and again this morning on meet the press she said she's tired of sanders's campaign lying about her and that young people, the voting bloch she is struggling mightily with, are too gullible to believe otherwise. >> they are misrepresenting my record. i'm just not going to -- i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who, you know, believe this. they don't do their own research. and i'm glad that we now can
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point to reliable independent analysis to say no, it's just not true. >> while a loss in wisconsin or her adopted home state of new york would be lig blow for her campaign she has a huge lead overall in delegates. her campaign has agreed to a debate with sanders before new york's primary. still the two sides haven't been a i believe to agree on a debate. that has led to a he said she said. sanders explains why he hasn't agreed to any of the dates clinton proposed. >> doing it during the ncaa final makes no sense. doing it in the morning when people aren't watching in large numbers makes no sense. i'm confident we'll work out a time that's good for both of our schedules and when large numbers of people will be watching. >> despite his large crowd string of wins and his fund-raising success, sanders
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still has an extremely tough road ahead to actually win the nomination. but as long as he is around he will will prevent hillary clinton from focusing entirely on republicans and the general election. >> garrett tenny, thanks, garrett. can we stop terrorists from getting nuclear material? that was the goal for president obama and more than 50 world leaders at this year's nuclear summit. they are worried about nuclear material falling into the hands of radical islamic terrorist groups like isis. the president declared the dask is an international effort. >> we need to do even more to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. after the paris attacks, the united states deployed search teams to europe to bolster these efforts and we'll be deploying additional teams in the near future. we all have a role to play. >> is that enough to prevent a
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possible dirty bomb? john bolton joins us, a former ambassador to the u.n., senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. ambassador, will the results this summit work? >> i think there are small gains that have come from this summit and its predecessors -- i think the first one was in 20106789 these are largely propaganda exercises i think typical of the president's entire approach to national security. that he talks a lot about it but there is very little real activity. if he were serious about the threat of nuclear proliferation, he never would have signed the deal with iran last summer. he would have taken steps against north korea that would have been meaningful after three nuclear tests on his watch and continued progress on ballistic missiles. and an burgeoning nuclear arms race in iran and elsewhere around the world. it's important to secure radioactive material that's out
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there around the world. but these efforts have been underway for 25 years. it's not all done, but the bulk of the work, i think, was done long ago. and it's not random materials in medical laboratories that pose a threat. it's nation states and terrorist groups that are trying to create nuclear weapons themselves. and there the president's record is miserable. >> you were assistant secretary of state forearms control and international security efforts. you've worked this on the inside. do you think it is possible for us to stop that? or it's just a matter of time? and what do we do? >> well, i think as long as there are statery proliferators like iran and north korea, as long as there are governments with nuclear weapons that could fall into the hands of terrorists like pakistan, as long as isis and al qaeda are actively seeking not just nuclear weapons but chemical and biological weapons -- we know
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this going back to materials we took from al qaeda headquarters in afghanistan after overthrowing taliban and al qaeda there in 2001, weapons of mass destruction have been a tee objective for terrorists for many years. that's where the efforts have to focus. the president is worried about the flow of terrorists into europe in recent months, as we all are. where do they come from? from syria and iraq, where isis has carved out a functioning state. and our efforts to destroy that state which the president himself says is his objective have been desultory at best. i think it's less a question of disagreeing with the president' record than disagreeing with his lack of action to back the rhetoric up. >> at this meeting he claims that, quote, we've made significant progress. at the same time he also just the other day indicates that iran, as mentioned is not living up to the spirit of the nuclear deals. you are not surprised.
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>> yeah, well we have made a lot of progress. but if you consider that the progress started roughly back in 1990 and after the fall of the soviet union, and that progress has continued in a straight line since then, including during the seven years of the obama administration, it's not that obama himself had much to do with it. the fact is that the president is almost personally responsible on the personal 5 plus 1 side of negotiation for this deal with iran. many of our european partners were worried about it. he pushed it through over objections from the french, the britains and even the germans. he worried that iran wouldn't be live up to it. news flash president obama. they never intended to abide by it. they wanted relief. they were prepared to make meaningless concessions in response. and then they continue toward
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meaningful deliverable nuclear weapons. it was predictable at the time of the negotiations, at the time of the signing of the deal, and it is predictable think. >> how do you respond if the unthinkable happens and there is some type of attack like this? >> i think in part if it is indeed a nuclear weapon that we should retaliate just as we always said we should. but it's our weakness, our inability to stand up to the proliferators that's eroding the structures of deterrence we've tried to create against the use of nuclear weapons. if we appear unable or unwilling to stop iran and its 25-year quest for nuclear weapons, unwilling or unable to stop north korea, as we have not done. what signal does that send to every other would be nuclear power around the world? if you simply have persistence and patience, you too can outlast the united states. that's the bad news. >> the bad news is they are out there tinkering in their labs and worry we're told, ominously,
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getting closer. john bolton, good to see you every sunday. >> when we come back we'll be talking more politics. donald trump and ted cruz going at each other tooth and nail. now launching a new round of personal attacks before primary day in wisconsin. how will that play out at the polls? ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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well, the battle in wisconsin is in full swing with ted cruz and donald trump launching new personal attacks ahead of tuesday's primary. a total of 42 delegates are on the line in wisconsin. the two candidates trading barbs on the campaign trail as we get closer to voting day. >> we're like the policemen to the world, right? that's fine. that's fine. and everything's good. but these are really, really wealthy countries. when they start paying us, and then we do good trade deals, this country is already turned around. it's turned around. because we're talking big, big dollars. and lying ted can't do it. >> what we are saying in wisconsin and nationally is the
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65 to 70% of republicans who recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton, that if we nominate donald trump, it elects hillary clinton -- >> joining me now to talk this, john fine, columnist for national review. john, good to see you. >> thank you. >> i understand you were in wisconsin last wee. pel tell me, how is donald trump going over there? usually his appeal at his rallies, able to arouse the crowd. is that working there? >> he has good rallies, and he is using his trademark issues. the problem i think the debate has shifted away from his issues to a referendum on donald trump, is he the most suitable, the most electable candidate for president? the ground has shifted and the ground in wisconsin isn't favorable to him. >> is that why -- i mean ted cruz has been saying this for several weeks on the campaign trail, that he's the one to beat hillary clinton. is that resonating with the folks there in wisconsin and elsewhere? >> there is support for cruz but it's more reaction against
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trump. he made a fatal mistake, i think. he went into wisconsin, the republican governor, scott walker, who ran for president but dropped out, has an 84% approval rating amongst republicans. trump attacked him and attacked him for not raising taxes in wisconsin. which is a tubl no-no. >> he attacked him because on march 29th, of course the governor endorsed ted cruz. >> he didn't frame it that way. attacked governor walker's policies. that doesn't go over well. >> let's move on, do hypotheticals. lets assay if trump wins and takes the delegates, the pro establishment, antitrump force gets into higher gear. could that propel trump and his supporters? and could it make ted cruz seem like the establishment candidate, which everybody has been running from? >> i think trump will take some delegates in wisconsin. but if he loses to cruz statewide it will break his
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moment momentum. then we have a long two weeks before the new york primary. trump needs momentum. last week wasn't good for him. he managed to come up with so many answers on abortion the joke is of course he is pro choice us he has taken every choice. >> you are certain, if i'm hearing you right, cruz has a good chance to win in wisconsin? >> he has a double digit lead in all polls. >> let's assume that ted cruz wins in wisconsin, he dominates the news before the new york primary, does that set cruz up for a win in new york? or does donald trump own that real estate? >> i would be stunned if trump lost new york. but new york is a proportional state. if you win 50% of the vote in any congressional direct you get three delegates. if you win but get less than 50% you get two delegates. donald trump is going to win new york but if he wins and only gets a few more delegates than
9:24 am
he has now then again it's less likely he is going to get the 1237. that's what it is a all about, 1237. >> all about 1237. >> exactly. >> for sure, trump is strong when he talks about the economy and job creation. is that an issue that ted cruz can beat trump on? >> look, i think ted cruz has a strong message as a fiscal conservative and a constitutional conservative. trump clearly has his own message as a job creator. i think the problem is trump is constantly undermining his own message with the side issues, what is happening with someone's wife, what is your position on abortion? i think it's almost like a form of self sabotage. he should know better but can't help himself. >> we heard him say he regrets posting the photoof -- >> that's a headline, trump regrets. >> he said he regrets posting that photoof heidi cruz, senator cruz's wife. maybe he may be pulling back and
9:25 am
toning some of that. >> his supporters hope so but they also know the history of donald trump. if you like what donald trump does, wait five minutes, he'll do something else. if you don't like donald trump, wait five minutes, he'll do something else. >> definitely fascinating. every time people like you, someone who has had very much experience watching political campaigns, et cetera, the minute everyone says oh, this is for him, trust me, he's out, he's still there. what to you attribute that to? >> well, the man has an incredible ability to change the subject and to move to something that's a stronger ground for him. but there is one thing that's fixed. if he is at his current momentum and he loses wisconsin he is not going to get the 1237 delegates. and that is the bottom line. he can survive, but if he doesn't get 1237, he is not going to be the republican nominee for president. >> you have to do this yes or no because i have to go. ? somebody waiting in the wings who we haven't seen who might show up in cleveland or july on
9:26 am
the republican side? >> if you get to the third or fourth ballot, maybe. >> okay. got to leave it there. for more campaign action don't forget to watch on the record taun hall with greta van susteren who will be in her home state of wisconsin with donald trump. it's tonight on the fox news channel. don't miss it. heart disease affects millions of americans every year. what are the most serious causes that you should look out for? and what can you do to try to protect your heart? >> this is an important segment for any women dealing with hair loss. what is causing it and what you can do about it. "sunday housecall" is up next.
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