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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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there. and you're watching the town hall. >> i'm watching the town hall meeting to see if trump can recover from a bad week. >> are you going to be trump's vice president? >> highly unlikely. i'm certainly happy to help get any republican in the white house, whoever that nominee is, i'm with them 100%. i'm hoping people listening will do the same. >> i'll see you tomorrow. a fox news alert. a u.s. official confirming to fox news that a drone strike over the northern iraqi town of makhmour has taken out the isis terrorist responsible for last month's rocket attack that killed a u.s. marine. he was working there to support iraqi forces in the battle against isis. eight other marines were hurt. three in critical condition. we'll have more on this story and reaction coming up when we talk to former pentagon spokesperson j.d. gordon. another alert for you here
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at home. tragedy on the tracks. that amtrak train goes off the rails. two people are killed. this accident has injured more than 30 hours. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." >> this deadly scene unfolding in chester, pennsylvania. that is just south of philadelphia. and not far from another deadly amtrak accident that happened less than a year ago. now, this time, the train is thought to have slipped off the tracks after striking a backhoe loader. amtrak starting to resume service between philadelphia and wilmington, delaware, but this investigation is far from over, and we will have -- bryan llenas is live with more. >> reporter: take a look behind me right now. that is the scene from earlier this morning around 8:00 a.m.
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this amtrak struck and hit a backhoe, which is essentially a piece of construction -- it's kpimt, or a vehicle that digs up and lifts up dirt. it hit that while it was on the track. now, it killed two amtrak workers who were not on the train at the time. it was a backhoe operator and a supervisor. it's unclear whether it was there to actually clean up debris or for maintenance. 35 passengers were injured. thankfully, none were life-threatening injuries. 341 passengers and seven crew were on this train. now, the first car of the train, it actually derailed from the force of the collision, and that sent debris into the first two cars of the amtrak train. passengers were spoke to in the second car said they heard the train horn, and seconds later they felt shaking and the impact. and others saw a burst of flames
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outside before they were asked to move to the back of the train. >> i felt like the train hit something, and they were like three or four really big bangs and it kind of threw us off the chairs, the seats that we were sitting in. and there was a lot of smoke, and then everybody was like yelling. >> the train was, like, rumbling. and then we got off track, i guess. and then it was just a bunch of dust. it was just dust everywhere. and then the train conductors, they were running to the front. >> reporter: the shocked passengers were walked to a nearby methodist church. the red cross was there offering food. some were even actually joining in on a prayer. the passengers were bussed to philadelphia's 30th street station where they all made arrangements to continue to their final destination. amtrak's service between new york and philadelphia is in service. and there is now limited service, which is an improvement between philadelphia and wilmington, delaware. the crash comes less than a year after that amtrak derailment.
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amtrak train 188, which killed eight people and injured more than 200. that took place just 30 miles north of here at the frankfurt junction. that brought all the attention to the amtrak's infrastructure at that time. we'll be discussing this as the ntsb is here. one woman traveling on this train said she thought about amtrak train 188 during this horrific few seconds and few moments while she was on that train. now, the ntsb, as you had seen earlier, they are continuing -- they are on the scene right now. still many unanswered questions here as to why the backhoe was on the track in the first place and what happened to these two workers tragically. did they not hear the train? were they distracted? these are all questions that we simply don't know the answers to right now. the ntsb on the scene, and the investigation will continue. >> briyan llenas, thank you so
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much for that update from chester, pennsylvania. turning now to the race for the republican nomination and the bat for wisconsin. the candidates are making their final push with just 48 hours to go until that state's primary. senator ted cruz rallying supporters this afternoon in green bay, wisconsin. he did that within the last hour. polls show the texas snartd is currently leading in the state for the 42 delegates.enator is currently leading in the state for the 42 delegates. it could be a significant blow for frontrunner donald trump. potentially narrowing his path to the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the party's nomination. will crews pull it out on tuesday and throw a roadblock into trump's path? senior national correspondent john roberts is with us reporting live from where that rally was held in green bay, wisconsin. hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. as always, the polls can show whatever they do, but the only poll that matters is the one that happens on primary night. ted cruz just finished up.
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the polls do show that he is poised to do very well on tuesday night. some of the latest had him ten points out. some of the other polls a little closer than that. donald trump had led virtually every poll going into march, but a series of unforced errors committed by donald trump have allowed ted cruz to gain some traction. one of those errors was a couple of weeks ago when trump retweeted a rather unflattering photo of ted cruz's wife heidi that was after a cruz associated but not connected super pac had sent out a picture of melania trump from a "gq" spread with no clothes on just before the utah caucus. donald trump said this morning that if he had to do it all over again, he probably would not retweet that photograph. a short time ago, i asked ted cruz about that. >> he said it was a mistake, but he didn't apologize for it.
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>> i'm glad donald realized it's a mistake to attack other people's wives, other people's families. i'm not worried about donald. i'm not paying attention to his latest tweets, to his noise. what i'm worried about is the people across this country who are hurting, the millions of americans who are out of jobs, the millions of americans whose wages have stagnated year after year after year. i'm worried about all the young people. >> reporter: cruz in a race to get to 1,237 delegates before the convention, so they can clinch the nomination. in order to do that, donald trump would have to win 56% of the remaining 900-some-odd delegates. cruz would have to win 82% of them. a much more difficult task. ohio governor john kasich, even if he won 100%, all the delegates that are left, he couldn't get to the nomination before the convention, and for that reason, donald trump this morning again called on john kasich to drop out of the race. listen. >> i said, why is a guy allowed
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to run -- all he's doing is he goes from place to place and loses. and he keeps running. if he wants to go and have his name put in a nomination in the convention, he can do that. he doesn't have to run and take my votes, because he's taking my votes. he's not taking cruz's votes. >> although the cruz campaign does potentially see john kasich as a threat, that is why the cruz campaign today put up an ad in wisconsin attacking john kasich for ties to a company that received tax breaks in ohio at the same time, laying people off. this is a company that john kasich had testified some money from before he became the governor of ohio. kasich's campaign today said cruz is only engaging in recycled democratic attacks for the 2014 race and that governor kasich had no say over who received tax breaks. but as you can see, eric, all these delegates are very important to all of these campaigns and they're going to do just about anything they can to make sure they get as many as
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they possibly can before they head to this convention. >> to be a delegate to be undecided or throw your lot in one of those candidates. >> about 20 minutes from now -- >> you're a very popular person if you're a delegate. >> absolutely. in 20 minute, we'll be talking to the national spokesperson for the ted cruz campaign about all this and what you just reported. john, as always, thank you. >> all right, we're going to check in on the democrats now. the battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, first up is wisconsin just two days away. before that contest is even in the books, they're already looking ahead to new york's primary. the two candidates bickering over when to debate before voters there head to the polls. doug mcelway is live in washington with those details. hi, doug. >> that subject of when to schedule another debate between sanders and clinton is loaded with consequences for both. clinton while still the likely
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nominee has been unable to shake sanders, on top of his triple win. he's leading by a thin margin in wisconsin, which votes on tuesday, and is gaining in clinton's adopted home state of new york, which votes on april 19th. while the latest quinnipiac poll in new york shows her beating sanders by a 12-point margin, he's hoping to capitalize on his momentum, and he's accusing clinton of dodging debates that are held in primetime slots. >> if you look at some of those democratic debates that we've had in the past, many observers have noted that they're often scheduled on days when the voter turnout, and the viewer turnout would not be particularly high. so i would hope that she would agree with me. let's do it in a mutually convenient time. >> the clinton campaign hopes that it is sanders who appears to be dodging debates. "the sanders campaign needs to stop with the games." over the course of the last week, we have offered three
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specific dates for a debate in new york, all of which the sanders campaign rejected." clinton also continues to defend herself against accusations that she's taken campaign contributions from big iowa. she maintains they're a minuscule fraction of her war chest and that they come from employees, not from lobbyists or the companies directly. >> they are misrepresenting my record. i'm just not going to -- i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this. they don't do their own research. and i'm glad that we now can point to reliable independent analysis to say no, it's just not true. >> well, one telltale sign of clinton's concern while sanders continued to campaign in wisconsin today, clinton has been spending a lot of time in new york. it's been a decade since she last won the senate there. sanders may do well in up state regions as well as in queens, brooklyn, and perhaps even long island. back to you. >> doug mcelway. thanks, doug.
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in belgium, a strong show of defiance against the radical islamic terrorists to reclaim our very civilization. the brussels airport, partially back open earlier today for the first time since the suicide bombings nearly two weeks ago. a reopening ceremony marked the partial resumption of airline service. connor powell with more on the reopening. >> reporter: as you said, this is only a partial reopening of the airport, but obviously carries a huge symbolism significance as well. this was a big step forward for the city of brussels, which is still really on edge and trying to get over this mass i have shock of the attacks just 12 days ago. when the first plane took off today, it was met with huge applause and excitement in celebration by the small amount of passengers and officials that were on hand to witness it. not surprisingly, security remains extremely tight at the airport. all the passengers went through additional security screening today, and they were asked to
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arrive three hours before they flights as well. some passengers did say it was a bit strange to be at the airport just two weeks or so after so many people were killed there, but airport authorities were extremely proud of the fact that they were able to get the airport up and running and to reopen after these cowardly attacks. >> it's a very emotional moment for all of us, from me personally, of course. we've all worked day and night, literally day and night to make this moment possible. >> now, right now, the airport is running at only about 20% or so capacity, meaning about 800 passengers a day right now. that number is expected to grow in the coming weeks. airline and authority officials say it will probably be in midsummer, maybe june, july before the airport is at full capacity. so just about the time that the big amount of tourists head to brussels and europe. that's about the time that they
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think the repairs will be completely finished. a lot of work still needs to be done. still big for the community going forward. >> a very meaningful, more than symbolic move. thank you so much. >> we now have information, new information about the mosul university chemistry lab reportedly hijacked by isis in iraq. the terror group is apparently using it to help perfect its bomb making capabilities. air strikes pounding an administration building at mosul university. isis was reportedly hoping to train militants to make a new generation of explosive devices at the well-stocked lab there. mosul is iraq's second-largest city. and fell to isis in 2014. and we are beginning to have more on this and the coalition effort to push back isis in iraq and syria later in the hour. well, one's lying ted.
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now back to america's election headquarters. some big headlines emerging from the candidates. let's bring in the executive editor at the daily caller. nice to see you. let's go to trump. start here. he was on fox news sunday. chris wallace asked trump if he is blowing up his campaign. take a listen. >> i think that we're doing very well. don't forget, you have been thinking about that or asking me that question numerous times over the last -- since june 16th. that statement made many times, he just blew his campaign, only
1:20 pm
to end of having higher poll numbers. >> vince, does donald trump have a point, or is he at a point where his poll numbers will start to plateau? >> well, he's right. every time somebody has called into question the future of his campaign, all he's had to do is point to the poll numbers and go look, i'm in the lead. look at all the polls. he loves talking about the polls on the campaign trail, but this week going into wisconsin, there's some real danger ahead if you look specifically at the polls. we see polls this week indicating that ted cruz sup by as much as ten points. and that's going to be really risky for donald trump as he goes into wisconsin. which is why you're starting to see for the first time a little bit of a walkback on his prior statement s statement. especially retweeting that picture of heidi cruz. he's saying maybe i shouldn't have done that. i think that's a real big signal that he wants to play it a little bit nicer, especially for that electorate. >> let's go to governor kasich. he was on abc this week. he was asked, can he win? he says delegates at the convention could be a game
1:21 pm
changer. listen. >> when delegates go to a convention, they're old hands. some are legislators. some have worked in the vineyards helping to get people elected. when they go into the convention, something magical happens to them. they begin to feel the real weight of decision making, in regard to the fall, and secondly, this is serious who could be president. >> is kasich putting too much stock into the convention, or might the delegates and the republican national committee get behind the ohio governor in cleveland, and kasich ends up as the gop nominee. >> he sounds pretty excited for a guy who's only won his home state. this is a pretty big race. it would be i think pretty shocking, i think most people would agree to a republican electorate. if you saw this get to a contested convention, and a guy who doesn't have as many delegates as marco rubio. i don't think that that bodes well for the long-term well-being necessarily of the party. but john kasich is trying to make a different case. he thinks he's the more
1:22 pm
electable guy. he in head-to-head match-ups is beating hillary clinton. that's his case anyway. i just don't see a lot of voters going for it. >> let's talk about senator sanders. he was on cnn's state of the union, talking on rejecting three times clinton's offered for debates primaries before the new york primary. listen. >> doing it during the ncaa finals or whatever makes no sense. doing it in the morning when people are not going to be watching it in large numbers makes no sense. but i'm confident we'll work out a time that's good for both of our schedules and large numbers of people will be watching. >> what do you think, vince? >> i just think if there was every any question of the democratic national committee's loyalties or to hillary clinton, i think this sort of just solves the whole thing. because all of these democratic party debates have been scheduled at times when peel can't watch them. >> what's your point? isn't hillary clinton a good debater? >> well, it just seems that hillary is trying to protect what they view as inevitable.
1:23 pm
they want hillary to be the nominee. hillary has given a lot of financial support to the party certainly. and in this way, she's aiming to schedule debates at times where bernie sanders can't pull her farther to the left, which is what has happened during this primary. >> all right. we're going to move on to hillary clinton. she was on nbc's "meet the press" on accusations of being secretive. listen. >> i think that anybody who's actually looked at this has concluded that i have now put out all of my e-mails. go and ask others for their e-mails. ask everybody else who's in public office. i'm the one who's done it. and i did it because i thought it was the right thing to do. >> so can hillary clinton shake the accusations of being secretive? and are these charges legitimate or are these opponent-driven allegations, vince? >> it would be pretty difficult to shake this in light of the fact that at least dozens of fbi agents are reportedly involved in the investigation. her statement that she turned over all of her e-mails is
1:24 pm
untrue. she's admitted to deleting thousands of e-mails that she considered personal in nature. and finally, the notion that the guy who actually set her server up, a gentleman by the name of bri brian pagliano suggests there's nothing routine about this. there's something very serious going on that involved the fbi granting immunity to a top player. hillary clinton is still pending an interview with that very same fbi. but she's reticent to even call it an investigation. i think it's a serious thing. i think most voters realize that as well. >> so in summation, what do you see happening between now and new york, april 19th? >> between sanders and clinton? >> just in general. whoever you want to talk about. >> well, in general, i think that after we get through wisconsin, when we go into new york, ultimately, it's going to be really impactful if bernie sanders can wear away hillary clinton's lead in new york. on the republican side, i think donald trump is going to start looking at a calendar that's much more favorable to him, including new york, and he has a real shot of actually still
1:25 pm
getting to that 1,237 number, which is the number of delegates he needs to become the nominee of the republican party. even if he loses wisconsin, new york could be the beginning of a big comeback for donald trump. >> okay. i have to leave it there. and thanks a lot, vince. >> glad to be here. >> we want to remind everybody. for more, don't forget to watch "on the record" town hall with greta van susteren, who will be in her home state of wisconsin with gop frontrunner donald trump. it all begins tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. what do you think donald trump will say about ted cruz tonight when he appears with greta here on the fox news channel? his polls show cruz out front. what a big win for the texan could mean for trump? coming up, the cruz campaign national spokesman about that, and how their campaign is planning for the next april races. literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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well, it's not just cruz and
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trump rumbling in the jungle. it's also a battle between ted cruz and john kasich. this as the candidates are jockeying for position in what's becoming an increasingly complex path to the republican nomination. hillary clint hillary vaughn has more on this feud. >> the glof gloves are off in wisconsin as john kasich and ted cruz duke it out. the latest fox business poll shows cruz ahead of trump by ten points and ahead of kasich by 23 points, but a pro-cruz super pac is targeting kasich in a new ad for medication expansion, calling him obama's bff. kasich defended his decision saying he doesn't play politics with mental health. kasich also hit cruz back, saying he doesn't have a path to the nomination. take a listen. >> cruz needs about 90% of the remaining delegates, and when we head east, impossible. not going to happen. >> cruz has repeatedly called for kasich to step out of the race, but kasich plans to take his campaign all the way to the
1:31 pm
convention in cleveland. >> in that situation, i think we will be in a very, very strong position. i believe we will earn a majority of the delegates either before the convention or on the convention floor. >> there is a weight that suddenly descends on the delegates. they begin to realize they're picking somebody who could be the president of the united states. >> cruz is back on the campaign trail with governor scott walker today. kasich will campaign in new york tomorrow. in green bay, wisconsin, hillary vaughn, fox news. >> all right, hillary, thanks very much for the latest from wisconsin. >> what we are seeing in wisconsin is the 65% to 75% of republicans who recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. but if we nominate donald trump, it elects hillary clinton. >> senator ted cruz taking his case in wisconsin with the primaries reporting on tuesday, telling supporters the outcome there will impact every other republican primary race that remains on the calendar.
1:32 pm
the texas senator has been leading donald trump in the latest fox business network poll released on thursday in that state. senator cruz holding a ten-point lead on the gop frontrunner. trump, though, claims he is still the man to beat, even if he loses in wisconsin. so what is the cruz campaign plan? the national spokesperson for ted cruz's campaign joins us now. it's looking good for your man in wisconsin. what would it mean if the senator does pull it out 48 hours from now and wins the state? >> this is the next step in the process. it really is interesting to take a good look at wisconsin. it's a lot more like michigan than it is iowa. senator cruz won iowa. donald trump won in the state of michigan. michigan culturally is a lot more similar to wisconsin than iowa is. and we're doing very, very well there. i think what that represents is a consolidation of the republican base behind senator cruz going forward. it also represents the fact that donald trump has had so many problems, and the fact that he's
1:33 pm
alienated so in voters. and that doesn't go over very well in wisconsin. finally, nobody in the country is paying more attention tost what's happening in this race than the people of wisconsin. those folks in wisconsin are choosing senator cruz right now by every poll that we see. so that's very encouraging going forward. and of course, the general election match-up against hillary clinton is far stronger with senator at the top of the republican ticket than donald trump who will lose to hillary clinton and in the supreme court as well. >> donald trump doesn't buy that. what changed? was it those comments this week, the abortion, the women talking about nuclear weapons, and the tweeting out of those pictures? >> yeah, i think it's a couple things. the nomination process is more than just voting and delegates. it's about vetting our candidates. the longer this process goes on, the better voters get to see who those candidates are. with respect to donald trump, he's been revealed for who he really is, in terms of his attacks on women, his tweeting attacks late at night to women
1:34 pm
he doesn't know. and his failure to really organize particularly well. we saw what happened in louisiana and elsewhere. so people are seeing what donald trump really is all about and the fact that he's not prepared to be commander in chief. he made devastatingly harmful comments about pulling out of nato. he was confused. he had four different positions on the issue of abortion in one day. that's one heck of an accomplishment. it just shows he's not ready to be president and stands in stark contrast to the steady conservative leadership that ted cruz offers. >> he's claiming that you guys started it first. you started throwing the criticisms. let's see what he said. let's show a sound byte from when he was on with chris wallace on fox news sunday this morning about the heidi cruz-melania photos, which he did admit that tweet was a mistake, but here was what he said. >> ted cruz came after me. >> no, he didn't. >> well, he did through my wife. >> no, he didn't. >> no, he didn't. did.
1:35 pm
>> do you have any evidence that he knew about the attack by the independent super pac. >> my evidence is total common sense. >> well, was your campaign responsible? >> absolutely not. and donald trump knows that very well. he just keeps on repeating this lie in the hopes that if he repeats it enough times, people will accept it to be the truth. and that excuse on his part hasn't stuck. let's keep in mind that he defended over and over again, including in a nationally televised town hall, defending that picture. and that's completely inappropriate. and voters are having their say about that by rejecting donald trump. >> could be smiling on tuesday night, but another tuesday night coming up, and man oh man, let's take a look at the poll here in new york state. donald trump's home state, of course. he's way ahead in new york state. got a delegate-rich plucking for him to add on to his numbers.
1:36 pm
what do you think will happen, and do you think you can catch up? you're even behind john kasich here. >> the state of new york's is donald trump's home state. we'll see if donald trump is able to win. we'll see what the dynamic looks like coming out of tuesday. so new york is not homogenous. it's not winner take all. there are opportunities throughout new york, i'm born and raised in new york, i know very well that long island is very different from new york city, very different from upstate new york, so we'll be in the state, and every ingle state in this country that has voted so far, the ted cruz campaign has competed, and very often we've defied expectations. but of course, this is donald trump's home turf, his own state, and the fact that he's going to have to work hard in order to try to do well here is indicative of the fact of how competitive this race really is. >> he may have some trouble with those new york values comments, but he's got two weeks to come here and campaign and we'll see. we thank you so much for your
1:37 pm
time on this sunday afternoon. >> thank you. >> absolutely. and by the way, fox news channel will get you set for the wisconsin showdown with a big monday night, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow, greta van susteren will moderate a live one-hour special on the record with presidential candidate john kasich. then at 8:00 p.m. eastern, bill o'reilly is back for an all-new "o'reilly factor." at 9:00 p.m. eastern, megyn kelly will sit down for an hour exclusive interview with presidential candidate ted cruz. at 10:00 p.m. eastern, sean hannity will interview presidential candidate donald trump. that's happening in milwaukee. >> got everybody. >> everybody is in. it's going to be a major must-see tv. you have to watch this. and there is a new report claiming that isis morale has hit a low, this as the pentagon confirms the death of a top isis operative in an iraqi air strike. a former spokesman analyzes the
1:38 pm
fight against the terror group. also, the devil is in the details when a school district allows religious items on campus. an atheist group takes advantage, leaving some parents pretty upset. >> it's the parents' responsibility to take care of this and not some other group that has no bearing on what my child's future is going to be like. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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an atheist group plays devil's advocate in a religious fight. the group patssing out pamphlet at ten schools in the delta county district, just west of denver. they were trying to make a point. their religion should be kept out of the school system. >> prior until now, literature distribution has included gideon bibles, which is just one religious point of view, and we are offering an atheist point of view. >> the big thing is we can't
1:43 pm
discriminate. once we allow for one thing, we have to allow it for all. >> the atheist group says it does not actually worship satan, but they decided to make a point and try to take advantage of having an open forum to be able to distribute what they want under the first amendment. president obama telling world leaders at the global nuclear summit in d.c. friday that the islamic state is losing some momentum. take a listen. >> in syria and iraq, isil continues to lose ground. that's the good news. our coalition continues to take out its leaders, including those planning external terrorist attacks. they are losing their oil infrastructure. they are losing their revenues. morale is suffering. >> and this as fox news confirms the death of an isis rocket engineer. he was killed in a u.s.-led drone strike over the iraqi town of makhmour. that terrorist was responsible for the rocket attack that killed this u.s. marine, staff
1:44 pm
sergeant louis cardin and injured eight other marines. let's talk about this with j.d. gordon. he's a former pentagon spokesperson. good to see you. >> you, too. >> let's start here. president obama reporting that morale is low amongst isis fighters, and then there's news that the u.s. coalition has regained control of palmyra. what does all of this mean for isis stamina and propaganda pandering, although they probably won't mention all of this on their internet site. >> it's good that we're chipping away at isis little by little, and together with our coalition allies, our european allies, isis will eventually be toppled. but here's the thing. isis is just a detail. really missing the forest for the trees on this. i think we have to look at isis like you would a leaf on a poison ivy vine. other leaves are al qaeda, taliban, boko haram. you can pick off leaf by leaf, but unless you tear up the cause by the roots, and the cause is radical islam, coming from mecca, coming from teheran. unless you tear up the roots of
1:45 pm
radical islam, these death cults are going to keep coming at us. >> how do you tear them up? >> we have to work with our allies in europe and russia. people that are targeted by radical islamists. especially our moderate arab allice like egypt, bahrain. we have to go after these radical clerics in saudi arabia and in like egypt, bahr. we have to go after these radical clerics in saudi arabia and in iran. this is the party line from islam. we've got to work with leaders to push back on the source of read call islam and that's officially coming from the saudis and the iranians. >> so we should just wipe off the board these few i guess insignificant advances that we made that we just reported on? >> i think that they're positive. i mean, we have to have a military solution against isis and we have to attack them economically, too. it's a good step that we blew up one of their largest blank banks. so we're making progress. but yet for every day the islamic state survive, we're
1:46 pm
vulnerable and the united states is vulnerable in europe because they have a so-called caliphate. >> the president did mention, if we're closing in on them in syria and iraq, we can expect more attacks like they just had in brussels. but let me move here before we go. we reported yesterday how isis took control of that lab at the university of mosul, which is dangerous, because as you know, it's a controlled environment where isis can make and teach other terrorists how to make a dirty bomb. but now reports are saying that the u.s. coalition did more damage to this lab than we first reported. so what's the status, and does all of this mean that we're starting at least to get the upper hand in the fight against isis in syria and iraq? >> well, we're just chipping away at them at a very slow pace. as long as there are failed states like iraq, syria, libya, afghanistan, jihadists are going to be able to go there and basically plan attacks on us. and they may use chemical weapons. if they don't get them in iraq,
1:47 pm
they'll get them somewhere else. so we have to go to the heart of the problem and that's radical islam coming after us. we have to wipe out death cults and defeat political correctness at home. san bernardino would not have happened if those neighbors had said look, those guys are building up weapons cache. >> i understand we're all happy for baby steps, big steps, whatever they might be. in this fight against isis, but you're right, i think we all, everybody wants to wipe them out completely whenever that is possible. i thank you, j.d. gordon, and good to see you. thank you so much. >> great to see you. >> thank you. the golden state opening its wallet, rolling out a massive pay raise for low-wage workers. but some experts are warning that it could have unintended results that could be far from sunny. the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal.
1:48 pm
when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the last generation at seaworld. there will be no more breeding. we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do.
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1:51 pm
california becoming an economic guinea pig of sorts with some experts worried the plan could have some unintended consequences on the economy and especially small businesses.
1:52 pm
in a state where wages dramatically vary from city to city. what will be the effect? joining us now is kyle arrington, founder and managing because currently we are at $78.25 or $7.50 so you have to take into consideration supply and demand and you may have the situation where everyone has to make a minimum rate of $15 an hour and suddenly you have businesses laying off people and
1:53 pm
there was significant job loss. rather than having two people for $15 an hour, you have one person for $15 and the other loses hers job. what does that -- what is the effect on the labor forcereportn the united states and then, of course, the vibrational effect on the stock market? i can tell you as an investment analyst you look at the labor report on a very regular basis on how we are doing creating jobs in the united states. >> they would say you have to have living wage and you cannot live on less than $15 an hour this is desperately needed. they would do the big business industrial complex taking advantage of the situation. >> listen, i am saying this: i am saying you can only charge so much for a slice of pizza. you can only charge is much for a cookie. if, in fact, $15 an hour is the minimum rage, you are going to have to increase prices. then you have an inflation issue potentially with a job market that is not very strong at all.
1:54 pm
what i really need to do is revisit this but i guess being in california here i will be the guinea pig to see if, in fact, this works. i don't think it is so simple that everyone should make $15 an hour no matter what. jobs and supply and demand and the macro and microeconomic economies are affected. >> they are doing it slowly, it will take six years to get to the $15 and new york is doing it faster in only three years so what do you think the effect of this would be from coast to coast? the same? all the same. it applies across the united states. we are in a capitalistic society and new york and california will demonstrate the experiment for whether washington, dc and our state officials can pit in place this $15 an hour. all i am saying i don't think it
1:55 pm
is easy as that. you will have some negative affects. >> it sounds good but you have to see the effects. good to see you. enjoy the sunday. >> when we come back we will show you no ordinary fight, why thousands of people are swinging pillows at each other. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state,
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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>> the feathers were flying across the globe this weekend. thousands of people were swinging pillows all in front of the gate in berlin. this was "international pillow fight day." 100 people -- cities taking part including london, and vienna, and charlotte, orlando, atlanta, los angeles, cleveland, dallas and other cities, as well. this is the 7th year people
2:00 pm
have blown off steam in the massive pillow fight. >> here in times square. >> we are leaving. we will going to go to the pillow fight. "media buzz" is up next. >> on the buzz beater, the press hammering donald trump for weeks over his comments about women and now seizing on his change on abortion. >> i was asked hypothetically. hypothetically. the laws are now are you set on abortion and that is how they remain. until they are changed. >> many are bashing him for defending the campaign manager against a legal charge of grabbing a reporter. >> i'm not a lawyer but she said she has a bruise on her arm. to me, if you are getting squeezed, you would think she would have yield out a scream or something? >> i looked at the tape at least 100 times today to try


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