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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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massive pillow fight. >> here in times square. >> we are leaving. we will going to go to the pillow fight. "media buzz" is up next. >> on the buzz beater, the press hammering donald trump for weeks over his comments about women and now seizing on his change on abortion. >> i was asked hypothetically. hypothetically. the laws are now are you set on abortion and that is how they remain. until they are changed. >> many are bashing him for defending the campaign manager against a legal charge of grabbing a reporter. >> i'm not a lawyer but she said she has a bruise on her arm. to me, if you are getting squeezed, you would think she would have yield out a scream or something? >> i looked at the tape at least 100 times today to try and see,
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and i have the original statement, she was "jolted backward and someone grabbed me tightly by the arm, yanked me down and i almost fell to the ground." i don't see that on the tape. >> we have the huge tape, the argument from the donald trump camp is no longer the campaign manager corey lewandowski never touched the reporter michelle fields. now, the argument is, well, the touching wasn't so bad. >> with two days until the wisconsin primary are the pundits getting pay back against donald trump? >> with all the tabloid charges and counter charges are the media covering this descent into the gutter or pushing it there? thank you is something compelling with people seeking that much power who can affect your daily life when this are tabloid accusations made because when we talk about tabloids we are talking about distraction. >> it points to a coarse culture
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and eroded. this political season is reflecting that. >> my conversation with the ladies of "out numbered." more negative e-mails on hillary clinton and bernie sanders on a winning streak. is this being treated by the press as a real contest? this is "media buzz" and i am howard kurtz. >> the coverage of donald trump turned harshly negative after florida police filed a misdemeanor battery charge against the campaign manager, corey lewandowski, for grabbing michelle fields. the story is being fueled by a new security video and drum trump's criticism of the reporter. >> she said, by the way, she is not a baby. in her own words, i was just a momented backward. well, she was standing there.
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someone grabbed me tightly. tightly? >> and yanked me down. she was not yanked, she did not have an expression. >> initially, cory said he never touched her and that was not true. >> i don't think he knew her. >> next day, msnbc's chris matthews pressed donald trump on his pro life stance. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, some form. >> the campaign was still clean that up and donald trump said this in an interview that aired today with cbs. >> i was asked as a hypothetical hypothetically, the laws are set now on abortion and that is the way they will remain until they are changed. >> you have talked about change, everything from libel to torture. >> the laws are set and we have
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to eleven it that way. >> now they are rushing do clarify that statement the. >> we have amy holmes and kristen powers with "usa today" and susan ferrechio with "washington examiner." >> amy, the exchange teen donald trump and chris matthews, if it were legal, then women should be punished, retracting that quickly. an explosion of media coverage. is that fair? >> it is fair. i give chris matthews credit for pressing donald trump on the question. i have interviewed donald trump in the past and it is hard to get him off the talking points but in the political arena he does not have many considered thoughts. >> mean was a good interviewer when he is interviewing republicans. >> now, when the candidate said the laws will stay the same meaning until he is president
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and appoints pro-life judges. >> but the media that he misspoke and he is hostile to women and this is a huge mess for the the press take that too far? >> he has given them a lot to work with. it is true he is critical and says terrible things about everyone, men and women. but re-tweeting the picture of ted cruz's wife which he regrets doing, that is different than what he has been doing to the men because that is something for saying look at this women issue is not is pretty as my wife and women look at that and say, that is sexist, someone with an issue with women. >> reminds them of an ex-boyfriend? >> it makes women feel like our most important quality is how we look and you are is not nice and it seems secretary -- sexist.
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i am pro life but that is way too many bridging too far. it is odd he would say something like that and not realize how explosive it is. >> i thought the questions by contribution math uses were fair but it fed criticism on both sides but fed the narrative that he has not through the issues. >> that is the important part. the media love to play gotcha with republican candidates on social issues like abortion and chris matthews did it in 2012 and george stephanopolis did it with minimum romney talking about overturning an 50-year-old thing preventing states from banning contra exceptions and matthews took trump down the same pat talking about punishment for abortion. he probably had never thought of it but it raceses the issue of, when is he going to start dud difficult -- start studying important issues for the country. he is unprepared and speaks off
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the cuff. what does it say of him as a candidate or someone to be president? >> back to the column in the "new york times" saying last time we spoke he leaked maureen dad, she "gets him." and he admitted he made a mistake in re-tweeting the picture of heidi unflattering compared to his wife and then defaulting he is tougher on men than women. >> donald trump has a pattern of attacking women based on appearance, ask rosie, and he has been attacking her for years and getting to the point of how the media is much more personal and much more aggressive with republicans on social issues than democrats, i found if you want to talk about the gutter for asking donald trump if he knew or dated any women who had an abortion, for someone who is supposed to be a pro-choice that is about a right to privacy and
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she is implicating another woman for him to expose as someone who sought an abortion i thought it was obnoxious and not the type of question that pro choice people get, do you know someone who has had the procedure and what are the effects? >> the point is, you are pro life but if you have been coplicit in ain't portion it raises some questions about your belief system if you are really pro life. the person is pro choice she would say, yes... >> but a question of, has the policy affected or influenced someone that you know. i thought it was inappropriate. that woman deserves private summit. >> in the interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday the question is are you in the process of blowing the campaign. it is a bad week for donald trump because of his own missteps but is this a sense of pay back from the media? for exposing him for the
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missteps, misstatements and now, maybe, there is a sense he is on the defensive. >> they would do what they are doing to any republican candidate. >> but fought to a democratic candidate? >> maybe they would. >> worst have to be someone they didn't like. the point is, someone did -- look county you can get into what happened in the michelle fields situation but the bottom line corey lewandowski should have apologized. whether the story was accurate or not, what he did was inappropriate. he should have said, i am sorry, i did not mean to scare you and it won't happen again, ask for forgiveness that is the thing the media will cover if it were a democrat. >> the videos show what happened was certainly more than corey lewandowski said, he obviously did touch and grab her and in my view what she said about being then to the ground did not seem to be the case but more importantly for corey lewandowski is what donald trump said about her and whether that
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fueled the media narrative he can be...difficult or hostile. >> i am a reporter who has been in so men of these most of my career stuck in a crowd trying to get the microphone to hear. never, never has anyone laid a hand on me. that draw the line there. he should not touch her whether she fell, did not fall, to grab her arm...that is where i stand on that. this is an issue not about gender an issue about the press. you do not item the press. you do not handle the press. to turn it into an attack against women does anyone think if it was a male reporter,er cory on not dot same thing? it is how they are bullying everyone, bullying the press and that is the big issue. the media has a right for be angry about that and question the donald trump campaign and should be questioning him more. >> in defense of the press
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coverage donald trump is giving it more leg sitting on cnn trying to lit gatt the case in defense of corey lewandowski and i have to point out in the same week he said women should be punished he said corey lewandowski should be defended for putting his hands on women? donald trump has dug his own grave. >> putting hands on anyone. >> on that point, and it was fading until the legal charge was brought and the prosecutor down in florida is democrat, but there were 16 conservative female commentators who signed a petition urging trim trump to fire corey lewandowski over this incident including fox news contributors and cnn contributors and greta took issue with that. let's listen. >> corey lewandowski has not had a trial and they are calling for his head. why they tried and convicted
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him. second, east women has now shot herself in the foot. it could be a hard sell for each of the women now covering the election to say she is first. >> i don't know about that. >> they are commentators. >> i don't think this is an issue like an ideological issue but an issue we agree he should not have grabbed her. afternoon the fact that, and, then, to not apologize but to engage in character is fair to say what she said was not quite accurate but something bad did happen and they should have apologized. >> as a commentator you sign a petition and say someone should be fired is that stepping out of the role of analyst who may or may not like trump and --. law is a line. are you saying what is happening or what ought to be happening? are you an analyst of evens or advocate for a position and it
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is blurred constantly. >> i would not do that ever continue i agreed. >> it would be better if they had a press organization sending something about not sticking your happened on the press like that. just the other day in front of the turkish embassy of the secret service saying this is america you do not grab the press or kick the press. it is important. >> the reason this matters is we are two difficulties before the wisconsin primary and ted cruz has a lead and if donald trump loses wisconsin all the criticisms in the media are going to be on steroids. and then another two week until the knock primary. we will get the trump point of view with katrina pierson, the trump spoke person. if a denture were to be
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>> while the negative stories swirl around donald trump we have katrina pierson from dallas, the donald trump spokesperson. do you believe the media are pushing a theme that donald trump is hostile to women? >> absolutely but we have then as republicans going up against the assumed nominee on the democrat side, hillary clinton, this is the narrative they would try to push regardless. they are starting early because they know that mr. trump is on the way to win the nomination despied what everyone is saying in washington, dc and the beltway about receiving the delegates, his support is committed at 80% now. if he maintains the current support he will lockup the nomination.
2:18 pm
>> do you see this as bias against republicans? or is it an effort by the froze slow trump down or take him down after eight months of contentious relationships, contentious relations between donald trump and the media? >> there is a huge media bias and the republican establishment who are helping the media in the process not understanding that the same thing is going to happen no matter would the republican nominee is. to give an example, we have seen questions asked to republican candidates that are never asked of democrat candidates. ranch, in the chris matthews, when is the last time someone asked hillary clinton about hypothetical states of abortion? >> speak of that interview since you brought it up, trump now said that you now say that he misspoke when he answered the
2:19 pm
hypothetical question if abortion were illegal, should women be punished and the campaign clarified that. do you think the press is refusing to take this. and just repeating it. >> it is worse than that. they are not discussing the context of the question. it was hypothetical. abortion is legal in this country. it is not the context it was being asked. i have seen on other networks, cnn and msnbc when they talk about this or in the headlines they say that mr. trump said he wanted women to be punished for an abortion. period. the context is left out. >> i have to say, at the same time, donald trump has said a couple of times this was a convoluted exchange but msnbc cut part of it and msnbc said it is not true the air of the
2:20 pm
exchange was as it happened. >> you can see if it is msnbc or cnn, is the constitutional reporting not the interview. they are cutting out the cop t of the proposed hypothetical ban on abortion. that is the part they are runnings they have cut it out to make it look like donald trump wanted to punish women for an abortion. >> a it was the later reporting. all the reporting. >> briefly on the dust-up between corey lewandowski and michelle fields regardless of who is right and wrong would it be better if donald trump were more gracious toward a reporter who felt agrieved? >> i am not sure. we can say that in hindsight but this is another antitrump group that pushed this narrative remember, this is not something that happened and was immediately reported. it took days after a discussion
2:21 pm
and after a narrative was created on twitter for the woman to file charges against the campaign manager. so it is another orchestrated attack to try to continue the narrative. >> i have half a minute, what about the notion when donald trump had the big lead and should be trying to unify the party he keeps punching or counter punching, using twitter and, still, trafficking in the insults that got him to where he is but not the right tune for a republican frontrunner? >> trump is mr. trump, not politically correct and it is one of the biggest drivers of the campaign. he does call it like he sees it. moving forward he is going to continue to make the decisions. at the same time, he has been attacked from 16 sides of sunday and from the media, the opposition, you name it, he is fighting back against everyone. to sit back and assume we as a campaign are supposed to take
2:22 pm
incoming from all sides and not respond? that not going to happen. >> i wasn't suggesting that. good to see you, katrina pierson, thanks for joining us. >> frank luntz on "saturday night live," joining the assault on donald trump and ted cruz used the media like a love fest and some anchors push back. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. afternoon you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah.
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technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. >> charge we have heard from many detractors of donald trump and from ted cruz the media roll all over donald trump and give him the media time. there was push back on anderson cooper. >> i knew the media engaged in a love fest giving donald trump $2
2:26 pm
billion in free --. >> were engaged in a love fest. >> how many hours of free media, for a year you let him call in --. >> we asked you for interviews every day and you have declined. >> seriously this is what we earn. the same people. i will say it, bitch and wine about never being...donald trump said too much but we invite them each day. a standing offer. no one calls in but donald trump. >> that is what critics missed i have asked senator ted cruz' people every week and said i will get on the plane and do it face and face and now he has appeared twice on "media buzz" and felt he was treated fairly and said he could do it again. we have tried john kasich and we had the problem with marco rubio who appeared once. trump said yes, again and again and the candidates who say yes get more air time than those would say no.
2:27 pm
is there a price for interviewing donald trump? after the wisconsin radio host has a contentious interview, there were questions about the network. >> charlie, he took his opportunity, he knew it would be one and done and does not have to go back to donald trump again people working for our network have to keep the relationship going for a long-term and charter did not have that burden. >> in some cases it is true. when i have befored drum trump we have been at it hard butting heads but he does not get some softball interviews. >> ahead, hillary clinton has not held an interview for 120 days. what happened when we went off the air and talked about the media.
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>> and how much responsibility does the media bear for a campaign in the gutter? i was in new york and after the show at "outnumbered," i raise the issue with andrea tantaros and meghan mccain and sandra smith. >> as the campaign going into the gutter and wives and photos and mistresses and nude photos do you think the media have enabled their? enjoying it? or have know choice? >> first, you have to say this is what the people want. the people are watching this in large droves. show up at the rallies foreign the candidate. you are seeing more interest in the selection. >> what about the tawdry stuff? >> a it has not turned them off. voter turnout is successful. i talk to friends and family at restaurants and everyone is talking politics right new. there is a huge firing conversation. in general.
2:32 pm
>> i think this is something compelling when people who are seeking that much power who can affect your daily life when there are tabloid accusations made because when we talk about tabloids we are talking about distractions from our lives and the serious issue. it is popcorn. now when those two things come together and the people in power are creating the tabloids or at left feeding the tabloids, it is the kind of storm you cannot turn away from. >> with the frontrunners sniping at each other the media cannot get on the high horse and say we cannot report this, we are too serious. it is good for clicks and ratings and some say if you did not give them oxygen it would be more high-minded. >> sex scandals have been at the beginning of politics in america, if we do not forget the
2:33 pm
john edwards sex scandal. >> and offed so the "national enquirer", as well. >> so my problem is, i host a radio show and i true to make the serious issues accessible and easy to digest by people driving to dry home and getness because so many...we are a small minority. sometimes jump lists get on their high hours and are like, why aren't they reading my 8,000 work print, whatever, on the history of, whatever, and people don't have this kind of time and are working two jobs try to get by and they want information. i don't have the problem with the media molding with the time? >> it is popcorn? or revealing of character on how they deal with the swirl of scandalous charges and counter charges? >> it pops to a coarseened culture and eroded and this political season is reflective. this campaign sent is pretty despicable. candidates talking about penis
2:34 pm
size and hands. i look at conservatives i say, you have to give it something worth conserving and fighting for. though are not doing that. law is a serious debate about conservative and the future of the country. it is in the bernie sanders candidacy and the donald trump candidacy people take on the political establishment but when it gets traction we are distracted by the shiny objects and the insults and the sexual innuendo and here is a picture my wife and here is a picture of your wife. that is why we are talking about what the election will do for the future of the republican part. it does seem things are changing in the definition of conservatism has changed dramatically. >> good journalists rise to the stop. there is an springfield -- in an interview in wisconsin that get donald trump swirling. if you ask the right questions
2:35 pm
you get the right answers, if you put the right person in front candidates you get decent answers or renexts of would the candidates are. >> two reporters of "new york times" spent 100 minutes on donald trump talking about foreign policy and it was a cuba exercise in journalism. >> it was sykes, the journalist. >> and television has to come press it how much traction does a more complicated story get compared to he pointed a finger and leaked something about me and my family. >> we all grand people with this when we make our lineups. >> you look at twitter without think it was the biggest story in the country. it is not. that is where people are getting frustrated, such pressing issues but if this add news cycle people (1) do not have the time (2) they are not interested. the media is lazy into digging into the more substantive
2:36 pm
issues. it is easier to find another story on trim trump or on ted cruz and let everyone else discuss it. >> reality intrude on the reality show campaign as we saw with brussels and the attacks in pakistani on sunday and then the media are serious. but we have short tax span. it is easy to be distracted by the latest bit of popcorn. >> that is what tab lows are. we see celebrities on the cover of life and style and it is like, whoa, blake shelton, my goodness. >> it has been a huge change in the election? you want this more than anyone. the cover of "us weekly," two political parties. ted cruz and his story and donald trump. that...i am not used to seeing it, their top story and top trending story. awhether you agree or disagree with donald trump he used
2:37 pm
twitter as a weapon hundred dreads and hundreds of people, he seeses the air times because he makes himself available and he is interested. >> and it is free. he is being outspent as has been pointed out 10-1 but he has more traction because he is using the coverage effectively because it is free. he has figured out how to use that to amplify his personality. >> covering the rallies and when the other candidates don't get on air, that sun fair but when he subjects himself to talk show hostors anchors, that is earned media because you are taking the question. not everyone is tough. >> what is your take on why the media has thrown everything they can at donald trump and nothing sticks? >> critics say because we have not lacked into the business background. we have done all of that and the fact is people would like trillion trump and the message
2:38 pm
feel he is running not just against the political establishment but against the media establishment and they do not trust us, they trust him. so for, at least, and we think we have something to bring them down but so far he has been tef lone. >> new stories say the fbi could be close to wrapping up the e-mails as hillary clinton is trying to fend off bernie sanders in the wisconsin primary. >> embarrassing terrorism about george clooney. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus.
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ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. the "washington post" reported on the investigation investigation of hick's e-mail saying 147 f.b.i. agents are involved in the case much the paper later retracted that and the actual number is fewer than 50, but, still, an eye popping figure for a controversy that a former secretary of state inived has been behind bit media. back now with the panel. kristen powers with the f.b.i. agents it seems like a lot s there too much media speculation opposed to waiting for the outcome? >> a it would be nice to wait but it is newsworthy the investigation is going on and it looms over the presidential race for people who believe she could get indicted. that would obviously change the dynamic but we need to talk
2:43 pm
about it in a way without knowing the conclusion. we don't know the conclusion. >> they are saying the process is rigged the obama administration will never bring an indictment as if the fbi is not capable of doing their job. is that speculation? >> of course. it is also trying to lower expectations for a conservative, fought to get too far out in front but has there not been enough? >> i think there has not been enough reporting on hillary clinton and the mail can israel. you call it criminal investigation and she called eight security review and even bernie sanders the primary rival now said, you know, this is worth looking into with form director of the defense intelligence agency under obama saying anyone under the cloud has in right to run for past the united states. >> this used to be an
2:44 pm
independent counsel law but democrats and republicans let it expire because both signs have been burned. this is hillary clinton on the trail. she was confronted by a greenpeace activist on the subject of the contributions she has taken. [ inaudible ] >> i am so sick of the bernie sanders campaign living. >> i thought it was a good moment for her. >> i did, too. >> it showed some excitement. it showed passion. part of her remember for the campaign is bernie sanders has been the one with the passion. >> everything is so carefully calibrated. we saw the real hillary clinton and on the substance she, her campaign has taken contributions from people who happen to work for the oil and gas industry now
2:45 pm
from those giving to a pac so the "washington post" gave charge by bernie sanders three pinocchios. >> but it is the bernie's grass roots organization versus hillary clinton corporate organization. that is why it is successful. >> if left wing politics you get taking money from a legal oil company as being horrible. another soundbite, senator ted cruz talking to msnbc about donald trump and this is the fall out of the trump remarks we talked about. listen. about abortion. >> because media is what media is today, any stupid, absurd remark made by donald trump becomes the story of week. >> are you suggesting that the media should not be focusing on the call to potentially jail women who have abortions? >> this is a standard refrain saying no, it should be talked about as we should talk about all of donald trump's position that the media are not serious.
2:46 pm
highway can you not cover that? >> you have to cover it. it is a substancive issue. it is not like they are covering something that is silly. in this case we can say that media is doing their job. this was a substantive statement he made. he retracted it. but for people found it alarming to say something that was not not through. it deserves the coverage. >> for increase -- what bernie sanders was trying to say i want more tax for me. >> half a minute, the tuesday wisconsin primary bernie sanders has won five of the last six states and if he wins wisconsin will it convince the press he could win the nomination? >> in. the momentum. and there is mass. he does not have the math. she has met of the super delegates who are the establishment. because of that she has such a lock on those he would have to win two-thirds of everything going failure. no one thinks that will happen.
2:47 pm
>> media love momentum. and we hate math. we all had trouble with math in high school. >> after the break, "saturday night live," beating up on donald trump. frank luntz weighs in. introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing informatio requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic
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>> another bad week for donald trump with women. joining me to talk about it from the tea party news network is trim trump defender. >> yes, as a woman i like donald trump. but as a full-blown not job i
2:51 pm
frickin' love him. >> when i say women, you say suck. women. women. >> and scotty is ""the donald"." and we have frank luntz. so, when trump supposed alleged hostility of women moves to "snl," is that a barometer? >> it is significant. if people are different you can go in either direction. even if people are getting a feeling there is something wrong, you can still town it. when they have decided they don't like you or more importantly they don't trust you, they never come back. no matter what print journalist or tv said. with "snl," it is ridicule. >> not laughing with trump as earlier. >> at it. and it is making a judgment. this is the best year for "snl,"
2:52 pm
in a long time. everyone is laughing at him not with him. >> so, we have talked about the maureen dowd with "new york times" saying it was a mistake re-tweeting the unflattering picture of heidi cruz. is there a media message tax he needs to change his tone? and perhaps when he is wrong, not make more mistakes. >> i don't think he heres it. as someone who has done this for 25 years, why see he feels it. it is what makes him so tough he can withstand any criticism from the note, with -- from the networks and the print june him. the only show is "60 minutes," and he needs to emote. >> we see his emotions all the time? >> that is him as aggression.
2:53 pm
in your face. but he needs to sit back and be self reflective and it is not something he is. >> what journalists miss, the tough give, that is what got him to the race and how he was in the tabloids of new york, became an international celebrity so it is hard to let that go. >> what gets you to the republican nomination does not get you to the john election. i watch newspapers already saying the election is over. there hasn't been a convention. >> you set me up, "new york times" front page lead story about trump could face a humiliating loss in the fall and could be hard pressed to get -- i remember when michael dukakis was 17 points out, are these guesses premature? >> mondale was tied with ronald reagan and he frost a land side.
2:54 pm
five days before the election, donald trump and ronald reagan will tie asked they had a debate and it changes. we have to see what happened in the convention and the first presidential debate, mitt romney did the same and if he did the same in the second or third debate he could have had the election. >> it is a good data analysis. do you think we are too much in the prediction business? >> people change their minds all time. that is why we have campaigns. if the polls were predicted, jeb bush would be the nominee. >> thank you. >> thank you. stay tuned. donald trump. and someone says journalism has just reached my insurance rates are probably gonna double. and someone says journalism has
2:55 pm
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>> i don't get why the media are enamored of the movie stars and susan sarandan said a lot of hillary clinton will not be able to bring themselves to vote for bernie sanders. >> what will happen? >> we will see what happens. bernie sanders will bring the revolution immediately the >> she might back donald trump over hillary clinton? blasts from fellow actresses, saying she muses that donald trump would be better for hillary clinton, would she say that if she were poor, gay, muslim or immigrant? >> sarandon saudi read the headlines. >> george clooney said he is
2:59 pm
used to be misquoted but "hello ," published an interchange saying he reveals that his wife's most attractive picture picked up by we plenty of other media. he never spoke to them and said the interview is fanry indicated. but the magazine said it is dismayed by his comment that it bought the interview from a respectable independent agent and the article is put together from old interviews. hello? you published a false piece of garbage and you defend it in you should apology to clooney or kiss your credibility goodbye. that is it for "media buzz" i am howard kurtz. follow me on twitter and continue the conversation. we hope you like our facebook page where we pest a lot of original content. i respond on if you e-mail with a comment or question about the
3:00 pm
media. if you missed a she can you dvr and watch any time, back next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern with the latest buzz. >> i am chris wallace facing more fire than ever before, donald trump sits down with fox news sunday. >> are you in the process of blowing your campaign? we discussed the fallout on abortion. >> you offended the pro life and pro abortion. support for his campaign manager, and the controversial remarks about letting more countries develop nuclears. the growing knock is you have not not this through or studied, and you wing it too often. donald trump, face-to-face, on fox news sunday. >> convention chaos. the other g.o.p. candidates back out of


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