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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  April 4, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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media. media buzz at fox if you missed the show, dvr it. so you can watch it any time. back here next sunday, the long road to the white house is about to stop in the state of wisconsin. an important new week for the presidential candidates in particular for those on the republican side, where the frontrunner donald trump is trailing his closest opponent, ted cruz in almost every poll in that state. here's a look. and notice. the gap is statistically not very big. but cruz has a six-point edge over donald trump in wisconsin. john kasich is in third place there. trump has been holding several rallies across that state earlier today. he predicted great success there. he also called on ohio governor john kasich to get out of the race, saying kasich has no chance of clinching the nomination. john kasich and ted cruz are
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pointing to the increasing chances that no one could get to cleveland with the necessary number of delegates. that is 1,237. that would mean a contested convention. something that has happened before, but not in decades. >> we're going to have an open convention. george, you're the guy that gets open conventions. it's going to be so much fun. kids will spend less time focusing on bieber and kardashian. >> republican national committee chairman reince priebus says anything like that would be open and transparent. he acknowledged that while candidates are trying to pressure the rnc, it will not get them anywhere. watch. >> there's no leverage over us. we're going to administer the convention the same way. and if the candidate can get to a majority on their own, then they're going to be the nominee. no amount of leverage and statements are going to change it. >> doug mcelway is covering -- we'll start with john roberts
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covering the republicans live in wisconsin. john? >> hey, good evening. we are halfway between green bay and lacrosse at a ted cruz event earlier today, headed for a donald trump event tomorrow morning in lacrosse. donald trump was going to be blitzing the state between now and the voting on tuesday. he's got four events. one time in milwaukee. he'll also be in superior. he really is trying to pull another win out of his hat. even though donald trump is leading in most of the polls, if not all of them in the months and weeks heading into march, certainly a number of unforced errors that he made have really turned those numbers around. the exact apple sit way. one of those unforced errors was a couple of weeks ago when he retweeted a rather unflattering picture of ted cruz's wife heidi after melania trump was featured in an ad by apa pac that was supporting cruz in utah.
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earlier today, trump said if he had it to do all over again, he probably would have done it differently. ted cruz told me a little while ago he doesn't care what donald trump says. first let's listen to trump, then cruz. >> i probably wouldn't have sent it. i didn't think it was particularly bad. i probably wouldn't have sent it. this is the response. this wasn't me starting something. this was a response. >> do you think he should apologize? >> frankly, i don't care. >> ted cruz is hoping to win all, if not most of the 42 delegates who are up for grabs. and then move on to the convention. if he hopes to get a majority of the delegates before the convention, you mention 1,237, he would have to win 82% of all of the delegates left between now and the end of the primary season. but cruz insisted earlier today, he believes he can do that. >> if we continue beating donald trump, we get 80% of the delegates. you just have to beat him in the
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remaining races. if you look race after race after race, we are beating donald trump. it's because republicans -- we're seeing the republican party unite. >> a difference between what's possible and what's probable. it is possible for him to win north of 80% of the delegate, but is it probable? i think that's another question. >> that's really well put. that is what everybody is arguing as we head up to cleveland. it's probably an even deeper person. they don't see a way for ward for him, so what is it for him right now? where does he stand in the hunt for delegates? >> well, here's the thing for kasich. cruz says he has no path to winning a majority of the delegates before the convention. on that point, it's absolutely true. if john kasich were to win 100% of the delegates, he wouldn't get anywhere near 1,237. but the cruz campaign is definitely looking at kasich as
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a threat and this would be at the convention, because they have put up an ad in wisconsin, a negative attack ad against john kasich trying to tie him to tax breaks that a company in ohio got. they insisted that if this comes to a floor flight, john kasich has got a good chance of winning it. listen to kasich. >> i think just letting people know what their vision is and what my record is is going to be powerful. and, of course, not the most important, but an equally important thing is that i can win the election in the fall. >> i consistently beat hillary clinton in virtually every poll. and i think delegates will know that. >> but again, we get back to those two words. possible and probable. is it possible for john kasich to win the nomination? absolutely. is it probable? that's another question.
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>> the third p is patience. that looks like what kasich is trying to do. have the patience to hang in there. real quickly. i heard you earlier mention the wives. and we are hearing that melania trump is going to be in wisconsin joining the campaign tomorrow. >> she will be in all three events tomorrow. lacrosse, superior, and milwaukee. she will be getting up onstage to make a few remarks. one of the reasons, as you can imagine, because recent polls have shown that 57 47% of not just win, but 47% of republican women say that they would not vote for donald trump. i think the trump campaign is looking at melania trump, can say very positive things about her husband. maybe some of the women in wisconsin will say maybe it is worth casting a vote for him. trump really doesn't want to lose on tuesday, because if he does, there's that two-week period between wisconsin and the huge primary in new york. his opponents can go at him tooth and nail.
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and say why would you want to vote for him in these other contests? >> all right. john roberts. always good to see you. thank you. and with so much success talking about this primary season, donald trump remains the focus for millions of american voters. and a chance tonight to get to know him even better on fox news. don't miss a special "on the record" right after the "fox report." greta is moderating a town hall event with the republican frontrunner donald trump in milwaukee as we cou tuesday's contest. and that again is tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern. pop your corn, your night is made. now to the democrats. the candidates are arguing deep into the ocean here over the date of the next debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders each accepting invitations on rival networks. which means one of them would have to make a compromise. both say a debate will happen somehow. >> i'm confident that there will be. i'm not the one negotiating it. that's going on between our campaigns. i do know my campaign has been
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really trying to get a time that senator sanders' campaign would agree with. >> i think that we will reach an agreement. people of new york deserve to hear us discussing the important issues facing that state, and facing the country. >> he said the magic word, issues. doug mcelway live for us in washington, d.c. with so much of the focus on new york, has hillary clinton given up on wisconsin? >> harris has a narrow lead in wisconsin, as you know, up by a mere 2.2%. but given sanders' momentum from three primary victories a week ago, and wisconsin's quirky history, which includes occasional flirtings with socialist candidates, it may be she's focusing in on shoring in. it's been ten years since she ran for elective office there. sanders is expected to pull in a lot of votes from upstate new
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york as well as parts of brooklyn and queens. that's why clinton may be spending a lot of time campaigning in new york as she did today. >> it will be primary in new york, and i would be honored to earn your support. >> sanders is hoping a win in wisconsin will further weaken clinton, potentially propelling him to a new york victory, too. the key for sanders everywhere is getting the people who show up to also show up at the voting booth. and as you mentioned, the two candidates remain at odds over when and where to debate in advance of the new york primary. clinton has agreed to abupcoming debate hosted by abc news and "gma." sanders has accepted an invitation from nbc news for a sunday night primetime debate on
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april 10th. >> the only important thing is that they talk about the issues in any way. so hopefully that is exactly what will happen. before i let you go, one last question i have, i understand that hillary clinton is now facing some new questions over campaign money from the fossil fuel industry. what is that about? >> this issue came up again when they caught a young woman asking clinton. she showed a rare flash of emotion when she loudly responded that she was sick of these smears from the sanders camp. she addressed it again saying she misrepresented the record, that the contributions are down to a tiny part of the war chest, and that they came from employees, not from lobbyists or the companies themselves. harris? >> all right, doug. thank you very much. a story that's coming together this hour, one of the largest document leaks in history is now revealing how the rich and powerful use offshore tax havens to hide their wealth around the globe.
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the massive trove of data has said to be several times larger than wikileaks and a network of shell companies used by 72 current or former world leaders to avoid taxes and international sanctions. or people affiliated with them, because some of them are not even alive now. according to the report, many of those shell companies are either owned by or directly tied to some of the world's most controversial and dangerous people. on the list, former egyptian president hosn hosni mubarak. and there's this detail. more than $2 billion were tied to putin's associates. more on this on fox news as it becomes clear and into focus. right now, federal investigators remain at a crash site. two workers were killed today when an amtrak train slammed into a backhoe that was left on the track, and the train derailed outside philadelphia. it happened around 8:00 this morning.
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that train was carrying 330 passengers from new york to georgia. one passenger described the collision, saying there was a fire ball, and then all the windows blew out on impact. 31 people taken to hospital. but new york senator chuck schumer says it appears it was human error that caused all this. bryan llenas is live for us. first of all, why are we hearing about this from senator schumer, and why does he say this was human error? >> reporter: the ntsb and amtrak have been scarce on their information. new york senator chuck schumer spoke to amtrak, a board chairman, who told him and confirmed with him that two of those were amtrak employees. one who is operating that backhoe. that construction equipment that was on the track, and the other was a supervisor. and the reason why it could likely be human error is amtrak protocol says no trains are supposed to be on a track when a
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backhoe or that type of construction equipment is out on a track. it's unclear why they were out there today. usually backhoes are used for maintenance on the tracks on sunday mornings. it could have also been because it was picking up debris from the high wind. the ntsb recovered the black box and front-facing camera, and they are investigating. the amtrak was traveling from new york to savannah, georgia, when it hit the backhoe at about 7:50 a.m. the force derailed the first car and sent debris flying into the next two cars. they heard the train horn, and seconds later, they felt jolting and shaking from the impact. some say they saw a burst of flames outside, smelled smoke before they were asked to move to the back of the train. >> i felt like the train hit something, and there were three or four really big bangs and it threw us off the chairs.
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and there was a lot of smoke. and then everybody was, like, yelling. >> the train was rumbling. and then we got off the track, i guess. and it was dust everywhere. the train conductors were running to the front. >> 31 passengers were hurt. none seriously, though. shaken passengers will walk to a nearby methodist church, where we visited. the red cross is offering food. some prayed earlier. they took their trains to their final destinations. if you take a look, that is the ntsb investigating the train and the engine there. all right, harris, back to you. >> bryan, thank you very much. we will toggle back to the other big story today. politics. that town hall hosted by my friend greta van susteren coming up in the next hour. ahead of that donald trump is inching his way closer to the 1,237 delegates. he needs just 501 to get there. there are more than 900
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available. is it highly possible or probable that he would get there? later this hour, the political insiders will be right here at home base with me to talk about that and other big breaking political news on this weekend. i'm harris faulkner. you're
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thousands of workers in two of the nation's largest states could see a big pay raise. the governor of california is set to sign a bill increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. that would be the highest in the nation. new york is not far behind. lawmakers there just passed a budget that would gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 as well over the next few years. will carr is live from our west coast newsroom. so when will this california change go into effect? >> good evening, harris. the governor is set to sign this bill into law first thing in the morning. the increases will be staggered, so it will be in 2022 when
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california goes to a $15 minimum wage. certainly all eyes will be on the state to see if the livable wage, as it's called, is actually viable. governor brown says this plan is careful, responsible, and provides flexibility if the economy goes south by allowing lawmakers to push the wage hike back. >> there's no doubt in this country, the gap between the better off ten those who struggle at the bottom of our economic world has grown bigger and bigger. it's a matter of economic justice. it makes sense. it will help our entire state do much better for its citizens. >> and this has been a big issue on the campaign trail. we've heard bernie sanders call for a $15 federal minimum wage. hillary clinton won't go that far. she's called for a $12 federal minimum wage and to allow cities
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and states to go higher from that point. >> this has the critics among them. who are they? >> absolutely. not everybody onboard, obviously. businesses, especially small business owners across california say that they have some big concerns. especially in california's rural areas, like the central valley. they say that they're concerned that they would have to potentially cut workers, maybe turn to automation, or close altogether. one republican lawmaker called this -- for struggling businesses. >> all of a sudden you have businesses laying off people, and there are significant job losses. so instead of having two people for $15 an hour, you have one person for 15 and the other person loses his job. >> the minimum wage will start going up at the beginning of next year. >> all right, will. thank you. officials in europe are warning people sympathetic to the islamic state savages, may still
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work at the airport in brussels, making the bombing attack there last month aided by inside help. could it happen here? the answer might be yes. ahead, a closer look at the so-called insider
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we got him. that's the word from the u.s. military on the islamic state fighter who killed one of our marines. we've learned forces acted quickly on a local tip, and took out that terrorist in a drone strike in northern iraq. marine staff sergeant louis cardin, who was killed when his unit came under rocket attack last month, is the one we're talking about now, a company of 180 marines has been supporting iraqi forces from a small base in northern iraq for the last few weeks. brussels is taking another step toward returning to normal life as much as possible. the first passenger flight took
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off since the bombings blew up the departure terminal last month. security has been tight, as you might imagine, with enhanced screenings and completely new check-in procedures meant to allow only ticketed passengers near the terminal. meanwhile, belgian police say more attacks could be on the horizon, claiming as many as 50 isis savages work at that very airport. people who were sympathetic to the islamic state. that is raising new concerns here at home, whether our airports in the united states would face the same vulnerability. garrett tenney is live from washington. >> reporter: u.s. officials concerned that american airports could be vulnerable to so-called insider attacks on the terrorist bombings in belgium forcing the u.s. in many western countries to take a hard look at airport security protocol. this also comes after isis successfully bombed a russian passenger jet over the sinai peninsula in october. killing more than 200 people
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onboard. investigators believe airport insiders were responsible for that attack. u.s. officials believe we'll be seeing more of those kinds of threats as well. >> the other issue, which is even more sinister, is that isis literally has a research and development facility in the middle east, and their sole focus is in finding ways to get around airport security and blow up airplanes, as we saw. >> back in belgium, they say more insider attacks could be on the way and there are at least 50 isis supporters working at the brussels airport. in low level jobs such as cleaners, caterers, and baggage handlers who all have security access. global security officials are concerned. the problem is actually much bigger after an isis operative in the gaza strip recently claimed the terrorist group has terror cells already in place at airports around the world. >> isis is 100% committed to
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doing this. they've succeeded in north africa. they're trying desperately to do it. and we, the united states, logically as their next big target. >> with that in mind, tsa implemented additional random security screenings of airport employees, though many lawmakers in both parties have argued it simply is not enough. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. the stakes are high for the 2016 presidential candidates, as we get deeper and deeper into the primary schedule. pat caddell puts it this way. he says, donald trump's campaign has reached a tipping point. and it's not pretty. what does he mean? do you agree or not? the insiders are here, and we love it when you tune in and chime in. so hit us up on our fox news social media pages. stick around, as i said, a special on the record right after "fox report." greta van susteren hosts a town hall in wisconsin. her home state. here's a preview. >> i took that answer, and i
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didn't like it because i think a lot of people didn't understand it. women go through a lot. they go through a tremendous punishment of themselves. and i didn't like it because i wasn't sure if people would understand it. so i clarified it. but it was just a clarification, and i think it was well-accepted.
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up now, my happy place. the fox news political insiders are here in south carolina. pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy carter, and fox
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news contributor. here in the studio with me, john leboutlier. we have you covered. the hot topics include the current state of the 2016 presidential race. donald trump's plan to weather what he says will be a massive recession. he's talking economy and policile and we'll talk foreign policy as well, particularly against the islamic state savages. i want to begin with some fast math that i did before i came on air tonight. that was the 501 delegates that donald trump would need to get john to that 1,237 to clinch the nomination. it's not impossible, it's possible. and john roberts said earlier this hour could very well be probable. your thoughts? >> i don't think it's probable. i think it's possible. and it's based on what we think will happen. pat, doug and i talked this morning. we think it's likely that trump does not win wisconsin on tuesday.
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the polling is consistently behind. >> does that matter all that much? >> yeah. in this one, he might only end up with three or six delegates out of wisconsin, which alters his math to make it where he would have to win 60% of the remaining delegates to get those 501. >> and there's another issue. i think it reflects pat and my view. but certainly pat can speak for himself. i certainly agree with john. the problem that he faces, if in fact he loses wisconsin, is he starts losing momentum. he's been polling in the throe mid 50s in new york. he's likely to come down from that as cruz and kasich campaign here. pennsylvania is also competitive. california is dead-even. he's not going to get you on the 60% that he needed to lose wisconsin. >> all right. one thing i want to bring up, david wolverton says this so
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nicely, so i'm going to work this into the conversation. donald trump needs to focus on his core issues, immigration, economy, jobs, national security, and the corruption of our politicians. pat, i'm going to come to you. we saw a little bit of that today from donald trump as he started talking about a deep recession that could happen in this country. he started talking about bringing down debt and the trade deficit that we have. and talking more economic policy. >> i think he needs to do that and he needs to get back on the issues that he touched that help inflame, particularly the economy and washington, d.c., the corruption and so forth that he tapped into, and so was bernie sanders. where the population is inflamed. he faces a problem, however, with his own personal mistakes and personality.
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for several weeks, i've talked about the need to rise to adapt to the threshold of acceptability. right now he may have a threshold of viability and i know we would like to hear this. if he loses wisconsin, he's going to be under great pressure and he's doing the right thing on the issues. but he also needs to do something stylistically. you can't drive your negatives up in the general election this high. if he loses wisconsin, which we all three think is more than likely, he will embolden those forces of the stop trump movement everywhere, particularly the press, which has its fangs out for him. >> i just want to add, the greatest spokesman for the stop trump movement has become donald trump. >> why do you say that? >> this past week, she got off the message. the three of us have been saying that directly on the camera. >> who has been exactly on message? do you think -- you don't think
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the wife thing went off. >> that was somebody else other than the cruz campaign. >> he never goes off message. kasich never goes off message. these guys are very disciplined. they're not exciting. but they're steady. >> so why aren't they doing better across the board? >> cruz is doing quite well across the board. cruz is the alternative to trump. all the establishment who doesn't like cruz has said all right, we'll hold our nose. >> and he's won how many delegates so far? it's a gap between him and donald trump. my question is, is that what the voters want? i'm trying to figure out what it is they want. >> the voters want something other than what they're getting. initially because of trump's plain speaking, anti-corruption, anti-immigration message, they flk to him. carson benefited from something similar. and cruz, who's the ideological conservative also benefited. if we sit here, i think the polling has shown 40% to 50% of
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the republicans want somebody else, which raises the possibility of a new candidate at the convention. >> i want to share this with you. you make an interesting point there. donald trump has been steady at 30%, and average across the polling since february. as others have dropped out of the race, he has remained at about 30%. john kasich and ted cruz have gone up. why do you think that is? >> that depends on where it is. that is not the case everywhere. he has risen in his national poll numbers. he's gotten -- however, in a place like wisconsin, he's been at 30 for a month. the problem is, converting new people. and as i've said, he needs to -- there were many people attracted to his message. and the hope of change. he reversed his negatives originally in the fall, and he is in the republican party. he has now allowed them to creep
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up and explode among independents and democrats. i remember, a lot of voters have not participated in the primaries. 80% of american voters who will vote in november are not participating in these primaries. you've got to move them. >> i have heard you say, the gop are out to ruin donald trump. why? >> i think what's happened now and is happening this weekend in tennessee at their state convention today in north dakota, last week in louisiana, under the radar, the party establishment is ticking off delegates to be anti-trump. they set this thing up where party regulars are going to be the delegates. they are not for trump. >> is that right? is that fair? >> well, it's what it is. they're saying we are going to ruin trump before he ruins the gop. >> and you call it politics. >> it's politics because they're scared of an unprecedented blowout in november given the high negatives.
1:39 am
>> pat? >> let me explain. because there are some particulars. no, it's not fair, because we live in a democracy. the political class believes its job is to rig the rules in both parties to make sure the american people do not have a say. and what they are trying to do now is turn over elections they only allow in the republican party, unlike the democrats, candidates in most states have no control over the delegates. they're electing these phony trojan horse delegates for trump who will vote for him in the first ballot, but who on these rules challenges and others, like rule 40, which is a question of how many people can be nominated, all these things, they will vote against trump no matter what trump wants. and the more than people, the people who voted for trump will explode over this. and many americans unhappy with trump will be happy because they
1:40 am
believe they are being screwed by the washington politicians and they're right. >> we are going to talk more about this. i see you nodding, and i see my twitter exploding as people are reacting to what you're saying. pat, stay close, everybody. we're coming right back. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras
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including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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are back. i'm looking down at my laptop because i want to go to this person. ray loretta says yes, harris, i
1:44 am
fear people will stay home if they're perceiving any kind of shenanigans at the ballot. >> this is all extremely good news for the democrats. and still -- >> you're gleeful. why? >> a political party like the republicans potentially implode, it allows a party like the democrats, which basically rigged the game fair and square with the super delegates to move forward in a much more effective way. >> if on tuesday, bernie wins wisconsin -- >> which is likely. >> he's got big momentum coming in here to new york. >> right. >> and hillary was ahead by 48 points two months ago. she's now ahead by 12 points. >> whoopsy. >> she could theoretically be in single digits. >> she has the delegates she needs still. >> no, no, no. she loses new york, that party is in mayhem, too. >> that could be the case. i still think new york
1:45 am
ultimately she'll pull out a victory. >> can i ask you a question? if that were to happen, you still just have hillary and bernie, right? there's nobody who can parachute in. >> there will be a stop bernie movement beginning. if he beats her in new york. >> i want to go to you. go ahead. >> the press has made this -- you know, bernie can't win. it's too bad. stop hitting her. they are just absolute corrupt. understand they are the outriders of the political class in both parties. their job is -- they've decided they have the right to tell us who we may vote for and who we may not. and what truths you have a right to know and which you don't. in the process, making themselves the enemy of the american people. and with the democratic primary, let me say this. it's not legally -- the super delegates were rigged to make sure there would be no outsiders. a 74-year-old socialist is pressing her. he's even ahead with her nationally. democrats will do anything to
1:46 am
stop her. and we haven't had the fbi primary yet. we have a lot more turns, and a lot of bernie sanders voters right-hand turn going to put up with those shenanigans either. >> tell me, did the democrats watch this show and wonder how to get him on speed dial? >> well, i think what the democrats try to do is avoid programs like this that tell the truth, because they worry that what john and pat are saying could happen. notwithstanding what i hope and believe will happen, the democrats could have the same chaos that the republicans now -- the country could be in the same turmoil that john, pat and i have been saying was coming for literally years. >> doug, here's the thing. the democrats having this turmoil from the 74-year-old who is not a democrat. he's not a registered democrat. he's come into the primaries beating hillary week after week now. he is not a democrat. and trump until recently was not a republican. >> so joe biden? >> that's interesting. that's interesting what you're saying. you're saying they truly are
1:47 am
outsiders. >> it's part of the roiling of the american party against the two parties. >> i want to drill down on how a contested convention works. the last time we saw it happen on the gop side was 1948. they're going to have this initial vote in cleveland, if no one gets to 1,237. if nobody gets there, they'll have a second vote. at that point, more than half of the people can vote any way they want. >> 84%. >> they don't have to vote based on what voters have told them to do going into that. do i have that right? >> so it could be open. >> it is going to be open. if trump doesn't get all 1,237 before through the primaries and caucuses before cleveland, he is not coming out of the convention with the nominee. >> they will do everything they can to stop him, deny him the nomination. >> he could still get it, though. >> no. >> they will block him. >> he will not get it if he
1:48 am
doesn't get the delegates through the primaries. >> it will be interesting, it won't really be the people we're in love with -- oh, we have so much more to talk about. stay close.
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before we move on to foreign policy and isis, i want to finish up with you. very seriously, voters go to the polls. they will have heartbreak if somebody else decides for them and chooses a candidate that they didn't choose for. what does that look like for the republican party if it happens? >> depends on how it happens. if the guy they love and voted for loses legitimately, i think they can handle it. but if they feel there's been manipulating all of this complicated delegate rule stuff that apparently is going on -- >> which will happen. >> -- then it is going to be a huge problem for the gop. either way. >> yeah. >> wow. i call it heartbreak at the convention if it happens that way. >> can i jump in? >> hold on one second. i want to get to one other thing i know you want to talk about. one of the big stories that's been buried the last couple
1:53 am
odehs, president obama on friday said iran is not keeping to the spirit of the deal that we made with them. i don't that there's a lot whole of shock with that but that's particularly a problem if they were to look to our military to do anything else owe than what we're doing in that part of the world. here's a look at that. >> when it became apparent he had to go, the military urged caution but the president pushed for his immediate removal. >> literally the entire security team recommended unanimously handling him differently than we did and the president took the advance of three junior back benchers in terms hof tow to treat mum baric. one of them saying you have to be on the right side of history. and i was sitting at the table, yeah, if we could just figure that out. we'd be a long way ahead. >> on february 11th, he
1:54 am
resigned. >> some of the same conversations and cautions about getting into deals with iran, happening with this administration as our military is shrinking, our ability to possibly return fire, if we would need to, what thoughts on this. >> well i saw the documentary friday night and i have to tell you, it was the most disturbing thing i have seen in a long time. because it put foreign policy decisions in a military that is literally being stripped of its assets and in defensive capabilities and being turned into some social outfit, some social politically correct outfit rather than a wartime and a military strong force. it is terrifying to realize that the people in the obama administration who have been calling the shots have not admirals and generals in the military, not seasoned defense
1:55 am
secretaries, but hillary clinton and people who are belay dancers and speech writers around barack obama and they have put america's foreign policy into a frightening piece. if you think i'm exaggerating, folks, watch that show. you will be shaken. >> it's come ug up tonight. >> one last point. they have covered this up. the press, led by bob woodward and others, the washington post and "the new york times" have buried this stuff to protect barack obama. >> well we are talking about it here on fox news. go ahead. >> quick comment. the reason the electorate is so angry, they sense what pat is talking about and t
1:56 am
1:57 am
so president obama has some big talks with regard to follow-up on that nuclear summit on friday starting early this week. with the circle around him, who would have told this president, who would have believed that iran would honor the spirit of the deal. president obama is upset because iran is not honoring the spirit of the deal. >> no one would have told him that they would have honored the spirit of the dole. but the president made the decision to do the deal, to ignore islamic terror that iran has supported, the sanctions busting that has occurred in iran. the president is making these
1:58 am
decisions. bill clinton had a wider circle. >> donald trump coming up with great da van susteren on the big town hall. >> i think where we're at on the campaign own the issue of iran and foreign policy is that no candidate in either party of the five has hit the sweet spot of where the country is. george w. bush because of those events went too far one way. now we're learning obama went too far the other way. we've got to be in the middle of these two but no one is advocating that. >> town hall coming up with greta next. that's going to do it for fox report on sunday. it's already the 3rd >> it is monday april 4th. the battle for wisconsin getting ugly. donald trump and ted cruz plotting to take down john kasich one day before the crucial state primaries. >> and the largest league of
1:59 am
secret documents in history. what came from inside this building be called the wikileaks of the rich and famous exposing their darkest secrets. it was our connection to this man. >> hostages, a police chase so wild an entire bridge had to be shut down. the suspect attacked put a fugitive chihuahua. >> "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. hope you had a wonderful weekend. heather, good to be with you. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday
2:00 am
morning. >> i am has been bee hunts man. >> hopefully not too much manic for you. >> we are one day away from the battle for wisconsin. the candidates making one final push to win over primary voters in the badger state. >> the question is will john kasich hang in there? donald trump and ted cruz lead in the polls. we are live with the latest. >> along the mississippi river this morning when the sun comes up it will be a beautiful shot. good morning to you as well. this will be a big day for donald trump. it could be make or break in the badger state. he's had a bad couple of weeks. poll no.s show him down by as much as 10 points. he's really going to try to turn things around in the 11th hour. two big rallies one in lacrosse one in superior. what trump is trying to do is get to the 1237 majority of delegates


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