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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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morning. >> i am has been bee hunts man. >> hopefully not too much manic for you. >> we are one day away from the battle for wisconsin. the candidates making one final push to win over primary voters in the badger state. >> the question is will john kasich hang in there? donald trump and ted cruz lead in the polls. we are live with the latest. >> along the mississippi river this morning when the sun comes up it will be a beautiful shot. good morning to you as well. this will be a big day for donald trump. it could be make or break in the badger state. he's had a bad couple of weeks. poll no.s show him down by as much as 10 points. he's really going to try to turn things around in the 11th hour. two big rallies one in lacrosse one in superior. what trump is trying to do is get to the 1237 majority of delegates before the convention
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so he can avoid any kind of big fight on the convention floor. yesterday he started complaining that john kasich the ohio governor by staying in the race was preventing him from doing that. listen to what he told greta van susteren in his town hall. >> he hurts me more than he hurts cruz. kasich has one win and 29 losses and he shouldn't even be in it, but that's okay. >> on this point trump gets support from ted cruz. last week john kasich warned voters against electing another first term senator to be president of this country. i asked ted cruz about that yesterday. here's what he said. >> well, listen it's not surprising. the facts are real simple. john kasich cannot be the nominee. mathematically. needs more than 100 percent of the remaining delegates. that can't happen. >> for his part kasich is happily trodding along. his strategy to get to the convention in july and fight it out for delegates on the floor.
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here's what he told me. >> the other guys one needs about 90 percent the other one needs 60 percent and neither are retaining that. so we are going to go to the convention and talk about a real long shot. we have had ten contested conventions with republicans and only three times due the leader prevail. >> james garfield didn't again get his name in until the 34th ballot then one in the 36th ballot. nobody hopes it goes that far. trump has one other problem. 27 percent of republican women say they wouldn't vote for him so she is bringing melania on the campaign trail to say i love him maybe you can love him, too. >> maybe the advice is you should have listened to your wife to begin with. >> thank you so much, john. a big win for ted cruz in north dakota. we learned cruz will claim 18 of
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the state's 25 delegates answer though they are not required to support him or any other candidate by law. it is not becoming official until the delegates are on the first ballot of the national convention in july. the news not so good for donald trump who may needle gats to go above the 1037 delegate threshold to secure the nomination. >> prooef have is t rhines prie trying to squash this. >> if you get into a multi ballot convention where you have five or six or seven rounds it is possible for a person to be nominated that is not one of the three. i think it is somebodies slutly correct, my possession is our nominee is likely to be one of the three people running. >> this comes as priebus warned
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about comments from backing down from a gop loyalty pledge he signed last year. all three candidates have done that. >> it could be a long road ahead. one of the three lee republicans doesn't win the nomination paul ryan doesn't want any one looking at him as a potential nominee. he officially decided not to run for president adding that originally there were 17 people in the race former vice presidential candidate thought the election had it under control. ryan making comments to an israeli newspaper on his first trip to the country since being elected speaker of the house. in his final preprimary stop bernie sanders pushing for support by repeated lid gashing the state's governor scott walker. >> here in wisconsin probably the easiest way toe find a
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bernie sander's presidency and sander's administration is to tell you that it would be pretty much the exact opposite of a scott walker. >> daernds targeted the way walker handled schools colleges and universities and his signature on the law requiring voters to show photo id's at the polls. >> hillary clinton saying she hasn't heard from the fwi as they investigate her use of a private e-mail server. >> has the fbi reached out to you yet for an interview? >> no. they haven't. >> democratic hopeful said she would answer any questions about sending classified e-mails from her server something she admits wasn't the smartest thing to do but she used the same excuse she used in the past calling it a matter of convenience. >> all three candidates will be on prime time. john kay itch is on gret faw followed by an o'reilly factor.
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he hits down with megyn kelly. the battle for wisconsin is live tomorrow on the channel you trust the most. fox news alert. if you haven't heard about this story you should. it is the biggest financial leak in history. vladmir putin's inner circle dubbed the dirty dozen has been hiding more than $2 billion in offshore tax payments. anonymous source at a panama law firm released millions of documents showing how it helped world leaders launder money and evade money for decades being rich past. it is called the pana pama piap. his name isn't on the list but there is no way it could have happened without him. a deadly crash sent dozens to the hospital and shut down service on the busiest route. the rain hit a backhoe on the tracks yesterday south of
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philadelphia killing two construction workers and derailing the front car. the 9-11 calls were just released. 457 maximum involving the train. >> i have a small fire on the tracks. >> 341 passengers and 7 crew members were on board that train at the time of the crash. >> we got off track and there was a fire then a window bursted out and some people were cut up. >> all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train. >> investigators are trying to figure out whether the train or the backhoe were on the wrong track. a lot of questions remain on that one. >> to extreme weather now a deadly and windy weekend leaving hundreds of thousands without power from wisconsin to maine. >> in massachusetts two people were killed when a tree scrapped
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and fell on to a car. a messy monday morning commute. >> the cold snap could bring more pockets of severe weather. maria is here with more. >> what a wild weekend across the northeast. windy, we had thunderstorms. there were reports of snow across the region. very cold temperatures. we have another clipper going through the northeastern u.s. this system will be bringing in additional accumulating snow. it has already been doing so across parts of michigan that started happening yesterday and it is moving oeastward in new york state, pennsylvania and across southern parts of new england. because of the snowfall we have winter advisories through syracuse and albany and places like boston. 3-6 inches in the forecast with locally heavier amounts. you will be looking at issues on
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the roadway across parts of the northeast. you are at 36 in new york city. as we head west ward not bad from kansas city down into texas. it had been warm this afternoon 85 in dallas. upper 80's in dell rio and southeastern u.s. especially georgia. a lot of you watching for gulf out there in georgia. temperatures pleasant reaching the 70's out there. beautiful day in the northwest. let's head over to you. >> talk about the hot sun. it turned into a smack down. wrestle mania fans were forced to wait in line for hours thanks to a ticketing glitch.
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>> wi-fi problems to blame for crashing ticket scanners to sit in the hot dallas sun for up to two hours. >> no snow there. the wwe has not responded to tweets from fans about the issues. >> that does not sound fun, does it? >> she helped believers get to a title this summer now abby woman back is apologizing to fans for a dui. this is all on me. i promise i will do whatever it takes to make sure my horrible mistake is never repeated. i am so sorry to my family, friends, fans and those who wish to follow a better example. she was coming home from a friend's house in portland oregon when she was pulled over. she retired from the u.s. soccer team last fall. >> it was a long-awaited
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beginning. it was the first opening day for the opening day rematch of a world series. the royals picked up exactly where they leftoff. the men were scoreless in 7 straight innings as the champs took a 4-7 lead. new york rallied with three runs in the 8th. kansas city took to the win 4-3. and the fun continues today with a dozen more games on tap as 22 teams kickoff their 2016 season to date. >> can't believe it is baseball. >> it was country music mania last night in las vegas for the atm awards. >> the biggest award entertainer of the year. the other man in the house chris staple ton four awards including
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vocalist of the year. miranda lambert winning female vocalist of the year for the 7th year in a row. >> a medley of songs with artists like david bowie. he passed away from cancer last month. oo i love this. check out blake shelton crashed the party with a duet of hunting, fishing and loving every day. >> miranda lambert looks awesome. >> the new boyfriend she showcased on the red carpet. couldn't stay for the whole thing. i will watch highlights later. >> a deadly double decker car crash caught on camera. the moment the train smashed into a bus full of tourists. >> the new ride sharing app
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exclusively for women. >> a great song called sorry by just justin beeb he. they will pay less attention to bieber and more attention to how we pick a president. >> john kasich now adding justin bieber to his play les. >> first a look at the luke bryant performance last night at the atm awards. {off-lin {off-line} vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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>> justice is for an american killed in the war on terror. the rocket believed responsible
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for the death of a u.s. marine is dead. he was killed in a drone strike along with five other jihadists. it also destroyed a drone and two vehicles. they say he is responsible for the attack that killed staff st. louis cardon and injured 8 others last month. >> the troubled nation of greece beginning to deport thousands of migrants back to the country they came from after a new deal. they started taking them to the turkish coast. those who supported had not applied to asylum. the deportation deal last month limited the amount of migration and possible threats to europe. jerry brown expected to sign a bill raising it to $15 an hour. that would be the highest in the
2:18 am
country. there are places like new york which could jump from 9 to $15 an hour within the next three years. some california business owners say this forced them to consider layoffs. taxpayers will also be slapped with a $3.6 billion a year bill to cover raises for government employees. >> it was a super hero stumble in theaters this weekend after a highly anticipated success. cheryl casone from our sister network a look at the weekend box office. good to see you. after financially sales plunged nearly 69 percent on the second weekend. it makes it one of the biggest falls of the second weekend for any major comic book movie. my big fat greek wedding 2 took
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in 11 million. the sedan topped 253,000 in the first 36 hours it went on sale. that's the best ever for tesla. uber fans environmentally conscious celebrities can usual will i a i ford. t -- usually afford. chariots the brand new service for women. based in massachusetts they only hire female drivers. the idea is women passengers will feel safer knowing that a fellow lady is behind the wheel t. launches april 19th around the nation. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. kicked out of a dog park.
2:20 am
>>ity out ranked that's the way they want to treat a veteran. this veteran was told to get lost. >> i love this story. fast footed fugitive chihuahua taking him on the ride of his life. >> here is jason all dean. ♪
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jofor their wedding one searching place oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
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>> i will be the most
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presidential. >> i will be so boring. >> what does that mane? >> to not be so personal. not so aggressive. people say i don't like my hair. if i ever said i didn't like their hair it would be a headline. they are able to say anything they want to me. >> arianna huffington might be on the list. she is the latest to get personal will trump comparing him to a dictator. >> he's a little bit like king he's dangerous. >> huffington blaming trump's push for a ban on muslim immigration. last year the huffington post said it would only cover donald trump in an entertainment section not the news. >> not so entertaining in i more, huh? >> an ex heisman winner tackling a new challenge a dui charge. quarterback troy smith was pull ped over in a columbus after swerving all over the road. nearly two times the legal
2:25 am
limit. >> how are you doing? >> good. yourself? >> i am an officer, sir. >> i am great. >> he stumbled through his abc's only reaching the letter i and refused a breathalyzer test. along with a dui he's charged with possession of marijuana. >> a man loses control of his suv nearly sending it over a cliff right there. then it is hit by a tour bus and he survives both. the shocking pictures showed the vehicle dangling after trashing through a grard rail. he was confused he got out and that's when the tour bus clipped the car. he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. you will love this story a run away chihuahua leads police on a wild cahase across san francisco. running on the bay bridge right there tailed by an officer.
2:26 am
it shut down part of the grid between oakland and san francisco. police eventually caught up with the dog handed him over to an animal shelter. they are calling him taunt. >> the time is 25 after the top of the hour. a tracrash landing how a vintag world war ii style plane crash lands in a ditch. >> if you are a diehard nascar fan what is better than walking the driver on the fespeedway? leading him out of the crash. >> little big town performance on the awards. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one.
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>> donald trump and ted cruz plotting to take down john kasich one day before the primary in wisconsin. >> kicked out of the dog park. >> i am outraged that's the way not only they want to treat a veteran but that's the way they want to treat anybody else. >> the outrageous reason this veteran was told to leave. >> they are spiking again near all time highs. they are firing back wait until you hear the response. the customers they love to over charge. "fox & friends first" is right now.
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>> sunshine will be coming up across the country soon. but it will be cold. good morning and welcome to "fox and friend first. >> the time is currently 31 after the hour. we begin with the race for the white house. things are getting nasty. donald trump and ted cruz calling for kasich to drop out of the race. the ohio governor says he's not going anywhere. >> john roberts is live from the badger state this morning with more. john, good to see you. >> you know, john kasich keeps on happily rolling along. the trump movement really hoping in wisconsin. they may be able to effect the dynamic down the road in all of the big states coming up new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and california. for his part donald trump
2:32 am
determined to try to do well here change the narrative. he has been going the other way in the polls. last night in a big rally he said he hopes to exceed expectations. >> you are going to remember tuesday because you are going to go out and vote. we are going to have an unbelievable resounding victory. this remind me of new hampshire. in new hampshire i wasn't expected to win in new hampshire. we won in a land slide. >> long before we get to the convention that would appear to be an exceedingly difficult task. he is trying to bring voters to him, though, by predicting a mondale style bloodbath. you may be too young for this walter mondale lost 49 states to ronald reagan. i asked cruz about that prediction yesterday. >> it is possible for
2:33 am
republicans to throw the election away. >> poll after poll after poll says donald doesn't lose to hillary. he loses ter before i. >> john kasich on the bus rolling along trying to get to the convention. if it gets to the convention it can start to peel off delegates. even though donald trump and ted cruz are predicting the no chance, john kasich told me he thinks he will win the battle. listen. >> outline the scenario. >> you become the nominee. >> when you were delegates you let them know you are the one who consistently beats hillary clinton in the november election. you are the one with the experience and the record that fits the country. >> two words come to mind we talked about that scenario. possible and probable. is it possible for him to win? yes. is it probable?
2:34 am
i think that is a more difficult hill to climb. >> anything is possible in this crazy life. john, thanks. meantime a big win for ted cruz and north dakota. we learned cruz will claim 18 of the state's 25 delegates even though they are not supporting him or any other candidate by law. they are commitments not becoming official until a delegates places their vote on the ballot at the national convention in july. trump may need unbound delegates to lift him above the 1,237 delegates to secure that gop nomination. rye rhine news priebus says the contested nomination is a possible. >> i think it is possible. at that point if you get into a multi ballot convention where you have five or six or search
2:35 am
roun seven rounds it is possible a person could be nominated that is not one of the three. my mposition is, i think it is absolutely correct, that our nominee is likely to be one of the three people running. >> priebus warned of consequences for donald trump over comments about backing down from a gop loyalty pledge he signed last year. >> if one of the three republicans doesn't lock down the nomination paul ryan doesn't want any one looking at him. he has decided not to run for president. the former vice presidential candidates had the election under control. ryan making comments to an israeli newspaper on his first trip to the country since being elected speaker of the house. >> bernie sanders lost one push to win support in wisconsin by
2:36 am
preetedly bashing the state's governor scott walker. >> here in wisconsin it is the easiest way to define a bernie sanders presidency and the administration is to tell you that it would be pretty much the exact opposite of a scott walker president sri. >> he targeted the way they used the candidacy. he would use walker to fight the id at the poll. >> she would be called in for a sit down over the use of a private e-mail server. >> has the fbi reached out to you yet for an interview? >> no. no, they haven't. >> back in august we made it clear we would answer any questions anybody would have. i stand by that. >> clinton admitted sending classified e-mails from a
2:37 am
personal server wasn't the best idea and has called it a matter of convenience. more times than you can count now. heather? >> all three candidates will be on prime time she is on greta filed an o'reilly factor. it is all leading up to the battle for wisconsin live all day tomorrow right here on fnc. >> another big one. now to a fox news alert for you. it is the biggest financial leak in history. some people calling it that. vladmir putin's inner circle dubbed the dirty dozen has been hiding more than 2 billion in offshore tax payments. an anonymous source at a panama law firm released millions of documents showing how it allegedly helped world leaders launder money and evade taxes for decades getting rich fast. it is called the pana papers. put continue is on the list for the deals that would have been impossible without his
2:38 am
involvement. a long list of world leaders. >> sad news amtrak trains are back up and running this morning following a deadly crash that sent dozens to the hospital and shut down service on a busiest route. the train hit a backhoe on the track yesterday south of philadelphia killing two construction workers and de trailing the front car. the 911 call just released. >> i have a small fire on the tracks. firefighters say a lot of fuel. >> and 7 crew members were on board at the time of the crash. >> we got off track. it was a fire then a window bursted out. people were cut up. >> all you could sees dirt and debris flying past the train. there were a couple fire flashes. >> investigators are trying to figure out whether a train and a backhoe were along the track. a lot of questions on that one.
2:39 am
>> to extreme weather now a deadly and windy weekend leaving hundreds of thousands without power from wisconsin to maine. in massachusetts two people were killed when a tree snapped and slammed down on their car. in new jersey 60 mile per hour winds scattering debris and downing power lines. this cold snap could bring more pockets of extreme snow. maria molina is in the weather center with more. >> there was snow flurries in new york city this morning. >> we had accumulating snowfall across the northeast. a crazy weekend out there with not only snow and wind but even thunderstorms that rolled through. a lot of thunder p and lightning going on across parts of the northeast over the weekend as well. we have a clirp system across parts of new york stit and southern parts of new england. because of the snow we have winter weather advisories across buffalo and boston.
2:40 am
it will be a tough commute for you as we go to work early this morning. temperatures quite early as well. 37 degrees in new york city. as we head west ward across parts of the plains enjoying temperatures that aren't too bad at all for this time of the year. this afternoon it will be warming up out here temperatures in the 80's across oklahoma and also the state of texas. head over to you. >> maria molina. >> baseball is finally back. the royals met the meets in the last year's world series. they tried to rally late in the game. they held on to win 4-3. the fun continues today a dozen more games are on the schedule. 22 teams kickoff their 26 team season today. i know you are excited about that. >> yes, i am. love all kinds of sports including nascar. a diehard nascar fan gets a
2:41 am
shocking surprise by kyle bush. >> what's up? >> oh my gosh. oh may gosh! >> is she excited? >> just a little bit. >> after sheing her no. 18 hat in traffic trying to leave the track after he won his first sprint cup victory in martinsville. he told the excited fan to hand over her hat so he could sign it. >> oh my gosh keep that hat, too. >> it is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. an in flight rebellion with flight attendants refusing to fly the iranian capital. >> unimpressed taylor shift -- or swift fans -- taylor swift goes to disney land but her body guard is stealing the show. this picture going trieviral th morning. >> tim mcgraw's performance last night at the atm awards.
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>> police are unsure why the driver stopped on the tracks with a speeding train just second away. that crash is under investigation. and a 1940's world war ii plane crashed dives, nose-dives tail up into a ditch. the vintage plane was about to take off when strong winds pushed it off the runway. this happened at an airport outside of houston, texas.
2:46 am
the pilot a retired marine and another passenger walked away without any injuries. that's the good news. the two were practicing for a chir rit competiti-- charity co. the plane will be repaired. >> a veteran got kicked out of a dog park in florida for not taking his service dog off of a leash. he was training rebel but was told to leave. >> i am outraged not only did they want to treat a veteran but that's the way they want to treat anybody else who has a service dog. >> smith and rebel are now welcome any time even on a leash. how nice of them. >> after an eight year break air france will resume service to iran this month. some female flight attendants are absolutely furious over the dress code. >> women are required to wear head cloths and lose clothing. it is will respecting other
2:47 am
cultures. they are calling the literal coverups a threat to their dignity and attacks on freedoms. >> more flights good news areying on time. few bags lost but more customers are complaining about air travel. >> adam shapiro from our sister network fox business to tell us more about the travel. >> good to see both of you. the report shows airline customers filed 15,000 complaints in 2015 with the u.s. department of transportation. that's up roughly 4,000 from the previous year despite the airlines actually doing a lot of things well. the no. of long tion time arrivs rose 3 percent. the number of passengers dropped off 17 percent. why the increase in complaints? the number one from us strays is
2:48 am
problem flights that include cancellations and delays. 670 million people flew on u.s. airlines last year and the three airlines with the most complaints were spirit, frontier and allegiant. the largest no. of complaints ever filed 20,000 took place in the year 2000. back to you. >> seems like the seats are always getting smaller and smaller. >> adam shapiro, thank you so much. log on to >> or our legs are getting longer. something is going on. >> 10 minutes before the top of the hour. salt. obama's latest food crack down. the latest restrictions and regulations that could be coming to your favorite food. >> the couple facing charges after fight over crab legs turns violent. >> but first, let's check in with steve doocy. >> it must have been delicious crab legs that's all i can say. >> i don't know what to say. take it away, steve. on the eve of the wisconsin
2:49 am
primary, we are live in the badger state with our own john roberts. also bret baier is here with a reaction. on the anniversary of dr. martin luther king junior's death,al vita kieet -- alveta king is he about the state of the nation. university student trump supporter is now saying -- fearing for his safety on campus. we will talk about him to him. we are in the plaza with little leaguers and one of us will get doped. 11 minutes and $0.28 it starts here on your channel you trust for morning news. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob...
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>> we are back to "fox & friends first". new rumors this morning. the obama administration is getting ready to announce a new initiative trying to come between the american people and their salt. according to politico it will be part of a larger plan to encourage people to eat healthier. the idea servtirs up controvers who say sodium health studies are outdated. they say people say it tastes good. >> they don't want to get in the way of people and their salt. it is the song taking ore airwaves and now the hit single "sorry has a new fan, john kasich. >> it will draw young voter's attention.
2:54 am
the two even supporti >> the resemblance pretty uncanning. >> i have not seen that. that's pretty good. >> taylor swift's body guard is unimpressed. he was snapped at the happiest place on earth looking stone faced. >> meanwhile swift her victoria secret friend and daughter dixy were nothing but smiles on the racer ride this weekend. they posted this picture capturing disney with the girls. >> i want to be in her squad. >> she is the girl with the not so happy body guard behind her. >> the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. good luck with the optimistic hipster. >> i saw this. this is hysterical. >> i have not saw that yet.
2:55 am
he is trying to squeeze a sofa in his car. >> they are not thanking them right now. this is for them. >> they deserve a treat. they keep safe. without them this would be chaos. >> appreciating our men in blue the kids who wanted to say thank you to police. first a listen to carrie underwood's performance at the acm awards. if a denture were to be
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one minute until the top of the hour. up first, "the good, the bad, and the ugly." the good, two boys in missouri spent time raising money for police officers by selling lemonade. >> you haven't seen anybody really thanking any of them right now. so this is for them. >> they deserve a treat. they keep us safe. without them, this world would be in chaos. >> good for them. they raised $50 and used it to deliver them doughnuts. next, the bad. this guy's going to need a bigger car. a hipster in austria being ridiculed on the internet after someone caught him on camera trying to shove a giant sofa into a compact car. you see him scratching his man
3:00 am
bun, trying to figure it out. >> man bun. the ugly. two people under arrest after a fight over crab legs turns violent. police say the 21-year-old man was punched in the face at a connecticut buff a. unclear what sparked the disagreement. >> underlying issues there. election coverage continues at the top of the hour. good to be with you. >> have a good day, everyone. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good monday morning. i'm ainsley earhardt. the state of wisconsin on the eve of the contest. and a protester stomping the american flag. >> oh, boy. >> not acceptable. with donald trump and ted cruz in a tight battle, cruz hits on john kasich. well, hits back against john kasich. >> that's okay, go to the convention, and announce you want to be president. you shouldn't be littering up the process because that's what he's doing.


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