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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 4, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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bun, trying to figure it out. >> man bun. the ugly. two people under arrest after a fight over crab legs turns violent. police say the 21-year-old man was punched in the face at a connecticut buff a. unclear what sparked the disagreement. >> underlying issues there. election coverage continues at the top of the hour. good to be with you. >> have a good day, everyone. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good monday morning. i'm ainsley earhardt. the state of wisconsin on the eve of the contest. and a protester stomping the american flag. >> oh, boy. >> not acceptable. with donald trump and ted cruz in a tight battle, cruz hits on john kasich. well, hits back against john kasich. >> that's okay, go to the convention, and announce you want to be president. you shouldn't be littering up the process because that's what he's doing. >> cruz and trump hitting back
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against john kasich. we'll talk about it. we're live in wisconsin. and ahead of the primary, donald trump gets personal. >> i want to win, and i'll be so presidential you won't believe it. i will be the most boring -- >> what does that mean to be presidential to you? >> his answer on presidential-ness might surprise you. and country music's biggest stars under the same roof, in the same room at the acm awards. watch. ♪ yes, the big night for jason aldean, and the touching tributes everyone is talking about this morning because we watched so you didn't have to. we'll bring you the highlights because mornings, at least according to ainsley and steve, better with friends. >> always, of course. we have been working out of this studio complex here in midtown manhattan for coming up
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on 20 years. today is a very special day because just one block away from us, where we're sitting now, a chick-fil-a will open at 6:30 this morning. and brian, i'm buying you breakfast. ♪ >> you, too. >> chicken for breakfast again. fantastic. >> you obviously haven't had it. >> i love being from the south. it's the first stop i make off the plane when i go home. they did not have a chick-fil-a in new york for all the ten years that i've lived here until recently. now we have two, and they're both within like seven or ten blocks of fox news. >> fantastic. >> we appreciate that. anyway, we'll send maria over this morning. it's a big day in new york city and a big day, as well, out in the world of politics. let's get right to the race for the white house and take a look at this. protester, yep, that's an american flag on the ground. protesters stomping on it outside a trump rally wisconsin. >> the blatant show of disrespect as the candidates battle for votes ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts back in action in the badger state
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with the latest. john? >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, that group outside not only the trump rally in west of wisconsin but also outside the greta van susteren town hall last night. a group called "f your flag," protesting racism in america. clearly that's a legitimate thing to protest. it's their tactics that have drawn fire because they put a big american flag down and walk all over it. last night, a lot of tension, people upset about the fact that they're doing that. one man said my brother is serving in the military overseas, pick up the flag. they wouldn't. another said, my father died for this country, i'm demanding you pick up the flag, but they wouldn't. there was pushing and shoving. police called. eventually the whole thing went away. tactics like that definitely do get people upset in this country. people of all partnership stripes, not just republicans. -- all political stripes could not just republicans. on the campaign trail, donald trump hoping to pull out a win tomorrow. it's increasingly looking like a long shot. the polls going the wrong way for trump. 42 delegates up for grabs.
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he'd like to have a lot of those. he may only come away with a few. one of the people he's blaming for perhaps not doing as well as he would like in wisconsin is john kasich with his continued presence in the race. here's what trump had to say about that last night at the rally in west alice. >> if he wants -- he wants to get to the convention. that's okay. go to the convention, and announce you want to be president. you shouldn't be littering up the process because that's what he's doing. >> reporter: on that front, he's getting support from ted cruz who would like to see kasich drop out. here's what cruz told me yesterday. >> well, listen, it's not surprising that kasich is throwing rocks at us. the facts are sierchl -- john kasich cannot be the nominee. he's mathematically challenged. he needs more than the 100 remaining delegates. that can't happen. >> reporter: john kasich happy to keep trolling along in the bus hoping to make it to the convention where he believes in a floor fight he will become the nominee. here's what kasich told me about
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that. >> the other guys, one needs 90%. the other needs 60% of the neither are retaining that. so we're going to go to a convention, and when you talk about a real long shot, we've had ten contested conventions with republicans and only three times did the leader prevail. >> reporter: history may be on kasich's side. at least he believes it will. donald trump trying to pull out all the snops wisconsin at the 11th hour to pull off a win. got three events today. he's bringing melania trump out to tell americans here in wisconsin, hey, if i can love my husband, maybe you can love him a little bit, too. >> that's so good. john, the one thing is, there was a ten-point distance before the whole blowup and governor scott walker's endorsement. there was a ten-point lead for walker. then we see a cbs tracking poll, it's down to six for cruz. does it show maybe that the walker impact isn't as great, or do you look at it as an outlier? >> reporter: you know, he see --
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seems popular in green bay, milwaukee, in lacrosse, a little bit less. trump tends to do well in the northern central, western part of the state. walker by virtue of that, cruz in the south and eastern part of the state. we'll see, though, you know, there's things happening here on the campaign trail that suggest that donald trump may already be in his mind at least moving on to new york. we'll keep watching that. >> where he's way ahead. john roberts live in wisconsin. thank you very much. >> interesting that you bring up scott walker. last night you probably watched the town hall. greta hosted the town hall in wisconsin and asked him about scott walker. scott walker was friends with donald trump before this went down, before they were running against each other. >> trump gave walker money and said, go ahead, win re-election. >> she asked, how do you feel about him endorsing cruz? this is what he had to say -- >> in wisconsin, you take a look, your manufacturing jobs in wisconsin are way, way down. you know, i used to think wonderful things about wisconsin. i was given a plaque by governor walker because i supported him. i gave him a lot of money.
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i supported him. the truth is -- >> he's not supporting you -- >> he's not. you know why, because i knocked him out of the presidenty in two minutes. [ applause ] >> also, donald trump was queried by greta and the town hall folks. you know, sometimes on twitter and elsewhere, you get personal. you know what, he made it clear last night, donald trump did, you do get -- he does get personal when you cross a line and talk about his hair. >> i wanted to win, and i'll be so presidential you won't believe it. i will be the most boring -- >> what does that mean to you? >> it means maybe not be so aggressive, maybe not get so personal. when people get personal with me, i mean, they say, oh, they don't like my hair, okay. now, if i ever said didn't like their hair, it would be a headline, he's so bad. they're allowed to say what they want about me. >> headline -- >> i did think it was interesting over the weekend, he said, listen, if i had to do it again, i wouldn't have retwiced the picture of heidi cruz. >> then the hypothetical question about the abortion. he wished he had answered
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differently. >> right. >> i mean, shows maybe a little bit of change in tactics. and there was a report that corey luwendowsky has had his role diminished and is responding to the delegate fight should it come to the convention. >> john kasich will be on with greta tonight on her program, on "the o'reilly factor." then cruz is going to be on the "kelly file" and trump on "hannity." as you see, a busy night of politics. they talk about mainstream media talking about how donald trump has had the worst two weeks of his campaign. he has certainly hit potholes. at the same time, on the other side, hillary clinton has lost the last five contests. >> you're right. >> why doesn't anybody talking about that? >> in most polls, she's losing wisconsin. >> why isn't anybody talking about that? >> tomorrow's wisconsin, big night. if you haven't decided who to vote for, all three of the presidential candidates for the gop will be here on fox news. stay tuned for that. the other big story, heather is back. >> that's right.
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welcome back. how was vacation? >> it was fantastic. i missed you guys. steve and i were on the plane together. >> that's right. i was seatsed a couple of rows behind her. at one point, the flight attendant came over and presented me with a bloody mary and said, it's from that blonde lady up front. >> did heather get you anything? >> i knew needed it. >> it was from that other lady. >> yeah. good morning. let's see if i remember how to do my job. good morning, everyone. hope are you off to a great day. amtrak trains back up and running this morning following a deadly crash that sent dozens to the hospital and shut down service on its busiest route. the train hit a backhoe on the tracks yesterday. this happened just south of philadelphia. and it killed two amtrak construction workers and derailed the front engine. the 911 calls now have just been released. >> medic 407, medic 457, accident involving a train i have a small fire on the tracks. might need the fire department knock it out. >> 300 hostagers and seven crew
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board -- 300 passengers and seven crew on board. >> there was an explosion, then a fire. then the windows burst out. some people were cut up. >> all you could see was dirt and debris flying past the train. then there was a couple of sort of like fire flashes. >> investigators are now using the train's event data recorder to try to figure out whether or not the train or the backhoe were on the wrong track. some extreme weather now. and perhaps you felt part of this. a windy weekend leaving two people dead and hundreds of thousands of people without power from wisconsin all the way to maine. in massachusetts, two were killed when a tree snapped and slammed down on to a car. then in new jersey, 60 mile-per-hour winds scattering debris and downing power lines making for a messy monday morning commute. cold snap already bringing pockets of snow to the northern states. more is on the way. bundle up, and don't put the coats away yet. it was country music mania last night in las vegas. did you check this out for the acm awards?
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watch. ♪ >> jason aldean nabbing entertainer of the year. congratulations. chris stapleton took home four awards including male vocalist of the year. then fan favorite, miranda lambert, she looked fantastic last night. winning female vocalist of the year for the seventh year in a row. ♪ >> people we've lost including david bowie and glenn fry. and a standing ovation for joey feek. she passed away from cancer just last month. watch this. ♪ jolene jolene jolene ♪ oh i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪ >> and that is the moment when
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dolly met katy perry. teaming one dolly parton to sing some of her classic songs like "jolene." and those are your headlines. what a great show they put on last night. >> big -- >> it was. >> country music's changed. katy perry, who would have thought? >> it is great. thank you. good to see you. coming up next, our next guest was the cia's eyes and ears in syria and originally in afghanistan. why he says the administration blew its chance to stop isis. and what happens had an officer on patrol challenges some kids to a bike race? >> oh, no. >> the story that's going to make you smile this morning. first, more from the acm awards. here's luke bryan and blake shelton with "hunting and fishing." ♪ thank god he made me this way ♪ what are you doing right now?
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making a cake! ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet. so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. in 2012 as the syrian crisis unfolded, one cia operative was tasked with being the eyes and ears in the war-torn country. he describes the weight his position held at a decisive time when the u.s. stalled on taking action. he writes this -- "i was
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sticking my neck out further than i should have. whatever action was taken in syria, i was prepared to do anything in my power to mitigate the risk to my country. escalation or deescalation in syria didn't matter as long as i knew the end goal, i was good to go." that's part of the excerpts included in the new book, "left of boom," detailing frustrations of being met with red tape as the crisisesque lated in syria -- crisis jeescalated in syria. welcome back. you wrote the book, heavily redacted. one area that we're in the midst of, syria still in afghanistan. >> sure. >> one of the few people that learned pasch not too were able to inter-- pashnot too were able to interact with them. you went in to analyze who the rebels were and what america could do. what did you find? >> i mean, you said it up front. obviously it was heavily
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censored. i'm careful with what i do say. but you know, i found that the red tape was obviously a big problem in so much as i was saying, hey, here are some suggestions, here are things maybe we should be doing. and for most part, for a lot of it, it came back, well, let's just wait and see. let's keep getting more intel, getting more intel. i understand that that was my job. but i'm also -- i talk about it a lot, i'm a guy who likes to take it to 11. i wanted to take action in a lot of these courses. >> you dressed native, you dress local. when you looked at the rebels -- i know john mccain, leon panetta, hillary clinton, david petraeus, cia director said we've got to help these rebels. the president said no. was that a mistake? >> well, actually, i did disagree with them and went public saying that. i know the other three are saying that. a lot of what's been talked about is a memo that i had written. to address that, that memo that i wrote was not official cia
3:19 am
policy. that was actually something that i wrote personally. >> it instead. >> obviously it doesn't talk about -- it was suggestions that i was making personally on what we could do with the rebels and do inside syria. >> what you got is not a no but inaction? >> what i got was, i gave it to people hard copy, as in here's what i'm thinking. now we're finding senior intelligence officials have come out saying my memo was circulated amongst washington. that would be news to me. shortly after i wrote the memo, i ended up leaving the agency. so it's been talked about a lot. it was a personal memo and never official cia policy. i want to make that clear. >> one thing -- that's clear. the one thing we know, over 200,000 to 300,000 civilian are dead, people are dead in the area. the rise of isis is still the problem. is that a problem to america in the long run that isis exists? >> it depends how you want to
3:20 am
look at. i think domestic terrorism as you see it now is not something that can be easily stopped. it's a complex problem. i mean, we're doing a lot. what we are doing is good and respect to everybody involved with it. the thing about it is, though, counterterrorism is extremely hard because terrorism is so easy. it's very difficult to stop. >> is it easier if you have a place to nest and plot and plan like isis has today? >> no, not necessarily. and i'm not so sure that the two are always connected. you know, it's an ideology first. so i think anybody here in the united states, if they want to do something bad and they want to attribute it to isis, isis is all too ready to take it and say, yeah, absolutely, that guy was with us. >> you look at brussels in paris. it is directly linked to syria. >> right. correct. what i'm saying is this is a group for the first time that is all too ready, any type of carnage, to attribute it to themselves. >> he worked with the cia, got behind the enemy lines. he knows the taliban and maybe the syrian rebels better than
3:21 am
anybody. "left of boom," congratulations on the book. thank you very much. good to see you. coming up ahead, remember the dam that was hacked by the iranians? turns out there are many other easy targets in the u.s. that can be hacked using google. and martin luther king jr. was killed 48 years ago today. are politicians living up to his legacy? your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did.
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quick terror headlines for you on this monday morning and a fox news alert. justice served. the isis rocket expert believed to be responsible for the death of a u.s. marine now dead himself. u.s. military says he was killed in a drone strike along with five other jihadis. they say he's responsible for the attack that killed staff sergeant luis cardin and injured eight other marines last month
3:25 am
in northern iraq. and the feds warning about cyberattacks targeting u.s. infrastructure. they claim hackers can access power grids or traffic controls with google or simple passwords. terrific. and digital disaster. a smartphone app developed by the taliban found its way into the google app store over the weekend where it was listed for users 10 and up. google has not said how many times it was downloaded before taking it down. a digital disaster. i still have a dream -- >> yes! >> it is a dream deeply rooted in the american dream. i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live up to the true meaning of its creed. >> today mark the 48th anniversary of dr. martin luther king jr.'s death. we honor him today as we ask is
3:26 am
the nation and our politicians, are thriving by the national creed that all men are created equal? dr. alveda king is the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. and she's also the director of african-american outreach for priests for life and a fox news contributor. great to see you, did kidr. kin. >> it's wonderful to join you for "fox & friends." and thanks for this opportunity. >> you're welcome. your family, they in our thoughts today. what a remarkable man dr. martin luther king was. and a legacy that he leaves behind. how do you compare his legacy to what we're seeing now in politics? are our politicians living up to his legacy? >> today i feel very close to my uncle's dream and vision of the 20th century. my dad, reverend a.d. king, worked closely with him. we did survive bombings and racial hatred and all of that in the 20th century. i'm still living today. they're gone on to heaven. i believe if my uncle were here
3:27 am
today, there's a famous quote of his, we must learn to live together as brothers. and i add as sisters or perish as fools. and so with all the contention and contempt that is being stirred up in this particular presidential election, i believe we need to step back and look at the issues because too many people are arguing. and there's too much strife. i believe he would encourage us to think and look at the issues. >> well, let's talk about some of the issues. hillary clinton was speaking on friday, and she was saying that republicans are taking away the rights of everyone. take a listen to this, and then i want to get your reaction. >> okay. >> if you listen to the republicans, they are going after every right we've got. they're after civil rights, women's rights. they're after gay rights and workers rights. they're after the rights of people with disabilities. they're after all of them. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decision. [ applause ] >> i will defend planned
3:28 am
parenthood against all these attacks. [ applause ] >> dr. king, she went on to double down over the weekend on some interviews saying unborn kids do not have constitutional rights. what's your reaction? >> as director of civil rights for the unborn with priest for life, we really fight to protect women's rights and babies' rights. that baby in the womb should have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. if the baby is not allowed to be born, he or she -- and that's women's rights -- will never even have an opportunity to vote. you know, a woman has a right to choose what she does with her body. the baby's not her body. where is the lawyer, mrs. clinton, for the baby? how can the dream of martin luther king jr. survive? f we murder our babies and children and decimate the wombs and health of women through the procedure? >> dr. king, thank you very much for that perspective. we're thinking about your family
3:29 am
today. our country's a better place because of your uncle, your dad, and what you're doing today. thank you. >> thank you. >> god bless. look at this -- a car plunges off a cliff and falls 300 feet. what the driver did to save her life. it's pretty incredible. and donald trump is predicting a massive recession and warns that americans, we shouldn't invest in the stock market. what do you think? should we all listen to that? we're bringing in stuart varney. here he is coming into the studio. first, more from the acm awards last night. here's carrie underwood with "church bells." ♪
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a fox news alert. a massive data leak from this panama building revealing -- revealing hidden accounts from
3:33 am
some of the world's wealthiest, most powerful people. >> including a multibillion dollar money laundering ring tied to that man, putin. here with your action is a guy who knows all about money thvarney, host of fox business network's "varney and company." apparently somebody, some unscrupulous person at this panamanian law firm has leaked to 100 different news outfits the names of people who don't like to pay taxes. and there are some very powerful people. >> that is correct. this is a worldwide tax sheltering tax haven industry. maybe a trillion dollars parked off shore. now these documents reveal who's got the money parked off shore. some very important characters. vladimir putin. his associates have been moving $2 billion around. >> where did he get the ♪ >> i don't know, steve. i could guess, but i'm not going to say now. xi jinping, leader of china.
3:34 am
his family has money overseas. the king of saudi arabia, prime minister of pakistan, jackie chan, the film star, moving into this. the world's great soccer star reportedly involved -- >> is it sfleel. >> yes, it is legal to have money overseas. but if you're an american, you've got to report where the money is, and then the income from the money has got to be reported. >> what if you are from these other countries? obviously putin calling his own shots and takes action against people that call him out. >> nothing happens to him. nothing. >> there's domestic opposition to his clamp-down corruption. this will make it far worse. the prime minister of iceland is named in this. he may lose his position this week because he's been named in this scandal. this is the biggest single attack on offshore tax havens that i can remember. 11 million documents released. 140 people, world leaders, politics, and culture. they're all involved in this. it's a very, very big deal. and politically, very
3:35 am
embarrassing for a lot of these leaders back home. >> let's talk about donald trump saying you shouldn't invest in the stock market. he's predicting a massive recession. what do you think? >> yes. he says a very massive recession. that's what he's saying, because we've got very high unemployment. the actual government numbers don't show that. they show it -- >> 4.9 -- >> that's what the government numbers show. trump is saying, look deeper to the numbers, and you'll see large numbers of people just not part of the work force and used to be. and then -- >> he says the number's 93 million. >> that's right. and that's that statistically is accurate. whether that's a high unemployment rate is another story entirely. but he says, look, there's a bit -- there's trouble coming for the stock market. you don't want to put your money in the stock market right now. do you regard donald trump as an investment adviser? probably not. but that's what he's saying. there's no impact on stocks this morning. >> is he parroting carl icon? >> parroting him? >> isn't carl icon said that in
3:36 am
the past? >> i don't know what carl icon somebody this. >> instant his chief adviser? >> he's part of the trump team on. board with the trump team. >> generally, real estatefies say invest in real estate, and stock market guys say invest in stock market. that's historically how it's gone, hasn't it? >> donald trump has reached for a big headline, and he's got it. very massive recession, walk away from the stock market. that's a big-time headline. you going follow his advice? so far people are not. >> good news is you've got something to talk about at 9:00 on fox business news. >> do we have something to talk about. >> but is heather's money safe, the big question. >> dead safe. does don't worry about it. >> you don't need advice from me. >> all those offshore accounts. >> yes. >> of course, right? >> reel them in. good morning, everyone. stuart, great to see you. good morning, everyone. a train smashing full speed into a tour bus full of people. that deadly crash all caught on camera. you see the train not the double-decker bus off the road and into a ditch. the bus driver and two passengers were killed when
3:37 am
dozens more sent to the hospital. police are not sure why the driver stopped on the tracks. this happened in thailand. the speeding train just seconds away. and more heart-stopping video this morning. take a close look at this car dangling from a cliff. a woman gets out of her car just in time before it plunged 300 feet off the rocky cliff. she was ejected or jumped out before it took a nose-dive straight down. the woman dangled off the side of the cliff, this happened in newfoundland, for 20 minutes before she was rescued. she's recovering from serious injuries. but lucky to be alive this morning. retired u.s. women's soccer star abby wambach slapped with a penalty off the field. now she's apologizing to fans for her dui arrest over the weekend. on facebook, she says, "i take full responsibility for my occasions. this is all on me. i'm so sorry to my family, friends, and fans, and those to that look to follow a better example."
3:38 am
wambach said she was coming home from a friend's in portland when she was pulled over. the womdan's world cup champion retired from professional soccer last fall. community policing at its best. take a look. police officer in indiana challenges some neighborhood kids to a friendly bike race. the kids accepted, and the three take off. after the race, the kids say we've always wanted to play with a police officer, and we want to be police officers when we grow up. they received a sticker badge and challenged the too far another race saying that he would win next time. nice job. and those are your headlines. see you in a little bit. >> that is good community effort. >> good idea. thanks. speaking of the community, here in rockefeller center, we're so excited because eight minutes ago, chick-fil-a opened in midtown manhattan at 46th and 6 go ahead avenue. maria molina is there now getting our breakfast. indianapolis it's really loud. a lot going on there. >> reporter: yeah, exciting news. we all love chick-fil-a. now one opened across the street
3:39 am
from our headquarter. all of us will be visiting chick-fil-a a lot more now. in is the second location to have opened. one opened last year, and there were lines around the block. any new yorker knows it's tough to get chick-fil-a here in manhattan. we want to look at the menu. we'll order you breakfast and bring it to you in the studio. again, this opened on saturday. great news. i was talking to anthony. anthony? you want to come over here? you're first day was on saturday. what do you think? >> it was great. it's a fantastic day, great atmosphere. got to meet new yorkers, it went smoothly. >> reporter: a little chilly on saturday. a cold front moved through bringing storm. >> yes, it was chilly. we worked through it, it was a great first day. >> reporter: great first day, great food. we'll be bringing it into the studio coming up later this morning. again, breakfast coming up from chick-fil-a. exciting news. by the way, there is going to be more snow in the forecast across parts of southern new england. and we're going to go ahead and do the weather from here in
3:40 am
chick-fil-a. we have my iphone with graphics. you see the snow moving to the northeast with the clipper system. we have winter weather advisories in effect out there. from buffalo to boston as much as three to six inch of snow in the forecast out there. locally heavier amounts will be possible. quick look at the current temperatures, you see the cold start to the day across the northeast. the plains, not bad. temperatures in the 50s from kansas city to dlaallas. >> we were supposed to place an order through you, but i don't have the experience that ansly and steve have. >> do you trust us? i say he would love the chicken tenders. the box of tenders. they're unbelievable. >> fresh not fried -- >> yeah. they are -- >> reporter: for breakfast, you can get the chicken tenders with biscuits, as well. that's -- >> beautiful. >> yum. >> reporter: delicious. >> he's a healthy eater. get something grilled for him. >> i want a number one, please, with a black coffee. ? we'll get to it. >> and i'll do anything with
3:41 am
pickles. >> thank you very much. >> big day here. chick-fil-a finally. >> i don't think she wrote anything down. she anthony right there. ahead, you know him as christopher darden from the hit "the people vs. o.j. simpson" on fx. actor sterling k. brown about how his role changed his view of the o.j. trial. the fbi wants to help local police unlock iphones, but they have to act fast. we'll explain. more if the acm award. here's "coat of many colors" with dolly parton and katy perry. >> katy perry at the amc? ♪ ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪
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governor jerry brown expected to sign a bill raising rates to $15 an hour. the highest in the country while workers are hailing the win, small business owners fearing layoffs. the so-called fight for 15 activists now have their sights set on states like new york which is near us, illinois, and michigan. and the fbi must act fast if they want to help local authorities unlock iphones. experts say once the flaw that allowed officials get inside the san bernardino shooter's phone is fixed, they may lose the ability to hack into others. figure that out. nchlt it might have been the single most important piece of evidence in the o.j. simpson trial. the bloody gloves. turns out the prosecutor, marcia clark, never wanted simpson to try them on during the 1995 trial. >> she was against it. gill garcetti was against it. the idea came from assistant prosecutor christopher darden. it played on the fx series "the
3:46 am
people vs. o.j. simpson." joining us the man who plays darden, sterling k. brown. >> thank you. >> i love the series. you are fantastic. i did not realize that everybody on the prosecution said the last thing we want is for o.j. simpson to try on the gloves. your guy, darden, was positive they would fit sflf. >> absolutely. he thought it would be a slam-dunk. he wanted to do something to get the jury excited and perked up. sometimes the evidence isn't the most sexy thing in the world. he figured, you put the gloves on, everybody sees it, all the cameras see it. we go home, mike drop, that's it. didn't play out that way. >> what's it like playing chris darden? >> it's been fascinating. i remember 20 years ago where i was and how i felt about the whole thing.
3:47 am
being able to step to the side of the prosecution, see what this man had to go through. he received death threats. he was called an uncle tom and sellout, chris darden. was so maligned especially from the african-american community, being a prosecute, prosecuting another african-american. >> he called it the darden dilemma. >> exactly. it was eye opening. >> i tell you what, as is depicted in the tv series, o.j. simpson was able to dream team. they played the race card. he's a snippet. >> you're bringing a reconception to this because you're black? >> marcia, i don't expect you to understand, but there's a certain way white people talk to black people. he doesn't have to take the stand -- >> yes, he does! >> see, in the series, you're
3:48 am
arguing that you got a problem, something in your heart tells you that mark fuhrman is going to explode. >> yeah. >> and he did, of course. you were right on that. chris darden was right on that. >> chris darden was right. he talks about in his book how from the beginning he had a bad feel being mark fuhrman. and that everything on the surface was not everything that there was to be seen. it played itself out that way in the trial. >> can you explain why this series is -- has pulled so many people? it's over 20 years later and we're fascinated. >> it brings up more than just the double homicide that transspired. there's a cross section where we deal with sexism, racism, sort of the camerasn the courtroom for the first time and being able to witness things on a 24-hour basis. it made it bigger than it was. >> the series is great. the cast unbelievable.
3:49 am
john travolta as shapiro. >> love him. >> sterling k. brown who plays chris darden, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it's on fx, "american crime story: the people versus o.j. simpson." thank you. >> thanks. meanwhile, all eyes wisconsin ahead of tomorrow's critical primary. and donald trump is predicting a big surprise. what could that be? we are live in wisconsin at the top of the hour. then, a new bill would require elementary schools to provide at least 20 minutes of recess to our children. should it be a right or a privilege? >> recess? >> yeah. ♪ woman: it's been a journey to get where i am.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
i think teachers should be able to decide and their administrators should be able to decide whether or not they have recess in any particular day. with all the other problems we have to deal with my legislature is worried about recess for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade? >> that's new jersey governor chris christie railing against a state bill which would require schools to provide at least 20 minutes of recess to elementary school kids. christie vetoed the bill calling it stupid. but the state senate has reintroduced it this spring, saying recess should be a right and not a privilege. well, one new jersey mother who agrees is pauline heinz. her son a first grader only gets 15 minutes a day for recess and she says that's not enough.
3:54 am
right? >> it is not enough time. and it's actually not proper recess. middletown district takes from the physical education curriculum time and uses that in lieu of recess. this bill would give our kids 20 minutes recess and take back the time stolen from the physical ed curriculum. our kids would get two extra gym classes a week. go right now they don't have recess. they have what? >> teacher directed physical education. >> what does that mean? >> exactly. we all think our kids get recess. they don't. they do have some time to cut loose in this tdpe as it's called but it's not proper recess. >> sure. because you say your son winds up coming home with a half-eaten lunch because he takes halfway through lunch -- >> i want to play with my friends. i want to talk to my friends. >> why do you want at least 20 minutes of recess? what does it do to the kids, for the kids? >> 20 minutes is a baseline that protects the kids and gives them that time to truly recess to cut loose. it's not teacher directed. they can truly be with their friends. they can form our own social
3:55 am
relationships. it's important for development. >> i agree with you 100%. i used to love recess. >> right. >> talk to my kids yesterday about recess, and they all cherished it, as well, when they were in grade school. who is against this? >> it's hard to imagine that anyone is against it. there are absentee governor chris christie has called it stupid. he's called the bill stupid. so he doesn't think there's a need for this. there are -- >> well, the legislature is going to get another whack at it. >> it's going through the assembly education committee and will be looking for support for that, as well. i think the challenge with it is, high stakes testing is taking a lot of time out of the school-day. a variety of people from unions to parents don't want to add more time into the school day. i guess there's contract issues with that. and so they're robbing peter to pay paul and our kids are suffering. >> mm-hmm. and there is no law in new jersey that mandates it. you would like at least 20 minutes. >> at least 20 minutes. >> because from district to district it varies. and some districts don't even
3:56 am
have any recess, right? >> nothing at all. i'm not sure what they're doing with their phys ed curriculum, but exactly. there needs to be a baseline that protects the rights for kids. >> so you want the kids to have the opportunity of at least 20 minutes a day to run around the school yard. >> get the ya-yas out. we all need it. >> pauline thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be back. all right. let's see what happens. meanwhile straight ahead, donald trump gets personal ahead of tomorrow's wisconsin primary. listen to this. >> i want to win. and i'll be so presidential you won't believe it. i will be the most -- >> what does that mean to be presidential? >> his answer might surprise you. plus even if ted cruz wins the badger state tomorrow, are there enough delegates left for him to win the nomination for the republican party? we're going to look at the numbers straight ahead. live from new york. sir, this alien life form is growing
3:57 am
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good monday morning to you and your family. it's april 4th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. fire at the airport. hundreds of passengers forced to evacuate after smoke fills a terminal. the breaking details in just moments. meanwhile, all eyes now in the political world on wisconsin ahead of tomorrow's critical primary. and donald trump has this message for voters there. >> we lean towards ohio governor john kasich but according to one of your opponents that's like voting for you. >> no, i actually think he hurts me more than he hurts cruz. >> but he's not the only one who wants him out. we're live in wisconsin to do some explaining straight ahead. and she just had a baby a week ago. so how does ivanka trump look this good this soon, as in already? ivanka back in action.
4:01 am
and let me remind you that mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> right now live from 46th and 6th avenue, the brand-new chick-fil-a that has opened up across the street from our place. it's open for breakfast, and maria molina, maria you've got our breakfast in those bags. >> go out there and help her. she's in high heels. >> eating -- >> she's got a handheld microphone on top of it. should we get her a janet jackson ear piece? >> what's our bill this morning, maria? >> well, steve, i grabbed you a chicken sandwich, ainsley you said you liked the chicken sandwich with extra pickles, so we got that on tap for you. and brian, we got you just pick ams.
4:02 am
>> okay, great. >> thank you. >> on our way here with some coffee, we have even burritos for the crew. all kinds of food items and we're excited that they're across the street because it makes it a lot easier for us to get some early morning breakfast. here we go, making sure we can cross safely. and we can. so here we go. >> oh, yeah. >> don't trip on a pothole here. >> look at you, all right? >> there she goes across 47th street. >> and one more cross -- >> in the diamond district here in new york. >> before we get to you. we have a red light, though. >> can i get some diamonds? >> you are so cute, maria. >> sure, ainsley, i'll make a quick stop for you. >> look at this entourage. >> i love that new yorkers, no one's looking at you, everyone is like it's normal. >> it's just a weather person in high heels. >> do we have anybody -- >> oh, oh, my goodness. slippery out here. by the way we have rain and snow coming down so a little weather report for you, as well.
4:03 am
>> just like the mailman the chick-fil-a delivery person through neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will keep her from appointed duties of bringing us the chicken breakfast. >> why do i suddenly feel like i'm in that movie, you know that movie the devil wears prada? >> yeah. >> i slightly feel like i'm in that right now. >> yes. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. >> thank you, maria. >> very successful. >> it is going to be an amazing week. it's masters week. we have final four tonight. we have wisconsin tomorrow. are you just pumped? >> are you trying to get people to go to espn? >> no. no we're going to report everything for you right here on fox. >> we've got it all. big game saturday, of course. biggest game monday. >> all right. meanwhile, let's get to the race for the white house. so far stomping on the american flag outside of a trump rally in wisconsin. >> the blatant show of disrespect as the candidates battle for votes ahead of tomorrow's big primary. >> that's right. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live in wisconsin with the latest.
4:04 am
he is based in atlanta. just like chick-fil-a. good morning, john. >> yeah, and you know what will be really good is if they have the peach shakes there in new york. >> yes. >> the same way they do in georgia. maybe it will be an apple shake instead. they are delicious no question about it. a little more about those protesters last night. they were outside the trump event. also outside greta van susteren's town hall. it's a group that goes by the moniker "f" only they use the full word, your flag. and make the point about lingering racism in america by stamping on the american flag which, as you can imagine, upsets a lot of people. a few people there who either had parents who died fighting for this country, or who had relatives serving overseas were very upset about what happened last night. things got pretty tense. police said to be called in a couple of times. eventu eventually everybody did disperse. on the campaign trail today, donald trump has got three events, one here in lacrosse r, superior and milwaukee where he will be appearing with his wife mel an yeah trying to make a
4:05 am
last-ditch attempt to turn things around here in the state because the polls have been going the wrong way for him. ted cruz is leading. looks like he might pull off a win here. he's got the board of governors, scott walker, ted cruz that is. donald trump, of course, has been mercilessly mocking the governor going all the way back to last summer and he is still at it. here's trump from greta's show last night. listen to this. >> in wisconsin you take a look, your manufacturing jobs in wisconsin are way, way down. you know, i used to think wonderful things about wisconsin. i was given a plaque by governor walker because i supported him. i gave him a lot of money. i supported him. >> he's not supporting you. >> no, no, he's not. you know why? because i knocked him out of the presidency in about two minutes. >> ted cruz is hoping to bring home all 42 delegates from the state tomorrow night. also hoping that he can get to the convention with the majority of the delegates before july even though he has to win some 82% of those in order to do it. john kasich playing for a contested convention. even though cruz and trump say
4:06 am
he's got no chance. i talked to both of them, first cruz, then kasich. listen. >> beating donald trump, we get north of 80% of the delegates. you don't need 80% of the vote. you just have to beat him in the remaining races. and if you look race after race after race we are beating donald trump, and it's because republicans, you know, we're seeing the republican party unite. >> i'm making a case for me. i'm making a case that i have the record, and the experience, both domestically and internationally, to be able to lead the country. plus, i consistently beat hillary clinton in virtually every poll that comes out. that's what i think is important. >> well what happened yesterday in north dakota actually gives credence to john kasich's argument. they picked a slate of delegates, in north dakota, ted cruz's campaign claims that the guy's 18 of the 25 delegates that were elected but at least a couple of those delegates told reporters they really wanted to support john kasich. so if it gets all the way to the
4:07 am
convention things could change. >> right now we're on the romney rule but they've got to change for the 2016 rules. we're not even sure how it's going to change until right before the convention. >> so, john, what about on the other side? hillary clinton has lost the last five events. is she nervous today? >> i think you could probably safely say she's nervous. because the polls after having hillary clinton in the lead for most of the time here in wisconsin, now show bernie sanders with a slim lead. the realclear politics average it's within the margin of error. if he were to pull off a win here in wisconsin, he's got two weeks to make the case in new york where the margin has narrowed now to 12-point advantage for hillary clinton. she's got that huge plurality of superdelega superdelegates. but if he wins here and then were to win in new york city i think a lot of those superdelegates would have to rethink where they are pledged. just on your point of the rules, the current rules, the romney rules, actually kasich can be voted for by unbound delegates.
4:08 am
he just wouldn't be able to make a nomination speech or have a floor rally. but people would be able to vote for him and he could, according to people i've talked to at the rnc, become the nominee if he gets 1237 vets. >> okay. >> and what about the fact he has to win eight states in order to be eligible? is that only on the first ballot? >> well that's to be considered in the first ballot because everybody is bound for the first ballot with the exception of a few who are unbound. really that rule only pertains to your ability to have a nominating speech, a seconding speech, and a floor rally. people could vote for you regardless. it doesn't matter. >> hmm. >> all right, john roberts, very thorough presentation. thank you very much. >> kasich does say if there is a floor fight he thinks he can win. consistently when you look at the polls he's the only one that can beat donald trump, or beat -- or excuse me beat hillary clinton. now donald trump had he was talking with greta last tight. we all watched that. we're going to show you a little clip about what he says. he's saying if you vote for kasich it's a -- it's a vote
4:09 am
against him. take a listen. >> leaning towards the ohio governor john kasich. >> but according to one of your opponents that's like voting for you. >> no, i actually think he hurts me more than he hurts cruz if you want to know the truth. frankly, kasich right now has got one win and 29 losses. and he shouldn't even be in it. >> jeb didn't win that much so he dropped out. rubio didn't win that much so he dropped out. kasich should just drop out. >> dr. ben carson said over the weekend republican leaders like hillary over trump. they like her more than him. and that the party elites are waiting to push somebody like paul using cruz essentially, this is another conversation, to stop trump. right we're going to get into the math a little later on. but right now you know it's impossible for kasich to do it. it's really hard for cruz to do it. it's going to be hard for trump as well. >> you talk about hard. what about easy? heather nauert makes it seem so
4:10 am
easy. >> i'm glad you said i make the news seem easy. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great day. let's start out with a fox news alert. terrified passengers forced to evacuate from newark's international airport early this morning, after not one, but two fires erupt inside the terminal. you can see the smoke there. as it pours out of that building. the first fire reported in terminal b's boiler room. hours later the fire rekindling prompting another evacuation. no one was hurt. the airport is still open, and just a handful of flights, we are told, are delayed. but might be wise to call before you head there. amtrak trains back up and running this morning, following a deadly crash that sent dozens to the hospital. and shut down service on its busiest routes. the train hit a back hoe on the tracks yesterday, just south of philadelphia, killing two amtrak construction workers. and derailing the front engine. the 911 calls now, just released. >> 457, accident involving a
4:11 am
train. >> i have a small fire on the tracks. might need the fire department. knocked out a lot of fuel. >> 341 passengers and seven crew members on board at the time of the crash. investigators now trying to figure out were the train orr the back hoe were on the wrong track. and breaking this morning, it is now considered the biggest financial leak in history. vladimir putin's inner circle now dubbed the dirty dozen, they've reportedly been hiding more than $2 billion in offshore tax havens. an anonymous source at a panamanian law firm releasing millions of documents to a newspaper, showing how that law firm allegedly helped world leaders launder money and then evade taxes for decades. it's being called the panama papers. putin's name isn't listed specifically, but the deals would have been nearly impossible without his involvement. also shocking news, british prime minister david cameron's rather is on the list we are
4:12 am
told. when asked if his family still had money in offshore companies a spokesperson said it was a quote, private matter. and didn't she just have a baby? take a look at this. it has been just a week and ivanka trump is already looking not just radiant, but like she never had a baby. she was caught in this video exclusive to over the weekend. she dressed up for her newborn son's bris. theodore james kushner is the 34-year-old's third child with her husband jared kushner. wow, she looks amazing. ainsley? >> you look amazing like that after having a baby. >> i looked bigger after i delivered than i did going into the hospital. all the water -- it's amazing. that is amazing. >> a lot of women can relate to what you said. >> thank you, heather. >> meanwhile, she has dashed across the street, and maria, come on in with breakfast! chick-fil-a. >> oh! >> we've got to get you -- >> what a happy day. >> thank you so much. >> all right.
4:13 am
>> thank you. >> did you get some for yourself? >> yes, i did. >> what did you get? >> i got a chicken sandwich. >> these are so good, these waffle fries. >> even some veggies. >> thank you. >> okay. >> all right. sit down a second, maria, so we can go through it. we've got to tell you what's coming up straight ahead. >> that's right. on this monday morning, jimmy carter admitted he thought about cheating, john edwards actually cheated. but where does hillary clinton's e-mail scandal rank among those political scandals? we're going to talk to a presidential historian coming up. >> this smells good. gomery and abigail higgins had...
4:14 am
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4:17 am
i think that anybody who's actually looked at this has concluded that i have now put out all of my e-mails. go and ask others for their e-mails. ask everybody else who's in public office. i'm the one who's done it. and i did it because i thought it was the right thing to do. >> wow, hillary clinton continuing to deny any wrongdoing as the fbi enters the final phase of its investigation on her e-mail server. so, what does this mean for her campaign? and her candidacy? how does the scandal stack up to other infamous moments for presidential contests? joining us right now to discuss it, a woman who knows. author and presidential
4:18 am
historian jane sampson cooke. welcome back. >> thanks for having me, brian. >> we wanted you to help us out with what's going on with hillary clinton in perspective with past investigations. we have a list of some scandals, and things that really took over the headlines in past presidential races. for example you got thomas eagleton. he's the running mate with the failed candidacy of george mcgovernor. what happened with him? >> well, it came out not long after he was tapped to be the vice presidential nominee that he had undergone electric shock therapy for a nervous breakdown. he'd been hospitalized three times. and you know, that raised the issue, especially back in 1972, about can we give this person the nuclear codes, have their finger on the button, so to speak? and that really frightened a lot of people. so he withdrew his nomination as vp and mcgovern had to choose someone else. so that's an issue. you know, is this person steady enough to be president? and so that was what happened with him. and it tanked his candidacy.
4:19 am
>> remember jimmy carter comes out of nowhere, gets the nomination. remember this statement that he put forward, talk about his lust. i've looked at a lot of women with lust. i've committed adultery in my heart many times. i don't see how that quote benefits. >> he did say it. what's interesting about jimmy carter is he told the american people, i will never lie to you. this was after watergate where nixon had lied. but he was also a southern baptist evangelical sunday school teacher. so to go to playboy and make this admission was a little odd. it didn't tank his presidency but it was a curve ball in that election and just a little unusual. >> even donald trump must be saying i never said anything like that. jennifer flowers, she comes out when bill clinton is trying to get the nomination. >> yes, i was bill clinton's lover for twelve years. and for the past two years, i have lied to the press about our relationship to protect him. >> well, that didn't help, but
4:20 am
eventually he did overcome that, correct? >> he did. and that's because he sat down with his wife, hillary clinton, and they sat down after the super bowl on "60 minutes," had a huge audience, and they admitted that there had been difficulties in their marriage without going into details and not fully admitting that particular story. that's how they overcame that. >> and they did. and of course john edwards last time, we know about that. he wasn't going to win. george w. bush did end up winning but this came out in the final week of the campaign about his dui. >> it did. and it -- >> years ago i made some mistakes. i occasionally drank too much and i did on that night. i was pulled over. and i admitted to the policeman that i had been drinking. i paid a fine. and i regret that it happened. but it did. >> and that was two days before the election. jane, we'll see where hillary clinton stacks up compared to those. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. coming up straight ahead, the high school that promises to keep your kids off drugs.
4:21 am
how they did it. the founder of that school joins us next. then, hillary has a message for the fbi director. call me comey. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. got some news from the campaign trail for you on this monday morning. arianna huffington is the latest critic to compare donald trump to a dictator. >> we think that he's a little bit like, kim jong-un. you know, he's dangerous. >> huffington lashing out once again on trump's push for a temporary ban on muslim integration. remember last year the huffington post said it would only cover donald trump on its
4:25 am
entertainment section, not the news. they eventually reversed that. and hillary rodham clinton apparently waiting by the phone after reports and rumors that she'll be called by the fbi over the use of her private e-mail server. >> has the fbi reached out to you yet for an interview? >> no. no, they haven't. back in august, we made clear that i'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. and i skand by that. >> happy to answer? clinton admitted sending classified e-mails from her personal server wasn't the best idea, calling it a matter of convenience. more times than we can count. meanwhile -- >> the numbers are stagling, steve. nearly 5% of high school seniors have used drugs. >> oh, my goodness. >> and about 867,000 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 have some sort of an addiction or drug problem. that's where the newport academy comes in. the new york city school is
4:26 am
focused on keeping students sober. >> jamison monroe jr. is the founder of this academy and he joins us now. thanks for being with us, jamison. >> my pleasure. >> why did you start the school? >> for many reasons. some personal in that i was a kid who was sent away when i had issues in school. and when i came back to my home and my community, i quickly relapsed. because i had to go back into a school environment that wasn't supportive of my recovery, as well. and the stats show that 85% of kids get their drugs at school. >> sure. >> okay. so this is essentially a sober high school. >> essentially, yes. >> how do you make sure that the kids are sober? >> well, one is on the interview process. on the admissions process we make sure that kids, you know, they've had some form of treatment and they're properly motivated for treatment, or to enter the school and become part of the recovery environment that we have. but then also monitoring throughout. so, throughout the week we're
4:27 am
doing therapy sessions, we're doing group therapy sessions and individual. as well as drug testing on a random basis. >> if they don't pass the drug test? >> if they don't pass the drug test we take it on a case by case basis. so we're going to assess the level of willingness of a student to get back on track. if a kid is totally unwilling, and they don't want to have anything to do with recovery, then we're going to probably recommend, you know, a treatment facility as opposed to recovery high school environment. but if a kid's totally willing to get back on track, then we're going to welcome them back and realize it was a slip, and create, you know, some structure around that child so that they can succeed. >> that's great. so you have got some schools and you've also got some treatment facilities, as well. there are a lot of parents looking in right now and saying oh, man i wish i could get one of my kids into that kind of program. but this is expensive. >> it is. so,t academy as an organization we have residential in-patient treatment facilities in connecticut and in
4:28 am
california. and for those treatment facilities we work with pretty much every insurance company. >> okay. >> now unfortunately -- >> that's covered. >> that's covered by insurance on the in-patient side of things. unfortunately when you get into the recovery high school component, you know, insurance isn't going to pay for that unfortunately. and so -- and also a lot of school boards are a little wary of that. we've seen some legislation in some states, including new jersey and pennsylvania that's trying to push for more recovery high school, realizing that we really need these types of environments, because traditional educational environments are just a hotbed -- >> there are scholarships and other opportunities? >> exactly. newport academy is tuition-based school. a private school. but last year, as an organization, newport academy did give away $1.5 million in scholarships. so, whee want to provide a community service. we have to keep the lights on, as well. so we want to do as much as we can in order to get these kids that are motivated to live a sober lifestyle in high school the opportunity to get a high school diploma and go on to
4:29 am
college. >> there are public sober high schools out there. what's your website? >> >> jamison thank you so much. making a difference in lives of so many kids. and i'm sure parents you're reaching are so touched by that. >> thank you so much. >> it's an honor. >> all three republican candidates refusing to go anywhere. so, will there be a contested convention? wait until you hear what the head of the rnc just said. >> and one little dog is bad to the bone. the wild police chase going viral this morning. across -- is that the golden gate bridge? or the bay bridge? it's a big bridge in san francisco. ♪ cut loose footloose ♪ a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are
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4:33 am
it's more crappy. some would say it's kind of a drizzly today. and brian kilmeade is out on the streets because today is hug a newsperson day. right, brian? >> yes. steve. by the way, new york is atizzy with this opportunity to hug a ne newsperson. i'm the one out here in the sleet. i want people to organically realize it's the hug a newsperson day and see how they react. if i have to i'll actually approach people. first we're going to look for people. this family -- this actually, they were tossed out of their home so they're probably not happy. excuse me. excuse me, guys. this is national hug a news guy day. is this a bad day? you won't give me a hug? what's your name? >> bill. >> bill, how's it going? >> i'm doing great. and i'm going to hugs you because you stick up for megyn kelly. >> because i stuck up for megyn kelly? >> you always do. and it's also national hug a news anchor day. so this is really going to work
4:34 am
out for us. are you ready? >> yeah, come on. >> there you go. look at that. >> oh. it's a two-fer. >> double dipping. >> pretty bad when the guys you pick out on the street are better looking than you. the news anchor is supposed to be the better looking one. >> i love the first guy who didn't want to have anything to do with you. >> i think the biggest story here is those people. thrown out of their homes, forced to roll their luggage through manhattan. they've already said -- >> those are tourists. >> they're heading to their hotel. >> here we go. >> okay. >> no takers? >> this is -- you would think the george h. cohen statue would bring a bigger crowd but it isn't. portrayed brilliantly by james cagney in the 1920s. oh, here's a guy. here's a guy. sir, how you doing? i don't know if you know it or not, but it's hug your news person day today. i'm wondering, sir, if i could get a hug? >> sure. >> all right, there you go. >> have a wonderful day. >> you, too. >> what's your name? >> jonathan. >> jonathan is a great man.
4:35 am
>> two hugs. >> who says new yorkers are not nice. >> stay within yourself. all right. >> stay within yourself. >> that was excellent. and brian, this is so much easier. to go on craigslist like -- >> i'm wondering if i can get a hug? what's your name? >> dwayne. >> all right dwayne. let's hug. >> all right. how you doing? >> look at that. dwayne, thank you very much. take care. >> that's fantastic. >> three hugs. i'm three for four. this is fantastic. steve, how would you do out here as a blond, and steve would do well. imagine how well ainsley would do. i would stop him but he's in probably mile four. >> i'd love to go do it. heather and i will have to go out there soon. >> trying to find a woman. this is the story of my life. >> you wouldn't be the first one in times square to say that. by the way for folks who are watching right now, if you would like to play along on hug a newsperson day, take a picture of yourself hugging your
4:36 am
television. >> look at brian -- >> hug me. >> see what our staff has done for us. >> i don't even have to talk. just read the sign. >> flag down a taxi. yes, we see. it says "hug me." >> that's cute, brian. >> all right. this is not -- >> how you doing, sir? >> we got to get up and go hug -- >> i'm wondering if i could have a quick hug. is that possible? i'm working, too. >> all right. >> that is new york! >> good job. >> all right, steve we got to get up. >> there you go. good job. >> i'm proud of you. >> good job. hug him. all right. >> all right. let's go hug heather. >> all right, come on. >> all right. all right. ainsley. >> whoo! >> lots of fun to hug. >> and brian's still looking for a gal in times square. >> we'll hug you brian, come on
4:37 am
back. >> take it away. >> all right. good morning to all of you, and let's switch now to politics for your headlines right now. remember this moment when hillary clinton got in the face of a sanders supporter last week. well she was just asked about it. listen to what she said. >> you know, i'm not going to go into that. i think that we've tried to run a campaign on the issues, i'm going to keep talking about the issues. >> clinton says she's upset bernie sanders is lying about her environmental record. well the rnc chair reince priebus trying to quash rumors on fox news sunday that a contested convention is a real possibility. >> i think it's possible, and at that point, if you get in to a multiballot convention where you've got five or six or seven rounds, it's possible that a person can be nominated that's not one of the three, but my position is, and i think it's absolutely correct, our nominee is likely to be one of the three people running.
4:38 am
>> but if it is not run of the three running house speaker paul ryan says he does not want anyone looking at him as a potential nominee should there be a brokered convention. he says he's not running. he just gave this latest information-to-a newspaper while traveling in israel. he says he thought the election was under control since there were 17 people originally in the race. a veteran kicked out of a dog park in floor for not taking his service dog off a leash. he says he was there training rebel, his dog, but was then told to leave the park. listen. >> i'm outraged that that's the way not only they want to treat a veteran but that's the way they want to treat anybody else who, you know, who has service dogs. >> the park owner has since changed her mind and said smith and rebel are now welcome any time, even if they're on a leash. and speaking of dogs, take a look at this. a runaway chihuahua leading police officers on a wild chase
4:39 am
across san francisco. you can see the furry four footed fugitive running on the bay bridge tailed by an officer on a motorcycle. get it, tailed? the chase shut down part of the bridge between oakland and san francisco for a short time. police eventually catching up with the dog and handed it over to an animal shelter. they're calling it porch. remember him? the character on the classic tv cop show chips. one my boys love. it's still on tv. it's fantastic. >> absolutely. >> no other traffic on the bay bridge? >> i guess not, they shut it down. >> let's hand it out to maria. >> she's had a busy day. thank you very much for breakfast. >> glad you enjoyed. good morning, we're tracking messy weather today across parts of the northeast with another clipper that's bringing more snow out there anywhere from new york state to southern parts of new england and we can see as much as three to six inches of snow accumulating out here. because of that we have winter weather advisories that have been issued from buffalo to the city of boston, and the concern
4:40 am
out there is that this morning you will be dealing with tough conditions on the roadways as you try to make your way to work. current temperatures, chilly across parts of the northeast. you could see currently 37 degrees in new york city as you head farther north, though, much colder with temperatures right now only in the single digits across parts of new england. but across the plains, later this afternoon, it's going to be very warm. take a look at some of these forecast temperatures, 85 degrees in dallas. and even warmer than that to the southwest across southwestern texas, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. back inside. >> well it's warm somewhere. all right, maria, thank you. >> thanks, maria. a mother is charged with child neglect after making her kids walk to school because they missed the bus. is that tough love or is it going too far? your e-mails are pouring in on this one. >> i've got to send you one on that. meanwhile melania trump will hit the campaign for her husband donald today. but will that help him win the female vote? and brian is still trying to find somebody, this time a woman, to hug him in times square. i take these out...
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...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. now it's time for your news by the numbers. first 68%. that's how much of a dive batman versus superman dawn of justice sales dropped at the box office over the weekend. movie was a dud. next, -- >> 100 billion -- >> okay. not quite that much. but one million dollars. that's how much a wisconsin powerball winner is missing out on after not turning in their ticket on time. and finally this, -- >> i think it's -- >> work hard. we play -- >> go to your computers --
4:45 am
>> thank you so much eau claire. >> eight. that's how many times that young woman yawned during hillary clinton's rally in wisconsin. get her a coup of coffee. all right ainsley, over to you. >> thank you, steve. well the battle for the badger state is on. and donald trump is taking big steps to shore up the female votes. over the weekend he did admit that retweeting the unflattering image of heidi cruz was a mistake, and then today melania trump, his wife, is going to hit the campaign trail for her husband. but will this be enough? joining us now to weigh in is pollster and partner leigh carter. will that be enough? melania, she's going to be working wisconsin today trying to get the female votes. is it enough? >> i'm not sure if it's enough. but i think it's really person that the women in donald trump's life do join him on the campaign trail. i think melania, his daughter, i think his son's wives, all of the people, even his ex-wives who can speak nicely about him, say a lot about him. they show a softer side of him. i think ivanka especially said
4:46 am
he did something right. when you see a working woman who's a family woman, who's able to balance all that she does, you look at her blog, all theth represents, he actually must be an advocate for women because you don't have a daughter like that without having done something right. without being supportive of her roles, women and family values. >> people are fascinated with the women in his life. they absolutely are. there was an op-ed in the post. i want to read a little bit by the female journalist who says many of these women are the so-called security moms, they're women who vote not on traditional women's issues, education, abortion, et cetera, but on foreign policy. >> okay. so i think it's a little preposterous to say that women just vote on women's issues. it's almost like saying a woman is going to take a job only on the benefits package. when i talk to women voters out there, their primary concern is what is best for my family. what is best for me? what is best for america? primarily, they're concerned with the economy. they're concerned with security. they want to know who is going to do that best? and then, of course, they do
4:47 am
want to know what -- who is going to do best by women's issues? and traditionally when you look at the republican field, the one that they're most concerned about was ted cruz, not donald trump. he had a really bad couple of weeks and made them question, is he going to be the one for me? but ted cruz has also been somebody that they've questioned that, too. but donald trump does have a really good record on the economy. he does have that record -- i shouldn't say that, but makes people feel that he's very secure on both the economy, and on security, as well. >> let's look at some of the favorability ratings. fox news did a poll, asking women out there, are you -- do you like donald trump? 30% favorability among women. 67% unfavorable. >> i think that's a really, really big issue for him. he has a very, very big unfavorable issue with women, with hispanics, and also with very, very conservative voters. now, that as he goes into the general is going to be a big, big issue for him. the thing, i think, is as he's making a pivot from here in to
4:48 am
the general, he has an opportunity to move more to the middle, he has an opportunity to show the softer side of himself, with the women in his life, and as he starts to pick a vp pick and show the kinds of people that he's going to surround himself with in the cabinet, as he goes towards that. and i think that's going to be important to see who those people are and as he rounds out what kinds of policies he's going to have. >> would it behoove him to pick a woman for his vp? and if so, who? >> well i think that any republican candidate should consider a woman as the vp. because i think the republican party has traditionally been one where they say it's not a women's party and i think that's a big misnomer. there's several women who are very, very qualified. you've got the governor of south carolina nikki haley. the governor in new mexico, governor martinez. she's a very, very qualified. they're both second-term governors. in new mexico we have the first latina governor, both of them are women. and both of them have experience governing. they'd be really, really good counterbalances to donald trump, who is experienced as a businessman.
4:49 am
they're experienced governors. they're experienced in getting things done. in negotiating. in getting balance. so i think whoever he chooses, whether it's a man or a woman, should be somebody who balances out his experience, one, a businessman, the other one i think should have experience governing, saying that they can negotiate across the aisle, getting things done. so somebody who is more the yin to his yang. somebody who seems reasonable where he seems impulsive. somebody who can balance out all the rough edges that donald trump does have. and i think that's going to go a long way to saying you know what? this man, even though i might be concerned about his, you know, impulsiveness, this is somebody that might be able to reel him in. >> right. right. thank you so much, lee. >> great to see you. any time. >> thank you. >> a mother is charged with child neglect after making her children walk to school behind her car because they continuously miss the bus. is it just tough love? or is it going too far? peter johnson jr. is here to weigh in on that next. but first, on this day in history back in 1987, starship was topping the chart with their hit, nothing's going to stop us
4:50 am
now. remember that song, lee? >> i do. >> loved it. ♪ world runs out of lovers we'll still have each other nothing's gonna stop us nothing's gonna stop us now ♪ ♪ (cat meows) flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii. fight the misery of biting fleas.
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4:53 am
listen to this story. a tennessee mom, fed up when her daughters missed the bus, decided to get creative with their punishment. she made the kids walk more than a mile and a half to school, as she drove about 50 yards ahead of them. alongside the road. and now that mom is facing charges of neglect by a deputy sheriff. so did the authorities get it right? or did they go too far? here to weigh in fox news legal
4:54 am
analyst peter johnson jr. >> good morning. you've been writing in on this. this is a strange one. let's see if we can get to the bottom of this. lisa palmer, two children, we don't know their ages, marion county, tennessee, cited for neglect, as a result of having the children walk behind -- >> right. >> the vehicle, her gold cadillac. the sheriff saw the gold cadillac parked along the fog line, that's the white line along the road, and said you know, what's going on here? and apparently, according to reports, the mom said well, you know, they missed the bus, and we got to teach the kids a lesson. then the father and the grandfather showed up, because allegedly ms. palmer didn't have a driver's license. >> yep. >> and then the father apparently was arrested for something unrelated according to reports. so is this the nanny state? or is this child abuse that the sheriff is seeing along the road? >> well, peter, was she neglecting the kids?
4:55 am
for my money it seems like she was trying to teach them responsibility. she should have had a driver's license, no doubt about it. >> there's a couple mitigating -- a driver's license is important. walking on the fog line on the road is a little bit sketchy, in -- >> but the idea. in her heart it sounds like -- >> personal responsibility. so what did you folks write in to say about this? well, first, i walked about two miles to school every day, and then home for lunch, and back to school, and home again after school. i guess it didn't hurt me because now i'm 91. and i still walk. >> carla baker wrote, so they missed the bus. we all did that at one time. perhaps a more fitting punishment for her would have been for the cops to make her walk back home. >> and then matt, so the mother had them in sight, made them walk to school is discipline for missing the bus. deputy decides she's a bad parent? anyone else see the overreach
4:56 am
here? >> peter, i have an observation, and that is this. those kids learned their lesson. they're never going to miss the bus again. >> right. double dutch buses. no, i'm late. going to walk to work. make those kids walk to school. we reached out to the marion county sheriff's office. no comment. we'll let you know what happens on this one. >> yeah. let us know what you think, was the mom over the line or doing just fine? peter johnson. >> we'll see what happens. >> thank you very much. >> all right, meanwhile straight ahead donald trump says expect a big vice in wisconsin tomorrow. what does bret baier expect in the primary? we're going to talk to him in just about two minutes. and let's play ball! we're celebrating opening day with some little leaguers. we're testing their arms, and you know what? somebody is going to wind up in the dunk tank and it could be ainsley. getting older shouldn't mean
4:57 am
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5:00 am
hewlett packard enterprise. welcome back. it is monday, april 4th, 2016. if you're just waking up i'm ainsley earhardt. thanks for joining us. all eyes now on wisconsin on the eve of the state's critical contest. wild protests. and look at this, demonstrators actually stomping on the american flag with senator ted cruz and donald trump in a tight battle. they want governor kasich out. >> well, listen, it's not surprising that kasich is throwing rocks at us. the facts are real simple. john kasich cannot be the nominee. he's mathematically eliminated. he needs more than 100% of the remaining delegates. that can't happen. >> bret baier is going to help break down the numbers for us and take us to the badger state and talk about that battle. >> and looking to win over those voters, donald trump gets personal. >> i want to win. and i'll be so presidential you
5:01 am
won't believe it. i will be -- >> what does that mean to be presidential? >> what does that mean to be presidential? his answer might surprise you. and if you're hiding from the police, and who isn't, this is probably not the best disguise. the bed sheet bandit that literally went undercover to get away. that was the last time we saw him. this monday, even though it's a sleet filled monday, are better with friends. ♪ >> you are looking at some little leaguers who are not letting the rain get them down. they're pumped up because last night was the official opening day. the stadium will be at 1:00 today and maybe your team opens up at some point today. it officially means spring is started. >> i think my team the kansas city royals won last night. today is the first full day of major league baseball games and
5:02 am
somebody is going to get dunked in the world famous "fox & friends" dunking tank. and i've got a feeling that given that she is brand new to the curvy couch -- did you wear a wet suit? >> it's the initiation. i didn't bring my workout clothes and i'm going to jump in a hot shower right after i'm finished. i decided they asked me if i would get dunked last week when it was really warm outside. i was like, no, let's wait until it snows outside. >> wait until it's 37 degrees. >> and they filled up the dunk tank yesterday so the water is just very, very cold. and i'm so excited about it. >> you are. >> i can't wait! >> i will say this, there's a good chance those kids will miss. the kids have to actually hit the target. >> you know how it works. we'll just hit the paddle. bret baier joins us live from our nation's capital. good morning to you. >> i'm the tough guy here. do you recognize that? >> let me just get this straight. so there's hugging on the streets of new york and a dunk tank. what else is going on this hour? >> well, we also had chick-fil-a this morning, as well. >> don't be surprised if haze
5:03 am
and george will want to do the same thing on your show tonight. >> we'll be tuning in. and they'll probably have a kitchen range over in the corner. >> before we get to the politics, got to ask you about this. the masters, of course, we know that you're a big golfer. there was a guy who ten years ago was working for donald trump in the pro shop at his club in bedminister. guy's name is jim herman and apparently he played golf with donald trump. and donald trump says you're way too good to be folding up shirts in my golf shop. and now he made the -- he made the masters and there he is with you playing golf along with your brother awhile back. >> yeah, this was at the at&t. he was my partner a couple years back at pebble beach at the pro am. and jim herman. he won in houston. his first win after 106 pga starts. and now he gets a ticket to the masters this week. >> how great is that? >> that is such a huge deal. he is a great guy. he hits it a mile. and it's going to be fun to watch. >> that's awesome.
5:04 am
so the last tournament before the masters, whoever won yesterday's tournament, that guy gets to go play in the masters. hopefully he'll get the green jacket. wouldn't that be wonderful? >> it would be. >> weren't you playing golf with your kids over the weekend, too? >> i did. we had the little golf lesson. it was good. it's -- >> oh. >> the classic clubs and the crib worked >> so sweet. i like the shoes. >> all right. >> did you see some ability there, bret? >> they're starting. they're starting. they have the bug. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about wisconsin. the polls are basically show a ten-point advantage for ted cruz. up until yesterday, i think it's the cbs news poll had him in a six-point lead. so much smaller of a distance. do you read anything into that? >> listen, it is going to be tight down to the wire here. it seems like ted cruz had a little bit of a lead. we just don't know the margin of error there. it's almost tied. donald trump says he would surprise in wisconsin. the bottom line is wisconsin is becoming ground zero for this
5:05 am
race. and it could reset the gop race. or it could be more of an indication that trump is on his way to the 1237 needed. >> trump, you know, this is a big state for him. and he's took on the governor last night with greta. >> in wisconsin you take a look. ur manufacturing jobs in wisconsin are way, way down. you know, i used to think wonderful things about wisconsin. i was given a plaque by governor walker because i supported him. i gave him a lot of money. i supported him. >> he's not supporting you. >> no he's not. you know why? because i knocked him out of the presidency in about two minutes. >> is this smart to go after the sitting governor who's popular with republicans? >> well, listen, it was smart in that crowd. and it got a lot of applause. but fox business had a poll at the end of last week that said if scott walker was in the race in wisconsin, how would it stack up? and he was well ahead of donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich. and is still really well recorded in wisconsin.
5:06 am
so, it's -- you know, that is donald trump speaking. the straight talk and how he deals with things. but in wisconsin, it will be interesting to see how this plays. >> sure, you look at south carolina, nikki haley endorsed somebody else, and donald trump still did okay in that state. meanwhile, some people have said, you know, donald trump just isn't presidential enough at this point. and sometimes he gets a little personal. the conversation turned to that last night in greta's town hall. listen to what he said about that. >> i want to win. and i'll be so presidential you won't believe it. i will be the most -- >> what does that mean to be presidential? >> well it means maybe not be so aggressive. maybe not get so personal. but people get personal with me, i mean, they say oh, they don't like my hair. okay? now, if i ever said i didn't like their hair it would be a head line. they're allowed to say whatever they want about me. >> just don't pick on a person's hair. come on. >> listen, he's had 140 characters has been his achilles heel, i think, on twitter. and a lot of people look at some
5:07 am
of the ways that he responds, and uses twitter, the heidi cruz picture. the multiple tweets about megyn kelly. all of the stuff that has happened on twitter, and that has raised the questions, which is why he's answering these questions again and again and again about being presidential. and you know, i will be so presidential you won't believe it is an interesting answer. but, he -- you know, is he showing it along the way? i think each one of these states is making that decision. wisconsin is a real battleground now. >> hmm. let's talk about the democratic side. bernie sanders has won the last five states going into wisconsin. is hillary clinton, is she in trouble here? >> yes. i think wisconsin polls are indicating that bernie sanders is doing well. if the state lines up for bernie sanders, it's likely that either iowa or wisconsin, and he didn't pull off iowa. but wisconsin it looks like he could. if he wins there, you know, this
5:08 am
is why hillary clinton is spending a lot of time in new york. she's defending new york and there are polls where he's closing there. >> all right. let's talk about what happened or more massive leaks. this out of a panama law firm has leaked documents that show some of the most powerful people in the world, literally in the world, have millions of dollars stashed away in offshore tax havens. one of them is a guy that you interviewed accused the president of ukraine, poroshenko. i don't know if you knew that when you talked to him. >> no. >> but do you think there could be hell to pay because of that? >> yes. i mean listen, this affects a lot of world leaders. specifically president putin in russia, at 12 of his -- the people around him. that's some $2 billion in offshore accounts. but you're right. the ukrainian president poroshenko is on that list, as well. we talked extensively about corruption. what started the revolution there. and we did not have the info
5:09 am
about the panama papers at that point. we taped it friday. but we did talk about vladimir putin and his aggression in that region. and what he said about that is pretty interesting. >> let's listen. >> knowing what you know, what do you think vladimir putin's aims are? what are his goals? >> nobody knows that. except vladimir putin. he's extremely unpredictable. the information is that you want to keep the soviet power in power. from our understanding, this is an aggression. this is an annexation. >> your message, though, about vladimir putin is, watch out. he's unpredictable. >> if you ask me if i trust putin, no i don't trust him. >> okay. that's not a shocker that he would not trust putin, given what putin has done to him. >> and how does he view our role and what we haven't done? >> he, you know, it's interesting, brian, he walked a
5:10 am
fine line. he had just received some funding from the u.s., some $300 million for various things, and he was very grateful, specifically thanking congress. he said that the administration essentially dragged its feet at the beginning. helping ukraine. he went on to say in that statement about putin if he were in estonia or latvia or other countries he would be scared. >> great interview. i couldn't wait to watch. congratulations on getting him. awesome, bret, proud of you. make sure you watch his show and then also tune in throughout the night on fox because look at this lineup. all three of the presidential candidates for the gop will be on fox tonight. you have john kasich on greta, followed by an all-new o'reilly factor -- >> he's in cuba. >> then senator ted cruz is going to sit down with megyn kelly and donald trump will be on hannity. if you haven't figured out how you're going to vote for you and you live in wisconsin, watch
5:11 am
tonight. >> it's time for news with heather. >> news coming in from overseas. it's an important story. the u.s. navy busting an iranian ship that was loaded with an arsenal of deadly weapons. 1500 ak-47s. dozens of machine guns. and also rocket-propelled grenades all found hidden on board. take a look at that picture we now have. it is the third time in the last month that western forces have intercepted weapons shipments in the arabian sea. officials say the weapons were likely headed to insurgents at yemen. despite that bust, the crew on that ship, well they were let go. another fox news alert from back here at home. terrified passengers forced to evacuate from newark international airport early this morning after not one, but two fires erupt inside the terminal. you can see the smoke as it pours out of the building there. the first fire we are told started in a boiler room. hours later that fire rekindled prompting another evacuation.
5:12 am
no one was hurt. the airport is open. and a handful of flights have delayed. amtrak trains back up and running this morning following that deadly crash that sent dozens to the hospital and shut down the service along its busiest route. the train hit a back hoe that was on the tracks yesterday. this happened just south of philadelphia. it killed two amtrak construction workers, and derailed the front engine. the 911 calls have now just been released. listen. >> 457 accident involving a train. >> i have a small fire on the tracks, might need the fire department to knocked out a lot of fuel. >> investigators now trying to figure out whether the train or the back hoe were on the wrong track. and did you see this one last nature? it was country music mania in las vegas. for the acm awards, take a look here. ♪ >> jason aldean nabbing the
5:13 am
night's biggest award, entertainer of the year. ainsley's rocking out right now. the other guy of the hour, chris stapleton took home four awards including male vocalist of the year. and fan favorite miranda lambert winning female vocalist of the year for the seventh year in a row. amazing. ♪ ainsley's going to see her. miranda lambert. nice. with kenny chesney. all right, ainsley, good job. a medley of songs as you can hear right here paying tribute to some of the brilliant artists we've lost over the past year including david bowie and glenn frey and then a standing ovation for country star joey feek. we love her. she passed away from cancer just last month. ♪ jolene, jolene, i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪ >> wow.
5:14 am
dolly parton meeting katy perry. the pop star teaming up with parton to sing some of her classic songs. that's jolene. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the badger battle coming up. next. i can't wait. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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5:18 am
as the wisconsin state and voters there get ready to head to the polls tomorrow, we go inside the mind of wisconsin voters to find out what issues matter to them the most and why and here with us right now, his take on the badger state battle is former wisconsin state governor mccallum who is supporting john kasich. thanks for joining us today from madison. >> good morning. measure to be with you. >> what are the big issues for the folks who are going to go in and vote tomorrow there in wisconsin? >> there's two -- the issue, security is more widespread than just isis and terrorism. it's security, employment, jobs, how we're going to get the kids through college. why they're going to be living at home when they're done. and then there's the underlying issue of trump versus anti-trump. that's the republican primary, of course. >> absolutely. you have decided you're going to throw your support behind john
5:19 am
kasich. is it when you look at mathematically, he will not wind up with enough delegates to win it going into the convention. the only way he could possibly wind up as president would be, you know, in a contested situation. isn't a vote for kasich a vote for a contested convention? >> well thank you for putting it that way. because some are saying that he could not win the nomination. and pretty clearly he can win the nomination. in fact, i find it interesting, probably the most popular or the least disliked of the five remaining candidates is governor john kasich. shows you he'd win head-to-head, his favorable versus unfavorable is ahead of anyone. so he seems to be the choice of the american public. it's how you get them there. in wisconsin, it probably would be to his advantage, i mean obviously like to pick up some delegates. it's winner -- the winner of the state picks up 18 of the delegates then it goes three delegates for each of the congressional district wins. hopefully john kasich can pick
5:20 am
up one or two of the congressional districts. >> it's not that you're anti-trump, you're anti-hillary clinton, aren't you? >> well, i am, and i'm actually more than that, i'm pro-john kasich. whoever else is in the field, if we're going to hire somebody you go through an interview process, if you look who's qualified and who can do the best job for the future of america, i've kind of put it, we've gone through, you know, it's almost like dating, and you go through with some of these people and they're find of fun and they send a message but do you really want them representing you? do you really want them as the president of your country? it's now time and wisconsin voters are starting to look at, let's be serious about this. at least john kasich is clearly the superior candidate. >> i have a feeling i know who you're going to vote for tomorrow. scott mccallum, former governor of the great state of wisconsin. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up on this monday the video is terrifying. a car plunges over a cliff, look at this. falls 300 feet.
5:21 am
what the driver did to save her life coming up. and celebrating opening day with little leaguers on the plaza, plus we're going to test their arms. somebody, ainsley, is going to wind up in that dunk tank. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) make healthy saychoices.ten seize it! but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health.
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5:24 am
a fox business alert to tell you about. just in to our newsroom a deal has been reached and alaska airlines will be buying virgin america. that deal around $2.6 billion. alaska airlines says the business, now based in seattle, will include 1200 daily departures. and no boys allowed. an ex-uber driver is hitting the road with a brand-new idea. chariots for women. it is similar to other ride sharing services. but, this one only hires female drivers and is intended to give
5:25 am
female riders a peace of mind. i like that. >> all right. now let's talk about the sunset. >> it is officially baseball season. it's opening day festivities continue for the rest of the league today, and we have a whole lot of little leaguers here on the plaza this morning joining us for the play ball initiative. >> here to tell us about this is the first senior vice president of youth programs for major league baseball, the former gm of the los angeles angels, tony, thanks so much for coming. >> good to be here. >> i hope you were spotting some talent. i know you're great at spotting talent. you found mike trout, right? >> that's right. that's one of my feathers in my cap. >> that was at the top of anybody's resume. >> there's a lot of young talent out here today. >> tell us about play ball. >> play ball is an exciting initiative that commissioner manfred really spearheaded and really encourages young people to play baseball. just having fun. and in it's purest form. you don't need 18 players -- >> to play baseball you have to put down your cell phone for a minute to actually get off the couch.
5:26 am
>> absolutely. you have to put yourself phone down. just out there and play, play catch, play home run derby. >> you don't need a bat, you don't need a ball. you don't have any of that equipment you can still play. >> and you can have fun -- >> just not boring. >> absolutely. >> without a ball? >> you play and they provide all the equipment. >> exactly. >> is it trending in the right direction? >> according to a recent report from one of the local research groups we're up about 4.3% in terms of participation, and it's pretty exciting. >> ainsley, you participate. here's a bucket of balls. >> i throw underhand. >> that's fine. >> all right, get out in the field -- >> this is brooklyn body zplshs >> i didn't warm up. >> great coach helping out. >> there he is. >> are you ready? >> all right. eye on the ball -- >> overhead. overhead. >> i'm not good at --
5:27 am
>> i'm a softball pitcher. here we go. >> ainsley -- >> what are you -- >> i'm -- right there, right? ♪ >> just swing. just make me feel better. >> all right you want to do it overhead? >> ainsley -- >> oh, my goodness. >> one more. this is my fault. i'm not very good at this. >> all right! >> whoo! >> all right. show me how to do it. >> one more hitter. new hitter, new hitter. >> okay. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> if you need more information? >> >> all right. one final shot. brian? >> oh. >> thank you very much. >> good job.
5:28 am
>> we'll come back to you a little bit later. you ready to knock ainsley -- >> meanwhile, donald trump is predicting a massive recession and wants americans not to invest in the stock market. how are the markets reacting to that? we're live at the new york stock exchange. and police are looking for an undercover crook literally. the bizarre criminal caught on camera. but first, here's chris stapleton and his wife morgan with fire away on the acms last night. ♪ take your best shot show me what you got ♪ ♪ honey i'm not afraid my school reunion's coming fast.
5:29 am
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5:31 am
5:32 am
>> okay. >> all right it's your shot of the morning. let me explain this. make sure your duvet covers are attached securely to your bed or this guy might try to use them to hide under. >> and police are looking for this undercover crook, really looking for him. >> that's right. he was caught on a home surveillance camera breaking into a house in new zealand and stealing a number of items. all while he was hiding under a child's comforter. while we're talking about it, obviously effective, we have no idea what the person looks like. >> right. >> he did get away with it.
5:33 am
>> how do you describe him? you know. good question. bulky? he was one sheet to the wind. meanwhile, do you realize that today is national hug a news person and brian kilmeade, today you hit the streets to have somebody show their appreciation for you as a news person by giving you a hug. >> oftentimes in new york we didn't feel the embrace. today i felt the one. >> there was a lot of that. >> let's take a look. >> sir, how you doing? i don't know if you know it or not but it's hug your news person today. i'm wondering if i could get a hug. >> sure. >> all right. there you go. >> are you ready? >> yeah, come on. >> there you go. look at that. >> let's hug. >> all right. how you doing? >> hug? that is new york. >> four for four. we suggested that since people out there may not be close to a news person they could actually just hug their television and
5:34 am
send us a picture. >> all right here's a picture of hunter in washington, d.c. giving a hug to all of us, that is very nice. >> thank you hunter. hugs back to you, too. >> and here is nia. she's giving us a hug. thank you so much. >> mm-hmm. >> and here is -- jay from virginia. he loves his "fox & friends." >> i believe he's nestling with you. >> he loves you. you're his favorite. >> this is lou showing his love for "fox & friends." >> hugs back to you, lou. and check out david hugging his tv. thanks, david. is that an emmy. >> that's pretty much -- >> did david win an emmy? >> that is an emmy. >> whoa. congratulations. we need to be hugging you. >> he's an award winning viewer. >> sert that or he bought it at a garage sale. anyway. i'm sure he earned it. >> a lot of bro hugs. like guy hugs. >> finally a woman.
5:35 am
>> there you go. >> this is historic. this is interanchor hugging, not allowed. >> all right. >> a stranger has to hug us. >> we do have a fox news alert. billionaire front-runner donald trump certainly knows all about making money. now he's predicting a massive recession and he's advising america not to invest in the stock market. but, do traders agree with him? let's ask the now fox business network nicole petallides is joined by two traders. steve guilfoyle and benedict. >> ainsley, steve and brian. we affectionately reer if to ourselves as the geek squad because we get together and discuss the current topics. this morning we're talking about donald trump. steven, talks about we're facing a massive recession. your thoughts? >> not this year but likely when he becomes president we'll have some kind of collapse within the global debt super cycle and it will impact the u.s. to the point where you probably didn't want the job. >> uh-oh.
5:36 am
ben? >> well, it's just another one of those things that i think is unfortunate when he opens his mouth. i personally still held donald trump as my number one choice to vote for. i know that's a bad thing to say, all the sisters and women in my life are not real fond of that. that being said he tends to exaggerate when he's in front of a microphone. the only reason i would vote for donald trump is because he's going to destroy the status quo of the politicians in washington. i would be voting for him for his economic ability or his foreign policy, either. >> all right. so our i-fan. and him saying he can eliminate the national debt. >> there's not a chance anyone could eliminate the national debt any time soon. i would like to see progress there. we haven't seen progress in quite some time. >> ben disagrees. >> bill clinton eliminated the debt. everybody said he couldn't do it. a democrat. and again i go back to the idea that donald trump was once a democrat, now functioning i'm more of a libertarian. i believe that with the proper way, it can happen and it's been
5:37 am
done. >> quickly who's best for the stock market? >> right now donald trump. donald trump. >> you know it's hug an anchor day? maybe you guys could be nice to him. >> i may test -- >> there you go. >> back to you guys. >> nicole you're hugging them more than they're hugging you. >> i'm hugging you more than you're hugging me. >> i don't know. >> and they're still not doing it. >> it's just weird. >> it is just weird. >> they were told not to touch you. >> really? >> that's what they said. >> you were there. they would -- a little bit all over me. all hands. >> what do you have from the news this morning? >> poor guys they're all getting a call from human resources or something. give the gal a hug. >> we're on speed dial. >> all right, good morning to all of you. i've got some new information coming out this morning, the troubled nation of greece is now starting to deport thousands of migrants back to the countries
5:38 am
that they came from originally. starting at dawn today, ferries started taking migrants from the greek islands to ports along the turkish coast. the european union and turkey reached a deportation deal last month to limit the amount of migration and the possible threat, security threats to european nations. heart stopping video shows a woman as she gets out of her car just in time right before that car plunges 300 feet over a cliff. firefighters say she was either ejected from the car or she jumped out before the car took a nose dive straight down. this happened in newfoundland. the woman dangled for more than 20 minutes before she was rescued. she's now recovering from serious injuries. abby wambach slapped with a major penalty off the field. and now she's apologizing to her fans for this dui arrest. wambach writing on facebook, quote, i take full responsibility for my actions. this is all on me. i'm so sorry that my family,
5:39 am
friends, fans, and those that look to follow a better example. wambach says she was coming home from a friend's house in portland, oregon, when she was pulled over. the women's world cup champ retired from professional soccer last fall. and a battle royale fit for shaq. the former nba all-star making a surprise appearance at wrestle mania, joining, look at this right here, several larger than life wrestlers for the andre the giant memorial round. maybe he should actually stick to basketball. he tried to choke slam the big show before being forced out of the ring and then eliminated. ouch! ouch! >> oh! >> i love shaq. he's been on the show. he's like this big. >> right. >> enormous. >> the big show was big. but not quite as big as shaq. >> shaq. >> unless he's 6'9". shaq is 7'1". >> he looked a little taller than andre the giant. >> so andre the giant was 7'5". >> was?
5:40 am
>> calhoun was 601 pounds. >> how do you know that? >> i used to watch his wrestling as a child. >> we have some extreme weather to tell you about. a windy weekend turns deadly and leaves hundreds of thousands without power from wisconsin up to maine. in massachusetts, two people were killed when a tree snapped and slammed down onto a car. >> yeah. in new jersey, 60-mile-per-hour winds scattering debris and downing power lines making for a messy monday morning commute. >> this cold snap could bring more pockets of snow to the northern states. maria molina joins us right now. i got a call from home that it was snowing this morning, maria, in the new york city suburbs. >> that's right. we have snow just outside new york city and it will be accumulating out there. it's going to be a dangerous commute early this morning as you're trying to head out to work anywhere from places like est across new york state, as well. so taking a look at the radar. you can see it's very busy across the northeast. we have snow moving through. we have winter weather advisories in effect, as well. because as much as 3 to 6 inches of snow can come down across
5:41 am
those areas. it's going to be sticking around throughout the day today. be careful on the roadways. currently your temperatures quite chilly out there across the northeast. and bitterly cold across northern parts of new england, where temperatures right now in some areas are in the single digits, but across the plains, especially across places like oklahoma, and texas, it is going to be a warm, toasty day for you. temperatures approaching 90 degrees across southwestern texas, should be at 86 this afternoon in dallas. and farther north a little bit cooler, like in kansas city at 67 degrees. by the way, behind me here we have little leaguers, they're world champions and they are warming up, getting ready to dunk you guys in the dunk tank over here. i've been watching them and i'd be a little afraid if i was sitting in that chair. >> that's right. ainsley's going to be in the tank shortly. >> i chose a day when it's snowing in new jersey. >> perfect. >> i wanted it to be really cold out there. i can take it. >> maria, thank you very much. >> i'm trying to find out how much andre the giant weighs. seriously trying to find it. >> meanwhile, students at one
5:42 am
university say they fear for their safety on campus because they support donald trump. we're going to talk to one of those students coming up next. >> but here, is kelsea ballerini at the acm awards last night. ♪ you better believe it you're going to love me love me like you mean it ♪ ♪ if you're going to talk the talk you better walk it snentd ♪ well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. no rules on aisle four! with 17 delicious flavors cooked according to our secret family recipe,
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bush's has the variety you can't resist. did you get a can of bush's beans? yes, yes i did. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
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5:46 am
footed fugitive running on the bay bridge. tailed by an officer on a motorcycle. police eventually caught up with the dog and handed him over to an animal shelter. >> when the chips are down. >> and a horse walks into a bar, literally. a mounted police officer and his trusty horse stopped by a beachside bar in australia to pose for some pictures. no word if anyone asked him why the long face. thank you -- >> hello. >> thank you. >> all right. we'll change gears now. horses aside. aren't college campuses supposed to be a haven of talent and open mindedness. it appears it's not that way anymore -- maybe you can be open as long as you don't vote for donald trump. it's students of nyu who support the republican front-runner claim they're facing threats, intimidation from fellow students just for expressing their political beliefs. so even fear for their grades in some respect.
5:47 am
joining us right now one of the students who is a junior engineering major and a trump supporter. dillon. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> you come from los angeles. you go to new york to nyu, and then you make it clear after awhile that you know what, donald trump is saying the things i want, i'm going to support him. what's the reaction been like? >> from the students mostly negative. they've mostly been lashing out. one time i had this girl start yelling at me and screaming at me and calling me racist, fascist, all these claims. just because it came up that i was a trump supporter. >> were you stunned? >> yeah. i was stunned at how negative the reaction was and how emotional the reaction was. >> how did they know? like were you wearing a trump button? trump hat? >> no, i just was having a conversation that came up. usually i don't wear the hat. because it's political events -- >> so you know now that new york is going to be getting the spot light after wisconsin soon after that it's going to be -- are you going to go try to see donald trump in action? >> of course. yeah. very exciting. i've seen some of the rallies online.
5:48 am
>> and what are you encourage those who say to you -- who are critical of you. you say go beyond the sound bites? >> yeah. i want them to really listen to everything he has to say. in context. and really understand what he's trying to say. and i think if people listen to his full speech they'll have a completely different view of him. >> does it blow you away for the most part that you are a republican, and you have a certain view, and a certain candidate, and that you're getting derision because of it? is it discouraging? >> i'm going to hold strong. but it is discouraging. i know other people are afraid to say anything, and afraid to come out just because they're afraid of losing friends, getting a bad grade because they might get on the bad side of the professioner. they need the letter of recommendation. they're not going to say who they're for because they need to get ahead. a lot of them want jobs and internships, they can't be dealing with political getting into political trouble. >> what's your family's reaction? >> they've been -- they're apolitical so they don't really support either candidate.
5:49 am
or any candidate. they're just worried for me. they don't want me to get too out there and get in trouble and lose job opportunities. >> donald trump watches this show. what is your message to him? >> keep doing what you're doing. i know you'll be our next president. >> wow. and would you wear the hat around campus? >> i would, yeah. >> so it doesn't bother you, it just doesn't stop you but it does bother you that you're experiencing this. >> exactly, yeah. i wish campuses were more open to other opposing views, and try to understand the opposing side. because when you understand the opposing side then you really get to understand where they're coming from -- >> because, he does not hit hillary clinton he just doesn't support hillary clinton. maybe people could have the same view. dillon perrer ra, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> coming up straight ahead. the little leaguers are warmed up and the wait is finally over. we're testing their arms. can they actually dunk ainsley in the dunk tank? but first let's check in with martha maccallum who will not go
5:50 am
in the dunk tank. i asked her twice. >> i hopes for -- i know they're really good little baseball players and i know they can nail it. i really hope that they give ainsley a pass. because it's pretty cold day out there. >> whoa! just hearing that -- >> thank you, brian. >> all right. >> coming up this morning, an internal trump memo that was leaked to the press. we're going to show you what it says about the trump campaign. quite interesting. senator scott brown is here with that. and donald trump says the rnc needs to push john kasich out of this race. how about that idea? hillary faces a tough battle in wisconsin and maybe in new york, as well. that's getting very interesting. there's a big game tonight apparently. who is playing? jim gray on the ncaa championship and the masters golfer who wears the trump name. all coming up at the top of the hour. allergies with nasal congestion?
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5:54 am
opening day here. >> it really happens today. >> with the brooklyn bonnies. we love these little leaguers. a fantastic program. we're going to test their arms. we have a dunk tank here. ainsley's first year. you know the deal. the newest anchor has to get into the dunk tank. that's the way it works. now ainsley, it is about 40 degrees. >> i know. >> what's the water feel like? >> the water -- >> there's bugs in here -- >> well testimony to new york. >> i'm definitely plugging my nose. wait a minute why -- no, this is not fair. we need little kids. >> warm these guys up. >> bring it on, baby sclshs. >> so brian let's get out of the way. fellas, do your best. >> oh! >> this is one of the finest little league teams around. >> oh! >> just missed by an inch. they absolutely are. >> oh!
5:55 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> wow! >> okay. she is so -- >> is this thing broken? >> oh, my goodness. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> brian, this is what they were talking about. he said that dunk tank is rigged. it's rigged, i tell you. >> oh, my goodness. >> come on you guys. >> oh! >> oh, my goodness. >> no, no, no! wait a second. >> no! >> i'm not going to push it. >> no, it's just not -- one more. one more. >> well, congratulations. you did it --. >> hold on a second. >> what's the matter with this thing?
5:56 am
>> is us working? >> this is not practice, cliff. >> what is the matter? >> look at that. >> no, no. >> it's not meant to be. it is not meant to be. >> this thing right here. >> look at this, ainsley. >> it doesn't work. >> uh-oh. >> oh, it's locked? >> all right. >> it's locked? >> pull her out! >> great job. >> we'll be right back. >> it's rigged, i tell you. >> the dunk tank controversy! don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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6:00 am
>> all right. >> oh! it's so cold! >> it is cold. >> oh, my gosh. but worth it. to support these kids, right? >> thank you. >> why didn't you get in? >> maybe tomorrow. >> have a great day. >> so fun. bill: the political world is watching wisconsin for this week and that is all that matters. martha: i'm so glad i'm not that dunk tank. i'm martha maccallum the average of recent follows shows ted cruz with a 6-point lead over donald trump. john kasich comes in third. of course, the people still have to vote.


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