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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOXNEWSW  April 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> all right. >> oh! it's so cold! >> it is cold. >> oh, my gosh. but worth it. to support these kids, right? >> thank you. >> why didn't you get in? >> maybe tomorrow. >> have a great day. >> so fun. bill: the political world is watching wisconsin for this week and that is all that matters. martha: i'm so glad i'm not that dunk tank. i'm martha maccallum the average of recent follows shows ted cruz with a 6-point lead over donald trump. john kasich comes in third. of course, the people still have to vote.
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wisconsin is on the national stage. tuesday night we have rick perry and lyndsey graham and jeb bush and carly fiorina, and wisconsin's own governor scott walker. >> if we can win wisconsin on tuesday we'll blow them out the rest of the way. the numbers in new jersey are through the roof. they are through the roof. so we are going to win all this stuff. >> accumulate delegates and be able to build momentum going into the convention. we'll see how we do here. hopefully we'll get a few delegate and it's on ward. martha: you have got 42 delegate
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up for grabs in the damager state tomorrow. what's the latest you are hearing on the ground there? reporter: we are hearing a lot of protests by a group called "f" your flag. they put an american flag on the ground and they stomp on it. there were a number of people last night who had relatives who fight for this country who were very upset by what happened. there was pushing and shoving. what's happening on the campaign trail, donald trump is barnstorming the state. he has three event. all three his wife melania will be there to talk about her
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husband. donald trump has a pretty serious problem with women, 47% of whom said they will not vote for him. what trump did a couple of week ago when he retweeted an unflattering picture of donald trump's wife heidi. he told the "new york times" he thought it was a mistake. i asked ted cruz about that. >> he said it was a mistake but he didn't apology for it. >> i'm glad donald real. >> ited it was a mistake to attack other people's wives, other people's families. i'm not paying attention to his latest tweets and his latest noise. what i am worried about are people that are hurting. reporter: donald trump says john kasich is taking votes from
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them. case up is just happy to ride it out until the convention telling me he can win if it come to a floor fight. outline a scenario where you can win at the convention. >> when you meet with delegates and con vine them you are the one who can beat hillary clinton. i don't consider that to be a long-shot, i consider the convention to be an extension of what's happening in the primaries. reporter: both cruz and trump say he's ineligible under rule 40-b. that's a rule that was in place for the last convention but would not remain in place for this convention. even if it is in place it won't require unbound delegate from voting for case up. people could vote for him.
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over a number of ballots john kasich is counting his numbers would double, tripping, get to 1,237 and become the nominee. martha: convention rules is something people don't usually pay attention to. bill: donald trump admitting some missteps from fox news sunday. >> he knew those people, they were 100% for hip. i have no doubt by the. he did the attack. reporter: was it worth spending weeks on? >> probably not. i probably wouldn't have sent it. it was asked hypothetically. i also corrected it and made it haven't so that i think it's acceptable now to everybody.
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reporter: do you agree it was a mistake. >> i would have rather answered it in a different manner, yes. bill: steven hayes, writer with "the weekly standard." what did you learn from the interview with chris wall as? >> this is donald trump with flashes of humility. but as you saw he didn't really own the mistake. in fact he perpetuated the claim that ted cruz and the super pacs were behind the attack the on his wife melania which has no basis in truth. you are seeing trump maybe show a little humility. maybe the pressure is getting to him heading into wisconsin. bill: we saw hip shaking hand in
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a diner. and he has gone away from the oversized rallies and gone to smaller ones. what do you make of that. >> he was at katie's diner yesterday, and he had breakfast with some folk associated with his campaign and shook some hand. he's a little more out there glad-handing. but donald trump is donald trump. he's going after scott walker and the republicans in the state of wisconsin. it's certainly a questionable strategy at the very least given the loyalty republican voters in wisconsin appeal to scott walker and the legislators who back him. open primary which would seem to play to his strength. it's your home state. what's the story line there? >> trump has been using on the
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stump and interviews arguments that republicans have heard democrats heard for the last five years. these are arguments wisconsin republicans don't believe in part because they have seen the changes walker brought on budget preforms, and they brought on property tax relief. walker is making arguments that aren't likely to resonate. martha: a big test for bernie sanders in wisconsin. if the vermont senator can win, he can keep up the momentum he has had in the last several state and that will put more pressure on the frontrunner hillary clinton. and both side jockeying for position in new york. >> you think there has to be a debate? >> i want it.
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i'm confident there will be. but i'm not the one negotiating it. that's going on between our campaigns. my campaign has been trying to get a time senator sanders' campaign would agree with. martha: senator sanders responding. >> she has proposed three dates. we proposed four dates. she has a difficult schedule, i have got a custody schedule. one of the date proposed was the night of the ncaa finals. it didn't make sense to me. but i think we'll reach an agreement. martha: hillary clinton hold the advantage going into new york. a big delegate count coming up. bill: fox news has you covered tonight. tonight is your chance to catch all the candidate before voters hit the polls starting at
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7:00 p.m. eastern time. senator cruz sit down with megyn and donald trump will join sean. make sure you watch tomorrow all day as we closely watch the race with special coverage in prime time. we'll see what happens and try to figure out what comes next. >> one of the presidential republican candidate saying about the idea of a contests convention. bring it on. >> kid will spend less time focusing on beesh and kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents. >> what happens if trump and company all come up short. we'll talk to john sununu. bill: the trump team taking body slams. discussions on how to swing
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back. thousands of refugees getting to greece only being told to turn around. we'll tell you why.
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martha: europe begins ejecting migrants after accepting millions of them.
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202 refugees on board three boats, most of them pakistani nationals. those who cross illegally after march 20. for each deported refugees, the eu will let one of the vetted refugees currently stranded in greece move on to europe. 50,000 vetted refugees are hoping to be one of those set free. >> we are going to keep going. we'll have an open convention. george, you are the guy who gets open conventions. kids will spend less time focusing on bieber and kardashian. bill: it will be a civics lesson if it happens. if frontrunner donald trump loses in wisconsin, the road for
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him gets more difficult, if not impossible. governor, how are you? at the moment, what's the probability as you sit today about a contested convention in july. where would you put it? >> i think it's 60-70%. can i separate fact from fiction on the rules? the rules are always written for that specific convention. if you go past the famous 40-b rule, it says that specifically. i chaired the rules committee last time. it took 8.5 hours to put the rules together for that convention. the reason it became complicated is that we had lost the day because of the hurricane. we had travel problems. people couldn't get there.
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so we had to cram the convention into one day less than had been anticipated. in an effort to do that things were put into the rules so we could keep prime time coverage. a lot was done to keep the specificity of that particular time. >> that was tampa, that was romney. 40-b stated that to have your name entered into the nomination you have to win at least 8 states -- today would be that this rules committee, when would they meet prior to cleveland in how long would it last in and how many people are on that committee. >> it would meet a little bit before the convention. probably a day before, it's up
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to the chairman. it's a committee i believe has representation of two from each state, plus the territories. so sit would be 108, 110. i'm not sure of the exact number. then the resumes go to the floor to be approved. theoretically the trump and cruz people will have a sigma joart on the floor. you are not going to pass rules that are anti-cruz, anti-trump. folks have to stop the smoke screen to create confusion. bill: i have got a snroft questions about this. what are the rules established. does it happen the month prior? >> no, the day before the opening of the main convention is when the delegates have arrived they get two from each
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state and territory, and the committee sits down and passes the rules that will apply starting the next day, and they are presented to the floor of the convention as the very first act when the convention is opened. bill: 100 people fly to cleveland and they get together by themselves and talk about it. i wonder if that will be televised. maybe this is the year to do that. you know, there was another thing we wanted to talk about. bernie sanders is wiping the floor on hillary clinton. has he won five of the last contests? what do you think of that contest that does not nearly get the coverage and attention the republicans are getting? >> it's getting tight. mrs. clinton is getting nervous.
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it's the won't republicans want too make sure they nominate somebody who will attract significant support so they can beat what they think is a damaged candidacy. bill: less bieber, more kasich. i think that's what we heard the governor from ohio say. do you have a prediction on wisconsin? if so, where are we on wednesday? >> i think wisconsin is going to go for cruz. i think it will go more than the average of 6% and then you flash a differential and you flash earlier today. there will be a lot of soul searching amongst republicans. republican women are beginning to move away from the trump phenomena. a lot of folks will pay attention saying we can't have a candidate that 2/3 of americans
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don't want. bill: i thought you were 95, 99. >> it depend on pennsylvania. bill: a couple weeks away. we'll talk before then, governor. martha: there is news of a secret offshore account leading straight to vladimir putin. leaked documents revealing shady dealing among the rich and famous. bill: big game at the mccallum house. villanova, north carolina taking care of business in the final four set to face off in the championship game tonight. that's the madness story, huh? the pursuit of healthier.
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bill: abby wombac getting arrested for a dui. she says those who know me know i always demanded excellence for myself. this is all on me. i promise i will do whatever it takes to make sure my horrible mistake is never repeated. she was a captain on team u.s.a. that wouldn't world cup last summer. martha: the so-called panama papers revealing secrets about vladimir putin and several
6:26 am
middle east leaders hiding their assets in offshore accounts. it's kicking off a worldwide investigation. how big is this scandal? reporter: this appears to be the biggest leak of financial documents ever. it's not just about the rich and famous being in this murky financial universe. what is really shocking is 12 current or former heads of state being called by some as the dirty dozen are being accused of having squirreled away state fund for their own personal pleasure or for being involved in corrupt and confidential schemes to hide money. vladimir putin is listed here. but he's not mentioned in the document by name, rather two of this best friend, an important
6:27 am
cellist in t moscow. they are linked in the panama papers of the movement of billions of dollars through various shell companies. these were leaked from the panamanian firm which helps companies and individual set up offshore tax exempt entities. they claim all the work they do is above board. offshore accounts are not in and of themselves illegal. but so often they are associated with money laundering and corruption. bill: a fox news alert.
6:28 am
another provocation out of iran. caught in the act. we'll tell you what it was doing when it was caught. martha: remember this moment tina fay and sarah palin on snl. will recent portrayals of donald trump hurt him as he claims he can be more presidential. >> i'll be so presidential you will say i'm the most boringte human being i ever interviewed. could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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bill: iran's latest provocation stopped in the nick of time. the u.s. navy seizing a ship carrying weapons intended for the iranian-backed rebels in yemen. this is one of a series of
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provocations. martha: we have a peek inside the donald trump campaign showing the pressure. "the washington post" reporting on an internal memo by a senior advisor at the end of a week he called the worst week. it revealed some anger among the frontrunners' aide reading in part a pathetic attack by the so-called expert who line their pockets at the expense of our candidates and causes. what your take away from this memo? >> well, i'm surprised it took this long to have any leak out of the campaign.
6:33 am
everyone is giving him advice. he takes some of it and some of it he doesn't. similar to what he george bush did very often. was it a tough week? absolutely. but he had a lot of tough week and there is a long way to go. i said a long time ago i thought this would be resolved in california. >> in terms of his response to the worse week, he said i should never have retweeted that picture of heidi cruz. how well do you think he did at cleaning up those tough issues? >> anyone who goes into a chris matthews interview should be ready for these. it was an easy question. i would have nailed it and so would anyone who has experience with media gotcha questions. but he's learning. one of the things i'm enjoying
6:34 am
about this campaign, there is a lot of excitement because it's new, they have never don't before, and they are going against seasoned reporters and seasoned politicians. he should have been ready. but i'm hoping moving forward he will be ready in the future. >> originally when i went out with 17 people. we are down to three. i have two leftovers. they haven't been nice to me. i will beat them. of after i beat them i will be so presidential, you will be so bored. you will say this is the most boring human being i have ever interviewed. martha: somehow i doubt that, what do you think? >> i and others say you have to start acting presidential right now. it's important to set the tone and think before you tweet. because this i for the highest office in the land.
6:35 am
that being said. he's going against seasoned politicians who have been doing this their whole lives. he is all 300 delegate ahead. tomorrow is a battle. he will come out with some delegates and i think it will be close. martha: in term of being presidential, it seem he tried to exercise that muscle in the interviews he did. how long that lasts. the next time somebody fights back at him, we'll see. here is snl taking shots at him over the weekend. >> at least donald is talking about women. he's creating a dialogue about women. let's go back to that rally and check in on that dialogue.
6:36 am
>> when i say women, you say suck. women, women. martha: you have got to hope that message if you are a trump supporter, they are making fun. donald trump says he's just having a good time when he says thing he gets in trouble for. >> it speak off the cuff. you take it with a grain of salt. people who don't have a sense of humor, they will take it and run with it. john ham played me thee times on "saturday night live." it was an honor. that being said, donald has bent actual host and participated in the process. if anybody has taken the lead from "saturday night live" in selecting a presidential candidate, they have to lighten up. martha: tina fay and her depicts
6:37 am
of sarah palin, that might have put a dent in sarah palin. >> sarah palin put a dent in sarah palin. this is unforced errors by all the candidate. i love "saturday night live." if you don't have a sense of humor. as lyndsey graham and others have said, marco rubio, just turn the channel. martha: thank you very much. john ham has done you pretty good. bill: ji jim herman won his firt pga tournament. he said trump encouraged him to leave the club and join the
6:38 am
tour, and that's what her man did. trump reacted to her man's victory in wisconsin. i said look, here is some money, go on tour. his wife called and thanked me. he called and thanked me. isn't it a great story? it shows the impact that you can have on people's lives. he would be a teaching pro giving people lessons on hitting the ball 12 yard. and he's now a top champion. bill: her man beat the world's best and his victory gives him a spot in the masters. the story goes, trump said why are you folding shirts in my club? bill: it's a cool story. he played with bret baier, too, earlier. i'll bet you would like to play in the pro-am.
6:39 am
martha: the ncaa tournament started with 64 teams and we now down to two teams. both teams winning big. carolina defeating sir cruise 82-68. nova rolling over oklahoma by 44 points. it was a tough night for them. jay wright has very got things to say. this championship is a lot of fun to watch if you don't have anybody in the game. but it kicks off at 9:19 eastern time this evening. it will be the 6th win for the tarheels if they are about to pull it out.
6:40 am
people said why don't you go to houston. i don't go to a party, i want to watch the game. so that's what my family will be doing tonight. good luck, wildcats. bill: an 85-year-old woman lucky to be alive after driving straight into a river after good samaritans saved her life. martha: details on an isis sleeper cell in europe. the latest on the quest to bring in these 22 people. >> we'll defeat radical islamic terrorism. we'll have a president willing to utter the words radical islamic terrorism.
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martha: a chilling rescue from some chilly water in connecticut. some good samaritans jumped into action into 46 degree water. >> she wants banging on the window. i think she had a sense of relief when she saw the fire department. the water was cold, but i didn't feel it at first. we were in the right place at the right time. everybody did what they were trained to do and wanted to do and they helped out. martha: she called the police to thank them and let them know she is a-okay. bill: according to the "wall street journal" 22 isis fighters are at large on the continent.
6:45 am
kt mcfarland, former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. 22 i thought was a low end of this. you call it a small guerrilla army. >> european intelligence says there are probably 500 european who have gone to syria to train and fight with isis and are already back in. they are the bomb makers, they are probably 5,000 which have gone and trained and most of them have come back. but they are not necessarily the kingpin. i think there are probably hundreds more. >> what do we know about europe's ability to track that. has it gotten any better since paris? >> they started. they don't talk to each other,
6:46 am
they don't even share things like flight manifests. who is on what plane going from paris to britain it's better than it was. but it's still a problem. one of the problems is translation. but it's also a bigger problem that they are not used to cooperating with each other. i go back to the september 11 report. here we are 15 years later not talking to each other. >> you have write, europe will have to do a number of things very quickly. >> starting to share intelligence and go into those areas where they know they have a problem. they are called gray zones. where the muslim populations 20 to 30% support or sympathetic to the caliphate and suicide bombers.
6:47 am
and they have to get control over the immigration. the open border policy, free movement within the european countries. the minute somebody gets in one country they can move around at will. the most wanted man in europe for four months. his picture on on every newspaper, it was plastered everywhere, yet he was hiding in plain sight in belgium. bill: in order to do that he had to have help. that was one of the things i learned in paris in november is how many sympathizers are around the continent. >> ultimately for anybody to find the bad guys is they will have to rely on those community to turn their own in. bill: this story broke earlier today. apparently iran is trying to supply the rebels in yemen with a lot of weapons.
6:48 am
the u.s. navy stopped that because they found the ship. iran hasn't changed and it's still trying to influence as best as it can that entire region. >> the iran deal was supposed to be, iran is going to change its behavior. we'll give them a billion dollars. but they were going to change. they changed. they doubled down. they are now the largest state sponsor of terrorism not just in yemen, but around the world. certainly in the countries and the groups and regions surrounding israel. we have just given them a billion dollars. you wonder how many have not been stopped, how many got through. >> first of all the iranians say this happened, the iranians didn't want it to happen. i'm proud of the united states maybe for doing it. but what does iran do next? they will have to do some tit for tat.
6:49 am
i'm not sure what it is. but there will be more. they won't take this lying down. they think they are in the charge. they think they got everything they wanted from the west. particularly from the united states. money, credibility, international recognition on trade agreements. thank you. martha: if you look at your chen you can tell it's springtime. the latest on the last blast we hope of winter. how long it will take around. >> it's beautiful outside. donald trump calling in the rnc to force john kasich out of the race. the frontrunner says it's unfair he's choosing to stay in this race. >> he wants to get to the convention. that's okay. go to the convention and announce want to be president. but you shouldn't be littering up the process as he's doing it.
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bill: about a dozen cars and trucks getting tangled up on a highway in new york. there was a system that rolled through here. 8 cars, and three tractor trailers involved in a bus accident. crews worked until late last night to clean up from that crash.martha: an extreme weathet as it's april. but mother nature may not have noticed that. massive wind gusts downing trees in mawd. trees -- in maryland. meteorologist maria molina has more for us.
6:54 am
new england getting hit, too, right? maria: that's right. i wanted to share with you some of the report the wind gusts up to 68 miles per hour in part of new york. we take a look, in boston, 25 degrees. as we head farther west in the great lakes and marquette, you of 19 degrees. we have cold wind chill temperatures. i wish i had better news, but take a look at the forecast. throughout this entire week we'll see reinforcing shots of cold air across portions of the northeast. so seeing quite chilly out there even for this time of year.
6:55 am
we have a system bringing snow across new york state and new england. we could see 6 inches of that. because of that we have winter weather advisories for syracuse and boston. the storm will continue to impact the region late tonight and into tomorrow. it's chilly out there and it's early april already. i feel like we always get one last snowstorm the end of march, beginning of april. what's impressive, the wind gift we saw with them and all of that lightning. we had thunderstorms associated with that storm system. martha: maria, thank you very much. bill: breaking news from overseas, the arabian sea. these are the pictures, take a look at this now, these are thousands of ak-47s, rocket
6:56 am
propelled grenade that were captured on behalf of the u.s. navy in the arabia sea being transported from iran into yemen. these images are stunning. iran has been supporting the rebels in yemen in a proxy war against the saudi coalition backed by the youth. this is what you get when you intercept that ship bound for yemen. you wonder how many others have gotten through and whether this is the first and only one. we are watching this, too. takes rising in wisconsin. could it be different in the race for the republican nomination after tomorrow? we'll find out. martha: donald trump bringing his wife melania on the campaign trail. she'll make three appearances with him in wisconsin. can she help turn around her husband's reputation with women
6:57 am
voters? >> my wife is coming along. she is already on her way. melania will be a great first lady.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: battle underway for wisconsin, republican rivals scrambling for those 42 delegates up for grabs in tomorrow night's primary. donald trump and ted cruz crisscrossing the state in the final hours before the voters go to the polls. john kasich is in this race as well on the right-hand side of your screen. he said he doesn't think he can win there, but he wants to rack up some delegates. hour two now -- bill: yes, it is -- martha: of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. >> bill: and i'm bill hemmer. you cannot count trump out. even if he loses in wisconsin, being trump, he's already well ahead in new york, the next big state to hold a primary, 95 delegates at take on april 19, and trump is expected to do well
7:01 am
one week after that with five more states in the northeast. chief white house correspondent ed henry live in new york city, a memo leaking that may spell new trouble for trump. who wrote it, who'd it come from, ed? >> reporter: well, bill, it's from barry bennett, he used to help run ben carson's campaign, now for trump. corey lewandowski, the campaign manager for trump and others in the inner circle, lashing out at the media for dubbing last week trump's worst week. yet another pathetic attempt by the racials during the week -- labels during the week labeled the worst week ever, we doubled our support. america is sick of them, their idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the washington establishment. on one hand, this could backfire, obviously, make the media even tougher perhaps on trump, all of this back and forth we've seen, but on the other hand remember, this is
7:02 am
kind of a tried and true, tested formula where you attack the media, blame the messenger, and maybe the trump people -- by getting this memo out there -- fire up their own trumps going into wisconsin x. then as you say, new york on april 19th. ted cruz fighting hard in wisconsin, up ten as you noted. john kasich already looking ahead to new york's april 19th primary. he has a town hall meeting in a little while at hofstra university. bill: hillary clinton's back in wisconsin, what's moving ahead this that campaign? >> reporter: well, she's already looking ahead to new york as well. spent three days here last week, as you'll recall, now at least two more days this week, and the point is that bernie sanders has money, raised $44 million in march, has some momentum winning six of seven contests. clinton is trying to explain, though, she still has that big delegate lead though sanders is suggesting she's getting a little nervous about new york. watch.
7:03 am
>> i ran a really tough campaign against then-senator obama. i ended up with slightly more votes, but he ended up with more delegates. so we have a system, and i'm very confident that i will be the nominee, but i'm not taking anything or any place or anyone -- >> even if you don't win new york? >> oh, i'm absolutely confident i will be the nominee. >> my response is i think the is secretary is getting very nervous that poll after poll shows us doing much better against trump than she is. >> reporter: clinton also saying she has not been contacted by the fbi yet, but she's willing to talk. that investigation still happening out there, bill. bill: thank you, ed. ed henry in new york. martha? martha: for a bit more on that internal memo that came from the trump campaign, james hohmann with the washington post. great to have you. >> good morning, martha. march it looks like they weren't hoping to keep that out of the press exactly. >> right. it was clearly designed for public distribution, i think, and it does show trump is trying to widen his circle.
7:04 am
he's bringing in advice from new people, not just the handful that he's kept close to him for the last nine months. and it is an effort, as ed henry was saying, to blame the messenger, but also to pivot ahead. wisconsin is going to be bad for him, he's going to win another news cycle tomorrow and wednesday he's already certainly going to lose there, possibly by double digits. and the campaign is trying to say the mistakes of the last couple days, being all over the place on his position about abortion, defending his campaign manager after he was charged with battery, that all of these things have not hurt them with their core supporters, and, you know, we'll see in wisconsin whether that's the case. but i think that they know wisconsin's a problem, and they're trying to get out in front of it with this memo. martha: yeah. you know, you watch all of this so closely, i know, and how do you see them sort of recalibrating? what did you see in the interviews he did over the weekend, and today you've got melania doing three events, and is corey lewandowski taking a little less public of a role, do you think?
7:05 am
>> yes. i think he is taking liss of a public roll -- less of a public role. trump obviously had to stand up next to him during a press conference after the initial allegations that he touched a breitbart reporter. and i do think trump is trying to improve his standing with women. he's basically toxic among nearly three-quarters of american women have an unfavorable view of him at this point, so he's bringing out his wife on the campaign trail today to try and improve that. women aren't just some constituency, they're more than half the voters, and there's no way you can win if three-quarters of women view you negatively. martha: no doubt about it. i want to ask you one other question because this paul ryan story keeps being floated out there. there's a piece in politico that says there's a 54 percent chance that ryan becomes the, quote, fresh face at the convention. who is pushing this, and does it have any legs? >> it has no legs. i don't buy it.
7:06 am
this is wishful thinking from the republican establishment. i know some of the people who are pushing this story because they try to tell me the same thing. paul ryan is not going to be the republican nominee, the base isn't going to go for it even on a fourth ballot at a contested convention. as reince priebus said on the sunday shows, the nominee is probably going to be someone who is running right now. he said it will certainly be someone running right now. at this point ryan has some baggage from being speaker for a few months. the tea party crowd isn't necessarily happy with some of the spending things that he's done, and they'll be even more unhappy by the summer. ryan is only in his mid 40s. he has future political ambitions, and being the leader of a divided party and what could then be a losing presidential year is probably not the best way to advance his political interests. martha: just one more question what's the impact of even that story being out there, of people who -- and barry bennett says it in the trump memo. those of us who work for donald trump are basically being told
7:07 am
we'll never work in washington again. how do you put that together? how does the party make trump, you know, acceptable and promote him if he becomes the candidate after all of this? >> that's the issue, and at this point, you know, it gets harder and harder by the day to imagine the republican party really being unified out of the convention in cleveland. every time something like this happens, there clearly is a lot of bad blood. donald trump famously said there'd be riots if he didn't become the nominee. so even if he comes very close to getting the delegates or if it somehow gets wrested away from him after a couple ballots fair and square by the rules, there's going to be a lot of frustration. and people here in d.c. are trying to grapple with that. the paul ryan section of the party is figuring out how can we prevent losses. they don't want to lose control of the senate or the house, and if they handle this poorly, alienate the trump people, this could be an electoral debacle in november. martha: yeah. it's a difficult dance.
7:08 am
james, thank you as much. good to have you on. >> thanks, martha. bill: overseas the first wave of deportations begins as part of the european plan to curb migration. greece sending ant 200 refugees to turkey on ferries. many of the refugees from the middle east, the e.u. plan drawing sharp criticism from human rights advocates who fear the migrants will be unprotected in you are turkey. benjamin hall in london, this is a whole new policy in europe. what can you tell us, ben? >> reporter: bill, europe has been struggling to find a solution to this crisis for a long time now, in particular they're trying to shut down this very dangerous sea route which so many refugees take to reach europe. anded the these three-ferlies left greece for turkey. and from now on everyone who makes that crossing will also be returned. if they're syrians and for each one who's sent back, one syrian refugee in a turkish camp will be sent legally on to europe in
7:09 am
a one for one deal, but if they come from other third countries, for example, pakistan, afghanistan, and they're considered economic migrants, they're going to be sent back to their original countries, and that's what's so controversial, bill. bill: ben, who agreed to this deal? and, ultimately, what is the objective or the goal in that deal? >> reporter: it's a deal between europe and turkey. turkey benefiting greatly, they're going to get about $7 billion in aid from this. one of the main goals is cutting off those people-smuggling routes through which so many people die while taking them. that being said, even today the greek coast guard saved 173 migrants occupant of the sea out of a total of 339 who arrived. so for the moment there still are more coming than are being deimportanted. among the many critics who say sending them back this way is only going to force them to open up new, more dangerous routes be it through russia, libya or bulgaria. a lot of critics here but europe struggling just the find some way of dealing with the massive crisis.
7:10 am
bill: benjamin hall there in london. ten past the hour now. martha: is the trump campaign starting to worry about the women's vote? we were just talking about this. his wife melania will be on the campaign trail in force today, so will she make a difference? bill: meanwhile, calls for john kasich to throw in the towel while trump says he, kasich, is stealing his votes and what he wants the rnc to do about it. martha: and an amtrak train flies off the tracks, one of the businessest train routes in the country. >> we got off track, and it was like a big explosion. then there was a fire, then the windows bursted occupant, and some people were cut up, but it was not like -- it was just minor injuries. some people were cut up, and they were just running out. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse,
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martha: donald trump says his wife, melania, will be on the campaign trail today for the first time ever really beginning with three appearances today. she's stayed largely out of the spotlight. she's done some interviews, she has made some appearances, she's come up on stage with her husband at different moments, but it comes at a time when he needs support from women voters. several recent polls show an overwhelming majority of women voters view trump unfavorably. look at these all across the board, fox, quinnipiac, nbc, abc all show him in pretty tough circumstances in terms of women voters. joining me now, katie pavlich, and fox news contributor, and mary ann marsh, former senior adviser to john kerry. ladies, welcome.
7:15 am
good to have you here today. melania trump is impressive when she talks about immigration which she has personal experience with in terms of how she handled it. she did very well and got a lot of positive attention for that. katie, why do you think we haven't seen her sooner, and will it make a difference? >> well, melania has said she wants to be home with her son, which is admirable, and her main focus is her son. however, i think that donald trump should have brought his wife onto the campaign trail a lot sooner than he already has. we just showed all of the polling, 70-75% of american women view donald trump unfavorably, you know, the big joke is that melania trump constantly tells donald trump to be more presidential and that she could actually offer some of that presidential attitude out on the campaign trail. but the problem is going to be when you have 70-75% unfavorability with 100% ec name recognition, even bringing your wife onto the campaign trail isn't going to change people's minds about his views and words on women.
7:16 am
martha: i mean, he has to prove, mary ann, that he's not sexist, right? that he's not the things that many women think he is, and when you go through the litany of, you know, the heidi cruz retweet which he said over the weekend he regretted, when you look at the way he has spoken about megyn kelly, all of these things add up and get into the psyche of women voters. >> no question about it. and donald trump knows he has two math problems. one is getting to 1237 in delegates to secure the nomination with the entire republican establishment working against him, the other is women. he knows he cannot win the white house unless he gets some women votes. republicans never get the lion's share of women's support, ever, but you need some of it to get there. and all of these, all of this, this entire situation with women is self-inflicted wounds by donald trump. is he's trying to address them now. will it help him get more votes in the primary? maybe a little bit, but if he's going to be the nominee and try to win the white house, he has to make a lot of strides with women voters, and he has to start now if he's going to have
7:17 am
an opportunity to even get some of them. martha: i mean, when you look at the people that he has speaking for him, the women that he has speaking for him, sometimes you have the celebrity apprentice women speaking on his behalf, he claims he has women high up in the trump organization who have worked for him for many years, that a woman headed the construction process at trump tower back in the late '70s, i believe. so wouldn't it be beneficial to bring out some of these people? >> well, ivanka trump, who is his daughter, is also the executive vice president of the trump organization, has been on the campaign trail and asking people to vote for her father. however, this is the issue: mitt romney tried this as well, remember? he tried to talk about the fact that he -- martha: the binders full of women. >> -- to be in his cabinet as governor, how he had provided jobs for hundreds of women, how he allowed for flexibility for women so they could make the choices they wanted and still have a career, and it still didn't work. and mitt romney had a lot higher favorability rating among women.
7:18 am
he won married women, he won white women. donald trump at this point is winning 30% of women and 47% of republican women say they will not vote for him. and you can't -- as mary ann said, it's one of those rare mondays we agree -- [laughter] he cannot win the white house if he cannot win republican women. martha: hillary clinton now says she will debate bernie sanders. mary ann, do you think they're getting nervous? >> no. the debate about debates isn't a debate. there will be a debate, no question about this. i think this is more about the fact that hillary clinton is the front-runner, she will be the democratic nominee. like cruz and kasich, sanders can't catch clinton in delegates, and so she's trying to bring this primary to an end, and she feels she should have more say about where they want to -- >> she wants to debate in the middle of the ncaa tournamenting, mary ann. [laughter] >> against your wildcats. >> dnc rules. >> and oh dates as well -- other
7:19 am
dates as well. [laughter] martha: i'm all in favor of morning tv, if they want to do the debate right here. >> right. martha: we gotta go, you guys. mary ann and katie, we'll pick it up. >> go wildcat. bill: hillary clinton says the fbi has yet to contact her for an interview in the ongoing e-mail investigation. she answered questions on television this weekend. what the judge heard in that interview. andrew napolitano is next. martha: and donald trump's buddy, pro golfer jim herman, punches his ticket to the masters. the advice herman says trump gave him that helped build his confidence. >> you heard about jim herman. so jim herman just won the shell houston open, and he beat stenson and dustin johnson, all great players, you know, all great. and he's my, he's my golf pro, if you can believe it. for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy...
7:20 am
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♪ ♪ bill: hillary clinton says she is confident the fbi will find no wrongdoing as they investigate her use of a private server during her time as secretary of state. this as she continues her campaign and awaits the possibility of an interview with investigators from the government. >> has the fbi reached out to you yet for an interview? >> no. no, they haven't. but, you know, back in august we made clear that i'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have, and i stand by that. >> are you concerned that this isn't going to wrap up before the convention? >> no, i'm not, because i don't think anything inappropriate was done. and so i have to let them decide how to resolve their security inquiry, but i'm not at all worried about it. bill: so then judge andrew napolitano is our fox news senior judicial analyst.
7:24 am
how you doing, judge? >> good morning. bill: circle back to this interview here. she may or may not be interviewed by the fbi, contract? >> correct. much of it involves your client, would your client like to chat with us? she can say yes or she can say no. it's a very, very difficult choice she doesn't want to make. bill: how come? >> because the standard operating proceed your if you're a criminal defense lawyer is never, ever, ever let your client talk to the people that are investigating your client. that's the mistake martha stewart's lawyers made. she told one lie to one fbi agent in one conversation, she went to prison. but mrs. clinton has said many times i can't wait to talk to the fbi. so if they invite her in and she does not go in, the prudent legal advice, she will be placing herself in political jeopardy because then we know i can't wait to talk to the fbi was another one of her lies. and the image will be what is she hiding that she doesn't want
7:25 am
to talk to the fbi? she can't win this. bill: if she is not charged, the government put out a report? do they release findings to tell the public why they did this or did -- >> that is a great question. not officially, but i think in her case unofficially. meaning members of the justice department community who believe she should be indicted will probably leak the information on which that belief has been based. bill: that's possible. so the interviews are damned if you do, damned if you don't. >> yes. she's in a very difficult position, and i don't know how she can win it. i do know when she says things like i've told fbi i can't wait to talk to them, that demeans them because they know she doesn't want to talk to them. bill: okay. >> because they know far more about this case than she does, and they will not tell her ahead of time what they know about the case. bill: you saw the interview yesterday on nbc with chuck todd. >> yes. bill: what did you think of her answers? >> i think she continues to lie,
7:26 am
she continues to compare herself publicly to condoleezza rice and colin powell. each of whom used a gmail account a few times in error, and neither of whom paid someone to commit the following criminal act: i have a secret e-mail stream in the justice department, take it away from the government servers and put it on my private server, and here's $5,000 to do it. that's what the guy they gave immunity to did for her -- bill: brian pagliano. >> correct. and that's what he's revealed to the fbi. bill: this is a very important distinction. it wasn't just the e-mails of colin powell or condoleezza rice, it was the physical act of setting and installing a server in your house. >> and then deciding 33,000 of these e-mails, they're none of the government's business. i'm going to wipe them off the server. that's why this investigation's taken to long, because the fbi had to extract from the server what she thought she wiped off. the fbi didn't decide which ones
7:27 am
were personal, the state department didn't decide which ones were personal, mrs. clinton and her team did. bill: have you resolved in your own mind how this is going to go? >> no. bill: so even you are not sure of the future of this case. >> i'm tell you why -- i'll tell you why, because of 22 of those highest protected secrets, guess who they were sent to and from? the president himself. if the president decides, the justice department is free to indict her, he may very well be a witness in the case. bill: thank you, judge. to be continued. >> of course. martha: there are many paths on the road to the white house some of which may get closed or a little more narrow when we head out of wisconsin tomorrow night. we're going to look at the road map in detail with dr. harry sabato -- larry sabato on the way next. bill: we have a 4-foot escapee on the lam. what kind of trouble he got himself in, that's what you're wondering.
7:28 am
[laughter] we will tell ya. ♪ ♪
7:29 am
. . . .
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7:31 am
♪ bill: on to wisconsin. dr. larry sabato, director of university of virginia center for politics. how are you, sir? you all geared up for tomorrow night? i guess you are, right? >> always. bill: this is your game. 42 delegates in wisconsin. let's do hypotheticals. that's basically all we really know, right? >> yes. bill: if the poll something right and 42 are on the line and cruz wins by 10 points according to that marquette survey, how do the delegates, how are they divided between cruz and trump, to a lesser extent kasich? do you know? >> cruz would end up getting a large majority of the 42 delegates. he would win the statewide delegates, that is winner-take-all for the statewide winner.
7:32 am
then there are delegates, three delegates per congressional district. wisconsin has eight congressional districts. that is perhaps trump could win a district, or two or three, get some delegates out of wisconsin. or he might not win them and cruz would sweep the board. so it will be somewhere in that vicinity. bill: let me go further in the month. 19th is new york, right? >> yes. bill: new york, winner-take-all, 50%. trump could do well with 95 delegates in state of new york. bounce around to the end of the month, five states in the northeast, pennsylvania being the biggest prize. trump is on track, if he gets, what, 60% of the remaining delegates and context test you go into june, is that the number you have now? >> i would say mid 50s. some people say it is 60. i don't see where the numbers are. i think it is mid 50s for trump. bill: wow, that is interesting.
7:33 am
this is june, right? june 7th. you have got winner-take-all in new jersey. you've got california but it is not winner-take-all. what is the path that you see right nows as you try to game out this calendar leading up to the 7th of june? >> honestly, bill, our feeling about this, and our, the demographic analysis and models we've done suggest trump is either going to fall just short of the 1237, that is within 100 delegates or so, or he will be just over the 1237. and as we've discussed before, he absolutely, postively, must scrape together 1237 on the first ballot or he will not be the nominee. he is going to go down. he will go down on the second ballot. go down on the third ballot. go down on 100th ballot f there have been 100 ballots. there have been in american history by the way. bill: john sununu from
7:34 am
new hampshire is with us last hour. he ran the rules committee in tampa four years ago. i did not know that he said 100 republicans two from every state across the country, gather the day before the convention. takes about eight hours to get the rules together. in theory if you have a contested convention in cleveland, that is what happens, right? >> oh, absolutely. he is writes the rules may determine the results in this case. governor sununu would know that process backwards and forwards. bill, as we both know, you don't mess with governor sununu. i don't know what roll he has in this convention but i fear him. bill: you fear him. said with honesty. here is your math, right? your calendar, wisconsin is tomorrow. then we've got new york and five states as we mentioned here in the northeast coming up at the end of april. what kind of picture will we have in may? we'll have to wait and see.
7:35 am
sununu said, what i offered to him was, you should televise this rules committee, right? i mean the day of 24 hour news cable is now. the day of twitter is now. if you do this behind closed doors what's the impact on the voting public do you think? >> well, before you get to the voting public consider the delegates and those outside the convention hall, which will number in the thousands, to the tens of thousands. listen, you're absolutely right. i don't know whether they will televise it but the key word is transparency, bill. the more transparent the republican party is in approaching this convention and conducting it the better their shot holding things together, if not completely unified, then at least some kind of acceptance and various stages of grief for those who do not win. if they are not transparent, then, they're going to pay a
7:36 am
very, very big electoral price. bill: thank you, doctor. talk to you in about a week. >> thank you, bill. bill: wisconsin is manana. martha, what is next. martha: today marks 48th year since the life of the largest voice in the civil rights movement was snuffed out by as assassin's bullet. dr. martin luther king, jr. was shot on the balcony of the lorraine motel in april 4, 1968. reverend jesse jackson was killed with dr. king when he was killed. he join us on the phone. >> good to be with you. a day of sadness and jubilation. jubilation of his life and social transformation of the south and pain of his being killed at such a young age. martha: if you look at picture we have up on the screen a moment ago of you standing on that balcony take us back to that moment.
7:37 am
>> well the day before that picture was, i think april the 2nd. we were just coming in from atlanta. the plane had been held up because there was a threat of a bomb on the plane. he may have mentioned that in his speech and he just gotten in from the airport and we chose the lorraine motel. i think that may be the picture of jose williams and reverend abernathy, dr. king and i on the balcony. we met with ministers reverend ralph jobs son, bishop ford and other ministers that day. the next day dr. king said he really did not want to speak that night. he was not feeling well. he had a migraine headache. he had so much stuff and -- under such violent attacks and asked me to go speak for him that night at the church. i didn't feel like it alone. so reverend abernathy i went together.
7:38 am
reverend hooks was there. bishop porter was there. so he gave the mountaintop speech. he felt a sense of pain that we could understand because we don't know all the pressures he was under. sometimes leaders don't say i suppose but the next day we were prepared to go to reverend billy kyles home for dinner around 5:00. he came out around 6:00 and he said, jesse, you're always late. we laughed because he was supposed to be out at 5:00. it was already 6:00. we laughed. jesse you don't even have on a necktie, we're going to dinner. doctor, prerequisite for dinner is appetite not a tie. he laughed. he said you're crazy. he laughed and looked at ben branch, said be sure to play my favorite song for me tonight, precious lord. i said doctor, p.o.w. it hit him in the neck and
7:39 am
severed his tie. and blew a hole in his neck and went down and blew his chest out. i along with reverend young dashed to the balcony, up from the ground floor to the balcony. and i called mrs. king. that was the beginning after new dimension of our struggle in america. martha: absolutely was. just briefly, if you can, before we go, your thoughts on race relations in this country as we are in the middle of a very tense campaign season? >> it is strange that the south is better south because of dr. king. you couldn't have the aerospace industry in the south boeing. you couldn't have toyota and honda and nissan in the south had we not pulled the walls down. the south base is not cotton and tobacco. it is auto. aerospace. it is silicon valley these walls, you couldn't have the memphis grizzlies and atlanta hawks behind the cotton curtain.
7:40 am
we pulled down walls and bridges there. is no basis for us being hostile one toward the other. we have learned to survive apart. we must not learn to live together- now learn to live together as brothers and sisters and share in america's prosperity together. as in dr. king's life, we must never forget. must pick up where he left off. not let one bullet top the struggle to make it the america should be for all of juice nobody could say it better. that was beautiful. reverend jesse jackson. thank you so much, sir. good to have you with us. >> ox, thank you. bill: a bit of history. donald trump calling on rnc to push john kasich out of the race. what does kasich think about that? we'll debate it in a moment. >> kasich should not be allowed to run. he is one for 29, one or 28, whatever it is. one place was ohio where he is governor. he should not be allowed to run.
7:41 am
it is very unfair because he is taking our votes.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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martha: big battle for wisconsin tomorrow night. donald trump is set to speak moments from now in lacrosse, wisconsin. that comes at the top of the hour. melania trump will be are him today as well. yesterday donald trump said he believes john kasich needs to get out of the race. he says the rnc should step in and make that happen. here is that. >> kasich shouldn't be allowed to continue and rnc shouldn't allow him to continue. why is a guy allowed to run, all he is doing, goes from place to place and loses and he keeps running. if he wants to go to have his name put in nomination in the convention, he can do that. he didn't have to run and take my votes. because he is taking my votes. he is not taking cruz's votes. he is taking my votes. martha: there you have it. dineen borelli, chief political correspondent for conservative review, fox news contributor.
7:45 am
and jessica ehrlich former congressional candidate. good morning. he says the rnc should push out john kasich. is that what they should do, do you agree? >> listen, it is not up to the rnc, martha, to disqualify john kasich. it is up to john kasich to disqualify himself. he has the opportunity to drop out with dignity and rubio, bush and fiorina, they dropped out with dignity. kasich needs to arrive at the fact that he can not get 1237. i see this as a hail mary. >> believes nobody can get to 1237. even using donald trump's logic, here, if that is the case, then the rnc can not decide who the winner is based on their own rules. so john kasich is saying look, this thing is going all the way, i want to be the one left standing when it does. it is a --
7:46 am
>> it is pretty sound strategy, given in the national polling we've seen he is only one, whether he is up against bernie sanders or hillary clinton stand a chance in the general election. from his standpoint if he has the resources and inclination to keep going i think he is hopeful about pennsylvania, being so close to ohio and continuing to amass delegates. we keep hearing rumblings from the rnc that their rules are subject to change at anytime. martha: they sure. any convention. >> exactly, so anything is possible at this point. i think he is sees himself as someone who will stay the course and as he should. martha: dineen, he said now we're more in his home territory. he said that all along, john kasich. we're getting into the states where i will do well. he is sort of lowering expectations in wisconsin. he said he will do well in pennsylvania.
7:47 am
by his own attesting to how this will go, i think your argument might be more viable after those states, no? >> that remains to be seen, martha. we don't know how the remainder of the campaign is going to pan out. but here is another issue i wanted to raise. his actions are really one of the reasons why so many americans are just fed up with politicians because in this perspective, my view it is all about power. he is not facing the fact that mathematically he will in the the not reach the delegate count. even if he gets to the convention, the rumblings about paul ryan parachuted in to a contested convention to be nominated. we don't know what will happen. clearly john kasich needs to face the mathematical fact. martha: to jessica before we to here, bernie and hillary arguing when would be a good time to have debate. she wants to do it when not too many folks might be watching. >> i don't think that is
7:48 am
necessarily the case. i don't have chris crystal ball into it and i know they're campaigning going full force whether it be in new york or wisconsin. she went back to wisconsin because the polls were tightening there. there is a lot going on there. i'm sure they will come up with a date. i know they have been talking about brooklyn. it will happen. certainly we haven't had a debates as the republicans have but i think they have all been pretty worthwhile. people have a good sense of the candidates and it will be really interesting time through april 19th and beyond. just never stops. martha. you can say that again. jessica, dineen, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. bill: two of college basketball as most prestigious programs tip it off tonight. it is north carolina and villanova. the winner will be crowned champions of march madness. sportscast sister jim gray has a preview and maccallum can not wait. >> i can not wait.
7:49 am
7:50 am
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7:52 am
martha: march madness. all comes down to this, field of 68 is down to just two. north carolina and villanova made short work of their opponents in the final four. tonight they meet for the national championship game in houston. jim gray sport caster and -- sportscaster, he has to be fair. i don't. i come from villanova family. everybody is wearing blue today. but you can't tell what that means. jim gray sportscaster and fox news contributor. good morning. what do you think about tonight's game? >> martha, should be a lot of fun. the two games on saturday were disappointing. at least that was a record. villanova shot the best any team has in final four game, 72%. they come into the tournament, shooting 58% from the field, 50%
7:53 am
from the 3-point line. they played almost a perfect game. i spoke to jay wright, the coach, said will you have to play a better game to beat north carolina? maybe not better but duplicate it and they probably will be victorious. martha: no doubt the team has a ton of heart. they're shorter and smaller even though they're really big guys than the north carolina team. how much do you think that will impact the game? >> well, that is a problem. that front line is so long, that could be a huge, huge problem, the length of north carolina, plus the wear-down factor. north carolina just wears you out. they survive every run and they stretch it and make it a bigger game. they are so proficient and so good. they're the most talented team in the tournament. most talent doesn't always win. back to villanova 31 years ago with rolly massimino and ed pinckney had a huge upset
7:54 am
against georgetown. that will not be a upset tonight. villanova, arguing that it was big upset. martha: my husband was there in '85. we hope they hang in there. bill: they have a great, great defense. martha: they have a great defense. bill: the irony, that they shot the second best in the tournament, only second toville november that in '85. golfer jim herman won his first tournament. he was working for donald trump. trump said quit folding shirts and teaching amateurs and playing for himself. he did. now he is playing in augusta this weekend. >> what a great moment to make the chip-in on 16th hole to get invitation to augusta national. persevered and endured, now at 38 years of age win his first tour victory and play next week in agus at that. what a huge, huge thrill for him.
7:55 am
donald trump, he said it. he talked about mr. trump in his interview how much he encouraged him. he gave him some money. told him get out of the golf shop. in a week, as you guys have been reporting pretty awful news that was pretty good thing for mr. trump that supported him. bill: he used to wear the letters trump on his shirt. he transitioned into the insignia of the trump golf courses now. i don't know, maybe -- walking up and down the course. >> it is just a great story. just for any player, particularly to have this in his background now. to be able to finally achieved somebody you've been dreaming your whole life of. he nearly gave up. leaned considerably on his wife. falling back on his talent. to do that and now to have this opportunity, shows you what happens if you stick with it and want it bad enough. fortunately the ball rolled in for him at the right time. bill: amen for that. >> absolutely. we all wish that could happen.
7:56 am
we all thought when will it happen for us? bill: we wished. who wins tonight, jim, nova carolina? >> i mean north carolina is the best team but i think villanova is on a roll. i'm broadcasting on westwood one. hope you join us. i don't want to make a pick. i used to live in philadelphia. can be fun to seville nova win the ball game. north carolina they're looking to win their sixth championship. would just trail ucla with 11 and kentucky with eight. probably will say north carolina will win the ball game. martha: very good game. that's what we're looking for. bill: westwood one. thank you, jim. martha: final day of campaigning, thanks to jim, before voters to to the polls in wisconsin. there is another thing people are watching, the election in wisconsin which will happen on tuesday night. what donald trump is doing to try to rebound from a little bit of a rough weekend.
7:57 am
>> . >> .
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martha: california highway patrol conducting a high-speed chase, pursuing a chill all over the bay bridge. eventually coaxing into custody and officers are now looking for his family but man, can he run? he has some legs. have a great night everybody. happening now starts right now. jon: it's less than 24 hours, wisconsin shaping up to be akey battleground state forboth parties in the race for the white house. hello everybody . >> . heather: i'm in for jenna lee. let's talk about politics right now. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich buying for wisconsin's 42 republican delegates with immense ahead of


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