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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: california highway patrol conducting a high-speed chase, pursuing a chill all over the bay bridge. eventually coaxing into custody and officers are now looking for his family but man, can he run? he has some legs. have a great night everybody. happening now starts right now. jon: it's less than 24 hours, wisconsin shaping up to be akey battleground state forboth parties in the race for the white house. hello everybody . >> . heather: i'm in for jenna lee. let's talk about politics right now. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich buying for wisconsin's 42 republican delegates with immense ahead of the primary.
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from looking to make a comeback from what's been called his worst week on the campaign trail so far. here he is during a town hall over the weekend, listen to this. >> i've been doing very well with women voters because they feel that i'll do the best with the military, they feel i'll do the best with security, they feel i'll do the best to protect borders. look, i just got the endorsement of the border patrol police. they've never endorsed anybody. the border patrol. these are incredible people. they help keep us strong. when you look at sheriff joe in arizona, he endorsed trump. i have the endorsement of many great humans. i think i'm going to do right with women because they want great security, they want the military. i'm winning in all those and i'll tell you where i'm winning more than anybody by far is jobs. i think i'm going to win wisconsin. i actually think i'm going to win. heather: john roberts his life for us in la crosse wisconsin.
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john, he mentioned women there and speaking of which his wife is going to be joining him on the campaign trail. >> that's right heather. this morning here in la crosse, enthusiastic crowd as you see donald trump will take the stage noon. his wife melanie and introducing him at all three rallies across milwaukee. part of the reason because, even though he says he does well among women he's got a women problem. 46 percent of republican women say they will not vote for him. his fortunes here in wisconsin somewhat different than they were a month ago. he had led in every poll a month ago but a series of errors on his part have turned those polls around. donald trump also believes that if john kasich were not in this race he would be doing better here in the batter state where john kasich gets 19 percent support. listen to what donald trump said about john casey.
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>> he hurts me more than he hurts crews if you want to know the truth. frankly kasich right now, he's got one win and 29 losses and he shouldn't even be in it but that's okay. reporter: kasich recently unloaded on donald trump, a little uncharacteristic for the ohio governor and he is not prepared to be president. also taking aim at ted cruz, saying voters, do you really want to elect another first-term senator and suggesting the gop would be badly hurt in down ballot races if crews were to be the nominee. yesterday at an event in green bay i asked cruz about this and here's what he told me. >> listen, it's not surprising that kasich is throwing rocks at us. the facts are simple. kasich cannot be nominee. he needs 80 percent of the remaining delegates, that cannot happen. >> which is true: he cannot become the de facto nominee by virtue of getting majority of delegates but if this comes to a contested convention all that could change because under the existing rules, unbound delegates will be allowed to vote for kasich, certainly the
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delegates pledged to him could vote in the first ballot. i talked to people from the party about it and other experts say all people have to do is voting for john kasich and he could start the snowball running, eventually leading to getting 1237 delegates between now and the july convention, all this is going to be argued at nausea as all the campaign try to do whatever they can to rankle as many delegates as possible so they can prepare for the contested convention july 19.heather: we will talk to you later. eric: despite a tough week on the campaign trail, donald trump continues as you heard expressing confidence that he will win wisconsin. the polls there do not predict that. let's take a look at the latest real clear politics average of the polls there that shows senator ted cruz leading with 40 percent to trump's 33 percent. governor kasich trailing at 18 percent so what will happen? brett bear, the anchor of special report in washington. brett, it looks like ted cruz could potentially take it.
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what do you think turned on trump? abortion issues, nuclear issues, heidi cruz and all of the above? >> maybe all of the above. it isn't over till it's over but we've seen these polls not being great indicators of how the exact election results pan out . usually they give us an inkling, a snapshot of where things stand. but even the average of polls has not been right on each time so wisconsin is going to prove to be pivotal. it could be the fulcrum of this race in the gop as this battle for 1237 continues. if crews does manage to pull it out and pull it out significantly, remember wisconsin is winner take most by congressional district and you can gather some pretty significant delegates and trump could have very little if it turns out that way, that changes the race. flip that over, trump wins and it changes the entire perspective and it looks like
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he gets the majority. eric: if crews does come out as the winner, he could get what george bush used to say, the big mo but how long can it last? >> if crews wins, i think his next challenge is the new york primary and that homefield advantage for donald trump. but in new york , if trump doesn't get to 50 percent, they would split up the delegates in new york. and that would diss and diminish as far as the big delegate poll. it's all about thematthew. if trump gets to 50 percent in new york he gets 95 delegates and he's again one step closer to that majority . eric: new york his home state, i mean ted cruz could run a book on sanitation mack truck when he gets here in pennsylvania new jersey aswell as delaware. what about the general tenor of the campaign? rollins the great strategist wrote this . about the interview withdonald trump last night at townhall
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same trump, he can dance and he's one hell of a salesman . but it's all about performance not substance. donald trump has perfected his own version of roanoke, avoiding specifics. cruz is running a great grassroots campaign and trump is running a marketing campaign. what happens brett when it starts getting into actually the november election if he makes it that far and he gets pinned down on more specifics? >> first you have to make it that far and the ground game that cruz has is proving to be formidable. specifically in gathering delegates in some of these places, the battle over north dakota just over the weekend getting delegates there and that organizational structure is two cruises benefit but trump obviously leads in the overall numbers. and that's where the battle is. in the general election, trump has to unify therepublican party if he gets over that whole and i think that's why you're seeing him say , put out
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10 or 12 names for supreme court pics that he will pick from. i think that's why you're hearing him say things that are trying to get the conservative base, the republican party overall on his platform. eric: will it work? >> it remains to be seen. i think we have a bumpy road until cleveland, depending on what happens tomorrow and if cleveland, if he's short going into cleveland of the 1237, really anything can happen. we've heard all these scenarios but it's true. once you go through one ballot and there's not consensus and to balance, and the cruz people are not voting for truck and the truck people are not voting for cruz then who is it? is it john kasich? is it somebody else?there's a lot of scenarios we have planned for the one kasich has a rationale to stay in the race but we're running out of time. what you think is going to happen?>> i can't look into the crystal ball. it's too murky. we've seen this ball not tell us a lot over watching polls and watching the past.
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i think john kasich whole argument is that he can win on third, fourth, fifth ballot and convinced the delegates on the floor that he's the one who can beat hillary clinton.i think it is a narrow path as trump and cruz have said we got a long way to go to cleveland. it starts tomorrow in wisconsin . eric: we ought to get one of those little eight balls, those things that you shake. brett, great to see you and thanks for your coverage.that coverage will continue at the wisconsin primary tomorrow night. fox news live with the latest all through the day and evening. people at wisconsin at the polls, primary results coming in tomorrow night so keep it right here on the fox news channel. tonight on fox news, brett with the big interview. a guy who's already a president,ukrainian president. that is on special report tonight at 6:00 eastern , here's a preview.
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reporter: knowing what you know, what do you think vladimir putin's aims are? what are his goals? >> number one, nobody knows that. except vladimir putin.he's exceedingly unpredictable. the easiest explanation is that he will want to keep the soviet stalin empire. this is an aggression, and annexation. reporter: your message about vladimir putin is watch out, he's unpredictable. >> if you ask me if i trust putin, no. i don't trust him. heather: brett bear, all over the place. he had a terrificspecial last night about our military, if you missed it check it out. president obama hosting nato secretary-general at the white house on the heels of the terror attacks in brussels , the site of nato's head orders and while donald trumps comments continuing over the weekend, he calls nato quote, obsolete.
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shannon breen is live for us at the white house with the details. reporter: the white house says the president will emphasize that we are standing together, the us is with nato after those deadly attacks in brussels. the two leaders will also talk about what the international community is or isn't accomplishing with respect to degrading isis. it's something the president talked about a great deal in the wake of last week's nuclear summit in washington.>> there was widespread agreement that defeating terrorism groups like isil requires more information sharing. everybodyunderstands the urgency in the wake of what happened in brussels and turkey , pakistan and so many other countries around the world. reporter: discussions could today will likely include the migrant refugee crisis blanketing europe and how loopholes are allowing budding terrorists to move freely between training camps and also attack potentially within europe. there is also the issue of what nato is doing, it's response to what russia's been doing in ukraine. the president said they will stress the commitment to nato
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which comes days after those comments by donald trump calling nato obsolete. on fox news sunday, he doubled down on his assessment. >> we are paying so much money disproportionately. we have companies that are being carried along. it's not fair to the united states, not fair to the citizens and not fair to the taxpayers and what i said was exactly right. reporter: it appears donald trumps criticism as that nato was not crafted to go after terrorism unless it can reclaim its mission essentially to that end, donald trump thinks at least in his opinion it is irrelevant. heather? heather: thank you, will talk to you again real soon. eric: now some new information happening now to tell you about, tragedy on the tracks yesterday. the amtrak crash south of philadelphia that killed two amtrak workers who were working on that backhoe on the craft. officials including a pennsylvania philadelphia mayor
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putting a news conference along with the police, updating us on that, saying apparently the two workers who are amtrak employees on that backhoewere who were killed were on the wrong track . the palmetto train number 89 expense south of new york city's penn station, savanna, south carolina, tragically they were killed on the wrong track. meanwhile, can you believe it's more than 20 years since the o.j. simpson trial? he was acquitted of those brutal murders of his ex-wife and mister goldman. the televised trial, do you remember that? the whole country riveted through that whole year now a new documentary examines the case against oj. investigators say theyfound evidence about what they claim is a possible new suspect .
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plus, a new scandal involving russian president vladimir putin. leaked documents from the law firm implicate dozens of world leaders inchemes they say to hide their wealth. wealth is implicated and the impact this could happen around the globe. we want to hear from you. who do you think will win the republican primary in wisconsin tomorrow? how live chat is running right now, go to and you can join the conversation. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ eric: 24 hours to go in
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wisconsin and there they are. which one will win? donald trump holding a town hall meeting right now, he's crisscrossing wisconsin with melania in wisconsin later today on the right, senator ted cruz holding an event in madison wisconsin right now. the texas senator is leading mister trump by 10 points and it could be big news if he indeed pulls it out. we have live coverage all day tomorrow on the wisconsin primary as they are going for every last vote.
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heather: new information to bring you on o.j. simpson. there's a new documentary that re-examines the double murder case against him. just days after we learned the knife that was found on oj's former estate was not the murder weapon according to investigators that we use to kill his ex-wife and her friend ron goldman more than 20 years ago. joining us now, greg goldman and an attorney who cover the o.j. simpson trial along with eric shawn. we'll get to that in a little bit but this is one of many documentaries that have come out on this case and these things are really popular. there's a new product here. oj didn't do it? >> oj didn't do it is the premise of this documentary and that's utterly preposterous. i covered the case beginning to end for nine months. i was out there for all of it and i've never seen in the hundreds of trials i covered over three decades, i've never seen such overwhelmingevidence of guilt . you take that case out of los angeles in 1995, presented to a jury anywhere and o.j. simpson
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is easily convicted but in a documentary, 20 years after the fact you can cherry pick all kinds ofinformation and select the narrative . >> like that netflix series making a murderer. lots of people said they cherry pick the evidence, this documentary goes one step further but from what we understand so far according to the reporting, somebody else may have been the murderer and it could've been someone close to 80 o.j. simpson? >> it's based on the work of a private investigator by the name of william deere who also was an investigator on alien autopsies so that may sort of clue you in here but deer has written a couple of books claiming that o.j. simpson is innocent and he completely and utterly ignores all of the compelling incriminating evidence and he let me just briefly put out some of it on the screen. since his blood is absolutely all over the crime scene. it's a genetics found in one in 57 billion. whether one of the victims is in his ford bronco at his home.
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vincent had several cuts on his left hand. his shoe prints walking away from the bodies, a glove with the blood of the victims is found at his home and of course the defense held this theory that cops planted all of that evidence that would be impossible. heather: bring us back to that time because you and eric covered this extensively, they found him guilty based on what? >> here's the deal. it was a cop case and in los angeles, at that time the jurors hated cops. they distrusted them, they dislike them and the cops are presenting this case. they gathered the evidence so johnny cochran was very charming and clever and he conjured out of thin air this idea that police had planted the evidence and because he demonized cops so cleverly, the jurors bought into it. i walked away from the case thinking that i saw, i just witnessed for nine months on principle defense attorneys,
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and inept prosecutors and in a competent judge and jurors who were gullible and biased and it turned out to be the joke of the century, not the trial of the century. heather: and the documentary person seems to imply that it was jason, the son of o.j. simpson who may have done it. >> jason had an alibi. [audio lost] >>. [audio lost] alaska airlines has on a massive bidding war.
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. . eric: alaska airlines buying virgin america, striking a deal worth more than $2 billion. alaskan air says the acquisition expands its west coast present and makes the country's biggest air carrier based on passenger traffic but the deal valued at $57 per share in cash. heather: now to the panama papers bombshell. this is a massive leak of confidential documents from mo section and esca law firm in panama. the paper shedding light on how several world leaders, actually many world leaders allegedly used offshore tax havens to hide their wealth. the family members of russian
8:26 am
president that vladimir putin and cronies of his along with british prime minister david cameron's family among some of the leaders implicated in this. joining us now, chris swift, he's a georgetown university studies adjunct professor and you work onthese issues for the department of prejudice treasury . how do we ever think anything of this before? >> this is probably the largest link, leak of this magnitude since the wikileaks link several years ago and it's the first time we've seen a link like this focus on the offshore accounts, money laundering, the sanctions evasion and corruption that we see occurring not just within several foreign governments but among the businesses and various syndicates that are close to some of those foreign governments. it's truly a remarkable development. heather: what talk about some of the people so far indicated and let me mention 140 politicians, only to current or former heads of state, all around the world.
8:27 am
some 50 countries, 11 and a half million documents are in some of those hold the names of vladimir putin and some of his family members, prime minister david cameron, some of his family members, bashar assad from syria, hosni mubarak, some of his family members as well and i want to show for this clip of the president of iceland as he leaves an interview when he's asked about this. watch this. he gets up, he's angry at being asked this on earth did this all happened mark. >> it's not clear yet who disclosed the information but what we do know is that the panamanian law firm whose records were leaked is one of the four largest law firms in the world involving creating so-called shell companies and these are the kind of companies that legitimate businesses use to manage their tax issues here in the united states or in europe or elsewhere but they're also the sort of companies that can be used by terror
8:28 am
syndicates, narcotics syndicates, criminal syndicates and foreign governments to hide the ill-gotten gains of illegal activity and one of the things that's worth noting here is the documents show that entities close to the russian government immediately used these shell companies to move assets offshore after the united states and europe impose sanctions on the russian banks and the russian companies in connection with the war on ukraine. heather: so it was a way of getting around the sanctions and i believe you said iran was involved in this, perhaps not this law firm but this type of activity but it doesn't necessarily mean that what was done was illegal, some of this could be legit right? >> sure and that's one of the things that's missing in the current coverage. there's a presumption that if you use these offshore tax havens and if you use these offshore shell companies that it's illegal activity. speaking as a lawyer i tell you
8:29 am
sometimes that's entirely legitimate. it's often legitimate under the law in the foreign country where this occurs and sometimes it's legitimate under us and european law as well. the thing worth noting here is the degree to which these shell companies and offshore tax havens have been used to hide illicit activity, activity related to sanctions evasion, activity related tomoney laundering , activity related to what appears to be foreign government corruption. it's worth noting that the united states and several other this kind of activity, and we enforce them rather rigorously. that's not the case in a lot of othercountries and a lot of othercountries, people enter governments for the purpose of extracting resources from the population rather than serving them . that's probably the key story behind this leak . heather: you talk to us businessmen about doing business in some of these countries including russia. a lot of times they don't even want a pundit from their accounting standards. it's too dicey for them so even
8:30 am
you, he worked for the treasury department for years investigating this type of thing and you were surprised by this. >> i'm surprised not the underlying activity of the magnitude of the information that's been disclosed here it's truly a remarkable set of weeks , probably the biggest thing we've seen since the wikileaks. heather: unfortunately we have to wrap it up but i'm wondering what us investigators can would do to get to the bottom of this if anything. >> the first thing going to do is sort through the information, then to figure out what activity was illegal under us law and what activity was permissible then they will set primary priorities a son who they think were the primary violators of us law. if this happened exclusively offshore it's going to be hard for investigators to get jurisdiction but if any of it happen on shore, the treasury and justice department will be all over the seven action for whatyou've done to get to the bottom of this and will keep in touch . >> thank you. eric: let's swing back to the campaign trail in wisconsin. donald trump, left holding a town hall meeting live right now. he's been trailing 10 crews
8:31 am
there and trying to make that up. on the right that's new york state, ohio governor john kasich holding a town hall at cross university, that's in hampstead new york on long island. it's going to be a big primary for kasich because he's in the latest polls in second place in new york state. meanwhile, senator ted cruz just wrapped up an event in mass in wisconsin, will continue on the campaign be throughout the rest of our newscast. meanwhile, trains running again at the sight of that deadly amtrak crash outside philadelphia and there are new revelations this morning about what's been brewing for the that killed two workers tragically and took more than two dozen others to the hospital. plus, donald trump's team. there again firing back at the media. we will show you a revealing memo that tells campaign staffers how to respond to critics. our media panel debates this
8:32 am
and tells us what it means. >>
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heather: welcome back. amtrak trains running on schedule this morning after two workers were killed when a train land into equipment that was on the tracks outside philadelphia yesterday. federal officials now investigating that derailment. brian dennis is life from trainer pennsylvania with more on what we learn from this investigation so far. brian?x that train has moved to a secure location this
8:36 am
morning after national transportation safety board investigators worked overnight to examine that crash site. that lockbox, that data recorder, the front forward facing camera and inward camera are now at a laboratory in washington dc. investigators trying to figure out how amtrak train 89 with 830 passengers on board headed from new york to savannah georgia a backhoe, construction equipment on the tracks. backhoes typically used for track maintenance of the usually do not operate on a live track. the collision sunday morning was long enough to derail the locomotive and killing both the backhoe operators and a supervisor off the train. every went flying into train cars, 31 passengers injured, none though suffered life-threatening injuries. >> it was like a big explosion then a fire, then a window burst out and some people were cut up.
8:37 am
>> it took a long time to stop and all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying past the training and then there was a lot of fire flashes and then we came to a stop. reporter: new york senator chuck schumer spoke with amtrak board chairman who says this was likely human error because there is a protocol that prevents tragedies like this from happening. now this track practically 30 minutes south of that amtrak crash in philadelphia that killed eight people andinjured more than 200 because of speeding. the ntsb said as it is way too early to know whether speed played a factor but i can tell you heather that the maximum speed limit on this part of the track where the accident happened is 110 miles per hour. heather? he said thanks so much . eric? eric: donald trump's seems to be growing frustrated with clinics. panel by the washington post says that senior advisor barry bennett advises the staff to ignore them.
8:38 am
during the media labeled work worst week ever we increase our support by 15 percent, rising over six points to a total of 45. why? america is sick of that. their idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the washington establishment. donald trump one, washington establishment media, zero. does the media establishment really have it in for donald trump? here's a media panel on the dot alan holmes show and tammy bruce, radio talkshow host and fox contributor as well alan start with you . they hate me, the deck is stacked and they want me out. >> for baby. he had five positions on abortion in today's area if you look at the wisconsin numbers, looking at the general numbers the voters pull would benefit, you've got to look at wisconsin. real clear politics has cruz ahead in delegates and he seems to be losing altitude and are delusional if they want to blame the media and not take personal responsibility foran
8:39 am
imploding campaign . eric: but reporters see blood in one of the dispatch. >> reporters to pass but that doesn't mean there's nothingto pounce upon . >> he's making the job a little bit easier because if this wasn't happening, they make it up. this is the problem for every republican candidate. it will be a problem forthe republican nominee . and the problem with the republican nominees, ask john mccain. shocked at the media that he had such a good relationship but we know this is an issue mister trump has used this i think appropriately and i think every candidate should take on the media. what we've seen this cycle after cycle for two decades, three decades that this is what happens, the problem here is i think with that memo in particular. mister bennett came onto the campaign in january. this is a typical campaign tactic to get a story in the media which is fine.
8:40 am
well, it's leaked on purpose i think because it created this conversation. it created a story in the newspaper about numbers but ultimately i think what mister trump's going to have to do is create more of a traditional campaign overall, not piecemeal because this is about delegates. it is about actually persuadin people , the media will never be his friend and it does have to be overcome. president reagan overcame and whoever the nominee is is going to have overcome. >> president reagan had something else, the poll says people will be but basically. if you're voting for trump as one of these washington operatives, after the election they don't want to hire you look at what kind of campaign is running. he's running a nasty, insulting campaign where he supports protesters violence at rallies and says out paid her legal fees then takes it back. he's been caught in lies time and again. you can understand why someone might look at this and say how could you work for something like this? >> this is a problem because you have campaign workers were not in charge of what, these
8:41 am
are regular workers not charged with candidatessafe but it's worse than that. you have an operative actually say openly with an opinion piece that there's going to be a blacklist . i guess once again liberals like creating lists keeping people from being able to work because you don't like maybe somebody. >> these are republican operatives, these are people who are going to work for democrats. >> you got liberals and to see conservatives encouraging at least, trying to intimidate people into working for someone were to say you're going to be punished because you work for someone, it is a playbook out of the left. it is an this is look, whether it's hillary or bernie sanders and the issue of what campaigns do, this is actually nothing new. >> this is not an equivalency here between left and right. this is a right wing fight with the republican establishment wants nothing to do with their leadingcontender. >> it's like the establishment
8:42 am
itself as a whole . they want to get donald trump as well but this is why now this has become a cause for the citizen voters.their moving people further along into saying this is what we've been fighting against. >> is part of an area narrative. >> it's not made up narrative. eric: that doesn't mean that just because it's a candidate that you represent, the answer to the antiestablishment. >> a lot of voters at this point think so but not enough and this is where mister trump is going to have to find hybrid of being of protest, revolutionary candidate and a traditional presidential candidate. eric: you know about that? there will be another memo leak. heather? heather: speaking of leaks we got new drama to tell you about the democrats.lori clinton and bernie sanders at a standoff over a future debate or it will tell you about the sticking points and the impact it could have on both campaigns and with sanders folks are now saying about the state of their campaign. we will be right back.
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heather: americans election headquarters and the countdown to a big showdown in wisconsin. voters there go to the polls less than 24 hours from now and the real clear politics average of polls in that state show a very tight race between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. sanders now leading by two percentage points as both democratic candidates come debate about future debates before the next big contest in new york in april.joining us now, harlan hill democratic strategist and hogan give me a republican strategist and former communications director for huckabee for president. thank you both for joining us. i want to ask you about this if i could harlan, the impasse over the debates. what is going on with that? why can't they come down and just figure out a time and a date for the debates? >> this comes down to one thing.hillary clinton is afraid of facing bernie sanders
8:47 am
head onright now. sanders finally has some fight in him, i'm glad to see and hillary up until this point has gotten a free pass . it's a disservice to both democratic voters and herself. so she's afraid to face him when there's a significant audience so they are trying to cherry timeslots and channels where nobody's going to watch. that's what this comes down to. heather: hogan, let me ask you about this. apologies for all the name mishaps here but there's some votes from the bernie sanders campaign have been talking to the new york times and i wanted to read a portion of what the new york times writes today. allies and advisers of mister sanders they missed opportunities to run on aggressive political operation in 2015 that would have prevented a challenge to ms. clinton. she is now firmly built a big lead in delegates to clinch the nomination, a margin that would have been smaller if mister sanders had run differently last year according to interviews with more than 15 people who are on his team or close to him. why are they sounding so
8:48 am
pessimistic? >> it's tough to know that. look, he's got the money, he's got the momentum, he's got the message. the problem is he doesn't have the math and as uninspiring as mathematics is in the presidential election it looks like hillary clinton is way out in front, she's going to take the nation and there's some frustration on the party side because he had a chance early on to begin to perception her as someone who is a slave to wall street. he did that later on when he had early chances to not heard back. the main issue is, most people i talked to in democratic politics, they tell me that they felt like bernie sanders was just not really running a real presidential campaign early but just wanted to be a message candidate to show how different he was, talk about some of his issues on socialism and things like that, how we need to redistribute wealth but he didn't want to take on hillary clinton directly because he felt like she was going to be the eventual nominee and he didn't want to damage her moving into the general. one more point, michael dukakis
8:49 am
adds that george hw bush ran with willie horton, that was a republican attack. that came from al gore in the primary so these primaries can hurt you in the general and i think bernie sanders didn't want to be part of that. heather: you think bernie sanders entire goal was to try to push democrats more to the left? he was never really in it to win it? >> i'll agree with hogan to an extent in that bernie sanders was surprised about the degree of support he was able to realize from the democratic voters and this really comes down to one thing. i think calculus was there are enough democratic socialists to support bernie sanders and getting over the top and he was going to change the agenda and trajectory of the democratic party as a message candidate. what we've actually seen is that centers base of support our young voters. they're not really socialists, their people that don't have jobs, they don't have opportunity so they're gravitating to the candidate like sanders that has hope . and so it's, the problem i see
8:50 am
for democrats is that hillary clinton can't really capitalize on that. the key boils like an agent of the past as opposed to an agent of the future and i think this is a real problem for democrats going forward. the fact we haven't properly litigated hillary clinton's legacy and her time at the state department through this democratic primary process is a real problem for democrats as well. bernie sanders lack of willingness to really take hillary clinton on the debates and outside of debates on the email scandal, benghazi and a whole host of other issues is a real problem. heather: it's just so open to that and he never went off after her on the server investigation or anything else. >> i'm going to use the phrase again. it is tremendously disturbing to democratic voters and the democratic process for that matter that we have not properly laid this out. i do not know why he did.
8:51 am
he says he wanted to run an issue oriented campaign. heather: that certainly is an issue. harlan hill, were going to have to leave it there. gentlemen, thanks a lot and i'll talk to again. heather: eric: 'sthe billboards that really catch a ride but for motorists, it's all after trump. we'll see when next. >> with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined.
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heather: they are bright and shiny and could really catch your attention. were talking about digital billboards and they're doing their job but there's also evidence of dangerous safety risks from digital billboards along the roadways. they join us now from garden grove california. explain the controversy around these billboards. i get it in times square but what are we seeing elsewhere? >> maybe not a good idea. these things are designed to grab your attention but is that distraction also dangerous?
8:55 am
the industry says no. a new report says yes. anything that grabs a driver's attention more than two seconds dramatically increases the chance of an accident. some billboards do that with some drivers with crash rates up to 25 to 29 percent higher with electronic billboards versus those areas without. >> the fact that they change every 16 seconds creates anticipation on the part of the person who's looking at it to see what the next ad is going to be. and that is clearly distracting. >> so last week this former federal highway staffer came out with this report that basically found that some 25 percent of drivers look away for two seconds or longer, making them dangerous. heather? heather: such an interesting argument. billboards are distracting
8:56 am
anyway but to add to that, more people getting arguments so what does the law actually say about this and what is the billboard industry saying? >> the feds say this is legal and safe, provided besides not flashing. that means the message can't change anything less than four seconds. the industry says, people just glance at the state and they say they're not a threat to public safety and site the federal study prevailing drivers only look at these for a 10th of the second. critics that is obsolete and the group has asked for challenging the federal highway administration report to have these things declared illegal on the nation's highways. right now five states have banned then, several cities la and denver have as well because they're distracting and heather, they are making $1 million on one of these things, five timesmore profitable than conventional billboards . heather: interesting. i was in florida and saw one for a gentlemen's club and i couldn't take my eyes off that one. thanks for bringing that to us. eric: i hope you are driving. in the next hour happening now
8:57 am
we talk about the minimum wage. it's hitting new heights, reaching $15 in one state. what's happening in other states and other governors too. and will also have a new effort on the variety issues continuing the with the campaign in wisconsin as we cover all of that live right here.
8:58 am
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