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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. >> we'll he sue back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: happy monday. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner along with sandra smith, andrea tantaros, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy, host of geraldo rivera reports, veteran reporter geraldo rivera. he is "outnumbered." he said as he was sitting down, i'm in mellow mood. we'll see how long that lasts. >> veteran that is what they call you when you over70. harris: that wouldn't be true. 70 is the new 36. >> you saw the selfie.
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of the just kidding. sandra: happy monday. harris: all right. polls in wisconsin opened fewer than 24 hours from now. a loss there for donald trump could reshape the entire ce and make his path to the nomination rather a bit bumpier. there will be 42 gop delegates up for grabs tomorrow in wisconsin, a state many political analysts said should line up nicely for trump. more about that in a minute. right now ted cruz is leading by seven points in the "real clear politics" average of the polling. a live look at trump on the stump in lacrosse, wisconsin, holding a town hall event right now. earlier he was pushing back against political analyst who is said he was coming off his worst week ever after the firestorm on the remarks about abortion and his campaign manager involved in a battery incident involving a woman reporter. donald trump here he is from "face the nation.
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>> i don't know it has been the worst week. i have had many bad weeks and many good weeks. i don't see the worst week of. i've had some weeks, where that was the end and next week you see poll numbers and everybody is shocked. people want to stop me because i'm leading by a lot. harris: the trump campaign is reportedly going after his critics in the media and party establishment. in a memo obtained by the "washington post" senior visor barry bennett urges staffer to just ignore them. he said the media could not wait to label the week the worst week ever. d.c. pundits scurried to the networks to proclaim the end was at hand by donald trump. another pathetic display by so-called experts who line their pockets at our expense and causes. america is sick of them. their idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the washington establishment. end quote. geraldo? >> bennett is exactly right. he nailed the appeal of donald
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trump. i think donald trump is also right. i think that last week, in my opinion was the worst week ever for donald trump but he, that was last week. timing is everything in life. if the wisconsin primary was last week and cruz would have won it i think polls from last week, what is buttressing the "real clear politics" average now i think that it's very low, single-digit lead. i think trump has momentum. he had some successful appearances this weekend including with greta last night. i think trump wins narrowly in wisconsin and becomes the defacto nominee. harris: what did you think, kennedy the idea of blaming the media and establishment. no one is making him say the things he is saying. >> no, absolutely not. because he is so capable of eclipsing the news cycle and training all eye on him, not just media i don't think it is right for his campaign to get mad the media is commenting when
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the drama takes a very different turn. does it mean the end of his campaign? certainly not. this campaign has been especially marked by these tremendous mood swings. i don't know how else you can describe them. i think it has been the worst week ever so far in his presidential campaign which has only been eight months. harris: you know what was interesting this weekend, sandra, to see him toggle to the topic of the economy. something you say -- sandra: he is saying don't look at performance of the stock market. don't look at fact that unemployment is 5%. those are faulty numbers that we are worse off than they are actually are. he is highlighting that. he is seem someone being very good for the economy. that is him talking about his own campaign. i think former speaker newt gingrich, having being such a bad week for donald trump probably a good thing. it could serve as wake-up call for the campaign. the fact that they even have to worry about wisconsin and as far as the political significance of
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a possible loss there, he saying not much because cruz is so widely expected to win right now he would have to sweep the state for it to be a game-changer for cruz and trump campaigns. i thought that was a different take. harris: interesting take. but when you look at wisconsin, andrea, there are a couple of things. you have the hard-working people of wisconsin which line up economically with what trump promised. you have the fact that it is open to independent voters and all the people come out to vote first time. you think maybe among them are people who never voted before. might never check ad box, democrat or republican. that would be to his advantage. how much are you surprise he is behind a little bit by seven points. andrea: i am shocked because wisconsin is state he should do well in especially positions he has taken. sandra is right, he needs to look ahead to focus on pennsylvania now but i also think putting out this memo, he is taking on establishment and taking on all haters. going after independent voters
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which i they does want to get in wisconsin but he also has to stop explaining because in politics when you're explaining you're losing. he had a bad week, no question. but he has now to look forward and look to the next contest and stop regurgitating backsliding into these questions. he will get caught up in more traps from the media. harris: we've seen this before with candidates who have a bad week. i know you have done messaging for campaigns. marco rubio you remember that bad week he had that turned into another bad week and dropping out? is that kind of a bad week? >> because he turned out to be a dope. harris: ow oh. >> the person is show shallow couldn't think of an answer to a question. kept giving the same answer. revealed himself to be extremely shallow, no there there. what trump did i think was crazy on abortion thing. i don't know what the hell he was thinking. thinking on his feet which was terrible as gingrich, speaker gingrich suggests. doing it in a very ad hoc kind
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of extemporaneous way. harris: are you surprise ad presidential candidate wouldn't have his mind or topic of abortion? >> this is different kind of guy. this is not candidate in any -- you talk about natural demographics wisconsin. i think that will ultimately prevail. i think again in 24 hours you will see a big surprise. i think trump wins and cruz loses and is finished. that is just me. >> fbn poll came out thursday as sand today can attest, donald trump behind 19 points among women. the fact that the abortion comments happened same week corey lewandoski was charged and heidi cruz retweet culminated with wisconsin voters. >> i agree. that was thursday. andrea: hear a lot of people on tv, trump has problem with women voters and women voters and he does. look how the other two candidates poll with women. republicans across the board have problems polling with women. now hillary is not doing that well either.
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but republican party has not done a great job reaching out to women. even if this never trump hashtag group tries to take out donald trump they still have an issue. those other two candidates are not likely to win the plurality of female voters. you will have issue with the establishment, even if you get rid of trump. i say this to the republican party, you do not by destroying donald trump get rid of your women problems. harris: even john kasich made a couple missteps in terms of what he said on the trail with regard to women as well. melania trump on the campaign trail. perhaps an answer from donald trump. we'll see. andrea: kasich is polling worst than donald trump with women. that women issue don't go away. meantime after a rocky week on the campaign trail and surprise sit-down in d.c. with donald trump head of rnc, reince priebus, on sunday, taking what may have been a veiled swipe at trump, warning republican candidates to watch what they say. >> look, obviously we're having
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a conversation within a small circle of people and, and you know tone and tenor have consequences. it means that the challenge is, in the general election will be there for us to make the message to every americanmatter who they are, that our party is a door we want them to walk through. andrea: all this as trump told fox's greta van susteren at a town hall last night his tone will change, once he gets the nomination. >> tone does matter. i get criticized by jeb bush. i was criticized tone, i don't like his tone. meantime he is gone. i get criticized, and i said my tone is going to change as soon as i finish victory. we have two left. we had 17. i'm leading by a lot. i'm leading by millions of votes. andrea: do you think there issue with donald trump's tone? >> yes, of course there is an issue in the sense that he is, he has governor. he has no sense of discipline in what he says.
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he says whatever is on the top of his head, tip of his tongue. however, i do believe that is part of why he is so refreshing, why people like him. they think he is speaking honestly even extemporaneously. my beef is, when he says things, sandra referenced earlier the statement by trump that the economy, stock market specifically was inflated, i'm a dow jones investor, i don't like to hear the guy who will be the gop nominee suggesting that my stock portfolio is going to crash. that it is a bubble. i mean it seems to me, why would even say that? to appeal to blue-collar people, rich people, upper middle class people are going to get stung any second now? i don't understand what he gains on that. that is my point, andrea. he can be extemporaneous, very refreshing, that everything is not war games. sandra: possible lar argument to make. he has done his research. he knows that main street is very fearful and doesn't believe the stock market rally we've seen the we've seen that with
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the presence of investors from main street in the stock market. they're not there. they're not getting into the stock market. he has done his research. he has done his homework and hitting a soft spot as he so many times this campaign but i think the problem we're all talking about here can he keep up this tenor and tone in the republican primary but come the general election if he is to face hillary clinton i think most people are saying donald trump, that is going to have to change. harris: so i am never quick to criticize the way he is doing things in terms of what works for him. he has that sort of quotient of winnerliness, make up a word and stick it in the sentence because it works. it works for him. it would not work for me. i don't know that it would work for anybody on the couch. >> usually works for me. harris: you're so mellow today. i'm not sure who you are. there are two geraldo riveras. >> has this geraldo been to colorado recently? harris: where certain things are legal? >> let me love you, give my
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heart to you. let me drown -- okay. harris: my point that i'm making with this though with regard to trump is second-guessing him at this point could get a little dicey because it is working for him. if he pulls back too far does he hurt himself going into the convention? i'm sure a conversation -- >> he can't be -- >> talks about his tone and temper reminds me of nancy pelosi. harris: is that a threat from reince priebus? >> on some level he is. on some level he is trying to gain control of the party. donald trump gets control every time people talk about the pledge. i think that is what reince priebus is trying to do. yeah, tone does matter. i change my tone once i do my victory lap. can you really trust that? like nancy pelosi we'll know what is in obamacare once we pass it. >> that was better than my john denver impersonation. harris: you and i talked about this, andrea. he has change.
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andrea: you said you don't want me to change my tone and i'm so boring and we will miss me. we all missed that old donald trump. harris: boring helps. andrea: i don't know if we want him to change the tone. we want him to change certain messages but maybe not that un-pc tone. >> one thing we avoid talking about, in large measures parties are divided how people feel about abortion. the one thing a pro-life candidate is not do scare the pro-choice people. that is what trump did with this sloppy rhetoric about punishing women who have abortions. it is one thing to tolerate the other side and people feel, okay, if you get a supreme court nominee, pick someone who believes as you do, pro-choice, pro-life. another thing to say you will punish the other side if you don't toe the line as we see it. that was a bad mistake. he is fighting his way back from that. even in new york that has consequence. andrea: i agree with you,
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geraldo, i think if not trump especially with ted cruz democrats and right, abortion will be front and center because of ted cruz's position. >> it was a gift to the democrats. andrea: no question about that. ahead of the big wisconsin primary we have special lineup for you tonight. at 7:00 eastern governor john kasich joins greta and goes "on the record" before a live audience for the full hour. hold on to your hats, bill o'reilly is back, daring to head into "the no-spin zone" at 8:00 p.m. eastern. kelly sits down with ted cruz in the capital of wisconsin, where holed as lead over donald trump. at 10:00 trump joins sean hannity to answer questions in front after thousand people in the pabst theater in milwaukee. good night here on fox news channel. watch us at 7:00 p.m. eastern. harris: yeah. andrea: hillary clinton in an interview that she is not worried about the fbi probe into her emails but should she be? the white house accused of censoring the french president
9:15 am
when he used words islamic terrorism. they claim it was a technical glitch. was it really? why is it so hard for the obama administration to say those two words? you know what it is. harris: yeah, baby. andrea: harris faulkner is back and firing up the tablet. that means "outnumbered overtime" time. fire off your questions core comments and tell us what you want us to talk more about. t sa. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ sandra: ahead of tomorrow's wisconsin primary the latest "real clear politics" average of polling shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by two meantime in an interview the former secretary of state saying the fbi has yet to reach out to her to talk about her emails and then saying this. >> i don't think anything inappropriate was done. so, i have to let them decide how to resolve their security inquiry but i'm not at all worried about it. sandra: all this as the state department is suspending the internal review of clinton's emails. a spokeswoman saying the department made the decision after it asked the fbi for advice and was told to follow standard practice.
9:20 am
apparently the standard operating procedure is to place reviews on hold while there is ongoing law enforcement investigation. all right, she didn't sound so worried in that interview, geraldo. should she be? >> absolutely should not be. i've been saying this. i'm baffled so many of my colleagues see it so differently and some legal pundits. i maintain, this is my point, those people who say things like hillary clinton can't campaign in an orange jumpsuit or can't she can't campaign from behind bars with holding, she is are people who are wishful thinking there. is not one scintilla of evidence, sandra, there is zero evidence that a grand jury exists in the hillary clinton email scandalette i call it there. is no grand jury. she has not been given the necessary target letter from the fbi after all these months, after scores of agents being engaged.
9:21 am
i submit that republicans that waste their energy hoping against hope that something bad will happen to hillary because of these e-mails are misguided. sandra: i don't know, if there is open fbi investigation involving me, kennedy, i would think i would be a little worried. she is running for president of the united states and not worried at all. >> here is the thing. she is basically taunting the agents and federal prosecutors, every time she comes out and says something like that. that is pretty bold. i understand she is trying to give herself political cover and create the perception she is impervious and nothing is going to touch her. however, james comey, the fbi director, has a lot of history with the clintons. he has investigated them in the past and they have alluded -- eluded his grasp. i think you see some frustration there. the only thing that worries her boldness she is being given cover by the white house. if she has been told about it president he is not going to sick loretta lynch on her, and she is going to escape justice,
9:22 am
that to me is worrisome. i'm not a pub be. i'm an independent i think for entire country if we don't have this wrapped up and don't see justice that is failure. sandra: andrea, you spend a lot of time talking about huma abedin, her long-time aide, what she knows or didn't know. but she did conduct interview as podcast, she talked about what it deals like to have her emails out there and being read. listen. >> terrifying. but with, and i haven't -- i confess i have not read anything that has become public. it is something i can't really think about because i, i can't even imagine what is within those emails, i'm sure i would be, i would probably be mortified. i have no idea. i haven't read any of them. harris: that is odd. sandra: your response. andrea: i thought it was interesting call your girlfriend podcast. it should be called call your lawyer podcast, huma abedin.
9:23 am
she hasn't bothered to read her emails but i have. i read all the foia ones we were allowed to see. troubling thing from huma abedin and cheryl mills, from e-mails even though they know there is active fbi investigation they were still emailing each other colluding how to suppress the evidence. that is a crime. that is a felony. so either of these women, or maybe both may be looking at jail time. on hillary clinton -- >> wishful thinking. town -- andrea: hold on geraldo, i think hillary clinton should be in prison, i said over six months, i have bets she will not be indicted. it is not going to happen. this administration covered for her. they will continue to do so. there will be no indictment even if the fbi recommends charges. harris: real quickly about the whole state department stopping internal review, that is like early mother's day gift for hillary clinton. she can tout that now. my old team isn't even looking into it.
9:24 am
it's a bit disingenuous. were her former employees going after her? did the fbi even need for them to help out? one of those things, i'm going to wear both shoes today. that is not breaking news. sandra: i think you were truly outnumbered on this one. >> that doesn't make me wrong. sandra: i like that. that's why you're here. donald trump trying to explain some of the controversy surrounding his campaign in recent days telling "fox news sunday" there is always a learning curve. so is trump right or could he be doing some serious damage to his campaign? the white house accused censoring french president francois hollande using the words islamic terrorism. they claim it was just a technical glitch. was it? and what are we to think about all of this but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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9:29 am
explains some controversial remarks he made saying he is only been a politician for very short time. and there is more. >> what are you saying? you still have a learning curve? >> there is always a learning curve. even if you're doing it all your life and something about nato and pause it is very moveable subject. i will say this, nato is obsolete. nato doesn't cover terrorism. nato is -- >> i waiting for to you bring this up. okay, fine. do you know how many nato soldiers have died in afghanistan helping us after the 9/11 attack on the u.s.? do you know how many nato soldiers died? >> i'm not saying it's a bad thing. it is obsolete. >> 1000 is the answer. harris: concept of learning on the job is actually something american public proven has a ballot for. we did so with president obama.
9:30 am
he chose joe biden because shored him up on foreign policy. that is not entirely a new concept. your thoughts? andrea: i think what trump is saying is true. especially if you're businessman if you're not spending hours a day like rubio or cruz is practicing your talking points. however the answer to question on abortion was rookie mistake. that could have been handled so quickly with right prepping. chris, i don't deal with hypotheticals. abortion is law of the land. roe v. wade will not be overturned. chris christie does this beautifully. chris christie is excellent dealing with the media. i think issue is, why at this point has donald trump not educated himself? why is he continually making these rookie mistakes, mistakes he shouldn't be making, even on nato. i get what he is trying to say about nato. i think lot of people do but it is not coming out right. his spokespeople are not doing him justice. the question, why now. these could have been made first couple months. these are rookie mistakes at this point. harris: just to give him a news
9:31 am
point someplace he could have gone over the weekend we learned, actually on friday after the nuclear summit, we learned from president obama he thinks iran is not keeping to the spirit of the deal. i don't know anyone who would be necessarily shocked by that bit of news however donald trump could use that as an example or any of the candidates could use that as an example of learning on on the job so to speak. you made a deal like this. did you think they would keep to the spirit of the deal or did you or what? >> i want to follow up on what andrea said, she is spot on. you cram for the bar exam. i'm a lawyer. you get the cliff notes. you read. i think that he should have, i know points where he now has evolved. early days he didn't know a shiite from a sunni, that kind of stuff, there is, there is a responsibility to spend an hour a day with a smart person and some notes and learn, okay, learn all about the political parties in pakistan. that is something that, i don't care how sophisticated a businessman you are, that is not something --
9:32 am
sandra: you don't think he is doing that? >> he may be. like nato, the nato situation. suddenly nato is an issue in the last, what, 72 hours? now it is nato. like someone said this is about nato. now nato comes up even when he talking about a learning curve, nato comes up. >> he brought it up. >> geraldo is right, but, depend how you use that as reaction. because if your reaction is to shoot from the hip and say something empty you have to walk back, that is problematic. if your reaction is, i haven't been doing that long, i will figure out and get back to you. that is acceptable response. not the best response. >> you haven't heard that. >> this is what he does, he gets himself into the situations twice this week he had to walk things back. he is something one never likes to apologize or clarify. >> abortion -- sandra: that is all right. there should be a learning curve running for city council, not for president. quite clear to everyone watched
9:33 am
it unfold, you heard it from trump supporters. know where you stand on issues. it will help anybody. >> certainly abortion, you got to know, "saturday night live" in the weekend update, gee, who thought i would be asked about abortion? come on. andrea: some of the things -- >> i love the guy. andrea: people love and resonate and they are smart and great. it is rookie mistakes are overshadowing the good things he does and becoming the story. the white house is under fire today accused of censoring a video of french president hollande where he used the words islamic terrorism. the remarks were part of hollande's address at nuclear summit in washington, d.c. the white house posted video to the website with no edits and took it down and re-uploaded it with the phrase missing. take a listen. >> translator: we also are well aware -- the roots of terrorism -- [speaking french]
9:34 am
andrea: well you can hear the interpreter's voice dip out at very moment the french president starts talking about the roots of terrorism. the white house claiming the omission was due to a quote, technical issue. it did eventually repost the full version. here is that video. >> translator: but we also are well aware the roots of terrorism, islamic terrorism is in syria and in iraq. andrea: very different. the white house went on to further explain what happened saying in part, quote, as soon as this was brought to our attention we posted an updated video online with the complete audio which is consistent with the written transcript that we released yesterday. are you buying this, smitty? sandra: no, i'm not. because wouldn't that be really, really interesting timing to have that technical glitch occur on. >> on that one word.
9:35 am
sandra: thank you to the media research center, media watchdog who caught this gaffe. leaves you wondering what else is being censored and what is coming out from these parts of the world and being delivered to us from the white house and their complete denial of it, leaves you wondering even more. andrea: funny you should ask that, sandra, we know, kennedy over 160 intelligence agents stood up and saying they're trying to censor our intelligence reports. they're trying to get us to strike any threat of islamic jihadism from our intelligence reports and they have been doing this more than eight years. >> that censorship. that is pretty typical definition of censorship. government agent shutting down speech with the press and intelligence and as you point out one of our allies the president of france. you have to be sensitive to what francois hollande has been through in his country. harris: right. >> look at attacks they have
9:36 am
withstood and bold enough to stand up and say islamic terrorism. you have to qualify exactly what it is. it is so machiavellian and so politically convenient for this white house who refuses to use that term to drop it. >> interesting you referenced mack developpian because going on even beyond the renaissance, whoever the power that be, they spin the news to suit their agenda. going pack to the substance of why president obama can not mouth the expression, islamist terrorist, that is baffling to me. i don't understand why, listen i have plenty of muslim friends. i love them. they love me but all the rest of it but there is a fact of life here and hollande is absolutely right in syria and iraq you have this hotbed of radical islamic terrorism. >> belgium. >> the president should cop to it. i don't understand -- harris: look what happened in
9:37 am
brussels, outside in a suburb in brussels. clearly there is a problem and one group of people living there an among them are these radicals. i don't understand -- >> i'm for racial profiling. andrea: french are less politically correct than america i think is troubling on this issue. it is one word he refuses to say. i saw a bunch of people joking around on twitter. maybe he got ideas from cuba trip on censorship. it is really odd the white house would censor those words. harris: i think kennedy put it beautifully. after what they have survived and what they have gone through it is more real and more personal. >> they or the french? harris: french. people in europe. we named three different countries. that were raped and assaulted. come on, talk about it is happening in words that are true we should not be the only country not doing that that makes us look weak. andrea: there is no fallout. we have this conversation over and over. geraldo, you said why doesn't he
9:38 am
say the words? a lot of people feel that way. why doesn't he say the words. they're able to do these things, manipulate intelligence and nothing happens. >> worse than not saying the words in my view is the allowance of isis to continue to exist and how we have been so moderate in our application of deadly force against these absolute cretins who are not only destablizing the middle east but destablizing europe and threatening us right here. i just don't, do me abject failure of this administration. rather than wasting time talking about hillary clinton's emails and all the rest of that bogus stuff, deal with the fact that when she was secretary of state she lost the middle east along with this president and that is the black mark on their tenure in office and they have to deal with that. i think it is -- when you see, i think he has done a great job with the economy and other things not given credit for but that middle east --
9:39 am
harris: why don't republicans pick up on that? >> because they're distracted -- >> interesting to see what francois hollande's response. andrea: geraldo, i agree with you there. republicans should talk about failure of libya and arab spring. >> do you miss gadhafi? i want gadhafi back with all all the eccentricities and -- andrea: part of a eu agreement dealing with refugee crisis there and there are concerns here at home about our own refugee screening pros. how to address this issue and how big of a role it could play with voters.
9:40 am
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9:44 am
they will give turkey more money, visa travel for turkish citizens and progress in negotiations to join the european union. the e.u. promised to take in thousand of syrian refugees legally living in turkey. here at home house republicans are reportedly moving ahead with a bill to limit number of refugees from terror plagued nations allowed to enter into the united states. all amid serious security concerns about terrorist infiltrating among refugees trying to get into the united states. jeh johnson and other national security officials warned that u.s. can not screen syrian refugees. why not halt the process all together? this is hot topic on the campaign trail. halt the refugee process all together if we don't know we can vet them properly, geraldo? >> if congress passes that bills the president 100% will veto it.
9:45 am
the bill has no chance of surviving, in practical terms, no chance. i can not for the life of me, sandra, believe we can not vet thoroughly these people coming over. the vetting process, knowing that all of the hostile eyes are on the people who are doing the vetting. you get women and children. you got women and children. grandmas. infants. harris: they do not make up the majority of the people coming in but i hear you. >> there is a way to vet the people i think in a way that makes it more secure about this population and if you were to pick 100,000 people. sandra: house homeland security secretary at his word. he has sate said he can't vet them properly. >> think it through. andrea: would take two years. there is not proper existing database to cross reference data. when you're dealing with certain population there is is biometric, this is specifically muslim populations because of similarities in names. because of nicknames and things like that. it makes it challenging.
9:46 am
what is the dhs suppose to do? pick up the phone and talk to a police chief in raqqa, do you know mohammed, mohamed? is he a good guy? there is no existing database to operate on. that is why dhs says it will take two years. what i don't understand why this issue is not getting more play especially in europe. why the administration as you point out, sandra we'll just take a pause. we're the administration that couldn't get obamacare web site up and running. we have open borders. we'll take a moment to figure out a vetting process we'll revisit this. they're not doing that they are blazing forward full speed ahead which is suicide. sandra: when you see polling, harris, people are very worried about this, the more they learn. harris: i think if you ask the right set of questions you will find americans are the biggest hearted people on planet. i don't think that is what this is about at all. i wish that rhetoric would stop wherever it is coming from, we see some of that you don't have a heart if you don't take all of these people.
9:47 am
but i do take jeh johnson at his word because he is part of the establishment that is responsible if it doesn't work out. digitally we are woefully behind the times. out of hundreds documents you need to process these people, what i'm reading only 90, i should say 90 are still on paper. they have not been converted to a digital process. that's a problem. even if you had cross reference, you would have no -- sandra: as geraldo suggesting everybody sits down and comes up with best possible way, the amount of time, money, resources people, to properly vet somebody coming into this country. >> we have so many issues with our immigration system but having said that it is still better than what they have got in western and eastern europe. i think you have create ad humanitarian crisis when thousands of people are rounded up and put on boats and sent back to turkey for some weirdo deal that is so hard to comprehend in the first place. you know what? it doesn't necessarily make the world safer.
9:48 am
if you look at brothers who blew themselves up in brussels, if you look at the tsarnaev brothers, these are people who were not refugees. so maybe we're looking in the wrong place for a solution and, demonizing those -- harris: how about saudi arabia taking some? >> how about we create in syria a safe sunni stand for the sunni, syrians, to be safe and secure. i think that if we have a great cease, great cease-fire. cease-fire that is tenuous and holding there is some hope that syria stays in syria where they should be and can live safely. we can impose a safe zone -- andrea: i agree with that. >> germany took a million. we're asked to take 80,000. germany is 1/3, 1/4 of the united states. they're taking 10 times more than we are? come on. sandra: come on, there is baseball. it's back. but only for men to watch? who said that?
9:49 am
apparently one guy said this and shared at that feeling with a woman he sat on line. her answer, out of the park! has gone viral! ♪ show me movies with explosions.
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♪ >> welcome to "outnumbered." he struck out big time when he tried to challenge a female's knowledge on baseball. she posted posted this text exc. you say you like baseball. i never met a girl who likes baseball. she corrects him, love. okay. name the national league east teams in the next 10 seconds no googling. ready to go, brown. brown with the pun smackdown, quote, it was nice to have met, you and, maybe it was brave of you to ask this question but it is somewhat insulting i could still fhil leave you in on the answer but i will have to pass. it seems to be a nationals problem with the men trying to expose bonus, girls for not being real sports fans instead
9:54 am
of taking our word for it. you know what they say. there are other marlins in the sea. >> whoo! >> guy had no response. >> did they hook up? >> guy had no response. >> you think they were quiet kissing? no. no response. >> i don't know any women know who know that much about -- i don't know that many men who, can name nfl -- i guess i could -- >> nl east. we're talking baseball. harris: you're already in trouble. sandra: don't hang out in those circles. >> opening day was canceled in new york. sandra: i don't consider myself a baseball fan, definitely couldn't answer that in 10 seconds but i think there is idea that men try to challenge any woman who says she is a big sports fan because you couldn't possibly be if you're a woman but if we did it on this show men have aptitude and they consume and digest sports statistics more so than women. i believe that is probably darn near fact.
9:55 am
>> yeah. sandra: come on, if -- was he liking this girl? that was not the way to go about it. >> i think he was so intimidated he ran away. andrea: just geraldo doesn't it. i love this girl's response. i think it is completely rude to quiz a girl he wants to go out with. come on, dude. she should never give him a date. harris: i'm sure she probably didn't. i didn't read they got together. what would they talk about? how long he was? >> for the rest of the -- >> men and women, if not wired differently, certainly -- harris: we are definitely different. >> differences that -- harris: i celebrate our difference. >> right. so do i. >> i think men and women consume sports differently, just like there are female accountants out there, women are capable of wrapping their brains aren't statistics. harris: let me tell you i sit next to brain yak -- siri on my phone can't figure it out i go to sandra. >> from siri to --
9:56 am
andrea: you would have ends ad the question just like that. this girl reminded me of you because you love sports. sandra: that was impressive. if she actually was able to do that within 10 seconds he challenged her -- >> bring a mitt to the ballpark? >> just heating up. >> we'll talk about the at commercial al. harris: go sox, go yankees. you're late for work.
9:57 am
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harris: the script really says, thanks, geraldo. >> you're welcome, harris.
10:00 am
how come mine isn't in the the prompter? andrea: good to have you. harris: i get a kiss. we'll stay right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web."outnumbered." click on overtime tab. jump on the live chat. back noon tomorrow. we have a fox news alert. president obama standing shoulder to shoulder with nato saying the alliiance is key to the free world. >> the president said we are living in tumultuous times and europe is a focal point. >> news of a wild republican race. the republican leaders are looking at house speaker paul ryan as a potential nominee. >> plus, a florida teen had a wild ride. >> coming out when he stole a cop car and went on t


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