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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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years ago today. that was 7 '75? damn. when news breaks out, we'll break in "your world" with neil cavuto starts right about now. >> i really believe tomorrow we're going to have a very, very big victory. very, very big. >> i continue to be soen couraged by what we're seeing, the energy, the passion, the excitement. >> why would i get out when i'm the only person number one who beats hillary in the fall. >> all right. you didn't hear it from me but there is a very big primary in wisconsin tomorrow and for those hoping to seal the deal in the badger state, the odds and the pressures can't be more pronounced. it's the single event this week. it is the only event this week for the candidates, and it is all the focus for all of those candidates, each trying to make claims for that state, and the win that could be on the back of ted cruz in the process.
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welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto mitchell thanks to charles payne foss his work in my absence you've think vacations are easy. anywhere not. craig gilbert runs the wisconsin vote blog. wisconsin media has been interesting to me, craig, in terms of -- yourself included -- not just accepting candidates' stump speeches but holding their issue feet to the fire. no more so than the way they did and have done and continue to do with donald trump. i don't think he was prepared for that. how is it faking him in the state right now -- affecting him in the state right now? >> i think he did step into an unusual political environment. wisconsin has been an epic political battlefield ex-going bag to the 2000 election, 2004, the war over scott walker which has been going on for years, and so that has some consequences. it's the way the media covers politics.
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i think the level of interest and engagement on the part of voters in politics. people kind of thrive on this stuff here. you'll see big turnouts tomorrow and in trump's case, he ran into a buzz saw on talk radio. he has met with a wall of opposition in the republican establishment, and kind of conservative activists. it's a different battlefield for him here. think than he has seen in other states. >> what i notice, too -- i apply this to the wisconsin press and don't anyone tip my hat to you but in general you're not mesmerized by star power, not into celebrities. you'll grill them as you would anyone else and that was the case with donald trump. now, he might have sort of righted himself a little bit from the initial shock of dealing with that, but will it be enough? is it your sense that the polls are right, that this is ted cruz's state to lose and in fact depending on the -- how he picks up the districts, he could win
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all 42 delegates tomorrow. how do you handicap it. >> i'm relying as much on the polls as anybody else but there are some caveats. it's a three-person field that can introduce volatility. there's arguments being made about how people should vote. you never know how to handicap that. also an open primary so you don't know exactly who is going to vote in the republican prime ary. >> are you surprised it's that uncertain that wisconsin should favor donald trump, particularly in the northern region in i think we'll do a map here of the state. it's not the case now. it's anyone's guess, and that a ted cruz could make the argument, should he do well tomorrow, that he has won for the first time, it would appear, in what is a stronghold for traditional trump support? >> yes. so, one thing i've learned
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covering the wisconsin primary of the years you can't project the demographic patterns from another state on to this state because people don't necessarily volt the same way. we saw that in '08 with clinton and obama should have been a pretty good state for hillary clinton in some respects but barack obama won all the voters like blue collar whites and we're seeing the reverse of that with trump not performing as well with white blue collar voters, which a huge part of the republican electorate, as he did in michigan and places like michigan and illinois. if the polls are to be believed. >> i was thinking of your state, too how crucial it's been historically, it was in wisconsin that then-senator john kennedy was able to decisively beat someone who was fades, not too much earlier, hubert humphrey, in wisconsin. many said that wasn't a big deal. a high number of roman catholic voters, but did him on his way to getting the democratic
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nomination. it could be that defining? in other words, could a big cruz victory not just a victory but a big one, change the calculus for this race going forward? >> i think at this point either a trump victory or a cruz victory is hugely consequential because if trump comes back and wins after the adversity he has faced here i think it would be a huge blow to the stop trump movement but if as the polls are suggesting he loses here, then at a minimum it slowses down his march for in the nomination and hurt his delegate math in a big way. changes the narrative. it's an energy shot to the people that are trying to deny him the nomination. obviously to ted cruz as well. and it puts a lot of pressure on trump in new york. >> for either one, a big victory would change that calculus. craig, thank you very much. >> great to bive you. >> now -- be with you. >> let's say donald trump does not do well in wisconsin. what does that say about
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similarly demographic include aligned states? that's a bit of a misnomer but states that are similar in the republican breakdown of votes, states like pennsylvania come to mind. what does it portends there, the former republican governor of that state, tom ridge,. >> go to be back. >> donald trump was famous for saying this guy, kashich, should get out. he is 29-1 right now, or 1-29, i should say, and he should step out. obviously governor say sick disagrees. i assume you do as well. but there is an arguement to be made that kashich's only shot is trying to get to a brokered convention. right? >> i think you and i know what the math is. the process, the democratic process, no shortcuts as the winner gets 1,237 delegate votes
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and this will that decision is reached by that number of people, then john is staying in the race and john should stay in the race. what kind of interesting over the past couple of days, maybe the past week or two, one, there's a lot of trump fatigue setting in, and i think people are beginning to understand, one, john's message, and -- donald trump loves polls. have news donald trump. he does not win any single poll against hillary clinton and john kashich on the head-to-head with hillary clinton wins them all. so to all three candidates, it's the process, there's no shortcuts. do what you need to do to get 1237 but no reason for john kashich to leave the race testify notion that donald would suggest the party out to push him out of the race. come on, donald. there are rules and let's play by them. >> one thing donald trump espoused i have such a big lead in delegates, i should get it. you argued 1237 is 1237 is 1237.
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close is no cigar. right? >> well, close is good but it's not good enough. one of the interesting phenomenons in the whole democratic process is you get to the convention -- i think the mindset, the philosophy, and the approach changes closer and closer you get to convention, particularly if nobody has the requisite number of votes. suddenly you have not only presidential concerns but you have people, like in my state, who would be the best at the top of the ticket to help pat toomey, we got congressional races and local and other races that people are concerned about. so who would be the strongest person at the top of the ticket? i think you have this mindset change, and you have 1237 on the first or second ballot, the chemistry, the alchemy changes and people say who is the gladiator we need to fight and prevail in november? i think pretty clearly that at least according to the polls there's only one that can prevail and it's john kashich. >> now, that's your hope and your wish. the fact of the matter is that polls have been wrong in the
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paste, even ronald reagan against jimmy carter, right after the republican convention in 1980. he trailed jimmy carter bay lot and then went on to one. the argue. of george burk, sr. was that guise guy can't win, i can. well know how dicey that can be hanging on those polls. you're right about one thing, the negative that is also evident in the poll shows donald trump is not a likeable guy to the mainstream electorate. hillary clinton darn near lovable by comparison, but maybe that gap could narrow as well. we're writing off donald trump and his chances prematurely. >> it's fair comment on the polls. we both know that, having been involved in political world a long time. just seems of you take other look across -- >> i remember a certain tom ridge who was not given much of a chance -- >> good point. >> -- for governor. >> i look at polls. they're a snapshot at the moment. remember, july in cleveland will be a different snapshot.
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the simple fact remains you continue the process as it is, and, again, inside that convention hall, where you have 2700 men and women, committee people, these are worker bees. these are folks going to do the phone banks and going door-to-door and they not only went to defeat hillary clinton they want to make sure their congressman gets elected and their senator get ease selected. so it changes the mindset and the view they take. you keep it going think as our chairman said, it's got to be open and transparent. we're not going to favor one candidate over the other and let the process play itself out. absolutely important that both donald trump and ted cruz are obviously would like john out of the way. everybody gets to man up and get the 12337. >> man up and get to 1237. governor, pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> something went down big in california today. governor jerry brown signing minimum wage law that hikes to
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united states postal service priority: you this is an important day. the end of the struggle but a very important step forward. let's keep it going. we're not stopping here. [cheering] >> in california it's the law of the land. a $15 minimum wage double the federal level, and a few hours after the governor was signing that into law, new york governor
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andrew cuomo looking to do the same. other states looking to do that. all suit this young lady just find. one of the founders of the fight for 15 movement. she joins us right now. very good to have you. >> hi, neil. how are you dog. >> i'm okay. >> good to be here. >> do you fine this a little bit too fast, too much too fast? even some liberal economists, some union economists are saying we could see when the president first proposed a 9.25 minimum wage and upped it to 10 over a number of years, that what do-able in stages. this is too much too fast. a lot of people going to lose jobs you. say what? >> i say this is great this happened. people are losing their jobs now as we speak. -whether we fight or not. people are already losing their jobs, losing their homes. this is a way that stand in solidarity, way to keep us together and have job security.
1:16 pm
so, by this moving rapidly the way its, it's definitely great for all low-wage worker around the country. >> let me ask you something. when you go to a fastfood restaurant, do you look at the price of the items on the menu? would you pay more for some of those items if it meant a higher minimum wage forkers there? >> let's just say the fact that i work at a fastfood place and barely could pay nor number one meal because i have to work at least two hours, yes, i think that says a whole lot. that says that something has to change. for me to put back into my economy i need more money in my pocket. >> but what bat people who go to that restaurant, let's say to a mcdonald's, where big mac is 3.99. the estimate is that it would rise to 5.50 to support a 15 decide minimum wage.
1:17 pm
not right away but in statements and a lot of people who might not work in fastfood would say, forget that. i'll go somewhere else. >> i say to that they raising everything each and every day. >> that's a pretty big leap. that's going from 3.99 to 5.50. a big mac meal from 5.69 to 7.85. a lot of families, that's a big deal. >> mcdonald's raised the big mac just lack week. have not seen a raise. received a raise. so, therefore, everything else is going up but our pay. these why 64 million workers who are living in poverty decided to stand together to make a difference, to bring back our country and make it stronger you i see what you're saying and i understand your profession, want to get paid more. do you ever worry it could boomerang? a lot over the restaurants are automating services, kiosks now that used to have people. now all that automated, the food line is automated.
1:18 pm
we're seeing this in scores of places where to cut back on the coasts of labor, everyone from fastfood franchises to retail stores are doing that. are you afraid you're going to speed that process up and push yourself right out of a job? >> not at all. mcdonald's been around a long time. if they didn't want people in their store that would have been replaced us with robots. nobody wants to come to -- >> they are going that way. even -- >> got to 15 tuesday an honor i-we're style stihl here because they need us and those machines -- >> actually, they're scaling back their workers. don't you think an environment like this might push them to do more of that and it could be so dramatic, so fast, that you wont know what hit you and your colleagues are fighting hard to support and get them higher wages, could fine themselves out in the unemployment line. >> that's not going to stop us from fighting for what we deserve with deserve $15 an hour. and the right too unionize and that's not going to stop us, no
1:19 pm
matter what mcdonald's want to push back with. >> let's take mass mcdonald's tout of it. talk about a small store, diner the area, and now he or she has to pay $15 to its minimum wage workers. they might not be able to afford that, like maybe a mcdonald's, even through franchisees could what do you say to them. >> what i say is actually today i just read in "washington post" that a republican research that 80% of business owners agree to raising the minimum wage they've know for a fact if we have more money, we be able to -- >> no. no. no. i remember the report you're referring to -- >> -- so therefore, business owners already agree. >> didn't mean to jump on you. that statement study said everyone agrees for a hike in the minimum wage. think there should be a hike in the minimum wage. think eectively doubling the federal rate to $15 is a little
1:20 pm
abrupt, don't you think? >> let's just say this, neil. when we came out with this message, it was to attack these corporations who are making billions of dollars each and every day all off backs, who know for a fact they could pay us more than what they're paying now. they can afford it. they can afford it. >> when i was looking at the protesters, i didn't see many young kids or kids, high school or college, who are the lions share of the minimum wage jobs. i didn't see them out there. i saw a lot of union guys out there and i'm wondering this if was more union issue than an issue for people who really want that hike? >> neil, i don't know what you was looking out but i have not traveled across the country and met different workers across the country so i know for a fact that there's many low-wage workers on the pointlines. >> so, all the union workers did see in new york, i did see in chicago issue did see in
1:21 pm
atlanta, i did see in houston, did see in l.a., that i did see in san francisco, they weren't there? >> they weren't there. everybody around this country support this movement. they support the fact that low wage workers, 54 million workers around the country that's lived in poverty, they -- >> if they're willing to fork over more dough for the stuff they enjoy, then you might be right. they'll support it and prove it with they're wallet. if they don't you could be hurting. right? >> not at all. we stand in solidarity and stand strong and willing to fight back. >> all right. >> and we will -- it's a -- working with solidarity. >> thank you very much you. stood your grounder right there we'll have more on the fallout after this. you do all this research on
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ted cruz is trying to close the deal in wisconsin. a state that didn't look too prom missing for him a little more than a few weeks ago. then in the last week or so the polls started changing quickly, and for ted cruz it could be a very big win at that tomorrow. 42 delegate's at stake. wisconsin, republican congressman sean duffy with us now. congressman, what do you make of what has been a turn-around there for ted cruz and what has been the precipitous slide for donald trump? it could be in reverse tomorrow but what changed? >> i think -- one, ted cruz got scott walker's endorsement and in wisconsin that's a big deal. more than that has been donald trump's response to it, neil. think back five years ago when scott walker did his public sector reforms and he wad the protests in our state capitol. he had death threats that went
1:26 pm
to governor walker and his family. governor walk are stood up for the conservative movement, stood up for runs. people love him and love his reforms, and for donald trump to go after him and the reforms using the same attacks that democrats used has not played well at all in the state. but not only that we have a wisconsin nice thing that goes on, and there's a lot of republican and independent and democratic voters who didn't like the visit treeolic nature of the liberal protests at the capital and those people actually voted in the re-call for scott walker. so the fact that donald trump is going after ted cruz's wife, putting thump i pictures of both of them and attacking -- >> i think all -- the first state where the pileup of trump negatives, if that's how you want to portray it, comes back to bite him. none of it has in the past. are you backing senator cruz? you have a horse in this race or
1:27 pm
what? >> no. i was with walker and then rubio so i'm staying out of this. neil, i go to another point. donald trump continues to tell us that he doesn't get down in the weeds on policy but he is going to build a great american team. you should build a great campaign team. he came into wisconsin and didn't have the. that conservative talk radio in wisconsin was against him and he was doing interviews with people that were hash tag never trump talk radio guy. the fact he didn't know he shouldn't be hitting scott walker -- >> depth it inly hit a buzz saw. if it turns out out that ted cruz wins, the trump folks are saying we'll still win new york and still stand a good chance of winning pennsylvania and this will be a blip on his march to the nomination. you say what? >> well, that could be true but this could breathe new life in the sails of ted cruz and he needs a win in wisconsin. i don't want to underestimate
1:28 pm
the fact there is a strong trump movement, especially in my part of the state, central, northern, and western kicks, where people are sick of political correctness. trade deals don't benefit them. they're concerned about the borders. trump is the first one to say we have secure the border and determine who comes in and out of the country. they love that about donald and think the media has been unfair with him. they're not going leave this guy but if your going to expand your base you have to stop doing these things that -- self-inflicted wounds -- >> real quickly, congressman, if trump is the nominee you would support him? >> absolutely. i look at hillary clinton and the progressive liberal policies of obama, hillary, bernie, this would kill at the country. i'll stand with our nominee. >> congressman, real pleasure. speaking of donald trump if things don't go his way he not ruled out a third-party run so
1:29 pm
the bromance with the party is over. should it be? >> we have four thousand or five thousand people trying to get in. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv
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bernie sanders is a force to be wreckenned with after a string of victories and wisconsin could be part of him now. what makes him generate huge
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it is such an important state for trump that he is recruited his wife to help him with the female vote. how is that working out in that state? blake berman with the very latest. >> hey there, neil. melania trump will be joining donald trump this evening. trump said his wife will be at his final stop today in milwaukee. that will be his third of three stops here for this final push for trump. he was just in superior, the very far, far northwest corner of the state. on the border with minnesota and told his supporter he would have campaigned longer in wisconsin had it not been for the meeting with republican leadership in washington last thursday and he kind of gave yet another warning to the g.o.p. and its leader, reince priebus. here was trump a little while ago. >> somebody said is hey nice man? i said yes.
1:34 pm
i said are they going to treat you fairly? i said i have no idea but i'll let you know in six months but any eyes are wide open and i'm representing a tremendous number of people, and we are not going to be taken advantage of. >> here in madison, the state capital, ted cruz met with reporters and said that should this eventually get to a brokered convention in cleveland in july, he thinks the person who would emerge would either be him or donald trump because he says at that point, either one of them would have a thousandlyd doesn't think anybody else could -- he fears to we be a, quote, revolt, that from cruz el early today. john kashich has left wisconsin here. he was campaigning in new york today. all eyes will then move east after wisconsin tomorrow night. as for melania trump, yes, she will be here later on the ground this evening. she was expected to be at those events earlier but we're told she will be at that event in
1:35 pm
milwaukee later tonight. back to you. >> thank you very much. well, donald trump not rule ought leaving the party if he party leaves him which he intimates they have. is that right? you decide. >> are you rule ought running as an independent third-party candidate? >> look, by far i'm the front-runner as a republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> but if you don't get the nomination? >> we have to city how i was treated. >> not running -- >> not a question of win or lose. it's a question of treatment. i want to be treated fair. >> what does that mean? i want to be treated fare or fairly. sean spicer our communications director what to you think he was getting at? >> i'm not really sure. i think all of these candidates that have and are running understand that the process is
1:36 pm
very simple. you go through the 50 states and six territories and the district, try to collect as many delegate's as you and can whoever gets to 1237 delegate is the nominee. that's a simple majority and whoever achieves that is the nominee. it's plain and simple, out in the open and our job at the rnc is to make sure we have a fair and opened transparent system that everyone can see and as you go through the different states, there's no question on how the process was undertaken. >> so, when donald trump says if i have a big enough lead and i'm hundreds of delegates ahead of the closest guy i should get it. you say what? >> is a said before, it takes a majority. it takes 1237 delegates, not 1236, not 1235. whoever get the majority first is the nominee. it's no mindworth or plurality.
1:37 pm
it's majority of the delegate. whomever achieves that gets it. it's plain. that why the two steps that are part of the process are important. one is the allocation of delegates and then the selection of the individuals that will sit in those seats. it's a two-strep process. you go, you get them and then you've get your people to run for those slots. >> do you -- again, this is just talk up there that senator cruz has worked very hard to work on these uncommit delegates but expending that's to to the who are committed. does that latter part worry you? is that going against the rules in. >> not at all. in fact that's part of the rules of. >> so donald trump did the same thing to go after committed, let's say, cruz delegates. >> so, just to be clear, it's the job of these campaigns -- you go out and you win the delegates and then you get your
1:38 pm
person to run and you want them to maintain a commitment of you for as long as possible. hopefully through all of the balloting. that's part of the process and it's the same way that -- ron paul won delegate inside utah and maine after romney won those states. part of that is to get your people to run. now, in most of these states they're bound for one or two round of balloting. what you want to do is to ensure throughout this process that the people that you get to fill your slot are going to be faithful to you through the entire process and that's what i think you're seeing both of these campaigns, both of them -- in fact all three of them because governor kashich's campaign is doing the same, going out and trying to help and make sure people who support you of all the three candidates seeking the nomination. >> you allude to the possibility, don't have the 1237, you have multiple ballots and all three of the surviving candidates have argued it should be one of them. they've been in the race.
1:39 pm
we know historically when it fails on multiple ballots are often times parties will go outside the candidates who competed to an acceptable alternative candidate. can you see that happening? >> i think that's highly, highly unlikely. the people that are getting elected to fill these slots are by and large either supportive of mr. trump or senator cruz and to some degree governor kashich. it would be very hard to imagine a scenario where they abandon their individual and went outside the group. it really in this day and age does not seem like somebody would have gone through all that trouble to one for a slot to represent a candidate and then not see them through. of course it's possible but i just dope see that -- just don't see that happening. we are confident one of the three individuals in the race will become the nominee. >> always good to have you. thank you very much. >> a lot of very influential players in the packet not the
1:40 pm
least of which was that fellow we just talk. to when it comes to money and influence who are big in the community, foster freehs is -- he is uncommit it but is that just for now? we'll ask faster after this.
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as a value investor, foster friess made a lot of money because he could find diamonds in the rough and relay that to people in a credible way. but those days are hip him. his fortune is set and now as a very influential campaign donor who is not committed to any candidate right now, he sort of surveying the landscape. foster friess is going to break news and tell white house he it committed to. >> well, i would like to say that i spent a little time with hide dicruz at a dipper and what a gracious, loving, kind woman. only met melanie. i pick my candidates on the basis of their wives. i was a mess before my wife got a hold of you. >> you married up. the fact that donald trump is bringing his wife to wisconsin, the cynics say he is nervous about losing so much female support.
1:45 pm
she might change that. do you think that a candidate's wife, or candidate's spouse in the case of hillary clinton work make a difference? >> absolutely. i encourage every republican running for office at a fundraiser to have this wife introduce him. it allows her to give him a more humannesque and kind approach and i think we could be turning the corner on this civility issue, neil. in fact today i'm announcing foster's return to civility campaign, and i'm intending to ask ted cruz and donald trump to be my two honorary cochairmans. >> i think you can wait on that one. it's been anything but civil. they still exchange nasty barbs about their wives. do you see that easing anytime soon? does its influence who you support? >> absolutely. in fact, the brussels tragedy, the airport bombing, crowded out something very, very interesting and significant. most people i don't think
1:46 pm
realized the unbelievable speech that donald trump gave to the american israeli public affairs committee, aipac, and i'm not a surrogate for donald trump, i love both guys, but at that he spoke off a teleprompter and was a very, very presidential -- >> you're right, got very good reviews but home pave been more apt to remember the stuff he has said since, ticking off the pro life and "choice folks. that happens. but he has had a very rough week. do you think if he loses wisconsin tomorrow, he could be in a world of hurt? >> well, the success god's blessed me with has been based not so much on a person's past but what he can become. and both ted cruz and donald trump have enormous -- >> who do you like more? >> between heidi and melanie? i don't know melanie that well. >> touché. >> want it to get to know melanie a little more before i make that decision.
1:47 pm
>> all right. we'll see what happens, but very influential man in the republican party, weighing in on the candidates' spouses. >> let me interject a little concern. awe all this is crowding out something sad. the kurd are now being gassed with chlorine and plus standard gas and the islamic state people are using it more o. and our government has given them a thousand gas masks and there's 150,000 peshmerga who need it. >> you have been looking for candidates to responsible to that. thank you very much, foster good, to have you. >> bye bye, neil. >> another scandal to tell you about. the panama papers don't have the same ring as the pentagon papers that by just could because this is worldwide, this is big, this is billions of dollars. amy in rome, what do you have? >> it's offshore banking and right now investigators are trying to figure out the difference between secrecy,
1:48 pm
privacy, and stealing. 11.5 million documents to weighed through and very influential people, including world leaders, are implicated in this for using the services of a panama based law firm that helps people come up with very creative and complex areas to put their money. the main focus of the investigation is russian president putin who is not mentioned himself but two of his close associates are. one of them seen here, star cellest and one of the president's oldest friends and another connected to a bank referred e referred to sometimes as the president's personal wallet. were found to have a sophisticated network of shell companies to move build of dollars. the kremlin denies the allegations. 12 current or former heads of state have been implicated and the rich and famous, jacky chan and one of the world's most
1:49 pm
famous soccer stars, messi. the firm in question -- one of the earlier quotes was, quote, all those known -- all those names that show up, including the football players, even the mafia types, he said, really didn't necessarily have anything to do with us, but they're such a complex chain of companies set up in these vehicles, that this company -- this law firm is saying, it can't be responsible for the end result. of course, nothing wrong necessarily with sending money to an offshore fund, but sometimes it's used for money laundering, neil. >> in the case of vladimir putin, regardless of what he is doing with the money, the 2 billion he is reported to have put there through friends, that's a big eye-popping sum. >> i'm sorry. my communication breakdown there but that's what it is. $2 billion, which is an eye-popping sum. we have a lot more, including what is going on with the last dash for voters' interest and
1:50 pm
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[chanting] >> you can imagine charles payne's delight having the opportunity to do a segment on that and then talking about those on the left who are jazzed about one bernie sanders, charles, good to have you, and thank you for your hard work. >> thank you. >> now, it shouldn't be a surprise that the left is jazzed and increasingly more so with bernie sanders, his string of victories, including a potential one tomorrow has a habit of doing that. are you surprised with the mow
1:54 pm
he still raises $44 million. >> it's mind boggling. we have to figure out how to harness that enthusiasm because these are whole lot of small individual donors who have given bernie sanders money to usher in socialism. if we can find a way to get that same enthusiasm, have them back organize believing believing in capitalism, they could have funded their own education. they could have funded a couple of businesses could have done a lot of things that could set them economically free but we know the enthusiasm. now we have to retrain them and let them understand. we don't become the number one country in the world through socialism. >> long been southerned with liberal causes. vermont they like their senator. he is the real deal. you pin them in the past how much is too much when it comes to taxes.
1:55 pm
obviously they're saying not enough now. right? >> they are and the almost got me on friday. i was this close -- >> a clinched it for me. >> a lot of people would be surprised how many ultra wealthy people throughout history have talk about socialism, even though they lived a different one. one guy named king gillette, worked hard to become a success. he studied it and then he developed a disposable safety raise user and became one of -- razor and fell in love with socialism. it's roman see this all the tim. it's a romantic aspect of it. no matter the fact of the matter, they're doing very well. i think in their heart of hearts this country can work on it. we've seen it in practice before, and it simply doesn't work. >> i think they like the fact that republicans enjoy their ice
1:56 pm
cream. >> did you get a sense that they wanted to see sanders fight right through the convention? >> absolutely. i think all of this -- everyone who's given them a nickel, everyone who's attended one of their rallies, everyone who voted for bernie sanders, why wouldn't they. he won three races in a row. this guy's got momentum within 10 points of hillary in new york state, are you kidding me? >> by the way, is there any truth to the rumor you were trying to change the name of this show, your world with charles paine? >> you know, it's interesting, because a c becomes a p pretty easy and a b becomes a y. >> look at the time. charles paine, thank you my friend. >> thanks a lot. a little more after this including what'sec up from our g fbn coverage on the big night. ye done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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how things are going, wisconsin, that means sfoor h for fbn, it is all about us. beginning at 7:00 with lou dobbs, however long it takes, probably midnight, 1, 2, 3 in the morning, who knows, they're catering, we'll be there. hello, everyone, i'm kimber kimber kimber kimberly guilfoyle. it's monday april 4th, the eve of yet another mpivotal showdow in the gop nomination. wisconsin decides tomorrow, whether the republicans are headed to a contested convention. kasich already admits he won't be winning it. >> what we're seeing all across the state is an example really of what we're seeing


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