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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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[cheers and applause] welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check this with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. i realize there is a huge american flag behind me. >> coming up on the big show, john kasich said a contested convention would be, quote, so much fun. other things he enjoys is being water boarded is listening to maroon 5. and in an effort to boost lags productivity the spanish prime minister wants to end cs'. this will thought help me to -- this will not help convince shillue i need a three-hour nap.
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back to you, whitey. >> thanks, andy. she makes so many good points she is the steph curry of "red eye." she is always with kennedy on the fog business network, kennedy. i want him to run with my idea called "call ins with colin." and special forces officer ben collins. and he wears a 5:00 shadow to remind himself he can't drink. next to me is comedian dave smith. let's start the show. >> who is afraid of kasich? these guys. both trump and cruz are suggesting john kasich not be allowed to contend for the nomination at the convention. kasich has been telling anyone who willisen he thinks a contested -- will listen a contested convention will be fun. >> it will be so much fun. kid will focus less on bieber and kardashian and more time
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on how to elect a president. it will be so cool. >> it seems fun already. there is a convention rule called rule 40 which says nominees who won eight states can contend. trump and cruz want to keep it that way. the way i see it, if no one goes t the establishment will insist on wrestling the nomination from trump and they will have to open the nomination. they can't hand it to the runner up. if they have kasich and rick perry and paul ryan and romney, such fun. and then cruz still beats those guys and trump? he has a chance of seeming legit. if not, it won't be john kasich cruz has to worry about. it is angry voters. the establishment cannot hand it over to a guy who comes in second in a two-man race. >> do you see?
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cruz is running around saying i am the only alternative to trump. em assuming that trump will go in with more delegates. if it is not trump to me a total wild card seems more acceptable to a guy who comes in second is. what do you theng? >> it is more acceptable to have him be the nominee. >> we don't like the first guy. we like the second guy. if you are going to blow it up, blow it up and you have to make cruz fight against everybody. you can't say it is these two guys and not just this guy. >> the ultimate dream which may have a certain level of moistness for establishment republicans is the failure of that first ballot to nominate done national trump. because then it blows the field wide open and you can put in anyone you want which is great for establishment republican. i think it is horrible for the rest of the country. andy already has problems with the electoral college. and now the primary process is
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meaning less. the reason they have that rule is because of ron paul and his delegates would not release themselves willy nilly on a republican field they do not believe in. you are going to see in the same way trump delegate these very, very upset and chaotic and passionate race will swirl into the gutter. >> wow. yes, ron paul had the delegates. you love ron paul, right? they are committed to donald trump. >> they would still love him too, right? >> there is a nonaggression principal. >> his supporters are passionate about his ideas the way he is passionate about him as a guy.
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the republicans don't want trump to be the nominee. you can't just go to number two. >> they would have to pick someone else. they can't let these voters choose and kasich win one state and then pick him. i get your point. the thing that is good for the country is it exposes that democracy is all an illusion and your votes don't matter. >> is that a good thing? >> people should know that. >> it is not a good thing that democracy doesn't exist, but it is a good thing people don't know it exists. >> we have made a choice. we have political parties. sometimes people forget there are parties so they can make the rules. trump can run a third party if he wants to. he could have run from the beginning. ron paul could have run as a libertarian. you want the money and the organization. you want that party. should he take his medicine?
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>> those rules exist as they are now. what people are concerned about is if they change the rules at 2:00 in the morning when nobody is paying attention, right? the fact of the matter is and kennedy nailed it, we have had essentially the populous vote has been screwed over for the last 200 years are to the last electoral college. we had four presidents that won the popular vote, but won the electoral college. in that sense, look, it is game on. if the first ballot goes and nobody is nominated and a lot of those delegates get released, it is going to be a bloody floor fight, the likes of which our generation has never seen. and kennedy hit the nail in the head again saying it could be anybody. tom, they could nominate you. >> like i said, why no the? we had 17 people and now it is down to three. why not make them go back to massachusetts and vote again? >> it is up to the states to
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decide and isn't that the way it should be in a republic? >> are you telling me you don't like the electoral college? it gives small states more power and i like that. >> so again i happen to be republican and i am glad that bush won even though i have a problem with it. gore won the populous vote by half a million votes. 540,000 votes he beat bush and he won the electoral college. if they went for the popular vote, wouldn't the urban areas bust everybody to the polls and a republican wouldn't have a chance at all. we wouldn't have the heartland vote. you have to get up and get off your tractor. you know what i'm talking about? >> adams is where they had a statistical tie in electoral votes. it was the house of representatives who chose the president. >> we are the united states and i like the electoral college. i don't know about you folks, but i like it. donald trump is usually very shy -- >> it is not an accredited
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university, by the way. >> donald trump is usually very shy on social media, but on monday he tweeted a movie trailer while proclaiming, make america great again. it is titled "trump effect" after" mass effect" and uses martin sheen dialogue from the game. >> we are at war. no one wants to admit it, but humanity is under attack. one specific man might be all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our existence. >> that man is my father. >> let's examine the quotes. donald trump is awe-inspiring for all who gaze upon him. i wrote the art of the deal. no more or yows.
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oreos. the trailer continues. >> we need a leader to surround us with the brightest and the toughest and deadliest allies we can find. >> it is not about the republican party or the democratic party. it is about the people. >> inspiring. let's cut to the conclusion. >> i'm working for you folks. we are going to win at every single level. we will win so much you will get sick and tired of it and i will say i don't care! we will keep winning because we are going to make america great again! we will make it greater than ever before! >> i would have made it more patriotic, but that's just me. look, kennedy, i think this is a great ad. does this make you want to vote for trump? >> no. it makes me realize that it is
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not funny enough to be funny and it was created by somebody who thinks it is outrageous. >> i thought it was a joke. is is the joke on donald trump? he doesn't care. he tweeted it out. >> lighten up, francis. i was ready to start kicking in doors for america. it is absurd, but it did strike me. you can't get away from the music and the flag and the eagle. i tell you -- >> i think it is great. he should buy some air time with this ad. people think it is funny and i loved it. >> i thought all who gazed upon it made great points. it is perfectly trumpian. i don't know how to describe it. it is perfect for his campaign. it is like the cultural battle between the social justice warriors and the trolls and he is on the troll side. >> i guess it could have been funnier. and they had to decide. because he could make such a
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moving, sweeping, epic mini film like that, the people who love him would truly be inspired by it, and he could make something so self-refer -- self--referencial and they are playing into his hand. >> i think it was both of those. >> i think that's the magic of trump that it works on a gut level, don't you think? >> don't you think that president bartlett's people are already filing a lawsuit somewhere. hollywood must be going nuts over this thing right now. >> i think it is fine. >> martin sheen is is up a lefty. if he was dead he would be spinning in his grave. >> that's the genius of it. i think it can play as an ad anyway. they want to make mark great again secretly. nyu students are afraid to speak up on the notoriously liberal campus. one junior who dared to give
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his name said supporters try to keep it hidden from the rest of the student body. they are afraid of losing friends and being ridiculed in class and getting worse grades and are even afraid of booing assaulted and feckly hurt. physically hurt. another student was so concerned of being outed as a trump fan he secured a private room to speak to the reporter. he noted are on their side or a racist, f-word in their eyes. there are an estimated 30 members of the trump underground. here is video of a recent meeting. >> i never saw that. yes, that was joshua jackson. that was supposed to be nyu. >> he is so smart that he goes
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to college every four years. >> do you think there are any -- why aren't there any left wing people who are afraid of their political views? >> because they are all immature babies if they are not in college they should be because that's essentially where nothing happens anymore. i can't think of anything more fun than being a rou se r on a super liberal campus. being somebody who is -- i mean, you talk about trolling, that's the ultimate troll. even if you don't care about making america great again even if you don't want to build a beautiful wall or keep muslims out, letting other people think that about you, if he don't care about your gpa, if you don't care at all, that would be the funest job on any college campus in the country. >> it would be fun. some people would think it is ironic. if you had long hair and hippie clotheses you would be that's ironic that he is making fun of done thald trump because he is -- done national
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trump because he is not. >> the idea that people are in the closet, it happened when i was on campus. i was the head of the conservative group and there was a guy who had a conservative club and i never talked to him because i said he was not racist. i didn't know better. i was a dumb college student. that was a dumb story. ben, isn't it worse now than ever? i don't know if it compares or not, but i remember individuals, you know, when i went to college i went to rotc and there were fellow rotc members who were told by certain professors here and there please don't wear your uniform to class. >> what an outrage. >> but i agree with kennedy. if i was in college today i would have a make america great hat, shirt, shoes, socks. it is getting worse. >> it is cool.
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you walk the streets of brooklyn, right? >> i used to. i moved. you are not far off. >> i am from brooklyn. >> it is a world that acts as if it is all -- it is open minded, but they are more closed minded than anyone. >> there is no one more closed minded than a modern day left. if you think one conservative speaker comes to the school and they need a safe space, yet if you are a conservative on campus you never get a safe space. every professor will be a lefty. at the same time i agree with these guys and i don't think this almost wreaks of the safe space response. if you don't have the guts to be a trump supporter -- think of what this guy had. just tell people who you support and deal with it. >> moving on to a saxier story -- sexier story.
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sanders was anded why he released a summary of his tax returns while hillary clinton has posted eight years of full returns. his answer may shock you. >> to be honest with you, you know who does our tax returns? my wife does our tax returns. we have been a little busy lately. >> he was so honest, right? >> he didn't like the question, you can tell. >> but i think it is kind of cute he has his wife do the taxes. >> i love how uncomfortable he was. he is only uncomfortable talking about taxes when he talks about raising yours. that's a lame excuse i think. >> you do? i think it is -- well, interesting. kennedy? >> did she hide them some wasn't the point of saying my wife does our tacks. dsh dash taxes. okay. well pull them out of the musty old file and make a xerox copy and send them to
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somebody on your staff because we know you don't have a scaner. either bernie sanders has not done his taxes taxes and he is a taxi -- tax evader. >> what is he hiding? he is who he is. >> full disclosure, my wife does our taxes and if she didn't i would have the irs kicking in my door. >> because you would cheat on your ks -- on your taxes, right? >> the last one was in 2014 and here is what better fee -- bernie is hiding. he is taking about 30% of his pay in deductions and the normal average for somebody who make $200,000 to $300,000 claim generally about 15%. he has more than double the deductions. >> and he wants to get rid of the deductions. he is one of those people that wants to make sure the rich pay their fair share and they
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are not using deductions. >> i am a little sick of all of the releasing of the stuff. >> if he wasn't making a big issue about hillary clinton releasing her speeches that she gave to goldman sachs, he is making a central point of his campaign that is transparent and he should have released them as well. >> if he makes public his prostate exam and hillary clinton gets a cat scan or some sort of mri for her brain do see what kind of physical condition these two are truly in, that would be a much better barometer than releasing your tax returns. i don't care how much you make. i don't care what you do with your ks tays. i think -- i don't care what you do with your taxes. >> sorry taxation. >> who knows? maybe we will see his taxes eventually. coming up, fame wants to end their tradition of
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afternoon naps for adult. what could be next? find out after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i am kill -- kelly wright. a plane crash killed five people. a plume of smoke could be seen at the crash site in eastern tennessee, minutes from dolly parton's dollywood theme park. there was a deadly amtrak crash in pennsylvania. the train was going 106 miles per hour in a 110 mile per hour zone when it struck a backhoe. the collision killed two track workers and injured 30 people
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on board. the u.s. justice department now says they are reviewing the so-called panama papers. it is the massive tax evasion league which allegedly details the offshoreings of politicians and celebrities and businessmen. some targeting vladimir putin saying he moved the assets offshore to avoid the u.s.-lead sanctions. the justice department wants to find out if any are linked to americans. two explosives efforts have been transferred to guantanamo bay. the two libyan nationals were sent to senegal. they reduce the population to 89 and as part of the obama administration's plan to close the camp. parts of new england is seeing some record april 4th snowfalls. the slow-moving storms lasted through the evening and dumped up to 10 inches of snow on some areas.
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and villanova fans are out in full force celebrating their team's first ncaa many's basketball title. the final 77-74. fame could be saying hour raw vaw hua. mariano cans to put an end to the traditional three of a hour lunch break. this is how they typically spend their day. they work from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. then they take a break before returning to work until 8:00 p.m. then they usually attend the bullfight. at midnight see yeses staw
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number two and then 2:00 a.m. time for dinner. thrie:00 a.m. they watch "red eye". 4:00 a.m., go to bed. dream about andy levy. so, owe -- okay, a siesta had its day. >> it is a way of life. >> it is a way of life in spain. >> they want to compete in a modern economy. >> and if they do they should stop being lazy. it is mostly because my life has been affected by it. when i have gone to europe in the afternoon which is when you shop and everything is shutdown it is frustrating. spain has always been the s on pigs which is a term for portugal, ireland, greece and spain. these are unproductive countries that have three-hour
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siestas and they can't support their own economies because not only do people want to work less, but they want to work fewer years and retire when they are 50. how can you possibly afford to support an entire population when you don't have younger workers. >> do you this so kennedy can shop once a year? >> i like how they are watching "red eye" at 3:00 a.m. they must be on eastern time. i agree with everything kennedy said as usual. my whole life is a fiesta. the whole problem is is the union. what happens is these hard working countries like germany have to subsidize all of the lazy countries and now they have to get them to pick it up because the others will get pissed. >> i don't know if the siesta is causing the lack of productivity, but it may be how they approach work.
12:27 am
do you think it will help that much? >> here is where i am confused. 20% of their population is out of work. >> to me it makes me wonder what are the other three people doing? what if 70 pief -- 75% of the workforce are doing everything. it generally takes a few hours to get my brain working after a three-hour nap? >> but they have a lovely life. they go out late. >> which is what you are supposed to do on vacation. when i visit spain, that's a great schedule for me because i have worked hard 50 weeks out of the year and i take two weeks off with my family and spend one of those weeks in a place like europe and try to enjoy the spoils of my labor because i can't because everybody there is acting like they are on vacation. >> isn't this a problem of europe generally because they don't work as hard as the united states? we have liberal left winger
12:28 am
wingerrers -- left wingers. >> they don't want to work. i don't have a problem with it, but it is true and that's how they have been a healthier nation. we should work harder and get to keep the fruits of our labor. >> coming up, half time with andy levy or -- [speaking spanish].
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time to find out what we missed. hi, tom, how are you doing? let's talk about your contested convention. there is a convention rule that says only nominees that have won eight states can contend. that's not true. you have to have won a majority of delegates in at least eight states. >> doesn't that mean win? >> nobody has won a majority of delegates in at least eight states. >> are you kidding? >> of course they have to change the rule then. >> everyone keeps winning a plurality. no one has won a majority of delegates. >> what about in a winner take all state? >> those haven't happened.
12:33 am
>> some of these guys have racked up the delegates. >> florida? ohio? >> nobody won eight though is my point. >> okay then. >> what did ted cruz get in texas. >> nobody has one -- has won eight. >> we are in agreement and i don't see any reason they will give them to cruz or kasich assuming trump has the lead and is short of 1237, if they are giving it to someone else it has to be someone who didn't run. i am thinking joe biden. >> by the way, the super delegates are bound by conscience. if hillary clinton is indicted and they decide that bernie sanders is not not their guy he can parachute joe biden. >> if they are bound by their conscience, they are not bound
12:34 am
by anything. >> you brought up i hate the electoral college and it is worse than trump university. you said if the gop gives a nomination -- >> are they both in the final four? >> neither one are in the final four. if the gop gives the nomination other than the delegate getter the rye maries are useless which i tend to agree with, but the rules state after 1237 it is up for grabs. >> it is up for grabs after the first ballot. he will have the delegates sewn up long before the first ballot. >> on fifth avenue and no one will care. >> you said they will continue to be ron paul supporters. they would have.
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>> not all ron supporters. >> you said it is game on? yeah given some of trump's supporters. >> i think watching a bunch of guys with elephant hats beating the hell out of each other on national tv. >> and kimky. >> and you said they could nominate who ever they want. they could even nominate tom. they can't, trust me. there is no way. >> i have stuff. the trump affect video. it is named after mass effect and it uses martin sheen dialogue. >> i want to fend off any nerd
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tweets. dave, you said it was trumpy and i agree with that. >> did you see the part where hillary is barking like a dog. >> you asked if president bartlett's people are filing a lawsuit right now. >> martin sheen was playing the elusive man from mass effect two and three. >> by the end of mass affect three he is under the control of the reapers. >> tom, can you tell that story about your experience at umass again. >> he inspired the song. >> i just now divide my life into the time before you told
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that story. >> it is a great story. >> it is a good point. this stuff, this thing exesed a hundred years ago when you and i went to clenl. >> but is it worse? >> probably, but it wasn't good back then. >> if you were in college right now you would be walking around in make america great gear. >> in my day it was coors stuff. it was a big anti-labor thing and you would wear t-shirts and hats. >> i wore a joe camel jacket. >> we have to put that story with my story. we have a lot of stories. >> i agree with you. i think they get this attitude from trump. she constantly complaining about how unfairly he is being treated.
12:38 am
they were so unfair to me. >> i don't know. i think they are unfair to trump to some degree of the certainly the liberal media is. they are always unfair to conative serve -- conservative. >> i don't see what being unfair to conservatives is means to being unfair to trump. sanders says his wife does his tax returns. this is funny to me. i didn't know it was legal women do ks tays. i like when i learn things. kennedy, you said did his wife hide them? i don't see what his wife doing his taxes has to do with his campaign. >> oh i didn't know that. i'm sorry i is -- i asked. wow. great excuse. >> i don't generally care about a candidate's tax returns, but in general if you are being less transparent than hillary clinton, that's not good. lastly, the spanish prime minister wants to get rid of siestas. dave, you said you love they are watching it at 3:00 a.m. and they must be on eastern time. in fact, along with
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getting rid of siestas, the prime minister would put the clocks back by one hour to bring spain back to greenwich meantime. they are aligned with eastern european time because francisco fran co wanted to show allegiance to nazi germany. i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. don't go anywhere. the dice man is in the studio when we return.
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good morning. this is america's newsing -- news headquarters and here is a look at news. voters are preparing to head to the polls in just a few hours from now. analysts tell us the results of that state's primary might be a turning point in the republican presidential race. wisconsin has 42 republican delegates up for grabs and 86 for democrats. so far the polls taser hillary clinton over bernie sanders, but the race could be tight between donald trump and ted cruz. political pundits say it is likely to increase the chance of a contested convention. aviators are on their way to the great smoky mountains national park in eastern tennessee and that's where a tourist helicopter went down and exploded yesterday killing all five people on board. the crash site isn't far from a large outlet mall in dolly
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parton's dollywood theme park. in the word of one police officer, there is not much left of the chopper. bp will have to pay more than $20 million in fines and damages over 16 years. it all stems from the well blowout that killed 11 workers and unleashed a 134-million spill in the gulf of mexico in 2011. a federal judge gave the agreement his final okay yesterday. the payout includes $5.5 billion to cover other damage. facebook will roll out a new feature today that will enable blind people to enjoy photos on this social network. the website has trained its computers to be seeing eye guides using artificial intelligence. with the help of an iphone app the computer recognizes faces and objects in the photos. the phone's built in screen reader then provides the descriptions by a voice over. i'm kelly wright.
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now back to "red eye." if you were the first comedian to sell out madison square garden. if you were banned from life, but not banned from fox news, you might be. >> i am here with controversial andrew dice clay, star of "dice" that airs on sunday night starting april 10th. take a look at this clip. >> elvis is gone. the bad luck is gun. the bad luck is gone and i will win the money! >> one minute you are my friend and the next minute -- you know what i'm going to do? i am going to go home and i will get my personal checkbook and i will write you a check for $100,000 and put it in your hand. you know how you will feel? you will feel like a real like
12:46 am
stupid idiot. >> like a stupid idiot? >> i feel like a stupid idiot. >> who gives me $100,000? >> welcome to "red eye." thanks for coming in. >> i get it. you are one of those. what is going on? >> you were huge. when i was in college nobody was bigger than dice. the way the pilot opened you said i was playing stadiums. 60,000 people a week? >> 60,000, 80,000 people a week. you were the biggest act going of the when you would walk out on the stage and you had throngs of people, you say this can't last forever. >> i didn't think that. i actually did over 300 arena
12:47 am
shows and up to 94 or 95. i really just kept doing tour after tour. that was never even a thought like that those kind of shows would end. >> there was nothing like it at the time. like i said you were the first to sell out -- >> i mean how unreal is that? that's unbelievable in my opinion. >> it is unbelievable. >> what i had yet thinks they can do that? >> and did you have that vision? let's go back to when you started to do stand up, did you have the dice character or did you work into that? how did you start? >> actually i started outdoing more of an act of impressions and i took that act as far as don kirshner's rock concert. i got into comedy for acting. what happened is i grew up in the world of rock and roll and drumming and singing and i liked a lot of the comics i was seeing .
12:48 am
there is a performance. >> you wanted to be a rock star? >> it wasn't there. it wasn't that. i understood that world. i would talk to my pairns about it and say the image of dice was seeing rock and roll with elvis and we were seeing movies from james dean to travolta on "saturday night fever" and we will see in tv when henry winkler did" -- the fonz, i wanted to create the ultimate rock star hero comic. >> the fonz was big and he was middle america. you came out and your first album was offensive. >> because it was. >> we were talking earlier on the panel about the idea -- people seem to think political correctness is a new
12:49 am
phenomenon. the pc police were on you as well, right? >> the term politically incorrect was spawned when i did "saturday night live" and it was lauren michaels and -- who is that one that sticks up for like all of the women? gloria -- >> gloria steinum. >> yeah, that's where they coined the phrase politically incorrect, whether you know it or not. >> was it -- >> it was a very crazy time for me. >> and there were people who wanted to shut you down. >> they would deface billboards. but it was also a time in america where the gay community was coming out of the closet. women were fighting for the rights of equal rights as far as jobs and everything. they would call me sexist which i thought i never was. i just happened to really -- i
12:50 am
love women and i respect the women i go with. >> nobody loves women for than you. >> nobody. nobody. sex -- to this day i am 58 years old and every time is the first time all over again. the greatest feeling in the world. if i can orgasm and laugh hysterically at the same time i could die at that moment and be happy. the two greatest feelings ever. >> it is like you are the dream date. i love the pilot and i am so excited, april 10th, "dice" on show time. come back and we will do a web clip. show me movies with explosions.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity.
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we will be back the next night with greg stone, joe devito and michael money gnaw han. moynihan. >> your 11-year-old self called and it wants its prank phone calls back. an absolutely necessary article chronicles the long history and the slow death of the prank phone call. since the advent of the telephone children ages 11 to 15 have delighted in the practical joke. in the thiepts and 2000's they
12:55 am
were exploited by the jerky boys and charlie rose. but alas, those days are dwindling. caller id has lead to the down fall. we here at "red eye" salute you. may your rein run like your refrigerator. do you remember that one? ken gnaw dye -- kennedy, you did some prank calls. >> when it was raining in oregon for eight months you would hole yourself up in your best friend's closet and we would call and pretend to be old people's grandchildren. there is one man who answered his phone every time and we were relentless and egley, wherever you are, sorry. >> ben, did you do the classics? are there any walls there? how the hell do you keep your roof up? that kind of thing? >> the one i did and it was probably one of the few or only ones, i was in afghanistan and -- >> wait a minute. this is already going -- >> and so my best friend -- >> is this the taliban?
12:56 am
>> so my best friend nate whit field, i ended up -- i called his wife and said mrs. whit field, this is john from cobella's. your husband just bought a new bass fishing boat, and we need to figure out where to deliver this. is there an address you would prefer for us to deliver this boat? she went nuclear in a nano-second. i said ma'am, i am looking at your husband and he bought this bass boat. where would you like it delivered? by the time she started screaming he yanked the satellite phone out. >> that is expensive too. it is like $30 a minute. >> i bet you still do prank calls, you and your buddy. >> i call my friend's cell phone and it is like, dave, i can see your name. >> you face time them. it doesn't work. my thanks to kennedy, ben collins and dave smith and of course andrew dice clay. i am tom shillue and, you
12:57 am
know, i ended things a little early, but, kennedy, i sense you have another prank call story. why don't you feel free to start it right now? >> well, this one -- he did wit
12:58 am
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reagan. >> this is not only a good book, he's an important book. president obama was so desperate to get his legacy nuclear deal with iran, his top aids may have lied about the terms, this is special report. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. just days after iran is fulfilling the letter but not the spirit of its nuclear agreement with the west, there are new serious questions tonight about whether the terms of that deal are quietly changing as we speak. this comes as we learn a u.s. navy ship stopped a massive


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