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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 5, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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reagan. >> this is not only a good book, he's an important book. president obama was so desperate to get his legacy nuclear deal with iran, his top aids may have lied about the terms, this is special report. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. just days after iran is fulfilling the letter but not the spirit of its nuclear agreement with the west, there are new serious questions tonight about whether the terms of that deal are quietly changing as we speak. this comes as we learn a u.s. navy ship stopped a massive
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iranian shipment of heavy weapons. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports on heightened suspicions that the president and his aids may have tried to deceive congress. >> house intelligence committee member, republican of kansas confirmed to fox news, he's leading a probe, first disclosed by the washington free beacon into whether the obama administration misled congress on the terms of the nuclear deal. >> there were specific amendments that were made to members of congress. and we need to look into whether or not it's the case we were deceived by those commitments. >> after the implementation if they launch these types of missiles, is it or is it not in violation of the agreement. >> it is a violation of security council resolutions. >> the state department hasn't
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called the regime's recent ballistic missile test violations of 2231 which bans such tests. instead, the tests are consistent with 2231. >> did this administration mislead the congress? >> to your very pointed question, no. >> treasury secretary jack lieu assured lawmakers last summer. >> iran will continue to be denied access to the world's largest market. >> treasury has all but confirmed it will allow iran access to u.s. dollars through selected foreign banks. a welcome development to iran's rulers. >> they think they have gotten everything from the west. particularly from the united states. money, credibility, international recognition and trade agreement. >> is that part of the deal that was briefed to lawmakers at any point? >> i'd have to look back and see if it was in the original text. >> you don't recall it? >> i don't. >> the pentagon disclosed that a
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navy patrol ship last week intercepted a vessel carrying hundreds of rocket propelled grenade launchers. >> i don't think our picture of iran has changed all that much. >> congressman pompeii yo said his probe into the selling of the iran deal will start out informal, but will ramp up to include subpoenas and the like if the administration proves uncooperative. >> james rosen at the state department, james, thank you. >> at least 29 people are dead in iraq, 56 a wave of suicide attacks across the country. among the targets, a popular restaurant in the south where at least 14 were killed. iraqi forces say they have captured a key village outside moos you will from isis terrorists. >> it's believed hackers have posted personal information for nearly 50 million turkish citizens. the associated press reports, an online database contains national i.d. numbers and is
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backed by an icelandic group. we really shouldn't elect trump, that guy sounds like he knows even less about running a country that turkish president irdawan does. a blockbuster release of millions of financial documents has european andation leaders running for political cover, some even trying to hold off calls for their removaremoval. the panama papers paint a picture of widespread corruption and tax evasion by wealthy and famous people from a number of countries. amy kel of course is surveying the damage tonight from roam. >> it's no shock the rich and famous shelter their wealth in bank accounts. the ultimate public servants also appeared to be involved in this murky financial universe that includes the extensive use of shell companies.
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implicated either directly or through close associates vladimir putin, ukrainian president the saudi king, the former iraqi prime minister, family members of pakistan's leader and syria's president and the late father of britain's prime minister david cameron. they're all mentioned in 11 1/2 million leaked documents that allegedly belong to mosak fon seca. >> these are the kind of companies that legitimate businesses use to manage their tax issues here in the united states or in europe or elsewhere, they're also the sort of companies that can be used by terrorist cindy cats, narcotics sithdy cats, criminal cindy cats to hide the ilgotten gains of illegal activity. >> in the case of president putin, two close friends. the president's personal wallet who used complex schemes to move
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billions of dollars around p.m. others say this case is unlikely to dent putin. >> there aren't any accounts to link putin to the company. even if there were, it would shock his reporters in panama. >> the company claims they did nothing wrong. >> it's very unfair that they now want to link us to the activities of the societies when it's not like that. we are not responsible for the activities of 240,000 company that is we have established through our history. >> so essentially, the panamanian law is taking use of the companies it helped to set up. so many of those have said they have done nothing wrong. the u.s. department of justice is investigating all of this.
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looking at these documents to see laws or sanctions were violated. >> live in roam, thank you. one of the leaders facing calls for his dismissal is petro porasheko. he's not managed his personal assets since winning election in ukraine in 2014. he posted on facebook, i believe i may be the first top office official in ukraine, who treats declaring of assets, paying taxes and conflict of interest issues profoundly and seriously in full compliance with the ukrainian and international private law. today president obama told the head of nato the u.s. will stand by its commitments to ukraine and other allies. friday, before the corruption allegations surfaced, i talked to ukraine's president
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about russia, vladimir putin, help from the u.s. and last week's nuclear security summit. ukraine agreed to give up its nuclear program, in exchange for getting russia and other countries to respect its borders. >> to get them to give up the biggest arsenal in the world, they guarantee -- unfortunately, in the year 2014, one of the permanent member of the united nations security council has become an aggressive and make an aggression in my country. we demonstrate the global security system which was built before world war ii is not working at all. >> after russia's actions, do
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you now look back and say, maybe we should have held on to the nuclear material as a deal maker? >> you are right, if you do not propose, develop, you affect a mechanism to stop that. >> we should forget about nonproliferation proposals. >> how many russian troops do you think are still in your country? >> these are exact figures, confirmed by the agent. we know for sure that now it's about 6,000 regular troops on occupied territory plus 50,000
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troops in crimea. plus local militia men this is a huge contingent which is more than the army of the many european countries. >> do you have any hope ever of getting crimea back? >> i'm sure this is a brutal violation of the international law. none of the countries analyzed this. if we do not act properly, the world will never be secured. >> your assessment of the u.s. support for your efforts and how the u.s. has factored in to your fight against russian agrelgs? >> you keep asking me this question two years ago, i said, okay, this is completely insufficient. we have joint trading courses,
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not only for their trading equipment but their military and technical corporation. >> it's gotten better? >> yeah, it's gotten better. >> we have received the final approval of 335 million dollar package, significant part of this package would be new technology. >> knowing what you know, what do you think vladimir putin's aims are, what are his goals? >> point number one, nobody knows that, except vladimir putin. it's extremely unpredict ababled the easiest is that he wants to keep the soviets from the russian and putin understanding, this is just -- he want to keep the soviet empire of the russian empire, he cannot imagine a russian empire without ukraine. >> if you were in charge of other countries in your region,
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estonia, latvia, would you be worried? >> absolutely. you ask me if i trust putin, no, i don't trust him. we have an aggression, we have foreign troops of my country. just this night we have nine wounded soldiers and one killed soldiers. it is completely prohibited by the agreement. we should develop seat on the table negotiation to stop their attempt to blackmailing european nations. we are not allowed -- >> do you think nato is still viable from where you sit is nato affecting -- >> i think the only unique
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mechanism which is effective and still working. we don't have any alternative until now. and with nato, it's much more secured without that. >> you mentioned that you have a hold on the corruption problem. are you confident of that inside your country? >> you create a special anti-corruption office. we could redo the same with the corruption bureau. we bring the first results, transparent and criminal responsibility for the level of your revenue and the level of your expenditure. i'm proud of that. >> last thing, you pay attention to the u.s. politics and the u. u.s.? >> yes. >> closely? >> yes. >> what do you think? >> i trust the responsible
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choice of the american people. i think the u.s. is the leader of the world, should understand their role and their responsibility. this is point number one, point number two. and the 18th of september, i have my speech in the united states congress. i was so much impressed, this is the unique feeling, the unique level of support and trust which american people, american condemnen straight to ukraine. i think now the ukrainian matter of fighting for freedom and democracy, unite american people. people no matter they're democrat or republicans, and i'm thankful very much for all americans for this unique form of ukrainian support. >> mr. president, thank you very much for the time. >> thank you, brett. >> ukraine president. up next, donald trump is still trying to collar phi his comments about abortion, but
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fighting to surprise in wisconsin. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. california governor jerry brown signs legislation raising the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. the state assembly and senate both approved the legislation thursday. fox 29 in philadelphia, amtrak service resumes in the northeast corridor a day after a train struck heavy equipment on the tracks outside the city. two people were killed on that equipment. more than 30 passengers were sent to area hospitals. it's not known why that equipment was on the tracks. this is a live look from atlanta from fox 5, one of the big stories there tonight, opening day. the braves start their season at turner field for the last time. the team is moving north of the city to a new ballpark next year. the braves are hosting the washington nationals today. we're not going to give a score away right now. that's tonight's live look
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outside the
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we're just a few hours away from the start of voting in the next primary battleground, wisconsin.
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democrats will fight over 96 delegates to this summer's party convention. republicans are battling for 42 gop delegates. the delegate math once again has donald trump calling for one of his rivals to clear the field. and continuing efforts to collar phi his conflicting statements about abortion. that as ted cruz deals with his own set of challenges. senior national correspondent john roberts is covering the republicans tonight from lacrosse. >> liein' ted. >> it's a position donald trump is unfamiliar and unhappy with. an 11th hour fight for a win that just weeks ago looked like a sure thing. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. >> the wound the trump's popularity was self-inflicted. a number of unforced errors culminating with a meandering set of statements in washington. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? >> the answer is that there has
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to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> at this point the laws are sit. >> i said woman because it was asked hypothetically. i corrected it and made it very much so that it's acceptable to everybody. >> women go through a lot, they go through a tremendous punishment of themselves. i didn't like, because i wasn't sure people would understand it. >> the stumble, a rare moment where controversy hurt not helped trum. >> just a few weeks ago the media was saying wisconsin was a perfect state for trump to win. >> in a town hall with megyn kelly, cruz broached the allegations of adultery head on. >> have you committed adultery? >> i have not.
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that attack was complete and utter garbage. >> cruz and trump have aimed most of their fire at each other. they have trained their sights on john kasich. he's won just one primary, he's staying in through the convention. >> he's one and 30. he ought to get out. honestly. >> john kasich cannot be the nominee. >> kasich insists he can win a contested convention. and the primary schedule ahead only gets better for him. >> the reason why trump said kasich has to go, he needs to get out because he's getting my votes. and i want to have my votes. this is not fair. >> the cruz and trump campaigns insist because kasich likely won't admit the party requirement to have his name placed into nomination, he will be ineligible. that's not correct. because if a nominee is not chosen after the first ballot,
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the delegates begin to become unbound and can vote for anyone. if kasich or anyone else for that matter amasses those votes, they can meet the party requirements. if they cross the 1237 threshold, they can become the nominee even if they never went through the primary process. >> john, thanks. even though wisconsin has yet to vote, much of the acrimony and focus concerns the new york primary in two weeks. ed henry has that part of the story tonight from new york. >> hello new york. >> one day before the wisconsin prima primary, hillary clinton today was in new york. where she has campaigned for five of the last six days. a sign she's all but conceding the badger state to bernie sanders and is nervous about locking down the primary in her adopted home state. >> donald trump has said that
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wages are too high. he's fired, that's funny. >> whoa! >> sanders spent another day in wisconsin and continued ripping clinton. >> i am not a candidate who goes to the unions and goes to workers and leaves and goes to a fund-raiser with wall street. >> clinton got some air cover from new york's governor, andrew cuomo who suggested sanders is all talk. >> we don't need ideas that sound good we need ideas that are good and sound. >> clinton spent the weekend on defense over a series of issues, starting with what observers called a condescending comment about young voters. >> i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this, they don't do their own research. >> on abortion, clinton managed to upset some liberals by calling an unborn fetus a person, while still angering conservatives by saying that person does not have constitutional rights.
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>> the unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights. that doesn't mean that we don't do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to help a carrying a child. >> the fbi has not yet contacted her about its investigation, but she's willing to talk. and rejected criticism that she was not transparent, except one of clinton's notable supporters suggested in a newspaper interview, clinton tried to evade a public record's law saying, i have no doubt that there server was set up so the secretary wouldn't have to submit to that law. >> now the candidates are still debating about another debate here in new york city. one clinton proposal had the two candidates going head to head against tonight's college men's basketball championship. now a debate on april 14th is on the fable. sanders camp has a rally.
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he'll issue a new permit for a new rally. >> ed henry live in new york. thanks. when we come back, is one person one vote still the best way to run why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet?
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you won't see these folks they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. fox news reported exclusively friday, two more terror detainees from guantanamo bay are being transferred. the pentagon announced today two libyans are headed to senegal. they have posed major threats to americans. illinois republican senator mark kirk is introducing legislation to publicly block detainees to terror hotspots and transfers of terrorism. the u.s. supreme court has turned back a challenge to the way congressional districts are decided. the fact the bench is shorthanded was not a factor. chief legal correspondent
1:31 am
shannon breem is here to tell us why. >> today's unanimous decision strikes a blow to conservatives that argued state voting districts shouldn't be drawn based on the total population, but rather than the number of eligible voters in a given area. two texas plaintiffs argued they were watered down without regard for people in the boundaries who cannot legally vote. including children and many who are mentally disabled. by a vote of 8-0, the justices held today that texas does not have to use those standards and is free to continue drawing districts based only on total population. writing for the majority ruth bader ginsberg said the plaintiffs showed no reason for the courts to disrupt longstanding practice. nonvoters have an important stake in nonpolicy debates. children, grandparents and parents, for example. total population apportionment
1:32 am
promotes quiltable and effective representation. the opinion did leave some answered questions by justices thomas and alito suggest this fight isn't over. alito wrote this, whether a state is permitted to use some measure of population that can be considered when and if we have before us a state directing plan that uses something other than total population as the basis for equalizing the size of directing. in this case, justice scalia's vote would not have made a difference. but we're awaiting a landmark case that could have been acted by his ab sebs. another republican senator says she will meet with president obama's nominee to the u.s. supreme court. kelly ayotte will talk with
1:33 am
merrick garland i week in wednesday. mark kirk became the first gop senator to meet with garland. chuck grassley has invited garland to breakfast to explain why senate republicans refuse to consider his nomination. stocks were down today, the dow lost 56, the s&p 500 was off 7, the nasdaq fell 23. iran gets caught red handed by the u.s. navy, vladimir putin's buddies may have been caught red handed by journalists. and my
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iran so far has followed the letter of the agreement. but the spirit of the agreement involves iran sending signals to the world community and businesses it's not going to be
1:38 am
engaging in a range of provocative actions that might scare business off. >> what does iran do next? >> you believe that? >> i'm not sure what it is, but there will be more -- >> think think they're in charge. >> we are concerned, about this development because offering up support to the rebels in yemen is something that is not at all consistent with u.n. security council resolutions. >> white house today reacting to news of this interception by a navy patrol ship last week going from iran to yemen, as you take a look at the region, the vessel carrying hundreds of rocket propelled grenade launchers believed to be bound to yemen support from iran, this after ballistic missile tests and
1:39 am
others thumbing the nose at the world essentially from iran. here's the ambassador to the u.s. as henry kissinger once said, iran can be a country or a cause. the cause is showing little of the same kind of pragmatism in its regional policies as it did in the nuclear talks. it's clear that one year from the framework, it's an opportunity to increase hostilities in the region. instead of accepting this as an unfortunate reality, the community must intensify its actions to strengthen iran's strategic ambitions. >> julie pace. charles krauj hammer. >> you hear the administration's
1:40 am
reaction to what iran is doing, and you want to weep. the president says it's not living up to the spirit of the agreement. as if anyone would believe they believe in the kind of spirits the agreement has. it has shown no concern whatsoever, the ballistic missiles, the shipping of weapons, to rebels, the using of hezbollah to fight on behalf of assad in syria, the threatening of the neighbors. i mean, this was so obvious from the beginning. then you get ernest today saying that what the iranians are doing with the weapons shipment is not consistent with u.n. security council. no, it's a violation, the worst part of this is not just the naivety, it's the exception that the administration used in selling the agreement on two fronts. number one, you show the clip of the administrion spokesman saying the u.n. security council
1:41 am
resolutions would prohibit ballistic missile launches? no. the administration at the last minute caved, changed the resolutions so it's into the a violation. and we have admitted it at the u.n., and secondly we had promised the congress that we would not allow the iranians to dollarize their transaction as and we are doing that now. >> it had been alleged this was a sales job that evolved and had some change as long the way. what you told us is not the fact 37. >> particularly on this issue of whether iran will have reaction to u.s. dollars. some people who have supported the agreement, saying this may go a step too far, i think that the administration has scene that reaction. whether they carry this out and they do. this was always the inherent intention on this.
1:42 am
this is a very narrow agreement that focuses only on the nuclear deal at the same time, officials would say privately they hoped the result would be that iran would change its behavior. you're simply not seeing that in the short term. >> here's the pentagon today and the white house reacting about it again a lot of questions -- >> i don't think our picture of iran has changed all that much. they have shown a willingness to conduct themselves in ways we don't think add to the stability of the region. >> one of the things we will discuss later this month will be ramping up our efforts to counter iran's destabilizing activities in the nation. >> you have the ambassadors of these gulf nations sending up
1:43 am
flair flairs. they're saying, wait a second, this is all happening, it's all falling apart here what he -- and we're seeing this play out right here, what he forgets or fails to realize is, that it only -- that arc on bends toward justice when good people do good things, and smart things. from the beginning, the idea of giving all ofrewards to iran without getting any concessions from them, the idea that they can launch these ballistic missile tests, missiles that absolutely could reach into israel the idea that these weapons shipments to yemen are not a violation of the letter of the lawlor of the agreement, shows that his foreign policy is hope and
1:44 am
change and close your eyes there is no willingness to use american might to force change. >> let's turn to ukraine, the interview with the president. part of the answer we didn't air about putin and his unpredictable. if you were in estonia or other countries in the region, would you be worried? >> this is exactly -- because of the unpredictability. >> let's leave and call putin. then during the putin aggression in georgia, i said, okay, let's give it this way and make him happy. this is not working, because now he started an aggression against ukraine, in crimea east, and then he launch an operation in
1:45 am
syria absolutely unpredictable. >> that interview was done on friday. his warning putin is on the move. and the problem is not that putin is unpredictable. it's that obama is predictable. and you can predict and advance that whatever putin does, will receive no serious response from the united states. you know, we are now increasing our patrols in eastern europe. that's ridiculous, or the eastern europeans are begging for a permanent presence a triple error, that would assure them, obama will not do it, can anybody explain to me why in ukraine we to this day refused to provide defensive weaponry. they are not asking for offenses. simply defense, there's is obsolete and inadequate like i
1:46 am
would say the kurds in iraq. that's another story. we are leaving them twisting in the wind and leaving the initiative entirely up to putin. if you are the ukraine, poland, you don't sleep at night on account of that. >> last thing, the panama paper story, explosive. journalists from around the world, 11 1/2 million documents from this law firm in south america, and world leaders who are implicated either directly or through associates, you see the list. russian president putin. porschenko, i asked him about corruption, but not he specifically this. you see all the pictures. they have shell companies, moving money offshore. we don't know the skaent this goes? >> we don't. the revelations we have seen so far are incredible. you look at the world list of leaders, it spans europe, the
1:47 am
middle east. president putin is involved in this, it's really an incredible phenomenon that's happening. as journalists dig into these documents there are going to be some world leaders that will be quite worried.
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>> kasich should not be allow to do run. is he one for 29. one for 29 or one for 28. the one place is ohio where he is governor. he should not be allow to do run. very unfair. is he taking our votes. >> if you want to be the republican nom test contested convention, i believe we'll be in a very,?h very strong position to earn a majority from the delegates that were elected by the people. >> think about what this guy said. he said he needs%:a because is he getting my votes and i want to have my votes. this is not fair. >> sights and sounds from the campaign trail as we get ready for wisconsin tomorrow. one poll is raising some eyebrows in wisconsin. the american research group poll, the arg poll has trump up 10 tonight. however that does not match any other the rcp average of polls and that's included in there still has cruz up as you see
1:52 am
there about four points. we are on the democratic side looking at an average of polls with sanders a slight lead over hillary clinton as you get ready for wisconsin to start voting. we're back with the panel. charlie? >> i think that somehow or another hillary clinton managing to burn through 50 plus point advantage over bernie sanders? wisconsin is the most amazing thing now. we are starting to hear from her campaign indications she is expecting to lose which, of course, is partly expectations game but also probably the truth. she is all but vacated the state. donald trump'sn thought, to chris wallace yesterday revealed a new found humility admitting that last week was not his best week. and he has had some troubles. but, and apartment rg poll not with understanding, if he does manage to pull out something either a win or
1:53 am
closes the gap with cruz in wisconsin, he can very much get his -- the ship, you >> we talked about that week and a part of that was the abortion comment. here's a3d- compilation of donald trump, kind of adjusting that a bit over the past couple of days. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the%>woman? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> at this moment the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. frankly, no one is going to do more than than me. no one expects more for women than me. i took that answer, i think people didn't understand it women go through a lot. they go through a tremendous punishment of themselves. and i didn't like because i wasn't sure people would understand it. so, i clarified it. but it was just a clarification. and i think it was well-accepted. >> julie? >> well, it's never good
1:54 am
when it takes you several days to get to a position where you say yes, this is where i'm going to be on this issue. he really turned off pretty much everybody with his initial answer on abortion i think what it did was raise questions about policy depth. he has issues focused on throughout the campaign. immigration top of his list. were a position widely accepted on voters on trade. when you start pushing beyond that and myriad of issues a president would have on his plate it's clear how prepared he is at this point. >> charles? >> i think it's clear how unprepared he is. it's obvious. his explanation that he was talking about how women are punishing themselves when they have an abortion, when he said on tape, this is stuff that is# not hidden. we are now in the age of tape, where he said he said and answered the chris matthews question that he
1:55 am
had the government punishing the woman. that's pretty obvious. he pretends that this is what he was saying. he has the capacity of pretending, rather remarkable. and capacity of recovering that's remarkable. however, this is a constellation of events all having to do with women one way or the other. heidi cruz, the incident with the reporter. and now, of course, the abortion issue. that i think a, hurts him with a huge constituency and makes people wonder watching him on an issue that is this central to the conservative movement, having no idea how to answer it, look at the -- his eyes when asked that question by matthews, i think=j he was encountering it for the first time ever. that's why people have this idea he is not prepared. tomorrow of the wisconsin primary right here on fox. that's it for the panel. stay tuned. primary slated tomorrow is slated for
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1:58 am
finally tonight, wisconsin nice. seems to have rubbed off on donald trump. before tomorrow's primary in the badger state, one late night show points out that mr. trump wants you to know that he really is nice. >> the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person, okay? donald trump is a very nice person. number one, i am a nice person. >> i think i'm actually a very nice person. >> i think i'm a really nice person, actually. >> i'm a nice person. >> i am a nice person. >> i am going to be nice today. >> i have been so nice. >> nice. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget full election coverage tomorrow. i will be in new york. greta goes "on the record" >> it is tuesday april 5th. the battle for wisconsin is today with ted cruz on top in
1:59 am
the badger state, donald trump is bringing in the big guns. >> he will come back 10 times harder. >> with hillary clinton losing steam, we have live coverage for you. >> a deadly threat to america. north korea vowing to kill more americans than the attack on 9-11. their target? washington, d.c. >> it was a buzzer beater and a heartbreaker for me. villanueva bringing the championship back to pennsylvania with the last second game winning shot. it was this army veteran who stole the show. ♪
2:00 am
>> fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> it was a late night for a lot of people including you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. >> i am heather childers. thank you so much for starting your day with us. we begin with a race for the white house in. it is primary day in wisconsin. >> 96 democratic and 42 gop delegates are up for grabs in the badger state today. it is a tight race between ted cruz and donald trump. the outcome could put us one step closer to a contested