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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 5, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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read the 10th amendment." >> mark writes, "this is a christian nation founded on the bible. this is just a recognition of america's history." >> good debate. >> yeah. >> clearly. >> always like your opinions. >> gets people fired up. >> thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. >> bye. the entire country, its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. >> he's a fighter, and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> you'll look back and be proud of yourselves and be proud of your country again. >> think about what this guy said. he said he needs to get out because he's getting my votes. i want to have my votes. this is not fair. >> i want your children and grandchildren to have exactly the same opportunities to live up to their dreams.
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>> we beat donald trump by huge margins. [ applause ] yuge margins! >> it's a huge day. the battle for wisconsin as we take you live into the george webb restaurant. look at who they hired today. our own heather noward is pouring coffee and flapping jacks. >> good morning, heather. she's going to talk to voters. it will be fun. we'll have a town hall with donald trump later. the voters out there -- >> on the show! >> right. the voters will be able to ask him questions. that will be fun. >> let's look at the board and look at the roster of guests. you got donald trump, ainsley, as you know. rudy giuliani will be here shortly. maybe he's going to endorse donald trump or somebody else soon. governor scott walker made his decision. it will be for him ted cruz. he'll tell us why he thinks cruz will win. and we'll talk to laura ingraham live and we'll have kyle in studio followed by vanessa williams.
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yes. a lot of people -- >> a political analyst. >> "fox & friends." >> you know, we're open to it. >> that's right. open to just about anything. >> and juan williams will be here. >> as bernie sanders said, today is going to be huge! >> speaking of that, wisconsin, big state, the first state where both front-runners are on the defensive. >> yep. mike tobin's been all over there. live from wisconsin again. he's refused to sleep. in just two hours, the polls open. mike, you'll be up, right? >> reporter: we'll be up. it's going to be something. good morning, everyone. wisconsin does its own thing. both of the front-runners are feeling the heat now looking at potential upsets. bernie sanders is buoyed by his recent wins and buoyed by the liberal stronghold of dane county, home to the university of wisconsin at madison. the clinton campaign feeling the heat, doubtful, sent out an e-mail to fundraisers yesterday with the subject line, "we could lose wisconsin." the first paragraph of it reads, "we're down in almost every poll in wisconsin. tomorrow's primary will be a tough fight." of course, that was written
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yesterday. over on the gop side, usually the winner in wisconsin does well in the population centers around milwaukee. and the suburbs there. trump is doing just the opposite. he is doing well in the rural parts of the north and west of the state, not so well in the population centers. when you look at the numbers from the real-clear politics average, cruz at 39%, he did enjoy a double-digit lead for some time. trump has been closing in. 34.9%. kasich, a distant third at 19.6%. he, of course, is hoping to force everybody to knuckle it up all the way through the convention in cleveland. trump has been campaigning aggressively, doing poorly with women here in the badger state. he brought out his wife, mela a melania. the cruz campaign saw an opportunity in wisconsin a long time ago. they've got ten field offices. they've been working the ground game particularly in what's known as the fox river valley. we'll know by the end of the day if it pays off. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. of course, the way it would pay off for donald trump would
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be if he could win. the trump people apparently not feeling -- they feel that the turnout could actually be in their favor. they've had some gigantic rallies. but the key is, if trump is able to win there, it could essentially put a nail in the coffin of ted cruz as he marches toward that 1,237 delegates. otherwise, it could be a contested convention. >> trump is the front-runner. let's look at the delegate count this morning. trump has 737. ted cruz has 475. and look at john kasich, 143. they need 1,237 to win. >> donald trump, he said i had the best ten days. so having said that, he can say, you know, i could have done without the re-tweet. having said that, believe it or not, that probably is not playing into the fact that his numbers are -- he's not beating ted cruz in wisconsin. they did a study, the sivus analytics and marquette university. they said, let's look at what donald trump's up against. they say this state profiles a lot like iowa did, which is
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going to be tough for him. right now, he does not do that well with protestants and the well educated. and here there's a lot of protestants and a lot of well educated. with ted cruz, he also said what's important, trump country is the north and west. he's been working on that for weeks, trying to take some of the teeth out of that area and maybe give him the edge. still, it was a ten-point deficit last week. and he's closed it to five this week. >> a lot of people saying it's not shocking. it is a lot like iowa. there is ted cruz country. >> right. exactly. "the new york times" has an article today where it says the trump people knew going in that wisconsin was going to be one of their hardest states to win because it is so much like iowa. keep in mind, scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, was supposed to do really well in iowa because wisconsin is so much like iowa. and they say that -- and the point of the article in "the new
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york times" is that everybody's going, you know, trump's had a bad two weeks or something like that. it's the demographics have been working in his favor. >> what's interesting, too, if you look at iowa, ted cruz won 27.6%. donald trump won 24.3%. so cruz, as we were saying, did win in iowa. that was when all of the candidates were part of this, how many, 17, 16 in the beginning? iowa, the first caucus state, february 1st. we've come a long way. now there are only three people in the race. iowa, it's -- >> and the carson controversy in iowa that might have provided the difference. >> wisconsin, there's a big difference. in iowa, cruz only won by like 3% or 4%. interesting to see what's going to happen in wisconsin. >> you know, it will be interesting because keep in mind, wisconsin is an open primary state which means -- >> good point. >> democrats can actually vote for donald trump. if you look historically over the last number of contests, there have been a lot of democrats who have moved over. is that going to happen? we'll know in about 15 hours from now.
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meanwhile, last night, melania trump sad dosat down with her husband and sean hannity and talked about the race thus far. >> i think he's the man, he respects women. he hires the women on the highest positions and trusts them. he's the one, that he will take care of them. he's the only one. [ applause ] . it. >> what advice throughout the campaign have you given your husband? what would you like him to change a little sfwhit. >> as we discussed before, i said tweeting and being more presidential. and he has a great -- great nights. and he can be presidential. but sometimes he just like, he cannot stand that somebody attacks him because if somebody attacks him, he will punch back ten times harder. [ applause ] >> going to see if that's going to help. a lot of people saying he's down when it comes to the women's
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vote s. she going to help? what do you think? write us >> seemed relaxed, the first time in a week. it's been destabilizing to go some of these other shows and get grilled in issues he's really not that familiar with. >> it's nice to see the human side of him. as a woman, sometimes we have to rein in our husbands. sometimes they rein us in. >> tell us more. >> you're a partnership. it's nice to see her say, hey, i like that he said this, i didn't like that he said that. >> she didn't want him to run for president. >> she'd th-- she said that? >> one other point, that is regarding ted cruz. ted cruz would love to have a win tonight. that would then send him into the empire state of new york which we are sitting in with a lot of momentum. that's the key to politics. all right. it is 6:08 in new york city. and abby huntsman joins us on this tuesday. >> hey. >> good morning. ainsley, you're right. the candidates are so much better with the wife by their
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side. totally agree with you. >> brings out the best in them. >> i love the blue, too, you guys. we're all in blue. to the headlines. five people dead in a terrifying helicopter crash. a chopper full of tourists plunging to the ground in tennessee. the group office a sightseeing ride in the great smoky mountains national park. 200 miles east of knoxville. the crash ignited a fire come spread across the mountain. it took firefighters hours to gain the upper hand. no word yet on what caused the chopper to go down. just three miles from dolly parton's dollywood theme park. and this is frightening. a brand-new threat to america. north korea vowing to kill more americans than on the 9/11 attacks. the latest in a series of propaganda rants. the country claims to have warheads aimed at key sites in washington, d.c., and is ready to "wipe the country from history." regional experts say the videos are in response to the annual u.s.-south korea joint military exercises. and brand-new images showing
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the horrible damage inside the train after that deadly amtrak crash near philadelphia over the weekend. investigators interviewing construction crews today. we now know the train was traveling below the speed limit, and the operator hit the brakes five seconds before slamming into the backhoe on the tracks. it's still not clear when the train or the backhoe was on the wrong track. two construction workers did die. nearly 40 people on the train were hurt. luckily, no one on board was killed. still, a lot of questions there. just call them supernova. a miracle three-point shot propelling villanova into the ncaa history books. >> three seconds at midcourt. >> jenkins -- gives it to jenkins for the championship! [ cheers ] >> unbelievable. chris ensince hitting the buzzer beater to clinch the victory or the tar heels 77-74, giving nova its first national title since 1985. waits, is that north carolina's
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mascot getting decked after the final shot dropped? i mean, as if losing at the buzzer was not bad enough. unbelievable. last night was amazing. i don't think i slept. i did "fox & friends first" so i stayed up all night. >> a decision there -- >> it was great. >> chris jenkins -- use think about the mom. i think when they miss or make the shot, you think about the mom in the audience. i bet she is so proud of her son today. >> here the thing, chris jenkins' brother plays on the tar heels. >> no! >> the mom -- >> no, who does she pull for? like the mannings when they play each other. >> big question. a brother thing. >> what did you think? >> it was a big night at the doocy how use. peter doocy,ville no aat the sports place. you see him with his sister, mary doocy, an alum of villanova law school. >> i have to say since i sit in the middle, i wanted it to be syracuse versusville no a. even though i love the tar heels.
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these two guys, both of them have sent their kids to those schools. your money's gone there. >> right. >> exactly right. anyway, if you see peter doocy live at the white house later today, i would imagine he's got a froggy throat. >> yeah. but you know, it's hard to leave north carolina feeling like a loser. >> they were great. >> really good. 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. a frightening scene on the runway. look at this. a passenger jet's wing burst into flames. details on the fiery collision just ahead. and wisconsin is feeling the burn so to speak. should hillary clinton be nervous? doesn't look like it. she's headed for an appearance on "the view" today. juan williams here to break down the democratic race and talk about his brand-new book. what got him up early in the morning. he doesn't need the four other people. great to see you. >> hi. hillary clinton said on "meet the press" that the fbi has not reached out to schedule an interview with her regarding her private e-mail server.
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hillary clinton feeling the bern so to speak in the badger state. the latest fox business poll has sanders up big in wisconsin. the primary poll includes, even bigger on another emerson poll. the vermont senator predicting a
3:17 am
victory that will catapult him to the nomination. >> if we win in new york state between you and me, i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. [ laughter ] she's already under a lot of pressure. [ applause ] don't tell her this. i think we win here, we win in new york state, we're on our way to the white house. >> should mrs. clinton worry about the democratics defecting should bernie win today like superdelegates? ron williams is co-host of "the five be," author of a new book called "we the people." it is excellent. should be in every school system. we'll talk about that in a second. juan, welcome to the show in the morning. >> thanks. >> quill killi -- killing it on "the five." an e-mail came out saying look how much money bernie sanders is raising. >> stunning. >> meet me in new york. we haven't won anything yet. what's behind this? is there a degree of panic? >> i think it's less than panic
3:18 am
and anger at the meadia. the clinton campaign feels like, oh, the narrative is bernie's won five of the last sick, plus, $40 million-muss in one month, a lot coming from small attorneys, young people passionate about bernie, feeling the bern. so hillary clinton's campaign is saying, harry caray hold on a second. don't forget -- hey, hold on a second. don't forget, we've won millions more votes than bernie sanders. bernie sanders would have to not only win in wisconsin, he'd have to come to new york, as you heard, then go on to pennsylvania, then go on to california, win big in all those states. plus, hoe'd have to then seduce, if you will, so many superdelegates over to his side. it's that difficult. that much of an obstacle course for bernie to win. >> he says, i was born in brooklyn, he's got to debate april 14th. does that matter? >> it helps him. the question has been, is it a debate, bernie trying to get the biggest audience? >> you re-created mt. rushmore
3:19 am
in "we the people." talk about billy game and ronald reagan and thurgood marshall. >> when you look at the cover, you see -- when we think of mt. rushmore, we think of the greats, people who are the founders of our country. now, 240 years later as we sit here, we live in a country that's been built upon what the founders did. reshaped on their principles. who did that? that's the question answered. >> you look at for example, ronald reagan and ed me say. what did they do to -- ed meese. what did they do to keep the founders of the country alive? >> they did a lot. >> president obama and the supreme court replacing justice scalia, you understand what's at stake. justice scalia, nominated by president reagan at the suggestion of ed meese was a strict constructionist. he read the constitution, and in his opinion as it is written. the original intent and promise,
3:20 am
you look at garland, he's a part of a tradition on the democratic side that sees a living constitution that shifts and changed more flexible as circumstances change. >> they think it wrong, slavery, three fifths and marshall did a lot. >> they believe in the living constitution. they have women who came to voted. that wasn't in the original constitution. even if brian is walking down the street and there are surveillance cameras, they said, the founding fathers, they said, what are you doing -- >> now the book going on our book shelf. congratulations. >> today is the day. thanks for having me. >> thank you. congratulations. awesome book. coming up hate ahead, you heard "csi miami." isis has its own forensics unit. you believe that? remember when we called this revolutionary? the co-founder of aol says a new internet revolution is coming and will change ever being our lives again. he's here next live.
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quick headlines now. a federal judge approving a $20 billion settlement over the bp oil spill making it the largest environmental disaster settlement in u.s. history. the offshore rig exploded in 2010, you may remember, killing 11 and sending millions of barrels of oil into the gulf. a fire forcing the irs headquarters to remain closed today. employees will be -- who were evacuated yesterday after electrical problems with the air conditioning system sparking flames. don't worry, though, the fire will not affect processing tax returns.
3:25 am
that's good news. steve's expecting a lot of money. all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, do you remember this sound? i do. [ dialing ] [ modem sounds ] >> oh, yes. it was the iconic way to log on to aol, america online. and 30 years later, that network's co-founder is predicting a new phase of internet that will transform almost every aspect of our lives. >> he talks about it in his new book called "the third wave." and the co-founder of aol, steve case, joins us live. good morning. >> a privilege. nice to see you. >> great to be here. >> i'm going to ask three questions. first of all, the book is called "the third wave." regarding the internet, what was the first wave? >> just building it and getting people on line. whether we started aol in 1985, only 3% of people were on line. and only on one hour a week. "the first wave," getting people connected. getting them to realize why they should be connected. it seems obvious now, but it
3:26 am
wasn't. the second phase is building on top of the internet, the app economy. things like smartphones and facebook and twitter and waze have been the dominant applications of the past decade. really the second wave. >> okay. so that brings us to the third wave. >> this could be the most exciting of all. we'll really transform other aspects of people's lives. learn, health, food, things that haven't changed that much in the first wave or second wave. i think they're right for a lot of description. part of the reason i wrote the book is i think people need a sense of what's going to happen. some playbook for themselves. not just for business people but people working in companies. how should they think about their career, particularly as work itself has changed with things like the gig economy and things that have emerged recently. >> what are the stats now? you said in the first wave, 3% of people were on line for an hour a week. what is it now? >> i don't know what the current number is. essentially everybody's on all the time. maybe too much -- >> fourth wave -- >> getting people to put their phone down occasionally, not check e-mail constantly. it is amazing to see what's happened the last 30 years. it's transformed communication, media. it hasn't transformed health and
3:27 am
learning. so -- energy, transportation, a lot of sectors that really are going to change in this third wave. so even though a lot's hopped the first -- happened the first and second wave, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> how many waves will we see? >> hard to say. waves happen every 10 or 15 years in the technology world. i'm sure there's more to come. really, it's going to be interesting how people think about their kids in school. right now, the way kids still pretty much learn is about the same as it was 10, 20 years ago, that will change with more personalized learning systems. health -- use were talking about before, even your doctor saying how do you use your smartphone to diagnose things. it's not just about booking a taxi, ordering a pizza. it's stuff that really matters in terms of your health and kids' learning. >> so since you were part of the first wave at aol, i understand you have put together some questions for us to query our knowledge about the early days, the first wave of the internet. >> so when you first logged on to aol, what did you -- not the
3:28 am
modem sound. what did you hear? the welcome -- >> you've got mail. >> there you go. [ bell ] >> like the movie -- >> you've got mail. >> who was that guy that had the voice? >> elwood edwards. husband of a woman who worked in our customer service department. i was walking through and said we need to make this friendlier, more accessible. we should have a human voice welcoming people. >> we should have him on the show. that's great. >> my husband -- does voiceover stuff for radio. i wrote, you've got mail, a bunch of -- welcome, a bunch of things. he recorded that night. it was the perfect vote -- >> what but pay him? >> eventually nothing, but later we did pay a lot. it became one of the most famous voices out there. >> you've got mail. >> inspired the movie with meg ryan and tom hanks called "you've got mail." another question, 20 years ago, a media mogul sued aol for antitrust saying it's the only commercially viable cyberspace audience on the planet. who was that media mogul? >> ted turner? >> rupert murdoch, your boss, 20
3:29 am
years ago. that was in the first wave. it's amazing the things that have changed. steve case, your book, "the third wave." pick it up. >> you've got a book! >> i've got a book. first time i wrote a book. hopefully it will be helpful to people as they think about the future. >> absolutely. thank you, sir. >> thank you. real pleasure. straight ahead, who wants breakfast? heather at a diner some wisconsin. what's going on? >> reporter: yes, good morning. we're serving up politics and pancakes, hash browns, i'll have fried cheese kurds later. anyone from the region will know fried cheese kurds are a real treat. 42 delegates up for grabs. talking to voters. and donald trump is coming here to speak with us later. if you're in the area, whcome a join us. happy birthday to pharrell, he is 43 today. ♪ >> happy birthday. right? let's go. ♪ that's what you want to do
3:30 am
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plan to stay for life. over the weekend donald trump told the "washington post" that he'll be able to get the united states completely out of debt in eight years. when asked how, trump said, easy, declare bankruptcy and start fresh. i've done it already. amazing. [ applause ] all right. it is primary day in wisconsin. the primary polling places open 90 minutes from now. meanwhile, heather is in a place called george webb restaurant. now, that is a chain, right, in wawatosa? a chain of diners. one of them in wisconsin, just west of milwaukee. and 42 delegates up for grabs today. the polls open at 7:00 a.m.
3:34 am
central, they close at 8:00 p.m. central. a lot of folks interested in this election. we wanted to come out here. this is my home state. these are my folks here. i'm happy to be home. as you know, we'll make fried cheese kurds. i've been talking about it all morning. let's see what folks care about. good morning, tell me your name. >> good morning, my name is john. >> reporter: what do you do for a living? >> i'm a delivery driver. >> reporter: what do you care most about this year? >> keeping the jobs in the united states and, you know,ual around change. >> reporter: who are you thinking about voting for today? >> kind of leaning toward trump, you know. >> reporter: what would make your decision? >> just if he -- -- like i said, keeping the jobs in the united states and it's change. that's all i want. >> reporter: that's what you're looking for. what is your name? >> jacob. >> reporter: jacob, where do you live? >> i live in new berlin. >> reporter: are you a student? >> i am, yeah.
3:35 am
yep, i go to milwaukee lutheran high school. >> reporter: terrific. so this is your first time voting? >> in the general i'll be able to vote. >> reporter: how exciting for you. who would you like to be the nominee on the republican side or democrat side? >> i like john kasich. >> reporter: okay, what do you like? >> i like his more moderate views. i like that he can beat clinton in the general. i appreciate that fact. >> reporter: even though he's not doing too well. >> no, i think in a brokered convention he has a thought there. >> reporter: brokered convention, that's one of the things we're hearing. let's talk to this young lady. what's your name, what do you do? >> i'm kristen. i work in advertising. >> reporter: glad to have you here. who do you like so far? >> i have to say i'm a bernie sanders fan. >> reporter: a bernie sanders fan? >> i am. i am. i have young children, infant daughter and young son. and you know, their educational future is really important to me, as well as their rights. and my daughter's rights as a woman which she grows up. >> reporter: what do you think about him taking 90% of your money? you okay with that? >> yeah. >> reporter: all right, 90%.
3:36 am
>> yeah. >> reporter: give me that money. i'll take it from you. >> 90%. all right. let's talk to there guy. what's your name is. >> jason. >> reporter: where are you from? >> milwaukee. >> reporter: what do you do? >> warehouse. >> reporter: you work in a warehouse. you're voting today? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you care about? what issues? >> i'm right with her. i'm with the childcare and so -- i don't mind the cut. >> reporter: okay. you'll give up 90%. >> for my kids, yes. >> reporter: no kigd. all right. good to meet you. good to talk to you folks down here. we're going to be here all morning long. donald trump, by the way, is turning out. about 7:30 or so central time. we'll talk to him and voters all morning long. anybody in the area, we'd love to see you. >> fantastic. i'm amazed that that young man before school is at the diner, wide awake, having a good breakfast. >> he's on tv. hello. >> and talking about politics. >> right. >> reporter: early morning risers here. we know what that's like. >> did you get to see some of your family members, heather? >> reporter: no, i didn't.
3:37 am
i didn't. >> it's early. >> we need your mom at the diner. >> there you go. >> reporter: we do. certainly do. >> if donald trump shows up, we'll break into programming. he's going to be -- promises to get there soon. thanks, heather. appreciate it. >> thank you. buy them all coffee, it's on us. and the refill. >> all right. that's why abby huntsman showed up. >> that's exactly why i'm here. coffee for everybody. good morning, you guys. let's get to the headlines. call it csi, isis, the terror group, recruiting forensic-minded foreign fighters. all part of the newly launched islamic state police forensics department in iraq. the group post pictures on social media of microscopes, magnifying glasses, and fingerprinting analysis kwipt. all believed to be stole -- kwipt. all believed to be stolen from syria and iraq. analysts say isis created the branch to make the caliphate appear more "legitimate," solving crimes committed against its followers. frightening. a passenger jet's wing burst into flames when it collides with another plane being towed across the runway.
3:38 am
you see it here. the boeing 737 was preparing for takeoff in indonesia when its wing clipped a smaller plane's tail. the pilot aborted the flight, and none of the 56 people on board were hurt luckily. the other plane, as you can imagine, is scorched with significant damage to its tail. and tennessee living up to its bible belt reputation by voting to make it the official state book. the first state in the u.s. to do that. lawmakers there passed the bill to the governor's desk despite claims that it violates the state's constitution by elevating one religion over another. supporters say they're just recognizing the bible for its historical and cultural contributions to the state. tennessee governor bill haslett has spoken out against the bill but hasn't said whether or not he will veto it. well, look at this. scaring kids straight. a brutally honest judge gives some tough love to a teen in georgia in a courtroom that left the kids crying in fear. look at this. >> stop acting like you're
3:39 am
trash! putting pictures of yourself on the internet! >> reporter: at one point, the judge held up a body bag bluntly telling the terrified kids that the life of gangs and crime have deadly consequences. she joins us on the couch tomorrow to talk about the eye-opening speech. sometimes you need a little tough love. >> absolutely. i remember -- >> i remember "scared straight." they allowed cursing on television. it was one of the first times because they wanted to get through to kids like -- obviously abby had a troubled upbringing. had to make sure she stayed on the straight and narrow. nothing like tattooed prisoners yelling at kids going on the wrong path. >> body bags, effective. >> yeah. now some extreme weather. the northeast is stuck in a wintry mess. i love saying that word, wintry. one person was killed on the snow highway in new york when a distracted driver skidded and slammed into a sedan. 14 others were injured in that. meanwhile, history fell on boston. at least three inches of snow
3:40 am
there topping the previous snowfall record from 1915. >> really? hardly got any snow, i thought? >> probably for the day in boston. that set a record there. again, we're looking at below average temperatures across parts of the midwest, great lakes, and even across the eastern u.s. some of these current temperatures this morning more like winter. 27 degrees right now york. 24 in boston. when you factor in the wind, it feels a lot colder than that. here's a look at the current windchill temperatures. 19 in new york. had to pull out the gloves this morning. 11 degrees in boston is what it feels like now. and it feels like 10 in buffalo. we had snow yesterday across southern parts of new england, like we already mentioned. that storm now has moved offshore. we're dealing with the next one that's bringing in rain across parts of the northern plains and very strong winds, gusts up to 60 miles per hour will be possible out there. that system slides into the great lakes tonight and also into tomorrow, bringing some light snow across that region. winter weather advisories already in effect.
3:41 am
let's head back inside. >> you're heading to chick-fil-a? you were there yesterday. >> reporter: sounds good. anything for you guys. >> i can't believe how much broccoli you brought back. how much broccoli can one woman bring back? >> a chicken store. >> reporter: i'm into the healthy thing now. clearly. >> we're not. thank you very much. >> thank you. let me tell you what's coming up ahead, the results of wisconsin could be key to the contested convention. could we be heading that direction? rudy giuliani they're react with the possibility of that happening at the top of the hour. there he was smiling. plus, the supreme court justice held a law that counts everyone in electoral districts, that includes illegals and children. >> oh, no. >> how is that going to affect your vote? judge napolitano is here next. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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3:45 am
yesterday the u.s. supreme court upheld texas' one person, one vote law. meaning districts are drawn based on the total population, not the number of voters in that district. that means if a district has a lot of illegals or a lot of kids, they are counted when drawing basic congressional districts. so what does that mean for your vote? fox news senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano, good morning. >> it's a head scratcher because it came from texas. it was enacted by a republican legislature and signed by a republican governor. and it will succeed in diluting votes of people in districts where there are a lot of legal aliens and aliens. those people were counted. we're talking about the legislature apportioning the districts, borders of legislative districts both for state -- state house offices and
3:46 am
for congress. >> right. >> and most states count just the voters, not the people that will vote but the people that are registered. texas decided to count everybody, people -- even people who can't vote, children, convicted felons who now no longer in jail. legal aliens, aliens, as well as voters. >> they did that because they wanted more districts. >> correct. but -- but the unintended consequence of this is that people who live in districts with a lot of illegal aliens, fewer voters, they'll have more say in choosing their representatives. people who live in districts with fewer illegal aliens, where more people are voters, will have less say because there's more voters there. >> let me get this straight. under this new guidance from the supreme court, if you are in this country illegally, say you're from -- say mexico, you not only have representation in your home country of mexico, but now you've got representation in washington, d.c., as well? >> yes, yes.
3:47 am
yes, you do. and in the state house. now, look, the supreme court didn't say texas must do this. it said texas may do this. and therefore, any one of the other 49 states may do this. it's a bit of a radical departure. both by texas and by the supreme court, and it's a stunner because it was unanimous. >> you said it was a headscratcher. yet everybody on the supreme court said, yep, you got to do it this way. >> even the conservative justices without justice scalia -- justice -- conflated the two names -- justice scalia. justice alito wrote a concurring opinion, justice thomas wrote a concurring opinion. the final vote 18-0 on this by judge ruth bader ginsburg, about the most expansive i've seen and may lead us into the direction of people who are not citizens voting. >> just -- >> not sure that that's going to happen, but a snepp that direction. >> you mentioned ruth bader ginsburg. she said representatives serve
3:48 am
all residents, not just those eligible or registered to vote, nonvoters have an important stake in many policy debates and in receiving constituents' services such as help navigating health benefit bureaucracy. >> she's right that people ineligible to vote receive government benefits. but of course, have no say in choosing the people that decide on those benefits. >> right. if washington, d.c., is going to let a lot of illegals in, they're going to -- the general, the various districts across the country are going to need help from washington to pay for them. >> do you see the trend, the way that is going? again, why i'm -- right. why i'm stunned that this is acip. keep watching. okay. >> thank you very much. then you've got to come and explain it to us. straight ahead, did hillary already concede the wisconsin primary to bernie sanders? that she's leaving -- leaving there and because she's losing? the surprising e-mail her
3:49 am
campaign just sent. plus, the story of american sniper chris kyle captured our attention and hearts. his wye oh shares the other half of their story. and she joins us live next.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
one of things, when you watch it, at times, they went through some rough spots. >> right. >> in your book, you write about how sadly bittersweetly the last year of your marriage was actually the best. >> it was. you know, i think that's true for a lot of people if you get through some hard times. you feel like you have an even deeper love because you start off with the excitement of the new love and you go through hard times and you make it through that. you're seasoned, you know, you're richer for it. that's how i feel like we were.
3:54 am
>> why did you decide to write the book? >> for a couple of reasons. once, i wanted to share a different part of chris that people hadn't seen that i thought was a lot of who i loved. there's some love letters in there. some of the fun times. and then the other side i heard from a lot of wives and women that wanted more of the story. they wanted i think to know they're not alone and they were craving it. i wrote it for that, but i'm finding that men are actually loving it and getting a lot out of it too. >> here's the -- if you think of your life, i know you're sitting back and looking at it, chris passed away, traumatic. and in between there, you have a movie that comes out and tells your life, $500 million and then the trial, the trial of chris' killer. what have the last two years been like? how hard is it emotionally? >> a lot is detailed in "american wife." but i think when i look back, sometimes it's exhausting.
3:55 am
sometimes i just feel really grateful for the lessons that i'm learning. and the people that i feel like we have been able to touch. when i say we, we have the chris kyle foundation, jim writing the book with me and the team of people i have around me, we hear from people all the time that did feel alone. whether they're widows or people who have been through different trials or different hardships in their life, it seems like they're getting a lot of inspiration out of it. >> sure. >> in a book. >> well, the book are part of your legacy, his legacy. the movie, part of the legacy. chris kyle, frog, you mentioned, you have a lot going on with this. >> no, we definitely do. we have the chris kyle birthday bash coming up. we'll give some grants to other foundations and charities and then we -- we're launching a date night out for first responders and veterans and the big one is the indy 500. memorial day weekend. the launch of the "american sniper" dvd and then we have a
3:56 am
pit crew of first responders and veterans competing against other legit pit crews. >> do they know what i they're doing? >> they're getting trained for like ten days before the event. >> great. i think it will be fun. >> nypd too. >> awesome. >> i wanted to ask you what's your message to the other individuals that are watching that are navy s.e.a.l.s, that are soldiers that look up to you and your husband? what's your advice for them, the next generation? >> first of all, if they're looking up to us they should find better role models. but i think it's -- it's to know ey're not alone. it's hard for everybody. not to give up and not rely on the v.a. that's kind of a big thing for me too. i feel like there are a lot of other areas you can get help in that isn't v.a. there are good people that do care and don't be so strong to say you don't need it, i have been there, chris has been there. >> it's chronicled in the movie. "american wife" is now out. there's some more additions. thank you so much. i'll talk to you on the radio. >> god bless you and the precious children. >> you too. meanwhile, the polls are
3:57 am
about to open in wisconsin. what does rudy giuliani expect to happen in the badger state? he join us on the curvy couch as soon as taya kyle gets up. eer, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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the entire country its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. >> he's a fighter. and he's asking to be your president, and he will fight for you and our country. >> you're going to look back and you're going to be proud of ourselves and you're going to be proud of your country again. >> think about what this guy says. he says needs to get out because he's getting my vote. i want to have my vote. he says this is not fair. >> i'm like your children and grandchildren who have exactly the same opportunities to live up to their dreams.
4:01 am
>> we beat donald trump by huge margins. huge margins. >> it's gonna be huge. it is here, wisconsin today, guys. the polls open up in one hour. we're going to be there live. we are there live covering it for you and your family. >> it's been a long time since we have had anything to cover. it's been two weeks. two weeks after this. >> rudy giuliani is here. >> right now we have new york city's mayor, rudy giuliani. >> good morning, how are you? >> the polls open in one hour in wisconsin. why is wisconsin a big deal? >> because if trump wins then he's got a -- i wouldn't say a clear road, but a pretty good road to the nomination without having to worry about a battle on the convention floor. in other words, he can get a majority. if he doesn't win he can still do it, but he's got something to win like 75, 80% of the remaini remaining delegates.
4:02 am
that's hard to do so today probably tells you there's a real good chance of a battle on the convention floor or trump son his way to the nomination. >> look at wisconsin. the reason why donald trump is struggling perhaps not because of the last ten days, but because protestants and highly educated in the area. that is a harder -- that is the harder demo for him to slay. >> i think the biggest thing he's fighting the scott walker machine. i campaigned with scott three times. three times or four times? i can't remember. but i campaigned with walker a lot for his election, for his recall. for his election. that's a tremendous machine that he developed. you run three times in four years -- >> he'd win if he was in the race right now. >> yeah. he couldn't win the presidency, but he'd win wisconsin. plus he has the bodies on the ground already there. >> how do you explain that the emerson poll that just came out that trump is closing. >> and the arg poll is up by ten. >> i think trump is popular in
4:03 am
wisconsin. absent the walker machine, trump wins wisconsin. >> wow. >> particularly since it's an open primary. >> so democrats can vote. >> hasn't he won all the open primaries? you have an awful lot of blue collar democrats, reagan democrats who vote republicans a lot. they're not allowed to do that in new york, for example. here they are. so you take the walker factor out who i think is one of the most dominant figures in wisconsin politics since tommy johnson, i think trump wins by 4 or 5% or moeb. >> you're talk about in wisconsin? >> i'm talking about in wisconsin, yes. >> so there's a 10% -- cruz is ahead 10%. >> i think walker gives cruz 5 or 10%. you have a primary, you have to give a lot of credit to the machine. i know we call it the machine. it isn't meant to be derogatory
4:04 am
in any way. i'd love having a machine. >> it's an organization. >> they wrote down all the names. they know who to call. they know what neighborhood to go to. they go -- they know to go see mary wilson, knock on the door, have you voted, it's 4:00. come on i'll drive you to the polls. walker has that. he may have one of better operations in the country because -- >> sure. you go back to south carolina. and you had nikki haley who is a sitting governor of that state. she endorsed marco rubio. then trump wound up winning. >> but she doesn't have the machine that walker has. i mean, she hasn't run in three -- >> right. >> in a way it's remarkable. >> it's a well oiled machine by now. >> remarkable that he wasn't either the candidate or a stronger candidate because -- >> walker. >> yeah. great politician. i mean, i have campaigned with him. i consider him one of the really best. >> so talking about what steve was mentioning south carolina why did trump do well in that state with evangelicals, but yet, people are saying like you were talking about he's not doing well in wisconsin with the
4:05 am
evangelicals or with the protestants. >> because i think the walker factor makes a difference. i think wisconsin's hard to read because of scott walker's big impact on the state. i think the fact that trump is doing as well as he's doing is remarkable. now, it doesn't help him in the sense that he's got to win it in order to get that clear path to the majority. >> right. i have something that cruz and cruz as well as trump agree on. they both want kasich out. let's listen, because they're looking at a contested convention. in trump's case he wants to win it outright and kasich stands in his way. >> kasich, i don't think he's a player here. the guy is 1 and 32. jeb bush was doing a lot better than that. many people were doing better. you get out. >> if you lose 49 states you ain't going to be the republican
4:06 am
nominee. as of yesterday, we have beaten trump in 11 states across the country. i'm hopeful after wisconsin votes tomorrow that will be 12 states across the country. >> look, nobody is going to win this going in. there's going to be an open convention and it's going to be cool. >> trump says -- >> very interesting. great to see them agree. let's hope they continue to do that but they're agreeing for two different reasons. if kasich gets out, he looks at new york, pennsylvania, where kasich would have an appeal like he does. and he's out, trump figures i get all those votes and he probably does. >> he needs 50% in new york. >> he needs almost 50% and every delegate he can get. i think cruz realizes with kasich out, he's not getting to the majority. but then there isn't kasich around to be the candidate. >> true. >> just in case they change the rule and allow someone who hasn't won eight -- >> and gets the primary. >> i think trump is looking at going in with a majority. i think cruz realizes he's not
4:07 am
getting 80% of the vote no matter what. but he figures if that's a brokered convention, how do you go to the guy who didn't compete, like paul ryan coming in? >> you know why? >> i think that's -- who knows what's going to happen. every prediction this year has been wrong. that's a hard thing to do when you have three men -- and millions of people voted for the men. >> how do you take somebody off the bench? >> nobody how good he is, paul is good, but you pull somebody out of a hat? >> there's a story that says that charles koch has privately told one of his friends if donald trump comes up a hundred delegates short, paul ryan should be a shoo-in in a contested convention. >> clearly not going to be a shoo-in. you have too many trump and cruz voters there. you see these people. >> yeah. >> the trump and cruz people are very dedicated people. you may have a couple of waivers. so nobody is a shoo-in.
4:08 am
kasich's reason for remaining in is real simple. he figures he's the easy guy you can go to because at least he's contested. you know? you can make the argument for kasich that you can't make for somebody who never put his hat in the ring. like, you know teddy roosevelt saying you have to be in the arena. at least -- even though the guy got knocked out 31 out of 32 times -- >> at least he was there. >> we have seen the case he makes to the american people. so i think they all want him out. i think they want him out because they don't want him to be the number three choice, particularly cruz. and donald wants him out because donald has a chance -- >> rudy, on the democratic side, hillary clinton's e-mail came out, hey, guys, it's not over yet. i need your money. almost conceding wisconsin, meet me in new york. >> if you start counting up the number of wins and we do it just on states, bernie may be winning right now. >> he's had five in a row so far. >> that's a heck of a streak. >> where's that story in the mainstream media?
4:09 am
everyone is talking about donald trump. why aren't they talking about hillary clinton? >> and bernie hasn't come to new york yet. remember the mayor of new york is a progressive democrat. >> you think so? >> i thi favor of socialism is a retrogressive, and he likes to be called a socialist. and so is bernie sanders. he's more socialist than hillary. if he wins wisconsin with a decent vote, he can come in with a lot of momentum. this place could be close. >> so hillary is not staying in wisconsin today believe it or not. she's coming here to new york. >> you call that a concession. >> yes. >> she concedes wisconsin and says i have to win this one. i probably have to win this one pretty big because i was the
4:10 am
senator from here. >> are you prepared right now to make an endorsement for your favorite tv morning show? >> i am wearing my favorite peoria tie and i said i would wear it on their favorite tv show. >> there it is. >> after that, talk to abby huntsman. toss to abby huntsman. >> here with the headlines. >> there you go. >> good job. >> i love that. >> the people of peoria. >> all right. to your headlines, sad news. five people are dead in a terrifying helicopter crash. it plunged to the ground in tennessee and witnesses saw the pilot -- who saw the pilot on fire describing that horror. >> i heard a big explosion, me and my neighbor both did. we ran outside and we saw the helicopter crashed more or less on the ground already. we saw that -- we heard a second explosion and saw the pilot come out burning alive. it was sad. >> well, the group was on a sightseeing ride in the great smokey mountains national park. no word yet on what caused the
4:11 am
chopper to go down. and a brand-new threat to america, north korea vowing to kill more americans than on the 9/11 attacks. it is just the latest in a series of propaganda rants the country claims to have warheads aimed at key sights in washington, d.c. and is ready to quote, wipe the country from history. the videos appear to be in response to the annual joint military exercises. and just call them supernova. a miracle three-point shot propelling villanova into the ncaa history books. >> >> three seconds at midcourt. gives it to jenkins. for the championship! >> unbelievable. kris jenkins hitting the buzzer beater to clinch the wild cats victory over the tar heels, 77-74. giving nova the first national title since 1985. and adding insult to injury, north carolina's mascot -- look at this. got decked after the final shot.
4:12 am
as if losing the game you guys wasn't enough. poor guy. >> that's unbelievable. looks like he's standing amongst the unc people. why they punching him? >> it was a melee. like a finish. >> like in a movie. at the last second, times are all zeros on the clock. >> that's what happens when you have the best teams in the country playing each other. >> congratulations to both teams. >> i think it's great too for the people of philadelphia. no riots. they just won. >> there was a bonfire, but that's okay. three arrests. very peaceful. meanwhile, i'm sure they involved alcohol, just saying. meanwhile, new twist in the refugee crisis we told you about yesterday. the mass deportations that were supposed to solve the problems have stopped. and plus the polls are open up in wisconsin. what issues get voters fired up? we'll ask the lieutenant
4:13 am
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but grandma, we use charmint nultra soft t. so we don't have to wad to get clean. mmm, cushiony...and we can use less. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. remember, that's charmin in there... no wasteful wadding! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin. let's talk politics, ted cruz topping the wisconsin polls
4:17 am
ahead of today's critical voting contest there. polls open in 45 minutes. among badger state republicans who say they'll definitely vote today, the texas senator leads trump by double digits. so what are the issues driving wisconsin voters? joining us from milwaukee is lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so what is it when people go to the polls in wisconsin today, what's the number one issue for them? >> well, a couple things. because we're a manufacturing and an agriculture state, we still really, really care about american jobs and we care about good and decent wages. i think when it comes to voters from our state, those are the things that people are caring about. the other thing is, there was a new poll done about a week ago and it was a manufacturing base poll butid that people did care about national security, as about the number three issue.
4:18 am
so a lot of domestic policy, american jobs and then also people are really going to vote on terrorism and making sure that they feel safe and secure here at home. >> sure. marquette law school did a poll in the last week and they asked people this. should people -- should they raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations to fix income inequality and in your state, two-thirds of the people who responded said yes. what's that about? >> well, don't forget that in wisconsin we have this bizarre phenomenon. we are a very independent minded state. people do their research on their candidates and the phenomenon is this scott walker/obama voter. people will go and vote and they're polar opposites, so people do care a lot about making sure that what the founders of this country intended still exists here today. which is equality. now, when you talk about wage
4:19 am
stagnation, though, and income inequality, those are two different things and i think people think they're synonymous, but they're really not. i think folks care more about their finances, making their own checkbook work than they care about being envious of their neighbor and they want them to get paid what they're worth. >> we were chatting over the satellite in the break and you said one of things that people in wisconsin is talking about today are why is john kasich still in it? there's no chance he could get the number of delegates needed on the first round so why is he still in it, right? >> i think a lot of folks are talking about that. and the only logic that i can come up with is most folks in that camp are assuming there will be an open convention, a contested race on the floor and delegates are going to ultimately make the decision right there in cleveland. that's the only logic that i can come up with, otherwise, you
4:20 am
wouldn't see a path to victory at all there. but then you hear folks -- you know, just on the street talking about the fact it may not even who is running currently for president. most people believe it ought to be but at the end of the day that's why you still see governor kasich still in the race and that's why you see guys like former wisconsin governor, long-time governor, tommy thompson endorsing it. >> interesting stuff. rebecca kleefisch, from the great state of wisconsin, thank you for joining us from the diner. wave heather over and get a refill, it's on us. >> you know what? i kind of need one. >> it's early. >> we didn't win opening day yesterday in the brewers game. so the more coffee the better off we are. >> you will need it about at 10:00 tonight. rebecca kleefisch, thanks. there's heather with the cup of coffee. >> that's good service right there. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right, you just heard
4:21 am
from the lieutenant governor. coming up later this hour, the governor scott walker is going to join us live. but up next one of america's most talented stars is helping women land their dream job. vanessa williams is in the house. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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4:24 am
all right. "news by the numbers" now. 3 billion pounds that's how much cheese wisconsin produced in 2015. about 25% of the country's entire cheese supply. thank you, wisconsin. next more than 360,000. that's how many man, people, that's how many people own a piece of the green bay packers organization. >> including greta. >> that's right.
4:25 am
the team has been publicly owned since 1923. finally zero. that's how many times a republican has won the white house without winning the wisconsin primary election going back to 1968. >> that's interesting. she is one of hollywood's most talented stars. >> what are you doing here? you're in my office, the door is closed. you still trying to help me? >> i'm ready to party. >> are you? you look like you're ready to tour the reagan library. >> let's go this over with. i mean, let's get me married to the most wonderful man in the world. ♪ >> well, this is your life. >> you didn't expect that, did you? >> no, i did not. >> vanessa williams is not slowing down any time soon. she signed on for a new tv series and she's helping american women land their dream job.
4:26 am
>> here with us is vanessa williams. welcome back. >> thank you. thank you. >> are you excited about the new series? >> yeah. it's based on a star jones novel that she called "satan's sisters." it is loosely based on her work days on "the view." i play the maxine robinson, maxine, basically the woman who's producing and running the whole show. ala barbara walters. >> oh, wow. fantastic. >> what a title. "satan's sisters." >> she talks about chris rock coming on the show, which is called, you know, coffee talk. and he's sitting in between -- >> coffee talk. >> all the women. he says i feel like i'm in the middle of satan's sisters here. >> even though it's dramatic interpretation about what goes on in the tv chat show business, what does the producer do behind the scenes? >> it's a drama. it's not a hard hitting news. and i have only -- you know, we
4:27 am
haven't started production yet, but the pilot is pretty strong. people are vying for the warm spot on the chair. >> exactly. >> i know you do a lot to help other people. i know you're involved with dress for success. you donate your suits. most people know what dress for success is. how amazing is that? it's wonderful. i'm sure the people who get your suits don't know it's yours. i think you should put in your tag, this belonged to vanessa williams. >> a great way to clean out your closet. dress for success is a wonderful organization that helps women who have not been in the workforce. they get an opportunity to get back in the workforce, they get gently used clothes and handbags and with the partnership with tracfone, there's a seminar, a program that is called successive calling. it gives them skills to actually do interviews on the phone. >> because that can be hard. and that's a make or break time. >> that's the key. and a lot of people -- we're lucky to have parents that
4:28 am
taught us how to speak properly, diction and be, you know, strong about your personality. these -- this collaboration, success is calling has helped women get back into the workforce. >> that's why it's so important for high schoolers to start in pageants or do something that allows them to be interviewed to get them used to the workforce. >> and from the dancing and the singing to being a great business person, what gives you the most gratification? >> oh, well, immediately, it would have to be broadway. i get a chance to play a role, do it in front of a live audience and do it over and over again. >> are you okay with that? >> broadway, they get up at noon. what a life! i want that too. >> after i drop my daughter off at school, yeah. there's nothing like that. because you get -- and even the audience is kind of -- they inform your performance every night. >> okay. so if you like more information about her tracfone business,
4:29 am
collaboration, it's tf -- >> go to walmart and buy a tracfone and 20% goes to dressed for success. >> thank you. governor walker is supporting ted cruz but if trump wins the badger state will he support donald trump? we'll ask the governor that and so much more when he joins us live. and it is time for pancakes and politics. heather nauert is talking to folks there at the diner in wisconsin. heather what is going on? >> yeah. good morning. we are talking to voters here, 42 delegates up for grabs here in wisconsin. we are just west of milwaukee in wauwatosa, one of the -- at one of the george webb diners. it is packed now, and we're talking to folks about who they're voting for. we'll be talking about it and donald trump will be here in 45 minutes from now. by the way, polls open in half an hour here, central time, in wisconsin. we'll talk to trump and the voters coming up in a little bit. that's a lot of dishes&
4:30 am
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4:33 am
the video is making its rounds on the internet of hillary clinton losing her temper when confronted about taking money from the fossil fuel industry. hillary said the only fossil i'm worried about is the one i'm running against from vermont. >> that's funny. >> maybe he'll use that line. it will be really endearing. so 27 minutes from right now, the polls open in wisconsin. heather nauert has gone to her home state this morning and she is -- >> yes. >> -- at the george webb restaurant. >> good morning. we are in wauwatosa, wisconsin, just west of milwaukee. we are getting a lot of different opinions about who people are going to vote for today. so let's check in with the
4:34 am
voters. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you? >> i'm fine. what is your name and where are you from? >> i'm tim and i work for -- >> what do you do? >> manufacturing. >> who are you going to vote today? >> i already voted. donald trump. >> what do you like? >> i liked his candor. >> let's check in with the ladies over here. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for turning out this morning, who are voting for today? >> ted cruz. >> what made you decide to vote for him? >> well, i just figured it was time that we had somebody with a moral compass in the office. and maybe try to get rid of all the political correctness that's going on. i think he's the man to do it. >> okay. what about you, ma'am, what is your name? >> laurie. >> hi, laurie. >> i'm undecided right now. >> well, you better -- >> i know. >> the polls open soon. >> i'm still undecided. >> what will make you decide on candidate?
4:35 am
>> i think that i'm going to have to review a few more things personally and then i'm going to decide. >> okay. but not necessarily ted cruz like your friend here? >> not necessarily ted cruz. >> all right. i'll check in with you later to see if your made up your mind yet. good morning, sir. thanks for talking with us. what is your name? >> dave. >> where are you from? >> wauwatosa, just three miles up the road. >> what do you do? >> i work at property management. >> okay. who do you think you'll vote for today? >> i'm a trump supporter. >> why trump? >> i do believe he's the most reformative candidate, although bernie said he's reformative and hillary said she's reformative like bernie, i do believe trump will do the best for this country. >> so we're hearing that from a lot of voters they like donald trump, but, you know, not ahead in the polls here in wisconsin. what is he doing wrong? >> i think wisconsin is a different animal. kind of with the demographic in general.
4:36 am
it's not illinois or minnesota, not like missouri. i think it's just kind of a different demographic. i think he'll do fine though after this state. >> he's got to make it through. >> got to make it through. >> you're buying your mom breakfast. we love that the polls open in about 30 minutes from now. we'll talk to another family. i like the fact he has a shirt on like me. what's your name? >> i'm mark. >> hi. i like your shirt. >> you too. >> you have your family here this morning. have you voted yet? >> not yet. once we take them to school. >> so who are you going to vote for today? >> i think i'm going to vote for trump. >> why donald trump? >> i think it's time for a fresh, practical approach to government and i think some of the ideas are progressive and what we need. >> why do you think he's behind in the polls here? >> in wisconsin? >> yeah. >> i'm not sure about that. but i would think given the way that our state has traditionally voted that might be some of it and some of the concern and the
4:37 am
larger issues. probably driving some of that. but i can't speak for other voters so -- >> great to meet you here. >> you too. >> we'll be here for about -- oh, well, until the show is over. and donald trump is coming in so we'll chat with him in a little bit. so anybody out in the area, come on down and i'll serve you some coffee as well. >> fantastic. great live reporting there, heather. >> thank you very much. >> good people come out of wisconsin. including heather nauert. >> indeed. >> well, maybe donald trump is going to be on shortly. we saw some of the people that showed up, they're big donald trump supporters. it was a rout. >> absolutely. all right, meanwhile, 23 minutes before the top of the hour, abby huntsman is joining us. >> and greta van susteren. >> that's right. a lot of great deal people. the process to deport thousands from greece to turkey is at a stand still. they started to send them back under an agreement with turkey, but stopped after finding most have applied for asylum. those people must stay in greece
4:38 am
until they are springed and if they don't pass they will be deported. the deal was to limit migration and possible threats to europe. a bizarre model rocket accident claiming the life of a teen and sends another to the hospital. they were building it off a small propane cylinder and it exploded. sadly one died and the other hurt his arm but is expected to be okay. classmates say they're very smart kids and are well liked in the thousand oaks community. well, blasting -- blowing over a gigantic tree into traffic. this is dash can from the police department. a massive tree slammed in the roadway, stopping right in front of the cop car. that pickup was not as lucky though.
4:39 am
thankfully the driver was not injured. and guys -- college students want to crack down on their own halloween parties. that's right. according to the new poll, 63% of students say they are open to restrictions of -- on costumes that stereotype like cowboys. meanwhile they support an open college environment. >> that's right. >> what do you think about that? i don't know. slippery slope, right? >> who does the cowboy costume offend? >> brian maybe. >> absolutely. >> old country music stars perhaps. i'm not sure. maybe the guy from -- >> yeah, the village people. >> what about chuck connor star of "the rifle man." if he's alive he might be offended. what does it say you can't have a costume party and can't dress up like over people? >> don't be insensitive. >> what about ghosts they might be offended. don't wear a sheet with the
4:40 am
little eyes. wisconsin governor scott walker he's supporting ted cruz but if donald trump wins the badger state will he support him? the governor will join us to answer that question straight ahead. forget about the polls, the personalities in the rest, there's proof that a republican will win the white house this year. he'll explain coming up shortly. jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic.
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all right. quick tech headlines right through. facebook is helping blind users see their friends' photos. it uses artificial intelligence to descriptiodescriptio descriptions out loud. it was developed with a blind engineer. that's awesome. a brand-new kindle from amazon is hitting the market. the word comes from jeff bezos who used twitter to make the announcement saying an all new top of the line kindle is ready. eighth generation details, next week. ainsley? >> thank you, brian. the numbers don't lie. a republican in the white house no matter the nominee is a mathematical certainty that what's two highly respected economic models are saying this morning. these models have picked the winner in nearly every presidential contest for decades, but what makes them so sure this time? peter johnson jr. joins us. >> this is fascinating.
4:45 am
they're saying whether it's hillary clinton or donald trump, any of the candidates now running, the republicans win. so let's look at the models. and why they're saying it. because you'll find it interesting. the first is a ray far election model. says the gop wins. the alan abramowicz election model says the gop wins. let's look at this. the fair election model created by yale professor ray fair, it correctly forecasts all but three presidential elections since 1916. let's talk about the factors with regard to that. in his the per capita growth rate before the election of the gdp, inflation over the entire presidential term and the number of quarters of gdp growth so it's economically based. not based on personality values or current poll values.
4:46 am
>> what about the other model? >> professor abramowicz model, he's predicted every presidential election since it launched in 1992 accurately. his include an incumbent president's job approval rating, the economy's growth during the first half of the year, how long the incumbent party has been in the white house. and based on those factors, he says he's able to predict that the republicans will win. now, there's a lot of volatility obviously in this race. we have two of the highest negative presidential campaigns that we might see as nominees in the end. hillary clinton and donald trump. they both carry a lot of negatives. what effect will that have on the economics? >> they don't predict which republican candidate will win, they just say a republican. >> it's based on income. it's based on economic growth. it's based on voters being
4:47 am
affected by the statistics in a visceral way. in a real way. the final look at it is moody's. moody's says they're going to judge it by electoral college vote, income growth by state, home gasoline prices, by state. and presidential approval numbers currently. their particular model says that the democrat wins. so most of these models are pointing to the republicans but moody's say it's a democrat. so by the numbers, the republicans win according to these models. >> wow. no one will really know until november. >> we will not know. >> but always fun to look at the numbers. i was reading last night, if hillary clinton is elected for the democrats she beats trump and ted cruz and kasich beats her. if sanders is the democratic nominee, he beats all three of the republicans -- >> that's fascinating. that's unanticipated and unexpected. >> great to see you this morning. >> pleasure. scott walker is backing ted cruz, but if trump wins wisconsin will he support him?
4:48 am
we're going to ask the governor coming up next. but first on this day in 1977, abba was topping the charts with their hit "dancing queen." abba. ♪ show me movies with romance.
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4:51 am
show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. we're talking with governor walker, stumping for ted cruz ahead of today's crucial primary, but would he change his mind if trump is the winner and turns out takes wisconsin and the nomination? let's ask wisconsin governor scott walker. governor, you came out hard for ted cruz, it's been a real boon to him. but a scenario where trump gets
4:52 am
the nomination, do you do what reince priebus says and line up behind the nominee? >> well, i'm going to support the republican running against hillary clinton because hillary clinton would be an awful, awful president for the united states, but i think the good news starting today, you're going to see as we have seen in north dakota, as we saw in colorado, as we have seen in some other places, utah, ted cruz has continued to win as people make it clear it's either ted cruz or trump. those are the only two left who can get to 1,237 to win the nomination. i believe ted cruz is going to win here today because people are very well informed as you well know. here in the state of wisconsin. that's a big win for ted because it's an open caucus. it's an upper midwestern state. you'll have nearly record turnouts some of the biggest since 1980. i believe ted cruz is going to win today. that's going to be the turning point in this election. >> mayor rudy giuliani is a big fan of yours and he says he w was -- he saw you in action a lot. said this about you earlier and
4:53 am
that you really could be the difference for ted cruz right now. let's listen. >> i campaigned with scott walker a lot for his election, for his recall, for his election. that's a tremendous machine that he developed. i think walker gives cruz 5 or 10%. he got a primary -- you have to give a lot of credit to the machine. >> do you believe that? do you believe that that's something that you brought in to the cruz camp right away, knowing this state? >> well, i certainly hope that we brought some help in that regard, but i think the real reason he's ahead, like i said, voters are informed here. we understand, we have seen it firsthand what principled, conservative leadership means to a state. we understand we want that for our nation. we want the good successes that we have had with the economy, with our finances, with balancing our budget. improving our schools. those are the things we want in washington for all of the people of this great country. and i think when people look and
4:54 am
say, ted cruz has actually got a plan to do that that's in contrast to platitudes and some of the attacks that we have seen that just don't go over very well here in the state of wisconsin. we want people to tell us what they're for, not what they're against. that's why i believe ted cruz is going into win here. >> so trump said it doesn't it doesn't surprise me that scott walker is going for ted cruz, because i knocked him out in two minutes in the race. is it personal? >> not at all. it's personal in that i care about my son and i want them to grow up in the kind of times i did in the 1980s when ronald reagan helped to turn this country and this world around. it's what i want. it's for my nieces, it's not personal in terms of candidates. i can care less about what any of the other candidates say. i care about their future and i believe that ted cruz offers them in the best future going forward. >> i know you look at the polls and a quinnipiac poll says
4:55 am
overwhelmingly people are voting for donald trump because they want someone to go in there and break the rules. doing what's wrong than going along to get along. what's your response to that? >> well, i understand completely. we took on the big government special interests here and won in wisconsin. that's why we won three times in a blue state that hadn't gone republican since 1984. i hear it across the state and the country. ted cruz is the obvious choice. this is a guy who was elected to the united states senate on exactly that principle. he stood up not only against the big-time liberal special interests but at times he stood up against his own party. even if it meant standing up by himself. ted cruz has embodied that and i think that's why he's doing to win here in the state of wisconsin. >> a quick question about you. politico has a big story about how you're lining up for another big come back and make another run at this. in honesty and candor, when you pulled yourself out early, how crushing was that for you?
4:56 am
>> oh, it was a tough thing. just because there were a lot of great people we met from all across this country, i didn't want to let them down. at the time i asked for others to follow suit. to coalesce and allow the majority of us in the republican party who believe in strong, conservative principles to have a clear choice to the front-runner. that hasn't happened until now. for me we'll see what the future holds. i can run for re-election in 2018. i would love to join a republican president, and there's no end to the good we can do. we have a president who understands that power flows via the constitution and into the state and the people and yet another reason to support ted cruz. he will do that. >> you're an impactful governor of wisconsin, scott walker, thank you for your time on election day -- on primary day
4:57 am
in wisconsin. we have a jam-packed show in the final hour. laura ingraham and karl rove on tap. joe trippi will be here and guy named donald trump will join us live from heather's diner. she's taking it over. ♪ (cat meows) flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii. fight the misery of biting fleas.
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pain? advil. the entire country, its eyes ron the state of wisconsin. >> he's a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. >> we're going to look back and you're going to be proud of yourselves and you're going to be proud of your country again. >> he said i need to get out, because he's going to have my votes. this not fair. >> i want your children and your grandchildren who have exactly the same opportunities, to live up to their dreams. >> we beat donald trump by huge margins. huge margins.
5:01 am
>> oh, bernie. take a look, there's heather nauert at the donald diner. donald trump himself will be dropping by. he will have a choice of either decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee and the woman in the gray sweater is going with the decaffeinated cup. >> she's been there for a long time. she's got to go with the decaf. >> can i have a little waiter confession? a lot of times i would put the bag in and i'd pour the water -- >> the bag in? >> the bag in. i'm thinking to myself -- the bag for coffee. pour it in the machine. then you hit the button and i'm thinking to myself, is that decaf? >> did you start over? >> no. >> what about the pregnant woman who is not serving her caffeine? >> i'm not a waiter anymore for a reason. >> donald trump is coming up this half hour. plus, he's going to have is a little town hall with the people
5:02 am
there, with heather and laura ingraham in a moment. meanwhile, a minute and 45 seconds ago, the polls opened. both front-runners are on the defense. >> and mike tobin is live for us in the badger state. hey, mike. >> hello, mike? >> hike? mike tobin? wauwatosa, he can't hear us. >> mike is giving us the cold shoulder. >> mike, can you hear us? let's give him the cold shoulder. we won't talk to him now. two can play that game. >> and let's go to the nation's capital, to laura ingraham where she can hear us. >> i was listening to "dancing queen." what version were you playing? was that a duet with doocy and kilmeade? ainsley singing the backup lyrics? >> play a little bit of the
5:03 am
version of "dancing queen." >> this is so bad. >> this is what laura was listening to during the commercial. >> this is the worst. oh, my gosh! ♪ dancing queen >> there you go. >> i'd rather listen to the continuous loop of a hillary town hall than that. >> hey, is mike tobin there? is he ready? no. >> you're not the dancing queen today, but the candidate queen. let's talk about this. the establishment is pulling out all the stops to defeat donald trump in the great state of wisconsin. and you say that that would be trouble in the long term for the republican party. >> yeah, here's where we are. we wrote a piece on lifezette about this and we examined the establishment forces that came out for trump. if it's really the case that it's -- it moves beyond just kind of tepid endorsements, you don't see jeb campaigning in wisconsin for donald trump of course, you don't see that full
5:04 am
throated support from lindsey graham. where's lindsey graham? last time i checked he said kasich was go to be the best nominee. but you do have scott walker who's very popular in the state of wisconsin. i thought he had a strong appearance on "fox & friends" this morning. you see obviously the radio host in wisconsin coalescing behind cruz and that means something. now f cruz can pull off a decisive win in wisconsin, we don't really know where it will go. it's pretty close in the recent polls, if he can pull off a decisive win, i think that gives a signal to other establishment figures it's okay to come out and support this guy that a lot of them frankly don't like that much, who has been a thorn in their side in congress. and move forward into some of the primaries. but i have to say that having been said, moving in to new y k york, new england where i'm from, these states that are -- i think still trump territory, ted cruz still really can't get to the number under most analyses here of 1,237 before this convention. it makes it more likely that
5:05 am
this will go to the contested convention which i think is not really where donald trump wants this to go. he wants to win this outright as he said last night on "hannity." before we get to cleveland. >> yeah, you mentioned that interview with governor walker. brian talked to him a few moments ago. this is what he said, who he's supporting and why for the future of this campaign. >> well, i'm going to support the republican running against hillary clinton because hillary clinton walk an awful, awful president for the united states. but i think the good news is starting today, you're going to see as we have seen in north dakota, as we saw in colorado, as we have seen in some other -- utah, ted cruz has continued to win as people made it clear it's either ted cruz or donald trump. those are the only two left who mathematically can get to the 1,237 delegate count to win the nomination. i think ted cruz will win here because people are well informed here in the state of wisconsin. >> and i think when we think of how donald trump really went after nikki haley in south carolina quite popular in south
5:06 am
carolina after she gave that response to the state of the union that she really turned to -- it became a response to donald trump, he goes on and wins in south carolina. i will tell you this. if somehow donald trump pulls off a close finish or a victory in wisconsin which i think is unlikely, but if he does that, i mean, i don't know what people are going to say tomorrow if that indeed happens. but i think it's going to be tough. but i think it was the nbc poll that came out today. it's stunning i think to a lot of people that trump only dropped four points in the last week after it's been 24/7 -- if i see one more graphic, you know, disapproval rating. i mean, the graphics people at all the cable networks have to be paid overtime. it's amazing. >> trump could wind up closer to cruz because it's an open primary. >> they had a dueling event. sanders was across the street
5:07 am
from trump yesterday, i think it was in milwaukee. and interesting thing is they were both hitting scott walker. from different points of view. >> i know. >> but still from kind of the populist viewpoint of where the economy is, trade has been a big issue in wisconsin. the tpp, a lot of people are arguing an interesting piece out yesterday that was hammer jobs in wisconsin. some of the other trade deals have been deleterious to the manufacturing base of the united states and he's hitting that tpp hard as he did last night with "hannity." >> let's talk about delegates. we don't really look at the convention as a coronation. now get into the delegate rules and people are saying what going on here. people are putting their hands on the scale and one of those who seems befuddled by it is donald trump. a little angry. >> somebody said, well, there's a rule and another rule. i don't care about rules, folks. i go out, i campaign. we win. we win. we get the delegates. right?
5:08 am
but in the meantime, we have millions more votes than cruz. we've beaten him in most of the states. >> okay, so he doesn't care about rules and a brand-new quinnipiac poll comes out this morning and it shows that 68% of republicans don't care about the rules when it comes to solving our problem. >> look at the trump supporters, laura. 84% don't care about the rules. >> i think that little snippet going to be cut up by the democrats and used against them in the fall because he'll say hillary doesn't follow the rules and they'll say, you said rules don't matter. if anybody sees this process as anything but fair, if there's a widespread view point -- this thing it doesn't smell or look right. i see what he's getting at. if it turns out we get to the convention and he's short of 1,237 but not by much and cruz
5:09 am
is 300 or 400 back, i think regular people will say, i get the rules and the delegates can switch and the delegates aren't really bound, i think it's going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of people. i know ted cruz saying, look, i'm outhustling trump, he doesn't have the ground game, i understand that point of view. but for regular folks who don't follow the minutia, they have to feel like their vote matters. but in the last ten months of campaigning moment something to the town halls, the ads, the people going to line up for hours to hear all of the candidates speak. it has to feel right for most people. despite, you know, what cruz saying about the rules. i think he makes a good point there, but i think it has to feel right to most people. >> well, something that a lot of people have not brought up and that is there's just a couple of "national enquirer" stories out there about ted cruz. he apparently has had a history of other women not his wife. he was asked about "the national enquirer" report, specifically by megyn kelly yesterday and this he finally answered. listen to this.
5:10 am
>> have you committed adultery in your marriage? >> i have not. that attack was complete and utter garbage. it was complete lies. and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. >> well, what do you make of that? >> that's not true. that is not true. i mean, every news organization out there has written about the fact that rubio's people were pushing this narrative. i understand that ted is upset about this story. it's not a pleasant story to be out there and he's utterly rejecting it and says it's not true, that's fine. donald trump didn't push that narrative, okay? i know it's easier for him to say that and blame trump. that that's not true. i watched that interview, the megyn kelly did with him. it's stunning how much time they're spending on trump. i mean, trump's down in wisconsin. but it's trump trump trump trump. trump said this, trump said this. i think a lot of people are watching, you know, these town halls, okay, we have big
5:11 am
problems facing this country. we have an open border to the south essentially. we have criminals who aren't being deported, we have isis trying to make their way into nuclear facilities to get radioactive materials. we have jobs being exported -- >> the iranian deal is blowing up. >> people are saying, we want the issues discussed. that means on both sides. >> laura ingraham. thank you. we'll send you a complimentary copy of "dancing queen." >> delete it out of the system. terrible. abby huntsman is here with the headlines. >> i was listening to that on the commercial. very bad. we have sad news. five people are dead in thor if if iing -- in a terrible helicopter crash. people who saw the pilot on fire described that horror. >> big explosion. me and my neighbor ran outside. and when we saw the helicopter crash more or less it was on the ground already. and we saw -- we heard a second
5:12 am
explosion and the pilot was burning alive. >> they were on a ride 200 miles east of knoxville. no word yet on what caused the chopper to go down. and a brand-new threat aimed at america, north korea vowing to kill more americans than in the 9/11 attacks. it's the latest propaganda rants and they claim to have warheads aimed at key sights in washington, d.c., and is ready to wipe the country from history. the videos appear to be in response to the annual u.s./south korea joint military exercises. and it was quite the sight at the texas rangers home opener. george w. bush meeting another huge baseball fan wwe superstar big show. both enjoyed the team's win over the seattle mariners yesterday afternoon. after the game, big show tweeted this photo of the two shaking
5:13 am
hands, writing, what an honor it was meeting president bush this afternoon. go rangers. although i have to say, it was cool for the president. presidents they're just like us. right? >> absolutely. just like us. >> big show. >> the big show -- remember he tried to choke me to death. >> then again you jumped on his back and tried to strangle him. >> no, that was a different guy. >> hard to keep them straight. donald trump joins us live from the diner up next. and call them supernova. we're live on campus with a special grad and he'll join us next. allergies can distract you. so when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with claritin you get powerful, non-drowsy relief 24 hours a day,
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that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you three seconds at midcourt. >> jenkins. >> gives it to jenkins. for the championship. yes! >> wow. the shot heard around the world and campuses. villanova will be remembered for pulling off one of the most exciting wins in ncaa history. >> we have live fox team coverage right now. villanova graduate peter doocy
5:18 am
is live at the white house. where else would he be? we'll check in with him in a second. >> but first, we head out to villanova's campus where steve keely is in live. what's going on on campus? >> well, all classes are cancelled today, so peter doocy can work without missing any of his studies and those out late can continue celebrating. it started as kris jenkins hit this buzzer beater to show how wearing number two has made philly and nova nation number one. this the second ncaa men's basketball championship for villanova since the first before peter doocy was born in 1985. they showed they cannot only be proud of the team on the court, but also be proud that so few of them will end up in court. just five arrests. compare to the east coast rivals up in connecticut, uconn, 30 arrests two years ago and louisville, 23 the year before that. most of the students like peter
5:19 am
doocy, clean living. they were drinking mostly coca-cola and bottled water out here in the celebration. >> thank you very much. let's go to the white house, villanova grad, peter doocy. you were at a bar last night? >> you know what's so weird, i wore my class ring for the first time since i think graduation. but the bruise that i have from all of the clapping is on the ring hand. i'm not really sure exact he how that happened. there's an actual black and blue. we were talking about it in the booth. it's so much fun i get to be here because six years ago when i moved to washington, d.c., one of the first events that i got to go to was the white house christmas party. when i walked in, in 2010, president obama said, hey, you're a young guy. do you go to college still? i said, no, i just graduated though from villanova. thank you so much for always picking us so high in your bracket. and he said, well, last year, you killed me. i felt terrible. i felt responsible for ruining the president's bracket but now
5:20 am
i can come back to the white house and say, mr. president, the wildcats will be here soon. to celebrate. i'm sure they'll have a villanova jersey for him. >> peter, i know in new york there are bars you can go do for each school. and everyone is there. they meet together and they celebrate if you do win. what was -- okay, here's a picture of you last night. did you go to a bar where villanova, all the students, former students show up? >> yeah. it was a great scene. washington, d.c., has a ton of villanova alum. for us it's very intimate experience at villanova because it's a small school. i almost feel responsible there obviously playing basketball with randy foye who is in the nba now. luckily no video of that. >> good. >> but it was really something to celebrate. >> there you go. >> with all the villanova alumni. >> villanova, what a game. a game for all ages. peter, thank you for the live report from the white house. >> congratulations. >> go wildcats! >> all right.
5:21 am
meanwhile, coming up, we're going back to wisconsin. donald trump is going to be joining heather nauert in that diner. we'll have a little town hall. the folks at the diner will ask trump some questions. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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5:24 am
hi, everybody. i'm brian musburger, you are looking live at wisconsin at a beautiful diner where heather nauert calls her own. she'll make a bid on it. donald trump is working the crowd and will actually have breakfast on us. we put aside $9.95 and by the way, this is mostly filled with trump supporters not even knowing he would show up. in a matter of moments we'll talk to donald trump, but first, here's steve. >> thank you very much.
5:25 am
the latest fox business poll shows ted cruz up ten points headed into the primary in wisconsin. but donald trump doesn't seem too worried. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. if we don't, if we don't, if we don't win here, it's not over. but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin? for ending it. >> so just how important is the badger state for trump's momentum and even if cruz wins will he be able to get enough delegates for the nomination. karl rove is the former deputy chief of staff under george bush and joe trippi is a fox news contributor as well. good morning to both of you guys. so joe, let's start with you. is trump right, if he wins today is it over? >> yeah, no, i would say that's the truth. if he wins, if it's -- it's very tough to see how cruz has any argument to go on.
5:26 am
look, with what the establishment has thrown at him and what cruz has go going for him, the organization, the popular governor walker and plus, you know, the demographics aren't the best for trump in a state like wisconsin. >> right. >> if cruz can't beat him there aren't many places down the road where he can. >> karl, do you agree with the democrats' analysis there? >> i do. because he agreed with trump, i think trump is right. if he wins wisconsin, the contest is over. if not, it's going to go on and the math becomes somewhat more difficult. right now, donald trump has to win 55% of the remaining roughly 900 delegates yet to be selected and that number rises depend on where the outcome is to, you know, 59, 60, 61% depending on how many delegates he takes out of. there. >> does it matter that wisconsin is an open primary state, in other words, democrats can choose for donald trump or ted
5:27 am
cruz, does that help him? >> yeah, trump has done slightly is better where independents and democrats can come in and vote, and he's done slightly worse in states that have a closed primary. where only registered republicans can vote. so yeah, this state -- this state is one where he should be able manufacturing state, blue collar state, he spent a lot of time there. if he wins, it's over. if he loses this is going to be a tougher contest. >> okay. there's a story in politico this morning that says essentially that on the democrat side, they figure that hillary would have it wound up right now, sewed up, in the bag. but bernie sanders has won the last five. and apparently, the bernie sanders people have asked president obama, stay on the sidelines even though he's about to ultimately -- their plan is for him to have a bunch of unity rallies for hillary to appeal to the bernie people. >> well, look, this race has been essentially over in terms of the delegate hunt. sanders has racked up some wins,
5:28 am
but they're in smaller states with fewer delegates and with fewer popular votes. hillary clinton is ahead of him by 2.5 million popular votes and she's won about 58% of the vote. but the issue here is -- isn't whether sanders can win wisconsin today. he probably will. the question is -- it can't be even 60-40 doesn't close the delegate gap enough for him. he has to close this thing -- i mean, he's got to win the states the rest of the way, 70-30. most democrats i don't see that happening, it's not over but, look, unity has to happen sooner or later. a lot of democrats would like it to happen sooner. >> karl, to use bernie sanders' term, the system is rigged on the democrat side for hillary clinton. i mean, he's won the last five of the last number of outings between the two of them. and yet, somehow he's still trailing. >> well, he's trailing because of the democratic party despite
5:29 am
its name has a house of lords. the unelected super delegates and they're breaking -- i just checked the number this morning, they're breaking 469 to 31. i mean, she's taken over 90% of the super delegates and she only has to win 32% of the delegates from here out. he has to win 68% of the delegates from here on out. joe's right. he's got to win 70-30. but this is locked up for her, we're going to end the contest with neither candidate having the necessary majority of elected delegates but she's going to have the super delegates. my understanding is they have got patrols out looking for those 31 super delegates who have endorsed him and intend to round them up and send them to the reeducation camp pretty soon. >> you're funny. thank you, both. meanwhile, scott walker says the wisconsin primary will change everything. >> i believe ted cruz is going to win today. that's going to be the turning point in this election.
5:30 am
>> donald trump would probably disagree. he's here from the diner, up next live from wisconsin. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. ♪rugreen presents the yardley's. ♪
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5:33 am
hillary clinton's campaign is reportedly trying to anticipate what specific personal attacks donald trump may use if they face in the general election. and after considering his options he'll narrow it down to these. ♪ >> so many to choose from. >> right now in the diner who might have had a chance to see on the monitor that roll that seth meyers rolled on the attack
5:34 am
plan is donald trump himself. how are you doing, donald trump? >> good morning. >> there is a an arg poll that has you winning by ten points over ted cruz. where's that coming from? in well, that was great poll in south carolina too. i was not expected to win soh carolina. that poll -- that particular poll came out and had me winning it pretty big and i won it in a landslide. when i heard that last night i was happy. i have been all over wisconsin, we're campaigning all over the place. i'll tell you, these people are amazing people and they want to see america be great america that's the whole theme. we'll take our jobs back from china, from mexico, from all of these people that are -- from all these countries that are taking our job, brian. our jobs are disappearing from our country. we can't let it continue to happen. our companies are leaving and they're going to other countries. we're going to stop it and we'll stop it fast.
5:35 am
>> all right, mr. trump, we had governor scott walker on the show earlier. brian was interviewing him. he sees its differently. let's see what he said. >> ted cruz is continuing to win, people make it clear that it's ted cruz or donald trump, those are the only two left who can mathematically get the 1,237 needed to win the nomination. i believe ted cruz will win here today, because people are well informed as you know in the state of wisconsin that's a big win for ted. it's an open caucus. we're somewhere between iowa and michigan in the makeup of the state. we'll have record turnout since 1980 and i believe ted cruz will win today. i believe that's turning point in this election. >> what's your reaction? >> you know, i have won millions of votes more than ted. you know, the votes do matter, but millions of votes. i have won many, more states over ted. i think it's up to 22 or 23 and he's at ten or something. i'm doing very well and i think we'll have a surprise tonight because i see this and even in the diner they're going around and they're interviewing the
5:36 am
people and everybody likes trump. i'm very happy. i love these people. we're doing really well. i don't know how all these people got here. but believe me i promise i didn't do it. they like trump. but i think we'll have a great day. i have worked hard in wisconsin. a friend of mine lives here. you'll win this state if you come here. i have been here a lot. and they have -- and i made a tremendous amount of speeches. everything is sold out and, you know, yesterday we had one where we had 5,000 people that we couldn't get in the hall. so there's something going on and it reminds me of new hampshire which i won and south carolina. in terms of the energy. it's amazing energy. >> well, we just had karl rove on and we were talking about how wisconsin is an open primary state and democrats can cross party lines and vote in the republican side. you have always done historically a couple of points better at that. a brand-new quinnipiac poll came out this morning, donald. i don't know if you heard it, but do you agree with this statement. what we need is a leader who is
5:37 am
willing to say or do anything to solve problems? about 70% of republicans say, yes, we need a leader who ignores the rules, but 84% of your supporters say we need that kind of guy. is that who you are, somebody who would ignore the rules to solve problems? >> well, look, i get through the rules. i understand how to get through them. whether it's complex zoning in manhattan where i got to build some of the great buildings of the world or whatever i have to do. i get through the rules. i don't want to say avoid the rules probably that sounds like a little bit of illegality. but i guarantee you we'll get there. we'll make america greatdeplete. two days ago, the border patrol, 2,000 -- let's see, 15,500 people, 15,500 people, they endorsed me for president. they have never done that beforement i didn't ask it for them. it came out of nowhere.
5:38 am
they're fantastic people. they're not being allowed to do their job. and they want to do their job. so we have such tremendous support and so many different people. it's been amazing, actually. >> donald trump, you say you about about winning. but is there such a thing as being proportional, a moral victory, being that you were ten points behind a few days ago. can you walk out with cruz being on top and still feeling good? >> well, to me, i can. you know, i'll do your show tomorrow and i will say, if i lose i lose. i won most of the states and ted says he won here and there. but i have won many more states than he has. he refuses to say that. he leaves that it out of the equation. i know it's about delegates. i have had millions and millions of people voting for me more than cruz and kasich who frankly shouldn't be in the race. he's now 1 and 32.
5:39 am
he won ohio barely over me. if i would have spent one more day in ohio i would have ohio. but i spend more time in florida. kasich is 1 for 32. jeb was doing better than him. marco was doing better than him and rand was doing better than him. >> he did well in new hampshire around that gave him momentum to win in ohio. >> ivanka shared a video of you cradling your newborn son theodore. my dad was by my side when i delivered any little girl, but how are you balancing the campaign trail and being there for her. there's the picture. so sweet. >> well, it's not easy. i would love to be my family in one way, but it's almost like i have so many friends in wisconsin. this has been so much fun for me. i have been here, i stay here. my hotel, i don't want a fancy hotel, i want to be clean and
5:40 am
the hotel is immaculate. i'm happy about it. which doesn't surprise me coming out of wisconsin. we have had a great period of time up here and i think the people understand, they understand what has to be done. they understand that their jobs are leaving, manufacturing jobs are leaving. they're going to other countries and they know i'll stop it cold. i saw ted cruz took an ad, he use mid exact line. he's never employed anybody in his entire life, and i think we'll do well tonight here in wisconsin. >> a prediction. >> donald trump not at a bed and breakfast, who would have thought? we're not done with the donald just yet. we'll talk to the people at the diner, and he'll answer the questions of those eating breakfast and of course, heather will be there for us. back in a moment. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at well, it's not exactly a town hall, it's at a diner. and heather nauert is going to ask some of the diners there for
5:44 am
questions for donald trump. so really, it's a dialogue at the diner. >> hello. >> with the donald. >> yes. good morning. great to be here. great to have you here as well. we have been talking to voters all morning long. you have a lot of trump fans here in wisconsin. and in particular here. so we talked to some folks who -- we've got sandy right here. sandy wants to ask you a question about the corporate tax rate. tell us something about yourself first. >> i'm sandy, i'm a homemaker and my husband owns a business. >> good. >> my question is about the corporate tax breaks and the incentives seems to be taken away. >> that's right. >> for the middle businessman because then the government just ends up grabbing it. it's like you ask yourself a question, why am i working harder and trying to grow my business? what do you think? >> well, it's a great question. it's really also a statement, because the fact is that the incentive is gone. my tax plan is the biggest tax cut of anybody. you know, we're the highest taxed nation anywhere in the world. we pay more tax than any other nation in the world, both individually and corporate.
5:45 am
businesses and individuals and especially the middle class are getting a tremendous tax cut, and small businesses are getting a tremendous tax cut and your husband feels about this, regulations, they're going to be -- we're going to move them back 10 or 15 years where they should be. because the regulations are killing everybody. so you'll see a tremendous business tax cut. >> all right. here we go. sandy, thank you. let's go over here and let's talk to kevin. you have a question for mr. trump about the national debt. >> i'm kevin divine, i'm a college student and i'll be voting for you today. >> i love that. >> with our national debt rising every day to about $20 trillion now, what steps will you take to make sure that when i'm ten years down the road i won't be -- i won't be a burden -- that won't be a burden to me? >> we'll get rid of a lot of the debt and get rid of it quickly. we'll negotiate good trade deals. right now, everybody takes advantage of this country. with china it's $500 billion a year trade deficit. and with mexico and every country -- i mean, there's
5:46 am
nothing -- we don't do anything right. we make the political deals they're horrible. plus we'll negotiate new military deals because we defend the world and they don't pay us what they're supposed to be paying us. it's ridiculous. even if you take a look at nato, you can take a look at anything. we lose at every single option. so we'll start knocking out that debt, knocking it out fast and having a balanced budget. we'll have a real country again with borders by the way. don't forget always with borders. we'll have a very, very strong border. but we will -- you'll be very happy. in two or three or four years you'll be looking and saying, wow, that's been pared down. >> thank you. that was something kevin cared about, the border issue. i want to introduce you to dave. we have become good friends. dave, good morning. >> good morning. >> mr. trump here. dave, tell us something about yourself. >> i'm dave, i live and work here in wauwatosa, wisconsin. i'm in property management. >> great. what did you want to ask him about? >> i'm voting for you today, mr. trump. i have a sister in oregon kind
5:47 am
of on the fence. tell us how we would -- you would make us proud as president. >> well, one thing the country has no spirit. we have a divider. i mean, president obama, whether you like him or don't like him, he's been the great divide ever. we'll make great trade deals, we'll win with our military, knock out isis and start rebuilding our military, making it strong again. you could be so proud -- you're going to be so proud of your country. we're going to win again. we don't win. we don't win on trade, we don't win with military or win with health care. obamacare is going to be out and we'll come up with great health care for much less money. and common core, we're going to cut it out, end it. you'll have in wisconsin and other communities you're going to have a local education which is so much better. protect our second amendment. you'll be so proud of your country. i was watching the show this morning, he said i'm a trump supporter. i said, there's the guy. i came over immediately and shook his hand.
5:48 am
>> you both have great hair. >> well, he has better hair than i do. i'll trade you, okay? >> i want to introduce you to another lady down here. a beautiful little baby in your hands. you have a question about the women voters here. >> how are you going to change and get the support of more women like myself? >> i have so many women that want to have protection from the standpoint, and they like me for that reason. i'm getting a very bad press with women. i think we're going to change it around. my wife said he respects women so much, we were on television, we were on "hannity" last night, it was a terrific show. but there's nobody that respects women more than me. i notice a lot of women are saying that -- i don't get a fair press with the woman, i have to say. they treat me -- the press treats me horribly. but i will say this, so many women were on last night on a different show and they were saying, we like donald trump because we feel he'll be the strongest for the country in
5:49 am
terms of the protection, in terms of the border and isis and other countries. i win by such a margin. that's protecting women, but it's also protecting everybody. >> jean, do you have some advice for him? you say you're a trump supporter what should he do differently? >> um, nothing. >> oh, i love her. >> i love your power. >> thank you very much. >> all right. >> i do appreciate it. i do appreciate it. >> all right. gang, we're out of here in wauwatosa, just west of milwaukee. the polls are now open. open until 8:00 tonight. how are you feeling about it? >> i feel good. i mean, we had that great poll last night, that just came out. i feel really good. i think it's going to be close. but i feel really good. >> i have some wisconsin gear for you as well. >> good. >> let's send it back to you, guys. >> all right, good stuff, heather. great questions. do you want to know what it feels like to be a navy s.e.a.l.? >> we went through hell.
5:50 am
>> we'll be rappelling over the bridge. >> forced marches, rappelling off the bridge. we're doing this to see what they're made of. >> one of the most intense shows is coming to fox, "american grit?" and o'rourke denver has a new book. but first, bill hemmer, what happens in ten minutes? >> in wisconsin, who has the edge? what does it matter? we have the best team on the ground in the badger state. what about a contested convention. what republican party leaders are saying about this morning. and iran is caught cheating again. what will this administration do about it? martha and i will see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor,
5:51 am
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5:54 am
[ gun fire ] sir, these men here -- >> all right. that was a clip from the 2012 film which was very successful which used real life navy s.e.a.l.s to tell their story. one tipped his head into the shot. time to remeet former team commander rourke denver. he knows about the sacrifices and he tells a story. >> he tells a story of valor and brotherhood in "worth dying for, a navy s.e.a.l.'s call to action." he's a mentor in the new reality show called "american grit" on fox and it premieres on april 14th. thank you for being here. so many thanks. thank you for serving the country. >> you're welcome. >> you're trying to say with this book, you're not a navy s.e.a.l., you can be a hero.
5:55 am
you can do things for your team and at -- have the same mental aspect. in what respect? >> well, i think warriors get labelled with the hero month akerr and it makes us feel uncomfortable. we're just doing a job. and that's to the country. i think a soccer mom taking their kids to the field, and regular everyday folks have things every day. that's what makes this country special. >> well, a lot of people out there want to be heroes and want a taste of what it's like to be a navy s.e.a.l. they can get that chance on "american grit." tell us about the show. >> yeah. 16 kind of regular folks from real dispirit backgrounds come to compete in military-type chances. one of the nuances to it, cadre members lead the teams. so it's different in the -- you know, kind of the pantheon of competition shows. >> so that gives you a taste of your old life. do you still miss the days as a navy s.e.a.l.? has anything substituted for
5:56 am
that? >> there's very little substitute for it, but it was amazing how much leading the civilians fed that taste of leading the guys. and in many ways it was more challenging. i know what my s.e.a.l. team mates can do, how do i motivate this athlete compared to this athlete was more challenging. >> you were there to take them to next level. >> the toughest was not being able to join them. you had to let them run, so it was more parenting than being in the fight. >> the name of the book is called "worth dying for." it talked about your experiences and how we can grow through that, and that's the way to do it. thank you so much. >> god bless you. >> i'll talk more to you on the radio. more "fox & friends" in a moment. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear.
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meet the newest member of our "fox & friends" family. ellis o'neill. >> born to proud parents kelly,
6:00 am
who works on our program, and pat, long time members of the pat, before joining us here in new york. kelly and pat fell in love as producer and director at fox in philadelphia. >> ella sue named in part after her grandmother who is smiling down on her from heaven. we are happy to report both mom and baby are feeling great. bill: the stakes are high in wisconsin. voters are at the polls. martha: good morning. ll: i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. good morning. the republican race is shaping up to be heated tonight. you have got donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich all battling for the nomination. >> you will say it w


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