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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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who works on our program, and pat, long time members of the pat, before joining us here in new york. kelly and pat fell in love as producer and director at fox in philadelphia. >> ella sue named in part after her grandmother who is smiling down on her from heaven. we are happy to report both mom and baby are feeling great. bill: the stakes are high in wisconsin. voters are at the polls. martha: good morning. ll: i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. good morning. the republican race is shaping up to be heated tonight. you have got donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich all battling for the nomination. >> you will say it was the
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single greatest vote you ever cast. that's when our country became great again. we'll make america great again. thank you, wisconsin. go out and vote. >> wisconsin has a reputation as a national podium. a victory will change the outcome in states to come across this country. >> cruz is saying he's taking my voters. trump is saying he's taking my voters. they are both right, i'm taking both of their voters. bill: bernie sanders keeping up the momentum after winning five of the last six contests.
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byron york from the "washington examiner," if the polling is right, cruz wins. but for ted cruz, this is almost a must win for him. go. >> absolutely. it appears to be getting a little bit closer. the marquette poll really shook the race last week when it showed ted cruz with a 10-point lead over donald trump, seemed to be confirmed by a fox business poll. but in the last couple days we have seen a poll as a closer race. by the appears the race has gotten a little bit closer, but republicans still expect ted cruz to win wisconsin. bill: you wrote a piece today about trump and cruz's final
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rallies. reporter: cruz went to waukesha which is the heart of republican strength in wisconsin. governor scott walker and carly fiorina were there with him. it was a show of strength in the republican's strongest area. donald trump went to milwaukee, a very, very blue area. donald trump went to the place where he was the weakest and ted cruz to the place where he was strongest. bill: the delegate race. how much in a close finish tonight will it matter? >> there will be a shift in delegates. wisconsin has 42 delegates. some of them are apportioned by congressional districts. there are 8 congressional
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districts. three delegates apiece. then they add 18 delegates to the winner statewide. the winner statewide will get that 18 delegate prize plus the ones they win in the congressional district. it's not as big as a winner-take all prize, but there will be a shift in the delegate count tonight. here is the southeastern part of the state. here is milwaukee. here is milwaukee county here. to the west just outside is waukesha. to the north you get washington, then over to lake michigan you will get others. those four counties, watch them. john kasich will hope to do well
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in dane county, that's the university of wisconsin in madison. we'll see if trump goes purple, are cruz goes tangerine. martha: let's go to wisconsin as voters head to the polls. mike tobin is live at one of the polling locations today. reporter: the wisconsin voters lake shaking it up. sanders seems to love it. >> if we win in new york state, between you and me, i don't want
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to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. she is already under a lot of pressure. we win here in new york state, we are on our way to the white house. reporter: conservative talk radio turned against donald trump in the banger state. the governor endorsed ted cruz. and he's polling poorly among women. that's why he brought out his wife for a rare campaign appearance. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. he's a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. reporter: you look at the numbers, the latest from real clear politics.
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still within striking distance. john kasich 19.6. he's hoping to force everyone to knuckle it up all the way to the convention in july. martha: it gets tighter as we get to the polling place. bill: stay with us all day long today. and certainly later tonight. we'll have special live coverage of the polls as they close hosted by bret and megyn. it starts at 8:50 eastern time tonight. it wraps up around 1:00 in the morning. it's one-stop shopping around here. martha: basketball one night and wisconsin coverage the next. we like take up until 1:00 in the morning. a helicopter tour in tennessee took a deadly turn yesterday.
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all five people on board were killed. any word, jonathon on what caughted the chopper to go down? >> not yet. there are few off why you crews as to what caused this horrible crash. the skies were clear. the bell 206 helicopter was flying on what was supposed to be a routine sightseeing tour over the smoky mountain when it crashed and burst into flame. >> the helicopter was consumed by the fire. reporter: fire truck were called in to put out the fire in the densely wooded mountains. no one on the ground was injured. but self resident heard the crash and saw the immediate
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aftermath. >> i heard a big explosion and they were both in there. we saw the helicopter crash. it was on the ground already. we then heard a second explosion and we saw the pilot crawl out. reporter: the pilot died and authority confirm all four passengers died as well. bill: the irs building on the nation's capitol caught on fire pap what impact did that have on your return? >> a massive weapon catch. it was seized on it way to iran just a short time after we did the deal. bill: trump and cruz want to take each other on one-on-one.
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john kasich has a lot to say about that. stay tuned. >> case up, i don't think -- kasich, i don't think he's a player here. you say i'm 1-32 and you do what rand paul and a lot of them did, and you get out.
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martha: irs headquarters in washington shut down after a fire break down in a basement. it apparently started by a transformer. 2,000 people work in that irs building. but many left before the fire started. tax returns are not processed in that building. what do they do in that building? bill: a new quinnipiac poll showing dissatisfied and donald trump supporters are the most fired up. welcome, sir. you endorsed rubio. >> i did. and walker before that. bill: are you going for a third? >> i am not. if you look at my district, it's pretty well evenly split.
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there is a lot of passion on the cruz side and the trump side. i'll call balls and strikes from what i see happening in wisconsin. bill: you call it north central wisconsin. >> rural parts of the state that are open to a message from democrats and republicans. bill: as i look at the map, i see that as trump territory. am i wrong? >> you have a lot of people who have been disenfranchised by both parties. there are people who care about economics and their wages. they are concerned about the border. people coming across. they say that take away some of of their opportunities and jobs. they feel like mayor today should be able to secure their border. these are patriots, they think as a patriot american we should be able to address these threats
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in the world. they look to donald trump and see strong leadership. they like him. they think this is exactly what the country needs. so if you look at the donald trump rallies in my part of the state, thousands of people are coming out in rural parts of our state to see him. but ted cruz who scott walker has endorsed. he's taken a pain out of scott walker's playbook playing retail politic taking a bus and shaking hand. bill: that's an interesting contrast. who do you think wins? >> the edge is with cruz. part of the delegates arertionee state as a whole. bill: we need to get you at the billboard.
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you are perfect for that job. quinnipiac put out some numbers. has america lost it identity? 57% agree with that. how do you feel? are you falling behind economically? 57% agree with that. what about your beliefs and values. 62% agree with that. politicians don't care what you think. 67% agree with that. supporters of donald trump 85% agree. what's he tapping into? >> that exact sentiment. they want someone to fight for them. you have republican or conservative ideology and then you have democrat or liberal ideology. the trump folks are people who say i don't care about ideology. i care about america and i care
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about my family. leave the ideology behind and fight for our country. what you see in wisconsin is you have conservative talk radio. they have done a great job of taking trump down. and i think this is a playbook that can be used in other states as well. if you want to take down trump look at the wisconsin conservative talk radio and use it. if they do that, the never trump movement will be very successful. bill: are you satisfied with the options you have today? >> i endorsed rubio and scott walker. i don't love my choices but i love them a lot more than the liberalism that comes from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. it will give us four years more of liberalism that will destroy the country. i look at ted cruz, a true
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passionate conservative. i love the ideology but maybe i don't like the messenger as much. bill: we'll see you 12 noon. martha: so much for the deal, keeping a lid on iran's military moves. look at this massive shipment of iranian shipments headed to yemen. it was intercepted by the u.s. navy. russia sending missile interceptors to iran. bill: there are new details emerging about donald trump's vow to build a wall at the southern border and how he plans to get mexico to pay for it. >> if we stand united, we are
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going to win this nomination and we'll win the general election. we'll beat hillary clinton and we'll turn this country around. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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martha: russia set to send its first shipment of air defense equipment going to iran. this after the seizure of weapons from iran reportedly head to yemen. this delivery from russia of the f-300 missiles being bought by iran.
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what are those missiles capable of doing? and should it be a concern? >> it's an anti-aircraft missile. it's capable of stopping any aircraft other than stealth aircraft. just the s-300 alone is sufficient at the current time to stop an israeli attack against iran's nuclear weapons program. this is something that iran has wanted from russia for a long time. now it's getting it, and it puts a military strike against iran's program from israel pretty much beyond the pale. this is a significant strategic shift and a big victory for iran. martha: that's something that's always been on the table for
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israel to take out iran's nuclear weapons if they deemed the them to be threatening. do you believe that would take this option off the table? and why wouldn't this be part of the deal struck with iran that they wouldn't be able to do this? >> because we have incompetent negotiators that are just as happy that israel los angeles the ability to strike iran. if there is going to be a strike against iran to prevent them developing nuclear weapons the united states will have to do it. obama and kerry were unwilling to keep this potential open. martha: iran it looks like has a healthy weapons sales and transfer program to hotpots in the world as well. >> this is business as usual for
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the ayatollahs. iran since they took over has been the largest financier of terrorist groups around the world. and their support for the houthi * rebels that threaten the saudis and others and the arab monarchies that are friendly to the united states. this is further proof, 9 months after the signing that iran's international behavior has not changed at all. it's one piece of evidence including ballistic missile launches. anybody who thought iran would become more acceptable to the civilized world after this deal, this is another element of disprove. martha: those weapons you believe were on their way to help the houthi rebels?
6:27 am
>> yes. this is the third shipment in less than a month. bill: now back to politics. how will donald trump get mexico to pay for the wall. first melania trump on how twitter sometimes can be a problem for her. >> sometimes i feel that retweets sometimes get him in trouble. so i say stay away from, you know, stay away from retweets.
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6:31 am
many said it's impossible and would never work. he laid out his plan in a two-page memo he sent to the "washington post." he said he would cut off the flow of the billions of dollars sent home by mexican immigrants. >> politicians are saying how can you possibly get them to pay. we have some good business people in this audience. when you have a $58 billion deficit and $10 billion wall. it's easy. and they don't understand it. they say how do you get them to pay. it's so easy. rely on me. so easy. martha: joining me now is the campaign chairman for trump.
6:32 am
he's trying to sort of disclose some of his actual policy ideas in a way that he's been pressed to do for some time. how would this plan to get mexico to pay for the wall work. >> as you heard in the previous clip. $24 billion a year is sent to mexico from the united states. people here sending money back home to their families. it actually last year in 2015, overtook oil as the revenue source for mexico for the first time in history. in terms of telling mexico they would now enforce the provisions of the patriot act which give power to the executive branch that banks need to know their customer. the banks are not having to go their customers. but given the executive branch
6:33 am
the authority to do that. if mexico does not pay the money, it shows that it can be done. that's what people have been saying for a long time. this won't happen, it can't happen. so the argument is going to shift very quickly to should this happen. because it's proven it can happen. i think we'll see polling firms go out and find out if the american public want this to happen. if it comes back that the american public agrees it should happen. i give it 2 weeks tops. >> let's put up on the screen how he would get mexico to pay for the wall. we heard the mexican president vincent fox say that will never happen. increased trade tariffs. cans laying of visas.
6:34 am
higher fees for border crossing card to come back and forth. you laid out an interesting principle how you could make that happen under the patriot act, in order to transfer fund the banks need to know who they are dealing with. if those people are illegal you believe through this executive privilege, through what mechanism could he make that happen? >> in the patriot act it gives the power to the executive branch to define the enforcement of that. it's already there. it isn't saying they would do all four of those things. it's just saying here are four ways it can be done. some are better than others. it wouldn't be all of those things. martha: it says once the wall was paid for. that the program would go back to the way it was? >> yeah, the point of this memo
6:35 am
is to say this is how you pay for the wall. when you go to a place like wisconsin, especially, where so many of their manufacturing jobs have been sent to mexico and sent overseas for cheaper foreign labor and you look at mexico. prenafta in mexico, manufacturing was less than 20%. it is now 80%. manufacturing has grown in mexico quite a bit to levels that are unheard of and a lot of that has come at the expense of places like wisconsin. we go there and you show this proposal and it resonates well with the workers in place there. >> mexico is a huge trade partner, and they said they would never accede to this plan. >> i don't know if they responded to this memo yet. i would be curious to see what they say to it. nobody want to start a trade war with mexico and this wouldn't.
6:36 am
people have come out and said if he were to do a tariff there could be a trade war. this shows there are ways to do it without doing anything like that. if you go back many years, many decade, there was a time back in 98 that mexico nationalized all the american oil interests in mexico. things like this are not unheard of. the american people are looking for a president that's going to put america first. martha: a two-page memo laying out how he would do it released yesterday. thanks, jeff. bill: march madness came down to the final shout of the tournament. villanova-north carolina. villanova has the ball when this happens.
6:37 am
i mean if you back that up 10 seconds. it's worth watching again. that was chris jenkins nailing the game winner. 77-74. mccallum's house did not sleep last night. martha: how do you sleep after a game like that. everybody was up really late. it was an incredible game. two great teams. two respected coaches. real gentlemen, both of them. bill: how are you feeling? martha: i'm feeling great. around 1:00 think morning when we are doing the wisconsin coverage, i'm not so sure. bill: the team's mascot was decked right after the winning shot. appeared to get into some sort of scuffle after the shot went in.
6:38 am
i don't know who saw that. what does it look like to you. it what you a right to the face there. the mascot is okay. villanova is the national champion. tremendous team, terrific coach. great season all around. but a thrill to watch that. martha: a great story about two brothers, adopted brothers. their families were there at halftime and switched side at halftime to be fair to everybody. one of the brothers chris jenkins wound up taking that shot. a tough day for his brother but a great day for the family overall. let's take a look at the market. we are pulling back a bit. global concerns have the dow jones industrials down 102 point.
6:39 am
we'll keep an eye on the markets. bill: when don't we have global concerns. find me that day. more rain falling in southern california, but troubling report are showing it's not doing much to help with the regional's water problems. we'll take you there and explain. martha:n we'll take to you wauwatosa, wisconsin. if donald trump doesn't win the ma'am nation where will his supporters go. >> if i was presidential only 20% of you would be here because it would be boring as hell. let me be unpresidential a little longer and maybe i'll be unpresidential as i beat hillary.
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martha: as many as 20 calendar student are injured after their bus slid off the road during a snowstorm in new york. it toppled over the guardrail, rolled down the hill. 30 students were on their way back from a leadership conference. more on that and their condition as we get it. >> the issue of white grievance not going away. and trump will maintain a very loyal level of support. many of his supporters are furious. and if in trump does not get the nomination, the stay home factor in next november's vote is likely to be substantial. bill: let's debate that point.
6:44 am
matt schlapp, and matthew, let's start, the stay-at-home voter. >> i think it's a big problem so much of this is what donald trump decide to do. if he doesn't get the nomination, does he endorse? ronald reagan lost that grueling contest to gerald ford. but he stood up on the podium and put his arm around gerald ford and endorsed him. if we don't get that moment, the party is in big trouble. bill: ways your sense as to
6:45 am
whether the wounds can heal in seven months? >> here is the problem. if trump doesn't get the nomination then there are people who won't support the republican nominee in the republican party. if trump get the mom nice there are a lot of republicans who won't support the other nominee. so either way, if trump is the nominee you have a lot of people who won't support him in the republican party. brirl matt? what do you think? is it "a" or "b." >> i understand what matthew is trying to say. but in wisconsin we'll have the biggest turn out since 1980. we have doubled the requests for prevoting or absentee voting. we have a huge turnout. when obama and clinton went after each other in 2008 a lot
6:46 am
of people predicted it would be bad for the party. hoik actually got more votes and didn't get the nomination. i think there is a chance even though this is bruising, this turns out to be good if for the republican party. >> 30% of republicans say they won't vote for trump if he's the nominee. bill: if that's true, what do you think they do over the next seven months. are they converted or not? >> here is what matthew is not saying. there are a lot of people who are anti-trump and anti-cruz. the people does best with real people are not necessarily that popular with the people that have always run these things and run the party. this is an attack on washington and an attack on a lot of these former leaders. that's something that's present in my party.
6:47 am
what do these people do in the end? they look at hillary clinton and they will get -- they will pull the lever for the nominee. >> that's not true. so far the polls show this is not the case. bill: this is what o'reilly said last night. according to "the washington post" donald trump is favored by 50% of republican vote horse make less than $50,000 a year and most of them are men. that's economic wage stagnation. and you can trace that back 16 years and these are the people who are ticked off. they are not going to leave trump. >> if you are asking me, it goes backlogger than that in terms of the economic stagnation. it goes back to the 1970s. there is a ceiling on that. and there aren't enough of those people to carry trump in a general election.
6:48 am
every poll shows hillary is a 10-point victor over trump. sanders is a 15-point winner over trump. with women, 75% view trump unfavorably. minorities view trump unfavorably. 58% of americans say they would be embarrassed if trump was the candidate. bill: if he's the candidate, he has ground to make up. >> absolutely. he did this at the beginning of the republican contest. you know who has the second most unfavorable ratings in every poll? hillary clinton. you guys have big trouble on your side, too. >> i don't see it that way because hillary is beating trump in every poll. bill: i'm confused between matt and matthew. have a great day and as you were.
6:49 am
martha: all right, fox news alert from capitol hill. while there is a hearing going on on cyber-security, something we need to know a whole lot more about it. officials set to testify about the apple encryption debate. we'll hear from chief admiral michael rogers on this issue. bill: the f.b.i. hacking the phone of the terrorist in california. how it can be a big help in other investigation from this day forward. martha: in california hoping for some wetter weather during one of the most awful broughts in history. now reports that residents aren't doing their part to conserve water. show me movies with explosions.
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bill: the f.b.i. said it will help unlock seized iphones. the f.b.i. was able to unlock the phone of the suspect in the massacre that left 15 people dead. apple initially refused to help unlock the phone. martha: apparently this year's el nino doing lit toll help with the state's water problem. the push to get folks in southern california to conserve water has not been all that successful. william, why aren't people cutting back on their water usage in southern california? >> i know, i feel guilty it's hard -- it's hard to conserve when it's rang out.
6:54 am
water companies don't punish the wasteful or reward. my water consumption is 90% below average. after four years of drought, the rainfall and snowfall are about average as reservoirs in the north are filling up. grounds water is in decent shape but still low. southern california reduced consumption only 7%, not 25% as expected. which likely means mandatory, not voluntary cutbacks this summer. >> beale have to move that way. we'll have those lousy snow packs more often because it's hard. reporter: not to bore you with another season of the sky is falling story, that's probably what we are looking at for another summer of farmers not
6:55 am
getting the water they hoped. martha: what can the state do about it? reporter: it can do a lot. the north-south rivalry. northern california treats the water as theirs even though southern california pay for most of the storage. environmentalists wants to keep the water in the rivers for fish. senator feinstein is stepping up on behalf of farmers. it gives an incentive to improve massive bond issues bypassing san francisco to pay for it. some say kill that bullet train. we could use that $10 billion on water, not on trains. if you live anywhere but here. people will say, southern california can't manage their consumption so why should we pay for it. you will hear a lot more about
6:56 am
conservation through the summer. martha: thanks, william. bill: the next big primary day has arrived. the stakes could not be higher for those who need a win today. we are covering every moment in wisconsin. martha: disturbing images coming out of north korea suggesting the rogue nation is stepping up its production of weapons grade nuclear fuel. n't let dust and at between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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with's free cancellation, you could just forget the beach wedding... and the beach booty... you could just book a different resort. like in alaska. they've got igloos. martha: road to the white house runs through wisconsin today. republicans at a crossroads as voters go to the polls in that crucial primary race. could shake up the race for the gop nomination what happens tonight. we welcome everybody to hour two now of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. every time we have one of these stories takes us in a different direction.
7:00 am
what direction will be tomorrow? in wisconsin 42 delegates up for grabs in the republican race. 86 for democrats. the republican reach vales all sounding optimistic about today and about tonight. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. if we don't,. [cheering] if we don't, if we don't win here it is not over but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin for ending it? >> a few weeks ago media was saying a wisconsin was perfect state for donald trump to win. it was not a good day for me to compete in. what we're seeing is happening in wisconsin is the unity of the republican party manifested. >> we're going to continue to do -- i'm not going to be be a n cushion. i'm not going to be a marshmallow. bill: michael warren by both are looking over their shoulders and john roberts on the ground?
7:01 am
milwaukee as voters go to the polls as we speak. good morning. what are you seeing? reporter: good morning, to you bill. donald trump making rounds, still optimistic he might pull out a win. the polls showing a mixed chances of what he might do. some had him up but more had him done probably. if he loses state of wisconsin, it won't be lack of trying. he spent last three days crisscrossing the state, talking about jock and economy. bringing out his wife melania for couple events. trying to fix the problem he has with republican women voters. also lamenting that john kasich's continued presence in the race is taking votes from him. to which the ohio governor basically said, oh, boo-hoo. >> he is 1-30. he ought to get the hell out, honestly. >> listen here is the situation. the reason why trump said kasich needs to get out, i mean think about what that guy said. he said he needs to get out because he is getting my votes
7:02 am
and i want to have my votes. [laughter]. this is not fair! >> reporter: trump told a rally in lacrosse we were at yesterday, look he doesn't care if john kasich tries to contest the convention and win there but he shouldn't play in states, bill, where trump says kasich has no chance. bill: cruz gained on trump in that state. closing days of polling suggest trump is closing on cruz, i don't know. you tell us, on a state that some believe should have been pretty good for donald trump? reporter: so what is cruz doing right in the badger state? part of it is what donald trump is doing wrong. he shot himself in the foot so many times it is a wonder he can walk around last couple weeks. secondly ted cruz has a big operation here including the support of wisconsin governor scott walker. and at every opportunity he also has been painting donald trump as not a real conservative. listen to the perspective he gave last night during megyn kelly's town hall meeting why trump delayed in denouncing dent
7:03 am
support from former kkk leader david duke. >> listen that is a liberal this thinks conservatives don't want me to denounce the clan. anyone who is a conservative is happy saying clan is evil and bigoted and is wrong and has no place in society. [applause] if you're speaking from core conviction you know that is because you're speaking from the heart. >> reporter: cruz also believes that could be applied to the abortion question as well. trump's initial answer as to whether or not women should be prosecuted for having an abortion was what he thought conservatives wanted to hear, not really what he thought. donald trump continues his presence here in wisconsin this morning. showed up at a diner this morning where "fox & friends" was broadcasting from, visiting folks outside of a polling station in a fire station this morning. but he is heading back to new york. this is interesting, bill. he is not going out tonight, typically for a candidate, not saying that donald trump
7:04 am
couldn't change his mind, typically for a candidate they do not expect to do well. bill: we'll watch that anecdote. john roberts there on the ground in milwaukee. martha. martha: let's get more, michael warren, staff writer for "the weekly standard." good to have you with us this morning. >> morning. >> john roberts talked about some things that have been perceived as missteps from donald trump that may have helped shift his numbers there. here is what he said about scott walker. >> walker has not done a great job. i has not done a good job. [applause] he, by the way, he has been okay. you're average. i hate to say it. you look around your surrounding states, you know what you are? average. you're not average people, right? martha: hmmm. did that help or hurt him? we don't know yet for sure but what do you think? >> i think it did hurt donald trump. that is a line that probably worked in every other state that donald trump has won in or competed very well in, but not wisconsin.
7:05 am
conservatives, republicans like scott walker. they defended scott walker through three elections, not just two, re-election but recall election, against democrats. so to hear donald trump sort of repeating democratic talking points in wisconsin, i think was a big misstep and is what john roberts was talking about with trump shooting himself in the foot. that really hurt trump on top of all the other things i think going against donald trump in wisconsin. martha: well they, the trump people think they will do better than people expect in wisconsin tonight. and when you look at the "quinnepiac poll," this is not a wisconsin poll. this is a more general poll so we can take a look at it on primary election day, "quinnepiac poll" says 57% of voters agree that america has lost its identity. 57% of voters say this statement. i'm falling further and further behind economically. and the last one, 62% of voters agree that their beliefs are
7:06 am
under attack. and when you look at gop voters and trump supporters, those numbers are skyrocketed even higher than the ones i showed you at home. how much of an impact -- those are really stunning statements, michael? >> yeah, absolutely and in places where donald trump is doing well you see more people who have those views. again to go back to wisconsin today, wisconsin's a different state than a lot of these other states that donald trump has won. it has got less income inequality. so that economic anxiety that you just talked about in that national poll isn't really felt in wisconsin. it is a little more educated population than the average population in the country. again, that is a better place for a non-trump candidate to do. but you bring up a very good point, this is where the country is right now. if voters are convinced that donald trump is the answer to those problems, then maybe he has got a better chance in november than we think. i don't think a lot of americans view him that way.
7:07 am
they view him as a personality and as a candidate, much more negatively than maybe they view the things that he is saying or things he is willing to say. that ultimately will be a problem if he does win the nomination. martha: apparently as we heard he is heading back to new york tonight. hillary clinton is doing the same. what does that tell you about the clinton campaign in wisconsin? >> i mean the polls don't look great for hillary clinton. it is probably going to be another bernie sanders win but i do think it's a little different than it is for donald trump. if donald trump loses wisconsin here his chance of winning on that first ballot in cleveland at the republican national convention, i think is really damaged. clinton doesn't really have that problem. she is a weak front-runner. she has all kinds of problems that bernie sanders is exploiting but ultimately the math doesn't really work for bernie sanders getting to that majority of delegates so that he can win in the democratic national convention. clinton is going to lose most likely in wisconsin. maybe we'll have another michigan surprise and she'll win but ultimately i think her lock
7:08 am
on the nomination doesn't really change much after tonight. martha: michael, thanks so much. we'll see you later. >> thanks, martha. bill: stay with fox. we will have it all for you in wisconsin and we will have special live coverage when the polls close later. bret and megyn are here at 8:50 eastern time. we'll have coverage throughout the day. results later tonight. then we'll see, we'll see after that, huh? martha: like you said, we could see another michigan surprise for hillary in wisconsin tonight. as we said the trump people are looking at that "arg poll" which shows him 10 points ahead in wisconsin. certainly anecdotally the people at diner were all behind him this morning on "fox & friends." so we'll see. it will be interesting night. bill: stay tuned. meantime we have breaking news now overseas in north korea. new satellite images suggested it is stepping up plutonium production. the images showing exhaust flumes bill owing out of this nuclear plant weeks after a national intelligence director
7:09 am
that north korea expanded production of weapons-grade nuclear fuel. benjamin hall live in london. more escalation out of peninsula in north korea. what are they up to now, ben? reporter: bill, every weeks it seems another threat from them. today threatening to bomb south korea. expanding their nuclear fuel capabilities and today as you said, those still images from the nuclear sight at pongyong which suggests that they are producing more plutonium. smoke plumes suggest buildings are reheated and significant activity is taking place deep underground. we're hearing to a south korean official that north is able to fit a nuclear warhead on medium-range missile. that is the first district statement and if verified has serious implications for region. the north long claimed it had the technologies. we have to verify this independently but very dangerous. bill: so you have got a lot of attention internationally, all these sanctions. how are they able to continue
7:10 am
building this arsenal? how is that possible? reporter: we hear sanctions after sanctions have very little impact on weapons program. we're learning about how kim jong-un able to get around those. leak of panamanian files shed light on certain offshore companies are being used to facilitate those deals connected to north korea's nuclear program yet shielded from them. on a day, china long seen as lifeline to north korea would up its own sanctions. many individuals are willing to help north korea and other countries get around the sanctions. that has to be where the focus goes from here on. bill? bill: benjamin hall from london. more to come. 10 past the hour. martha: donald trump trying a bit of a new tactic on the campaign trail to try to win over women voters. >> that he would not hire women or men. he is a really, a great, great guy you know, beautiful heart and he loves to help people. [cheers and applause]
7:11 am
martha: big applause for that. his wife melania. will she be able to overcome his increasing unpopularity with women voters? it is a steep climb. we'll debate that fair and balanced. bill: the outcome of today's wisconsin primary may shake things up. is the republican party inching closer to a contested convention? stand by. martha: ted cruz increasing calls for john kasich to bow out of the presidential race.ays tht will happen. we'll talk to the cruz campaign, get their thoughts today coming up next. >> i'm not getting out. why would i get out? particularly when trump is worried am getting trump's votes which i knew i already could do and we're not going anywhere.
7:12 am
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call for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. bill: we're learning more this morning after that deadly amtrak crash outside of philadelphia this weekend. investigators say the train's engineer applied the brakes five seconds before it crashed into a backhoe. a backhoe, sitting on the same track. the operator of the backhoe and track supervisor were killed. the train was going 106 miles per hour in a 110 mile-an-hour zone. headed from new york, to savannah, georgia, when it crashed early sunday morning. investigators still do not know why the backhoe was on the wrong track at the wrong time. martha: so as wisconsin votes today republican front-runner donald trump trying to regain his footing after a few missteps
7:16 am
over the past week or so. trump in attack mode as he trails ted cruz in most of the wisconsin polls today. here he is. >> i wish he could talk normally every once in a while. did you ever hear him -- i'm the only one that has proven that i can beat donald trump! remember in the debate? i beat him five times! and i looked over, yeah but i have beaten you 22 times? you remember that? martha: we have the national campaign spokesperson for ted cruz. ron, good morning to you. >> good morning. martha: this is something we're hearing more from. we've seen donald trump sort of label each one of the people who have been a contender to him. he has been calling your guy lyin' ted for some time. he seems to have moved on that he is annoying. his voice is disingenuous. that it is annoying, that it greats on people. what do you think about that? -- grates. >> that certainly doesn't apply
7:17 am
to the people of wisconsin where senator cruz is doing very, very well. we'll have a very good night here. clearly donald trump is someone increasingly turning to more and more desperate desperate tactics campaign doesn't work. john kasich left the state entirely. his campaign people say wisconsin doesn't matter. at same time they increase their number of media buy here in the state. he added three different events to the schedule and turns to these increasingly desperate tactics because he can't stop the decline in his support in this race and the race is fundamentally changing with this vote today and changing to ted cruz away from donald trump. martha: if that happens, ted cruz wins tonight, how does it fundamentally change the race going forward? you've got pennsylvania, you've got new york, you've got delaware, a lot of northeastern states coming up that could be tricky for him? >> that is really good question.
7:18 am
two points, with respect to john kasich who repeatedly said no, he would win in the midwest, would win in the midwest, wisconsin is right in the middle of wisconsin and john kasich will place third today. he virtually given up having already left for events in other states. number one. number two, all the reporting showed that wisconsin would be the perfect state for donald trump to win with his protectionist message, on trade and his populist message and so on. it hasn't panned out that way at all. in fact wisconsin as a state is very similar politically to michigan. and in michigan donald trump won but now ted cruz will do very well in wisconsin tonight showing that republican base is consolidating behind senator cruz no matter what donald trump does, it is not going well for him. martha: sorry. you make a great point. so to push that question further what is the next -- if he wins wisconsin, what is the next wisconsin out there? >> well, we have, we've engaged in in a 50 state campaign from
7:19 am
beginning. we designed the campaign to go from beginning to end. i'm from state of california. we vote on june 7th. we've been preparing california since august and truly running a 50-state campaign. we have time before we go to new york and northeastern states and one state per week will vote roughly in the month of may. we go on to june. we're at about the bottom of the 5th inning. it's a nine inning game. direction now is fundamentally shifted. it has moved in our direction. this is increasingly seen as two-person contest with john kasich trying to insinuate himself into the race, but clearly running as a spoiler, wisconsin shows that the race is changing and changing in our favor. martha: all right. >> people are finally -- and one final point, nobody's paying more attention to this race today, to the presidential contest than the people of wisconsin. no one's been more in tune in the direction they moved in is in favor of senator cruz and rejecting donald trump. martha: we'll see what happens tonight. you but you heard the number
7:20 am
crunchers. they believe ted cruz has to get 80% of the delegates in every single state from here on out to close to 1237 before the convention. that's, looks like an almost impossible hill to climb? >> well-running for president is not easy but what's clear that we built a campaign to go from beginning to end and sure it is a steep climb. you know, this is not easy. politics ain't bean bag however what is true is that it doesn't take winning 80% of the vote to win 80% of the delegates. for example, in the state of utah we won 69% of the vote and we won 100% of the delegates. so we're preparing for all the state that are coming up. we'll run an aggressive campaign and donald trump, no matter what he says, no matter what tactics he resorts to, he is not able to pull his fat out of the fire in wisconsin and not looking good for him going forward. martha: interesting to watch what you're doing in terms of delegate wrestling in these states, it is a different art which the ted cruz campaign
7:21 am
seems to have a decent handle on. we'll see if you're right. thank you very much. good to have you with us today. >> thank you. bill: a somber moment. bodies of two americans killed in the terror attacks in brussels return home. martha: check your calendar. it is april. but it looks like january in some places. what is going on out there? we'll tell you where it is headed next when we come back. >> it is nuts. last week it is 68 degrees. this week it's 30 something degrees, snowing and knee deep in snow. my school reunion's coming fast.
7:22 am
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martha: final homecoming remains of american couple on the brussels attack. now on american soil in kentucky. funeral services will happen this week.
7:25 am
unbelievable this had to happen and snuff these beautiful lives so short. justin and stephanie shults moved to the belgian capital in 2014 where they worked as accountants. they were seeing off stephanie's mother who was visiting them when the bombs went off. stephanie's mom survived that blast. bill: it is 25 minutes past the hour now. if you look outside, he is not through with just yet. old man winter refusing to give in without a fight. dropping nearly a foot of snow in parts of michigan leaving many folks there scratching their heads at this outside. >> this is nuts. last week it is 68 degrees. this week it is 30 something degrees and snowing. >> sometimes you think have a real good day. bang, you wake up in the morning and you have snow. bill: meteorologist maria molina heard it from plenty of us in the holloway, haven't you, maria? >> yeah. bill: live in the weather center. what's up?
7:26 am
>> we had a cold front push to the northeast yesterday. it brought snow across parts of southern new england. what is more significant about it, it left behind very chilly temperatures below average. across the northeast and across parts of the great lakes. for now it's a quiet picture across the northeast and radar. we don't have much going on. only thing going on is the cold. 30 degrees in new york and 27 in buffalo and boston. when you factor in the wind it feels much colder than what the thermometer reads. feels like 20 degrees in the new york. and boston farther west in new york, marquette currently feels like three degrees. the forecast is over next couple days is for continued surges of cold air, dipping down across the region, both across the great lakes and northeast. temperatures across the northeast are forecast to remain below average across these areas. by the way over the weekend we see yet another round of cold temperatures in the forecast across these areas.
7:27 am
we do have winter weather advisories in effect across parts of wisconsin and into michigan and concern out here, we have a storm. david: iting the rockies moving across the northern plains. as we head into late tonight and also into tomorrow we'll see the snow coming down across parts of michigan and aagain across parts of wisconsin. as much as four to 8:00 inches of snow can come down out here. we'll be looking at issues along the roadways across those states otherwise we will see thunderstorms across severe weather. across eastern parts of colorado and kansas, into northwestern missouri, heads up, isolates storms. bill: saw snow in wisconsin. those folks can handle it. thank you, maria. talk to you soon. martha. martha: a heated battle for delegates tonight. what if nobody wins? could the gop give you a nomination to someone who you do not see pictured here? would that spark a voter rebellion?
7:28 am
we'll talk about that. did you catch this by chance last night. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship! [cheers and applause] bill: it is an instant classic. talking about that game for a long time. villanova and north carolina, the madness extended into april. >> how about that. a killer.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
bill: republican leaders getting ready for possible contested convention with today's wisconsin primary playing a pivotal role. donald trump is leader at 737. he needs 500 to get there. senator cruz 465. john kasich, 143. would the party draft another candidate if nobody gets nomination. ted cruz doesn't think so. >> this fevered pipe-dream of washington, that at the
7:32 am
convention they will parachute in some white knight who will save the washington establishment, it is nothing less than a pipe-dream. it ain't going to happen. if it did, the people would quite rightly revolt. bill: jonah goldberg, senior editor "national review" and fox news contributor. good day to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: entirely a hypothetical. what do you think? would it happen? >> i think what, this is complicated thing. ted cruz is right and certainly smart to be making this argument, if they somehow skip ted cruz and donald trump on the first or second ballot and went straight to kasich or straight to paul ryan or straight to batman or bruce wayne or whatever, that would be crazy and people would be outraged. the thing that think ted cruz is aware of but is not acknowledging in this is that once you have an open convention, once you have a floor fight convention, delegates psychology means everything.
7:33 am
what if, if this goes to the fifth or sixth or 10th ballot, and people are watching this for days and days and days on end, the psychology can change and one of the things the ways it could change a lot of delegates pledged to cruz and to trump become unpledged. moreover their motivation may stop being my guy has to win, may start being, your guy has to lose f that happens, it is entirely foreseeable, which has happened in many conventions in the past, they say, hey, look, let's order off menu. we can't agree on the three guys who are here. bill: all those previous contested conventions that was before 24-hour cable. >> sure. bill: you don't have that factor now. sean spicer of the rnc was asked about it yesterday. he doesn't necessarily think this will happen, with neil, watch. >> the people that are getting elected to fill these slots are by and large either supportive of mr. trump or senator cruz and
7:34 am
to some degree governor kasich. it would be very hard to imagine a scenario where they abandon their individual and went outside of that group. of course it is possible. i don't see that scenario emerging. we feel very confident that one of the three individuals currently in the race will become our nominee. bill: so that is trump or cruz or kasich, jonah? >> i honestly don't think it is kasich. kasich might as well -- has no more claim to the nomination than marco rubio or scott walker or lots of other people. he is just simply hanging around like the guy who won't leave the dinner party hoping something will work out for him. i think sean spicer is absolutely right which is why it is, in ted cruz's interest, if he can force this to a contested convention, to wrap this up on the first or second ballot. but longer it goes on, the more exhausted people become and more open-ended it becomes and then, i think you could see a draft
7:35 am
ryan movement or somebody else come on in. bill: are you in the school that if trump wins tonight, it's basically over? >> if trump wins tonight it is, it is, certainly bet he gets to 1237. bill: that was hard for you to say, wasn't it? >> look, i'm not happy about the prospect. i'm also not happy about making predictions anymore because there is so much egg on so many faces for getting some predictions wrong particularly as they pertain to donald trump. mathematically if he wins tonight hard to see how he would be stopped. bill: quinnepiac, feeling in the country. ready for this? quote, there is a deep well of dissatisfaction among american voters who say the u.s. has lost its identity. that they are falling behind financially. that their beliefs and values are under attack and public officials don't care what they think. quinnepiac, earlier today. quick thought on that. >> i think that is absolutely accurate in terms of an appraisal where a lot of people are at and i should point out though, the feelings are mutual
7:36 am
in the sense that a lot of these people don't care what their political leaders think or say. there is a overall, there is a huge lack of trust and confidence in all institutions. there are only two institutions left in america that are popular. the military and small business. everything else, the media, lawyers, doctors, churches, schools, they're all underwater. there is a huge lack of trust in large institutions in this country. why the political parties should be immune from that is certainly a mystery. bill: thank you, jonah. >> thank you. bill: jonah goldberg there. analysis in washington. >> thanks, man. martha: housing controversy brewing in baltimore. the feds reaching a settlement that will force the country to build affordable housing for the poor in more prosperous neighborhoods. leland vittert live in washington with what is behind this agreement and how this will work. good morning, leland. reporter: good morning, martha. they call baltimore charmed city but there are many parts of it
7:37 am
anything but charming. the crime rate has skyrocketed. many poor neighborhoods on left side of your screen are gang-infested and getting rougher. you can imagine anger from folks on right side of the tracks, wealthier, nicer, affluent baltimore county over a plan to bring section 8 government subsidized housing to parts of baltimore county that are actually charming. >> i think it is nonsense. the overall policy which is coming out of the white house. coming out of president obama's philosophy of social engineering on steroids, we're going to make everybody better if we move them to kingsville, it is baloney. it is a failure and destined to fail. reporter: naacp among others sued baltimore county over housing segregation claims. the county has now settled. get this, martha, agreeing to spend $30 million over tex 10 years to build 1000 homes in those more affluent neighborhoods.
7:38 am
martha: if everything works as planned what will the proponents say will come of that? >> reporter: here is the argument from the naacp among others is that the typical section 8 housing programs bunch all the poor people together and that only breeds more crime and blight. under the new program those 1000 houses will be sprinkled all around baltimore county essentially integrating the poor among wealthier families. >> studies indicate doing clustering in one area is not successful approach. the hope would be that the units would be dispersed throughout the county and not in one particular area. and studies have also shown that when that approach is taken, that economic value for the neighborhood actually increases and doesn't increase. reporter: along with this program and settlement come as promise from the baltimore county executive to introduce legislation outlawing the practice of landlords essentially discriminating against section 8 vouchers. martha, it is unclear to say the least if such a law would actually pass the baltimore
7:39 am
county council. back to you. martha: we'll see. leland, thank you. bill: so the nfl is about to do something never done before in live sports that could change the way you watch games. details on that in a moment. martha: and donald trump bringing his wife melania on the campaign trail, to in part boost cred with women voters but has the damage already been done or can she help those numbers? we're going to debate that. >> he hires the women in highest positions and he trusts them. and, he, he is the one that he will take care of them. he is the only one. [cheers and applause] you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
7:40 am
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that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. bill: bit of a surprise announcement. twitter plans to live stream "thursday night football" games this fall. that deal comes after a bidding war between several digital heavyweights including amazon and verizon. that must be a pretty good
7:43 am
contract. details not yet released of the twitter and nfl worked on other promotional ventures like in-game highlights so far. martha: donald trump looking to shore up some support among women voters in enlisting his wife melania to join him on the campaign trail last night. trump has come under fire in recent days over comments about women that have abortions and twitter feud with us ted cruz involving candidate as wives among other things. listen to this. >> sometimes i feel, that you know, retweets, sometimes get him in trouble. so just, i say stay away from, you know, stay away from retweets. martha: stay away from the retweets. good advice. guy benson,, fox news contributor, jessica tarlov, pollster and political analyst with schoen consulting. good to have you here today. >> good morning. martha: look at another one of these sound bites.
7:44 am
this one actually has to do with that retweet and donald trump initially said that when he retweeted the picture of heidi cruz next to melania trump he didn't think it was a bad picture of heidi cruz but then on "hannity" he said this. >> i wish i didn't send it out. it wouldn't have been simpler. it was done as a little bit of retaliation but in the end it is so, something if i had to do it again i would not have done it. martha: guy? a little bit of retaliation? >> yeah, know, he was lying before when he said he didn't realize it was unflattering. it was unflattering. that was whole point image. having impulses of grade schoolboy, donald trump decided he would get in his shot at ted cruz by insulting his wife. look, i think it is probably a smart move by trump to bring melania out on campaign trail with him. if you look at a lot of recent polling his negatives among women have spiked into the 70s, which is just full-blown unelectable territory given that
7:45 am
women make up more than half of the american electorate. and the question is, whether it is melania and daughter ivanka is most delightful and likeable surrogate, if they come out there to repair some of this damage, a, is it too little, too late, is the damage done? and b, can donald trump keep his own mouth and finger on the retweet button in check to not step on some of the progress they're trying to make on his behalf. martha: appears everybody who you discuss, who gives him advice basically said that same thing. >> yep. martha: that it is time to be more presidential. if you want to get outside of your supporters who will love him no matter what he does, we all know that, you have to evolve as a candidate. to a place where people start thinking that maybe, women in particular, start thinking that maybe he would be the right guy. jessica, what would he have to do in your mind to improve his image with women? >> well he couldn't do anything to improve his image with this
7:46 am
particular woman but generally speaking i think guy is correct. that having melania out there and ivanka out there, she will especially help him though i really struggle to understand what purpose melania was serving except to show there is woman who really likes donald trump. i don't think it helps in the continually say that they want him to be more presidential because that is just highlighting the fact he is isn't behaving in a presidential manner right now. so what i think donald trump should do, yes, keep them with him, have him talk more about policy and what he is going to do for americans but he should also talk about his pro-women-friendly policies. in the past he said there are a few things planned parenthood does that are good for women. we know women do, over 50% approve of planned parenthood. he should talk about, i know, wages which are a big deal to women, the economy more generally, especially, and terrorism. this will be a terrorism election. economy is number one issue and terrorism.
7:47 am
talk about how he wants to keep americans safe and that appeals directly to women voters. martha: what do you think the strategy is there, guy? because the points jessica makes even though nothing would change her mind, she is pointing out strategic things that could be done, policywise and ivanka who recently had a baby, but i suspect she gets out there next several weeks. which would be a very wise decision on their part. i think jessica is right, when you look at the two bread and butter issues that will drive next election, jobs and economy with national security, with a lot of people very nervous about radical islam, the border. these are issues that donald trump can parlay perhaps into some success. he just has to stay disciplined and be creditable on policy. he can't just say, you know, believe me, i will be great for jobs. oh, the border we're going to build that wall and mexico will pay for it. everything will be great and terrific. we'll make the country great again. he has to get more specific and
7:48 am
be credible but these are not bad areas for him. he does needs to make that pitch in a way that women believe and then he has to stay on message and not get distracted in these feuds constantly which seems to be an ongoing struggle for him. martha: yeah. women care about the same issues that men care about generally. >> they do. martha: but appears he is having a problem with them and we've outlined the -- quite some time. >> get dramatically worse most likely running against hillary clinton. so that dynamic will be terrible for him. martha: jessica, guy, thank you very much. good to see you both this morning. bill: a buzzer-beating three-pointer delivers true madness to villanova. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship! [cheering] bill: it was instant classic. whoa. that shot delivered march madness in april. ♪ ♪
7:49 am
7:50 am
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bill: rare blue diamond expected to sell for more than $30 million today at auction. 10-point tenncare rat blue diamond goes on sale at sotheby's in hong kong. rated as fancy vivid, highest possible grade for a colored diamond. so come and get it. martha:ville november's kris jenkins is now a hero forever, and watch why. >> going to have to do something from the outside now. it is page off balance, put is up! impossible. [cheering] how did he do that. three seconds at mid court.
7:53 am
gives it to jenkins for the championship! oh! [cheering] martha: people jumping out of the stands before it hit the rim, they knew it was going in. it was a buzzer-beating three-pointer. when it went in there was .4 of a second on the clock. an amazing finish. gave the wildcats their second ncaa title. last one was in 1985 when they beat north carolina last night, 77-74. first shot we showed you tied that game. villanova had been ahead by six points. then it was, three-pointer and a couple other shots brought it back to a tie game with seconds to go. and that is when kris jenkins pulled that out of a hat. it is a shot they have practiced almost every day in practice. so we go through the game and talk about the highlights here. with jared max, joins us from headlines 24/7. good to see you, jared. good morning to you. >> thank you.
7:54 am
martha: my daughter goes to villanova. my husband graduated in '85. it was a good game. they are a great steam. it was good night all around and your thoughts on the game and when it means for the school. >> you look at the player who brought the ball up, gave it to jenkins, who was named the most outstanding player of the final four. what unselfish play. he had opportunity while double-teamed to go for it. he is senior, last opportunity. turns to one selfish play and dishes it off. this is play that was practiced every single day. when they got into the huddle for the time out beforehand, head coach jay wright named the play and they know exactly what they were going to do. think about the importance of preparation. they were prepared. you mentioned 1985 as we look at rollie massimino who coached the wildcats team 31 years ago. huge, huge day to villanova.
7:55 am
congratulations to your daughter, because she did not have to go to class. martha: believe it or not i know that i heard there were no classes today. couple quotes from jay wright how coaches the team. it goes exactly what he is saying about how he threw the ball to kris jenkins in that last second. jay wright looks for players who are humble. if you're not humble it is very hard to be coached. and he likes to get them in and have a year with them, a full year with each player before he feels like they're ready. he also says to them, focus on everyone else, not yourself. and that is clearly the way that they play. >> you think of student athletes, certainly a great way to be teaching. you have connection to villanova. my connection to jay wright he was coach out hofstra when i was going there. i was a big fan of jay wright. i think this is first of many ncaa championships for jay wright. martha: clearly such a special night for him. he is so highly-respected among
7:56 am
all of the teams and certainly at villanova for setting the right tone about how, how you play as a team. what do you think it means for kris jenkins? you know where do these players go from here? does it put them in a league with duke, with michigan and with kentucky now for the time to come? >> martha, where this puts them in the league, people will remember this ncaa tournament because of the amazing ending. it was micro costism for the whole season and tournament. expect the unexpected. no clear-cut number one team. texas a&m down 12 points with 30 something seconds to go. who would have expected villanova to blow a 10-point lead trailing by five still come back with the win. this goes down probably maybe the greatest ncaa final ever when you look at it. look, three-point game wins it on buzzer-beater right after another three. curious to see ratings. this was on tbs, on cable.
7:57 am
also two east coast teams with a game that started after 9:00 p.m. martha: got to leave it there. running out of time. great having you today. we'll be right back. >> . >> .
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>> did win in the championship game tonight, uconn versus syracuse, good luck to them tonight. >> see you later tonight too. >> . eric: is on in wisconsin right now.voters making their choices at this hour in the latest critical primary for both the democratic and republican candidates for president. hello, and welcome to happening now. i'm eric shawn in fortran on .


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