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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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at 8:50 p.m. eastern, megan kelly and brett behr with our special coverage as
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>> unbelievable what they did. and unlocking the history of the vikings. did they beat christopher columbus to the new world. it is all happening. now. >> in wisconsin, voting is under way in the key battleground state that has potential to shake-up the 2016 race. i am eric shaun in for jon scott. >> and i am patty ann browne. on the republican side donald trump is trailing cruz in wisconsin. cruz picked up the endorsement of scott walker which could be an impact given walker's popularity. >> hillary clinton would be an awful, awful president for the united states. and starting today, you are going to see as we saw in north
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dakota and colorado and other numbers and utah, ted cruz has continued to win as people make it clear it is ted cruz or donald trump. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is trailing bernie sanders. a big win for sanders could give sanders a boost. we have live fox team coverage. we begin with doug mcelway in wisconsin. hi, doug. >> reporter: we are here in the high school, one of the polling places. and when they first opened their doors at 7 o'clock. the line stretched if where the polling places through here all the way out through the parking lot. within the first hour of voting this morning, they had more voters than the entire day last
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thursday. wak a shah is essential for what happens in the gop. it is the wow; it is counties that collar or surround the city of milwaukee to the north and west with. so often goes those cooperates and the nation. speculation and the informed analysis suggest that donald trump in your face economic nationalism may not go over with the voters here as it does in many other plays and here's why. >> these voters are are people who enjoy high incomes and education and do well in the international global economy. although everyone in wisconsin is hurt badly in the last five years of the recession. these counties do well, and
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highly educated and probably not open minded to trump's brand. and trump is not relingishing. and he was booed by a poll. and it was an out liars and shows him up ten point ps over ted cruz and another thing to consider here is the influence of local conservative talk radio. not limbaugh and hanitiy and savage. 4 or 5 influential local talk show host, conservatives who are hammering trump repeatedly and one final note. despite what people in new hampshire say, they pick the presidential nominees 94 percent of the time.
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patty ann, something to watch out for tonight. >> interesting. thank you. hillary clinton although conceding wisconsin to senator bernie sanders and she has headed to new york. and holding a women for hillary day. >> reporter: that's right. we are in the college here in brooklyn. hillary clinton will be here for a couple of hours. she's not been in wisconsin. bernie sanders campaigning there and he has a narrow lead. sanders was in a diner feeling good about his chances. he won six out of the seven contests and thinks he will win another tonight. >> it is beautiful day and we hope here in wisconsin, there will be a record- breaking turn
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out and if people come out to vote in large numbers, i think they will do very, very well. >> hillary clinton expecting a loss and sending out fund-raising letters overnight and trying to scare up critics from her supporters. she was on the view in manhattan this morning and there is 250 delegates at stake. and on the e-mail investigation she insisted there is no there, there. >> i am going to be open as i have been since last summer and august. any time you want to talk to me. here i am. it was not the best decision obviously and caused a great deal. >> but you are not the only. >> she said no laws were broken
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and nothing inappropriate about the set up of her e-mail server and the reason why she's spending a lot of time in new york, six out of the seven days campaigning, 250 delegates are at stake and if she loses wisconsin, new york is a must win. >>ed, good to see you. >> what should we watch as the results come in tonight. mercedes is a former working in president bush. and david is from clinton. you say wisconsin likes to buck trends? >> yes, i grew up in madison. and one thing i can tell you wisconsin voters love to do, if you say we are heading east, we go west. and direction up. we go down.
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independent voters are ingrained. you have national front runners and clinton and trump. my neighbors are not just inclined to go to the crowd. that is what is happening. you have bernie sanders in the lead with the democrats and ted cruz with the republicans. that fits the wisconsin profile. in general elections as your reporter said, wisconsin has picked winners over and over. in 1992 democrats were partial but coa leased around bill clinton. it will be interesting to see wisconsin leads. it is a bell weather in that
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respect. >> given the state's habit the of the picking winner ares. how significant would it be if it goes to cruz and sanders? >> i view wisconsin midpoint of the long story that we have witnessed. and so for cruz, it is important in the sense that it fills and continues to build the argument that he is the only alternative to defeating donald trump. kasich continues to get bronze medals, state after state, it becomes harder for him. and the fact is, money starts to dry up. then the republican electorate said it is between trump and cruz. they are the only ones winning the states and if you get to a contested convention, the part of the rule's committee that is critical in deciding the rules, they will have the majority of the delegates that fall between
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the trump and cruz camp. it will be interesting to watch how it plays out. to say it is a game changer, there is plenty of states to go. trump is doing well in the northeast. what is interesting to watch will be california at this point, cruz and trump are neck and neck. and they are hoping to stop trump from getting a majority. >> getting back to david. governor walker endorsed cruz. how important is that? >> he is the controversial figure. he is loved with wisconsin. but people have buyer remorse. i think the endorsement of cruz because it is a primary over the party lines it is a mixed bag frankly. scott walker and the republican party in wisconsin run a tight disciplined machine.
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but there are plenty of wisconsinites that are dissolutioned by walker administration including in the republican party. i don't want to overstate the endorsement. it is indicative of something bigger. the establishment is looking for ways to trip up donald trump. ryan and walker are like the poster children of the conservativism in wisconsin and they are the establishment in the republican party and they are clearly making an effort to trip up donald trump here and it would be interesting to see if their tactics work. if they do, they will be repeated in other states coming up. >> mercedes, on the democratic side. if sanders wins, what impact on hillary clinton? >> it doesn't make her all that nervous. she's returning to new york and northeast states where she has a stronger hold.
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of course, for hillary clinton, she has to think. she wants to wrap it up. but sanders will have an important role come convention time if he does not win the nomination. >> fox news alert. could all of that stuff of leaked stuff of the world leaders be true. the prime minister of iceland is stepping down because of the crisis of the panama papers. he was under pressure to resign since they were leaked and revealing his ties. 11 million documents set to name hundreds of thousands of offshore accounts linked to top officials all over the world and including friends of vladimar
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>> incredible new video of a natural phenom nam. the volcano in mexico erupts. it ignited brushfires on the upper slopes of the mountain. it is localed in central mexico 43 miles southeast of mexico city. it is one of the country's most active volcanos. >> many of wisconsin
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conservative radio talk show host are vocal against donald trump. and now a major state newspaper is added to the list. they publish this editorial. with donald trump in the race we had to make a stand. the trump candidacy made it necessary for us to comment in the republican primary. we said no to trump. most divisive and ill suited. and we said yes to kasich. only republican governor. we are joined by david haynes. welcome. why did you write this? we did a 1, 2, punch. we did an editorial explaining
10:18 am
why we thought donald trump was unfit for office and explaining our views on john kasich. with donald trump it is a couple of things. most of all he is thin on the issues. he's given them only a passing glance. he is divisive. it is all about building walls on the southern borders and muslims and wall off our economy from the global economy. punitive tariffs would be devastating to our industries. >> let me read the editorial. by any measure donald trump is unfit to be president. trump's moral campus is a problem. his policy idea show a man with no political center. and we can't tell what is at the
10:19 am
core of trump's belief. person there is a real person and not a cartoon character. ouch. david, you know, supporters say you are part of the mainstream media and your polls in the state support him. >> i have heard from the voters repeatedly before we broet the editorial. >> what did they say? >> i have been to three donald trump rallies. and i have to say trump supporters are mischaracterized by the people who did bad things at the rallies. most of the people supporting donald trump are good working class and thinks that the government needs to be shaken up. our take is, that may be true, but donald trump hasn't thought about the issues and boorish in
10:20 am
some ways in the way he treated women. and minorities. and so we feel your pain, but we think there are better alternatives. >> and maybe throwing tomatoes at the tv screen right now. >> what you said about john kasich in your endorsement of the governor. he appears to be the only republican left in the race could govern. trump is dangerously ignorant of foreign affairs slamming trump. cruz is brilliant but unable to escape ideology and ambition. why kasich? >> we think he is a reliable conservative. it is hard to argue if you are a republican. pro gun and pro-life and believes in free-trade and tough
10:21 am
on foreign policy. way tougher than president obama has been. and he has 18 years experience in congress and two terms as governor of ohio and shown a willingness to work with the other side on occasion. and that's our point of governing. if you believe the average of the polls, ted cruz is up 4 or 5 percentage points. he was up ten and i think it is tighter than that. i think cruz will likely get a win tonight. but wisconsin was always going to be a harder state for trump than it looked like. we are better educated on average and go to church more often and get married and stayed maeshd. and those demographics are not good for trump. >> we appreciate it. we are out of time and you certainly added to the conversation. david haynes. >> thank you, eric.
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>> forget the ncaa tournament. trump launching attacks on hillary clinton. what strategy will she deploy against him. and dramatic dash cam video with a police officer's encounter with the tree. i'm terrible at golf.
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>> it was a close call for verse verse police officer. a tree comes crashing down right in the middle of the road. look at that. you can see the officer swerve around. and the dash cam video captured that near miss. and the other guy hit it luckily though neither one of them seriously hurt. >> wisconsin primary voting may
10:26 am
be in full force. and the front runners are setting their sights on each other. an article in the washington post caught our eye. and explaining how hillary clinton is on the defensive. hillary clinton campaign and allies will respond to donald trump trademark personal attacks which he aimed her way as he did with other candidates. lying ted cruz and low energy jeb bush and little marco rubio. and clinton allies believe that trump is zeroing in on her work ethic. >> michael graham is on on the radio show host. and a former senior aide to senator hillary clinton back when she was a senator from new
10:27 am
york. michael, we get a signal that trump will go after hillary clinton and one of them is a private e-mail issues. top fbi officials are refusing to discuss the charges from the probe. and so far supporters are slugging off that. >> right now she is viewed as dishonest and untrust anothery. what does it say hillary versus trump is all offense and no defense. they are all a dream come true for research, negative research operations and they have terrible records and statements that you can go after and how is hillary going to defend herself. she goes on defense, because people don't trust her and her standings are lower than a used
10:28 am
car sales man. i apologize to them. but she will have to go defense. >> you think the credible is damaged? >> i think he is apologize to nba players. that said, and i think the issue of her e-mails and she said the drip, drip, drip of it is going to have impact. but the reality is, it is not impacting the votes on the ground. she has more than any of the candidates in the presidential race. i don't think this is hurting her credibility as much as the republicans would like it to. and as much as donald trump come at her on this and any other issue. all we have to do is talk about the editorial that was written
10:29 am
in the wisconsin newspaper as evidence of the kind of candidate. >> assuming that it is trump. michael, trump depicted mrs. clinton physically trail and memory issues. will that back fire or help him? >> once again, hillary has a serious issue to address. she had a blood clot issue and wearing the glass and it is legitimate to ask questions about stamina to take president and take those 3:00. but trump, it is hard to get it out. but you want to ask your guests about. are we going to hear nonstop about her record and failures going to be dismissed as sexism.
10:30 am
she has a terrible record. can we ask those questions without being a hater? >> basil he used the word masoginy trap if he attacks her because he is a woman. >> he will fall in the the trap because he not only she is a woman, but he is portrayed as a masogoanist. it will not be because hillary clinton is in the race. that's how he talked and portrayed himself. but on her record in the senate. and look at early articles when she became a u.s. senate issor from new york. the constant narrative. you have to get things done. and you talk to folks who watched her record as secretary of state, she would be said to
10:31 am
be a leader as secretary of state is. she is ready to have that conversation about her record and a conversation that donald trump is light on. >> unfortunately, we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> just over seven hours to go in wisconsin. this was in jacksonville, just north of milwaukee and we are told that the turn out is heavy. and ted cruz is poised for a victory tonight. but will that bring him to the next contest. to donald trump's home turf plus this. massive protest storms the streets of a capitol city. and alleged leaders are out. and now wonders if there will be be more. we asked a group of young people
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>> republican presidential candidate ted cruz looking for a big win to propel him to the next several contest that could be tougher than today. that's because the race, matt will shift to the northeast. that is donald trump territory, jonro are betters has more from
10:36 am
milwaukee. >> reporter: there is a principle in politics, winning creates its own momentum. we are west of milwaukee. and you can see he has phone bankers working here and in this office. it is so crowded they are thinking of putting bump deft. this is where you look at the map. 2012 results, mitt romney was strong here in the state. and in madison. and rick santorium won the state. ted cruz, down here by milwaukee, virtue of his partnership with scott walker. ted cruz believes he can get to it 1237 delegates. and thinking that a big win will change the dynamic. and he warned the party
10:37 am
campaigning. that if it comes to a contest the floor fight should be between him and donald trump. >> the fever tight grip on washington that at the convepgdz they parachute in a white knight to save the washington establishment, is nothing less than a pipe dream and ain't going to happen. and if it did the people would quite rightly revolt. >> reporter: donald trump is doing everything to prevent a cruz win. even with his wife out convening that republican women could love him because she loves her husband. melania said she's encouraged her husband to be more presidential. and also said he is a tough fighter that voters really want
10:38 am
on their side. >> the new attack he will fight back ten times harder. [applause] [chanting trump, trump] >> no matter who you are, a man, or a woman, he treats everyone equal. he's a fighter and if you elect him to be your president he will fight for you and our country. >> reporter: you can tell a lot about a campaign by the posture. ted cruz has a big rally and he hopes to have a big rally. and donald trump has no public events planned for tonight. and typically if a candidate doesn't have a public event
10:39 am
planned, it is because they don't expect to do well in the election. >> you gauge it in the headquarters. it is quoit a racket. >> reporter: always noisy. >> live in it milwaukee, where they are on the phone. thank you. fox new it -- news alert. the scandal of the panama papers claiming its first resignation. the prime minister of iceland. the u.s. is launching its own investigation. here to explain is liz. >> reporter: good to be with you. thousands of icelander conducted street protest in the wake of
10:40 am
disclosures that the prime minister of iceland and his wife invested three offshore shell companies. governments are trying to contain the fallout of the revolution. from russia to china and ukraine and uk. here they are probing whether or not there are any violations to prosecute. one line of probe here in fox business could be violations of economic sanctions. we have 600 plus u.s. middle men who may have done business with 33 companies that are found to be black listed. and those companies that are in these papers, could have done business with countries black listed by the treasury department. syria, north korea, and iraq. we'll follow these developments
10:41 am
as they unfold. back to you guys. >> it will be interesting to see where that goes. >> well, the volleyballingings, not only in minnesota may be long anyone. our next guest explains how a new discovery could rewrite viking history as we know it. it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up.
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>> that is a taste of the a new special. looking at the vikings exploits after a new find that could rewrite their history in north america. a tool was found miles away from when was thought to be the only vikings on the continent. and now mark strauss joins us. this is fascinating. going back to the 7th century. you can read it on national >> what they found is a hearth that is used for basically working for iron and heating it up. what makes that significant, it suggests that the vikings had established a settlement hundreds of miles south of the
10:46 am
other only settlement that we were aware of. and using that hearth to make nails and rivets to build the viking ships and enable exploration and settlement. this was found in canada 300 miles south is of where it was believed to have roached? >> yes, the only other confirmed viking settlement is north in newfoundland. it was discovered in 1960. they spent 55 years trying to find another viking settlement and lo and behold evidence for one nearly 400 miles south. and that suggest that the vikings were exploring much doper and extenseevly in that area of north america than we previously knew.
10:47 am
>> do we know what year it was before columbus? >> we are talking 500 years before columbus. >> that is amazing. they went all over the world. asia and middle east and africa. what did they do and what do they mean for us? >> the vikings are an amazing society and sea farers and ships took them thousands of miles south where they were trading and in asia and in europe. they also travelled westward and expanded and settled the north atlantic. and so what this discovery really suggests, when we look back and think of the viking realm, it spans the entire length of the north atlantic a thousand years ago, and that
10:48 am
is just astonishing. >> what happened to their culture and the affect when they landed here especially with the natives that they encountered? >> we know very little at this point as to what happened and how long they were here. these are answers that were, you know questions that we are hoping to answer. we know that at least from the viking sagas and the legends that were written centuries later, that the vikings up north did encounter native peoples and did not have a good encounter. but woef also found evidence that they traded with the indigenous peoples. >> did you go out there yourself? what was your reaction when you wrote the story? >> i was there and in
10:49 am
newfoundland last june and there when the archaeologist were digging and lo, and behold, they found this hearth. there was so much excitement. it was something we searched for, for 55 years. >> it must have been a moment. and a fascinating find. we thank you for joining us and explaining the vikings. the nova, vikings unearthed and streaming on line at and coinicide with the british prem mere in our country april 6th on pbs. you can see it with all of the new ways. >> i am going to check it out. we have frightening now evidence out of the north korea suggesting that they are taking a big step to a nuclear bowl. but new sanctions from a close
10:50 am
ally might put dead to that plan. we'll have details coming up. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. i, i am gretchen carlson and if after tonight it's looking like that, can you buy yourself some delegates. what's the gop that no one is talking about yet? it has to do with d and p. the real story on how that plays out. the cell phone that looks like a gun. the central chaos in north
10:54 am
korea. that country could be working on an atomic bomb. benjamin hall is live for us. >> hi, they're escalating and getting more aggressive and now it does seem that they're trying to rebuild and build up the nuclear arsenal. today it shows signs that they have started to produce more atomic weapons. exhaust fumes have been detected and it's taken place under ground. analysts have confirmed it. this as north korea planned to attack south korea. these exercises have been unusual and include a special operation to cap at a time the
10:55 am
leader, and in a new leader saying that if it goes unanswered that they apologize for the offense and then show the rockets slamming and saying that everything will turn to ashes. south korea claims that they can fit a missile and this is the first statement of a claim, and the if the fight has a serious implication and again today china is is imposing the new sanctions and we see how they're able to get in the past. remains to be seen what can stop them. >> benjamin hall live in london. so how much would you pay for one of the world's most valuable jewels? it's a rare blue diamond and on the auction block. go to the pool and get to the office and get everybody to throw in and see if you can get
10:56 am
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"the real stor . time for the final 30 and a rare blue diamond that's going to look great on someone's finger. it was auctioned today just a bit ago in hong kong. it's fetching $32 million. a young man caught on camera proposing to his long time girlfriend and that after the horrible unc lost to villanova basketball. they met at the champion back in 2009 and just so everyone knows, she did say yes.
11:00 am
the very best witches to the wonderful couple. >> even without the big blue diamond. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us. the "the real story" with gretchen starts now. the polls opened in wisconsin and voters making the pick and voters in jacksonville, wisconsin are doing that in the picture. hi everyone i am gretchen carlson, and it's "the real story" today. donald trump is fighting hard as cruz tries to close the gap and trump leading the field and heading into the contest and crews are 475. today's outcome could have an impact on the race moving forward. we have the fox team coverage and we begin with doug and he has more on the gop race.


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