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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the very best witches to the wonderful couple. >> even without the big blue diamond. >> yeah. >> thanks for joining us. the "the real story" with gretchen starts now. the polls opened in wisconsin and voters making the pick and voters in jacksonville, wisconsin are doing that in the picture. hi everyone i am gretchen carlson, and it's "the real story" today. donald trump is fighting hard as cruz tries to close the gap and trump leading the field and heading into the contest and crews are 475. today's outcome could have an impact on the race moving forward. we have the fox team coverage and we begin with doug and he has more on the gop race.
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hi doug. >> reporter: hi, gretchen. 1.75 million people are expected to vote and that's about 45 percent and early voting in the state bears that and in the milwaukee area and an increase over the 600 percent in the 2008 and 2012 election. it's the the case here and at 7:00 this morning and in the first hour they saw more voters than they had in the entire day of february's primary. they have a new voter id law this in wisconsin and that's one of the strictest in the nation. you do what i am doing and come up here and present the id and sign the name and they give you a sample ballot and still includes the name of people that have suspended the campaign mark
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rubio, ben carson and jim is on here. once you get the ballot, you walk over here to the machine that the votes are doing. they vote and kate middleton pleat the process and insert the ballot right here. two people among the 1.75 that are going to vote. who did you vote for? >> ted cruz. >> why? >> he talked about taxes being flat and being a christian. he has self-control. you don't get everything that you want, but he is a good choice. >> sounds good to me. who did you vote for? >> john kasich. >> why? >> he has a positive campaign and a lot of experience. if he was elected president, he would be a good investor for the country and would get things done and knowing how to govern
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in ohio. >> okay. thanks. gretchen, back to you. >> thanks for the very inside look. good job doug. senator sanders wraps up a big victory in wisconsin and it would come on the wins of the last big contests. life from milwaukee today. jeff. >> here to report that bernie has game in wisconsin. that's ground game. i am in the center where they're doing everything from taking a look at the voter polls and making sure that people get there. folks on the phone bank and working hard. it's a beehive of activity. i want to interrupt somebody. did you have a second? >> yeah, sure. e i am excited. we're solid here and have everything cover and the awards good. >> reporter: she has been traveling around the country for how long? >> a year and a half. i am trying to get them
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nationally recognized, so i just am doing my thing and trying to get bernie in and getting everybody to feel the burn. >> reporter: they maybe feeling it in wisconsin and in the only wisconsin gretchen but john kasich makes a big point of saying that he is the only republican who can beat hillary clinton in november based on the national polls. he is right on that on the polls, but who is the one candidate that beats everybody in head to head? it's bernie sanders. it's the guy in milwaukee today while his o o opponent i believe was on "the view" today. >> maybe a few. but i like that flat bernie back there and the sign on the wall. they're feeling it there jeff. >> reporter: they are. >> now back to the republican race and trump slamming wisconsin governor walker and
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attacking him on the jobs and the economy. >> the fact is that you're doing fair. it's a much different place. you're losing a lot of jobs. you're not going up but sideways. you're average compared to the neighboring states. you're in the middle, and that's fine. >> former massachusetts senator supports trump and great to have you both on the program today. let me start with you congressman because you're in the heart f o it in wisconsin. how do you think it plays out? >> well, i think that ted cruz is going to do well. i think that wisconsin voters have had it with the establishment. i think that ted cruz is known over a period of years of being an antiestablishment center. he has a proven record and a proven record on spending less and then on privacy, and i think for those reasons ted is going to win in the primaries today.
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they don't go for trump bragging about how much money he has. that's going to hurt him. >> i am from minnesota, and i want to give the senator a chance to respond to that. senator brown? >> well, i spent a lot of time in wisconsin and did the triathlon and treated well and went to the state fair. the back and forth is not something that i did not expect. trump forced scott walker and i was planning on supporting and then it was scott walkers effort to say that we have to stop donald trump. it got personal a long time ago. to see kerry now, it's not surprising. every state in this country is losing jobs. that's why trump is appealing to a lot of folks.
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ted cruz should win because of the on slot that's backing ted cruz and the talk show hosts and everybody coming out, he should get crushed tonight and that's not going to happen. >> take a look at this poll and it shows the anger. neither leader willing to do or say anything to solve america's problems. all voters say 53 approximate percent and republicans 68 percent and trump supporters and congressman 84 percent. >> well, the politicians have let the people down. we don't really know what we're going to get with donald trump. the past history and if you hear on the debate and town hall, he is short on specifics. that's one of the things that ted cruz is going to pull through. the last establishment in the race is john kasich.
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i don't think that he is going to do well at all. >> yeah, the anger that americans are feeling and the government has gone too far in a 15 minority group. do you agree with that or not? trump supporters 80 percent. senator, what does that say? >> people need to be treated the same and equally. gretchen, just to step back a minute my question is let's say that it's not ted cruz and he has been there three years and done nothing in the senate and does not have a record either.
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then we have no ambassadors and no traditional, we're going to lose all of those things. that's the bottom line. >> i have been on record saying that i would support donald trump if he is the nominee but to say that cruz does not have a record, he is the most outspoken senators up there. i do think that we have -- the question was on minorities and the government does not distinnish and it's affirmative action. >> or illegal immigration. >> it's time that we have somebody that's going to stand up and enforce. >> yeah, both cruz and trump are outsiders. we will see how it plays out to want in wisconsin. senator and congressman, thank you.
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a look at the 2016 race from a different angle. goodness we have charles here to break down what i said. the host on the fox business network. okay. let's talk about this in english. >> okay. the rate of the overall economy and the product is going to be maybe one percent this quarter. now the good news is that if it's that low, the next two quarters looks like it's going up and celebrating. that's something that the the republicans have slammed dump. >> okay. >> and inflation if it peeks in 2011 and o officials and do not throw anything out.
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i know that year's groceries are going through the roof, but that may favor the democrats. in the first term of obama there were only two quarters like that. the last one is a second quarter of last year, and it's been a long time since we have seen that growth and we won't leading into the election. >> it's going to the gop and then the analysis and then that's predicting the democrats can and then here are some of the reasons why current presidents and the approval rate and income growth by the state. the emory university professor predicts the gop by the end of june and then the economy growth by the first half of the year and how long the party has been in the white house. what do you think about those two. >> well, i like this. in the last election of june in
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t 2012 president obama approval rating was -- the large states probably have seen home prices rebound a lot. we know that gasoline is down a lot and then some of the cities have certain jobs that pay a lot of money. that's where the electoral map is and helped the democratic party. my personal thing is the wages. wages. wages. wages. that helps the republicans. second is job. both parties can spend it. there is popularity and that's compared to all of the gop candidates. >> that's important factors. >> yeah, she meets in the
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campaign with her. >> thank you very much. >> i miss you. >> i miss you too. taking a live look at wisconsin and the voters going to the the polls. it's an open convention and all f the rules. >> somebody said there's a rule. i don't care. i go out and campaign. we win. we win and get the delegates, right? >> also can you actually buy yourself a delegate? can you bribe them? we're going explain those rules next. plus the gun designed the look like an iphone case is grabbing the attention of a federal lawmaker, and that's not a good thing. >> take a closer look and you will see that it's a real live deadly handgun. one crest 3d white smile...
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welcome back. is there any way to buy yourself delegates? we will answer that. trump says that the rules don't save him. >> even for the politicians they run. they're out on the line and see the dishonesty. you see that i won louisiana and i am not supposed to get as many delegate on someone that i beat. they say a rule and another rule. i go out and campaign. we win and get the delegates, right? >> joining me now is an election law specialist and a former socialist of the federal election commission. ken, you know the rules, right? >> yeah. there's a lot of them. not only that but they're not clear.
11:18 am
>> they're not clear, you're exactly right and there's tons of them and different ones for every state. the big question today is with whether you can buy yourself delegates. can you carry favors with them to get the vote, yes or no? >> yes, you can carry favors, but we have to define that. you can curry them and that's going to be going on for sure. >> okay. let's see what they can do with the delegates. they can not expect it them from the corporation and the labor or the federal contractors, but they're allowed to raise the fund for the travel and expenses there as long as they're not provided to the sources. like what would be a prohibited source, do you know? >> yeah, the ones that you mentioned. >> okay. potential delegates should expect to pay three to six grand
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on it alone. if they said my campaign will help you pay to come to cleveland this summer, they will help you do that, right? >> yeah, it will probably not come from the candidates but the parties and other individuals. it does not have to come from ted cruz or donald trump. it will come from lodging. >> okay. the book person the for trump says that we're not offering seats on the trump airline or o anything like that. it could get a little daisy if you really want the delegates. >> it is going to get daisy. i don't think that you're going to see brown paper bags stuffed with cash. it won't be that bad but in terms of offering a little benefit and favors and perhaps possible positions and opportunity. >> who is going to be watching
11:20 am
over that to make sure that it's on the up? >> well, the party rules do not real late this and this is state law. someone is going to have to be catting on someone else for it to come or the convention is full of reporters and people with cameras with microphones on them, and it's going to be picked up in that fashion. >> okay. suddenly we're all talking about the you rules committee that no one is paying attention to for the most part. 112 people and could it come down to that committee? >> yes. it's turning out that this committee is crucial in many ways. there are rules such as you have to win eight states. there are rules if the delegates are bound. they're in for a chance and it's an over statement to see that there's a sea change and the
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fu convention has to approve it. look at that. that's a gun case. do you think the gop will end up with the open convention? tweet me right now and tell me. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands
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welcome back to "the real story." it's a you new gun that looks like a cell phone and set to hit the margret this summer. trace with live and more on this. trace, it looks interesting andle tell us more about it. >> well, the the man says that it's designed to be undetectable and it's called ideal concealed. it's a two shotgun that you can slip in the pocket like a cell phone and with a click of the safety, it's opened and ready to fire. now the run runs 395,000. 4,000 people have signed up to buy one. here is the the inventor on why
11:26 am
he designed it. >> there are some people that take serious issues in a workplace or somewhere else to see a gun on you, and then gives people an opportunity to avoid the conversation. >> yeah, he goes on to say that it's a high velocity and although it's designed to blend in, there's inform medal to set off a medal detector. it's going to be picked up on security x-raies but new york senator chuck says that it's a disaster waiting to haeeds to b department of justice and the department of alcohol tobacco and firearms. >> it poses serious threat to law enforcement. imagine a sar scenario if a police officer is not able to tell if it's a violent gun or a norm
11:27 am
normal iphone. >> they say that any weapon that does not look like a weapon is a cause for concern. there's no comment from the nra. gun sales have trouble since president obama took office. gretchen? >> that one we know for sure. we will see what happens with the gun self-looking phone. democratic candidates found a date that they can agree on, and it's on bernie sanders home tu tu turf. kind of. ted cruz is taking a swip back. >> donald trump recently questioned whether your governor can ride a harley. i would encourage donald to come on down. i think scott would be happy to give him a ride.
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top of the hour here on "the real story." voters going to the polls in wisconsin but hillary clinton is nowhere to be found. she is drumming up support here in new york. we're live in brooklyn and sounds like they sent out an sos in wisconsin. >> yeah, they're trying to o lower the expectations, or they think that it's going to lose.
11:32 am
it's an sos and not about wisconsin but money. they're saying we're down in every poll in wisconsin. this nomination is not locked up yet and we have to fight for every vote if we want to see clinton in the white house. they're seeking money from the supporters. look at the dramatic difference. we have the new figures and sande sande sande sanders 44 million. they're saying that they're putting him away. new information is that clinton is not giving the traditional speech that we see from all of the candidates on a primary night. she will be here in new york. not giving a speech, but raising a money. they're trying to keep up with sanders on that. >> she made a bold statement on the story that does not go away,
11:33 am
the e-mail scandal. >> yeah, i bet that's going to come up on the next debate. it's going to be on april 14th and it maybe the case. it's here in brooklyn and the navel yard. in an interview with "the view" today she said that she did not break the law but did not do anything inappropriate. watch. >> i am going to be very open as i have been since last summer. i think last august i said any time that you want to talk to me but nothing in ap prp rit was done. it was not the best decision, honestly. it's caused a great deal of ruckus. >> you now, interesting as welle the fbi director did an interview and said had he is under no pressure to get it done soon. he is going to get it done right
11:34 am
and not quickly. >> i saw that interview too. you're going to be on the road longer fyi. >> i know. >> see you later. clinton not waiting and while on "the view" today. >> he insulted everybody and saying that all imgrants were ra rapists and criminals and then muslims and then drawing the line. the attitude on what he said about the woman and the way that he treated megyn kelly who is a great journalist. it's not only woman and we that should be concerned but everybody. >> let's debate it. the founder of the new network and the former clinton campaign
11:35 am
adviser. she has to go for the jugular of trump, right? >> the kardashian are more genuine. she is praising megan delhi and praising her to joy bayher. she has more respect for her than megyn kelly. she is getting the praise for, you know, praising megyn kelly. give me a break. no one believes this woman. that's why bernie sanders is gaining on her. >> so back to the question. is it smart for her to be going after trump right away? i guess that you can look at it and saying that he is going to be the republican m nominee and giving him the credit. is it also important to disregard sanders and just look forward. >> yes and yes. i think she is focused now and
11:36 am
believes that she is going to win and the race from a democratic side is that she is the front runner and likely to win the nomination. i think that it's smart. trump and clinton clash that happens is a titanic one. it's going to be rough. she is getting a head start. she has to get after him because he is going get after her. >> didn't you just watch the reprt from the field. bernie is out raising her and her own campaign is is saying that this is not locked up. different they say that it would be locked up by the end of march. it's not never. sanders has a shot to contest it in philadelphia. >> yeah, i was just noticing that and saying that there's 980 delegates and so let's move on to this. president obama weighing in today and then slamming trump
11:37 am
and ted cruz. >> it's not just mr. trump's proposals. you're also hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals and the implications with president to handing and many of which are from illegal immigrants and from individuals that are sending money back to the families and they're enormous. this is just an example of something that is not thought through. >> yeah, the comments are coming from a former leader. i wonder what the castro brothers told them about that. mexico has the fifteenth largest country in the world. if they stop sending money back there, it's going to make it fall apart.
11:38 am
we have the president saying that they have to prop them up. no, we don't. we have to worry about our own concern. thank you for letting them know that we can not monitor the foreign exchanges out of the united states. that's a terrible statement that he just made. >> i want to switch it up to you. when you look at the polls here are the findings and among the nominees left, john kasich is the one that defeats clinton in a head to head match up and on the average cruz loses by three and trump by ten. he has no hope of reaching the 1237 delegates convention and they want want to nominate a approximate tensional winner is clinton scared of john kasich? >> no, i don't think that there's any chance that he has of winning the nomination.
11:39 am
it should be worst it that the leading candidates are so far behind clinton. look at trump is the the poplar major party that we have seen run in the last 40 years and he is behind clinton and in a poll in mississippi he is only up three percent. democrats we have a race on our hand and have to resolve. they're feeling that this fall and trump and we have the opportunity to make a gain. >> we're only hearing in that is that trump has not started yet on hillary clinton. that's the only red hering in the whole thing. >> yeah, it's a rough one. >> yeah, hillary is the most unpoplar. >> this is why it's a good pairing. you did in the agree on anything. >> sigh honor and larry, see you next week. time for mine and it's an
11:40 am
interesting element. what do likely voters say on this simple statement? here it is. america has lost it's identity. 57 percent of all voters strongly agree or somewhat agree with that. but among all of the republica s 79 percent agree and then survey respontaneous dantss say that more and more are falling behind and that they're belief andle values are under attack. when that jorty of them believe that the nation has lost the identity and moving in the direction, no wonder that we're seeing the year of massive change and political insiders. most americans want to believe in the american dream for themselves, children and their grandchildren. massive shipments and barns,
11:41 am
where did they come from? iran and seized by the united states navy. where they were headed and why we were there to stop it. what's the crazy gop that the rnc says that no one is talking about it. it has to do with the led ers d and t. the real sister are story on how that plays out. >> cruz is saying that he is taking my voters and trump is saying that. yeah, they're both right. i am taking both of the voters.
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11:44 am
fox news desk and that's according to our own judge and he said that it's perfectly legal for candidates to bribe
11:45 am
the delegates. how far can the tcampaigns go? that's coming you up at the the people of the hour. massive arm shipment stopped as the navy seized a shipment on the arabian sea. it had hundreds of rifles and the pentagon says that they were probably headed to war torn yemen. back to "the real story" now. we heard of open convention and if no con date reaches the magic number of 1237 delegatedelegate her is something. what about the vp position? >> i think that it's serious that people are are not talk ugh about open convention and the votes for nominee, but people are not talking about the vote for vp.
11:46 am
it could be amazing. >> you're absolutely right. >> it's unfound. there's no binding or first and second ballot. it's just the free vote. >> joining me now is virginia's republican national committee man and someone that knows the rules very well with. great to have you on the story. nobody is talking about this and what could happen with the vp. in normal ways and conventions the presidential nominees picks in the convention and then it's a yes vote. how could this play out? >> well, it's not always announced in advanced if there's a contest for the presidential nomination that's in any way close, then it sometimes the presidential candidates don't announce their choice until after they have won the
11:47 am
nomination. that's been more common and the practice. >> okay. so let's say that happens because let's say that we go into an open convention, and then you don't have to follow. according to the the treatment your don't have to follow the same ballot rules that you do with the presidential nominee. is that true? >> no, that's not right. the section of the rules talks about how you nominate and then going to the vice president candidates. the same rules would apply and the requirements that you would have to demonstrate a support for the majority of delegates. zblok. still not many people talking about that, and you bring up a great point that maybe cruz, trump and kasich and whoever else is not going to say who the pick is for vp until the
11:48 am
convention. let's move on to the rule 40 approximate b and have one primary and it used to be five states before 2012. well, the rnc shawn says there's a lot of conversation of 40 b and if you go to the list that's 42 and it says that all of the rules on this convention is temporary. when the rules committee are elected, they will craft the rules for the convention. tell me something is the real store are erie that they change a bunch of rules? >> well, the establishment is trying to catch up the ground and prepare for things that come as a big surprise to them. the rules that were adepartmented in the convention
11:49 am
is the contemporary rules, but they're the rules and will be in affect unless they're amended in my way they can only change in one of two ways. by a con scon census or by a ru battle that could split the party. >> okay. a for rbattle. they have to be changed in the forum, correct? >> well, it adopts rules itself and they conceive a report that cannot be amended accept by a minority report and the convention and that requires the
11:50 am
signatures of 25 percent of the committee, and so there's no amendment on the floor. they only can come on the floor of the minority. >> yeah, this is where it gets so confusing and whoever thought you would need a ph.d in the rules committee? that goodness that we have you. >> thank you. she saved thousands of lives and now check her out. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear has allowed me to fully engage in my life and i'm meeting people. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburnfe you've been missing. ahhh the sweet taste of victory!
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. here's the best story of the day. a wounded military dog honored for her bravery after completing more than 400 missions with our u.s. marines in iraq and
11:54 am
afghanistan. we have the story about luca. hi, trace. >> hi gretchen. the 12-year-old german shepherd is being awarded the animal equivalent of the victoria cross, the highest met dahl for valor. luca spent six years in iraq and afghanistan sniffing outexplosi. during her 400 plus mixes not a single u.s. military member died and as many marines have attested when you're patrolling the desert your life is in your dog's detection capabilities. her military career ended in 2012 after sniffing out 30 pounds of explosives in afghanistan, a hidden ied exploded injuring luca's left front leg as you see which had to be amputated. the dog now lives with the marine gunnery sergeant who trained her a decade ago. she's also the first marine dog
11:55 am
to win this metal for valor but she joins 66 other animals who have also been honored including apollo the dog who tirelessly searched for life in the rushle of the world trade towers after 9/11 and a homing pinch jen warned an attack was coming. all tolled 32 pigeons, 31 dogs, three horses and one cat have won the award but luca has an amazing nose that saved countless lives of u.s. military members. >> favorite story of the day. thanks for bringing it to us. >> yep. >> here's the big question. will we see that republican convention come july? it could be on the democratic side too, who knows. it's becoming more contentious as we get closer as you watch the people voting today. you have all sorts of opinions. i'm going to read your tweets and facebook posts next.
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. republicans casting their ballots in today's vote. that brings us to the important question of the day. will anyone get a majority or do you think we're looking at an open convention? arthur they'res it will split the gop and make a clear path for hillary. the old establishment will try and take trump out but he thinks they should be very careful. sharon says the gop needs to leave it to the people. the majority rules or there is no freedom. mary ann says we the people don't really count. she says why do we need delegates why not count the votes? we'll do that story thursday. stay with fox news channel tonight. we'll have special live coverage as the polls close. hosted by megyn kelly all begins
12:00 pm
right here at 8:50 p.m. eastern time. i'm going to be on an airplane but will be back thursday and do that story between the people and the delegates. i'm gretchen have a great day. three:3 cloe:00 on the east. if donald trump wants to lock up the republican nomination he needs every delegate he could get but his rivals are threatening to knock him off his path so they could fight it out on the floor in cleveland. ted cruz leading in the polls in wiscons wisconsin. if he can get a win today it's going to make life tougher for trump and a contested convention. a lot more likely. that today. on the democratic side, the bernie sanders team talking about a convention fight. the democrats, too. and his campaign manager insists the math may not be as clear


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