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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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right here at 8:50 p.m. eastern time. i'm going to be on an airplane but will be back thursday and do that story between the people and the delegates. i'm gretchen have a great day. three:3 cloe:00 on the east. if donald trump wants to lock up the republican nomination he needs every delegate he could get but his rivals are threatening to knock him off his path so they could fight it out on the floor in cleveland. ted cruz leading in the polls in wiscons wisconsin. if he can get a win today it's going to make life tougher for trump and a contested convention. a lot more likely. that today. on the democratic side, the bernie sanders team talking about a convention fight. the democrats, too. and his campaign manager insists the math may not be as clear cut as it looks.
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it's a big day. let's get to it. we have had a lot of big days in this campaign, iowa was big, new hampshire, super tuesday big, but none much bigger than today because today we could begin to understand how the future may play out. on the republican side, it's either donald trump or most likely somebody else who will be picked at the convention in cleveland or ted cruz. one of those. if trump can have a really, really big day in wisconsin today as he has predicted he can get the delegates he need to own this thing. he'll have the story line, the narrative, the sort of i can't be stopped swagger that can propel him to the nomination and beat back the not-trump crowd. if not, like if he loses big his whole case could be hard to make going forward. i'm a winner, look at me, it's what i do, look at the polls. it's hard to make that case if the polls are right and you
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don't win. then i'm a winner, look at the polls is kind of tired and wrong. so for trump and for not trump it's a very big day, sort of turn around tuesday for the not-trump crowd or a triumphant tuesday for the donald trump crowd. one of those will probably happen today, probably. ted cruz has spent the last 24 hours campaigning. he's expecting a terrific victory. that's what he said. that tonight will be a turning point in the gop race. he also says voters are fed up with donald trump's rhetoric and personal attacks although that really didn't stop ted cruz from taking a shot of his own. >> donald trump recently questioned whether your governor can ride a harley. i think scott would be happy to give donald a ride, a side cart he could hold on to. you're right, it would mess up his hair. [ laughter ] >> actually i don't know that it would. >> important stuff no doubt. but i mentioned the polls.
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they showed te leading in wisconsin, maybe because of the harley. the numbers vary. some show about even, but most show six or seven points the cruz lead. the fox business network has it at ten points for cruz. as for trump himself, he's admitted last week was rough for his campaign. not the worst, but not like awesome. his changing comments on abortion angered folks and lots of women but trump insists women have no problem supporting him. he said this morning they even look to him for protection. >> i have so many women that really want to have protection from the standpoint and they like me for that reason and last night on a different show and they were saying we like donald trump because we feel he's going to be the strongest for the country in terms of protection, the border, isis, in terms of other countries. and i win by such a margin. so that's protecting women but it's also protecting everybody.
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>> trump's wife melania defending her husband saying he is not sexist. >> as you know may by now when attack him he will punch back ten times harder, no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> his wife. so there you go. trump says he spent so much time in wisconsin that voters will be sick of him there. at this rally last night in milwaukee it looked like maybe they are. lots of empty seats. room for thousands more. but it was cold and the basketball was on. so we'll see. trump won't be there whatever the outcome of this big day, he will watch from new york. but before he goes home, he's campaigning and trump put out new details of one of his biggest campaign promises, building a giant wall along the mexican border. but now details.
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the washington post published trump is threatening to stop people from mexico who live here in the united states stop them from sending money back to mexico. a lot of people do that. they come here, get good jobs and send cash back to their families in mention who need it. remittances they're called. trump is threatening to stop that unless mexico makes a one-time payment in the neighborhood of 5 to $10 billion. mexican president said there's no way they would pay for that. remember he didn't say bleeping. he opted for a more new york style word that one might not use. but he used that word, not bleeping wall but another word i can't say here. finally like him or not, it seems trump's take on america losing its way is resonating with some voters. there's a poll out showing 57% of all voters either strongly agree that america has lost its identity. for republicans that number is
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80%. and the whopping 85% of people who identify as trump supporters say they believe america has lost its way and that same poll shows trump backers strongly favor a leader willing to do or say whatever to get things done. so a lot of people say they agree with trump on those broad concepts and a lot of people say they don't like his demeanor and some of the things he says. tonight we'll find out if his march to the nomination will continue. full speed ahead. look at the polls. winning, winning, winning, or if another narrative may emerge. didn't win. now look at the polls. here comes new york. maybe not trump now and some sort of process come the summer in cleveland we can't visualize that we'll decide on a nominee other than the one to which we're accustomed. one of those. it's more likely trump or someone else. that we could learn today which makes today this turn around tuesday or triumph trump tuesday a big tuesday for trump and
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eventually john kasich or paul ryan or somebody else but it's a big day. today we're going to learn something that may change things tomorrow going forward. and all of us americans because it's a big day. john roberts leads the news live from milwaukee. hello. >> reporter: hey, shep. good afternoon to you. this will be a big day one way or the other here. donald trump has tried to pull a rabbit out of his hat and save the win. ted cruz's campaign headquarters, just west of milwaukee. a lot of people on the phone back here. handing out chick-fil-a because they're trying to drum up every vote they can. reaching across the milwaukee area and beyond. this is one of nine offices they have across the state doing exactly the same thing. take a look at the map. back in 2012, mitt romney did very well here in milwaukee and the madison area. rick santorum won the bulk of what's happening across the
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state. here's what ted cruz has going for him in 2016. he is doing well here in milwaukee by virtue of his partnership with wisconsin governor and also doing well in the areas that rick santorum won back in 2012 because crosses over the same territory. a one-two punch he hopes is going to carry the day. >> cruz is saying he could get the majority of the delegates before the convention? >> reporter: i lost you a bit there. let me just try to continue on. cruz insisted to me he could get to the 1237 delegates necessary to get the nomination before they go to the convention. that would be a very difficult hill to climb because he would have to win 82% of the remaining delegates in order to do that. but cruz insisted if he was to win wisconsin, winning kind of creates its own momentum. here's what he told me. >> a victory here tomorrow will resonate across this country,
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will change the outcome in states to come all across this country. >> reporter: ted cruz really isn't looking forward to new york which is the next big contest on april the 19th. what he's looking forward to is california. that's a few weeks down the road. california is a very big prize. 172 delegates and the numbers are very close. he hopes a win in wisconsin will change the numbers going forward and some of the bigger contests like pennsylvania, new jersey and california. not giving him the numbers certainly would put him in a good position. >> i can't hear you now. which is a turn of events. i can't hear anything. i can tell you though with the booth having knowledge, i can tell you that both the cruz camp and the trump camp are calling for kasich to quit because if kasich quit they both think they
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have a better shot at things but going forward it's more difficult for kasich because down the road there are a lot of win or take all states which makes everything more complicated. today is not kasich's last day but down the road there could be a case made it's going to be harder. for now kasich says he's not going anywhere. >> many people do much better than him. he's just a stubborn guy. >> let's let it all play out. they won't be successful and i think they're becoming hysterical actually. there's a little hysteria catching on there. >> let's see if i could hear david. hello david. >> hi, shep, can you hear me? >> not in this thing that i normally hear through, but they have turned on the big speaker so i could kind of hear you. do you buy this turn around tuesday or trump triumph tuesday narrative, do you believe that it's true that if trump actually comes out and wins this as he
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predicted, that he now has a way forward that makes this much easier for him and if he doesn't, that not trump has just had an enormous day that could change things? >> yes. but i think in two weeks we'll be calling new york the biggest primary and potential turning point. look, ted cruz needs to win tonight. i think more pressure is on him to win. >> i would just say if trump wins today, new york isn't nearly as big. like if trump would manage to come up, because this is a win or take contest today. >> right. if trump can pull out an upset, absolutely because that flips all the polls, the expectations, cruz looks very damaged. i don't know where cruz wins after this. the only way this wisconsin really matters is if cruz translates tonight's victory if he gets a victory. i think it has to be a double digit victory. translate it into the northeast.
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after tonight this race moves to the northeast which on paper looks very good for trump. >> but david, if today kasich -- i mean if trump manages to lose today, and he can't say look at the polls, winning, winnings and the narrative disappears, isn't it easier for others to make their case for the not-trump crowd come new york and without that, isn't new york more difficult? >> i don't know if it's more difficult because look, is ted cruz going to be able to sell in manhattan after slamming new york values. i think new york is a tough state for ted cruz. it's donald trump's home state. you have john kasich still in the race and he's playing there. he was in new york this week more than he was in wisconsin. so you have got the john kasich factor, you have got pennsylvania coming up as well where trump is ahead in the polls. kasich is a factor. i'm taking the long view on this and tonight looks like it will
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be a good night for ted cruz. but it has to build into something more than wisconsin. this is only 42 delegates. >> unless what you're trying to do is stop 1237 from happening. if what you are is a not-trumper, i want something to happen in cleveland that i can't tell you what it is but i want it to be something not trump, if you're of that mind-set today matters a lot. >> it does but even in that math trump has to win about 55, 57% of the remaining delegates to get to 1237. pretty tough. if he loses wisconsin that number goes up to 58%, 60%. if he's able to roll through the northeast, go out to california where he's ahead, hundreds of delegates there, he could get close. he's still probably going to be short. tonight wisconsin will be very, very important but there's a two
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far southeastern koicorner of t state. that county could be pivotal today. why? the reason is that no gop candidate in the last 20 years has won the primary but has not won wakashaw. if you're going to win wisconsin you got to win wakashaw. so says the history for the last 20 years. doug is at a polling place in wakashaw. how is the turnout. >> reporter: it's been spectacular, shep. we have been here for the better part of the morning. a lull right now in mid day but the captain told us when he first came at 7:00 to open things up there was a line stretching from where that camera is down to this line out those doors and well into the parking lot. we just got off the phone with the county clerk who are said they're expecting 80% turnout which is absolutely unbelievable. this is the registration table, open registration. you can be a democrat and register to vote in the republican primary or vice
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versa. once you get your card you move down here. they figure out what ward you're in. you show an id. tell them your name. for example you can say my name is -- or your id could say it's richard hot and you can tell them i'm little ricky hot and that's good enough for them. give them a ballot. when you're done, insert it in this machine and you're all done. you mentioned the importance, shep, of wakashaw county. it is one of a three-some of counties that to the north and west of milwaukee which are pivotal along with washington counties which may well foretell what's going to happen tonight. we have spoke to a political science professor who explained why. >> these voters are people who enjoy high incomes, high level of education, they are the people who do well in the international global economy, although everyone in wisconsin has been hurt badly in the last
12:19 pm
five years of the recession. these counties actually do very well. highly educated and probably not open-minded to trump's brand. >> that analysis seems to be spot on at least according to the unscientific survey of voters we have done here. all seem to be very well read such as eileen. >> this is really hard election and i just felt he was the lesser of all the evils. i just felt from what i was reading and watching that he just seemed like the better one, candidate. >> shep, eileen said she is a democrat but she registered as a republican and voted for ted cruz today. shep, back to you. >> thanks from wakashaw there today. paying for somebody's vote can land you in prison. you can't pay for a vote but bribing a delegate to vote for you is a whole different thing
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what happens today in wisconsin mostly is you're going to the polling place, and you're going to cast a vote and within each district in wisconsin at least, each district gets three delegates and whichever of the candidates wins the most within the district, three delegates are assigned to that candidate. then you go to the convention and all the delegates come together and each of the delegates on the first ballot cast a vote for his or her
12:24 pm
candidate. if nobody has half of them plus one, in the republicans case 1237 delegate votes, then we revote. but the rules change. in that second round a lot of the delegates can vote for whomever they want. so you can change -- like if you were voting for trump you could vote for cruz, that's perfectly legal under many circumstances. it's within the rules. you see the federal elections commission does not have sway over this. each party has its own rules and within the republican party it is also okay if you want to, to try to court these delegates, after the first round you do what the voters said but after that you can do whatever you want and i will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today and allow you -- i will appreciate it if the you would vote for me, i'll give you a ride there, maybe some walk-around money. what else can i give you if i want your vote on that second
12:25 pm
round? turns out a little bribery maybe legal. >> yes. even though this looks and feels like an election and using the same voting booth for a real november election, it's not an election. the republican party in wisconsin has rented the venue where the voting takes place, the voting machine but it is not a governmental act. not putting anybody into governmental power, just choosing human beings who will go to a private gathering even though we'll all see it on television cameras, it's a private gathering, the republican national convention and those human beings under their rules will decide who they want to nominate for president. stated differently, the laws that regulate elections, november elections, when we choose candidates who will occupy a governmental office, state or federal, are not the same rules that regulate these primary elections. >> it's always been like that? >> correct. where a lot of more free-willing
12:26 pm
behavior can go on. if you give someone a favor in order to do what you want, only if what you want them to do involves government power, that's a crime. but where the government is not involved can you give someone a gift, a ride to the polls, dinner at the convention, a party at the convention, a promise of yeah we know you need this in wisconsin -- >> you need a park. >> we'll get you that park once we get elected. >> just come vote for me in that second round. >> all those types of promises are standard operating procedure in the second round if there is one. >> and you have to be prepared well in advance, get people to do this -- we won't call it bribing, this promise-making. >> correct. >> you have to have people on the ground in all these places to say yeah, yeah, yeah, you're
12:27 pm
a delegate, now i want you. ted cruz has a lot of those people. >> he does. it's not known how many of those people -- >> but he has a lot. >> -- donald trump has. correct. the candidates themselves are not going to do this. the people will do it on their behalf. the remedy is not legal. you promised me something and i didn't get your promise. the remedy is i will tell the world what you promised and how you didn't follow in and i will tell the world what you promised me for my vote. there's so much give and sway when you're talking about persuading private individuals to do things. >> could they give me a car. >> well, they probably could but the ramifications -- >> a house? >> that would be so extraordinary. >> like what? >> the other side would find out about it. >> not the legal once. >> do you see what my opponent is giving people to get them to vote for him and that collapses. but you're not talking about a prosecutor going after anybody.
12:28 pm
you're talking about the opposition saying this is what he's doing in order to win. >> that's how the deals are getting done. the part we don't see. >> even though we will be there and cameras all over the place, if there is a second ballot there after. we probably won't know about this stuff. won't know about this stuff. >> we'll learn a lot from the ballot and learn more after that. >> right. >> thank you judge. >> you're welcome. >> the man at the center of the republican storm has a tough task of bringing together a very divided party. linreince priebus is now in his third two year term but this is the first time he faces the possibility of a contested convention. the fox business network's peter live in washington. what do we know about how priebus might handle a floor fight? >> well, shep, many republican voters are looking for party of
12:29 pm
outsiders, priebus' role gives him a big leg up in july. he has an intimate knowledge of the rules. >> when linreince priebus gablen 2012 he never expected the earthquake his party has become heading into the next gop convention in cleveland in july. >> i think if anyone tries to make the case they knew that we would be talking about a contested convention in april, i think they would be lying to you. so, no i didn't expect it. >> he's been dealing with a steam rolling front-runner punching it out with who other strong willed competitors. he's had to see eight months of debates, caucuses and primaries with real punches thrown. a top deputy says the 44-year-old who started in politics as a high school campaign volunteer is the right
12:30 pm
leader for the times. studied by a cool midwestern temperament and intimate knowledge of convention rules. >> he was the former general counsel of the rnc. he's seen it all. been through a convention before. he's been tested on the state and national level. he's balanced a lot of different interests. >> first elected national chairman in 2011 and in his third two-year term, priebus is the ultimate gop insider and party clammering for outsiders. it's probably the toughest job in politics right now. >> i think it is a tough job. after six years of being chairman i have gotten used to, you know, just in many cases not being loved by a lot of people. >> he said he's also ignoring twitter these days, shep. but he said he's having fun with his front row seat to history
12:31 pm
and just taking it as it comes. shepherd. >> i'll bet that is right exactly. it's not just the republicans who could end up with a contested convention. you may think that but there's the possibility says bernie sanders campaign manager that neither democrat could clench the nomination by july. oh really? he's predicting things could quote, get interesting in philadelphia. really? that's coming up. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential
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fox headlines now. more fighting in the streets of paris. spraying tear gas and students throwing stones. the latest protest in changing in the labor laws. new rules could relax the country's 35-hour workweek. portia says it's not at fault in the crash that killed hollywood actor paul walker in 2014.
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here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. bernie sanders campaign manager is predicting his guy is going to win the democratic presidential nomination at a contested convention. jeff weaver tells cnn that by the time senator sanders entered the convention in july he'll have enough support to convince hillary clinton's super delegates to vote for him
12:37 pm
instead. >> it is very, very unlikely that clinton or sanders will go in with a majority needed of pledge delegates in order to win. so in essence the democratic convention will be an open convention. >> that's not how the system works. you know the super delegates count. they can change but they count. >> right. but they don't count until they vote and they don't vote until we get to the conventions. >> but they will vote and they will count and what he says is not true. if they say the way they're going to vote, that's it. no contested convention. hillary clinton's campaign manager says the sanders' strategy relies on overturning the vote of the people. still, clinton is feeling pressure from sanders. her campaign spent sent supporters a e-mail red alert warning that she could lose wisconsin's primary today. indeed sanders had been leading in recent polls.
12:38 pm
and the victory in wisconsin could give bernie sanders a boost before the new york democratic primary two weeks from today. late last night he and hillary clinton both agreed to debate in brooklyn, coming up in brooklyn, before that contest after weeks of haggling over when to debate now we know when. what, tax day? >> yeah. good to see you, shep. right before tax day, april 14th. town hall here with hillary clinton in the next moment that's going to begin. look, sanders believes he's going to win wisconsin. he's got an uphill battle to take away clinton's adopted home state here of new york. but she's certainly nervous about it, spending six of the last seven days campaigning in new york and sanders earlier today still campaigning in wisconsin said he feels good. >> it is a beautiful day. we are hoping that here in wisconsin there will be a
12:39 pm
record-breaking turnout. if the people come out to vote in large numbers i think we're going to do very, very well. >> so sanders does have a lead in several polls in wisconsin but that lead is not large. clinton is still within striking distance. she hasn't been there campaigning in a few days but still pretty tight. >> if she loses wisconsin, it's not like she's going to lose the whole thing? >> no. i mean, look, still have 247 delegates at stake in new york on april 19th. that's what clinton is banking on which is that she can lose wisconsin and still mathematically put this out of reach for sanders. here she was earlier on "the view". >> i'm really excited he's attracted so many people, particularly young in this contest. again you have to look at the broader perspective. we won some, he's won some. but i have 2.5 million more
12:40 pm
votes than he does. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have a very significant lead in delegates which is what eventually decides who the nominee is. >> the number is higher for democrats than republicans. 2, 383 delegates. she already has -- you were talking about over 1,700 of them. she's closing in, shep. >> let's bring in heidi, the senior political reporter from usa today. welcome back to the program. >> thank you. >> it's not like we're expecting a contested convention on the democratic side. we're kind of almost expecting yeah, we may have a contested convention on the republican side. it's not like that on the democratic side, right? >> no but kudos to bernie sanders for continuing this to the point where his campaign is now even talking about such a thing. the democratic insiders on both sides, shep, that i talked to say that's not going to happen. what you're talking about the optics and they're not great for
12:41 pm
hillary clinton at this particular point because if she loses tonight which the polls are indicating she will, that will mean she's lost six of the past seven races. the math and fundamentals that ed cited are essentially the same. a solid strategy that she's built her campaign on in terms of gobbling up these delegates in states where he's winning. and next it will come to new york. and states like california, in pennsylvania. when you look at it, shep, think about it, bernie sanders would have to win 60% of all remaining competitio competitions. where are the only places he's done that? in his home state of vermont and neighboring new hampshire. hasn't happened anywhere else. >> and they would like to get president obama involved but that looks like that has changed too, like they can't rule out obama. you got to keep this thing fun and -- >> i mean, as long as this is perceived rightly as a
12:42 pm
contested -- i think that's the operative word -- race, it's not kosher for the president, even though we know behind the scenes, he's very much supporting hillary clinton but wouldn't expect him to get involved until this thing is buttoned up. if you want an accurate barometer of when that will be, not until the very end and california when it becomes clear she's decisively boxed this thing out, boxed him out of this. but it's not going to be a contested convention. if you noticed the news today, that 2.5 million number that the clinton campaign is citing. that is the lead that she has in votes. not delegates. but actual popular votes. so the clinton campaign is now saying for any super delegates to switch their support which is what they would have to do, would be fundamentally undemocratic and against the will of the voters. >> pressure is on. heidi, thanks a lot. the longer this goes on, the more the clinton campaign has to
12:43 pm
spend money in a sanders' contest and not move on to the general election. that's not good for her and they would like it to end but it's not ending. bernie sanders is predicted to win today in wisconsin. we'll know soon enough. a day after a global scandal exposed a world of accused tax cheats, president obama is asking the lawmakers to crack down at home. what we haven't heard is the names of americans. you heard about vlad putin and some others. we lost a government today. did you hear about that? a whole government just collapsed because of it. haven't heard about the americans involved. does that mean there are no americans? no. does not. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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12:46 pm
some american companies avoid paying taxes thanks to a loophole. that's a news flash isn't it? you hear the experts call it a tax inversion.
12:47 pm
what that actually means is that companies move parts of their businesses overseas at least on paper. say you buy a company based somewhere else and you like on paper sort of make your headquarters somewhere else but you're still in in new york or whatever, but you can pay the taxes there and not here. today president obama said that is one of the most insidious loopholes out there. when companies use loopholes to dodge taxes the rest of us get stuck picking up the tab which is true. shannon has the rest of this. what is the president proposing here shannon? >> reporter: first of all he started off today by praisg the treasury department. he said essentially what companies are doing amounts no renouncing their citizenship. >> they declare they're based somewhere else thereby getting all the rewards of being an american company without fulfilling the responsibilities to pay their taxes the way everybody else is supposed to pay them.
12:48 pm
>> the president went on to point the finger of blame at republicans in congress saying he wants to see something done legislatively. press secretary said he wouldn't rule out action on this if congress doesn't act and he was asked about the timing of this because there's a multi billion dollar deal it would be one of the so called largest tax inversions in history. there's nothing to to timing but maybe a coincidence that the administrationas been working on this for a long time but now we know the company's attorneys are working through the afternoon and it's possibly based on the ramifications of the steps the administration has taken that the two sides can call off the deal. shep. >> the president also talked about the global tax scandal revealed in the panama papers which were huge. they link lots of world leaders
12:49 pm
and celebrities to off shore accounts. president obama said that other countries also do more to crack down on tax evasion. today the scandal claimed its first political casualty. that guy is the prime minister of iceland or he was until he resigned after his name turned up in documents. thousands of people gathered in the street called for the prime minister to step down. first he said he didn't do anything wrong, said he wasn't going to step down and then he stepped down. he stormed out of a tv interview when reporters asked him about it. he said they tricked him but now he's out. looks like north korea's kim jong-un wants to add to his nuclear weapon stock smile. we might want to call him lil big kim. because unlike lil kim he's over 300 pounds now. i know it because i read it. lil big kim, analysts hearsay recent satellite images show
12:50 pm
that work is now under way by lil big kim at the nuclear country's main nuclear site. we will show you the photographs and you can see at things and not in these photos. stay with us. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice... ...about my toothpaste and mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one.
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you'll be happy to know it's now legal in the state of mississippi for any business, public or private, to refuse service to gay couples based on religious beliefs. the governor there phil bryant signed the controversial bill into law today and says marriage should be between a man and woman. critics call it discriminatory which by definition it certainly is. it could allow the denial of wedding and adoption service and seen space and homeless
12:54 pm
shelters. paypal has joined the course of condemnation over a similar law in north carolina announcing it's cancelling plans to bring hundreds of jobs to that state after lawmakers there passed a controversial measure last month scaling back protection for transgender people. they say the law violates the values and principles. nissan, mississippi, hello. looks like north korea would have started to build more nuclear bombs. that's the word from analysts in the united states who point to images including this one that seems to show new and significant activity at north korea's main nuclear site. this is a smoke stack. this is a shadow of that smoke stack. and this right here, i don't know but that appears to me to be, well, smoke. experts say that the suggests workers have begun heating the
12:55 pm
buildings. not clear why. analysts say this complex produces plutonium, an agreement in nuclear weapons. leah gabriel is here. >> i spoke with a north korean expert that says whether those smoke plumes are an indication that north korea is processing plutonium or preparing to, it's a clear indication that north korea is accelerating its nuclear weapons program. as we've seen north korea making direct threats against the u.s. with nuclear weapons. he says that the biggest concern right now is a miscalculation. take a listen. >> not only are they going to have bombs with you're uranium cores but more bombs with plutonium cores. the bigger the arsenal, the bigger north korea's threat. >> as we've seen a number of recent weapons tests by north korea including nine missile tests, six in 2016 alone, those include what north korea claims
12:56 pm
was a hydrogen bomb test in january, this violates u.n. security regulations. >> not a word from little big kim. >> no. this day in history is coming right up. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok,
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on this day in 1792, george washington issued the first presidential veto. the bill would have given northern states more seats in the house of representatives. thomas jefferson initially warned president washington that vetoing the measure might signal he's biased towards the south, but washington said he thought the bill was simply unconstitutional. it was the first of only two vetoes that he exercised. other presidents including grover cleveland and franklin roosevelt each issued hundreds of vetoes but george washington put the first smackdown on congress 225 years ago today. should news break out if
1:00 pm
it's big news we'll break in because breaking news in a big way changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming up next. at some point they'll probably discuss this. i don't know, it went down today. sorry. we're going to have a big surprise tonight, folks, big surprise. >> donald trump is hoping for a big surprise in the badger state, not that he needs it but he could use it as voting is under way in wisconsin in what will be the single event of the evening for both the republicans and the democrats, so no other race to talk about but this one. if you're donald trump and you've lost this one and fear that you might be losing some traction, this could be a very tinable night indeed. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. to john roberts now in milwaukee on how this is shaping up and what's at stake and for whom. hey, john. >> reporter: neil, good