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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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i'm curious. everyone has a theory. >> you're not going to tell snus. >> no. you have to check it out. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. stay tuned for all the election coveragell night. we are coming to you tonight from america's election headquarters in new york. for fox news coverage of the wisconsin presidential primary. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. we're a little under three hours away from the polls closing in the badger state. in a switch, the front-runners are both underdogs tonight. donald trump and hillary clinton will maintain delegate advantages, either way tonight turns out. wisconsin is an opportunity for ted cruz and bernie sanders to cut into their leads. with fox team coverage, john roberts in milwaukee as ted cruz tries to make a stuff stretch for donald trump. henry in brooklyn where hillary clinton is campaigning for new
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york's primary in two weeks and virtually conceding wisconsin. we begin with ma that mechanical lom at a look at where we are right now and where we are with a look at the exit polls. good evening. >> we're talking to folks as they exit the polling location. polls are open in the badger state. careful not to characterize beyond what we see. here are some of the tea looefls. first t men vying for republican nomination, ted cruz doing very well in particular among evan l evangelical christians, highest support so far this year. more in this category than even his home state of texas where he did very well. he's getting more than half those votes in texas. there's a look at the badger state. now let's look at independents. they can vote in this open primary on either side. those voting on the gop side are voting for donald trump at 43% in the early going. we've had so much talk about the division and the party, the deep
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divide. we're definitely seeing that, bret, in the early numbers tonight. take a look at this. if it is trump versus hillary in november, more than one-third of wisconsin gopers say they wouldn't vote for donald trump if he was the republican nominee. instead they said they go for a third party candidate or hillary clinton or stay home and not vote at all. among cruz supporters, that number jumps to 43%. let's get an early peek at that, having a hard time deciding between their head and heart in wisconsin. more saying bernie sanders inspires them about the future of the country, yet more think clinton is the one who could beat donald trump if he's the nominee come november. more than half feel that way. it's going to be a tight night. we'll get another wave of numbers coming in. we'll send it back to you, bret. >> all right, martha.
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congrats to villa nova, your team. >> whoo. what a night. >> wisconsin essentially nine presidential primaries for republicans. 18 delegates go to the state-wide winner. four more go to each of the state's eight congressional districts. donald trump is still hoping to get the republican convention to -- to the republican convention with a mathematical lock on the nomination. that's the 1237 delegates you often hear about, the majority. scrambling to get as many wins in those different districts and in the state as he can. senior national correspondent john roberts has the story tonight from milwaukee. >> let's take a picture first. >> reporter: it was a state that once seemed like his to lose. today donald trump was working hard until the last minute to ensure that doesn't happen. >> i think we're going to d really well. the people of wisconsin want their jobs to stay here. >> i'm justice and part of the ted cruz campaign. how are you today. >> reporter: ted cruz assembled
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a powerful operation with the backing of scott walker's formidable political sheen. cruz has been outmaneuvering trump in the battle for convention delegates and warned the party if it comes down to it, it must be between him and trump. >> this fever pipe dream of washington that at the convention they will parachute in some white knight who will save the washington establishment, it is nothing less than a pipe dream. it ain't going to happen. if it did, the people would quite rightly revolt. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich continues to insist he will be front and center in july. >> let's let it all play out. they won't be successful, and i think they're becoming hysterical actually. there's a little hysteria catching on there. >> reporter: amid complaints that he is long on rhetoric, short on plans, trump today revealed how he would get mexico
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to pay for a border wall in a letter spelling out he would suspend money transfers from mexicans ton the united states to families back home unless the mexican government ponied up. >> the wall is a fraction of the kind of money in many different ways that mexico takes in from the united states. the wall is a fraction. you're talking about a $10 million wall, a trade deficit with mexico, $58 billion. >> reporter: some confusion on the wisconsin ballots, an option to choose, quote, unobstructed delegation. an official said that's for people who can't make up their minds and want delegates to go to the convention not representing a specific candidate. in essence, it would let the party choose which candidate the dale gats would back. wisconsin state officials tell us that provision has been on the books for years, but because of the extraordinarily contentious nature of this year's primary, it's getting a little more attention than it typically does. bret? >> john roberts live in milwaukee, thank you.
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bernie sanders grongwi momentum over the last few primary season contests, could get a big boost with a win tonight in wisconsin. that spells more trouble for a hillary clinton campaign that just cannot put its only rival away for good. chief white house correspondent ed henry is in brooklyn tonight. >> the fellow who is from new york, i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and tuldly walk the streets and spend time with the people. panelling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york way. >> reporter: hillary clinton's camp fired off two memos in the last 24 hours saying they're likely to lose wisconsin to bernie sanders saying, quote, this nomination isn't locked up and we have to fight for every vote if we want to see hillary clinton in the white house. clinton's plea for money has grown urgent. sanders outraised her by nearly $15 million in march, $44 million raised by sanders to 1
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$29.5 for clinton. >> it's a beautiful day. we're hoping here in wisconsin there will be a record breaking turnout. if people come out to vote in large numbers, i think we'll do very, very well. >> reporter: clinton today used the friendly venue of "the view" to point out she doesn't just have a big delegate lead. >> we want some, he's won some. i have 2.5 mill kwlun more votes. >> reporter: she went further than just saying she did nothing illegal. >> will you ever put it behind you? >> i'm sure i will, because there's nothing to it because i'm going to be very open as i have been since last summer, i think last august, i said any time you want to talk to me, here i am. nothing inappropriate was done. >> reporter: a decision from the fbi may not come as quickly as expected. with fbi director james comey telling "the niagara gazette" he's under no pressure to finish before the convention in july. the urgency is to do it well and promptly and welcomes first.
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the status of that investigation may come up again at their next debate at the brooklyn naval yard on april 14th. sanders has had self-inflicted wounds of his own that could hurt him in the debate including an editorial board meeting with the "new york daily news" where he declared israel must improve sit relationship with the palestinians but then appeared to be at a loss on what to do differently saying, quote, you're asking me to make decisions not only for the israeli government but the israeli military and i don't think i'm quite qualified to make decisions. clinton will be here in new york tonight but is not planning the traditional primary night speech we see from all the candidates in both major parties. instead she's planning to be fund-raising, a sign she has other urgent priorities going on right here, bret. >> ed henry in brooklyn, thank you. president obama is standing by his isis strategy while hosting military leaders for a
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meeting and dinner tonight at the white house. the president said today his anti terror campaign will continue to accelerate. >> we'll continue to take on their leadership, their financial networks, their infrastructure. we are going to squeeze them and we will defeat them. as we've seen from turkey to belgium, isil still has the ability to launch serious terror attacks. one of my messages today is destroying isil continues to be my top priority. i'm absolutely confident that isil will lose. we will prevail. >> the president adds that the plan cannot be just a military operation but must incorporate diplomatic and intelligence resources as well. right now, some of the greatest thets to this country, to you and your family actually may come from cyberspace. that's where a huge battle is being fautd, and it could decide your future. according to the country's top intelligence officials. chief intelligent reporter katherine harris has the
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frightening scenario lawmakers heard today. >> reporter: the nsa director testified to the senate armed services committee that attacks on the power grid and other infrastructure oorps as keep him up at night. >> think about the implications of that, if you couldn't trust the military picture that you were looking at, that you were using to base decisions on, let alone the broader economic impacts for us as a nation. >> to the third point you made about non-state actors using cyber as a weapon system, how grave a threat is that to us currently? >> it doesn't take billions of dollars of investment. it doesn't take decades of time. sieb ser the great equalizer in some ways. >> reporter: with growing evidence that russia was behind the attack on ukraine's power grid, lawmakers were told the use of cyber weapons is not a hypothetical. >> does russia have the capability to inflict serious
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harm to our critical infrastructure? >> yes. >> reporter: rogers testified that beijing's attacks on american industry are not letting up. >> we continue to see them engage in activity directed against u.s. companies. >> the admiral who leads the u.s. cyber command say the chinese appear to be stealing american secrets to give their businesses an edge. >> using that then to generate economic advantage is not something that's acceptable to the u.s. >> reporter: with the recent hack of the med star hospital network, rogers said the health care network is a target. >> kathryn, thank you. satellite images are seeing suspicious activity. exhaust plumes have been spotted at least twice in the past five weeks at that facility that suggests buildings are being heated. the lab where north korea
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separates weapons grade plutonium from waste. disagreement over how the administration is handling iran. lawmakers are not happy with the president's response to recent iranian missile testing. democrat bob menendez expressed concern that the u.s. in his words is walking on egg shells in order to avoid problems with the president's nuclear deal. and one particular assertion by the add stragsz is getting special attention. >> do you believe iran is giving up its ambition of a nuclear weapon? that's an accurate portrayal of your statement? >> at this point. the jcpoa as it is implemented prevents iran from achieving a nuclear weapon. >> yes or no. do you believe iran hopes to put a nuclear weapon on top of a ballistic miss snl. >> at this point no, because they can't. >> mr. shannon, in conversations i've had with allies in the region, nobody there believes
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they've given up their nuclear weapons ambition. >> shannon told lawmakers today they should be in no rush to renew the iran sanctions act which expires at the ends of the year. let's get analysis from indicated columnist charles krauthamer in washington. you listened to that from the administration and the lack of an answer about the ambition of iran to get a nuclear weapon. that doesn't track with everything we hear from the region. >> the lack of an answer because it's obviously disingenuous what shonn none just said. the idea iran would invest billions of dollars of intercontinent el and medium range ballistic missile systems in order to put sticks of dynamite on top is simply absurd. you build these systems to deliver nukes. shannon's contention that they have no intention of putting a
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nuke on top of the missile because it isn't allowed in the agreement we signed last year. number one, that assumes iran isn't going to cheat. number two, even if it doesn't cheat, the agreement expires in ten years. after these ten years of testing and perfecting ballistic missiles, iran will be in a position to break out, to have no sanctions. the nuclear file, as the iranian foreign minister said will be closed. it will be open to producing an arsenal of nukes to put on the missile. everybody understands what's going on. the administration is pretending otherwise. >> so do you think there will be any repercussions for the ballistic missile testing, the sending of weapons from iran to yemen, the other thumbing their nose at the world from iran? >> there might be at most a useless gesture or two, but menendez is absolutely right. the administration is walking on egg shells. the whole agreement was meant to deter iran from doing things we
3:15 pm
don't want them to do. it's become the exact opposite. this is a self-deterring agreement. in other words, obama and the administration are terrified that iran, having received everything up front, all the money, the dropping of sanctions which will never be renewed, the beginning of business in iran, all of this is already done. iran having pocketed all the concessions up front. it is prepared to walk away any day because the rest of the agreement only constraints its program. so they are afraid to do anything to make any serious gestures, sanctions, whatever, even statements condemning iran for what it's doing, as you say, for supplying rebels in yemen, for supplying hezbollah, the ballistic missile test. all this is happening and we won't do a thing because the president is afraid iran will walk away from this great legacy agreement. we are the ones who aren't
3:16 pm
deterred. >> to be fair, there are a number of european nations involved as well. they are, many of them, doing more business with iran. is there any appetite, do you sense, in the world to step up the sanctions against iran, outside of what the u.s. is doing or not doing? >> well, ha is true. we knew that at the beginning. we knew what iran was wanting in these negotiations, and the reason is putting these minor restrictions on its nuclear program, is because once the sanctions were removed, which they have been, the europeans would rush in with business that will not be revoked. the russians will rush in with weapons which have already begun to flow. the chinese will never resume sanctions. so everybody is in the game now, in the iranian game everybody want to make a buck. that's the result of the lifting of sanction.
3:17 pm
iran already has that in pocket. the europeans are cooperating with iran in a sense. we knew that. that was the argument but the administration pretended that was president going to happen. we now see it happening. >> charles, as always, thank you. up next, president obama wants low-income folks to live next door to high-income people. how is that working out in one city? first, what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 13 in memphis with the investigation into yesterday's crash of the sightseeing helicopter during the great smoky mountains national park. five people in that chopper died. no one was hurt in the ground. wdbd in jackson, mississippi, as governor bryant sign as bill for private businesses to refuse service to the lgbt community. he says it doesn't limit constitutionally protected righ of any citizen. gay rights groups and businesses worked obviously against that legislation.
3:18 pm
this is a live look at boston from our affiliate fox 25. the big story there tonight, a federal judge approves the sale of items belonging to gangster james whitey bulger. the u.s. marshal service will auction them off in june. among the items, jewelry, electronics and stanley cup ring from 1986. the money will go to families of bulger's victims. that's tonight's live look from outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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president obama is making another move against the practice of american companies buying smaller foreign firms and moving their legal address abroad on paper to get lower tax rates. monday the treasury department announced a series of steps to make inversions less financially appealing. today the president explained his reasoning. >> it's not that they're breaking the laws. it's that the laws are so poorly designed that they allow people if they've got enough lawyers to wiggle out of responsibilities that ordinary citizens are having to abide by. the president is calling on congress to permanently close the tax loopholes. stocks were down today. the dow lost 134.
3:23 pm
the s&p was off 21. the nasdaq fell 48. iceland's prime minister is the first official victim of the uproar over world government and business leaders and their offshore holdings. david is stepping down as the leader of iceland's coalition government. leaders in other nations including russia, ukraine and china are also facing questions about the tax avoidance screams. a cuban rights group say it is castro governm almost 500 dissidents during the three-day visit by president obama last month. the group says the president's historic and friendly visit unleashed what it called a true wave of political repression and uncounted intimidating actions. president obama said during his trip he has faith in people and believes change will occur. president obama wants to force communities here in the u.s. to build homes for low income people in high-income neighborhoods. one of the flash points for the
3:24 pm
movement is baltimore. correspond leland vitter shows us a lot of people there not too happy about the plan. >> reporter: in the rougher parts of baltimore, the crime rates have skyrocketed oopsz. no surprise the folks who live around here want out of the poverty, and into a better place for their kids. you can imagine they're lags that they could soon move here, baltimore county, a safer, wealthier nab or in government subsidized neighborhoods. current residents point the blame toward washington, d.c. >> i think it's nonsense. the overall policy that's coming out of the white house, out of president obama's philosophy of social engineering on steroids. we're going to make everybody better if we move them to kingsville. it's bologna and destined to fail. >> reporter: in the latest chapter of mixed income housing, the naacp among others sued baltimore county over housing segregation claims. they argue the typical section 8
3:25 pm
subsidized housing program bunched poor people together which leads to more crime and blight. the county settled the lawsuit by agreeing to spend $30 million over the next ten years to build 1,000 homes in more affluent neighborhoods. under the new program, the new homes will be sprinkled all around baltimore county. >> it's almost like the new beginning and we're starting going forward. what we're hoping to see is progress in moving from where we are today to a better baltimore county. >> reporter: under the agreement, the baltimore county executive will introduce legislation banning landlords from discriminating against those with section 8 vouchers. it's far from guaranteed to pass. a similar measure failed a number of times at the state level. bret? >> leland, thank you. up next, a crucial wisconsin county where voters are still casting ballots. it could go a long way to determining the winner tonight. we'll take you there live. we asked a group of young people
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as we bring you coverage of the wisconsin primary, keep your eye on one county in particular for the republicans. we're in waukesha to say what's so special about the third largest county. hi, doug. >> good evening, bret. the clerk of waukesha county say they're expecting an 80% turnout of reasonable centered voters. that's a remarkably high number. the line goes longer as people get off work today. waukesha is part of a crucial threesome of counties that bring milwaukee to the north and west. known as the wow counties, home to numerous banking, insurance, high tech, good schools, highly educated and highly compensated.
3:31 pm
residents here take their civic duty and elections very seriously. >> the reason they're significant, they have 10% of the population, consistently 20% of republican votes come from the wow counties. they have a tradition of volunteer activism, helping republicans in presidential races, gubernatorial races. i think there's a lot of attention on what's going to happen in the wow counties this week. >> reporter: that civic responsibility points out how pivotal those wow counties will play in tonight's primary but in november's general election. >> these counties divide the entire state for the general election in november. if you do not have their full enthusiasm and high turnout for the republican nominees, then they are going to lose that general election, no ifs, ands
3:32 pm
or buts about it. >> reporter: to that point it's fitting wisconsin is the only primary in the nation, allowing the candidates to singularly focus on what is arguably the most important bellwether state in the union. in the modern primary era, whoever has won the primary in wisconsin has gone on to become that party's nominee in 94% of the cases. that's a pattern and record that is unmatched by any other state. bret? >> doug, thank you. president obama on the bench, not in the game, at least not yet. the continued presence of senator bernie sanders in the democratic race is said to be preventing the president from putting his public support and political talents behind hillary clinton. many white house watchers say president obama seems comfortable on the campaign trail and is likely itching to get back out there again. chief legal correspondent shannon bream has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama has not been shy about critiquing the republican presidential
3:33 pm
candidates. the protracted race between former secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders has kept him off the campaign trail and on the sidelines, but that hasn't entirely jumped him from jumping into the scrum. >> we've got, inside the other parties that is fantasy and school yard talk and selling stuff like it's the home shopping network. >> reporter: today at the white house, the president called donald trump's proposals wacky and didn't stop there. >> i do have to emphasize that it's not just mr. trump's proposals. you're also hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals which in some ways are just as draconian when it comes to immigration, for example. >> no doubt the president believes he's an asset to the democratic party in its presidential run and he will be an asset because his main job is going to be the democrats' number one job which is to get out a big turnout.
3:34 pm
>> reporter: the white house denying reports that there's frustration over sanders' decision to stay in the race and says the president is eagle to hit the campaign trail to tout his record. a recent cbs news "new york times" poll shows americans are easily divided on how he's handling the economy. a majority disapprove of his foreign policy performance. >> he's obviously dedicated the last eight years of his life to focusing on these policies that have led us to make so much progress and he doesn't want to see so much of that work be undone. >> the president will travel to chicago later this week to talk about the importance of the supreme court. his nominee, judge merrick garland, met with two gop senators on the hill tonight with varying results. susan collins said she's impressed. john boozman says he thinks the next president should be the one to replace justice antonin scalia. >> shannon bream live on the north lawn, thank you.
3:35 pm
is wisconsin the beginning of the end of the gop battle or is it a reset? we'll ask the panel when we return as voters continue to vote. polls still open for a while. we'll see you after a quick break. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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with intuitive all-wheel drive. take on the unexpected. the pattern for donald trump has been during the primary season has been that when he's lost a primary, he changes the narrative. the objective here is to have a plan that reinvigorates the campaign, that changes the narrative, that takes it back to a central issue of trump's campaign that has created so much excitement and advances it. >> rush limbaugh today talking, not about the wisconsin primary, but about the issue of immigration and referring to donald trump talking about how
3:40 pm
he will get mexico to pay for the wall. he wants to build along the southern border. "the washington post" says trump threatens he will change to change a rule under the uss patriot act anti terrorism law to con sut a portion of the funds sent to mexico through money transfers. after the wall is funded, trum wrote transfer payments could continue to flow into their country year after year. he also wants to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants living in the united states, many of whom come from mexico. the interesting thing about that, in the exit polls we're seeing out of wisconsin, as far as people saying what is their most important issue, if it was immigration, only 5% of the people voting in wisconsin said immigration is the most important issue. let's bring in steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard, a wisconsin native. kirsten powers, u.s.a. today panel lift and stephen powers.
3:41 pm
we led off with immigration. not a huge issue. anything else strike you as we're seeing this first wave? >> a number of things strike me. every time we've come and talked about the exit polls, specifically since it's been a two-man race between cruz and trump is how ted cruz is doing in expanding his appeal to the republican primary electorate. he's pulling 46% of the conservative voters, nearly double what he's gotten in all other states and beats donald trump by seven points. that's one of the reasons i think ted cruz is likely to have a good night tonight. the other thing is when donald trump went to wisconsin to campaign, he started by attacking wisconsin's popular governwalker, still has 80% approval among wisconsin primary voters. a bad idea. he's attacking him using recycled attacks from the state's democratic party chairman. these are things that wisconsin voters, wisconsin republicans in particular have gone to polls year after year to fight
3:42 pm
against. donald trump comes to wisconsin and says, look, scott walker has this deficit which no longer exists, and he didn't raise taxes because he's running for president. it's not a good idea to attack a popular conservative governor in a republican primary for refusing to raise taxes. >> steve's point, kirsten, is in wisconsin, the establishment republicans are not labeled with that naughty word establishment, they seem to be accepted. >> they're liked. also, they've had time because of all the attacks on scott walker tbuild a conservative infrastructure that is probably working to cruz's advantage. the thing i did find interesting in the exit polls even though it's a good night for cruz is trump doesn't seem to have been damaged that badly with women. that's really been the conversation we've been having for the last couple weeks. it sort of suggests the women he has are with him and maybe the other women -- it seems they're voting more on the issues that go outside of the sexism
3:43 pm
accusation versus what kind of person do i want, do i want a donald trump type candidate. >> tucker, to that point, exit polls in every state we've seen, he has a loyal following that sticks with him, trump does, whatever the number is, 30% to 40%, it depends. but they're loyal. >> almost impervious would be the word i would use. i've never seen a candidate in any race ever have a worse two-week period than donald trump has. it was entirely self-inflicted. worst of all he took add tension away from the two issues that have worked for him. despite what exit polls have said, immigration and he hasn't talked about them for two weeks and said he's embroiled himself for whatever reason, maybe he doesn't want to be president. here is the bottom line. at the end of this process, june 7th, we're likely to see trump with the most delegates, most states won and the most votes.
3:44 pm
what's the republican party going to do with that? i'm confused why establishment republicans -- by the way, they real -- why aren't they in mora lago trying to surround trump, teach him, make him better. we're inevitably looking at a divisive, truly painful fight in cleveland otherwise. i don't know why they're not making a better effort. >> do you think donald trump would listen to folks that come in from washington and say, hey, here is what you have to do. >> sn. >> probably not. i think there's some evidence that his oldest daughter is maybe the sole person he listens to. by the way, he was gone with a new baby for part of this period. i suspect all these events are linked. i think there's also evidence he's not totally deaf. there are some he listens to. they should make an effort. he's going to have the most votes. that's the fact. >> the key is, this race, no matter what happens, is not going to be decided until
3:45 pm
california on june 7th when you look at the delegates. you can't get there math 3459 cli until california. even if he has a tremendous run. >> i think that's exactly the reason you haven't seen republicans do what tucker suggests they do. it's still early. you a party so badly divided, there's no reason to rally around donald trump at this point. in these exit polls, when voters were asked if there's a race between donald trump and hillary clinton, 61% said they'd support donald trump. 35% said they wouldn't support trump in a head-to-head race with hillary clinton which is consistent with what we've seen in the exit polls. it's too early to rally around him when you've got people like ted cruz, the obvious alternative, trying so hard to beat him and a whole other huge section of the party, well beyond just the establishment trying to do everything they can to stop donald trump from getting to that 1237. >> here is john kasich from greta's town hall.
3:46 pm
>> reporter: donald trump says you don't have the votes, you can't do it. so does senator ted cruz. >> both of them say i should get out of the race because i'm winning their votes. i agree with them. >> okay. >> nobody is going to win this going in. there's going to be an open convention, and it's going to be cool. >> it's going to be cool, kirsten. >> it's going to be very cool. >> i think the reason they're not rallying around donald trump is there's a group of people, at least who i talk to, who say they don't really care what happens to him. he's not going to hit the magic number. as long as they keep him under the magic number, they think there's going to be a contested convention and on the second ballot ted cruz will probably win. these aren't people that love ted cruz but they think that's where they ear headed. no reason to get behind donald trump, especially if he wins wisconsin tonight. >> what about john kasich, his narrow path, narrower even after
3:47 pm
wisconsin if he doesn't pick all delegates in these congressional districts. one would think he takes away from cruz. trump says he takes away from him. >> i would think he takes away from cruz. he's the live, embodiment. whenever you impose something by fiat on a population that's not convinced of it, whether it's roe v. wade, obamacare, the iraq war, you have decades-long resentment as a result of that. we're get together a place where the republican party is willing to say we're going to put someone in there who didn't get votes or got far fewer votes. whoever the nominee is, and it could be cruz, has to have enough votes to be a legitimate nominee. i know that's technically not true. you can force someone who doesn't have it, but you're going to pay the price for that. basically you're saying this is not a democracy, people recent that. >> these exit polls a split republican party, seriously divided. next up, what would a bernie
3:48 pm
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it is a beautiful day. we are hoping that here in wisconsin there will be a
3:52 pm
record-breaking turnout. if people come out to vote in large numbers, i think we're going to do very, very well. and that's what we're hoping for. >> i just feel so happy when i'm in new york. you know, and now that i have been traveling around the state, going upstate again, i was in albany yesterday, i see so many of my friends and supporters and people that i have worked with. it's just the most rewarding feeling. and so nothing beats it for me. i love being here. >> >> new york is the feeling that she is feeling today, but it's wisconsin that's voting today. and bernie sanders up against hillary clinton on the democratic side. we're back with the panel. kirsten, i was struck by independents in the exit polls make up a quarter of the democratic electorate. three out of four independents going for bernie sanders. that's significant. it's an open primary there. >> it's very significant. is he a real challenge to her. there is no question. the electorate is year whelmingly liberal and even
3:53 pm
more liberal than we have seen in some other states in wisconsin looking at the exit polls. but, you know, if you look 1iñ the losses that she has had, they have mostly been in caucus states. those caucus states are mostly behind us. this is how the clintd campaign sees it. while this is sort of a pebble in their shoe and something they have to overcome not something they are concerned about in terms of winning the primary. they also see it as he is camped out in wisconsin. she is spending her time in new york to shore up support. we could say why does she have to spend time in new york and that would be a good question. >> she represented that state in the u.s. senate. the rcp average in new york of the recent polls has hillary clinton up 11 points is the average of polls in new york. wisconsin, obviously, is the focus tonight. if sanders pulls out a win here, tucker, what does this do to this race? >> i think it's an ominous sign for hillary clinton. look at the margins in the states leading up to this. 70% in hawaii. 78% in idaho. 80% in utah.
3:54 pm
i mean, i think it's very tough for bernie sanders to get the majority of delegate on the democratic side. but those are bad numbers for hillary clinton. i think the tape that you just played of her talking about growing up playing stick ball in new york or whatever was so false. things like that, i don't think, help you. here is the real problem though whether or not she gets to the majority. i think she probably will is he has driven her dramatically to the left. come out in favor of drivers license for illegal immigrants and came out for obamacare subsidies for illegal immigrants. today she came out and said on tape a child has no right until the moment of birth. you know, these are not mainstream positions. probably within the normal democratic party. i think it's hurt her. >> steve? >> to kirsten's point about exactly how liberal the wisconsin electorate is, these are fantastic numbers. bernie sanders on issues 24 percent said too liberal. 66 percent said about right. 8 percent said not liberal enough. i don't even know who can a that could possibly be who thinks bernie sanders is not
3:55 pm
liberal enough. more than 7 in 10 wisconsini it es think his -- is he a socialist. think they are right or too conservative. stunning. >> it should be interesting tonight. we will be watching all of the results. panel, thank you. that's it for the panel. up next, we will show you a draw-dropping reaction to last night's ncaa championship game. did you see this? stand by. az this is brad.
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. finally tonight, everyone saw the shot, right? the shot seen around the world, monday's ncaa championship game could go down as one of greatest ever. we have seen so many different angles of kris jenkins' last buzzer-beater shot that gaveville the -- gave villanova the win. the reaction when the three pointer falls. [cheers] [ laughter ] >> he has got the face. oh man, what a shot. that was awesome. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in just a second. stay tuned for this evening's coverage of the megyn kelly will join me on set starting at 8:50 eastern time. america's lexington --
4:00 pm
election headquarters will be turned on. thanks for joining us. here comes greta. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," it is a big night, and it could all come down to wisconsin. polls in the badger state close in two hours. right now. and if history can tell us anything, it is that wisconsin knows how to pick presidential nominees. since 1968, voters in the great state of wisconsin, 94% of the time have correctly chosen each party's nominee. and, tonight, donald trump is hoping to continue his momentum as he rolls towards 1237 delegates. but, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich they have different plans for donald trump. they want to throw a wrench into trump's plans. so, what5+ will happen for fox news doug mckelway is live in waukesha, wisconsin, doug, tell me what's going on. >> well, no matter what happens tonight, keep your eyes on the county where