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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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be turned on. thanks for joining us. here comes greta. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," it is a big night, and it could all come down to wisconsin. polls in the badger state close in two hours. right now. and if history can tell us anything, it is that wisconsin knows how to pick presidential nominees. since 1968, voters in the great state of wisconsin, 94% of the time have correctly chosen each party's nominee. and, tonight, donald trump is hoping to continue his momentum as he rolls towards 1237 delegates. but, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich they have different plans for donald trump. they want to throw a wrench into trump's plans. so, what5+ will happen for fox news doug mckelway is live in waukesha, wisconsin, doug, tell me what's going on. >> well, no matter what happens tonight, keep your eyes on the county where i
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now stand. this is a waukesha county. waukesha county along with two others to the north and west of washington county and owe owe ozaki county. can determine how the state of wisconsin votes. once mostly rural dairy land, these counties have become the epicenter of the g.o.p. establishment, home to insurance, banking, high tech and service industries, as well as home to some really good schools. highly compensated and highly educated workforce and a lot of professional women. now, analysts that we have spoken to say that donald trump's message of sort of in your face economic populism and economic nationalism may not go over all that well with a lot of voters in this region of the country. in recent days, however, trump has been closing the gap with ted cruz. he is not relinquishing anything. he was campaigning in wisconsin as early as this morning. he has been one outlier poll
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shows him besting ted cruz. it is sort of an outlier. two things to consider as the results begin to come in tonight. first, the influence of conservative talk radio in the state of wisconsin. we're not talking about the nationally syndicated guys like limbaugh and hannity, savage. that kind. we are talking about local conservative talk radio show hosts who have tremendous influence here and hammering away at donald trump in recent weeks. one more thing, despite what people in new hampshire might be saying, it is the people of wisconsin who have most successfully picked presidents. whoever wins the primary in wisconsin and this applies to republican and democratic parties. whoever wins the primary goes on to win the nomination for respective party 94% of the time that is a record virtually unmatched by any other state in the union. greta? >> doug, thank you. great work with those indian names. that's pretty good. senator ted cruz is banking on a big night. a win in the badger state
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over donald trump could guarantee a contested g.o.p. convention. what happens if trump shocks many pollsters and pundits and he wins? senator mike lee is here. >> hello. >> i assume you have seen the polls that donald trump is down 10 points in the marquette and fox business news channel poll. you must feel good about the polls. >> absolutely. i feel good about the polls and having been in wisconsin with senator cruz in the last few days i feel really good about his momentum. he has a message. there are a lot of democrats who are even unhappy within their own party. >> that could shake things up a little bit. it always adds unpredictability. that said, democrats are focused on closely contested race there i think republicans are mostly going to be voting in the republican primary and visa versa can w. democrats. >> obviously if he wins that's good news for you. that's what he wants. if he doesn't win tonight and donald trump has a smashing night tonight, what
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is the strategy or the program for senator cruz? >> well, first of all, he is going to win tonight. secondly, even if he didn't, he has a lot of momentum going in a lot of other states. i still think things are headed in the right direction in california, for instance, for senator cruz. the fact that it's a closed loop primary in california. the fact that only republicans can vote in that is4.tájjt to benefit ted cruz. he has a lot of states, including california where is he still going to do very well. >> we bring the viewers in on our show. this is a chance for you viewers to vote at home on twitter. will trump surprise the pundits tonight? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. you spent time in wisconsin. what was the single most important issue that you saw people present to senator ted cruz. what were they interested in then. >> people were worried about the economy and upward mobility. ability of poor and middle class america to get ahead to. work their way out of poverty. to work their way up the economic ladder. they fear that as washington insiders have colluded, that as washington, d.c. has
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extended its reach, it's made upward economic mobility more difficult. made jobs more scarce. and made it harder for americans to get ahead. >> we understand as doug reported that talk radio is a big deal in terms of influencing vote in wisconsin. and they are behind your candidate. >> that's right. there is a lot of conservative talk radio in wisconsin. and a lot of people who have really delved into the policy issues. and that's really ted cruz's strong suit. it's where he does well because he can tell you what he thinks about the fundamental purpose of government, big picture issues like federalism and separation of powers. ted cruz has answers on those issues and how they are connected with people's well being. that resonates well. >> thank you, senator, nice to sigh. >> likewise. >> 42 g.o.p. delegates are on the line. donald trump is scratching for every last delçá avoight a contested or brokered republican convention. for senator ted cruz and governor john kasich. a contested or brokered
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convention may be their only hope for the white house as the race runs through wisconsin. >> it will be very interesting tonight. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. >> governor could ride a harley. i think scott would be happy to give donald a ride. >> you are right it would mess up his hair. >> i have eaten quite a bit of food here. you know, i haven't had any cheese kurds. >> we need to arm the cheese kurds. if we send the cheese kurds into isis it will fatten them up and they will go down immediately. >> i brought something very, very special along. >> when he will punch back 10 times harder. >> i got endorsement by the milwaukee paper. >> i'm up 14 points on hillary in wisconsin. >> the people of wisconsin are amazing. they want to see strong borders. they want their jobs to stay here. they don't want other countries taking all their jobs in manufacturing. i think we're going to have a great evening. >> the "on the record" political spaniel here.
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abc news political director rick klein and "fortune magazine's" nina easton. rick, if donald trump wins tonight then what? >> is he on a roll. we are halftime voting process. two months, in two months to go. he is the frontrunner far and away. if he wins in wisconsin. he is then going to steam roll through the rest of the primaries and going to come sooner rather that be later the presumptive republican nominee. if he doesn't different scenario it makes that contested convention more likely than ever. >> that's my question to you, nina. let's assume that senator ted cruz or governor kasich which we don't expect at all but say senator ted cruz is the big winner, now what. >> ted cruz does not automatically become the enemy knee. donald trump has the much harder road to get to that magical 1237. he has to win something like two thirds of the delegates you know, wisconsin, your state is, a very interesting
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state because this is where there is a battle-tested, hardened conservative movement that rallied around very popular governor, scott walker. and ted -- and donald trump came in and attacked the governor. so, and as well as really not being as senator just now would argue, not a philosophically pure conservative. so it's an uphill battle for donald trump. the other thing to look to note in the exit polls is that the g.o.p. voters split about half and half between whether they want somebody who is an outsider and somebody who has experience. and i think that could help ted cruz. >> is ted cruz an outsider or someone with experience? what is he? he is a freshman senator. where does he fall in this? >> only by the standards of donald trump. the same way the establishment would only support ted cruz if it's against donald trump. you have to realize that these are choices. this isn't a blue sky scenario for republicans
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right now. nina is right. that is a big difference from other states we have seen vote so far in the process. there is just this anger against the establishment. and ted cruz with the word senator in his title was hurt by that now he could be seen as more establishment choice as someone who brings some experience and that might help him in this state. >> i would just add one other thing that's sort of troubling for donald trump even if he won tonight is a third of republican voters in the fox news exit polls would not vote for donald trump even if he was the nominee. >> so they say. >> so they say. yeah. >>the thing that strikes me is how passionate the people are and i suppose it's every but we were just out there. i couldn't walk down the street without someone coming up to me and saying something. they are on to this. >> and they have experienced such politics at a close level. as you know, there is a great history in wisconsin. a very conservative republicans. very liberal democrats. the recall election. the fact that scott walker had three elections inside a four year period. i think wisconsin voters have become a lot more savvy than your typical voter.
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almost like the early voting states. plus this intense focus of a couple of weeks. all the anti-trump efforts that have come out. this has been the big battle. >> you know, i think there are a lot of sleeper votes out there. i don't know, every place i went they were talking about trump. people whispering to me like i'm voting for trump as though they weren't supposed to publicly say it. i don't know what to expect tonight. i was struck by that how many people who i wouldn't think would be trump votes were telling me they are trump votes. >> i think that's true everywhere. i think that's true. you scratch the surface anywhere and you find trump voters. i have said many times that the noncollege educated people have been hurt by the economy are his core base. but it goes beyond that he has a muchje@2 larger base than that. and he -- and you find his supporters everywhere and they tend to be sheepish in telling you that they are actually voting for donald trump. >> which will be sort of interesting when they go behind closed doors and pull that lever or whatever it is. you don't know how they are
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going to vote. rick, nina, thank you both. it will be exciting tonight. >> thanks, greta. >> where is donald trump tonight? is he in appleton, wisconsin? no, he is not there. is he back home. spending election night in new york. molly is live on fifth avenue. molly, is he there? >> well, according to some of the staffers here he is inside. we do know donald trump has returned to his home state tonight. whether or not he is inside right at this second, we can't be 100 percent sure. we know he is back and now know that he is looking to shift the focus of this race forward. forward to win new yorkers head to the polls about two weeks from now. he is not in wisconsin. although he did not skip the badger state. he went, he held rallies. he even this morning made a few last stop appearances hitting a diner and also apology place at a fire station. appealing to voters to help him get a surprise win to. help him wrap up the delegates that he needs to claim the nomination. no victory there would mean more nonstop chatter and theorizing how the business
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frontrunner could be stopped in a contested convention following a week that many havejt portrayside his roughest week on the campaign trail. return to the big apple is sending a clear message regardless of what happens out west the next race is on and it's in trump territory. trump is slated to hold a rally in long island tomorrow evening. his first major event kicking off the final stretch before election day here in the empire state. the latest real clear politics average shows that trump has a significant lead in the polls here with 53%. governor john kasich has 21%. and senator ted cruz is trailing with 19%. now, trump aims to win here and use that renewed momentum to carry him on to the next series of contests coming up into the northeast. that could be more friendly territory for him. states like rhode island and connecticut right here in his backyard. greta? >> molly, thank you. and in his aggressive push for wisconsin, donald trump rolling out a secret weapon. his wife, melania trump. his wife stepping into the
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spotlight on the campaign trail. >> i'm very proud of him. he's hard worker, he's kind. he has a great heart. he is tough, he is smart. is he a great communicator. is he a great negotiator. he is telling the truth. is he a great leader. [cheers] >> he is fair. as you may know by now. when you talk with -- -- when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder. [heckler] >> sometimes get him in trouble. i say stay away from retweets. [ laughter ] and you know, if he would only listen.
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he is doing great. >> for the most part melania has taken a backseat in trump's campaign as she is fo#ft on raising their 10-year-old son bare rab. and while campaigning in wisconsin, donald trump has taken some shots at hometown heroes. trump has hit hard at wisconsin governor scott walker and speaker of the house paul ryan. will that hurt trump in wisconsin? senior advisor donald trump sarah huckabee sanders goes "on the record." good evening, sarah. sarah, what about that? that he wants that conservative republican vote but has taken a couple of swats at governor scott walker who has endorsed senator ted cruz? >> you know, i don't think this hurts him in wisconsin. donald trump has never been the establishment candidate. it's no surprise that scott walker has come out and endorsed ted cruz and donald trump is a candidate of the people. i think that's why he has done so well across america is he hasn't focused on other politicians and their support but focused on the support of the people. and that's what he has been
4:15 pm
getting. i think that's what he is going to get in wisconsin tonight. >> well, in the earlier days, he seemed to be leading in the polls, in wisconsin. and then we have had a series of polls, two polls in particular where he is down 10 points and got another poll recently where he has a more competitive outcome tonight. what happened? why did he slide so far down in those two polls, do you think, against senator ted cruz? >> i think the polls have been all over the map this entire cycle. particularly wisconsin, i think just yesterday there was a poll that came out that had him 10 points ahead. it's hard to gauge what all of these different polls mean but at the end of the day what i think that matters is he is going to do well there tonight. i think he will win some delegates. but the biggser i think communicator ofz tonight. >> so you expect him to, quote, do well but you don't expect him to win? >> i certainly expect him to win delegates. at that point i think that's what matters is that we are continuing to add delegates. the real thing to look at is not wisconsin but what happens after that.
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wisconsin only has 42 delegates up for grabs tonight which i think we will pick up several of. and then moving forward the rest of this month you have 267 delegates up for grabs as you move into territory that completely belongs to donald trump. and, in fact, ted cruz is going to be battling to win second place in a lot of these upcoming states. and i think it will become mathematically impossible moving forward and at the end of this month for ted cruz to even get to 1237. and my question is will he do what he has been calling on john kasich to do and get out of race when that happens? >> all right. the crossover vote from the democratic party any sort of sense whether that exists and does it exist in favor of your candidate? because in wisconsin democrats are k. vote republican. republicans can vote democrat. >> you know, i think there probably are democrats that are coming out and voting for donald trump just like we are seeing lots of republicans. but i think that's because is he the antiestablishment guy. he is the only one on both sides of the aisle left in this race that can come in and shake up business as
4:17 pm
usual in washington. you have got hillary clinton who is the ultimate washington insider on the democrat side. and you have two candidates ted cruz and john kasich who are both at this point washington insiders and establishment candidates. and donald trump is the only one that really fits that bill and can come in and aggressively change how business is done there. >> sarah, thank you. as i said to senator mike lee good luck to you and your candidate tonight. >> thank you. qáarc slow down even derail senator bernie sanders in wisconsin? that's next. also, pierce morgan is standing guy go "on the record." is he fired up against the alleged shoving match against donald trump's campaign manager and a reporter. invest with confidence.
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comcast business. built for business. well, the polls have not closed but already the democratic presidential candidates are looking ahead. where is senator bernie sanders? he is not in wisconsin. is he in wyoming. what about secretary hillary clinton? nope. she is not in wisconsin either. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry knows where secretary clinton is ed is in brooklyn, new york. ed, where is secretary clinton? >> well, it's interesting, greta that you ask that. she had a town hall meeting here just a short time ago, that's why i'm here. she has wrapped that up. she is not doing a speech tonight like we traditionally see from candidates in both parties. she has done it basically every primary night whether it's in florida, ohio, you name it she is not doing it tonight. pause, number one, there is expectation in the clinton camp that she is likely to lose in wisconsin.
4:22 pm
maybe they don't want to talk about that tonight. they want to look forward to new york. second thing is we are told she is going to be doing fundraising. that's a big deal because they have put out two fundraising memos in the last 24 hours the clinton camp. they are expected to lose wisconsin as they noted but they really need to bring in money. why is that? bernie sanders has been coming on strong. hillary clinton in the last 24 hours revealed that she raised about $29.5 million in the month of march. significant because bernie sanders in the same time period raised 44 million. almost $15 million more. and traditionally, when candidates are as far behind as he is, at least by a few hundred delegates, your donors just stop investing in your candidacy. we're seeing the opposite with bernie sanders. his supporters are so loyal, so energetic that they are not just getting behind him to vote, but they are still opening up their checkbooks. you have heard it many times, an average donation of only $27. what does that mean
4:23 pm
realistically in the short-term it means he is sticking around, likely to win wisconsin. going to have uphill battle in new york where hillary clinton was a senator for 8 years, of course. it's relatively close. 10 to 12 points. april 19th primary. very bottom line inside the clinton camp tonight they think yes he may get a victory tonight. nice little run but in the delegate math clinton has a strong lead and they suspect they are going to put this away soon. it's lasted a lot longer than they expected, greta. >> ed, thank you. the polls have not closed and that means the fight for wisconsin is still on. iscl if senator bernie sanders wins tonight does that spell trouble for hillary clinton. former ohio congressman dennis kucinich is here. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. good to be with you. >> congressman, everyone sort of thought that this would be over the democratic party by now. and secretary clinton still has a opponent. and he is doing really well. and he is raising a lot of
4:24 pm
money. is he worried and should she be? >> yes, of course. bernie sanders has been able to create a sea change that's been building in democratic politics over the last couple decades. he is right at the zenith of it and is he bringing with him millions of people who are contributing, who are getting involved. who are helping to push votes out. is he certainly a factor. you can't sell him short while the delegate math does become difficult as we go forward, bernie sanders remains in this race. it's a valiant effort. and he will be in right through to the convention. no question about it. >> does that mean he could win? >> you know, right now, he will win wisconsin. i think that it's pretty likely. going forward, it's not just if he can win the other primaries, he has got to win by big margins. it's difficult. but, having said that, look, he wants many states across the country. put together a remarkable
4:25 pm
constituency. that constituency is going to be heard from because of bernie sanders. so, you know, i don't see any reason for him to step back, drop out, or do anything of the sort. he needs to and %hould go all the way to the convention. >> and what does he get at the convention? let's say the democratic convention and secretary clinton, she is going to win the nomination, but he has got all these delegates. what does he get? >> well, i don't think he is in it for anything for himself. i. >> but does he have part of the platform? does he have influence on the platform? does he way the democratic party? there must be something. >> is he already swaying the democratic party. bernie sanders has brought economic issues in for the democrats that are compelling. the wage disparates. the fact that you have a lot of the bigger companies moving out. they are not paying taxes. the trade policies. the need for better healthcare and do something for our young people and their education financing difficulties. i mean, these are things bernie sanders has pushed and the democratic party is going to have to respond to
4:26 pm
if the party is going to have any opportunity to win in november. >> are you surprised that secretary clinton has not been able to sort of elbow him out until now? i mean, she still hasn't but she hasn't been able to elbow him out of this? >> well, there is competing influence in the democratic party. there is a ;zx>uj quo influence which secretary clinton has been able to demonstrate in terms of the amount of super delegates who have flocked her way. but there is also this rising groundswell which bernie sanders has captured. and that has to be addressed. so, i never thought this would be a walk for her. and it isn't. and i hope that what the process will achieve is this. that it will not only make/y the democratic nominee the eventual one a better candidate but also enable the democrats to give the nation a reason why the american people should give the democrats four years in the white house. >> and we're looking at just on the screen to jackson
4:27 pm
county, apology area. and they are still lining up and voting in wisconsin. congressman, tha you, sir. >> great, thank you so much. good to see. >> you last-minute voters in wisconsin will still making their picks. "on the record" takes you back to the badger state where polls close in about 90 minutes. that's next. ite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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4:31 pm
awarded. fox news martha maccallum has brand new exit data. martha. >> hello, greta. we are still going through all of these numbers tonight. they are giving us little indication of what's going on out there, independents always hold a lot of weight in open primaries. in wisconsin they can vote in the democrat race or the republican race. for democrat leaning indes. bernie sanders is leading with 71% of the votes in j(áñ early going. more voters identify as democrats on that side of fence and breaking for hillary clinton over sanders 53% to 47%. a tight race between these two this evening. tight on the republican side as well. a lot of talk, obviously, about this party being deeply split and we see more evidence of that in what is playing thought wisconsin this evening, greta. if it comes down to donald trump in the general, versus hillary clinton in november,
4:32 pm
wisconsin g.o.p.ers say that they would not vote for donald trump in that scenario. they said instead they would go for a third party candidate. they might vote for hillary clinton as you can see the number there or they might just stay home. how is that when ted cruz is in the mix? this is really interesting data that we have got on all of this. he gets 65% who say if he is the nominee on the g.o.p. side in wisconsin. they would absolutely vote for him. about a third would not. they would be split behind -- between a third party candidate or they would vote for hillary clinton or they would just stay home. now, how about this issue of whether or not the person who is nominated or wants the nomination in cleveland this summer does not hit the 1237 number? if no majority is reached, the g.o.p. should nominate a candidate who has the most votes. that, of course, is what donald trump wants people to say. 56% of those in wisconsin say exactly that. 42% say they are okay with going with who the delegates think is best for the party.
4:33 pm
so that's going to be a huge debate about whether or not somebody has to hit that 1237 or whether or not coming close enough is going to be it or no cigar when things get to cleveland. pretty interesting stuff tonight, greta. >> indeed, martha. you are better at this math than i am. anyway, thank you, martha. >> thanks, greta. >> you saw the numbers, but what's the,7w+ buzz in the badger state. sentinel reporter mary is live in milwaukee. what's the buzz there on the ground? >> well, we are hearing about from long lines, actually. marquette university students here in town apparently waiting two hours or more to vote. long waits in green bay. so that tells us a few things. that tells us that voter turnout is indeed high and maybe even higher than they projected which is amazing. i think we could break some records here. it also might tell us about the voter i.d. law is causing some confusion and just some waits at the polls. >> what is that voter i.d. law, that new law.
4:34 pm
passed a few years ago but was held up in the courts. this is really the first high turnout election where it's in full force. that says that you need a photo i.d., a valid photo i.d. to vote. that i.d. doesn't have to have your current address, you can bring kind of a proofa%÷ of residency but republicans who backed the bill said it was to fight voter fraud. democrats say it's to drive down the voter turnout among democratic leaning voters. >> mary, thank you very much. we're all watching your state and my state. thank you, mary. >> thanks for having me. >> wisconsin senator ron johnson in the political firing line in wisconsin. he is here next. he is here now. here you go, ready to go. you were on the firing line because you have got a campaign this year. >> i do. >> you have got a tough race? >> yeah. probably it's going to be a close race. >> just gotten back from
4:35 pm
wisconsin. tell me, do you have any sort of thoughts? long lines in green bay, long lines in marquette university? >> you being a girl from wisconsin. you realize we take these elections pretty seriously and we always have pretty high turnout in all these elections. that doesn't prize me at all. you know, i saw an earlier exit poll when i was home and the number one thing on wisconsin republicans' mind is the econo. that's certainly what i have seen too. i have repeatedly said if there is one word to describe what's on wisconsinites's mind across the spectrum is security. concerned about job and income. people are feeling pretty i will at ease. >> what i'm hearing and i don't know whether this is true or not because so much of it feels like voodoo but talk radiokc>ió has enormous impact. >> it does. >> if people are worried about the economy, i don't know what talk radio does in terms of the economy. actually they support ted cruz. the economy better, i assume. >> what we have in wisconsin really exceptional radio talk show host, been in
4:36 pm
business a long time. been explaining complex issues, local, state and national to the republican audience for sure. conservative audience for years. we have a very well informed conservative electorate. >> governor scott walker has endorsed senator ted cruz. governor tommy thompson who is very well loved in that state endorsed governor kasich. the battle of the governors. what does it mean? >> probably not much. >> really? >> i'm not sure any of these endorsements have meant a)q whole lot throughout this process so far. i just did my absentee ballot and i showed my support by voting. >> when you drive around the state though, we go like the northern part of the state, all the attention is southeastern wisconsin and also madison, the northern part of the state is going to vote which way? >> people say, you know, they have certainly been more supportive of trump because it's been more economically depressed. the lumber industry, the timber industry up there has been depressed. they haven't been able to
4:37 pm
get in the forest and harvest as much lumber and that's been harmful. toughest part of the state other than janesville which lost auto plant. otherwise, the wisconsin economy is humming along pretty well. not one manufacturing plant that i visited in my five people. >> how is your race? >> it's going to be close. i feel very good about it particularly when people are concerned about the economy. i'm certainly an outsider. i have that business background. i understand the private sector. i know what it takes to grow an economy. my opponent to senator fine imold knows how to grow a government. >> you have to admit in the last six years you beat him six years ago in the last six years he has been quietly hasn't been giving you a hearted time, have you? he has let you be u.s. senator. >> yeah. >> you have no complaints that way. >> he has been pretty well absent from the state. >> he wasn't a senator. >> i understand. deep in his roots in wisconsin. >> your race is an important one. >> it is.
4:38 pm
>> and not just for you personal will he but could have an impact on the balance in the senate. >> it's extremely important race. all of these are. again from, my standpoint, when you take a look at national security issues, i'm chairman of the senate committee on homeland security of government affairs. 14 hearings on border security. that's what's on wisconsinites' minds. it's the know. they have a pretty good choice. somebody who actually knows how important it is to grow the private sector versus someone who knows how to grow a government and politician. a wisconsin manufacturer grow private sector as well as a career politician who wants to grow government i think that works out well in my favor. >> senator, nice to see you. of course we are all watching wisconsin tonight. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> take you inside cruz wisconsin headquarters next. plus, here is morgan. won big on the celebrity apprentice. does he think donald trump can win big tonight? that's come up. $lobest of both .
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senator ted cruz is hoping to reshape the roller coaster g.o.p. race. throw as nail strip under trump and makes a contention a much more real possibility. john is in ted cruz headquarters in milwaukee. john? >> got to hate those nail strips especially when they are underneath the tires of your campaign. ted cruz hoping to have a big win tonight out of wisconsin with most if not all of the 42 delegates. i spent the day in his headquarters in waukesha. very sophisticated. he had 9 offices up in the state. people were working earlier this morning still working the phones right now because the polls don't close for about another hour and 15 minutes. we are hearing (h'z turnout is very high. about 80% in waukesha which would be good newsni for cruz because that's an area he has been working very hard in conjunction with the forces of governor scott walker. that whole area between milwaukee and madison which mitt romney won so soundly
4:44 pm
in 2012. we are hearing that turnout could be high as 85% in the town of appleton county town of winnebago that could be good news for cruz because he has been working that area hard as well. interesting thing about cruz if you look at the 2012 map romney won madison to milwaukee while&!b rick santorum won the middle and upper part of the state and out to the western start. constituencies. he could have a very big night tonight. donald trump back in new york this evening after barn storming the state really for the last four days holding rallies every day. he was here as recently as 11:00 this morning. he hung out in a diner with "fox & friends." polling places and broughta his wife melania in last night to talk up husband because serious problem with republican women. recent poll 47% of those said they would never vote for donald trump. trump probably though not expecting a good night.
4:45 pm
here is one way you can read that greta. body language of a campaign tells us a lot in terms of what their expectations are. donald trump will not be making any public appearances tonight. typically when a campaign doesn't make any appearances on primary night is because they don't expect to do well. trump already looking ahead to the next contest new york on april 19th. big rally out in beth page, long island and then setting his sights on california they just announced a short time ago, noon pacific time, 3:00 eastern, a big press conference in los angeles at one of trump's golf clubs. may be a rally in los angeles area as well. trump kind of leaving wisconsin behind, if you will, hoping to come out of here with a few delegates but looking at the bigger contest ahead, greta? >> and donald trump just told us his plan to get the trump wall built. apprentice winner piers morgan think trump can get it done. don't forget to watch sean
4:46 pm
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well, you know about donald trump's wall, critics have been jumping all overyé%his going to pay for it? and trump said mexico will pay for it and today trump released a time line laying out he how he will get mexico to pay for the wall. the wall is one of trump's controversial proposals. cable news host and now editor of the daily piers morgan goes "on the record" i should also note apprentice winner. nice to see you, piers. >> i am. it gave me insight into donald trump obviously, and it's been fascinating to be one of his apprentices, watching what has been going on want.
4:51 pm
>> what do you think about what's going on? what do you think about this wall? what do you think about donald trump the businessman/candidate? >> well, i think you have hit the nail on the head with that word businessman. very important with donald trump. i learned this when i competed in his show and was alongside every day for months on end. trump is a very smart guy but primarily he sees everything in life through the prism of closing a deal. whether it's buying a building, when it's buying a golf course. whether it's finding a wife. whether it's running for president. i think if you understand that about donald trump, then very little of what's been going on should be that surprising. he is trying to work out with his business brain, how he closes two deals. one, the republican nomination and if he wins that, and closes that deal, how does he close the presidency? underestimate him. and i wouldn't put either past him. >> what about the wall? do you think he can get mexico to pay for that wall? >> well, when he first came
4:52 pm
out with this thing about the wall, i was like everybody this is madness because you couldn't work out how he would pay for it, how he would get it built. i don't happen to agree with his wall proposal. but i can certainly see now that it would be feasible and that his way of paying for it would be achievable. and also i suspect having just been in florida and texas, filming a documentary, very, very popular with a lot of heartland americans. and people in new york and people in washington and people where i am, los angeles, really need to understand that there is a huge swaj of people in middle of america who are listening to things like the wall and say i agree with this. and that is why trump is, i think, resonating so strongly. >> all right. i know that you have got into this. you got into a twitter discussion about the reporter that got into -- had a run-in with the campaign manager that trump
4:53 pm
campaign. your thoughts about that because you were actually >> i thought it was one of the most pathetic things i have ever seen. you know, i have been an on-the-road reporter. greta, you are a tough journalist. the idea that you watch that video and anyone with a brain thinks that is some kind of assault or battery, cuckoo land. this is the run of the mill scrum which follows any presidential candidate. i would have -- i used to be a newspaper editor. if that would have been one of my journalist, michelle fields i would have watched the video and sent her a bonus saying fantastic work getting your foot in the door, getting past the secret service, getting to the man donald trump and asking questions. but if i then discovered that she was actually taking legal action and going to the police and prosecuting over some kind of fatuous claim to being battered, i would have said are you kidding me? really?
4:54 pm
has it come to this? has america and the political system now meant that journalists following and go after people for battery when we are watching a video which to me is utterly tame and utterly pointless. >> why do you think the media got so consumed with this and this actually did get a layoff of its own, the whole incident? >> the media, as we know, -- great talking about ourselves. nothing like we like more than chewing itself up. i have nothing against michelle fields. she competent reporter from all accounts. i watched the video and former editor in me said well done. you got near trump. beat1i8? the secret service you got a question in. what whatjy would christiane amanpour or barbara sawyer done if they had been brushed away by corey
4:55 pm
lewandowski they would have dusted themselves down and run after trump and try to get another quevmentów%ñ that's what proper journalists do. to try to claim this is some kind of battery. let me try and put it in this way. if she had been a male reporter, do you think anybody would have done anything about laugh this claim out of court and out of america? and that's, i think, where you have to look at this. >> the thing is a lot of us fought really hard to get in to the scrum, you know, to get equal chance and that's the one thing that i worry about is that, you know, i want women still to have an opportunity. i'm not in favor of anyone getting assaulted. we women fought so hard to be part of the game, you know. but, anyway. >> yeah. if that would have been you, greta, i know what you would have done because you are a tough cookie. you are a tough journalist. >> i will take that as a compliment. >> you wouldn't have screamed beartd. you -- battery. you would have done with after and gotten another question.
4:56 pm
>> big election night. more "on the record" coming g up. [ sfx: climbing sounds duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones
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stay with fox news all night long for instant updates. big night. stay right here as polls close in the great state of wisconsin. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the stakes are high in wisconsin. >> today's pivotal vote in the state of wisconsin. >> big vote in wisconsin. the results just an hour away. we'll have some exit polling and predictions. >> women seem to be under fire rightow. what do you think will happen to women if a republican gets -- if trump wins, god forbid. >> let's make sure that doesn't happen. >> liberal women will never vote for donald trump. but how about nonideological ladies? can he win them over? we'll take a hard look at that question. >> i think that the fbi will recommend to the justice department that she be indicted. >> also ahead, is it locally


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