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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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stay with fox news all night long for instant updates. big night. stay right here as polls close in the great state of wisconsin. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the stakes are high in wisconsin. >> today's pivotal vote in the state of wisconsin. >> big vote in wisconsin. the results just an hour away. we'll have some exit polling and predictions. >> women seem to be under fire rightow. what do you think will happen to women if a republican gets -- if trump wins, god forbid. >> let's make sure that doesn't happen. >> liberal women will never vote for donald trump. but how about nonideological ladies? can he win them over? we'll take a hard look at that question. >> i think that the fbi will recommend to the justice department that she be indicted. >> also ahead, is it locally will update us on the
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hillary clinton email fbi investigation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ paragraph plaintiff hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. big night for the republican party in particular that is the sung of this east coast's talking points memo. here i am on the election set. very expensive as we await the vote tally from wisconsin. where the polls close in less than an hour. important night for the g.o.p. if donald trump wins. he will likely get the nomination. if he loses in wisconsin, much longer nominating process will kick in and ted cruz will pick up some steam. both cruz and trump have called for john kasich have-to-drop out no matter what happens tonight. but that is not likely to happen. "wall street journal"
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editorial today says that governor kasich mayed by his time until the convention in july hoping can he win the nomination on delegates who defect after the first ballot. it's all very complicated if donald trump doesn't get the 1237 votes needed there will be big drama. should john kasich quit the @&c@ race? 77% say yes. 23% no. nearly 35,000 of you voted. if you look at it from the governor's point of view, he thinks he has a chance if the controversial trump and ideological cruz do not have the delegates to win the nomination outright. similar situation on the democrat side. bernie sanders hanging tough knowing hillary clinton controls more delegates. but hillary clinton has that fbi pesky thing that is it legal will define for us a bit later on. if hillary is indicted over the email deal. sanders believes he can win the nomination so why not hang on? the trump campaign seems to understand that their guy
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has to broad be his base by being more specific. trump now says he will stop mexican nationals in the u.s.a. both illegal and legal from sending u.s. dollars back home if mexico does not contribute millions to building a border wall. another controversial plan no doubt but one that goes beyond the general statement that mexico will pay for the wall, that, i can tell you. american voters deserve specifics in a very important election. it looks like the trump campaign is responding to that now, we have asked mr. trump to appear with us here tomorrow and i hope he will be here. summing up, wisconsin matters. and we'll know what the voters think in less than 60 minutes. that's the memo. now for the topiy story tonight. exit polling in the badger state. with us martha mac maccallum with some data. what's the headlining from the exit polling. >> you were just talking about donald trump and one of the big questions this week is how will he deal with women? obviously it's been a tough queargt tore him. number of set back the heidi
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cruz retweet been very much in the news. when you look how is he doing with women in wisconsin, they are not budging. that's not good news for donald trump. is he 35% with women in wisconsin. when you look at the other states and how he performed, north carolina he had 36% with women. ohio 32%. illinois 35%. so he is still in the same zone, bill. and he needs to get creative. he needs to get aggressive in terms of turning those numbers around. he cannot win the general election without better numbers with women and not making any headway. >> republican women. not everybody. so we can't stay by the way what the exit polling shows about who is going to win. i mean, we have to let the voters play out. >> exactly. >> but the exit polling up until 8:00 eastern time says that 35% of wisconsin republican women are supporting trump. and then more obviously cruz. right? >> exactly. >> he is beating him. >> in that category he is you are right. we don't want to characterize who seems to be winning or losing.
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we can't call it at this point because it's too close to call. take a look who is angry with the federal government. this has been a real trump category. in this country, 32% in wisconsin say they are angry with the federal government. scroll that forward to see how they have voted. you have 48% of those angry voters going for ted cruz tonight. >> wow. >> this raises an interesting question. you have to ask yourself, is ted cruz becoming sort of a palatable alternative and a somewhat establishment figure for people who don't want to vote for donald trump? that's what we're seeing in some of these numbers in wisconsin tonight. and when you look at preference for next president, it's kind of split in wisconsin. people who want experience are at 46%. people who want an outsider at 41%. pretty much a draw. >> who picked up this vote? >> the experience goes to cruz, which is interesting because, think about that. that ought to be kasich territory. right? i mean, cruz has always been an outsider. >> i understand, kroncke,
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that kasich isn't running strong in wisconsin. >> not running strong in wisconsin. when you think about him and state of wisconsin which is fairly moderate. unemployment is lower in wisconsin than it is in the rest of the nation. this ought to have been and kasich argued that it was a good state for him until he said we are not going to worry about wisconsin. >> between trump and cruz you say it's too close to call at this juncture. >> it is. >> a good thing because we don't want to askew it as i said. now, as far as electability against the democrat, does that matter in wisconsin? >>t's one of the lower priorities. but among those who want somebody who is electable? cruz tonight. i want to stress that's not the most important candidate quality. >> that's down the list. >> electment. these used to be voters who went for marco rubio. maybe cruz is the one who is electable. >> wisconsin is a swing state it could either go either way because they have a republican governor walker
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who has endorsed cruz. what is the must important thing on the wisconsinite's mind as far as voting? what's the most important issue? >> economy, jobs. >> economy and jobs. >> we see that on both sides of the fence. we talk about things like immigration and terrorism. those tend to fall fairly low. and when you look at the vote on the democratic side, economy, jobs, 36% is. >> terrorism is nine i saw. now, i'm going to give martha another 30 seconds so don't panic, okay? in the exit polling on sanders, clinton? >> no. >> anything jump out at you? >> clinton is 73% of the black vote. >> that's milwaukee. >> that's the milwaukee part of the state. also when you look at late deciders, they are bending toward sanders at this time. we will get another wave of exit poll numbers. those who decided in the last three days and those who decided in the last week. we know hillary clinton. >> o'reilly prediction? ready for o'reilly prediction?
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all right. and i predicted that the mets would win the world series. [ laughter ] >> keep that in mind. >> i think cruz is going to win. >> yeah. >> but i think it will be close and i think sanders is going to beat hillary by about 5 points. we will see if i'm right. martha maccallum: next on the rundown, latinos and donald trump. can he win them over. >> how republican. tavis smiley why black americans are so locked into the democrats up ahead. folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! well, the living room's a disaster! you should see the bathroom! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. i'm looking for my keys!
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fox news poll has it 67% unfavorable. 30% favorable. should be noted that women who describe themselves as republicans support mr. trump more than ted cruz or john kasich. according to most polls. joining us now from boston mary ann marsh a democrat and andrea tantaros host of outnumbered. say donald trump hired you political consultant. what would you make him to be more attractive to female voter. >> he has to stop talking about women's looks. he got in trouble when he went after carlie fiorina. it didn't effect him that much. he has to stop going after ted cruz's wife. female journalists one we know at this news channel. he has got to stick to the issues. he started his campaign with a really power defending one woman who you have defended the as well that's katy steinle when you talked about sanctuary cities. refugee issue. he does really well when he
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talks about islamic terrorism. something this administration hasn't. it's something he could be powerful on if he expanded refugees and talking about radical islam and how it threatens women's rights and what you see happening in europe. >> you say no personal stuff at all. just stay away from it. >> is he using melania and that's a win for him. bill, every time he goes off message and starts talking about petty things, he loses. it's an uphill battle for him but it's an uphill battle for anymore republican. >> women process that differently than men. >> they don't want their looks annualized and talked about and denigrated on national tv. no woman wants that. >> mary ann, you are advising him. >> he has to do something proactive. he can't stop doing something. he has to start doing something. what would that be. >> i think his only chance is to sell his version of equal pay for women. his version of it is if a woman does as good a job as a man then she will get paid as much as he does. the way to get traction on that is he has to show that the women he has hired in his business because his reputation with voters is as
5:14 pm
a successful businessman, that he has hired women and paid them as much as men. not anyone relate to do him or married to him, but if he has done that and he can prove it, then i think some women will give him a second look because he made a commitment. it's about mayor to come crazy and fairness and he can get some traction and trust with some women voters. they will give him a second look. it opens the door and maybe can he move on from there to other issues. i agree with andrea on everything else. but it is his only chance. republican also never women the women's vote. they will never get the majority of it. >> why is it that republicans won't get the majority of women to vote for them? why? >> most women vote for democrats because democrats are better on the issues that women care about. economics, education, healthcare, all the issues that most women care about. >> i know you are a democrat. >> i am. >> for the past seven years economy. >> no, he has put everyone back to work. >> put you back to work but you are earning 20% less than you would have before
5:15 pm
he came president. >> well, median income. >> if you want to take a job that doesn't pay much. what i'm trying to get in play about women making more money under democrat presidents. it's not true. >> i didn't say that i didn't say that. >> all do you is compare carter to reagan. >> bill, the fact here is median incomes are only back to 1995 levels. barack obama did a yeomen's job getting everyone back to work. now they are only back to clinton like paychecks. that's the job of the next president. >> i got 30 second issues. if you were campaigning for the presidency, maybe some day you will be, what would you say? i'm a republican and women should vote for me, why? just give me one. >> well, look, i don't think republicans target women the way democrats do. mary ann is right. they don't try to placate women and marginalize women and victimize women the way
5:16 pm
the left does. i coul>. no and people never vote for president based on vice president. >> but to have a woman like that. high profile woman on mccain's ticket should have helped. >> it didn't help. >> thank you. directly ahead, can trump and cruz get a fair shot on the network news? we'll put that question to leslie stall of cbs. also, is it legal with an yum -- update on hillary clinton email situation. moments away. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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personal story segment tonight, can donald trump or any republican candidate get a fair shot on the network news broadcast? lastight on the factor newt gingrich said negative coverage by the press in general is much where's on g.o.p. candidates. with us now veteran cbs news correspondent leslie stall has been a national reporter for 44 years. covering presidents carter, reagan, and bush&kiñ the elder. in fact, we use ms. stahl as a source on killing reagan. she is out with her own book called "becoming grandma, the joys and science of the new grandparenting," which we will get to in a moment. trump, do you think can he get a fair shot we are talking about the network news programs. 20 minutes of reports. they can do a little dance and i saw it with the rather people but not as much as they canjq do with the morning. do you think the g.o.p. can get a fair shot? >> here's what i think about reporters in general. and even the reporters here
5:21 pm
at fox. that whoever the frontrunner is, is going to get the most scrutiny and the toughest press. and we have seen it, remember what happened to ted kennedy. remember that? when he was looking like he was going to be a successful presidential candidate, everybody went after him. >> against carter? >> and the minute his campaign collapsed,. >> they left him. >> i think it's#e a frontrunner issue more than. >> okay. let me tell you a story about -- i went on the cbs morning news and i like that show. i think that gives very good information in the morning. and rose, you know, charlie rose, you know him, right? >> of course. i know v. known him as well as you have. he sloshes around the carters over there. he is the primary interview. he was appalled that donald trump was even in the game. now, he put he in a position where i had to defend trump in the sense that i had. >> you didn't have to. >> no, i did. because it wasn't fair. i'm a fair and balanced guy as you know. >> i believe that. >> you are missing trump's
5:22 pm
primary appeal as reflecting the anger of the electorate. you may not like him, charlie, but, other people do. and you need to respect that and this was early on. before a lot of the controversy. but the vibe coming off all of the cbs morning crew how could this trump even be in the game. that what was coming offer. >> he is front unrunner. >> do you think it's a frontrunner or maybe is he a you have you vulgarian. >> maybe both i think the frontrunner gets extra trouble. >> what if a tech in the cbs cafeteria and i have eaten there many times, wore a make america great again hat going in for lunch. don't you think he would get a little scrutiny. >> you have invited meme on to keep insisting we are unfair and up balanced? is that the reason? come on. >> it's not the reason.
5:23 pm
>> it's silly, actually. >> you look askance word of the day askance. >> you guys tilt toward republican candidates. >> do you really? that's fascinating. which republican can -- candidate on the fox news channel do you believe we favor. >> i think you like trump. >> you think i like him? >> yeah. >> have you ever eaten with the man? >> is he a vulgarian? >> know would never call him that. >> are we going to get to my book. >> yes. >> i know i am making you uncomfortable. >> i don't feel that uncomfortable because i really believe what i'm telling you which is that the frontrunner is going to get the toughest press and it's innate in journalism that we do that it's just part of the d.n.a. >> okay. i'm interested about the science of the new grandparenting. i mean, it's nice that you are a grandma and we love grandma's here. >> i hope. so you know, all the candidates are grandparents. >> i know that.
5:24 pm
>> all the frontrunners. >> and i remember my grandparents irish on both sides and i loved them when i was a little kid. they were great. they gave me money. >> that's what grandparents do. >> science, that caught my attention in the title. what's the s#ejttñ >> well, you know, i wrote it because i was having such a physical reaction to my grand -- the first bun and and -- one and second one. i didn't understand what was happening inside me. and i discovered that there is a biochemistry to being a grandmother as there is to being a mother. you actually change. you get a little rewired. and. >> give me the specific example of how you changed. >> oh my goodness, enormously. physically, it's just hugging them creates all kinds of chemicals in your body that make you feel good. so it's an actual. >> you experienced more joy?
5:25 pm
>> beyond, yes. beyond anything -- anybody could ever have explained to me. >> even more than when you were a mom? >> yeah. yeah. >> really? >> yep. >> and i have changed because i have a new purpose, a new meaning. >> which is? >> to help take care of my grandchild and to help make sure that they are nourished and happy. all grandparents today are giving our children stuff for the grandchildren. we're spending seven times more on grandchildren today than we did just 10 years ago. >> yeah. >> we are paying for their medical bills. >> it's the boomers. the boomers are really affected by this. >> well, our children are having a difficult time. they are both working. they are earning less than we did. >> yeah. it's a struggle to live in affluent way now. >> exactly. >> the book is "becoming
5:26 pm
grandma, lesley stahl, you can see how emotional. tell rose to stop slouching. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. why don't african-americans give the republican party a look? we'll put that question to tavis smiley. next, is it legal e]ñ whether the reporter who said she was roughed up by trump's campaign manager has a credibility problem? we hope you stay tune to those reports. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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is it legal segment tonight, two hot topic beginning with the hillary clinton email situation. >> comey's fbi team has been joined by justice department prosecutors. together they are now examining the evidence analyzing relevant laws and attempting to arrange interviews with key figures in the investigation. those interviews, according to attorneys will include former state department aids fill leep ryans, former chief of staff mills and clinton herself. >> secretary clinton says she has not been asked by the fbi for a sit-down but is available. with us here in new yorkáñ city kimberly wiehl --
5:31 pm
guilfoyle and lis wiehl. >> says has not asked. as if they have to say please, mrs. clinton can we interview you. she doesn't have to be interviewed before she is indicted by the fbi. the fbi brings it tov4 the prosecutor. the grand jury and grand jury decides whether or not to indict her. if they do indict her. the inference is she has to be asked by. >> the person under investigation doesn't have to be interviewed. >> of course not. she makes it sound like a bankrupt al jazeera went out. he said flat out hillary clinton guilfoyle is going to be interviewed. >> if they have such compelling and trust worthy news they would still be in q perhaps. i don't think there is right now sufficient evidence to support that what you have been see something specific leaks coming out from different sides that all have political ageneral does. have to be very careful about what you hear and listen to before you make those determinations. what we do know is what comey has said that he wants to be able to do this
5:32 pm
investigation well and promptly with an emphasis on well. >> napolitano little guy who takes the elevator up and down most of the day. [ laughter ] >> oh my god. he. >> he says flat out the fbi is going to recommend indictment. do you believe that? >> do you believe it? >> we love the judge so whatever the judge says i believe. >> that means that wiehl doesn't believe it do you believe it. >> i love the judge but i personally believe, in fact, that she should indict. i'm not confident in fact that it will happen i believe in comey. >> he flat out said that's what's going to happen. all right, so we'll leave it there now, this young reporter, michelle fields who we have had on the factor. she is embroiled with this controversy with corey lewandowski who is the trump head manager of his campaign. and mr. lewandowski has been arrested. however, there is doubts about ms. fields' account and this caught my eye on
5:33 pm
chris wallace wants program. roll it. >> then when she wrote out early on, before she knew she was on tape, that it was -- that she was practically thrown to the ground. i wish i had it here. i would read her statement. >> i know what she said. >> that didn't happen. do you agree with that. >> excuse me, chris, no, but she lied. do you agree that she lied? >> i think she completely misrepresented it early on. i do. >> okay. so, when you got a guy like chris wallace who is pretty fair. is he not going to pander to anybody. he says that the woman mislead what happened to her. now, i'm not going to make that statement because i have seen the tape and all of that but when you see tape from a distance and it's a distant shot you don't really know. >> right. it's one form of evidence. >> but let's assume that shez wasn't accurate. ms. fields wasn't totally accurate. does that blow up this whole case. >> listen. if it went to a trial it, comes comes down to the credibility of witnesses. a variety of different. >> they will blow that tape
5:34 pm
up. >> people called eyewitnesses there perhaps saw it different angle as well. sure, any statement you make you can be cross-examined, you can be impreached with it if you make inconsistent statement with your initial statement. >> he hasn't been charged yet, right? lewandowski? >> charged with simple battery. the element for that though. >> who charged him? where is this in maryland some place? >> it's in florida. >> it's in florida, jupiter. >> element is only intentional touching or striking. >> she says though she was yanked and nearly fell. those or her exact words. >> we don't see that on the tape. >> we don't see it. >> it's a simple battery. so if i go and grab you. >> that's enough. >> but it hurts her credibility as kimberly is saying, absolutely. the other thing this is really going to be called in as a defense will do on cross-examination she says not only did she say intentional yanking and you are falling, but she then talks about her bruising. why does she wait three days
5:35 pm
-- >> -- i can't answer any of these. it would be unfair for me to do it. this is the point i want to make. if the jupiter authorities and it's a town beef. it's a local date. >> next date palm beach, florida. >> they can drop this case at any time. it's really not fair to mr. lewandowski to convict him of anything. >> of course not. >> i don't think we should be trying anything on tv. but that wallace-trump exchange caught my eye. >> we have to have them have their day. can trump, cruz or kasich get african-americans to even consider them? tavis smiley on that moments away. at old dominion,
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the factor follow up segment tonight, the minority vote, 2012 mitt romney captured 6% of the black vote. president obama 93%. that's a huge advantage for the democrats, obviously. writing in the "u.s.a. today" on march 3rd, tavis smiley said, quote: if donald trump is indeed the
5:40 pm
republican nominee it might be a miscalculation for democrats to take for granted that black voters are a lock for their nominee, unquote. mr. smiley the author of a brand new book called "50 for your future lessons down the road." heins us now. so, i was surprised when i read your "u.s.a. today" column. i know you are no fan of mr. trump. >> nope. >> why do you think that blacks would give mr. trump or ted cruz or john kasich a look? >> couple things. one, i'm tired of black vote being taken for granted by one party being ignored by the other party. did i write that in fairness before donald trump lost his mind and became the racial arsonist everywhere he goes. >> let me stop you there. you called him a racial arsonist. you said. >> you are off at 8:50 you haven't got enough time. you are wasting good television time, bill. it's anti-immigrant stance. anti-muslim stance.
5:41 pm
his mall-treating and that of his supporters the mall treating of african-americans in the audiences at these rallies. don't ask a silly question. you know better than this. >> it is not silly. if you look at the context and i'm not defending donald trump's policies. the folks can decide that but if you look at the americans from a flood of immigrants that come in here illegally. and also muslim refugees who are not vetted very well as the fbi director said he couldn't do, it's not an attack on a race that he is doing. it's a policy, it's harsh, but it's policy. >> it's not just harsh, bill. he is painting with a broad brush and it has the tone of xenia phobia with it when he does that. if i were going to take the unrepentant dylan roof who walked in that black church in america you wouldn't like like if i painted.
5:42 pm
>> there wouldn't be any policy around dylan roof. what i'm disturbed at. >> a hate crime that is against the law. that is a policy, bill. >> there isn't a policy that connects to the nation. when you use the word racial arsonist, okay, that conjures up to me david duke and these kinds of people who their soul reason for being is to run down blacks or hispanics or muslims or whatever. >> and it took mr. trump too long. >> he is not that way. >> it took mr. trump too long to denounce one david duke andhe robo calls. >> you make mistakes and so do i. that doesn't mean. >> that's not a mistake. >> i have known the man for a long time. i have never seen him do anything racial. >> you live your life by a certain set of principles. i live by life by a certain set of principles. when you live your life by a certain set of principles there are some mistakes you don't make. it's fundamentally how are. this election is about fundamentally who the nation will be.
5:43 pm
>> i have known the man a linger time i have never seen him cast aspersions at any group at all. >> you might not have seen it but the rest of the country has all during this campaign. >> i have been around him much more. >> here's the problem. we are watching one donald trump on the news every day. we watch him live on network television every day. and everybody who knows donald trump keeps saying to me and all your viewers that ain't the donald i know. who is the real donald? will the real donald stand up? >> i can't answer the question. can i just tell you what i know. >> should we elect someone we think we know butvís don't really know. >> that's what they asked about barack obama. exact question. >> the difference was that barack obama campaigned to all of america. i think that any person who does not campaign to all of america audited to be automatically dismissed and disqualified. >> that's your opinion. >> president. >> it's not my opinion. >> sure, it is. it is my opinion. it ought to be yours. here's my point. [ laughter ] >> if you want to be
5:44 pm
president of the entire country -- >> -- i don't like the divisiveness either. >> campaign to the entire country. not one slice of it. >> if you want to have that standard of behavior, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are divisive as well. they are not campaigning for pro-life people. they don't respect pro-life people. that's just one example. can i give you a thousand. >> trump has their opinions. and they have their opinions. i'm not talking about opinions. i'm talking about running segregated campaign. if you want tolq be president of the entire country campaign to everybody. >> he will tell you he wants hispanic votes and black votes. >> has he campaigned in black america and hispanic america.r÷ >>. >> has he gone after the hispanic vote with a real policy program. >> i'm not on campaign teams when i see them saying we want a good economy that's everybody. >> that's talk. >> running out of time and i don't want to because you have a good book. all right? it's 50 for your future. it's lessons. in this look you say and we
5:45 pm
only -- a short answer and i will -- if you want to come back because we spent a lot of time on. this sure. >> you say to people, look, if you have a person philosophy in life and somebody is intruding you on that, making you feel bad, walk away, right? that's one of your lessons here in this book. >> i'm not sure i would put it quite like that. that's the essence of it if somebody is really taking you away from your life experience,. >> what i'm argue something you have got to be your authenticself and live your life on your own terms. you can't threatens send how are for the sake of pleasing other people. >> this book is basically a philosophy. again, i owe you a segment on it a philosophy about how to be happy. >> how to live a better life. yeah. >> left of center, tavis. always a pleasure to have you. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> update on wisconsin vote after these messages. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts
5:46 pm
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no mail or tip today because the elections folks are demanding that i get off the air which i will in a few seconds. tomorrow, we are efforting donald trump. efforting is a news term. we will also have -- we don't have to effort these guys they have come on, miller, gutfeld, mcguirk plus analysis of what happened tonight in wisconsin. also we hope you check out bill o' for the latest political information 24/7. word of the day no crasitude when writing to the factor which you can do, not crassituede. send us email at bill o' as always the spin stops here in the election zone. because we are always looking out for you. here now in person, megyn
5:50 pm
kelly and bret baier. >> thanks, bill. hey, everybody, we are just polls closing in>p wisconsin. at 9:00 p.m. eastern time we should have some indication whether the front runners will run into a road block in the badger state. good evening, everyone. welcome to the kelly file speveryone. welcome to "the kelly file's" special coverage for the battle of wisconsin. busted into "the factor." i'm megyn kelly. >> and i'm bret baier. ted cruz wants to reset the gop race tonight, hoping a victory in wisconsin will reverse the narrative of the republican primary and put him into the driver's seat. but donald trump has proven this. you can never count him out of this race. and john kasich could still play spoiler. >> at stake tonight, 42 delegates for the republicans. 86 for the democrats. for the republicans, a win for ted cruz could further
5:51 pm
complicate donald trump's path to the nomination. a win for donald trump could end the discussion. >> we are seeing victory after victory after victory on the grassroots. in wisconsin tomorrow, this race has national implications. the entire country is looking to wisconsin. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. if we don't win here, it's not over. but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin for ending it? >> think about what this guy said. he said he needs to get out because he's getting my votes and i want to have my votes. this is not fair. >> we have fox team coverage. ed henry is with the clinton campaign. here in new york city. but we start with john roberts with the cruz campaign in milwaukee. john? >> reporter: good evening to you. we talked about votes and states. but what this race is coming down to is a battle for people. and those people are delegates. both ted cruz and donald trump are trying to get to a majority
5:52 pm
of delegates, 1237, by the time the republican convention kicks off july 18. ted cruz needs about 756 delegates. donald trump, 501. so trump has an advantage there. ted cruz is hoping that a big win here in wisconsin, which may net him most if not all of the delegates available, will begin to shift the wind in his favor. and as we head towards the new york primary, trust me, everybody already looking ahead to future contests. donald trump, though, has a commanding lead in new york state and if he gets over 50% on april 19th, he could take home all of new york's 95 delegates, which would certainly keep him in the game. then we go to pennsylvania, new jersey, and california from there. so tonight is a weigh point along the way that ted cruz hopes might start to shift things in his favor. donald trump trying as hard as he can to stop a win from ted cruz. he spent the last four days in the state. he was here as early as this
5:53 pm
morning, visiting polling places, talking to folks out in parking lots. also had his wife here to convince many of the women to maybe give him a second look. we'll see how it turns out very soon. on the democratic side, hillary clinton abandoning wisconsin and heading to new york where voters head to the polls two weeks from tonight. ed henry is live in brooklyn. ed? >> reporter: megyn, good to see you. adopted home state since she was born in illinois. came of age in arkansas. but hillary clinton has now spent six of the last seven days campaigning here. only in wisconsin on saturday, because her campaign in private admits she's likely to lose tonight. bernie sanders expected to continue that string of contests. he has momentum and he also has a lot of money. he raised $44 million in march. hillary clinton just under $30 million. so he raised far more and it suggests he can stick around for a long time, drag this race out
5:54 pm
more than the clinton camp ever wanted. in fact, something interesting about tonight is that hillary clinton, not here in brooklyn, she was in the bronx raising money. she's not going to be coming out and giving the normal speech that you see because she knows she's likely to lose tonight, she's putting her focus on new york, april 19th, still a couple weeks away. but almost 250 delegates at stake. so the bottom line for the clinton camp, they believe even with a loss tonight in wisconsin they can make up all of that and more with a win here in new york. though she's only up by 10 to 12 points. the clinton campaign manager, back in february, said this race would be decided in march. here we are in early april, it has not been decided. it's going on far longer than the clinton camp ever planned. >> ed henry, thank you. as in all states, primaries, caucuses, we can pin point key
5:55 pm
counties to watch for this race. all eyes are on the county near milwaukee. bill, what about that county? >> if it's tuesday, it must be wisconsin. this is ruby red republican territory for republicans winning the state you need to get votes here. this is where ted cruz want to run up the vote. these three, which surrounds to the west and north of milwaukee, that's where you go to win if you're a republican. mitt romney did this in 2012. he's in green. look how it shades in. mccain four years prior, he won the state. look how it shades in this part of the state. watch here for cruz, possibly to do well. if he does, trump has to run up the numbers in upstate county.
5:56 pm
this is the university of wisconsin here in madison. if john kasich is going to come in wisconsin tonight and take a delegate or two or more, look for him to do well in that part of this state. but we're watching the southeast right around lake michigan to tell us how wisconsin will go tonight. >> bill, thanks. the big question, are we headed towards a contested republican convention? right now, donald trump leads the delegate pack but he's still 500 delegates shy of the 1237 needed to clinch the nomination. senator cruz is in second place with 481 delegates. senator rubio in third despite dropping out of the race, with 171. governor john kasich trailing in fourth place with 143. i want to bring in our panel tonight. tucker carlson is the editor of the daily caller. dana loesch, kirsten powers, steve hayes, and dana perino,
5:57 pm
former white house press secretary and co-host of "the five." tucker, the stakes for donald trump this eving? >> the stakes are about momentum. i think trump is the only person in the race likely to even getting -- or the possibility of getting to the majority of delegates. if he loses don't and doesn't get any delegates, and that seems possible, that will be a tougher task. he has five primaries after tonight that look good for him, but really tonight, what's at stake, the convention in july in ohio. will it be contested or not? that could truly be a tough moment for the republican party. if trump wins tonight, he will be the nominee. looks unlikely. it's all about the convention tonight. >> steve, a wisconsin native, how is wisconsin different? you see this playing out, the anti-establishment vote. well, in wisconsin, you have establishment figures, governor walker, paul ryan, who are
5:58 pm
pretty well liked in wisconsin. >> yeah, the results tonight should put to bed this myth that the contest thus far has been just the establishment on the one hand and trump supporters on the other. there is a huge swath of the american public, republican primary voters, who are both anti-establishment or not part of the establishment but also not donald trump fans. that's who we're talking about in wisconsin. what bill just mentioned with the counties around milwaukee, that's who those are. those are movement conservatives who have fought alongside governor walker for years for these big reforms he's done. they're not establishment and that is true of so many people that don't like donald trump around the country. >> dana loesch, what does it mean for ted cruz if he wins tonight? >> he's not going to get obviously close enough to the number of delegates that donald trump has. but i do think as tucker was
5:59 pm
saying, this does push it more towards a contested convention. the goal for the cruz campaign, if they can't get that 1237, they need to make sure they're scooping up enough delegates to prevent trump from walking in with that number. so make sure that you have delegates who support your campaign who are elected to those slate of delegates that will be sent to cleveland. >> kirsten, coming to the top of the hour. bernie sanders, if he wins, does this reset the democratic race? >> i don't think so. this is a state that is very much a bernie sanders type of state. it's overwhelmingly white, extremely liberal. 68% of the people who describe themselves as liberal, it's a state hillary lost to obama by double digits in 2008. so simply it doesn't help her, but moving forward, i think the states coming up are going to be more favorable to her because we have most of the caucus states
6:00 pm
behind us. i don't think it will impede her ability to win the nomination. >> she's obviously focused on new york. and it is 9:00 p.m. here in the east and 8:00 p.m. in wisconsin where polls are now closed across the state. >> fox news can project that vermont senator bernie sanders will defeat former secretary of state hillary clinton according to exit polls. that means sanders has won six of the last seven states, giving him significant momentum in advance of the new york primaries we talked about two weeks ago. >> fox exit polls show that texas senator ted cruz enjoys a solid lead over new york businessman donald trump, although it is too early to project a winner in that race. want to bring back in our panel. i know, here we go.