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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 6, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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well, there was just one primary contest yesterday, tuesday, but it may have clanged the course of both presidential primary races. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> thank you for joining us this evening. or we should say this early morning. better me sanders, the senator from vermont is winning the democratic primary in wisconsin, and now he says that he thinks the tide is turning in his favor following his 6th straight win. the state has 86 delegates, but because they are awarded proportionally, sanders got at least 45 and clinton 31. >> on the republican side ted cruz won the wisconsin primary by 13% giving cruz at least 33
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of the state's 42 delegates. for more on that, let's head over to rich edson who is live in the bureau. >> senator ted cruz wins wisconsin and send the nomination to the convention floor. cruz will take most of wisconsin's delegates with nearly half of the state's republican votes. donald trump finishes with a round of third and john kasich is a distant third. still trailing a considerable amount of delegates cruz claims he is is the republican to unite the party and promises to see it through a contested convention. >> governor, let me tell you. i look forward to coming back to the state of wisconsin this fall. and in november for the first time since 1984, painting the badger state bright republican red. >> while donald trump still enjoys the substantial delegate lead it will be difficult for him to collect
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the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination ahead of the republican convention in july. >> he blames his second place wisconsin finish a coordinated effort against him. donald j trump withstood the onslot again. he is a trojan horse and attempting to steal it from trump. they say the latest primary results confirm republicans will determine their nominee on the convention floor. in a memo, the campaign's chief strategist writes, quote, this week will be remembered as the one in which ted cruz and donald trump both effectively admitted they will not reach the gop convention with enough bound delegates to be the nominee. the campaign points to polling
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showing the rival republicans against hillary clinton. they have two weeks until the neck primary and new york votes on april 19th with 95 delegates. five northeastern states vote where trump is expected to perform well. >> rich, thanks. >> let's talk about the democrats and watch their front runners suffer yet another loss at the hands of bernie sanders. and now we go to our new york newsroom for the democratic news of the day. >> the theme of the day is momentum. the vermont senator is now winning six straight contests over hillary clinton. sanders winning with double digits with 56% of the vote. 86 delegates were at stake and sanders will win 45 of them while clinton will wi 31 delegates. last night sanders spoke at a rally in wyoming where he is the 5 rete to win -- where he is the favorite to win that state's caucus.
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his campaign has come a long way down 60 to 70 points to beating clinton in an important state like wisconsin. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin we have now won 7 out of eight of the last caucuses. and we have won almost all of them with overwhelming landslide numbers. >> mathematically it is a tough road and not impossible for sanders. he holds a lead of 700 thanks to the super delegates. the democratic party officials that can back any candidate. without the super delegates clinton's lead shrinks to less than 250 delegates. for sanders to win the nomination he will have to win 67% of the remaining delegates and then hope that that will be able to persuade the super delegates to drop clinton and
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back his campaign. >> i think a lot of these super delegates will be looking around and they will be saying which candidate has the momentum. which candidate has a huge number of people. >> meantime hillary clinton tweeted congrats on winning wisconsin. to all of the voters and the volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign forward. now clinton did not hold a rally on tuesday night. she instead held a town hall and fundraiser in new york city. >> we have to unify our country. i will stand my ground. >> sanders, the brooklyn may tiff looks to keep momentum going veer -- versus clinton, the eight-year senator of erk new -- of new york.
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>> a reversal of fortune for donald trump and hillary clinton. the front runner among the democrats. a check of the exit polls might explain why kelly wright is following that into the story and joins us in our new york newsroom. >> good morning to you. what have we learned about the mind-set of wisconsin voters as they went into the polls? we can look at that through the exit polls. one thing we learned is that wisconsin republicans who voted are more conservative compared to the last presidential primary and that paved the way for senator ted cruz to have a good victory tonight. and while on the democratic side, democratic voters in wisconsin are more liberal this year. the results of that are very clear and a goodwin for bernie sanders. in looking at the exit polls more clearly we get a good view at what the voters in wisconsin are concerned about. 32% believe the economy and jobs is the most important issue facing the country right
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now. 30% believe the most important issue is terrorism while 6% believe it is immigration. some are worried about the direction of the economy. 94% of the voters say they are very worried. and then here is something, in the exit polling, the feeling they have toward the federal government is working. their response is telling because it shows that 87% are dissatisfied or angry with the feds. that seems to be the mood across the nation. 52% said yes and 47% said no. the wisconsin gop voters are split almost down the middle. they will be an outsider of the political establishment. gop voters in wisconsin favor a temporary ban on muslims which is something senator
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cruz touted. looking toward november, the nisconsin gop voters say the thought of donald trump being the republican nominee causes fear among them. it is something cruz and kasich were not facing. they say we are likely on a road with a contested republican convention in cleveland. >> kelly wright, thank you very much. >> now let's talk more about that. let's start -- i want to talk more about john kasich. we haven't mentioned him a lot this evening. he is staying in the race. he said the longer he stays in the race, the more embittered the members of his party will be. do you believe that to be true, tony? >> possibly. if you are part of the school of thinking that suggests with hem out of the race it is easy wrier wrier -- it is easier to
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beat trump head on, it is inexplicable. a candidate has only won one state in his home state. and the argument that he polls well against hillary could have been made by jeb bush. it could have been made by marco rubio or a number of other republicans who had every right to stay in the race even though they had been losing states. i think kasich is becoming an out liar in this whole matter. the two things he thinks he gains or at least i understand people around him thinks he gains by staying in this vice presidential leverage, number one and at least he is going to the convention as a candidate and i think he gains by dropping out of the race. he can still be if he goes to the convention considered if they change the nominee. >> and i will give you something comparable. 1924 just down the street behind us here at madison square garden.
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democratic convention. 103 ballots and the guy who was nominated to be the democratic nominee for president, john w davis who is a lawyer and he got 2% on the first ballot and he ended up winning the democratic nomination. >> one of the reasons that tony ignored is that john kasich is from ohio. the convention is in cleveland. he has a lot of support there and he thinks he can win. >> you didn't have twitter and social media and it is a different world today. the voters are very engaged today. >> you also have to ask yourself it is those who have to do tine themselves as republican and they think they understand what it is to be a republican is. and they look at donald trump and he is not a republican at all. and some of the things trump
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has said, it is a legitimate issue, but ted cruz is so conservative. he would be the most conservative nominee since barry gold water. it partly explains why john kasich says i am experienced. and therefore i must stay in the race they are considering themselves traditional republicans. >> ted kennedy went to the convention. jimmy carter had the delegates. and ted kennedy went to the platform committee and asked them to rewrite the rule and to release the gel gets -- delegates to gym mooy carter and he almost pulled it off. we were talking about this during the commercial break. the republicans don't even have their rules set forth yet. >> there is again -- we reneitherred to the eight-state rule. that can easily go before the cleveland convention.
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>> i want to make it clear that the people who write the rules are not party leaders who are from the inside of the rnc. it is the delegates that are chosen by the voters in each state. >> and who has been working the delegates really hard? >> ted cruz. >> and donald trump still has a pretty large number of delegates as well. i also want to make clear the 1237 number. it is not the kind of unattainable number that has been designed to prevent donald trump. >> it is a simple majority. >> it is a simple number and a reasonable mandate. >> and a difficult number. >>. >> we have to remember who is the head of the convention. there is no love lost. >> they asked about that, the possibility of paul ryan being the nominee.
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the nominee will be someone who is currently running. paul ryan repeatedly said he is not interested. >> they said that in 1924 in madison square garden. jay nobody heard of them then and they haven't heard of them since. >> they have now though. sanders spoke tonight about momentum, ellen. the fact of the matter is he may have bragging rights for winning wisconsin. when you think of the primaries that remain and the delegate count what plausible argument can you make? >> i went back to the hillary clinton fundraising letter. sanders has seen the writing on the wall. the lead in both delegates and
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super delegates is insur mountable. of course they will say that. >> what we are not talking about, let's forget the super delegates. what happens if she doesn't have the pure delegates going in and sanders is very close behind her and then went -- what do the super delegates do? which they would. >> it depends on what the attorney general plans to do. >> i believe it is not at the polls. >> the department of justice, they don't have an electoral contest. >> maybe it is not the department of justice. >> if it is up to the oval office, they are not going to
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-- >> what makes you think they are not up to the oval office. >> there are career people who work at the fbi. >> they say there is something called prosecutorial discretion and that rests at the top levels of the justice department and even in the white house. >> you still have people that could be very vocal below that. >> there are a bunch of career prosecutors. >> midnight masacre. >> it is midnight masacre and all hell breaks loose. >> if that happens, yes. >> that is the most fearful caucus is the fbi caucus. it is giving free advice of denying bernie sanders this chance of even attaining the nomination, this kind of bravado from the clinton camp.
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it is a populous segment of the democratic party that will not take lightly to the fact they are being told he can win. and that can't really be the story line from the clinton campaign. >> tony and judith and ellen, we will come back to you shortly. >> thank you. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be looking ahead to the new york primary and its 291 delegate votes. >> sanders has a campaign chest full of money and is promising to take his campaign all the way to the national convention. we will be talking about the cost to the clinton campaign when our coverage continues. show me movies with explosions.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the democratic presidential race is now turning on new york. jim is a fox news contributor and he joins us now with some more insight. thank you for sticking around for us. >> with bernie sanders' win he picked up 45 delegates and clinton nabbed 31. it still leaves bernie sanders way short of what he needs. he will need about -- or he is short 1,327 delegates away
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from clinching the nomination. can he do it? is it possible? >> well, i don't think he or his campaign has been able to layout an incredible numerical task and his messaging around the super delegates. we have seen them pressure the super delegates. we saw in his speech that they are talking directly to them. look who has the momentum. >> what he is not saying and what super delegates will be paying attention to is the new york daily news editorial board where he could not even layout his signature issue, in many ways a sing gao lar rish -- a singular issue. he did not know what authority the president has. we pay so much attention to
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campaigning, but it is about governing. who can get things done. i think they are going to be looking more at his inability and lack of thought through these issues that he has been putting forward. as passionate as he is the enthusiasm he is bringing is great. but you have to know how to get the job done. >> and hillary clinton needs to know how to bring the momentum over to her as we enter the general election in november. >> i think that will be very easy. >> we will unite behind our nominee. our primary has been substantive and it has been thorough on the issues that people are actually paying attention to. and unity is not going to be an issue. the issue is on the republican
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side clearly and they are talking about paul brian and other candidates. >> why does hillary clinton fall behind bernie sanders when it comes to young voters? >> bernie sanders has done a good job they do and it is at a level that have been with the new york daily news award and it is just when you peel back that layer he did you n have the substance there and i think for young voters they will easily unite. she is doing a great job with the voters herself. >> young voters, the youth vote in wisconsin since that just happened, sanders was 73%
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and clinton is 76%. but there is an issue of honesty and trustworthiness. and you know clinton has struggled with this across the board. >> well, there is not another person on this planet who has been under the type of media scrutiny for every small detail of her life and every decision she has ever made and every statement she has said. in a campaign that has the impact on polls. we are looking at the woman who has the record for being the most admired female on the planet. it is 16 years running the gal lop poll. it speaks volumes about where voters in the general election will land when it comes to their opinion of hillary clinton. >> so discounting the issue of honesty and trustworthiness? >> not at all.
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it is important and hillary clinton has been given a type of scrutiny. if she were to answer questions in the same way bernie sanders did in that new york daily news editorial board she would have been eviscerated by the media. it would be the story for a week that we would be talking about. there is a double standard when it comes to her. and that has an impact. when it comes to the general election and her substance and plans they have laid out. >> thank you for joining us this early morning hour. thank you so much of. and just ahead, more of our special cusmg of the wisconsin primary. >> there is still a long road ahead for both candidates.
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as long as trump and cruz hillary unite because frankly both the trump people and the cruz people e-mail me and tweet me and they like washing a heck of a lot more than they dislike the other guy. i think the only thing that will shatter the republican
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party would be an extraordinary having not contested and debated to cleverly manipulate something to get someb nominated who achieved nothing. i don't think it is technically possible. it will be either cruz or trump and i can frankly support either one of them with enormous enthusiasm compared to hillary clinton. and most of the party will rally behind who ever we nominate. >> really? they will rally behind somebody other than donald trump? joining me to talk about that about the badger state results and all of that is the executive editor of the daily caller. republicans will rally around who ever the nominee is. really? what do you think? >> it is hard to suggest that
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voters will rally behind very few. if the rules of the republican party suggest that somebody else can be picked, if you are not one of the top two vote getters in this case, it looks like a real threat to the republican party's livelihood. >> it is instruct tiff here. i could go out to fifth avenue and shoot somebody and it is beyond loyal or obsessively dedicated to him. if he doesn't get the nomination and he is angry about it and they are going to be angry about it. newt gingrich's prediction would seem silly almost, wouldn't it? >> there is no question that of the supporters who exist for cruz and trump that if trump is denied the nomination despite having an odds on favorite plurality, his is the
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most likely to be very, very upset and it may pose the ramifications in general. then you really threaten the opportunity for them to recover. that's bizarre, right? >> and it invites the question what if trump doesn't get the nomination. he is not known to be a good sport. all have i to do to prove that point is to look the a which i have in front of me his not so cordial concession to ted cruz on his win in wisconsin which media describes as bonkers and absolute insanity. part of it accuses lying ted as they refer to him as being in cahoots and cooer nateing with the super -- coordinating
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with the super pack. they said do you have evidence of that? he didn't have evidence of that. this doesn't bode well for supporting the eventule nominee other than trump. >> it was written in stream of consciousness. >> or unconsciousness. >> that's right. one of the senses was he was going with the super pack. it is -- this is hilarious and it is not what you expect from a presidential front runner. you expect somebody with some confidence to say let's move on to another election. clearly the appeal is that he fights and that he thinks america is winning and as long as he postures himself his supporters like that. for the longest time we see ted cruz draft behind donald trump saying i like done national and then the real voting started happening. these two men have been at each other's necks and ted cruz is now drafting in a
12:34 am
different way. he is saying i am not donald trull p and that's his rational for candidacy. i don't think it can get anywhere close to capturing the nomination, but donald trump need to negotiate to get to the 1237. >> we'll see. thank you for joining us. >> nice to see you. so let's go back to our panel and judith, tony and ellen. i want to mention something he just said. since the real voting has started, i think those who live in south carolina, north carolina, the early states would take umbrage to that. >> and the fact that he has the lead is problematic for ted cruz. but this could be a turning point. we will see in new york. let us remember for ted cruz this is the new york value state which is a remark that helped propel donald trump to
12:35 am
respectability. we haven't seen that kind of mistake from ted cruz since then. he is running a less flawed campaign. >> there are 18 states left. >> and many opportunities to make many more mistakes. >> one of the things ted cruz has said in the interviews is that his wife tells them to be more presidential and to knock off hurling all of the insults that he does at people and be more presidential to that point. to that point he is delivering some serious policy speeches. i am not sure i have seen him give a serious speech. it is an ad lib extreme of consciousness. has he ever delivered a speech that has been repaired in advance? >> the one and only one may have been at apac about a week
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or so ago. he goes off script and talks to the editorial board and says things that are not well thought out. look, i think the points vince was making was cruz and trump seem to have this bromance up until cruz beat trump in iowa. it revealed an issue for done national trump that we see yet again. his skin is awfully thin for somebody who was the front runner in a national presidential contest. and we see it again tonight with what has happened to the response. he is being treated unfairly and somebody lied and cheated and did something incorrect. i think ari fleischer writes a great column that i encourage people to read. it gives trump some good advice, especially because
12:37 am
regardless of what happened tonight he still is in many respects the front runner of the republican party. a big part of that is to your point. make more policyies. get your facts straight. donald trump is not a fox news contributor and i'm sure if that's in his future, he will let us know. >> i think they should all stay off twitter. >> would we be hearing constantly how he can not win? and trying to devise ways somebody else can beat him and have more delegates than him or contest the convention. if there was another candidate this his position with these numbers who the democratic party leaders liked?
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>> it is a fair question. in reality the answer is probably no. the issue is donald trump is not viewed. he is a nonstructural candidate. it shows what kind of political figure it to be. when you are running for a political party and there is so much distrust that surround you, clearly these things will become much more prevalent because the idea is do we give the modern conservative movement, the m mantal to the party of regan. that's what i think -- >> the majority of voters are selecting. he leads right now. >> he constantly compares himself to regan being the on you -- the outsider. reagan was different. when regan ran, nonwhite
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voters were 12% of the electorat. today they are 30% of the electorat. the do mob graw fee is -- demography is so different the initial races don't count. >> thank you very much. ted cruz takes home a big win. swree been talking about that all night. 24r* are a lot of races ahead. >> does wisconsin signal a big change or can donald trump come out on top? we will outline the biggest states that are still up for grabs.
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welcome back. wisconsin is now in the bookses joining us is the on-line editor of the weekly standard. thank you for joining us again and sticking around. >> good morning and good to be here. >> so about 18 states left and 810 delegates left and up for grabs. what changes from here for ted cruz? >> well, they go to new york on april 19th. it looks like donald trump is getting over 50% in the polls and there has been private polling, but he can be
12:44 am
competitive. bernie sanders can win new york and it reshapes the democratic race in a fund mental way. hillary clinton has won twice before. it is a bit of a stretch to think bernie can do it. he thinks he can and if he did you pull it off it will be amazing. >> do you think he can pull it off? what would be assisting him? just the momentum he built going into new york? >> he has two big things going for him. one, a lot of voters believe hillary clinton is inevitable. they don't have to vote for hillary clinton because she is inevitable. the other thing is donald trump's rise allows the democratic voters to say if they are going to pick the person they want, why can't we pick bernie sanders?
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and i think it really helps him, the two factors help him. it is his home state, about but she is from there too. it is his literal favorite. >> can you count on them changing who they support? >> they don't want it to be decided on super delegates alone. i think they really want the popular vote. it would look like an undemocratic process if they are the ones making the decision. it would come to his side and
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he needs to do that first to persuade the super delegates. it is a tough one. >> the situation is they can be running into it on the republican side with the contested convention and unbound delegates. june 7th it will all come down to june 7th. >> there are a few other states and it could be that donald trump came up short. as you described they will be sort of refunctioning. they don't have super delegates, but that's as close as they come. the people can persuade them to vote for them. he could get new of these delegates to finish ahead on
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the first ballot. >> we'll see what happens. >> ted cruz and bernie sanders savoring undisputed victories in wisconsin. >> coming up, some last thoughts from our political bun dit -- pundits.
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now final thoughts from our panel. our author judith miller and the bureau chief for talk media news. you believe bernie sanders and hillary clinton made a mistake? >> yes, bernie sanders made a mistake and they said they did not go after hillary clinton early enough. he spent too much time in washington. the hillary camp made a mistake by fund raising. they are talking about it now because they went to traditional donors using traditional campaign events and bernie sanders did not do a lot of donory -- donor events. he used the internet which is how people are communicating these day. they both made some pretty
12:52 am
large mistakes. >> he raised $44 million in march up alone. >> hillary used the internet. >> instead hillary got $675,000 from goldman sachs which she had to explain away. >> tony, your final thoughts? >> my final thought is to look at donald trump to see how he recalibrate in wisconsin. when you win a campaign it doesn't mean you do everything right and when you lose a campaign it doesn't mean you do everything wrong. clearly we are starting to see the ground moving away from him. there woos a -- there was a report about staffing mistakes and it it is a take over from
12:53 am
a cruz campaign. i will see how he will make those changes. >> when i come down to economics which people say motivates them, you have the republicans ahead of the democrats and a democrat only wins in one of these polls. it is only because of president obama's quote, favorable ratings which have gone up three points in the past when the last poll was done. is what we are seeing now hurting donald trump or ted cruz or bernie sanders and hillary clinton in general? we are getting to the point where these long drawn out contests are proving for both potential voters. >> they will be tired of it. >> i think they will.
12:54 am
they say our people are motivated and it will all depend on turn out. >> you brought up ari fleischer. go to fox he has written a terrific column. giving free advice, a dear donald letter and among the things they say is stop fighting with everybody and being so nasty. the other is get your facts right. number three is learn more policy. number four is make some policy announcements. people want to hear what you have to say. make some policy announcements. and he says stop siting polls all the time. this is sound advice. >> i thought ari fleischer's advice was amazing, as ari fleischer is and even though we are on different ends politically it was great advice. >> and people view him as a
12:55 am
strong leader. and in the absence of a strong leader in the view of the public for the last eight years i think he has a natural opportunity to rise to the occasion. >> you know what is interesting is we have been sitting here for, what, three hours? and the majority of the time is what donald trump has done wrong versus what ted cruz has done correctly. ted cruz is what has done tonight. we are talking about donald trump. >> he has the most delegates heading into the convention by the time cleveland rolls around in july. >> and because he is the most probable front runner we have seen in a great many years. >> he has the highest negatives of any major presidential candidate in american history. >> the second highest go to hillary clinton. we are on the verge of having our two major party nominees be the least liked. >> voters will booy motivated
12:56 am
to show up. or they will say forget it. >> i think people have to be motivated. that what each candidate is saying is important to mark and their life. >> wisconsin you look at the exit polls and people said i am not going to vote or i will vote for a 30-party candidate or write somebody in. they are that angry with the choice they currently have. all right, tony, ellen, judy, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> well, 18 states are left. "fox and friends first" starts right now and i will see new a couple seconds. >> thanks for being with us and have a great morning. i can go all out. there's no restriction in my movement.
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y you. it's wednesday, april 6th. underdog upsets in the battle for the badger state. >> that's right. ted cruz and bernie sanders winning wisconsin and stealing momentum from the 49ers. front-runners. >> i am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1237 delegates needed to win the republican nomination. >> we have a path toward victory, a path towards the white house. >> final results for the republicans. ted cruz 48%, donald trump 35%, john kasich


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