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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 6, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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y you. it's wednesday, april 6th. underdog upsets in the battle for the badger state. >> that's right. ted cruz and bernie sanders winning wisconsin and stealing momentum from the 49ers. front-runners. >> i am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1237 delegates needed to win the republican nomination. >> we have a path toward victory, a path towards the white house. >> final results for the republicans. ted cruz 48%, donald trump 35%, john kasich 14%.
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that leaves trump with 740 delegates, cruz with 514 and kasich with 143. >> for the democrats, sanders beating hillary with 56% of the vote but clinton still in the lead with 1743 delegates. sanders has 1056. >> we have fox news team coverage for you beginning with rich edson on the republicans. good morning, rich. >> reporter: good morning, abby and heather. it is looking more like a contested convention. senator ted cruz's victory in wisconsin makes it increasingly difficult for front-runner donald trump to collect the delegates needed to secure the republican nomination ahead of the gop convention in cleveland. cruz says this latest victory is a turning point in the race. he says he can unite the republican party though he may have to wait until the convention in july to do so. >> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we will win a majority
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of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. >> reporter: trump had a second place finish. in a statement the trump campaign rights, ted cruz had the governor of wisconsin, many conservative talk radio shows and the entire party apparatus behind him. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse attempting to steal the nomination from donald trump. no republican will seize the nomination ahead of the convention. his campaign says he's best positioned to defeat hillary clinton in the general election and claims he, too, can win the gop nomination. republicans have two weeks until their next primary. new york will award 95 delegates proportionately on april 19th. heather. >> all right, rich edson live
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for us. thank you, rich. well, ted cruz may have won wisconsin, but is it enough to overcome his delegate deficit? our political panel here to weigh in. fox news contributor and regular talk show hose tammy bruce and former aide boris edson. thank you both for joining us. >> good morning. >> it's been a long night so far. we've been talking about these numbers and the math and how they all add up. tammy, i'll start with you. what does this mean tonight, this win by cruz? >> psychological. it's a statement that the ground game has changed a bit, that we will have a contested convention, but not because one of them can't do it but with ted cruz finally winning every category and groups that normally have been stalwart groups for mr. trump, for him to win all of those elements means that a shift has, in fact,
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occurred because we've seen it across the board. he's mentioned the money he's raised today, over $1 billion. that's also sending a message to fundraisers, to people who are giving, and it's telling everyone else who's coming forward and also frankly to the rnc, to delegates he's trying to woo that he, in fact, can appeal to each group and win on the ground. it's not over. this should be a lesson for mr. fwrump what he needs to do. this is also an opportunity for him as well. >> he is still in the lead in certain delegate accounts. >> i'm respectful for tammy. rhode island, maryland, pennsylvania, california, new jersey. trump's got a very clear path to the nomination. ted cruz, he has no shot at getting 1237 before the convention. his only path is through a convention which is a bad thing for republicans. for trump of course it's a lesson to learn, no question about it. after iowa they're in the same
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climb. trump is done. >> that is true. we have heard this before. i also want to talk about john kasich because there are three people in this race. he's counting on a contested convention as well, kasich. >> yeah. the governor is a man who would never leave a dinner party. he's having too good of a time. you want him to leave but he thinks he's the most interesting man in the world. he has 17 points. he's also expecting a contested convention. clearly his message has been rejected. even with everyone else out of the field, mr. trump is still at 35. you see this dynamic ceiling that's occurred. this is also -- >> not in wisconsin. >> but overall i think when you're looking at the dynamic of what he's seeing when it comes to having a plurality at th. there were 15 people in the race you were expecting you'd see that majority come forward. it hasn't happened yet. this is where he has to start to
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try to persuade people. >> if you look overall, john kasich is the one who leesds hillary in the general election. >> those are early polls. early polls. trump and cruz in cruz's mind -- >> so who wins new york? >> trump wins new york. trump goes on through the mid-atlantic and he goes on to win indiana. that's much more like wisconsin. he'll go on to win new mexico. to tammy's point, much higher than 40%. >> he has to surpass 50% york. do you think he'll do that? >> i think what we are seeing here is when it comes to the choices and how he's perceived, it does seem new and different for each state. there are surprises. to presume that either man could know what's going to happen i think is a mistake. to take anything for granted is a mistake. i think ted cruz seems hungrier for this right now and also when it comes to polls, the economic
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polling when it comes to who generally can win the general election in the past is that now there's an agreement that whoever the nominee is will win the presidency for the gop. not just mr. trump but whoever it is, even if it was kasich. >> just to let you know because that's what we were going to talk about, there are at least two different models that have the republican nominee, whomever that ends up being, winning the race for the white house over the democratic nominee, whomever that would be. >> kasich wants a shot at rubio. rubio is still in. he's trying to keep his delegates. it's likely overwhelmingly going to be donald trump for the nominee. the republican party should call him. we haven't won a general election. lost it in 2000, lost it in '04. they lost it with paul ryan from wisconsin. let's not make wisconsin a bigger deal than it is.
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>> but it shows trends and this is where, again, not to take things for granted. mr. trump needs to see this as a trend. he lost every group in that state. >> new york, he'll win every group. >> that's my point. each state is different and that's -- >> it's definitely proven that in this particular race. >> that's for sure. thank you guys for joining us. we're going to bring you back so don't go far. abby? >> interesting debate. thanks, heather. bernie sanders dealing another blow to hillary clinton. the vermont senator surging to another primary victory in wisconsin. the question is, is it enough to pull ahead? brian is live in our new york newsroom with our latest. brian, good morning. the big question is does this change the game at all for bernie sanders? >> reporter: good morning, abby. the bernie sanders win streak is at six straight. he has won seven of the last eight election contests. last night's win in wisconsin was a no doubt winning wisconsin
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by double digits with 56% of the vote. 86 delegates were at stake and sanders will win at least 45 of them while clinton will win 31 delegates. wisconsin voter turnout is projected to be the highest since 1980 fueling his win. clinton still holds a huge delegate lead by about 700 thanks to big support from super delegates, democratic party officials that can back any candidate. without the super delegates clinton's lead shrinks to less than 250 delegates. for sanders to win, he'll have to win 67% of the remaining delegates and hope that that will persuade super delegates to drop clinton and back his campaign. meantime, hillary clinton tweeted, congrats to bernie sanders on winning wisconsin, to all the voters and volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign forward! now din ton did not hold a rally. she held a town hall and
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fund-raiser. sanders, the brooklyn native believes his momentum could be enough to beat clinton in a state where she was senator for eight years. >> please keep this a secret. do not tell secretary clinton she's getting a little nervous, and i don't want her to get more nervous, but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state! >> reporter: the new york primary's on april 19th. the polls show clinton with a ten point lead but it was 20 points in december. abby? >> new york is going to be huge. brian for us this morning. thank you. the time now is ten minutes after the top of the hour. firing back. the creator of a controversial gun defending the smartphone design after one democratic senator calls for an investigation. and donald trump pulled out all the stops in wisconsin even campaigning with his wife. why wasn't it enough? brand-new fox news exit polls
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released overnight take us inside the mind of the voters. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." last night it was the underdog upset, bernie sanders and ted cruz coming out on top of wisconsin. how did they clinch the badger state and what will this mean as we head towards the convention. we're here to break it down. always good to see you so early in the morning. >> good to see you. >> thanks for being here. >> any time. >> the exit polls are always my favorite thing to look at. it gives you a sense of how voters are feeling going into the vote. let's start with the women vote.
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we know that's crucial. when it came for wisconsin, they came out for cruz. >> who would have thought cruz would capture the woman's vote. he's been all over the place. the outsider, now the insider, now he is the woman's man. he is the one that the women are coming out for. he says i am the champion of strong women. look at all the women in my life. he's come out and talked about his woman -- his wife, his mother, he's really saying that these are the strong women. i'm going to be your champion. it worked for him. >> do you think trump's comments on abortion saying women should be punished, do you think that impacted this? >> there's no question. trump has never done well with women. that's not his base, but he has not done this poorly. >> yeah. very interesting. another one that was asked, do you consider yourself very conservative? and on that question cruz 65% went for him. >> now this wasn't all that surprising but it is a big number. i mean, usually you're looking at trump in the 30s on something like this, not in the 20s. so it's a big number. i think he -- these comments on
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abortion even hurt him with conservatives. >> yeah. when it comes to late deciders, that's always really important in these primary elections, sanders, 65% went to sanders, late decision. what does that tell you? >> that tells me that the momentum is really with sanders. i think that everybody's having the last-minute conversations, i'm just not excited, who should i think about, is getting persuaded to go with sanders. that's a big statement. i think hillary's campaign has to be concerned especially seeing momentum in all of these states. six out of the last seven. >> last minute wanting to go for bernie sanders. what is it that they're appealing to? >> i think when you look at the exit polls, the issues that they're excited about, income and equality, really important to voters, he has people optimistic about the future. hillary clinton doesn't. so i think that the momentum that he's got, his message is inspiring and he's just -- he's got people excited. hillary clinton doesn't. >> this is the question that probably stood out the most to
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me when asked among gop voters, do you feel excited, enthusiast enthusiastic, kernltd, scared, when asked that question, cruz 60% optimistic/excited, compared to the reverse for that for trump, 60% feel concerned or scared. now this is really, really concerning for trump's campaign to me, because what that suggests is that trump is really at the ceiling. he got 35% of the vote. 40% say they'd be excited about them. 40% are excited, 60% concerned. he is at a ceiling where he has to have a strategy winning people who are afraid of him over. you have to have somebody that's running for you or you have to get endorse nlts, surround yourself with people who say you will open yourself up, you're not something to be afraid of, you're more reasonable whampt is it that people are afraid of? is it that you're impulse sufficient? you don't understand policy? what is that fear coming from so you can start surrounding yourself with things that will break that. >> we have a lot of other great
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questions that we'll ask. lee, always great to see you. >> great to see you here. >> heather? >> still a lot more to come. the time right now is 17 after the top of the hour. spying on your children. one state just passed a law to let parents eavesdrop on their kids. invasion of privacy or just good parenting? we report, you decide. and chastising customers. the nasty note a nurse working the graveyard shift got with her pizza delivery from dominos.
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welcome back. we have a fox news alert for you. a new warning on north korea. officials from south korea say the communist country can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium
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range missile. those missiles could strike targets in russia, china or japan. satellite images also reporting suspicious activity at the country's main nuclear complex. this comes one day after it would kill more americans than 9/11. >> well, it had a campus, official crest but the university of northern new jersey was a fake from the beginning. it was created by the fed three years ago to bust a phony visa ring. 21 people now under arrest. they are accused of taking money to help more than 1,000 people illegally obtain student visas. officials say none of the so-called students appear to pose any threats. many of them could also be deported. >> well, up in arms. the gun that looks just like a smartphone creating some controversy. one democratic senator is calling it a disaster waiting to happen. >> this is crazy. now the creator is speaking out
1:23 am
and defending the design. jacquie here live with that story. jacquie, good morning. >> good morning. the gun isn't even available yet. some are hoping it folds up disguised as a smartphone to be easily concealed in your pocket. the ceo of ideal conceal defending his product against accusations the firearm creates a serious risk for law enforcement. saying in a statement the idea that this is going to cause a new big threat is just not true. outrage over the gun being fueled by new york democratic senator chuck schumer who's calling on the d.o.j. to investigate hoping to prevent it from being sold. >> the latest great idea for a concealed gun should come with a 911 on speed dial because this iphone is just a disaster waiting to happen. >> schumer argues the gun may violate the law by looking like
1:24 am
an everyday item. so far many americans don't agree more than 4,000 people already ordering the 380 caliber double shot pocket pistol in just the last few days. authorities have not yet responded to the request for an investigation. now the gun is expected to hit the open market within the next few months and will cost about 400 bucks. ladies, back to you. >> jacquie ibanyez, thank you, jacquie. >> all right. it's now time brew on this. new york's top court rules parents can legally spy on their kids. that's right, the decision could now create a loophole in the state's wire tapping law allowing a parent to spy on anyone else in the room with their child. >> the ruling stems from a case of a man threatening to beat the 5-year-old son of his live-in girlfriend. the actual father about his son and called the mother's cell phone several times and just happened to overhear the threat. the suspect claimed that it was illegal wire tapping but an
1:25 am
appeals court disagreed. >> supporters say that parents used common sense to protect the child. opponents say the ruling goes too far. >> what do you think? is this an invasion of privacy or just good parenting? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or send an e-mail to fox friends first at fox we'll share those later. >> not sure how i feel about that. good debate. >> well, a four pete for the uconn women's baseball team. >> jefferson gets it up. challenges it. he drills the three. >> the huskies go undefeated winning their fourth consecutive ncaa title. they cruz by the syracuse orange 82-51. >> it's the 11th championship for coach geno oriema. passed by the most basketball coach. >> congratulations to the ladies. nice job. the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. the pressure is on. donald trump feeling the heat after ted cruz scores another
1:26 am
victory. can ted crews his way to the finish line. >> it was also a big night for bernie. does he have what it takes to stop hillary. our democratic panel on deck to weigh in.
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good morning. it is wednesday, april 6th. underdog upsets in the battle for the badger state. >> yeah. ted cruz and bernie sanders winning wisconsin and stealing momentum from the 49er. front-runner. >> i think the people of this country are ready for a political revolution. we have a path toward victory, a path toward the white house.
1:30 am
>> let me just say, hillary, get ready, here we come! >> well, final results for the republicans are in. ted cruz, 48%. donald trump, 35%. john kasich with 14. that leaves trump with 740 delegates, cruz with 514, and kasich with 143. >> and for the democrats, sanders beating hillary with 56% of the vote but clinton is still in the lead with the delegate count. she has 1,743. sanders has 1,056. >> rich edson joins us with the latest on the republican race for the white house. good morning. >> good morning, abby and heather. senator ted cruz wins wisconsin and halts donald trump's convention. diminishing the chances that they'll have the 2kdelegates needed. the contested convention is
1:31 am
likelier despite trump's substantial delegate lead. cruz says he can win the nomination at the july convention. he also says his wisconsin victory is a turning point in the race. he claims he is the republican to unite his party. >> tonight is about unity and tonight is about hope. young people in america once again have hope that we will bring jobs back to america. we will unleash incredible economic growth. our border will finally be made secure and sanctuary city will end. >> trump blames his second place finish on what he calls the onslaught of republican elite naming politicians, party officials and talk show hosts. in a statement his campaign says, quote, donald j. trump was to the onslaught of the establishment again. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he's a trojan horse being used
1:32 am
by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination for mr. trump. a statement then promises trump will win his home state. it's up next. new york votes in two weeks and will award 95 delegates proportionately. a week later five northeastern states hold primaries and trump is expected to perform well there. it's a big one. >> rich edson live in d.c. for us. thank you. well, bernie sanders closing the gap between him and hillary clinton but is it enough to overcome his delegate deficit? let's bring in our political panel, democratic strategist chuck rocha. emily fish susman. good morning, guys. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> so, chuck, i'll start with you. let's focus on bernie sanders for a minute. clearly has the momentum. is it enough to be a game changer. >> look, he's about 230 delegates behind. guess what, there are 1600 delegates yet to be decided in the upcoming context. let's take a step back.
1:33 am
he's won six of the last seven. hillary clinton is the quarterback at the high school. she's popular. she has all the best friends. she drives the best cars. everybody is a little jealous of her. bernie sanders is the cool hipster kid from the band that is giving her all that she wants. it's anybody's contest and we'll see what happens when we go to new york where hillary has a lot of support and so doesn't bernie sanders. >> the exit polls look like the majority of the last-minute voters -- last-minute deciders went to bernie sanders. i'm saying he does have the momentum. he's won six out of the last seven primaries. how far can he go though? >> it does feel like he's hitting a bit of a ceiling. especially when you look at the demographic breakdown. it is primarily rural voters, younger voters and voters who don't necessarily show up in democratic primaries. so primaries that are left with an open primary, democrats can vote, others can vote as well, the primaries coming up are more
1:34 am
racially diverse and closed democratic primaries. people who are registered as democrats which has not faired as well as sanders. it does feel like he's heit a bt of a ceiling. >> can he ride the wave? new york is the next big primary. polls show hillary ahead by ten points according to clear politics at this point. can he close that gap though? if clinton loses the gap, how devastating will that be? >> she's got a big lead. she was up 30 points in new york. a couple of months ago. that has shrunk down to what most poll is say are between 10 and 12%. new york is a super expensive media market. keep an eye on the spending market. both campaigns can drain lots of campaign cash really quickly if they try to go on the air waves against each other in new york. right now in new york, grassroots will matter on who has the best organization. >> yes. emily, what are your thoughts on that? >> i think that absolutely is true about the spending. i think contrary to a sanders
1:35 am
message, he actually did outspend clinton three to one in wisconsin. if that is a strategy she was to go with in new york, it is going to be very expensive. i think it's good news for sanders. momentum actually turns into dollars for him. so his supporters really only need a smidgen of hope to keep on donating. he will stay in the race for quite a bit longer regardless of what happens in new york and regardless of what happens with the super delegates. he'll try to go for the super delegates. they're also interestingly contrary. >> hillary clinton thought the race would be over by march. she's got to be a little frustrated at this point. the race goes on. chuck and emily, thanks for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. it was a busy night for social media with #wisconsinprimary trending on facebook and twitter. so what else was trending? co-host of "fox & friends" clayton morris here with a live breakdown. hi, clayton. >> hi.
1:36 am
good morning, guys. the hashtag last night #wisconsinprimary was a place for people to go voice their frustration and delight. it was all about cheese last night. making me hungry this morning. wisconsin primary focusing on cheese. talking about all of the cheesy content drawing comparisons between blocks of cheese and maybe their favorite candidate. for instance, this vine video came out last night showing things with ted cruz looking like that '70s show. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> hello, wisconsin! >> and another meme of bernie sanders showing him as a block of cheese and hillary clinton a bottle of cheese whiz. bernie sanders coming out on top. today is your wisconsin make your right choice. look on google trends last night. this was interesting.
1:37 am
this was one of the first times that we saw donald trump not crossing and crushing all of the google search results last night over google trends. ted cruz for the first time dominating those search results. it was the only time where donald trump wasn't leading in searches throughout the night. maybe at the last minute people wanting to get some information about the different candidates. donald trump not fairing so well for the very first time. also nasty twitter comments last night going between the never trump movement back and forth between ted cruz and creating memes. it was donald, terrible, terrible week. they were creating movie posters. donald and the terrible, terrible, horrible, no good very bad week movie poster. people having fun with photo shop last night. here was one on ted cruz people saying i wasted my vote on john kasich crossed out with ted cruz. trending last night. this one actually got called to local police departments and local news stations with a fake
1:38 am
news story, i think a lot of people thought that their votes were actually not counted. so trump supporters were calling in because of this fake news story by united media publishing which has posted all kinds of fake news stories. they thought their votes were switched to ted cruz votes. wkow news director ed ream at an abc news affiliate said this was an incorrect report. they were flooded with calls saying that their votes were switched from donald trump to ted cruz but that actually didn't happen. so people's votes were counted correctly, heather and abby, although people just -- sometimes they believe whatever they see back on facebook sometimes. >> yes, they do. >> you can't believe everything you see on facebook. >> you can't believe everything you see on the internet in general but people do. >> now i'm in the mood for chose whiz. >> did you ever eat that? >> i went to philadelphia so you can't have a cheese steak without cheese whiz.
1:39 am
>> the time is currently 39 after the hour. a pint size reporter told to stay home and play with her dolls? >> a man murdered his wife with a hammer. >> the 9-year-old reporter firing back on kris particulars saying she's too young to cover murder. and a hard day's work. the off duty police canine going viral this morning. you can see why. >> what? >> his determination. look at that.
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hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy. and welcome back to "fox &
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friends first." the hunt for answers this a popular tourist helecopter crashed in tennessee killing five people. there's the results of it. the group was on a sightseeing ride in the great smokey mountains. investigators believe that just 12 minutes into the flight the chopper somehow hit a ridge and burst into flames before crashing. the fire destroyed the wreckage complicating the investigation. the ntsb says that it could take up to a year to get all of the answers. and some incredible video of a narrow escape in the middle of a raging wild fire in oklahoma. a road grader digging a fire line gets stuck in a ditch and then the news crew yells at the driver to get out. you can see why. well, he runs inside their van just moments before flames consume the machine. the wild fire has burned tens of thousands of acres, a small town and a chemical plant are in the fire's path. some people have been forced to
1:44 am
evacuate. the governor of idaho vetoes a bill that would have allowed bibles to be used in the classroom. they say it's unconstitutional. the bill would have let teachers use the bible and other religious texts as a basis for lessons currently. students are allowed to reference the bible in subjects like literature and history. listen to this, a 9-year-old reporter in pennsylvania who broke a murder story is firing back at his critics. hilde lesiac. she beat the local news stations. they say she should be playing with dolls instead of covering stories. >> if you want me to stop covering news, then you have to do something about that. is that good enough for new. >> so cute. so where does she get her journal lis stick chops? her father is a former "new york daily news" reporter. i think she's got it from dad.
1:45 am
>> good job. we should have her on. it is time for your brew on this responses. new york's top court ruled parents can legally eavesdrop on kids. the decision could create a loophole in the state's wire tapping law allowing a parent to spy on anyone else in the room with that child. >> yeah, that's right. the ruling stems from a case of a man threatening to beat the 5-year-old son of his live-in girlfriend. the child's father overheard the threat from a phone call. the suspect claimed it was illegal wire tapping but the supreme court disagreed with them. >> we asked you, is this an invasion of privacy or just good parenting. we got an overwhelming response for good parenting. >> melissa on facebook said excellent parenting. no phones in bedrooms, no cell phones in bedrooms, only one land line in the kitchen. >> valerie adds, maybe if more parents took an active interest in what their children are doing there would be a lot more responsible youth out there. >> diane on twitter writes, they need us to protect them from all
1:46 am
the evil. good debate. >> yes. thank you for your responses. keep them coming. time is now for what is going viral this morning. well, a pizza is delivered with an extra unwanted topping. a nasty note. a texas nurse is outraged after making a late night pizza order from dominos finding this handwritten message saying we would appreciate it very much if you didn't wait until five minutes before we close. >> and then a grocery store in montana is turning heads with this massive super mario brothers themed window display. it's made entirely from 12 packed boxes of soda and it is 20 feet long and 15 feet high. >> that's amazing. >> and this cute orphan cheetah cub is tugging at hearts online. the cincinnati zoo posted this video of him getting used to his new home. he was born in oregon but was unable to be cared for by his mother. >> we don't have video of that? sometimes you can just find the
1:47 am
perfect stick and you've got to have it. we do have this. >> oh, my gosh. >> the police dog was determined to do just that by tearing a branch off of a tree. >> look at those hips. >> the video has more than 2 million views on facebook. >> that is one of the best videos i've ever seen. >> i like the music with it. >> it's hysterical. i can watch that all day long. i might. >> can your dog do that? >> no. i'm going to try that this afternoon. the time is currently 47 after the hour. delegate dilemmdilemma. are there enough delegates left for ted cruz or donald trump to secure the nomination. >> our next guest says no way. we'll do the math. stay with us. >> after weeks of back and forth bernie sanders and hillary clinton have finally agreed to hold the debate in brooklyn next thursday. you know you're in new york when you have to argue over the date of when you're going to argue. we'll see you next wednesday, no, i can't do wednesday, thursday!
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well, there are 18 states and a total of 810 delegates left up for grabs for the republicans. the next contest, colorado followed by wyoming and then the big one, new york. 1,237 is the magic number needed to secure the nomination and there are some crucial states left, including the 95 delegates up for grabs in the empire state and california with 172. but even with ted cruz's big response and win in wisconsin last night, is it already too late for him. based on the numbers, the amount of delegates that he will need by the end of this month will not even be available.
1:52 am
and here to weigh in is lisa booth, she's a contributor for the washington examiner and republican strategist. thank you so much for joining us. >> hi, heather. good morning. >> it's really interesting. the way you look at these numbers, everybody has a different way of adding them up. based on how you put it together, is it too late for ted cruz? >> that's the thing. there are so many hypothetical situations which can go on between now and june 7th. i think for ted cruz the math really isn't there right now. for ted cruz it's not necessarily about getting the 1,237 delegates as much as it is about blocking donald trump from attaining that number. >> and what about throwing john kasich into the mix? >> yeah. he acts as potentially a spoiler. even for donald trump he does as well. what we have coming up just around the corner is april 19th. you have 95 delegates at stake. huge prize for donald trump potentially. >> but he has to get over 50%. >> he has been in the polls. so ted cruz is going to try to keep him below that 50%.
1:53 am
so is john kasich. where john kasich comes in as a spoiler is after not only new york on april 19th, april 26th you head into a series of northeastern states where john kasich could potentially create problems for donald trump. >> let's take a look if we can at the current delegate count if we can pull that up. we have trump with 740, cruz with 514, kasich with 143 following the races in wisconsin. >> right. as you can see, the math just isn't there for john kasich. there's absolutely no way he could ever get to 1,237. what he's doing is trying to stay in this thing, make the case, look, i'm the most electable. ted cruz will try to get as close to donald trump as he possibly can be to try to make the case to those at the convention that might be against donald trump. donald trump really given the anti-donald trump forces at work really needs to try to get that 1,237 number otherwise this could be over for him. >> well, there's one scenario
1:54 am
that we can take a look at where donald trump comes up about like 40, 42 short. >> right. it's going to be tough. if that's the case then you know he's going to have to make the argument to folks at the convention of, look, i basically have this thing. this is the mandate that voters are sending. it's going to be interesting. it's someone who prides himself as a deal maker, it's going to be interesting what kind of back door deals he's able to negotiate to position himself to get that nomination. >> yeah. there will be a lot of negotiation going on. >> it's going to be interesting. >> i was listening to reince priebus talking earlier last night and he said that he does believe that it will come down to one of the three candidates that are still in the race, possibly closing the door on a third party candidate, someone like paul ryan jumping into the race. >> that's interesting, too, the establishment types talking about entering a new phase. we started out, heather, with 17 candidates. >> yeah.
1:55 am
>> so that's what's going to be interesting is to sort of see because if you look at previous presidential election cycles, there hasn't been as much focus on the process, on the delegates. there's been states this election cycle that have come to the forefront that haven't necessarily been power players in previous presidential cycles. >> yeah. so in that respect who will have the greatest impact next with the 18 states coming up? >> new york. new york for sure because you've got 95 delegates at stake there, which is a huge prize. donald trump in the most recent polling and for a while has been polling above 50%. this is his home state. he has a huge presence in new york and coming off the heels of a loss in wisconsin, he really needs to dominate the state, to regain the narrative. >> what does he need to adjust in order to do that? >> his problem has been sort of the lack of campaign infrastructure. this is a guy in iowa who spent more money on hats and if you look at ted cruz, he has a
1:56 am
strong organizational structure. that will help ted cruz if this comes down to the wire or contested convention of that level of organization. >> we'll see if he can adjust and make those changes. >> yes, thank you. >> been crazy so far. lisa joining us. thank you. abby? >> thanks, heather. underdog upset ted cruz and bernie sanders scoring big wins last night. now they're setting their sights on new york in an effort to take down the front-runners. our fox news live team coverage continues live from the badger state. that's next.
1:57 am
1:58 am
it is wednesday, april 6th and underdog upsets in the battle for the badger state. >> that's right. ted cruz and bernie sanders winning wisconsin and stealing momentum from the front-runners. >> i am more and more convinced
1:59 am
that our campaign is going to earn the 1237 delegates needed to win the republican nomination. >> we have a path toward victory, a path toward the white house. >> results for the republicans. ted cruz, 48%. donald trump, 35%, john kasich 14%. that leaves trump with 740 delegates, cruz with 514, and kasich with 143. >> for the democrats, sanders beating hillary with 56% of the vote but clinton still in the lead with 1,743 delegates. sanders with 1,056. >> and we have fox news team coverage for you. peter doocy is covering the democrats for us. we begin with mike toobin live in wisconsin. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, heather. good morning, abbey. donald j. trump is something other than magnanimous this
2:00 am
morning. he said it was due to an onslaught of the establishment, party apparatus, bunch of false a advertising. lying ted cruz. part of a statement, ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. now cruz, as you would expect, is taking a different posture insisting that he is gaining momentum that would carry his campaign through colorado and wyoming, that he will get enough delegates to hit the magic number of 1237 before the convention. >> i look forward to coming back to the state of wisconsin this fall and in november for the first time since 1984 painting the badger state bright republican red. >> a >>. >> reporter: and the chief strategist for governor kasich says this means no one will hit the magic numb