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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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apparently because she's too hot, too attractive. and she's too tall and blonde. we asked you what you thought and you said this. >> safa said life is hard for her and maybe we ought to start a kickstarter fund for her. >> help the pretty. bill: where are we this morning? senator cruz calls it a turning point. with his win in wisconsin, is it enough? martha: ted cruz won the badger state by 13 points. ted cruz will pick up the lion's share of the 42 delegates, making donald trump's road to the nomination trickier.
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>> tonight is a turning point. it's the rallying cry. a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. bill: the trump team with this statement calling ted cruz worse than a puppet. he's a trojan horse being used by the party bosses to steal the nomination from done. martha: bernie sanders has won seven of the last eight contests. bill: byron york, chief correspondent with the "examiner." but my coverage starts with mike tobin. in wisconsin. reporter: a massive network of
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volunteers people say are responsible for the turnout and the win last night. >> rick perry and i lyndsey graham and jeb bush, and carly fiorina. and wisconsin's own governor scott walker. when you toss in senator mike lee and mark levin, we have got the full spectrum of the republican party coming together and uniting behind this campaign. reporter: donald trump is keeping it nasty. part of the statement reads, donald trump withstood the
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onslaught of the republican establishment and the entire republican apparatus. his chief -- bill: senator sanders was able to beat hillary clinton as well and he did it rather handily. reporter: he did. he has a lot of momentum. the last seven of eight contests went his way. >> i don't know if the audience knows it. but it has been projected by all of the networks that we won in wisconsin. reporter: one thing guaranteed by the two upsets is everyone is still in the fight.
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martha: we heard senator cruz. he called last night a turning point for his campaign. donald trump would need 1,237 -- anyone would need 1,237 to tie up the mom nation on the first ballot. for cruz and kasich a floor fight in cleveland become more and more likely. byron, good morning to you. is ted cruz right? is it a turning point? >> we'll have to see about that. the question is whether there was something unique about ted cruz's victory in wisconsin. he had the governor, the assembly speaker, the power structure and the influential talk radio stars behind him.
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whether there has been a turning point in the race and future contests will look different now that he has shown this strength in wisconsin. other state that seem to be friendly for donald trump, and indiana, wyoming and other states friendly to ted cruz. we'll have to see if it stays on the same track it has been this year. martha: we'll take a deep dive into the exit polls, on whether there are trump supporters that are a delegate option for ted cruz.
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>> wisconsin had 42 delegates to hand out. it look like cruz will get 35-plus of those. it's a big win for cruz. he gets 30-plus net delegate gaining on donald trump. it doesn't secure the nomination, but it does make it more and more difficult for donald trump to get to that 1,237 margin and have the mom nation going into cleveland. that means it's more likely to insure we see a contested convention. >>er time ted cruz wins a state, the response is that's the last state he can win. then he keeps defying that. >> he's going to do it again. he has some state -- as i mentioned possibly indiana, possibly wyoming, and we are all
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going to california june 7. and that race is not decided by any mean. after you have these trump-strength state, you have cruz-strength state. if you think this is a last hurrah for cruz, it won't bear out. bill: we wanted to give one hypothetical possibility for how trump get the number. think is what we did. we took the arm of the state pollings and cross referenced all the political leading website. charlie cook. think what we are guessing in the scenario. trump is at 740. byron was talking about wyoming. we think crew will get most of those delegates. new york two week from
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yesterday. some of the scenario is rather liberal for donald trump in term of giving him delegate. if he does really well in new york. 50 percent plus, he will get the winner take all delegates that takes him 0607. them we move into the month of may, indiana right now shapes up pretty well for donald trump despite the analysis from byron. this may change. it's not set in stone. trump does pretty well in indiana and he does well in west virginia. but that same day be in * vote as well and we think that does
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well for ted cruz. here you are in mid-may, may 17, oregon kind of split these thing in the state of oregon. we'll give trump a handful there. that take you to june 7. there are five contests left on the entire map. we believe cruz does well, winner-take-all montana. we think it's a bit of a split vote in new mexico so we'll divvy up the delegates, which leaves you california at 172 delegates. we think trump does well gig him 100 delegate in the golden state. now, you see he is 41 delegates shy of the manic number of 1,237. it's one scenario. it could change in a week or the
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month after that. we'll update this as we go into the contest. then we have unbound delegates. elected officials that go to the convention. there will be a big battle between june 8 and july 18 to get their loyalty. martha: it could be one of the things that made trump's statement testy is he's becoming more and more aware of the delegate work the cruz campaign is doing on the ground. they are locking them down and gathering them up. the campaigns are approaching things differently. what you showed us on the map is interesting. momentum could change some of those colors. bill: it could. just like we sat here yesterday and weren't sure what would go on in wisconsin. i think in two weeks after new york it will be the same way.
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so that board is going to change. it's just one scenario. it's how we crunch the numbers as of today. martha: ted cruz as we talked about beat donald trump in the state of wisconsin. bill: the candidates accusing john kasich of being the spoiler. what he says and why he says he's staying in this race. martha: all of of this hurtling toward the convention in cleveland. a fight to the nomination. what would that look like? how ugly is this going to get. >> let me just say, hillary, get ready, here we come
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the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. martha: another big night for bernie sanders in wisconsin. he got 57% of the vote. here is a bit of his victory speech. >> let me take this opportunity to thank the people of wisconsin for their strong support. we have won receive even out of
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the eight last caucuses, and we have won almost all of them with overwhelmingly landslide numbers. martha: clinton may be getting a little bit nervous because she is taking a swipe at sanders telling "politico" that she isn't even sure sanders is a democrat. he describes himself as a democratic socialist. interesting hillary is starting to call him on that. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump. but the hard working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure tonight was a victory for wisconsin. bill: waukesha is ruby red, deep
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conservative country. look where cruz did so well, 61% of the votes. chris stirewalt has been sleeping on a cot all night. you write that donald trump did not lose wisconsin, ted cruz won it. what does it mean? >> this election is all about donald trump. on the republican side it's not an election. it's a nominating process that's turned into a referendum on donald trump. donald trump did just as well in wisconsin as he did in new hampshire. and just as well as he did in south carolina. his share of the vote hasn't changed. yes he has had some standout
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states. massachusetts, alabama, mississippi. but we are talking about a vote range that's 33-38 percent. he has taken 37% of primary votes. what changed is the race around him. even if scott walker was out of the race. waukesha county is not ted cruz country under normal circumstances. ted cruz is a southern conservative republican. voters of waukesha county are more moderate and pragmatic. bill: if you are arguing trump's percentage of the vote did not change much in wisconsin, despite what he did in massachusetts, alabama, there
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are some states he performed very well. so if the campaign as it is only has three candidates, what does that suggest about where the voters are going when the field is more narrow. i looked at may have began and trump did so well there. what is different about that state, do you find? >> nothing. there are fewer candidates in the race than there were before and their votes that were going to candidates like marco rubio is going to ted cruz. that's how it worked in wisconsin. look at the poll out today in pennsylvania. quite impressive. but it's the same. trump is not changing. but the reality is his supporters are still with us. his gaffes on abortion. those are media hot house stories. things haven't changed for donald trump except for one
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dangerous thing. the republican party other than this supporters are coalescing around strategic voting and block him outright. bill: ted cruz is trying get trump delegates to come on board. >> his decision to not come out and not say a kind word about ted cruz and put out a statement that was jarring in its negativity tells me he is head together bunker and he's girding himself for a savage fight to cleveland. now, whether -- and this is the big question. if he can stay as mr. 35% he will go to the convention in pretty good shape to make argument he's closest and
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easiest to put over the top. but if it becomes ugly, he could see that 35% change. bill: chris stirewalt, he's got moves. >> just slow. martha: as these brothers were just saying. hillary clinton and donald trump both avoid the spotlight following the primary in their losses in wisconsin. >> he need to get out. >> i know he need to get out. bill: these are tense moments, wildfire on video. with don't let dust and allergies get between you
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>> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we'll win a majority of the delegates and together we'll beat hillary clinton in november. martha: he says before or at the convention he will be able to put those numbers together to 1,237 as he rallied his supporters in wisconsin. bernie sanders also healed big victory rally as the winners always do. but the frontrunners were nowhere to be found. donald trump silent. hillary clinton tweeted. and clinton sent out this. congrats to@bernie sanders.
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forward! h. martha: they tried to move on and pretend it didn't happen. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton knew they were going to lose wisconsin, badly as it turns out. particular are you odd in the case of donald trump. he put out a blistering statement accusing ted cruz of being a trojan horse. you would think he would want to do it at a campaign stop on camera. the day in the early part of the campaign when you are in iowa and new happen shire, everybody wants to be gracious, they are just beginning.
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but now they are heading into their home territory. trump new york, hillary new york. reporter: surviving the tough media in this city is a tough challenge in and of itself. but i do think there is a temptation here for the press because this was a big setback psychologically for clinton and press to make too much of wisconsin with it -- with its 2 delegates on the republican side. trump said he would give more policy speeches. but what he said about ted cruz last night, essentially accusing him of trying to steal the election. it's more of a dysfunctional marriage.
6:28 am
it suggests he's going to keep punching because that's what got him here in the first place. martha: we did hear that. we'll see more policy and a more presidential version of donald trump. the evidence that that's happening has not stopped. it's clear that donald trump believes punching back is what has gotten him through this process. he eliminated almost everybody else in the group. it doesn't appear that he's changing geerts here at all, howard. >> he lead by a lot, let's not lose sight of that. he's trying to unify the party. then he reverts back to the street fighter donald trump. and at a time when others think he should strike a different tone. but usually when you have a setback like this, you have the
6:29 am
report of a campaign shakeup. the campaign is donald trump so there isn't much to shake up. he's his own strategist. he doesn't have a fundraiser. martha: did he write his own statement? >> i'm sure he did because egg that goes out, including the tweets, have to be approved by him. martha: howie, thank you very much. bill: after wisconsin, a lot of races still on the calendar. now will his rivals fare in that atmosphere. plus we know trump like to win. but what happens after he loses. what is trump's strategy starting today. stay tuned. >> he reacted viscerally in many ways whether he feels cheat.
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and if he does, all hell will break loose.
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martha: a brawl threatening to break out by the lake in cleveland. there is a greater chance we may see a contested slugfest on the floor of the convention come july in cleveland. donald trump withstood the onslaught of the establishment won again. lyin' ted cruz had the governor of wisconsin, many conservative talk show hosts and the governor behind him. he's a trojan horse attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. charles krauthammer says thing
6:34 am
could get ugly at the convention. >> he has tremendous power over his troops. if he decide to stand up and walk out. a thousand will walk out after him. if he decide to make real trouble, it will disrupt the convention. martha: brad, if anybody thinks the trump folk are just going to say, everybody want ted cruz? that's good. we kind of like ted cruz, too, that's not going to happen. >> no, it isn't. but trump has to have two-prong strategy. one for the convention and one for winning delegates in the primary. cruz is working the rules to his favor. trump is trying to blow up the rules.
6:35 am
the rules have not yet been made. they will be made by 112 people, two from he state and the territories. this isn't a back room deal, it's the rank and file of the party. martha: cruz has been working on math and science since day one. he has been trying to nail down the delegates, going state by state understanding the party process in each one. as people are finding out, it's not really the people who nominate the person who wins. it's the delegates. >> i don't think he will win on the first ballot. the momentum is with cruz. if trump can't reach 1,237, it
6:36 am
will be not a first ballot victory. then the delegates are free to vote for whoever they want. i'm not so sure they are thrilled about cruise. but as joe biden said in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. martha: in exil exit polls they were asking questions about how this shakes out. if there is no majority, meaning 1,237. the gop should nominate the candidate who has the most votes. 55% in the exit poll believe that. let's go on to the next one. do you think they should nominate the candidate who tell gas think is best? those folks think cruz should get it. one more. should we nominate the candidate for the gop party?
6:37 am
the gop voters were asked who has the most primary votes. 53%. how do you see this shaking out? ted cruz has never been the sweetheart of this party. are they going to embrace him and can they make the trump people satisfied or will they break off on their own and run as a third-party candidate. >> earlier in your program bill did a great job showing us the map. if he's just shy of the 1,237, let's say he's 50 short. it would be difficult to take it away from trump. i note mechanics would allow that. >> a lot of people think that means forget for republicans. they will lose the election if that's what happens. alan, i'm sure you agree. >> they changed the rules last time.
6:38 am
you had to win 8 states to ward off ron paul in support of mitt romney. if the rules keep change, how do you know going into a primary and caucuses what you are supposed to do. bill: there is more fallout from the so-called panama papers. the prime minister of iceland stepped down. he is one of the many who were named in the leak. what is the u.s. connection in all this? >> the u.s. connection we'll get to in a moment. let's get to the breaking news about the first political damage coming from the shady panama law firm. iceland prime minister stepping
6:39 am
down after he was confronted by information, including during a tv interview which he walked away from, that his wife is stashing away loot in the offshore firm. the small country has has huge economic problems and that led to protests demanding his removal. he's one of 12 current and past world leaders. president obama allegedly funneled $2 billion through an offshore fund. even the late father of british prime minister david cameron is said to have used the outfit. cameron denying any wrongdoing. china as you can imagine take it one step further censoring all internet and television stories on this theme. bill: this is not illegal,
6:40 am
that's the point. the u.s. connection would be what then as we understand now, gregg? reporter: there is most definitely a u.s. connection. technically this is not illegal. how you use some of these vehicles is illegal. there is at least one representative of this panama law firm in the united states, twowvment s. newspapers were involved in a global consortium of journalists it turns out 200 americans could have used the firm to hide funds or dodge taxes, including convicted of financial crimes. take a listen. >> tax avoidance is a big global problem. it's not unique to other countries because there are folks here in america taking advantage of the same stuff. reporter: critics say there are as many u.s. names on this list as you would expect because
6:41 am
there are ways to do it in the united states to do it onshore, business friendly places, states like delaware. but people organizing this say there are more names to come and the united states and a lot of countries are taking a closer look at people who use these vehicles for tax avoidance, money laundering. gregg were thank you. gregg palkot on that story, live in london. martha: let's take a look at the markets this morning. took a big chunk out of the gains we had in the last few weeks. that put a chill through thing. the dow down 133 points. so we'll keep a look on the markets throughout the show. bill: ted cruz throwing a wrench in the nomination. is wisconsin a turning point?
6:42 am
what about the unbound delegates? what will they do? martha: john kasich coming in last place. but polls show he's the candidate most likely to beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> kasich needs to get out because my people are voting for him. i think it many cool. i sit back and continue to laugh. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you i'm in charge of it all. business expenses,
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6:46 am
so what is the plan for theio governor? rent duffy, spokesman for the case itch team with me now. thank you for trying to clear this up. what is the plan? >> the plan is for him to keep going and get those delegates. this race now we learned is going to go to an open convention and that's the first step in making sure donald trump is not the nominee which would and disaster for the republican party. now that the map turns to the northeast and the mid-atlantic. delaware, maryland, pennsylvania. then we are going to go to an open convention and the delegates will decide who is best to represent the party. the national polls show he's the best. bill: kasich trails at 24%.
6:47 am
the rules will open up the possibility for him to get delegates at end of april. kasich against hillary clinton as opposed to trump and ted cruz. tough line to viewers at home. kasich is the on one who beats her. kasich, top line against bernie sanders. he's the on one who beats bernie sanders. if that's the case, why can't he beat trump and cruz in these state battles? >> we have two weeks to make that argument to the voters of pennsylvania and the voters in all these other states. there is 1 states to go. so the governor is going to have a chance to make that argument as well as continue to show his great record of accomplishment in ohio. when you get down to this, the top line is amazing. it's 16 points in a state like pennsylvania.
6:48 am
no cad has wouldn't nomination without winning those three states and kasich is the only one to do that. bill: he's only won his home state. when is the last time you spoke with him. was it yesterday? >> we talked yesterday. bill: what did he tell you about his state of mind or strategy today knowing that he was shut out on the delegate map in wisconsin. >> it's the the same was yesterday. he's confident about his path forward. our delegate activities are picking up, our fundraising is picking up. we would like to do better in wisconsin. but he's campaigning hard in new york and he will continue on to the state where he grew up in pennsylvania. he's optimistic. he knows this will be an open convention. it was always the way for him to get the nomination. we'll see where the trail goes
6:49 am
from here. bill: donald trump and ted cruz are banging on kasich. what do you say? >> their unfavorables are on far or worse than hillary clinton's. you can't win in a general election when three out of four women views you negatively in the case of donald trump. senator cruz had a good night. but a lot of delegates are wake up saying we may be able to dodge the trump frying pan, and now we have the cruz frying and because he can't win a general election either. bill: mathematically you cannot get there. trump can, cruz, a very outside shot. >> trump could build but that's based on the fact in kasich were
6:50 am
to bow out and give trump the free pass. bill: he's playing for a second or third ballot possibility. as it stand right now, that's not changing for kasich. >> all three candidate will be on the second or third ballot. no candidate will reach that 1,237. that's the ironclad rule. so there is going to be a second and third ballot. bill: thank you, sir, we'll talk again. martha: a dangerous wildfire and one man was caught right in the middle of it. >> he need to get out. >> i know he need to get out. martha: his daring escape coming up next.
6:51 am
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martha: this video from an oklahoma news crew. >> he need to get out. >> i know he need to get out. >> he can't get out. >> get in, hurry up, hurry up. martha: unbelievable. he got out just in time. seconds later flames swallowed that tractor up. no immediate report of injuries. maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center.
6:55 am
>> across the plains we are heading into the time when we typically see severe with the activity. but we are dealing with the opposite across parts of the plains where we have dry conditions. that in combination with strong wind is keeping the wild fire danger high. dealing with a lot of fire activity across the plains. we need the rain. but the forecast is for dry conditions to remain, along with low humidity levels. the try conditions are keeping the fire danger in place. we have moderate crowd conditions across the plains so all those factors keeping a critical fire outlook in kansas and oklahoma.
6:56 am
but overall the dry conditions across the plains, and because this we have red flag warnings and a fire with the watch against portions of arkansas. >> if you are taking off to las vegas, the odds just went higher. ted cruz wins big in wisconsin. what does trump do now. fox news sunday's chris wallace is next. don't miss that. some actual cus and find out. hey, well, tell me about your experience when you switched to the hartford. when i switched to the hartford, i'm sitting there thinking, "man, i got -- i should have turned 50 years ago." they saved me a bunch of money. you can't beat that. what blows me away about the hartford is their lifetime renewability benefit. now, this is their promise not to drop you, you know, even if you have an accident. i know when i'm driving i'm covered. [ female announcer ] drivers 50 and over are realizing
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.. martha: wisconsin delivered a big win for ted cruz at 48%, the vote when all was said and done, a turning point he believes in this race. donald trump has other ideas, came in with 35% last night,
7:00 am
john kasich, 53rd at 13%. as we say, hello. one more hour, good to see you this morning. bill: decisive victory for ted cruz increasing the odds of a contested deal. the contested delegates moves on, another contest interpreting days, ted cruz celebrating as his campaign gains momentum tuesday. >> i look forward to coming back to the state of wisconsin, since 1985, the republican red. hillary, get ready, here we come. martha: it was a little lonely but he was anxious to get out there. good morning, good to see you.
7:01 am
wisconsin, some people say won and done, the race moves on, different territory, very trump favorably coming weeks. >> that is true but this is less about states and all about delegates. ted cruz got 30 more delegates yesterday than trump did, the campaign cowboys on fox news election coverage that with karl rove and he has a different way of looking at it. usually the delegate count, trump with 230, whatever that lead, he says that is not the right way to look at it, look at trump ellicott and non-trump delegates, non-trump delegates, ted cruz, john kasich, marco rubio, all the other candidates have a 120 vote lead. after last night they have 150 delegate lead and that means they are 150 more delegates
7:02 am
against donald trump then for him and if trump doesn't get a majority of 1237 he may not win the nomination. the anti-trump forces are in the lead. martha: that catalyst if we see a contested convention in cleveland, we have seen them in the past but there was a scenario where it looks like in the end it all works out and everybody pulls together, that is so not the environment, when you look at the statement trump put out last night, division is very troublesome overall for the republican nominee who ever it turns out to be. >> reporter: yes and no. yes because there is no question if you look at the exit polls, 30%, 40% of republican voters said if there guy didn't get in they would either vote for clinton, third-party or stay home. trump supporters saying if ted cruz is the nominee, ted cruz voters saying of trump is the nominee.
7:03 am
the flipside to that argument is there is a great catalyst to unite the party despite all the problems they have in cleveland and that is hillary clinton. it is one thing now, they are mad at each other but once you get to cleveland and they end up with whoever the nominee is whether it is trump or ted cruz or neither of the above they will be running against hillary clinton and that will remind a lot of republicans, a lot of conservatives and swing voters perhaps why they are going to vote even if they have to hold their nose, against clinton. martha: when you are looking at an election where ted cruz is becoming the establishment candidate or non-trump candidate, this is a guy -- not a lot of support among republicans on the hill, a number of people have fallen in line who were running for president before but what does that tell you about where we
7:04 am
are? >> you have to consider -- i don't want to take anything away from it, 12 or 13 points, sweeping victory but as we saw the exit polls some of those people were voting for ted cruz and some were voting against trump. if you don't want to see trump as the nominee, maybe you still don't want to see ted cruz you want to have a divided convention, and open convention, you want to go to cleveland and hope it goes to three or four six ballots and they pick somebody else, but job one is to keep trump below the 1237. the establishment is embracing ted cruz for now but is it because they wanted cruz to be the nominee or they see him as defeating trump from being the nominee and then try to sort out who is once they get to cleveland? i got to say, you feel the same way, this race gets more and more interesting and i think we are going to have a heckuva time in cleveland in july. >> unbelievable and fascinating and you have a fascinating
7:05 am
interview this weekend. tell us about that and give us a preview of what you want to know. >> you are familiar with that fellow, barack obama, president, first-time he will sit down for an interview with fox news sunday since he was elected president. we talked to him once in 2008 when he was senator barack obama. he is going to the university of chicago tomorrow where he was a constitutional law professor, the press's case from eric garland, supreme court nominee, sit down with him exclusively afterwards to talk about that, to talk about the presidency, his legacy as he gets into the final months of his presidency and the 2016 campaign because he is becoming a more active participant. exclusive interview with the president of the united states on sunday. martha: thanks so much. >> here is where we are from wisconsin last night, just to
7:06 am
take you back and show you the way, ted cruz won the state, all day yesterday, all last night, we focused on these counties, this is where republicans win, ted cruz easily at 61%, in washington county, 62.5%. over here in long lake, michigan, still above 60%, that is where you do well. donald trump in the western part of wisconsin, not enough people live there to offset the balance in the southeastern part of the state. that is why you see what you see here. now the lookahead. we are going to go through a number of states on the calendar. watch how the states turn orange or yellow depending on your television screen, 13 days, you get new york, five states in the northeast, then we move into mac, indiana, west virginia, 17, oregon for republicans, kentucky
7:07 am
for democrats and at the end of mae marshall -- washington state. that takes us up to june. based on all projections and estimations and all the other crunching of the numbers these are the five states that matter with the exception of north dakota. we will see where the superdelegate contest is between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the point is we will not know until june 7th based on the math whether you will get the 1237 on behalf of donald trump. that is the day we will find out. he can get there based on these calculations but it is a slim needle you need to thread so we will see. california, west virginia, new jersey, they will be very important. martha: winner take all, fiftysomething delegates. all right. thanks. ted cruz's victory in wisconsin making it more difficult for
7:08 am
front runner donald trump to gather up the delegates needed to lock up the nomination and it raises chances the nominee will wind up in the hands of those unbound delegates at a contested convention as we discussed in great detail. the magic number, 1237. as it stands trump has 740. john kasich has 143, marco rubio hanging onto his 171. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins as life, so much of the action is going to go into willing these delegates and trying to get them locked up behind one of these candidates tell us. >> at the state level, the travel schedules for the two leading candidates reflect the demands of the so-called shadow primaries leaving wisconsin, ted cruz to the state gop convention in colorado where he has already peeled away six delegates in local gatherings in recent days. trump campaign admitted to me the ted cruz operation is more
7:09 am
evolved. the billionaire front runners playing catch-up but trump senior advisor believes the delegations here are playing ted cruz. >> what makes you think when it gets to the third or fourth ballots that they are not going to be voting for mitt romney or marco rubio? they will be ted who? they are using ted right now to stop donald trump. >> also told me the trump campaign is playing catch-up in this area because trump decided later than ted cruz to run for president. martha: we talk about delegates, who are these delegates? we see them in their funny hat at the convention but they get there for a reason. >> i don't think those are funny hats. i love those hats. these typically are local republican activists, creatures of the establishment. perhaps the greatest reward they receive in exchange for sitting
7:10 am
through the dreary east winter meeting, tinkering with arcane rules and ballot issues is their quadrennial attendance at the party convention. the number of delegates who become unbound searches from 5% on the first ballot to 59% on the second. since these delegates are part of a local power structure of governor, state party chairman and so on some analysts question how unbound these people have become. >> reporter: if you think delegates since they have been active in the party, i think they might be influenced somewhat by state party officials but at the same time they are there own individual person who will decide straight on who they want to support. >> the rnc is holding meetings with key operatives to plot out how a contested convention would unfold. martha: it is a lot more than that. thank you. >> new calls for john kasich to get out. the ohio governor says he will
7:11 am
not go anywhere. could that decision cause problems down the road? we will check that in a moment to see where we stand. >> the statement came out from the trump campaign, they call ted cruz worse than a puppet at a trojan horse. the trump campaign has more. we will speak to them coming up but first, scott walker on why he supports ted cruz. >> ted cruz has stood up and thought the special interests in washington dc and when elected as the next president he will do exactly the same thing for all the people of this great state.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
bill: a hearing is underway on transportation security, this comes a day after senate democrats outlined a plan to tighten airport security after the deadly terrorist attacks at the airport and train station in brussels. we will see what we get from this. wanted to take a look at what is going on. martha: donald trump slamming ted cruz after the texas senator's win in wisconsin last may. he put out a statement rather than making a public appearance, in that statement he accused ted cruz of being a tool of the establishment. take a look. ted cruz is worse than a puppet, he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from
7:16 am
mister trump. joined by the national spokeswoman for the trump campaign, good to have you with us. what exactly in that statement do you mean by stealing the nomination? how is he trying to steal the nomination? >> it has been made clear by many in the gop establishment that they have no intention of supporting ted cruz during the convention process if they get there. we saw when mister trump won handedly in the south, that was ted cruz's stronghold. it is very clear ted cruz cannot win on his own merits with his own vision simply because we see them copying donald trump's policy position and vision backed by the establishment. when you have the establishment backing you so reluctantly to the point where you have people endorsing you that said you would be murdered on the senate floor, nobody would care. the difference between donald trump and ted cruz, their
7:17 am
loyalty is not with ted cruz. however ted cruz has made himself that trojan horse to push this through a contested convention. martha: everything you are describing sounds like politics essentially. everything you are describing. whether or not people genuinely back ted cruz or not is up to that voter and those voters decided in wisconsin last night that they wanted to support him so i am not clear from what you are saying do you literally mean trying to steal the nomination? if so i am not clear from what you said how. >> it is politics but it is also about principal considering how for the last six or seven years you have had a lot of people on the ground particularly on the republican side fighting against the establishment and some of the same people have joined the establishment and if it does go to a contested convention which it very well may not you will see a lot of the pools changing again because that is how the
7:18 am
establishment blocks the people's choice. they have admitted it, they are not hiding it. they are running ted cruz's campaign, neil bush spent millions of dollars invested with common core and all these other special-interest groups like goldman sachs, this is going to be a very serious problem if ted cruz goes down this path and neither donald trump nor ted cruz become the nominee. >> in terms of the 1237 number, that is what you have to get in order to lock in the nomination at the convention. you agree with that. >> absolutely. donald trump is the only candidate to date who still has a plausible way to get there. >> if he falls 40 short in that neighborhood you are not going to argue he should be given the nomination. >> if he falls short this is when we will go to that convention and the voters are going to have their say with the rnc. when you have someone with the
7:19 am
most delegates in the most votes that should be taken into consideration rules could be added as well. >> let's play a soundbite from newt gingrich, his thoughts on where the trump campaign needs to go now. >> he has to flip the campaign back together again at a more inclusive level and more professional level. he has to understand how much ted cruz's team is eating away his delegates because they are much better organized at the grassroots level than trump's. trump's great strength is national media, big crowds, big events, ted cruz has been very methodical and effective as a candidate. >> is that a strategy? >> i think every campaign is on a daily basis but i will say donald trump has been running for president for tween 9 months, ted cruz has been running for president almost we 9 years. that does make a difference and we are adjusting accordingly. >> how will the trump campaign look different in coming weeks?
7:20 am
>> if you look at past elections, ted cruz was supposed to win south carolina. he came in third. trump's campaign has always been questioned about his ground game and ability to win. >> your campaign, what everybody's calling on the trump campaign to be more presidential. there is his wife asking the same thing. how will that manifest itself? has donald trump committed to change to be more presidential and when does that begin? >> he has said that himself was he will be doing more speeches moving forward and the map is in favor of donald trump and he has made that commitment and we have seen that off and on but when he is attacked or his family is attacked he will respond in kind and i'm not sure that will change. >> thank you, good to have you with us as always. >> what are the chances another candidate gets in this race? the rnc leadership said you can forget about that idea. we will pose that question to
7:21 am
our political experts and see how they feel about that. >> the governor of ohio is not backing down. could that be damaging in the long run? does john kasich have every right to stay in this race? tucker carlson on that. >> the attitude will cause a lot of problems. he can only be the nominate by fiat. a decades long problem as a result of that. i'm terrible at golf.
7:22 am
he is. people say i'm getting better.
7:23 am
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7:24 am
>> john kasich is one for 32. why does he stay in the race?
7:25 am
do. was doing better than him, marco rubio doing better than him, rand paul doing better than him, they could have stayed in the race also. >> donald trump calling on john kasich to surrender. trump and ted cruz have pushed for john case against a partner but the ohio governor vowing to stay in the race until the convention in cleveland, his home state. the cohost of fox and friends and editor of the daily caller tucker carlson here to go through this. i saw you talk about this earlier. you are not a fan of this idea. >> he has every right to stay in the race, it is not a legitimate. what i object to is pretending he can be the nominee. the only way john kasich can be the nominee is if he is placed into that spot without regard to what voters did over 50 state elections, and anti-democratic position, alienates voters and is an offense against the common assumption we have that these races are decided by ordinary voters and not donors. nothing against john kasich.
7:26 am
bill: after you get past that first ballot you won't like donald trump or ted cruz and that is when i walk in. >> the counterargument from republican a party official, that is the way it works, these are the rules, we have done it many times, maybe we need a fresh face but the expectation of almost everybody in the country is voters make this decision. there is a legitimacy attached to the nominee that comes from only one place, not whether he will win in november, that is not a factor. it is whether people want him to be the nominee. if you overturn that, if you ignore it, you are tampering with something basic in american society, the expectation i may be frustrated with america. i won't do anything crazy because i can vote in the next election. if you tell people that is immaterial, doesn't matter what you do in the ballot box you are inviting more volatility. i don't think i am overstating
7:27 am
it. bill: he has won one state and likely will win one state but history says that is okay. some candidates were not even candidates, they became president. >> operative word is history. we are talking 2016, a society with deeply democratic expectations where the internet dominates our communications, people don't have 1860s expectations. >> great point. the last contested convention was four years before cable news was born. a lifetime before you were on twitter. a whole new world there. how does that play into your equation and you examine it? >> it is deeply reckless. a lot of republicans don't want the republican party to change
7:28 am
but it is beyond their control, they don't get to make the decision. political parties exist to serve the interests of the people who support them. that is the only reason you have a political party. many people said they want change. you are going to get change. to forestall that change or stop it, we are going to bring someone who will keep things exactly the same. maybe they can pull that off but if they do, they risk causing a rift not just within the party but within american society, showing this -- be change in the modern era things have to be different. because you the voter get to see the process. >> exactly. what you want is a stable has to pay prosperous country, that is the goal. bill: sean hannity, he realizes the gravity of all of that. a lot of people suggest another
7:29 am
name entered into the candidacy, he will argue -- >> it can't be one of the 3 because to bypass the first two in favor of the third, a man who won only hiso say the same thing, the will of donors matters more than the will of voters. they are the only ones with hope of the candidacy backed by in a voters to claim legitimacy. it should be obvious to everyone in washington but it is not. bill: still to come, tucker carlson. martha: what was on the mind of wisconsin voters yesterday? surprising answers, the exit polls coming up. one of the three remaining gop candidates become the nominee? we answer that question with tucker carlson and bill hammer, what about our panel? they may disagree.
7:30 am
newt gingrich. >> washington insiders are different. they want the contested convention. you will get ted or donald and neither one of them can beat hillary. that is good for america. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:33 am
>> i am not going to do something that will be an affront to john kasich, he is running and it is up to him. i believe it is going to be one of the three. bill: dismissing calls for john kasich to get out, swatting speculation that a dark horse sweeps into the july convention and running away with the nomination. ed rollins goes with howard dean's campaign. gentlemen. good morning to both of you.
7:34 am
i got a lot to go through. make it understandable. where is this race as of today? >> john kasich as tucker laid out, stay in the race as long as he wants but won't be a viable candidate and no one will turn to him if you battle it out, it will be one of those two, they control a majority of the delegates going in until one of them gets a majority which will win. bill: even on a second or third ballot they would not vote for john kasich? >> no. bill: why is he making that case? >> john has always played to his own drummer and is a talented guy. he would have quit a long time ago if people -- at this point it is not realistic. this is a guy who only has a plurality voting one state, his home state, 72%, could not break
7:35 am
50%. only three people running. john has been a friend of mine, extraordinarily qualified guy but this is down to trump and ted cruz and ted cruz has a real campaign, donald trump doesn't yet, he is a marketing object and you see the ted cruz campaign gain day by day. bill: how do you see it? >> if it goes to john kasich outside the three, even out of the two, as bad as the fight, it would be a lot worse. and in 76, 1980 on the democratic side both years end up with the other party winning. bill: it would be bad for the
7:36 am
party but it is not impossible. >> the party, something different, doesn't ever work, a slight disagreement, if john kasich can acquire enough delegates here through june 7th, where his votes are the difference between the two, he has enough votes when added to donald trump or ted cruz makes a nominee, he may be a big and important force at the convention, not in a way that tips the nominee but in a way that he is the decider or has a big impact. bill: great piece you wrote and to our viewers at home, if you want to understand this, check out the story. this is part of what he writes.
7:37 am
the wisconsin race represent an important turning point that will embolden trump's opponents, a contested convention has become more probable. whether that comes to pass will be determined by what takes place in the trench warfare that will play out over the next three months, it is about to become granular. explain that. >> you end up with neither candidate with the majority, what happens in the six weeks before, you start doing some swaps. when reagan ran against president ford, ford used every element he had as president, took the mississippi chairman, unit rule, 30 delegates committed to reagan, to the white house, next to the queen at a state dinner and the delegation shifted. those are the things, trump has airplanes, golf courses, they
7:38 am
are going to swap and there will be a couple hundred delegates by the end of the day and won't be committed and starting to line them up for the second ballot. i don't think it goes beyond two ballots, trump has to win it on the second ballot, if he doesn't win the first ballot. bill: a bold prediction, your turn. >> this will be hand-to-hand delegate by delegate. from here on in the states are important in terms of who wins delegates but the most important thing both campaigns will be dealing with is tracking these delegates. if i was a delegate hunter for the 1984 convention, we have a dossier on every file, what their interests were, we were following and tracking every one of the delegates at the convention. bill: when did that process
7:39 am
start? >> after each state. that is where trump -- the day after iowa is over, you start tracking the state and county delegates all the way up, you know where people are. you maneuver to make sure your people are the delegates and if they are not if ted cruz has a delegate, in the kennedy campaign in 1980 the most important thing was to remove the robot rule which makes everybody vote the way their state was. we wanted to know every delegate was going to vote for removing the robot rule, that was important. it starts at the beginning of each day. bill: don't go far. we need your education. martha: south korea and several
7:40 am
other countries are in range of north korean missiles. south korean officials believe pyongyang has developed a new missile system capable of hitting us bases as well. live from london, what can you tell us about this disturbing news? >> north korea is developing new weapons at an incredible pace, this war of words in south korea, the south korean defense minister told the world that the north developed a large caliber all missile system and could use it to strike south korea as soon as this year. the weapon has alarmed officials, range long enough to strike major american and south korean military bases, and depicting an attack on the south korean presidential building and launches against the country unless the president apologized for recent test operation to
7:41 am
remove the north korean leadership in the event of a full-scale conflict. this shows ten days after similar video was shown depicting an attack on washington, with things escalating you never know what they might do. bill: information that is important to voters and all the candidates, we will break it down. martha: it was one driver's lucky day or unlucky depending which way you look at it. he survived but was left with that. >> i was fortunate to get out. could have been so many days it went wrong, one way it went right. many people clean their dentures
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> the impact on the back of my head, pushed me out of the car. it helps me. bill: the sign was made of brick. he had just parked, he had to get five staples in the back of his head. martha: polls reveal what is on the minds of voters in wisconsin, ted cruz won over half of the evangelical christians in the badger state, there have been times donald trump won evangelical christians over ted cruz, a third of those that for trump last evening. fox news contributor and former political advisor to frank lautenberg and the chairman of gopac, republican strategist, welcome, good to have you here.
7:46 am
let's fly through those gop numbers, the first one, let's put that up as very conservative voters, ted cruz won that with 65%, the next one, this is women, 48% for the women and ted cruz and trump gets 35% of those. big question, let me start with you. donald trump was up by 28 points a month ago so it looks from these numbers that he lost wisconsin. is that a fair assessment? >> donald trump lost wisconsin the day he decided to attack scott walker in a state where republicans love scott walker. why he chose to do that only he knows but it was a tactically disastrous move on his part. ted cruz needs to be given credit as well. historically you look at republican voters and i wrote about this a year ago in the wall street journal, we value people with government
7:47 am
experience at a track record so we can look to see does your rhetoric match your principles? ted cruz is starting to win many of the groups critical to him ultimately becoming the nominee because they can look at his record and say he has done what he said he was going to do. martha: we know he lost in the numbers but what i mean by that and you understand what i mean is sometimes somebody just wins but you have traction in a state and you lose that tracnd when y numbers with women he had what is called the worst couple weeks of his campaign when it came to women voters and that showed up last night. >> no question, he had a disastrous few weeks, attacking women across the board regardless of affiliation, abortion comments were disastrous because he walked them back and the pendulum swung to being too extreme on the one hand for pro-life voters to being too extreme on the other,
7:48 am
keep abortion laws in tax, abortion is legal in this country, all over the map. he attacked scott walker and paul ryan, another person it makes no sense to attack, someone who is very popular. trump has tried to become the nominee by virtue of his personality and it is impossible to do that. you need an organization that is more and more coming up short of delegate counting, field operatives and it is not going to be enough. martha: the personality has been powerful, he comes out of the gate with name recognition, and he is heading to new york. is people will look at this conversation and say forget it, we will clean up in the next few weeks. >> starting to have real growth, kept his message on securing the border, creating jobs. he talked about process,
7:49 am
delegate count, voters don't care about that. martha: he talks about heidi cruz, talk about turning off women. >> and then the next day he says only a little bit of retaliation. it can't be both. martha: democrat voters, look at these numbers for bernie sanders, under 45 he gets 73% of people under 45. democrats ask who cares about you? he gets 71%, honest and trustworthy, 83% versus hillary clinton and this isn't the first time we see these numbers, he cleans up on important categories. >> he is shellacked in delegate count, and pledged delegates and continues to go into a bucket of states that are more favorable to hillary clinton because they are more diverse, new york state, new jersey, california,
7:50 am
pennsylvania, wisconsin was a great win for him, that is 80% white, he does well in states like that, he does not do much better in states that are more diverse and that is where you see her capturing the remaining delegates. martha: got criticized for being short on details and understanding of foreign policy and that may have hurt him a little bit. thank you. bill: meet a little girl seeing the world as a rare condition threatens to take her site. she paid a visit to the pope and her family is hoping that visit will do more than lift her spirits. >> what hope francis has done for her. (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again? be right back.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
bill: she suffers a rare condition that causes blindness, she is seeing the world as part of her virtual bucket list. and the myers met the pope. amy kellogg has an amazing story now. >> reporter: the pope gave lizzie lots of prayers and she gave him a piece of a meteor right. her family says when they found out about her condition the first thing they did on that bucket list was go to a local observatory and look at the planets. her father said he believes in miracles and if one happens in her life it will because of what happened today. pope francis left her eyes and said he would pray for her and her prayers for him, the ohio girl has a rare condition called's syndrome means she will
7:55 am
go blind and lose her hearing. the family had this visual bucket list, and for this catholic family meeting pope francis has been the highlight. >> an overwhelming sense of peace since the beginning of all this, first time i felt it. >> reporter: turkish airlines offer the family a trip anywhere in the world they chose rome. a local charity organized at all. the family was reluctant to accept publicity and protective of lizzie who does not know the details of her condition but they realize it was an incredible gift to give her something they couldn't pass on and it could raise awareness of the condition despite being only 5 years old, she has loved seeing the coliseum, the sistine chapel and various other sites of rome along with her 3-year-old sister. we asked what else was on the bucket list and they said it doesn't all involve travel, hard to travel with a small family like that.
7:56 am
they want her to be capturing fireflies in the night, seeing bonfires and making s'mores, those things are critical to the family too. bill: make sure she gets some pizza, a special girl. thank you. martha: hope the situation turns around. ted cruz calling his victory in wisconsin a turning point, i am sure he wishes that it is. team coverage from the badger state next. you're late for work.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> . >> . we love college basketball around here, especially this year. it is the 4p for the connecticut huskies women's basketball team, they took down syracuse 82 51, the wind
8:00 am
marks the teams the sixth straight win and a perfect season, what a season yukon had. their head coachgino auriemma now passes ucla's great john wooden . loving ncaa championship, congratulations to the ladies and to the coaches as well. nicely done. >> see it on radio. >> i see the real story. eric: onto the next day as votersin wisconsin as we know have now spoken. senator ted cruz a commanding victory and handling front-runner donald trump what is being called this morning a major setback in the quest for the republican nomination. welcome to happening now, and eric shawn in for tran one . patty ann: and i'm heather, in for jenna lee the one she was in wisconsin yesterday. >> were going to talk a lot about that coming in the next hour.


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