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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you were a wisconsin fan, tales from dc. >> i lived there. i am not from their. >> we are glad you were here today, good to see you, see you back here for "outnumbered" tomorrow at noon eastern, "outnumbered" over time on the web,"outnumbered," and now "happening now". the empire state delegates. this is "happening now". the judge ordering questions with millions of dollars on the line. and a close call, a raging
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wildfires. who helped him escape the inferno. and a young girl with a rare condition about to go blind. >> her parents taking hear on a must see tour before she loses her sight. it is all "happening now". first we begin with a fox news alert and new numbers in the race in the white house. new york state. a truck of 195 delegates as the campaigns put the midwest to bed and head back east. i am eric shun in for jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee had. this poll came out and shows donald trump capturing 52 percent of likely republican voters in his own backyard, new
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york state. and kasich coming in with 25 percent and 17 percent for ted cruz. we are starting the cruz event and he hopes to ride his momentum and chip away at the numbers. >> mr. trump is going out in long island tonight and 12000 supporters are expected in a trump rally there. and kasich is attending to business in ohio with the state of the state address. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they are working either end of pennsylvania. >> we have a lot of politics this afternoon. we have live team coverage. edhenry is watching the democrats and we'll go to john rober roberts. >> reporter: a lot of talk of a big meeting with trump
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organization with top advisor who will be the delegate wrangler and what ted cruz is doing with getting delegates out of colorado and north dakota, the trump campaign feels they need to step up the campaign. they are tight- lipped and after the big loss in wisconsin, they have to chart a different course forward. ted cruz coming out last night and getting the bulk of the delegates. it was a big win. but the tide could turn back quickly. we are on to new york. donald trump with real clear average. has a 32 point. he could take a hundred delegates out of new york city. ted cruz will use the big win to chip away at donald trump's lead and calling for the party to
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come together a round him nationwide as it did in the badger state. listen to cruz. >> we have the full spectrum of the republican party coming together and uniting behind this campaign. wisconsin lit the candle and guiding the way forward. tonight is about unitty and hope. >> reporter: donald trump will cast cruzza the new candidate of the establishment. and look at the statement that donald trump put out last night. he was not charitable in defeat. he said ted cruz is worse than a puplet and a troja n horse, beingoused by the party boss attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump.
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john kasich for his part got 14 percent of the vote. and vowing to fight on. only route to get to cleveland in july and hope that the rules permit him to achieve. and long shot but possible. >> he is sticking in there. thank you. and bernie sanders beat mrs. clinton by double-digits. and next we find ed henry who gets around the country. >> reporter: that's right. i saw is you in the coffee machine in new york and now i am here in pennsylvania. bottom line, bernie sanders had a big night. six contests in the row. he has money and outraised hillary clinton by 15 million and that means he's sticking around and he saids it is on to
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new york. here in pennsylvania the week after with a wind at his back. hillary clinton saying not so fast. she's jumping on comments that he made to the new york editorial suggesting that the gun manufacturers involved in sandy hook should not face lawsuits, clinton said that answers and other answers shows that sanders is simply not doing his home work. >> momentum is starting a campaign 60 or 70 points behind secretary clinton. momentum is that within the last couple of weeks, there have been national polls that had us one point up or down. >> i think what you saw in the new york daily news raises questions. and one of my contrast with
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senator sanders he would place gun rights. it is unimaginable. >> 247 delegates at stake on april 19th. and here in pennsylvania. 210 delegates. and so sanders' big picture is far behind clinton in terms of delegates. and if he stages big come backs here, that will help him in the mathematical era. >> the gun issue could hurt him here. good to it see you. ted cruz and bernie sanders owns the field in wisconsin. senator cruz denying donald trump the delegates he needs and
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seek to force a convention right. sanders looking to upset hillary clinton in his home state and her adopted home state of new york. david, great to see you here. talk about wisconsin, cruz is uniting the republican party and trump said he was worse than a puple. is the republican party capable of uniting at this point? >> it is a good question and we'll not know until we see who the nominee is and how the party gets over a fraxious primary. he fills the grassroot and that would be better for republicans and most understand it. they don't like ted cruz all that much. many don't, they have chosen to get behind his campaign because
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they fear donald trump. and they have worried that the unpredictability. >> but donald trump will not go out and his millions of voters are determined. it reminds me on a larger or smaller scale. romney department cinch up in late may or so. and the fight seems nastier this year. >> you have a bigger divide. there was not much of a difference between sanatorium and romney. there is a huge divide between trump and cruz. this is why this particular primary is dangerous for the republican party and coming apart at the seems so it appears. they are trying to deal with differences. >> what about a possible convention fight and trump
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bringing in paul mannaforto tie up the delegates and explain what he needs to do to it get people on. >> he will bring know how and expertise. we never had to deal with this in 40 years. delegates nominate the candidate and even though past 40 years it hasn't mattered because only one candidate in nomination. if you have a contested fight. it means after they are done being bound and forced for the candidate that won the primary, they can do whatever they want. and the reason senator cruz is doing well and has the best chance of winning the contested convention, they are outflafrnging and working the trump campaign to get delegates loyal to cruz. they have delegate elections and
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grassroot republicans run for these position. and cruz is winning. he won in north dakota last weekend and will win more in colorado this weekend and something that trump hasn't had the operation to do let alone the expertise. >> paul can do that potentially, but do they have time and how would they do it? >> i don't think they have time to build a national organization and then go ahead and do the work. there are states they have elected delegates and it is not too late in others. but the thing to understand doing this grassroots work. it takes months and months of planning and even if you have experts. they can't do that in one night. not only winning the contest it
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convention. they are behind the eight ball and if he ends up the nominee. >> he has a big old airplane and fly people to wine them and dine them and new york primary coming up. and so the new polls put him 50 percent in that one. a lot going on. david this is an exciting campaign and election. thank you for your expertise today. >> were you surprouzed by the wisconsin primary results. we'll go to it fox news.comto join in on the nomination. >> we'll look at it as the comments come in. and a new details on isis. the pentagon provided an update on operation inherent resolve. we are in high level negotiations with egypt and israel. three years after the tasarnaev
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>> boston safety officials announcing a security plan for the marathon. it is run one week from next monday. authorities revealing there will be 5000 officers deployed and enhanced checkpoints and dozen of surveillance cameras. >> our plan takes in to account the lessons learned from past and public events that the representatives here have participated in and also an
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awareness of current events nationally and internationally. authorities note they are unaware of specific threats on the race. >> and it marks three years for per the bombing that injured 60 and killed three people. >> life is now returning to normal in brussels. two weeks after the terrorist attacks, he said the airport will resoum one- third of the flights and the metro service will be back up and running soon as possible. the bombings kill would 32 people and the deadliest attacks there since world war ii. we have new information on the fight against isis. there are ongoing discussions between israelis and egyptians
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regarding the hundreds of soldiers in the sinai peninsula. >> reporter: rumsfelds faced push back when he tried to take troops out of the sinai peninsula. 725 troops there. four u.s. service members were injured by a road side bomb placed by isis. the night vision equipment and light infantry platoon and a forward surgical team and their base was hit once a day. it is an issue that keeps u.s. commanders up at night and the pentagon is worrying what to do about the vulnerable source of american troops in the sinai. >> those discussions are
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happening with -- what that looks like with the u.s. government and within governments israel and egypt and on stugzs are happening in the highest levels. >> reporter: there was an article that got the pentagon's attention. it is ripe pickings for thee susstate. sinai is ground 0 in the ongoing insurgency against the egyptian government led by isis. they killed tourist on a russian airline. >> my focus is making sure they have the force protection measures in place and we have increased those in the sinai to ensure their safety.
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>> reporter: the u.s. has more information to watch out for the force. but egypt and eseral resisted calls for the withdrawal of the troops leaving the white house and pentagon with a dilemma. ted cruz wins big in wisconsin. but can kasich stop donald trump on the east coast. >> and a fast- moving wildfires. a man escaping the fast- moving flames just in time. >> he needs to get out. >> he can't get out. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton, turning their focus back east. a new university poll out today shows popercent of the republican voters favor donald trump in the upcoming april primary. and that poll has john kasich at fwif percent p. and ted cruz at 17 percent. mr. trump has more than half of the vote in new york city where he was born and also on long island and upstate new york. a university poll has mr. trump leading in new york with 56 percent and cruz and kasich at 20 and 19 percent. looking in pennsylvania. 39 percent. and cruz and kasich at 30 and 20. >> and hillary clinton calls home in new york. mrs. clinton 54- 42%.
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and clinton is 50 and sanders at the 44. and surprising numbers in november. emily is a democratic strategist who worked in the 2008 huckabee campaign. kevin, let me say. new york, new york, you can make it here you can make it anywhere. ted cruz and bernie sanders can't. you expect it to hold out on april 19th in >> absolutely. this is donald trump's home turf. he will do well. and hillary clinton, this is one of three adopted states and i expect her to do well as well. that doesn't help them with the problem. trump is having a challenge. if he's not going to get to 1237. he has to appear to have the momentum going in the convention and to have a mandate. hillary is struggling. she can't put bernie sanders
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away. and that doesn't mean they will not win, but it shows a deep-seated problem with the bases of both parties now. >> the septemberor is from brooklyn and could get closer here in >> it could. it so manies unlikely given the demographics. and sanders has done great in white, and rural and caucus states and new york is none of those things. it is interesting what an outside role new york is playing. most national elections don't come down to new york. cruz had accused of trump of having new york values. we have businessman of trump and sanders. and hillary clinton calls a couple of states home. but she served and elected twice
10:27 am
as senator in new york. one of the predictors would be if they voted for this person before and they have twice. >> she served two terms in the senate. >> it is part of the database. but it is a different dat base. and that is not so much the advantage, but she appeals to the voters and knows what the issues are there. and one of the issues that she talked about strongly is gun violence prevention. that is a police where sanders struggles w. >> front page of the daily news today. they slam him on the view of gun control and that could hurt him in new york city? >> yeah, what we have to look. heavily minority areas. clinton is doing well and campaigning in heavily
10:28 am
african-american and latino areas and by what margins does she win those groups by? there is no doubt that sanders did better in white areas. but clinton failed to coalesce the party around her. it is how much she wins. >> if sanders wins in upstate new york that is a concern. >> have you seen the numbers in pennsylvania? put it up for a second. in a general election she would boat donald trump. but she would tie ted cruz. what is up with that? >> it would be interesting. what they are saying is the game of expecting as. and expectations were low and they can come back and beating
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the expectations. sanders and clinton break even she still wins. he has to get 58 percent of the remaining delegates. and so the expectation was that he would do porly. and the fact that he did well moderately makes him look like a huge winner and the same for trump. >> you have a socialist. and hillary clinton questioned if he was even in the democratic guy. and beating bought of your dpois. sanders would te foot ted cruz and trump. what about that? >> that is kasich's argument for staying in the race. you don't like me, but you have to like me more because i have a shot of boating hillary clinton and sanders. >> is it going to work? >> i don't know if it would work for kasich. but you hear the argument that
10:30 am
if trump doesn't win on the first ballot he probably doesn't win. and you hear people talk about cruz, there is an opportunity if trump doesn't get p 1237, i don't care what reince priebus said, somebody else could come in that could beat hillary clinton. >> that would cause an uproar in the ranks and talking about john kasich. he beats both democrats in nov. and he's just got one state. what to do about that? >> i mean, rubio has more delegates and people are talking about him coming back in the race because the convention is such a mess. >> and if we learned anything that trump is not going to look up the delegates in the republican convention.
10:31 am
and cruz voters overwhelmingly don't love cruz, but they don't love trump. maybe rubio will come back and that is a possibility now. it is going to be a mess. >> i am totally confused and we'll try to sort it out in the next three months. >> we'll have more after the break. >> new rules for investment advisors. they have to work with your interest at heart. it was never a law. and a painful chapter on an american college campus. the alleged rolling stone controversy. canned chore
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maintenance tag ones. >> it is a really good question. the obama administration is estimating based on academic research that the conflict of interest are causing u.s. investors 17 billion a year. and so the administration is proposing new rules that exactly as you say meant to make the brokers to act as fudisharies. they have to have your best interest at the heart and act like a doctor or a lawyer that you personally hired would act. not thinking of their bonus. hey, why wasn't this done a long time ago. this is big news and scary to the industry. a lot of people figuring out how
10:37 am
it would affect them. rich people will be looked after in a certain way example these new rules seek to hurt the brokers and they will not advocate as well for middle-class americans or working class americans. that remains to be seen. timing on this. rules are proposed and they could be fought in court. and my guess that lawers will look at what is proposed and one big change can is how they are paid. not for transition. there will not be an incentive to charge you to sell you a particular product. they will be paid more of a flat fee and hopefully make them act in your best interest. >> you are right.
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we'll see how it goes. njust getting in there. >> and the discredited rolling stone campus rape article is back in the headlines. the judge ordering the central figure identified by the name of jackie to give a worn deposition as part of a defamation case filed by president administrator in the university. joining me is the attorneys. bob is a former prosecutor in new jersey. welcome to both of you. erebbing, starting with you. what does the plaintiff have to prove in this case. >> the plaintiff has to prove there was an negligent act on behalf of rolling stone. that fact checking is what it sounds like. >> it's basic. >> definition in the word and peel away the alleged victim is saying and go to another source
10:39 am
and try to find out if what she is saying is true. and it they speak to the administrator. and it is the negligence standard if they fact checked. if they used a realm standard, that's how they will be held accountable. >> it sounds loc a strong case. >> it isn't. she will be considered a public figure. >> a school administrator is a public figure. i can see somebody on tv. but this person is representing the university. >> if she had policy decisions, you have to show malice. that the publisher knew it was false. i agree. >> shpt they have known by going to journalism 101. >> that's poor journal versus
10:40 am
defamation. you had to show that the person had malice or knew it was false or a reckless. >> that is a fine line. >> i respectfully disagree. i don't think the associate administrator is qualifying as a public person. that is a different standard and a correct standard for a public person or somebody on tv as opposed to a private person. it is one or the other. and private person. it is that lesser stand andard. and all they have to prove. >> and there is case law that said. and the the butt's case that is school administrators put themselves out. and it will be a question. and if she is considered's public figure. >> and i want to see another important case to tell you about p. >> and this is baylor university. the country's largest baptist
10:41 am
school, claiming that it ignored allegations against a former football player. and the former baylor student said that it a football player raped her back in 2012. and the school was deliberately indifferent to it her complaints by her and other women by that same player. the former football player was convicted and now serving 20 years in prison. the university had received six separate complaints about this guy. >> that is a title nine. they receive federal funds they have to play by the federal rule. >> that are what. >> make sure no gender discrimination based on the complaints. if it several women come forward, they have to have a system that prevents this kind of activity and assaults. >> you can't police party ps. >> no, but you can educate
10:42 am
people about consent and living together with the opposite sex for the first time and have counsellors and teach people and have all kinds of due process for people accused of the crime. >> you are involved in these types of cases before. and oftentimes, the woman is going to campus security. and they conduct an investigation. what about the local police. a lot can fall through the cracks. >> i had a problem be as county prosecutors. and a lot of times they wanted to keep it internal. police are the primary person ps to report it to. and in this particular case. they had no coordinator for title nine. and no trainings or policies. and anyhow of six other incidents. and they said we can write a letter.
10:43 am
and kept him on campus and never got a coordinator for two years. >> and now got 20 years for that. >> and so we know that that is a solid case. and there were six individuals and in order to make it seem like the school is not safe, sometimes it is reported way after it posed to it be. >> we have to wrap it up. parents of young women tell them to go to local police. and the school might try to discourage you. >> because they have their own interest. >> important advice for folks out there. if republicans do end up with a contested convention, delegates are the ones to sort out the nomination. there is a furious battle to those who are not bound to one candidate. >> and a life or death situation
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where seconds count. we'll show you, next. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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new ensure enlive. always be you. >> country music legend merle haggard passed away. he had 31 hits. and he cancelled a tour earlier last year checked in the hospital with pneumonia and in hospice care. he was an icon in the music business since he was born in 1937 inical. merle haggard has passed away. dramatic video coming out of oklahoma. look at this. >> he needs to get out. >> i know he needs to get out. >> he can't get out. come on. get in.
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hurry up. >> oh, goodness. you see him rush out. a tv news crow was covering the four and they helped that man escape the 4 after the road greater got stuck on the side of the road. and the crew calls to him as the flames gets closer and he jumps out and runs to the nows vehicle for safety. it scorched as least 40 square miles of rural land. the high winds are making it difficult for crews to put out the flames. what a sight. thank goodness he is okay. >> and back to politics now. senator ted cruz wins in ohio pushing the republican party to a contested nom no. many delegates will be unbound and persuaded to switch to
10:49 am
someone else. james rosen joins us live to explain it all to us. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign acknowledged in the shadow primary where they are wooing delegates, the role state billionaire is playing catch up with texas senator ted cruz and a state of a fares about which donald trump voiced from yousation. >> you can see where i won in luis louse and i wind out i am not supposed to get as many delegates as the person i am boating. there is a rowel and another care about the rules folks. >> reporter: cruz ran the table in colorado. they elected their delegates and all six of them went to cruz. and 21 more will be chose nen
10:50 am
confidential assem blows in aurora. and a robust wooing campaign like west virginia whose primary is may whose primary is may 10th. >> there you are directly like a delegate assigned to a candidate. we have been wooing the folks on the ballot in west virginia and as of today we wooed 12 of them currently running for somebody else. they're now our delegates if elected. >> senator cruz maintains he can secure the delegates needed to win the nomination outright. to do that, his campaign is looking beyond new york. >> we've been organizing in california since august of last year. we're well ahead of the game there. you'll see this in other states as well where we've been preparing to battle states for some time. >> the persian aj of delegates to the republican convention were unbound on the first ballot and then the second if we get
10:51 am
there. >> all right, james. we'll do that. good to see you. >> like wise. >> a young girl with a rare medical condition fulfills a wish on her visual bucket list. the 5-year-old gets to meet pope francis in rome. ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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hello everybody. i'm martha in today for gretchen. we've got brand new polls that just crossed a little while and one g.o.p. candidate tops 50% in new york. who does better against hillary clinton? we'll show you those. plus someone put a list of all the possible pennsylvania delegates online including their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. why would someone do that? that person is here to tell us how those delegates will decide the g.o.p. nomination. ever heard of the university of
10:55 am
northern new jersey? probably not. it doesn't exist. it's a fake school this caught real people in a descent scam allowing foreigners to stay here longer than they should. the real story coming up at the top of the hour. a little girl from ohio suffering from a rare illness that causes blindness is trying to see as much of the world as she can before she eventually loses her eye site. it's all a part of what her parents say is her visual bucket list. today she got to check something off that list. she met pope francis. amy has all the details. she's live from rome. hi, amy. >> hi, heather. her father says he believes in miracles. if a miracle happens he says it will be thanks to pope francis. the family from ohio never thought in a million years they would have the chance to meet pope francis but it happened and
10:56 am
it was a very special moment. >> he asked that we pray for him and we'll be praying for us. >> she gave the pope a gift too. a little piece of meteorite. when she arrived in rome she told her parents that she wanted to knock on the pope's door. she didn't have to. i don't think she was nervous but it was a lot. it was a powerful moment. >> heather, she saw a lot of other sites in rome and her family hasn't yet told her. they want to wait until the last minute. they're dreading the moment they have to share the news.
10:57 am
they said despite the fact that word may leak out with the media coverage, if it raises awareness and gives others a chance to have a bucket list too it will be worth it. >> beautiful story. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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thamgs for joining us. the real story starts right now. >> bye bye. >> we'll start with this fox news alert. brand new polls out of the state of new york as the underdogs ted cruz and bernie sanders pulled off pretty impressive victories over both front runners last night. welcome to the real story. i'm martha. gretchen is off today. ted cruz putting a stop in wisconsin to the trump train. the victory many see as one step closer to a contested convention this summer in cleveland. ed henry following the democratic candidate in pennsylvania. first we go to jeff in wisconsin. jeff, last night was


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